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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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the explosives helped police identify him. >> anchor: within hours he was spotted in new jersey. so here is some more information. the 28-year-old was take mean custody after a shoot out with police. you can hear the exchange of gunfire recorded from a home nearby. ahmad khan rahami was wounded in the exchange but alert and breathing as he was loaded into i am lance. >> anchor: police mr. every he is connectioned to explin manhattan, seaside park, new jersey and elizabeth, new jersey we have team coverage of the terror take down with the arrest increased security here in massachusetts and the impact on the campaign trail. let's get started in linden, new jersey, dan hausle is there because that's where police took the suspect into custody. this was the beginning in the end behind me you see the f.b.i. and local investigators right down there. that's where ahmad khan rahami
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doorway there. when the police came, the bullets flew. bombing suspect ahmad ahmmy after a terror take down on the streets of new jersey. rahami opening fire on police who found him after someone complained he was sleeping in a doorway. just happened tore checking out facebook at the time and i saw the video of him running by. then all of a sudden shots fired and then we come outside and this is where we are right now. you know, pop, pop, pop pop. ahmmy found after investigators blasted pictures and surveillance still of him into cell phones across new york and new jersey asking the public's help but warning rahami was armed and dangerous. and it had an extraordinary effect also reached many people in the metropolitan area. we were able to reach all of our police officers simultaneously because of the technology they have now as well. >> anchor: investigators say evidence ties rahami to the
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the second pressure cooker device fund a few blocks away. the pipe bomb that exploded near a charity run where no one was hurt and the backpack full of ones that exploded as police robot tried to disaround it. all that and investigators say rahami largely worked alone. i have no indication that there is a cell operating in the area in the city. the investigation is ongoing so as we help more information we continue to go but i have no indication that there is a cell operating he was a fingerprint on a second device found after the chelsea bombing that led investigators to ahmmy. jane is the new yorker who found the pressure cooker with a phone taped to it. she tells me she first let it slide but after walking back from the bombing site, she gave the device a second look. that part lingered in my mind like there was something weird about it so i came back and took a second look and i thought it looked suspicious so i called 9 is 11.
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>> anchor: did you feel luck a hero. no. anyone would have done that. >> anchor: police say what led to rahami's arrest was technology and good old-fashioned police work. you might remember last night we told you about some people who were stopped on a traffic stop about five people. police say that was part of the tracking down of rahami. those people were taken in, questioned, but police say they were ultimately released. live in new jersey, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchoso morning raided a business owned by the suspect's family. we understand he lived above that business. did they find anything there that you know of at this point? yes, nbc news is reporting at that home in elizabeth, new jersey just next door here. showed some bomb making materials that had been tied to some of the bombings that were in elizabeth, new jersey and in new york. and down in the restaurant neighbors say they would come
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guy. they say that's what makes this all so scary. >> anchor: dan hausle reporting live for us from linden, judge and we are learning mo about this man police arrested from those who knew him. brandon gunnoe joins us no you with more from one of his former classmates. brandon? well, kim when that old class made saw his picture plastered all over the news he said at first he couldn't believe it. chris said he went to high school with him in edison, new jersey. he said he s friendly, well-dressed and often even cracked jokes. most of his classmates knew he was born in afghanistan but never thought much of it. again just in disbelief by what their old classmate is accused of doing. it's shocking to go from a kid who like i said makes jokes here and there and just his biggest concern is not flunking biology to building bombs and wherever he allegedly did it or basement or back room with
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did it for. it just, the crazy part is in ten years his% in thy at least from what he showed completely 180'd and he goes from being just a normal kid to wanting to hurt people. >> anchor: he posted a senior picture and said he is relieved that he was caught by police. into the newsroom, brandon gun oh, 7 news. >> anchor: what happened in new york bringing back memories of the blasts that happened here today state leaders address the arrest. we are seeing heightened security as well. so jonathan hall continues our coverage now at the government center t stop in boston to tell us a little more about that. >> anchor: adam, good evening. that brand new government center stop is right there behind me. it is the height of the evening commute and you can see lots of people coming in and out of that station. many of them with their eyes wide open, mineful of what happened in new york. police in massachusetts
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quick arrest of ahmad khan rahami. i was very fortunate. i was embedded full-time for the f.b.i. for 11 or 12 years as a medical of the mbta police and their joint terrorism task force. nobody does it better so no, i'm not surprised. >> reporter: there is increased security on boston area mass transit both visible and invisible steps. >> reporter: we take a multi layered approach. some of those layers are going to be very visible to our riding public ie more police officers at high volume stations during peak times. we'll also have presence out there with our k-9's. >> anchor: a reassuring message from the t but not every rider is reassured. i am afraid the ride -- i have to get to the doctor, but i am afraid to go on this because they are getting too close to home. sometimes i feel like unsafe, but i know that the people at the t are trying to make it better. >> anchor: governor baker said he is glad rahami is in custody and information he is getting from the state police shows rahami has no known connection
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all help in the fight on terror. report anything suspicious. when you are talking about backpacks and trash cans and dumpsters and mailboxes as potential locations for this stuff, the audience needs to be pretty much everybody. >> anchor: well, that's the world we live in the governor says considering that you can go on-line and find very simple instructions for building a pressure cooker bomb or everybody does have to be vigilant. live in government center, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: the terror arrest is the big talking point on the campaign trail today. both presidential canned case highlighting homeland security. donald trump and hillary clinton both trying to convince the public that they are ready to lead and they can havan dell these threats facing our country. 7's jadiann thompson with more. >> anchor: the bombs in new
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focus in the residential race. i am the only candidate in this race that's been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. >> anchor: while hillary clinton tout touted her experience which includes the take down of osama bin laden, donald trump declared clinton is part of the problem. on facebook he wrote "hillary clinton's weakness while she was secretary of state has embolden terror its all over the world to attack the u.s., even on our own soil. he told fox it's time for the of terror suspects. look what's going on. do we really have a choice? we're trying to be so politically correct in our country and this is only going to get worse. >> anchor: while trump was campaigning in florida, a key to his battleground map clinton was could youing millenials and another swing state, pennsylvania. >> anchor: this is going to be close. we need everyone off the sidelines. for both candidates and voters alike, a new reminder of the stakes in this tightening election. and so the latest poll
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truffle is struggling to broaden his base. >> anchor: stay with 7 nor continuing coverage of the at the or take down when we're not on the air you can always get the latest from our mobile and tablet apps as well as our web site and coming up at 5:30, the f.b.i. also handling another terror investigation. isis claiming responsibility for that attack at a minnesota mall. we'll have much more in our next half hour.. also on 7 we may not like it but we need it. cities and towns across the state finally seeing some rain. here is a live look outside over the city. a lot clouds and some raindrops so how long will we be dealing with the rain? meteorologist bri eggers is tracking it all for us. bri? there is some that like it of you just have to go out and ask your backyard how it likes it. it's been a long time since we tracked rain this significant and looping through imagery from
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favored northwestern massachusetts and also near the south coast. weave had a couple of spots picked up between two, three inches of rainfall, closer to a quarter of an inch for the city of boston. now as we see the current radar conditions some heavier showers still making their way through cape cod and the islands and even a quick downpour here near greenfield, new hampshire and manchester as well. so the potential for catching a quick downpour or shower through this evening, it's still there with us. sort of a highway as that tropical moisture continues to stream in from the southwest and head to the northeast. it will stay with us. the chance for showers through early tomorrow morning and southeastern massachusetts then afternoon clearing and look at these temperatures for the next couple of few days. we're topping out in the low to mid 80's. more on that extended forecast
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>> anchor: team has they days to prepare for the next game because it's thursday night against the texans. >> anchor: it looks like the team's third string quarterback brissett will get the start. we have team 7 coverage of everything happening down gillette but we'll begin with our sports direct director joe amorsino. >> reporter: jimmy garappolo trying to come back from a sprained ac joint on just four days rest and patriots have not ruled that out just yet. the pats have yet to bring in another quarterback to back up week. for patriots and their fans it was painful watching garappolo go down in yesterday's win over the dolphins. he showed flashes of brilliance in his brief cameo as the patriots starting quarterback throwing for nearly 500 yards and four touchdowns in a game and a half before suffering the jury. alex corddry reporting live in foxboro with more on the patriots quarterback situation. alex? joe, we just spoke to the player who caught two touchdown
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sunday. patriots wide receiver danny amendola and amendola told us he was just eating cereal with garappolo and when asked if he would be surprised to see garappolo out there on thursday night, here is what he had to say. he is a competitor so he will do whatever he can around the clock to get ready for the sweep and whenever he is going to play next. would you be surprised if he would be back on thursday? he is tough kid and he is we have to get ready to go play a game on thursday. so that's just come in and get ready. we have to move forward and get ready for the texans. we also spoke with joe from the patriots offensive line. we asked him who will be starting on thursday night. he said you have to point that question to bill belichick but one thing is for sure, this team has confidence whoever we're going to see out there on thursday night starting.
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news. >> anchor: thanks, alex. bill belichick says the patriots will know more about garappolo's condition tomorrow but right now all signs point to the rookie jacoby brissett making his start against the texans. joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: all right. well patriots players the fans they are confident the team is in good hands. 7's byron barnett also at gillette with what they are saying this evening. byron? well, you know, the patriots are once again adjusting to and with a game coming up on thursday they don't have a lot of time to do it. now yesterday we got our first look at ricky quarterback jake observe brissett when he stepped in for the injured jimmy garappolo. he of course is the back up to the backup. most of us don't know much about him at all but one player who does is patriots offensive lineman joe tiny, another rookie and he was teammates with brissett and nc state. i asked him what he can tell us about the pats apparent new
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he ahard working guy and he will prepare us for the texans as hard as he can just like the rest of us. it's quick turn around and looking forward to thursday. now of course everyone is still talking about jimmy g and what an unbelievable start he had against the dolphins yesterday. fans say it was just devastating to watch garappolo go down with that injury but fans say they are still confident the team can power through under the bill belichick system. i think with belichick coing i think he will do his job. i think he will do well. i do. >> reporter: you have faith? i have faith in the patriots. yes. it's bill belichick system for sure. i think everybody does well with it. but as optimistic as all of those fans are, mote of them say that tom brady can't get back here soon enough. so that's the latest live from gillette stadium, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: all right, stay with
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any adjustments being made as we head into thursday's game against the texans and remember you can always get the latest updates from our 7 news mobile and tablet apps or again the web site >> anchor: and there is still more news ahead here on 7. the driver who plowed into a newton restaurant now answering to charges. what prosecutors are trying to rule out as a cause of the cras. >> anchor: former red sox pitcher curt schilling could soon be putting his failed video game company behind him. >> anchor: ahead at 5:30 more criminal cases in braintree
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>> anchor: prosecutors placing blame on a driver for the deadly crash into that newton restaurant. they say even though the man has multiple sclerosis their investigation found the disease had nothing to do with the accident. those prosecutors speed was a factor. >> anchor: today the driver pleaded notice to vehicular homicide charges. steep cooper was there and joined us live from newton. steve? aadam when all of that first happened brad casler told him brakes weren't working but prosecutors say those brakes were working and he said according to prosecutors in court that not only was he speeding but he ran a red light here.
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say after answering to several charges in connection with a deadly drive in newton back in march when the 55-year-old crashed his car in a crowded restaurant. the newton resident plowed through sweet tomatos pizza killing 32-year-old gregory mourn of newton and 57-year-old eleanor miele of watertown. 7 others were injured. he was approve a busy intersection at the intersection of chestnut street and washington street. he was operating his vehicle prosecutors say while he suffers from multiple sclerosis that they say didn't cause the crash. mr. c casler was not suffering any episode related to multiple sclerosis, any flair up related to his disease at the time of the crash. >> reporter: casler's attorney said he is heartbroken over what happened but added his health may have police department a role in all of this. the gentlemen suffers from
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effects of multiple sclerosis. this isn't the time or the place for me to get into that disease or his personal medical history. he is going to advise the judge not to drive, something he can't do anyway because the registry took his license away a day after all this happened. casler returns to court next month. live in newton tonight, steve >> anchor: next on 7 news, not quite done with the chance of rain just yet. plus a return to more sum i like weather for the rest of this week. all of the detailsing up in my
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>> reporter: it's soggy monday that brought us some still left wanting more. three inches of rainfall in jaffrey, new hampshire and just. 16 in norwood. just over a third of an inch in boston. as you take a look at the places that kind of missed out on the bulk of this precipitation today it lies in that extreme drought conditions area here located in this bright orange. so unfortunately it just didn't balance out. however, we'll take every drop we can get at this point making a dent in the drought no matter
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every bit helps and here is some of the more impressive rain totals. boy, haven't having a hard time talking today. athol with more than two and a half inches of rainfall, almost two inches in orange. fairhaven with an inch and a half. we're able to squeeze out decent downpours in some areas. here is our highway of rain at this point tapering off, breaking apart. we still have some light showers as you can see these were more impressive, a little bit ago near grown field, new hampshire, manchester as well but they are near cape cod and nantucket. a shower from time to time but nothing like we were seeing earlier today. we still have the potential there to get more showers and downpours into the overnight hours though because tropical moisture is still streaming in from the southwest. current temperatures in the low 70's and our dewpoints almost match those numbers. when those two readings are close together, it doesn't really take much to get the wet weather going is really what i'm trying to say here. so running through the time line
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metrowest as we head into the overnight hours and then that potential for showers slides farther to the southeast as we make it into tomorrow morning. there is still a chance we could get a shower for the cape and islands through 11:00 a.m., maybe midday tomorrow, but then even pushing out the cloud cover for tomorrow afternoon and boosting up temperature. tonight it's still mild and muggy, 63 to 69 and tomorrow with that afternoon clearing and that sunshine, we do get some warmerte thursday but it doesn't really look like it according to forecast because look at where those temperatures top out for the middle of this week into friday. looks like another front swings through late friday into early saturday for maybe a few more showers. nothing like today and much cooler weather to follow. br i still ahead terrifying moments in an arizona neighborhood when a plane crashes right into a house. >> anchor: some promising news
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what health officials have just
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>> anchor: glad to be with you on this new workweek. a lot of you are finishing up and for those of you who have some time to get cow caught up straight ahead. i am adam williams. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. stay tuned for 7 news at 5:30. >> reporter: now at 5:30 breaking news. a wanted man now in custody after a shoot out in a string of bombings across new york and new jersey. >> anchor: on the attack in a mall. investigators are looking into terror ties with the stabbing spree in minnesota. feeling the effects. how tainted evidence is putting hundreds of criminal cases in jeopardy in braintree. >> anchor: a shocking escape when a plane comes crashing
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>> anchor: first at 5:30 we're staying on top of breaking news. the man investigators say is behind bombings in the new york city area and new jersey has been captured. investigators say he was arrested after a shoot out with police. >> anchor: and it was a bar owner who raised that red flag. kim kids khazei in the newsroom with what we know about the suspect. >> anchor: after three days of searching investigators have their man but there was this intense shoot out with police. custody recovering from gunshot wounds after the shoot out. police in linden, new jersey did receive reports from a bar owner of a man sleeping in the doorway of his establishment. when they approached the man they recognized him as their bombing suspect, told him to put up his hands and that's when they say he pulled out a gun and fired at the officers. one bullet hit an officer in the abdomen, saved by his bulletproof vest. another officer hurt by debris,


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