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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  September 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> anchor: first at 5:30 we're staying on top of breaking news. the man investigators say is behind bombings in the new york city area and new jersey has been captured. investigators say he was arrested after a shoot out with police. >> anchor: and it was a bar owner who raised that red flag. kim kids khazei in the newsroom with what we know about the suspect. >> anchor: after three days of searching investigators have their man but there was this intense shoot out with police. custody recovering from gunshot wounds after the shoot out. police in linden, new jersey did receive reports from a bar owner of a man sleeping in the doorway of his establishment. when they approached the man they recognized him as their bombing suspect, told him to put up his hands and that's when they say he pulled out a gun and fired at the officers. one bullet hit an officer in the abdomen, saved by his bulletproof vest. another officer hurt by debris,
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attacks in the new york new jersey area. they say evidence ties him to the chelsea bombing saturday night that injured 29 people and to the second pressure cooker device found a few blocks away as well as the pipe bomb that exploded near a charity run with no one hurt in seaside heights, new jersey earlier in the day. investigators also tying him to a backpack full of pipe bombs found near a train station in new jersey overnight sunday. bomb squads you heard there that was devices and nobody was hurt there. so we know that he is a naturalized u.s. citizen born in afghanistan and investigators also we know have recovered bomb making materials from a new jersey apartment owned by his family and the f.b.i. has adetained five other people with a possible connection to the chelsea explosions. of course investigators are still working and we will continue to bring you the latest. in the newsroom, kim khazei, 7 news.
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on air. you can always get the latest from our mobile and tablet apps as well as on our web site >> anchor: police are looking into possible terror ties it a stabbing a take at a minnesota mall. at least nine people were injured before the us putt was shot and killed and now isis is taking responsibility. one by one stretchers stream out of a minute societia mall. shots fired and then people stabbed. victims of a stabbing rampage at the hands of a suspect dressed in a security uniform attacking at least nine people with a knife. everybody locked their doors an inside the mall a lock down for hours as police try to calm the nerves of the hundreds of shoppers caught in the chaos. witnesses say the suspect yelled about allah and islam during at take. police say the man with the knife stabbed nine menage women ages 15 to 53 before he was confronted by an off-duty police officer about five minutes into his violent spree. the mayor calling that officer a hero. not for him be there clearly this would have been much worse than it was. now the f.b.i. is looking
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of terror. searching the suspect's apartment late sunday afternoon recovering computer equipment and several bags of potential evidence. the suspect's father told a local paper his son was a somalian student in his 20's. an on-line message from a group linked to isis claiming the attacker was a soldier ofites us but so far authorities say there is to solid evidence to verify the claim. in the small minnesota town, homes of thousands of somali refugees community leaders say they are speaking out against violence and fear the possibility of anti-mli this community does not condone terrorive. does not support terrorism. >> anchor: all nine of those victim have been released from the hospital and all are expected to make a full recover. >> anchor: we're following more news today. hundreds of suspects could be back on the street all because braintree police say an officer tainted pieces of evidence. several cases have already been thrown out. >> anchor: and now more are being reopened. kelly o'hara live in quincy with the very latest. >> anchor: and 15 cases so far
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today. many say this is just the tip of the iceberg. in handcuffs and in court gomez cries as his interpreter tells him some of his drug charges are dismissed. his criminal case linked to the braintree police department candle was evidence and cash went missing. it's surprising. i am very diswoulded in the police department allowing this to happen. and of course you know that innocence or guilt of many defendants. he has been among 15 cases so far and many more expected after a recent audit of the police department revealed nearly half a million in cash is gone along with thousands of mes of evidence missing from guns to drugs to personal property. sources tell 7 the officer in charge of the evidence room committed suicide after an audit began and two guns were uncovered at her home. as for so the oh gomez he may
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but still facing others. his attorney says he has other clients where charges may be tossed. the department should have known better. it happened before in the -- to have this happen again after that it's really surprising. i have two other cases on which i receive notice from the commonwealth that there might be issues with the evidence. >> reporter: so hundreds of thousands of cases could be affected. those numbers still unknown because that audit and audits looking at their numbers are ongoing. now as for cases here, we're toll the ag's office along with the distribute attorney's office are still investigating. in quincy tonight, kelly o'hara, 7 news. >> anchor: a car burst into flames in dead what. fire officials say the minivan caught fire this morning at a parking lot on president's way take a look at photographs. you can see crews rushing to put how flame. police are still investigating what started that fire. >> anchor: a race against the tide for a man trapped in a tight spot.
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between rocks on a narragansett jetty and they had to take some unusual steps to free him. crist kay delcamp has more on the while rescue. certainly not your every day type of call for first responders in narragansett who say a man got himself wedged between two rocks on a jetty. the area is off limits but he was pretty far down there. >> reporter: official say after two and a half hours they were able to free him with an outside the becomes approach. olive oil. lots of olive oil did the trick. we managed to spray him applied a lot of olive oil and we were able to dislodge him. fire fighters say the man was there with one other person when he dropped his phone. when he went down to pick it up he got himself stuck all the way up to his chest and they knew they had to get him out before the tide came in. that was one of our concerns where we would be later on in the event had the event lasted longer. another concern the rocks themselves. fire fighters say they didn't use air bags out of fear the rocks would shift only making matters worse.
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nearby hospital to be treated for hypothermia and a small injury on his foot that he suffered while walking away. but he is expected to be okay. he was in good spirits. he is an otherwise healthy 31-year-old male. the fire department captain said he had similar calls in the past involving animals but this is the first time he has ever had one like this involving a person. in the newsroom, crust quay delcamp, 7 news. >> anchor: a murder confession from the mississippi man who is accused of killing two catholic nuns in a preliminary rodney sanders confessed to the killing. the alleged confession occurred during a taped interview on the i did he was arrested and charged with capitol murder. sanders allegedly killed sisters margaret held and paula merrill, both bodies found in their home on august 25 after they failed to show up at the health clinic where they worked as nurse break integritiers. merrill was a native of stoneham. sanders meanwhile remains held without bail while a grand jury considers the case.
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gate trial began today back in 2013 two of governor chris christie's top aides close two lanes of the washington bridge for about a week paralyzing traffic. prosecutors say they did this as retaliation after for the lee's mayor refused to endorse christie's re-election plans. they are facing fraud, conspiracy and civil rights charges. kristi denies knowing anything about this. well, pregnant women getting the all clear in one momenty neighborhood. health officials ending their strong warning for pregnant women to avoid miami's winwood art distribute zikka. the winwood area was one of the first spots to transmit that disease. fire fighters in california are battling this fire at an air force base. the fire has green to 4,500 acres about 250 fire fighters are working to put out that fire. >> anchor: a pipeline leak in alabama is causing gas shortages across the southeast. some service stations experiencing long lines of cars waiting for gas while others have just simply run out. gas prices have risen over 20
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to be determined. >> anchor: well, in the ive years the ride sharing service lift says they will have new self-driving cars on the road. lift is already testing out the cars in san francisco and phoenix. the company's co-founder says the self-driving cars will be the future of transportation in urban areas. uber is also jumping on the bandwagon testing out their own fleet of self-driving cars. >> anchor: coming up here on 7 news at 5:30 an incredible escape after a plane comes crashing down through an arizona couple's home. >> anchor: down and out judge ig takes a hard fall against the dolphins. what pats are planning for their short turn around. >> anchor: a terror take down police say the man suspected if two bombings over the weekend in custody after a shoot out.
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back.. >> anchor: a fiery crash in arizona when a plane crashes if a home. two people were inside when the plane came crashing down destroying their house. >> anchor: i can't even imagine and today they are in shock and starting to pig up the pieces. >> reporter: piece by piece, crews pull out barely recognizable pieces of the plane
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incredibly no one was killed. you can replace everything but you can't replace life. thank god i mean nobody got hurt. that's the main important thing. the plane was deliver a teal of sky divers called the arizona sky hawks them were jumping over a fair from the ground of event organizer saw the sky diver the jump. everything seemed normal but then he saw what looked like a flame coming from one of the plane's wings. you can hear an audible so see on the movies but you hear something and then the plane took just a trajectory it. fell from the sky. looking in the sky and the fire coming out from the aircraft i mean it's nothing good. you know? >> reporter: many watch as the plane took a nosedive. it was so scary that i thought he would come on us. >> reporter: the pilot radioed about the fire and managed to jump and parachute to safety as the plane plunged into this
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the sky hawks say they are thankful everyone is alive and are praying for everyone involved. the cause of the plane crash is still under investigation. >> anchor: coming up a soggy start to the workweek. we need the rain so will we be seeing any more of it? details in my forecast. >> anchor: plus a ton of buzz surrounding last night's emmy awards. we'll take a look at some of the most memorable moments. >> anchor: just ahead at 6:00, called to court. the driver in a his plea. >> anchor: of course we are following that bragging news. a bombing suspect captured. police say they arrested the man connected to the new york and new jersey bombings after a
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since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> anchor: it's too bad it's a little dreary outside. the rain is coming down but we
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conspiracy sure. that sort is what we have to remember. as long as everyone is safe on the roads too, that's a live look outside. i can't really tell if it's coming down right now so for the evening commute should people take some extra time. it's not coming down inside of 495. not at this point. i know there are a lot of problems earlier this morning. drought conditions, dry ground, that makes it really hard for that rain to soak into the ground so just remember, standing water on the roads it's probably still with us in many areas. use caution. chance of rain stays with us through afternoon and then we'll be asking whether this is fall or summer because who really knows. boy, we got a warm up through the middle of this week. rain totals very impressive to the northwest and also along the south coast but look at this area. beverly, quarter of an inch, third of an inform, not a whole lot to write home about. i want to compare that to our drought monitor. extreme drought conditions but in that dark red here, it's kind
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up. the people who need it the most didn't get the bulk of the rain today unfortunately. however, i did mention before the chance of rain does stay with us into the overnight hours but we are seeing the heaviest really i think is behind us at this point. dry boston metrowest back through worcester. we still have showers moving through cape cod and also along the islands from time to time mainly nantucket, martha's vineyard, looks dry at this point and all that tropical moisture streaming in from the southwest to the northeast. you can kind highway of wet weather. we have a front that's giving us extra lift to squeeze out that tropical moisture that we so desperately need and the front kind of stalls out keeping that chance for rain with us. the atmosphere is primed to pop a shower so it won't take much to get it going as you can see current temperatures in the low 70's and the dewpoints very close to those levels. it is very muggy, very humid outside, it's like you stepped into a room with an indoor pool unfortunately and it will remain
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i don't think it's widespread as this forecast model is showing us but it is giving us an indication there is still a chance we could pick up on a quick shower, even a quick downpour into the overnight hours and early tomorrow morning. that chance will shift southeast. so cape cod and islands, the best chance for picking up on any more rain into early tomorrow before we clear things out. look at thee highs tomorrow. low to mid 80's, boy, is that summer or is that fall. tropical moisture streeping in from julia has been helping out out. we have tropical storm carl and new this afternoon tropical depression 13 which will continue to track first with carl and expected to strengthen into a category one hurricane but you can see those forecast models giving it a sharp turn as we get into the weekend and this shouldn't be a threat to land. bother will have to watch closely but as far as the east coast is concerned not too worried about it then i
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expected to strengthen tropical storm maybe soon next name on the list would be lisa. so we'll be tracking it all for you. stay with us for updates. here is a look at the 7 on 7 forecast first official day of fall on thursday, yeah, right, forecast doesn't think so. mid 80's through the end of the woke and the weekend a big cool down on the way. >> anchor: br i, a star-studded night filled with some memorable moments. the top names in television were honored at last night's emmy awards. >> anchor: old favorites an risings stars rounding out the big night the big show. the very first thing early host jimmy kimmel did was hand a trophy to transparent show jeffrey bower. less tan an hour later official he won his second straight emmy. please give transgender talent a chance. give them auditions. give them their story. >> reporter: history was made as jonathan hall yeah louis dreyfus won her fifth executive emmy for vp.
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hearted tribute. i would like to dedicate this to my father william louis dreyfus who passed away on friday. i am so glad that he liked vp because his opinion was the one that really mattered thank you. >> anchor: the people versus o.j. simpson. >> reporter: the night's big winner was the people versus o.j. simpson taking best littled series and four other awards. the response the of play a re you with a isn't to get it right not for you but for them. >> reporter: two shake ups in the lead acting category for drama. orphan black star won best actress for the first time. i feel so lucky to be on a show that puts women at the center. please tell me you are seeing this too. >> reporter: for best actor first time nominee romi malik won for his performance on mr. robot.
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live kate mckinnon who captured best supporting actress in a tv comedy. i am really crying, i'm not making this up. matt damon getting the last laugh on friend jimmy kimmel crashing the awards show after the host lost to john oliver. you are a pretty big loser. i for one am really sorry about that. i think everybody else here feels sorry for you. come here. i your concern. i will see there is an after party. jennifer egan, 7 news. >> anchor: next on 7, we will have more on the push to save an iconic store in cambridge. >> anchor: good evening, everybody. i am kim khazei. >> anchor: there is breaking news. captured in a shoot out with police. we're learning horse about the bombing suspect accused of leaving bombs in three different cities. >> anchor: the driver of this deadly pizza shop crash in
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first time and what prosecutors say he did that caused the cras. >> anchor: the patriots try to figure out what is next. now that jimmy garappolo is nursing an injury. >> anchor: we'll have those stories and much more. >> anchor: we invite you to join us here for 7 news at 6:00. ahead for us answering key questions about the new york-new jersey bomb attacks. the suspect, motive and how police track down their man so quickly. we have new details about the apparent terror rampage in the with a amal clooney as she joins one woman's personal battle
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>> anchor: an on-line petition has been started to save an iconic book store in cambridge. the owner of the curious george store launching the campaign after a developer announced plans it use the space to build a mall slushy of he s signatures and there will be a meeting with the cambridge historical commission in two weeks to discuss. >> anchor: we always have known big papi was a shark on the diamond but now he is an actual shark in the ocean of the atlantic white shark convery advancy found this 15 foot shark earlier this month. they just announced they named it after the red sox slugger. so congratulations, big papi you now are official. >> anchor: you are local, right? with a shark named after you. there is another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead, everybody.
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7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> anchor: breaking news. a terror take down in new jersey. a bombing suspect in custody just hours after authorities released his photo. the role an alert business owner played if his capture then a driver in court accused of plowing into a pizza shop and killing two people. what prosecutors say is to blame. >> anchor: much needed rainfall throughout the area today. just how long do showers stick around and when can we for the patriots? the team's plan for thursday now that jimmy g may be out. >> anchor: first at 6:00, breaking news. they got him. a terror take down in new jersey. a shoot out with police ends with a bombing suspect in custody. ahmad khan rahami is suspected of setting off devices in a lot of places in new jersey and new york. >> anchor: he was revved just
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released to the public. we have team 7 coverage of the arrest. we'll begin with dan hausle who is live in linden, new jersey for us tonight. dan? you know, it's amazing how many times that people got involved in this investigation but hesitated and actually still came through. moments ago i talk to the bar owner who owns that bar you see in the distance where the start of the shoot out happened here. the where own are says he saw him in his door way, thought he was a helless guy, now maybe he wa laptop. didn't think a minute about it went back to his work but asked his friend. his friend said we better call police. when police came he said he saw the suspect fire twice at the police and then police fire back. the most wanted man in new york, wounded but taken alive after a shoot out with police in linden, new jersey. you sea cop or two there, net thing you hear is gun shots. >> reporter: one of the officers was hit, saved business
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ahmad khan rahami seen in this cell tone video trying to run from police was ed by return fire but conscious as he was transported to a nearby hospita. there is no other individual we're looking for at this point in time. >> anchor: investigators say 28-year-old ahmad rahami is the man behind the bombing in new york that injured 29 saturday. his exact motive still a mystery but his method is clear. we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. >> reporter: his picture was blasted to cell phones asking peopal new jersey area to help find him. one man showed me the surveillance video he offered to police. he says shows him pulling luggage behind him believed to contain the second device found in new york. that pressure cooker with a phone attached reportedly had his fingerprints on it. jane is the new yorker who spotted the suspicious device and called police. do you feel like a hero? no. anyone would have done that. >> reporter: investigators say evidence ties him not only to the chelsea bombing and the


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