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tv   Today  NBC  September 20, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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this morning on today's take, jeffrey tambor is here fresh off his emmy win. > now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, september 20th, 2016. got to put the year in there. in case you forget. >> you still write checks? >> yeah. >> really? >> yeah. >> i do everything online now.
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things. like for bar mitzvahs or birthday parties, things like that. >> how did $53 become the number for a bar mitzvah? >> because it is the multiple of 18. >> really. >> i've got a communion on friday and i need to give the boy something very special. >> $1,000? >> what? >> right now it's $1,000. which means you're going to have to sell some shoes. >> actually, yesterday we talked about the thigh-high boots are the rage. and savannah asked how do you get them on. took about 40 minutes to get these on. >> how much to get them off? >> this is the big trend, ladies, they say. not up to the knee. you got to go all the way up to the thigh.
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>> wow. >> that seems uncomfortable. >> no, it has an adjustable string in the back so it fits different sizes. a lot of things women wear are uncomfortable, let's be honest. >> i wouldn't know! they look a little like bunchy leggings. >> we have a huge day today. very exciting. jeffrey tambor is here after his repeat win at the emmys. what a good >> he's a great friend of the show. an amazing husband. >> well? in his acceptance speech, he said something an amazing husband would not have left out. we'll give him a second chance. you and i, tamron, boy did we have some day, just sort of a getting to know you day because we're kind of new together. tomorrow you'll see what al and i were up to. we went on a ropes course. this is one of my favorite things when you see small
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>> why do they keep showing this screaming picture? there was a moment when there was no screaming involved in this. yes. but the children, like this young man, he gave billy the loser sign, they were deserving of $1,000 gifts. >> did you hit the tree? >> yes, he did. >> almost got us kicked out. we've been talking about this for about two weeks. we shot it when billy first joined the show. finally you can actually did when we are away from the camera. >> this little kid was probably like 12. he looks at me -- i'm yelling at him. he's mistreating tamron. >> he treated me poorly. >> i looked at him, i said, young man, behave yourself. this is an adult here. he looks at me, gives me this, the loser sign. i'm still looking for him. >> going to do a beat-down.
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episode of "seinfeld." how about the show everybody's talking about, "this is us." >> i was deeply moved. at the end, i'm not going to give it away. but there is an -- not just an omg moment but an omfg moment which means oh, my, i feel good, at the end of this show. and it is what we need maybe at this time. >> they are saying this show may be, as you point out, a show we've been w >> deborah's dad was a very simple man from perry, georgia. and raised nine kids with his beautiful wife, ruth. whenever they'd do something -- this is -- these folks were products of the segregated south -- they'd do something special, they'd do, just think, this is us. like when they'd go on vacation. when i say that title, it makes me think of them. >> well, the praise is coming
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with me. she said, oh, my gosh. >> the trailer for the show shows his body. >> his butt. >> it's like over 100 million -- >> in the episode, i'll give you this. the first ten seconds has the man's full rear end. is that allowed on nbc now? >> well, i guess. donald was on with jimmy fallon last week. now it is hillary's turn. >> equal time. >> he g hillary, by the way -- very funny -- fallon opens up with a surgical mask making light of her recent bout with pneumonia. good little laugh. warms up the guest. then he rolls with a bag that he found in donald trump's dressing room. he apparently left it last week. watch this. >> he left that here and this is just -- i -- >> let's look! let's see what's in there. >> this is a framed photo of his
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is it? are you sure? i don't know if -- >> the most famous romance going. right? >> besides me and timberlake. yeah. >> justin's worthy of your attention. >> i appreciate that. >> oh, look. you know what? he left these for you. soft balls. >> no, those are my gift to him. that was my gift to him. i'll give them to you later in the interview. >> he didn't mess her hair though. >> the donald mussing of the hair. >> they set it up. jimmy said donald trump said to him, it's okay, you can mess it up but be easy on me because i've got to go to this event. so before going out they'd already discussed this and the lay of the land. >> it looked like he was trying to start a fire the way he did
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>> i've been in there. there is a very hard layer across the top. i finally asked him years ago. but -- and now that layer's got to be even harder because that was at least seven years ago. >> that's a lot. how about britney spears? she's got this new instagram out. have you seen? you follow britney spears? >> i -- i -- no. >> fan? >> i am a big britney fan. i don't follow a lot of people on instagram. i didn't know she was on. >> okay. she's got a new video. this is britney. by the way, the key to her dance moves, it is all about the hair. she's doing this to the track "me too" by meghan trainor.
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? >> that's not just hair, billy. those are dance moves that mere mortals. billy likes to believe that britney doesn't sing or dance. >> her body looks amazing. >> spectacular! >> for the mere mortals, this is what we're watching. pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. >> no, she won't man. >> i'd be more impressed if she was wearing a pair of old champion sweatpants. >> but you can see how her muscles move in such great detail if she covered up. and, it is about the likes. if she had on sweatpants, she'd still get a lot of likes but not as many as she's getting now. >> but it would be more impressive if she got a lot of likes wearing the sweat pants. >> those moves are not so
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she doesn't -- she doesn't sing because -- she has a hairiographer. it is all about the hair and the hair flips and spins. >> real quick, just one more time. just one more time. you'll see. billy, you can't do. her legs are moving. you can't do that. >> i can -- >> you cannot! >> that i can't do. >> billy has a move like old-school temptations where he slides across then stops. >> like cedrick, the entertainer in the bud light commercial. >> that's how you know you're having fun. sorry. up next, would you pay over $100 for a pair of crocs?
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? walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. . we're back now with more of "today's take." check this out. can crocs be chic again? were they ever chic? >> they had a moment. t mario batali, that's all wears. they definitely had a moment. >> this is london fashion week. custom crocs decorated with rocks on top of them. >> rocks on crocs? >> rocks on crocs. by designer -- >> you sound like dr. seuss. >> i'm a fan of this designer, he does a lot of unusual designs. i don't know -- about $150? that's too much for crocs.
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he wanted birkenstock's. >> my niece, maya. 17. >> jerusalem cruisers. >> i'm like, are you sure? he's yeah, yeah. >> they're very comfortable. >> they're in style. they also have -- ggivanchy had pair. range. >> they're for the beach. >> if you're on a boat. originally they were made for boating. mario looks adorable. i don't know about a guy, like a 30-year-old guy walking around with crocs on. i love them on kids. i think -- 15 and under. >> okay. what if it was -- leonardo dicaprio? >> wouldn't matter.
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>> doesn't matter to me. >> he was walking around in a shoe similar to that. >> he does wear like a crocs style. it was like a band, but not. we have a picture. stranger walking up asking a guy for directions because of his -- i guess low-profile attire. they had no idea, we're told by "people" magazine, they were talking to leo dicaprio. would you have known that was leo? >> oh, yeah. >> would you have cared and just carried on? would you have made a fuss over it and asked for a selfie all that stuff? >> i think leo is filled to have a nice moment. say the couple is from norway. they're visiting here. hans and soto asking for directions from nice young men with the news boy cap on. he's blending -- until -- it was a nice moment until somebody spotted him and it became a story that he actually gave directions to someone.
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me out about the picture. looks like the person is shooting through the trees! look at that. like someone's -- >> there's a branch in front. >> right? >> the story of his life. >> yeah. that is the story of his life. on your list of -- you lived in hollywood for a long time, where does he rank? >> i connect with this. willie geist and i both agree on this one, we would like to be in leo's squad. that's the ultimate squad right there. he's lg he's taking the guys to vegas all the time. >> what about the girls? >> well, we have to support him on that. we'll support him with that. >> check this out. this is the cutest thing in the world. i say cute because i think the number one women use and abuse is cute. right? >> i say it a lot.
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this little girl named audrey in michigan. her mom posted to facebook. it does apply. it is cute. really cute. >> i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. >> you're beautiful. >> no, i'm cute. >> oh, okay. >> i'm cute. and beautiful. i'm cute a i'm cute and beautiful. >> yeah. and you're smart. >> i'm cute and beautiful and smart. >> yeah! all right! all right, audrey! >> i love it! >> that's beautiful. >> i'm going to have to do that in the morning. i'm cute and i'm smart. >> love her! let's show you what's going on and see if you love your weather. we've got wet weather. remnants of tropical storm paine will be streaming up into the
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along the southeastern atlantic coast. in between we've got a lot of hot weather. hundreds to 90s, texas and mid lanes. we do have tropical moisture along the mid-atlantic coast. we've also got that wet weather in the desert. late storms in the afternoon in the northern plains. wet weather in the pacific northwest where it is a little cooler. that's what' >> chris: a mild, muggy and >> it's a mild, muggy and murky start to this tuesday. good morning, everyone. bay and the islands and by this afternoon, the brightest sun to the midwest. upper 70s across the cape. pleasant weather the rest of the week. lower humidity out there today. and enjoyable in gillette. 70?, the cooler weekend after a week full of 80s, back in the 60s with the breeze on saturday and sunday. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by camping
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everything rv at your nearby camping world rv super center. that's your latest weather. coming up next -- we have been waiting all morning for this young man. "transparency's" jeffrey tambor taking home an emmy for the second year in a row. continuing his interview with our audio guy, davy. he'll tell us how it felt to win again. >> davy, who are you wearing? had. had. >> moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. lps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine? total care to the total family. listerine? total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth?. and for kids starting at age six, listerine? smart rinse delivers extra cavity protection after brushing.
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he is a golden globe winner -- and two-time emmy winner. >> jimmy kimmel predicted at the very start of the show. check it out. >> one thing before we get started is -- just give me one moment, if you would. where is jeffrey tambor? jeffrey? there you go. all right. all right. that saved us 22 minutes. >> indeed jimmy kimmel was right. you didn't know he was going to do that. >> i had no idea. what's interesting is as we went to a commercial right after that, no one even said -- excuse me. they just took it!
10:24 am
year, so we are moving up the chain. he did a great job. you know dave, the sound man? >> you know him intimately. >> can i ask you a question, what's wrong with dave? >> where do i start. he's the person who mikes me every morning. he mikes me every morning. dave complains about my outfit. >> you know, we're in new york. there are therapists. >> thank you. >> on every corner. there's things you can do. >> dave coming back hard! >> they told me to tell you something. congratulations. thank you for all your work here. you're fired. >> today's my last day? really? >> we're going to get somebody who's -- what's that word? there's a word. there's a word.
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be some form. v.o.: ayotte and trump, wrong for new hampshire women. planned parenthood votes is responsible for the
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narrator: over and over it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood. kelly ayotte and washington republicans voted 6 different times to defund planned parenthood. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare.
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at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan
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we are back with the incomparable jeffrey tambor who stars in the groundbreaking show "transparency." this season his character is ready to make a few changes, including what her children call her. >> what do you want us to call you? >> how about gaga. >> that's to close to gigi. >> grammy? >> hold on. not grammy. >> grandma? >> grandma. >> and maybe you guys want to call me -- i don't know -- mom. >> how about that. jeffrey tambor. thank you so much. the third season is under way. i'm in bed yesterday taking a little nap but i don't nap well
10:31 am
pull out -- i start watching seeps three, first two episodes. right there on my phone -- >> i know. there's a revolution. that's what's happening. kids are walking to their bus watching -- old and young alike. the revolution is here. i think the kids -- our kids and our grandkids are going to be, i'm going to watch television. they're going to put on these glasses and watch television. >> this first episode this season is so beautiful. >> thank you. >> you start off, achieved everything, it seemed. you're happy. you're in a relationship. and you said why aren't i happy? >> yeah. well, because she doesn't quite know -- she's a great character. she is a great teacher. she teaches me every single day. and there's something missing in her life. she doesn't quite know what it is. she's made an authentic decision but she doesn't know where she lives. she doesn't know how to wear makeup. she doesn't know who her friends
10:32 am
still thinks she's older than the little fishers. she's still "other." she can't quite get inside. >> can i ask a question? can i get this cup now? >> we gave you the other one. >> every time i go away you change a cup. >> this is yours. >> one for your wife. we'll give you two. because you said in an interview that i saw, you forgot something in your speech. >> i was so shaken. they're going get off, get off, get off, get off. it was a jewish orchestra who went -- oh, okay. i forgot to mention my wife. >> when did you realize it? >> i believe when i fainted when
10:33 am
>> he sat down. >> i think when the door was locked when i went home. but i have to tell you -- i said it many times -- i would not be standing on that stage were it not for kasha tambor. she's the one that just said go, go, go. i have four kids at home. 11, 9 and two 6s. that's not true. they love the show. this is time. this is a blessed, blessed time. >> you took a stand also for actors who you think are not getting -- >> there should be more opportunity for transgender talent. i had the honor of teaching at the lgbtq center this past summer. and the trans talent in that room was killer! i want this em to have more opportunities. i'm ready. because dave and i are doing a
10:34 am
happiness. >> dave has really impacted you. >> wraait. >> here he comes again. >> dave. dave. i want to say this because we've been kidding a lot. you need help. >> "arrested development." >> there's always candor. my marching orders are to go to work his own show. >> do not touch the guest. stay back. >> wow. i don't think we've ever had that happen before. >> we've never had a confrontation. >> i teased earlier there was an airport encounter. a man bumped into you, it scared you and you thought he was going to hit you. turned out it was dave. >> no. but this did happen.
10:35 am
he was all cuffed and all just like -- you. you. you. stay right there. he came up to mend a he grabbed me and he hugged me and he said, thank you for teaching me and my family about something i did not know about. >> all right! >> jeffrey tambor, thank you so much. the third season of "transparent" will be streaming -- >> dave. . dave. dave. dave. we laughed, we cried, jeffrey, you got to watch what happened with me and billy. it was frightening. the bromance continues with
10:36 am
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for the past few weeks, the three of us have been getting to know each other a little bit, on television. why not kick it up a notch? al and i had a very lovely, friendly competition called -- at ake #vendorwars. you'll see that tomorrow. >> yes. before they went to hang out at the ballpark, billy convinced me, with our producer, to step out of my comfort zone -- which i'm not sure what that means because i am comfortable doing everything except jumping off things. we put on a harness. buckle up for this wild ride. it was a lot. >> it was great. >> it was a lot. >> i feel that all this land in front of us, we are conquer. >> oh, yes. >> i think this is the guy
10:40 am
>> reporter: like any great challenge, the key is go small. >> i only went to camp once and it was church camp. we had marshmallows. .
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> they're 2 and 0 because they played and they're a good football team. >> how concerned are you about the quarterback position, and how possible is it that jimmy could be ready to play as report someday. >> we're practicing, and filing an injury report depending on how it goes today. >> reporter: [ unintelligible ] diagnoses. >> i mean, he has been looked at and been treated. >> reporter: how difficult would
10:43 am
ready with such short notice. >> the texans are a great football team. and we're challenged in all three fac phases of the game. offense, defense, special teams, they can run, throw, kick, return. they do a lot of things with a lot of challenges this week. >> reporter: [ unintelligible ] new player type positions... >> certainly it has been done before. >> reporter: seems like any personnel decision that you make in that area would be dependent
10:44 am
>> depending on what is best for the football team. >> reporter: are you in the position where the health of the player -- >> based on what is best for the football team. the player's personal situation, his health always comes first. that's always first. that's not a football decision, that's a medical decision. football decisions are based on what's best for the football team. that's what we have always done and as long as i'm here, that will n we'll do what's best for the football team. >> reporter: do you have to get a decision on what the health position is before you juggle it? >> i'm a football coach, i'm not a doctor. the medical staff is the medical staff. i coach the team and medical people handle the injuries. it works out g.
10:45 am
>> i do what's best for the football team. let me put it a different way. i'm the coach, i do what's best for the football team. and i don't know why we can't understand that. >> reporter: what's the most important in terms of [ unintelligible ]. >> today is tuesday, the game's thursday night. >> reporter: [ unintelligible ] jacobi -- >> he has done a good job. he's a hard working kid. comes early, stays late. and he has improved steadily since he has been here after the draft. all the way through. >> reporter: would you expect jimmy to practice today.
10:46 am
>> reporter: you, in the past have gone with-[ unintelligible ] midseason game, is that going to be the case today. >> somewhat, yeah. >> reporter: already said the other day -- emergency quarterback, and i know he's not on the team anymore. >> we'll do what's best for the football team. >> reporter: coach, you're probably not thrilled with the sd considering the circumstances. >> whenever we're scheduled, we show up and play. >> reporter: it wouldn't be your choice though? >> we play 16 games, whenever we're on the schedule, we show up and play. we don't worry about things that we can't control. >> reporter: how is -- to you,
10:47 am
nose, and he's obviously a stout guy, very experienced player. very good at recognizing schemes. good player in strength. >> reporter: you said that -- looks good. and aside from health. >> a little bit more inside than he did last year, but he ay sometimes he plays inside with the pass rush, the dime scheme, and some of the base stuff, he plays the technique in their nickel before they get to their dime, early nickel if you will. so he has played more outside, but also played some inside, and he has played some in the 3-4, which i don't think he did that
10:48 am
of it. >> reporter: when you draft a quarterback, what are the qualities in particular that you look for? >> we have been talking about that for a week. i mean we talk about a lot of things for players. there's physical skills, there are mental skills, there's makeup, there's trades, there are a thousand things. >> reporter: was there one or two that stuck chose bursette? >> each player is a composite of all of the things that the player has. it's all part of the puzzle. it's a big mosaic. it's all put together. that's who the player is, and each player has his own. >> reporter: the biggest challenge for offense?
10:49 am
take the ball away. one of the best teams in the league this year, which i've had in the past. the challenge is always scoring points. that's the name of the game, what they have played for. so if they haven't given up many, i'm sure that it won't be easy to score. >> reporter: a lot of people are focusing on miller, he has had a great start, practice and timing. but practicing miller, i'm curious to see what you've seen practicing miller from his days at ohio state to now as a receiver. >> ohio state mainly played on the perimeter when he played quarterback, when he played receiver. so he played on the perimeter. very athletic, fast, big target, good hands.
10:50 am
the slot. he went out, so played for him. we saw him preseason, and mostly in the chicago game and in the kansas city game. he missed the >> you don't know --
10:51 am
practice. >> reporter: today? >> i don't know. >> reporter: [ unintelligible ] what have you seen with him in offense compared to -- >> a different ons, i mean coffee kubiack's offense is different than coach o'brien's offense. strong, big kid, stands in the pocket and athletic enough to run when he needs to. not the easiest guy to get down in the pocket. he's good with the d ball, and he has been really accurate. obviously the game runs through the quarterback like it always does with bill. check the line of scrimmage
10:52 am
he gets them into the good plays, and called like the screen with chicago. it was a call they scored the touchdown on. things like that. but making decisions, where it looks like the play he should have been going to. it's a good play. he's smart and he has a good command. good leadership and throws the ball well >> reporter: you mentioned some of the guys with the staff before. does it make it any easier to prepare, knowing some of the things -- >> it's like that every week, every week, there are players that were on our team, their team, or coaches. it's pretty much a weekly event.
10:53 am
we focused on what they do and what we need to do against it. and how to prepare best for the game. you know. that's -- it's pretty much the same conversation every week. challenging arizona or chris jones of miami. there's something every week. >> reporter: the first two weeks with the quarterbacks? team is kind of in the same boat. we're at 2 and 0, which is good. certainly a lot of things we can do better. we can coach better, we can play better. we can overall in different units execute better, collectively, and not just individually. we can improve fundamentals. we're all in the same boat with a lot of work to do. we're into the season, and we
10:54 am
story for everybody. no matter who the player is or what the position. i think everybody is where they need to be, and everybody is working hard and improving and we're getting better. a long way to go. >> reporter: the production? >> it doesn't matter what happens, this week, what we are worrying about, some of the game, it's getting ready for is >> reporter: the quarterback making a game-time decision? >> yes. >> reporter: i wonder about the preparation, what's necessary. >> today depend on the situation, a lot of things are possible, sure. okay. thank you. >> okay, ahead of the thursday night matchup with the houston
10:55 am
patriots head coach, bill belichick taking questions from reporters. bottom line, he talked about what's best for the team, and when preparation about jimmy graphalo, he took that hard hit against the dolphins. he said they don't call plays, and i don't do surgeries. he's the head coach of this team. and we strained his shoulder, leaving jacobi bursette to lead the team in the second half. again, we have the matchup coming on thursday night football. and he was talking about the fact that they need to do their homework when it comes to a houston, texas team strong on the defense. we'll have a full wrap-up on his
10:56 am
some of the injuries to the players, coming up in just about an hour on 7 news at noon.
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narrator: over and over it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood. kelly ayotte and washington republicans voted 6 different times to defund planned parenthood. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan
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"today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1 is in rockefeller plaza. welcome to booze day tuesday. 's september 20th. also thank you, tuesday. that is my way by calvin harris, who seems to be getting along just fine. the actressor's breakup. >> well on his way. look at the kitchen. >> look who's cooking for us? the alalberte twins.


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