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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  September 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> the video nar ator says we tack manied that individual. the victim and all the witnesses clearly say that he tripped on his own and he fell. >> kim: that happened further along down the sidewalk. they do have video. police say the investigation took so long in part because the pedestrian took five weeks to give an official statement. once again the boston police officer involved in the incident on newbury street now cleared. kim khazei, 7 >> ryan: police on the hunt for a suspect after vandals steal part of a memorial grave in milton meant to honor a young girl killed during the holocaust. >> jadiann: kelli o'hara has the story. >> reporter: the scene of the crime you can see where this sculpture once stood. it rested upon this marble piece overlooking a beautiful pond and now the cemetery along with itself
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>> no, you don't get closure. >> reporter: holocaust survivor fred manassas has brought him so much peace in a life once dominated by so much pain. monday morning the peace was disturbed. he got a phone call from the ser tann telling him someone stole a sculpture he took to honor his sister. >> first of all i was upset. i was angry. >> reporter: thies taking this sculpture of the two bronze stars of david along with the hands that symbolized a time resting place for his sister and all of the children. >> my sister was -- i never really got to know her and i saw this as an entrance, finally to a decent resting place and are for my sister and the one and a half million children who also died in the holocaust because they went up in smoke. >> reporter: although he wants it returned he
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>> i realize that had it had more impact by having been stolen in terms of publicity, in terms of alerting people to 9 fact so many people died without a memorial. >> reporter: flynn with any information as to who stole the sculptor asked to call the police station immediately. kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> ryan: a gym teacher in wilmington back on a woman and breaking her nose. the teacher was allowed to return to work. some parents and teachers are concerned saying helped to let the legal process play out before he was welcomed back. the superintendent issuing this statement:
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we're learning new details on a deadly stabbing spree at a minnesota mall. the f.b.i. saying this is the case of home grown terrorism. >> just charged me with a knife and said are you a muslim? are you a muslim. >> reporter: adon worked as a security guard and was a student at st. cloud state university in minnesota. a spokesperson saying he hadn't actually been enrolled since spring. authorities raided an apartment there where he lived looking for clues. little. the site removed any profiles registered to him. adon's only father first identified him as the attacker telling media he was born in kenya, but is of some allah descent. his social security was issued between 1995 and 1998. meaning he was from one to 7 years old whether he arrived in the u.s. meaning he was
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the family had an address said adon used to live there but moved to st. cloude in 2007 and a local resettlement agency says they wouldn't disclose if he or his family had come through the agency. so the somali community development of north dakota issued a statement on the attack saying they condemn the violence and mourn with the victims and families impacted by the attack right, french police have in connection with a deadly truck attack in nice. authorities say the suspects knew the man who killed 86 people when he hit them with a truck on bastille day in july. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. at least five other people are also facing charges. >> jadiann: a scare in the sky as a saudi arabian airline flight tripped a hijack warning. this happened as the plane was about to land in 9
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officials isolated the jet. authorities asked for ver fickation of the emergency message and said the pilot didn't immediately say the emergency call was a mistake >> when the aircraft landed we were again informed by the powers there was new information, a development from the pilot that the activation of the distress signal was just an >> jadiann: passengers on board were allowed to get off the plane. >> ryan: scary moments for passengers on an american airlines flight after their plane makes an emergency landing in tampa. the flight crew told to brace for impact after the plane's left side landing gear won't activate. the darkness lit up by emergency lights. crews rushed to help passengers as the plane touched down after a harrowing ordeal on board go we're low.
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went -- like that. >> reporter: jerry was aboard the flight. the pilot aborted the landing due to a possible problem with the landing gear. the map showing how the plane circled above the airport before landing. flight tanned and -- >> in full crash mode. cross your arms. put your head down. when we say brace you brace. >> reporter: the plane landed hard. only problem tire. work crews surrounded it. as the man exited he thanked pilot for getting him down. >> how did do you it? did our straining. we followed our training. >> reporter: others on board rejoiced. >> weir' survivors. >> reporter: university of tampa students david walsh took the emergency landing in stride. >> i mean i try to keep myself calm because everyone next to me was freaking out a little bit. so i just held it together. >> reporter: making walsh
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to touch the ground after tense moments in the sky. this wasn't the only issue for the passengers. the first plane they were on was taken out of service due to a mechanical issue. >> jadiann: a troubling lesson about a tennessee teacher. the teacher allegedly arrested for videoing girls inside of a closet. police arrested the man more --more monday. thes school system has been violated. >> you never know. you know, you put your trust in people to take care of your kids while they are in school and everything. things like this was happening and you, when you find out it's a little late, you know. >> jadiann: the school district says they're appalled by the actions of this veined are working closely with police. >> ryan: the ceo of wells fargo under fire from
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elizabeth warren. she criticized for profiting off the company's deceptive sales practices. warren said he should lose his job. >> but you squeezed your employees to the breaking point so they would cheat customers and you would drive up the value of your stock and put hundreds of millions of dollars in your own pocket. wh your job, you kept your multimillion dollar bonuses and you went on television to blame thousands of $12 an hour employees. >> ryan: warren demanded that the criminal justice department investigate the ceo. >> jadiann: the firm insists he will not be a
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lobbying for a year. he served almost 25 years in congress before resigning last october. >> ryan: the car. wild fire raging since july is the costiest ever. offices say an illegal camp fire started the fire. it burned more than 185 square miles of land and property and isn't even 70% contained. >> jadiann: kellog is issuing a m involving eggo waffles. the company is recalling 10,000 cases of eggo newtry grain wheel wheat waffles across 25 states including massachusetts and new hampshire. kellogs say the waffles can be contaminated with listeria causing bacteria. so far there have been no reports of anyone getting sick. if your iphone is making a hissing noise, apple has received complaints that
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7 plus are producing a strange sound. video ons twitter show phones making the noise. many devices make noises when they're going through heavy processing activity. apple has not addressed the issue and it's not clear how much phones are affected. >> ryan: funeral director posting pictures of himself with caskets on social media. >> jadiann: we have the latest at 6:00 on the man bombings in new york and new jersey. what police and the f.b.i. may have known about him two years before the attacks. >> ryan: police break their silence about an offduty officer accused of running up a pedestrian on camera. why he was never charged. >> announcer: tonight, a deadly gas forced them to run from their homes >> we could have been killed. >> reporter: it came from
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>> ryan: somber selfies creating controversy in texas.
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multiple selfies with caskets. >> jadiann: he is apologizing for the insensitive acts. >> the only three cous -- >> reporter: fon saturday rose's family laid her cousin to rest on the day of mourning she couldn't believe what she saw. she says david jones the funeral director took what appeared to be a selfie with her cousin's casket behind him. soon after she went to his facebook page. she says she found numerous photos of and hearses, she asked jones about the suspected selfie of her cousin's casket. he told her chefs just collecting -- >> it's a lack of respect for, you know that time. we trusted him to respect this day and in our family's life. >> reporter: the funeral home declined an interview but did say they have apologized to the family.
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complaint with the texas funeral service commission. the commission says it could be considered unprofessional conduct that carries anything from a warning to a $5,000 fine. kris anderson, 7 news. >> with cat with one left life after a dangerous encounter in the callahan tunnel. >> reporter: fall arrives thursday or does it? temperatures in the 80s. >> ryan: at 6:00 caretakers why one man takes the risk to deliver medical main. >> announcer: wednesday thousands of utility poles across massachusetts leaning and life-threatening. why aren't they being fixed? cheryl fiandaca observation poses these problem poles wednesday at 11:00. ? why do banks treat you and your money like this?
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>> announcer: now 7
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>> reporter: mix of clouds and sunshine. boston is 73. dew point temperature at 67. that is the culprit that. is with us for the next few hour, a north wind will dry things out. we'll be warm. tomorrow and thursday temperatures in the 80s then the jet stream will rye arrange itself into this look which will usher in cool air for just the northeast. for the weekend and southeasterly next week then i do think some of the warmth is going to return middle and overall fall looking mild to occasionally warm with a couple of cool shots here and there. nashway 81. dew point temperatures for everyone higher than we would' like. unless you like humidity this. is where it is right now. in the mid and upper 60s partly cloudy skies. thicker clouds down through the cape and the islands but clouds will have a tendency to thin out as we work through the evening hours. cool front slowly pressing offstore to be replaced by
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the goods. that is the air back to front orbs and buffalo. for tonight clearing skies with humidity out there. patchy fog temperatures this evening in the 70's then overnight tonight upper 50s to the mid 60s, tomorrow early in the day tomorrow if you are out the front door tomorrow by 6:00 or 7:00 there will be just a little bit of humidity but as we work through the morning hours and certainly by lunchtime and tomorrow afternoon much less humid. great. lots of sunshine. it is a warm temperatures 79 had-83. boston arounds 81-82. thursday lots of sunshine. fall officially does begin thursday morning. it will be a warm day with temperatures on thursday heading to the mid 80s, temperatures near 80. kickoff at about 8:30, mild, there is no humidity on thursday even though it's a warm day. temperatures mid evening in the low 70s, then when the game wraps up mild, comfortable, numbers in the
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to friday. that is thursday's map. here is friday, a cool front insurance will charge out of canada with the nice chunk of cool refreshing air but in doing so that moves process will result in a lot of clouds. and i do think a few scattered showers on friday afternoon. friday does not look like a repeat of yesterday where we had rain most of the day. i think there will be a couple of hit and miss hours, most towns get less than a quarter of an inch of rain. monitoring t us and this, this is tropical storm lisa. also expected to stay out in the open lant soyk this is nature's way of cooling off the planet. moving the heat out of the tropics to the north pole. the north pole, it won't be that cool this weekend but some of the cool air heading out of canada for new england saturday and sunday. high temperatures in the 06's lows in the 40s, even in boston sunday morning. >> ryan: we know cats have
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a few of them. >> it was found injured inside the callahan tunnel. >> he is a solidly middle aged guy. he is not a kitten. >> reporter: meet callahan, the cat named after the tunnel where he was found. a massachusetts state trooper spotted him and took him to the angel animal medical sent area week ago. >> he couldn't stand. we aconsume he got hit by a car. seemed likhe scenario. >> reporter: he is not feeling purr effect. he has a head injury and a broken pelvis. the doctors say he will need several weeks of rest to get back on his paws. >> his head is doing much bert. >> reporter: as for his history she thinks he was a house cat but not recently. >> he is a very friendly cat but he is not neutered. he is dirty. he is not well kept living in a clean environment.
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his own thing. >> reporter: there was a light at the end of the tunnel for callahan. if the trooper didn't spot him he might not have made it. >> he was lucky. he was lucky. it could have been a lot worse for him. >> reporter: he needs six weeks of bed rest then he will be able to adopt. so if you are interested contact the anklel animal medical center. >> have you ever wanted to own a piece of harry potter history? how you can get in on all that magic. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. >> adam: great seeing you, i'm adam williams. a boston police officer cleared of using excessive force. the etched that commissioner -- evidence that commissioner evans says was key in the investigation. >> kim: police involved shooting at foxwoods and why the officer opened fire in a parking garage. >> adam: we'll head out live to new york where the investigation into a bombing suspect continues to develop. what we're learning today about the concerns that his family express and why he
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f.b.i.'s radar. those stories and a lot more coming up at 6:00. >> kim: we hope you will join us. >> ahead for us tonight we are ewarning signs missed when the f.b.i. learned two years ago about a suspected bomb greater his own father. donald trump's son ignites controversy by comparing refuges to poison skittles. a new twist in the deadly police shooting that sparked nationwide outrage. when we see you back here tonight. i absolutely love my new york apart good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you
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>> ryan: fans of harry potter do we have a home for you. >> jadiann: on market. the house that starred on screen as harry potter's childhood homes. fans will recognize 12 picket klose as 4 pritchett drive. it's home to harry's aunt and uncle. but put in the bids n. competitive. >> since the story broke of course the interest levels having up and that may or may not influence the final price that we achieve for the property. >> jadiann: the house is located about 30 miles west of london. it's on the market for $620,000. >> ryan: should be a good deal if you like harry
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>> ryan: news at 6:00 starts now. >> announcer: now at 6:00 breaking news, results released, what investigators have to say about a controversial arrest involving a boston police officer, also breaking, a deadly shooting at foxwoods. why police say they were forced to fire. then a terror suspect with a troubled past. the f.b.i. looking into a red flag raised years ago. >> reporter: last few days of summer feature summertime >> reporter: quarterback shuffle in foxboro as the patriots aim to take down the texans. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> kim: first at 6:00 we have breaking news. a boston police officer cleared of any wrong doing after video surfaced of him roughing up that man. on newbury street. happened a few months in the back bay. >> adam: today the police commissioner revealed video of what went down there and
5:59 pm
details for us. >> reporter: it was a three-month long investigation that just wrapped up this week. police say the press conference a short time ago when the video taken by a bystander you can see what it really the tail end of this encounter. it starts with the officer kneeling on top of the pedestrian which you don't see the claims the witness made is that the officer slammed the pedestrian's head into the ground pushed him, tripped him, tackled him to the ground. police said none of that -- >> the video clearly cell phone camera video showing a offduty police officer pinning a man to the ground. b.p.d.found the officer didn't use excessive force whether he ran after and got on top of -- >> all i see is an officer having his knee in someone's back. you don't see any extra punches being thrown.
6:00 pm
closely. we called in all kinds of witnesses include you go the co-workers and mr. garran himself who was a reluctant witness to come forward who clearly said that he wasn't slammed to the ground. his hair wasn't pulled. his face wasn't thrown to the ground. >> reporter: the alleged victim was outside of police headquarters with his attorney. police were on a wimp hunt and believed the officer didn't have probably cause to chase him down because the only needed to look at damaged to know no crime was committed. >> you have an officer saying that is what we're trained to do. this is terrifying if you are training your police officers to jump on people who are -- to put all of your weight on them what is worrisome because no crime was committed. it was very clear that no crime was committed. when the officer got out of the car, when he returned to the car. he was there for quite sometime and when he got


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