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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  September 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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has cleared of any wrong doing. >> plus, a terror suspect with a troubled past. the warning from his father years before the attack. we're live in new york city. first day of fall looks rather warm. bill belichick with one goal, trample the texans. but there's one big question, who will be in as quarterback? and a foreign phone call >> i need to know exactly where you are barnstable police meet th >> 7 news at 11 starts now. first at 11 there's breaking news we're following a two-year-old boy hit by a car in brockton earlier tonight. neighbors say the child was rushed to the hospital. let's get right there and brockton tonight. jadiann thompson joins with us more breaking details. well kim and adam we spoke with little boy's grand pear who was in no condition to talk on camera. family telling us mother and father are still waiting more news at the hospital at this hour. and right now i can show you the scene all that's left right here
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pole. witnesses say two-year-old little boy hit in the street. market street in brockton shut down for nearly three hours. >> i went over there saw the baby and started ambulance i saw him moving i don't know if he was moving him or not but i was so shaky. and ambulance taking the baby to the hospital leaving family and friends in disbelief. the car involved a toyota sedan part of lengthy investigation. a neighbor saying the baby's mom was nearby at the time. and was left the floor, trying to pick her up to bring her over here. really all i could tell you. a lot of families still at the home tonight awaiting more news. but so far no updates on the boy's condition. of course we'll follow this for you live in brockton tonight jadiann thompson, 7 news night team. >> now to a story you will see on just one station. a prominent north shore plastic surgeon arrested. he's accused of a possessing crack cocaine brandon gunnoe
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brandon. adam and kim doctors sheldon has been on view and other national television shows. in fact one time he was voted boston's best plastic surgeon. but, investigators here in lynn say he possessed crack cocaine over the weekend. he is a well known internationally recognizes plastic surgeon. but police say doctor was trying to buy crack cocaine in lynn sunday. he's a very powerful person in this town. i'm pretty shocked. yeah would have no idea. lynn detective who was watching a suspected drugging dealer says he and another officer believed they witnessed the doctor buying crack. the detective goes on to say when the officers approached the plastic surgeon's car, he made a throwing motion towards the ground. and we both sovshed several twists of a nar caustic fall out his hand. he private practice inside medical building north shore medical center union hospital in
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performed surgery. the doctor has on medical staff for 39 years. they released this statement we very concerned about the allegations and have accepted his immediate retirement from our medical statureadditionally we have no record of any prior issues of this nature with the doctor. the doctor's attorney released this statement he has been arespected surgeon for 40 years. he has never been accused of an any type of inappropriate behavior. that said, i respectfully decline to make any additional the allegations, and will respond at the appropriate time. the doctor's attorney was in lynn district court today the case has scheduled for an arraignment at later day. live in lynn, brandon gunnoe, 7 news night team. boston police officer has cleared after this rough encounter was recorded earlier this year. sparking an investigation. tim caputo live here in city where decision was announced today.
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interaction. said he actually witnessed the altercation itself. pretty graphic details. this police investigation proved that he was a lying all along. and officer things have been cleared of all wrong doing. more than million people watch viral video in many were quick to jump to conclusions. >> boston police internal affairs investigated all summer interview more than half dozen witnesses and a determined officers edward barrett did nothing wrong when achased after pinned down milton gurin a gurin hit the off duty officer's personal car with one with an umbrella. the video narrator says we tackled. victim in and all witnesses clearly say that he, he tripped on his own. he if he & he fell. man who took officer the slammed ur g. gurin's face in pavement twice. we clairely proved in this investigation that did not happen. in another video released by boston police today you can gurin run down boylston treat and officer barrett following
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gurin and his attorney karl williams waited outside police headquarters and williams speaking of his client's behalf said they were surprised police made statements like this. mur mr gurin may pattern of doing this type of activity in past. it was a little bit shocking to us. that it sound like witch trial. would have been a felony can car window was damaged with officer barrett chased of a gurin police call it complete and thorough investigation believes internal affairs come came to right conclude. if someone commits crime i expect my officers to act. no crime it was very clear no crime was committed >> officer barrett remained on job he was never suspended or disciplined now he has been cleared the statute us will not change within the department. >> latest live from boston police headquarters in roxbury tim caputo, 7 news. following breaking news out charlotte, north carolina right now where protests have erupted
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shooting. police say they shot and killed a person carrying a gun earlier this afternoon. and soon after many protests like these hit the streets. here live protests and you can see they continue at this hour. a lot of questions about what really happened. responders are still there investigating just that. police say they were searching for a person with an outstanding warrant when a man got out of his car with a weapon. you can see there's a lot of interaction between police and protesters here father was unarmed and was shot after being tased by police. we have no word whether the man was person police were looking to find. we will continue to follow it. now at 11, a motive mystery. it's very early on in the investigation. the red flag. raised years before a terror take down. so the father of that suspect says he told police about his son. claiming he was terrorist. he later recanted that
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troubling charges in a federal court including use of a weapon of mass destruction and bombing. dan hausle live in new york city with the latest on the investigation. dan. >> we're learning more about suspected bombers call to the f.b.i. and the suspect bomber's motives from writing that is police found on him and their shoot out when they arrested him. new york staying vigilant a suspicious package at the attention before police finally decide it's safe. >> from court papers just filed charging ahmed rahami with a new york bombing we now know police arrested him after shoot out found a bullet pierced journal on him. filled with anti american sentiments. hours earlier rahami's father confirmed he talked in past with the f.b.i. >> two years ago what due atell them? >> i told them. >> in 2014 after rahami traveled
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home for a domestic dispute where rahami stabbed his brother in the leg and a neighbor heard his father yelling you're terrorist. his father later told the f.b.i. he was just angry and had no reason to think his son was a terrorist. >> the f.b.i.'s extensive investigation into his activities at this time did not indicate any radicalization or intent to commit nefarious activities. a new yorking mayor giving a touring bombing sight jay johnson wouldn't an my q about father's warn to f.b.i. someone miss a chance to get this guy homeland security johnson also brushing off questions speaking only to praise investigators who caught rahami so quickly. this was terrific police and investigative work. counsel man who handle handle this is neighborhood knew about father's call is shocking upsetting. is that concerning to you if those were mistakes those need to be fix prosecutor say rahami complained about u.s. killing
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rahami hoped that the sounds of bombs would be heard in the streets. >> and tonight we're hearing for first time from one the two officers injured in terror take down of rahami. this guy who injured by shrapnel in that shoot out, he was hospitalized he's out now and doing okay. i appreciate your an overwomening concern i got shot in head i'm glad to be ali glad to be home. i appreciate all of your i spoke to president, director of f.b.i. ares everybody's concern is overwhelming to me. and investigators are still trying to talk to accused bomber in the hospital. and investigators who is familiar with that attempt to conversation says it's not going well. he's not talking. we're live in new york, dan hausle, 7 news night team. stay with seven for continuing coverage of the terror take down. you can always get the latest
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also on our website, we are down to the final 49 days before the presidential election. and donald trump and his son facing scrutiny tonight while hillary clinton pulls ahead in one latest poll. ryan schulteis is in our control room. kim, tonight officials are investigating payments trump's foundation made and his son also now facing backlash after tweet he send out about skittles. >> tonight there are more questions about several donations from foundation. today new york attorney general a democrat confirming he's looking into whether trump maid paid his own legal settlements with money from is his own charity. folk payments like $100,000 trump gave to rhett advance group a legal dispute a chuck cut not from business or personality account but charitable foundation. clearly uniethical to use charitable dollars to pay for expenses that one out taught paying for out of their own pocket. trump campaign not commenting as
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immigration. immigration security is national security. now his son donald trump jr. is under fire for tweeting this picture of bowl of skittles comparing them to syrian refugees. if we had a bowl of skittles on this table three thousand in there were poisonous. would you take from poll bowl? you wouldn't until you you could figure out what ones or bad. parent skew of a skittles are say skittles are canned and refugees people. a new nbc news showing a hillary clinton still as lead over donald trump 50 to 45 percent. what could be more bad news from trump niece of president john f. kennedy former president george h.w. bush already voting for hilary clinton instead of donald trump. a spokesperson for bush did not confirm or deny the story. >> hillary clinton was not campaigning today and said she was huddling with her national security team. in control room ryan schulteis. ceo of wells fargo bank grilled
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massachusetts senator elizabeth warren after he profited from banks's fraudulent practices. >> you squeezed your employees to the breaking point so they would cheat customers and you could drive up the value of your stock and hut punsz of hill i don't understand of dollars in your own pocket. >> workers at the bank opened more two million fake accounts reportedly to boost its sales figures. wells far fargo fired more than 5,00em and senator warren is nowcally for his resignation. there criminal investigation under way. patriots might electric to resort to a back up to their back up plan. right now it's arrays against the clock trying to get jimmy g back on field. in the meantime, the rookies and spotlight and ready for whatever gets thrown at him. sports director joe amorosino and our newsroom to breakdown what's ahead for pats. bill belichick not giving any hints awe may suspect leading to game as to who is quarterback
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we might have our answer here joe cobb brissette was out there full participant while jimmy garoppolo was limited in session without pads. jacoby brissette only quarterback on the field at the start of today's patriots walkthrough. jimmy garoppolo arrived after the media portion of practice. and was listed a limited with his shoulder injury. >> when asked about his quarterback situation, bill belichick offered an great answer. >> i'm football coach. not a doctor. medical staff is medical staff. i coached the team, medical people handle the injuries. they don't call plays, i don't do surgery. we've a great deal there works out good. >> brissette maybe a rookie with just two plus quarters of nfl experience. but he seems to understand the patriot way when it comes to answering questions.
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he'll start or not. >> it's been learning process since i've got here he will continue to throughout my career. you know just taking rob gronkowski's status is up in air as well saying his hamstring is feeling better it will be a coach's decision on thursday night. >> if gronk is out there, with brissette as quarterback he seems okay with it. he's great dude. great player. and ever since he's been here andro that's all you can answer patriots certainly preparing for possibility of not having garoppolo available. even as back up. espn reporting patriots worked quarter bach t j yates and sean ren free and did not sign either one of them reporting live in newsroom joe amorosino. >> up next tonight at trans-atlantic call for help. how one woman's mistake in england made for whole lot of confusion a lot closer to home.
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and last full day of summer features warm temperatures. forecast for fall up next. we continue to watch breaking news right now two-year-old hit by a car in brockton. a little boy neighbors say child was rushed to the hospital. >> and then charlotte, north carolina protests have erupted tonight after a deadly police involved shooting. police say they shot and killed a person carrying a gun earlier this afternoon live picture protester tonight are still on the treats of charlotte. we'll have more. technology is useful. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting. just another thing to make buying a car better for you... reads this tweet that i just posted. oh, that appears to be trending.
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now from the night team, born stable police. long distance mix up. where are you exactly? calling in overseas emergency. the white line. i'm hit the car. until police said hold the
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the woman meant to call barnstable with p not a b he she barnstable police with b here in massachusetts. let's head to cape for the story. nick emmons life in barnstable. yeah officer that took that call, pretty popular guy now he had an interview with bbc emergency room yerl today and he sat down with us to talk about very unique phone call. barnstable police. now an experience barnstable police officer mark mcwilliams will never forget. not like a typical call a woman with british accent we get lot of tourism here that woman was reporting a minor car crash in barnstable. but when officer mcwilliams asked for more information, it turned into something out of abbott costello routine.
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muddy ford? i'm not familiar with muddy ford. yeast the barnstable and between barnstable and where in. caller was some 3,000 miles away in england. towned muddy ford not far from a barnstable with a p. you've called barnstable police department. yes. in massachusetts. massachusetts? >> mcwilliams says people the cape. this two towns, east of us. but he's never got a call from the wrong country. where exactly are you daleying from in engrand. >> yeah. oddly enough potty towns have convection connection but obviously mcwilliams couldn't help with this six hour response time. beboth got good laugh out of it. i'm sorry. go on now. oh never mind.
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okay. bye-bye. >> all right so apparently that woman used a digital assistant on her cell phone and said call barnstable police obviously it got hurt the wrong police station. latest live sky 17h d over boston harbor in fog this afternoon. that's graves light station. sitting on island in had had are bore for while only visible from sky. just the point until to clear. you might be feeling foggy. almost technically to fall heath humidity like hot muggy day. it really is speaking fog we have a little bit forming down through south shore cranberry boggs south coast as well islands. early morning commuter patchy fog because because of dew points. mitt summer dew points. up. cooler ocean water.
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but there is some dryer air on maps this evening across northern new england as well western new york state thaws on move it will take some time especially midday tomorrow. not nearly humid with dew point temperatures tomorrow and hurries running in 40s even though air temperatures will be way above. heading for low 80s in next few days. hyannis port moving on to great lakes states shove cloudiness we have as well cool front away from new england. 60s and 70s 72. bedford at 66. for tonight mostly clear skies continuing to clear out along south coast with humidity right now patchy fog 58 to 66. early tomorrow morning before 7:00. some humidity out there. overall, less humid day. lots of sunshine still a warm day normal high about 71. low 80s tomorrow. thursday, fall arrives in morning. 10:21 with lots of sunshine. but even warmer than tomorrow
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thursday mid 80s dry heat and dry air. warms up fast but it okays off fast as well patriots and texans tailgating down in gillette near 80. kikt off 8:this great evening with most clear skies upper 60s and low 70s. friday also a warm day. near 80. and then we get real shot of cool canadian air that comes sweeping into southern new england. and i mean even at the coastline even in boston temperatures on sunday morning boun into 40s. wow. thank you, jr 2 holly road hae weights splitting up we're talking about angelina jolie and brad pity ending their mainlying after 12 years together rocking entertainment world. jolie's attorney filed divorce papers monday cite irrelevant reconcilable differences. couple known brangelina have six children. jolie's father after actor john
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family. i wish the best jolie seeking full custody of all six children who she wants pitt to get a recitation rights. we are less 24 hours away from game with texans. joe but quarterback is big question. it feels like less than 24 hours. we got a little more time to go here. we will play on thursday night. but i know what you're saying right now adam i'm feeling it coming on myself. as for red sox, they just keep on coming runs in his final season and
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and now if i am for seven sports with joe amorosino. patriots with one mr day to prepare for at houston texans they are moving ford with jacoby brissette with at there are starting quarterback jimmy garoppolo is recovering strained a c joint virtually no way he will be ready after suffering that injury on sunday night. >> brissette only quarterback
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missing during media portion arrived later cyclist ad limited. according to espn adam team worked out quarterback t j yates and sean ren free. but have not signed either one of them yet. all right. first place red sox riding high with 11 games to go on in regular season. and with win over baltimore tonight sox are now faisel abdi ibrahim games up on orioles and 4 and a half games up on blue jays. who are playing a late night game out in seattle tonight. >> mookie bets hitting camden yards this season and he continues to make it his own personal playground. top of third bets two 00th hit season piers player in majors to reach that milestone and mrirs first red sox player since john pesky to record 200 hits in season before age of 24. bets 3 for 5 on night. top of the fourth jackie bradley, jr. doubling red sox lead with one swing his 26ly
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last time eduardo was in baltimore he tossed a 4 hit no hit inning he came out four no hit inning before leaving with hamstring injury. tonight, through 4 and third without a hit until this, the rookie trey brakes up no hit bid with solo homerun. his first career hit. that made it two-one. he goesics and third giving two runs and four hits striking out 7 to seventh. david ortiz. breaks this game wide open. launching a 3-run shot to the 36 homerun of the year. the most by any player in their final season. and red sox win their six the straight game 5-2 final dustin pedroia not tonight line up with sore left knee he's getting treatment john farrell says pedroia should be back in line up tomorrow night. that's sports. >> i thought we were 24 hours away from big game. >> because i got that new upgrade on iphone calculator isn't working.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mark wahlberg. sofia vergara.
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 537! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, looking good! looking good out there. hot crowd! hot crowd tonight! [ cheers and applause ] welcome. welcome, everybody, to "the tonight show." this is it. thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] you made it. you're here.


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