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tv   Today  NBC  September 21, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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making. we're happy you guys are here. >> excited. >> yeah. okay. what's the story that's going to wloe our minds? >> oh, yeah. with, there's a c nshs aing pore named bill grifeth. he did one of those dna tests that you guys have heard about. anyway, the results were surprising and shocking, and he is going to tell us all about that. he put it into a book. >> elvis duran has chosen the griswolds, and we'll talk about them, and they have a big announcement that they're going to make with us. >> look at -- it's a very big day. there's something brand new called the grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza. >> can you say that again? >> the grilled cheese stuffed crust pizza. >> so it's like -- >> i have already gotten into it. >> it's like a little grilled
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when i have pizza, this is what i do. i just -- i say, well, i'm going to be good. i'm just going to take the cheese off the top and not eat the bread. >> now what they have done to you? >> i thought what do you mean the kmeez is in the bread? if you take the crust off -- >> cheddar cheese and mozzarella. it comes with one sounds good? >> sounds good to me. >> mismy piece? >> bring some over. >> it's really good. it's 340 calories a slice. >> 15 grams of fat. >> i wish they wouldn't tell you how many -- the calories you can
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the -- >> you have only eaten a few bites. you've had 100 calories. >> here's the problem. when it's that good, you want to finish it. >> it's limited time only. go get your pizza. >> on your iphone that you have now, there is a new update or somehow you update your phone. i hit that one, and then along with that you get this, an i message sticker app. you can add little stickers to decorate your business. here's an easy way to lose your friends. they explain how the use of stickers and then directed people to -- >> 7. >> in that step -- look what you see? ut drinking wine. all over your text messages. why would that lose you friends? >> i think it would make you friends. >> i think it would make you
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>> so there -- jezebel. >> if nobody knows, jezebel was a most evil queen, most evil woman in the entire bible. maybe why they named the site after -- so look at jezebel -- >> jezebel. >> never changes! >> i hope you guys stayed up for "the voice" last night, because i think this season of "the voice," the 11th season is the best they've ever had. t you love the combination of the different judges. >> miley cyrus and alicia keys. >> one of the sweetest women. >> amazing. she exudes it. so many great moments. we picked one. a 17-year-old quartine ramirez from texas. her audition, take a look. >> my parents, they work a lot, they do, and they very much inspire me. >> i'm a u.p.s. driver, doing it 25 years. i don't mind working hard,
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if a chair does turn, i'm still going to be just as proud. >> thank you, dad. >> my dad has sacrificed so much. some nights he's been having to work a different job ubering and it hurts a lot, because he needs to work extra, like, to let his baby girl do what she wants to do. ? something's going down ? like the storm in the sky ? ooh-ooh ? yeah ? she got the smile, she got the style ? >> this crazy rain and swaggy walk, which i love. like a rocker vibe, because i'm not always in my flowers. i can go there. >> genrewise, what's your
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>> who cares about genre. thank god he didn't turn around. would ruin everything. >> your voice was an immediate personality. it woke me up. it was alive. it was, like, not bashful. it was amazing. >> who do you think she chose? >> well, i know. who do you think? >> i think alicia. >> take a look. >> miley. >> think a moment and then, boom, just say it. >> i pick -- miley. >> yeah! yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> by the way, yeah. >> probably right. >> a good choice for her. young like her and, not that alicia's old. >> i have to tell you, alicia cleaned up. you know who's kind of getting stomped a little this season already? adam. >> hmm. "people" magazine cover, most sexiest man. wow. anyway --
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lonely sexy man. [ laughter ] >> have you guys ever been lonely? >> never. in stereo, baby. >> we have to -- i saw this in the paper this morning and went, oh, my gosh. our pal bette midler is haven't even come to broadway but already made broadway history. march 2017 in "hello dolly" playing dolly levi. david pierce playing opposite. tickets went on sale this past sales in all of broadway history. $9 million in ticket sales. >> in all of broadway history? >> in all of broadway history, and that's a long time. so congratulations. that combination's going to be amazing. bette and -- >> terrific. >> i'm looking forward to that. that's great. >> so did you think -- what is
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were you made to write -- guys, were you made to write, just because we love going to you -- were you made to write thank you notes by your mother when you were children? >> yeah. >> always, yeah. >> yes. >> we did. >> i understand -- >> the one on the right -- no idea what the one on the left -- >> i have no idea what they said. what did they say? >> they're twins. came from the same place, but i think one from italy the other from yugoslavia. i don't know. someplace else. we're going to gethe yes? >> yes. >> maybe. >> what's the other one saying? >> ma-be. elle macpherson, beautiful, the body, told an australian television show she has strict rules an thank you notes, sons 18 and 13, hard to get them to do anything at 18 and 13 and says if they don't write a thank you note within 24 hours of receiving a gift it's confiscated and donated to charity, a great idea.
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always, always, but in today's world, it's usually -- an e-mail a call, and often cass would write the notes but cody's -- cody's like the brother on the left. you can't understand a word he writes, when he writes them. i said, cody, you just e-mail or call. most people would love to have a call, anyway. you know? but i've been a maniac about it. >> by the way, and anyone who gives kathie lee a gift knows that if you give kathie lee a gift on monday, on tuesday you will have a thank you note. >> i try. i am not always best at it, but i try. i just think if somebody goes, you know, to the trouble, you want them, the least you can do, say -- i heard there's an old thing, this kind of makes sense. if you open the gift in their presence and you thank them then, they say then you don't need to write a note as well. what do you guys think? >> the one on the right? [ laughter ] >> i think people --
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>> i think they're saying, yes. i don't know. but i can't wait to go over and interview them in detail. how cnbc anchor bill griffeth discovered a shocking family secret. the six words that literally changed his life forever. >> plus heading into the kitchen for double pleasure with the alberti twins and their five ingredient pasta dinner. right? >> yeah, right. man, my are killin' me.
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>>ist a long-time anchor. when a relative asked him on the inside of his cheek, bill's life was turned upside down. >> was it ever where, that dna test revealed a long buried family secret. in his new memoir "the stranger in my genes" bill writes about the lightning bolt that struck four years ago. take a look. >> my cousin doug used dna tests to find relatives that we didn't know about. i had finally submit add sample two months earlier and the results were in.
2:21 am
your father was not your father. my body responded before my brain could. i experienced a strange sensation of floating, and i could no longer feel the chair i was sitting in, or the blackberry i was holding. my breathing became labored and shallow and i heard a roaring in my ears like ocean waves crashing off in the distance. time stopped. it was as if a movie director had yelled, "cut!" >> wow. >> i'm reliving it again all of a sudden here. it's crazy. >> your reaction must have been like, there must be something wrong here? this cannot be right? >> well, i went through all the stages of grief as we all know. >> you loved your father. the one you thought was your father. >> absolutely. right? i grew up believing he's my father. right? we all do that. there was denial. then there was depression. then there was real anger, but i'm in acceptance now. this was four years ago. i'm caught up. you guys have to catch up with me now.
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right? >> i think people are either excited to find out something they don't know or they're dreading it. >> yeah. >> you know? we don't want our fairy tales worlds, if we've come from one, to be upset at all. >> what made you, you talked about your brother, but you liked your life. you loved your parents. like, why do it? >> i'm into genealogy. i'm on the board of the new england historic genealogical society up in boston. been doing this a long time. my cousin also into it, but he got into science. you can use dna to find cousins you don't already know about. so he asked me to take a test to figure out the differences in our genes, and i said, okay. whatever. this is your thing. take care of it. but lo and behold, it comes back, and i'm not who i thought i was. >> and when you found this out, you realized that your biological father had passed, right? >> he has passed. >> did you -- you never knew him? >> no. never met him. i went, i visited his grave. and that was a very emotional time for me, because i realized
2:23 am
he and i were on the earth 40 years. >> together. >> together, wow. >> and he's gone now. >> the big question to me. so you find out the information. your mom is elderly. you have this knowledge. >> yep. >> there must have been a debate in your head. should i bring this up to mom or maybe could this be a mistake? >> the only way i was going to figure out what the deal was, and there's mom there. she's 98 years young today. >> oh, bless her heart. >> i got to tell you, it was a i had to ask her. in order to get answers. that was the only way i was going to get this. >> what did you say? >> you haven't lived until your 94-year-old mother confesses to a fling. >> just a young teenager? >> she was a little older than that. i'm the youngest of five. my four siblings are much older than i. the whole family in 1961, me on
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look at the rest of the family. i'm the standout there. >> when you told her, she immediately said i have to tell you something. >> immediately she said, i made a mistake which wen i was younger, and i'm it. okay? >> but you're not a mistake. >> of course. >> and she made a mistake that ended up being a blessing. >> absolutely. i say in the book, as troubled as i was to find out the circumstances of my birth, i'm also eternally grateful, because if it hadn't happened i wouldn't be sitting here today. >> and dna a is so important, too. looking at it, like health problems. things like that. we need to know wher'v from biologically. >> really, that's the reason i want to continue to pursue this now, for my kids. so we know what our health issues may be down the road. half of my dna is a total blank now. >> i'm thinking of doing it, hoda. always a question where my father's family really came from, how much native american we are, on his mother's side, and if -- if, what's his face? um -- oh! the guy who wrote "if," the
2:25 am
rupert -- ah. i'll think of it. >> you know, him. >> yeah. supposedly descendants from somebody very, very famous, who i can't remember. >> you're very, very famous, kath. >> i don't believe it but i'd like to find out if it's true. fantastically interesting, bill. thank you so much. >> it's rub your -- >> okay. we can all relax. we got it. >> all right. coming up, pizza. >> elvis duran is here with not one but four artists of the month. >> the awesome aussies. the griswolds will have you singing out of your head, right after this. ching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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oh when it comes to finding
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elvis duran? >> no one. >> exactly. >> exactly! he scours the globe to find his artist of the month. this time his journey took him all the way to australia. better known at the rockers the griswolds. >> with a single out of my head first popped up, racked up more than a half million spotify streams and they'll sing for us in a little bit. first, we would like to know, elvis, how did you find these boys? >> now, look, sometimes we go down under. you know what i'm saying? >> some of us more often than others. >> what's a whole other hour. we need another hour for the "today" show. they hit so hard in australia, now i see them bubbling, simmering here in the states. they sold out a show in brooklyn last night. in richmond tomorrow. everyone who hears their music loves their music.
2:30 am
even know who we are. >> we'll always have time for you. >> second album hopefully out by the end of the year and now going to announce the name. >> excited to announce the name. calmed "high times for low lives." >> wait, what is it? "high times for low lives." >> that's like a merle haggard song. >> do you even know who merle haggard was? >> say, yes. >> big in australia. your concert in brooklyn was one what was it about that? >> a real intimate show and the fans sang every single lyrics. it just felt like, you know, a band playing a show to family. like, it was crazy. it cass cool. >> how did you all meet? >> we all met on tinder. >> you said it's a small musical world, in sydney.
2:31 am
>> i think drinking had something to do with it. like you guys met. >> what? >> oh, no. that came later. >> tell the story. >> me and dan met at a party, like, back in the day, probably around four years ago, and we'd all played in bands in sydney but dan played a riff. let's start a band together. >> that was it. hell yeah. that was it. >> where did these two guys come from? >> they're the other guys. >> yeah. >> that's it. >> some of the out of focus guys. >> you'll sing in a little bit. elvis we love ya, baby. love you. two italian stallions waiting to cook up -- >> your local news, hoda, you have to wait. >> don't embarrass yourself!
2:32 am
2:33 am
okay. it's booze day, tuesday, everyone. hoping to make your busy nights a little less hectic with five ingredient dinners. today's food team called in twin
2:34 am
giovanni, better! >> antonio and -- >> yes, creators of the blog, the and today making a pasta that is -- >> all: twintastical! >> that's got joann written all over it. >> it does. >> where you from originally? >> tuscan, an italian family. >> love tuscany. that's influenced your cooking >> italians yourselves. >> and to traditional italian food. >> see what i mean? i understand every word you say, but i'm watching your lips move -- >> i'll talk for him. >> just watch the lips. >> there you go. >> i'm not -- >> yes, i am sure. >> so just a few ingredients. right? >> only five ingredients. we've got the [ inaudible ] sage, garlic, double cream and -- italian sausage. >> you know the italian sausage are bigger than in --
2:35 am
>> okay. >> the best to you. >> so slice the sausages, pull out the actual sausage and fry them off. >> making mini meatballs? >> yes, mini meatballs. >> those are cute. >> so slice them up, through the middle, and they cook better they way. >> take the skin off. >> yes, take the skin off. >> whatever size you want. >> okay. whatever size you want. >> the garlic. >> garlic, 30 seconds. >> until golden. then double cream. >> double cream. >> double cream. >> oh!
2:36 am
>> i have a question. what is double cream? never heard of it. >> it's thick. >> heavy. >> you call it heavy cream. >> that's heavier than heavy. >> the heaviest cream i've seen in my life. >> okay. where did they get this from? mix about five minutes. let it simmer. added sage. >> the sage, the sage. >> this has an earthy texture. >> yeah. >> goes well in the sausage. >> and you already did that? >> already did the garlic. >> okay.
2:37 am
>> did a terrible job of mixing i. didn't mix well. that looks awful. it looks like hoda did it. it's awful. >> you can fix it up. and use this sauce into the sausage and mix that together. >> okay. >> and then mix that in. >> okay. what else? do you add the garlic and the -- >> all the same stuff. >> yeah. >> okay. what are we simmering here? >> finishing it. giving it delicacy on top. make it look pretty. >> okay. >> the feel of -- >> sage leaves and -- >> sage leaves? >> sage leaves. >> they've never been happier. now what do we do? >> season with salt and pepper. >> we're going to eat it? >> yeah. >> come on, let's do it. come on, boys. >> okay. >> try this one first, hoda. >> the pasta -- >> and the sauce. >> always, always add sauce, mix it in. >> holds the sausage better. >> oh, that type of pasta, and then our finished pieces. we have this and -- with italian sausage and -- >> so happy! >> actually that's italian sausage. >> okay. >> and always -- >> trying to get a bite of it. okay. here we go. >> i can't -- >> got it. good? >> italian sausage. how's the italian sausage today? good. >> hmm! hmm. >> what about that one? >> that's the cream. >> kath, try that one. >> start that, hoda, while tasting. >> hmm. to make these recipes at home go to you can't get enough of john and tony --
2:38 am
>> they have a youtube channel. >> alberti twins. it will be all over the place. >> what did he say? >> coming up, okay, you got kids and you got homework. what you should and shouldn't be doing for them when it comes to schoolwork. all coming up right after this. >> delicious! >> delicious! from the first moment you met and all you wanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness and premium protection mom: ?oh hi baby? so all they feel is love wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers hey, it's the phillips' lady! there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber.
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it's one of the most essential and most dreaded parts of the day for kids and parents. homework. >> i don't know how essential it is. a question about that. the average first grader spends 28 minutes on homework every night. nearly three times what education experts recommend at
2:42 am
here with advice to help you and your kids is senior lifestyle editor for "parents "magazine". >> all: jessica hartseen. >> i'm here so you don't spend so much of your evening time. >> you want kids to take control of when they start and finish homework. what age? >> from the beginning. you don't want to be apping all night when will you do your homework? after dinner, after i bounce my basketball. take time and hold them to t. stick to it. >> only ten minutes per grade. which mean as second grader 20 minutes, third grader, 30 minutes. sixth grader up to an hour. not saying that's how it works out in real life t. is sadly. >> as a guideline, you'll know if they have an hour of homework and 8:00 might be too late to start. >> i think it is. kids don't get enough sleep. they start their day too early. >> finish your homework do whatever you want. >> some kids just need to work some stuff out before they sit
2:43 am
second tip, mentor them, not correct them. this is hard, we're all a bit control freaks. >> we know they'll get graded. >> sometimes the teachers need to know when their struggling from looking at the homework. >> i get it. >> oh, my kid won't get into harvard. >> sometimes let them try, circle it for the teacher, they're not getting it. you're not there to give the answers. >> why are you flagging for the teacher? >> last night doing lowest common denominators, my son didn't get it. i could have taught my son lowest common denominator. more beneficial to let the teacher know, my kid doesn't get it. >> if they don't do it right, won't the teacher know? >> i flag it just in case they're checking it off. they saw he worked on it. i need them to also see that he is not getting the answer. >> without doing it for him. so our parents magazine author
2:44 am
questions a night. they're allowed to ask her three questions a night. like the value of her time, you don't ask me for help with every single thing. like you get three. >> that's smart. >> and then kids will really think before they ask for help. >> pick their fights? >> right. maybe they'll work on it for five minutes and realize they don't need your help. when they do, they'll call you over. >> of course you can google or look in their textbook or start a conversation with them. where you want to be careful about what you're talking about with them when talking about homework and what you're saying. you don't want to be like, hey, i looked it up. the answer's 38. right? >> right. >> maybe -- maybe try a couple more times. you know? thinking of, take it one step at a time. let's go through this slowly together, or why don't you add another sentence to this paragraph, you know it's a little lame. so interesting, tell me a little more. you don't give them -- >> set the tone and the way you
2:45 am
>> back to mentoring, supporting rather than get it done so we can all go to bed. >> it's a hard situation. >> it is. a school in orlando had to ban parents turning in their kid's late homework. kids would leave binders at home, here's noah's binder. you can't rescue them every day. part of going to school is learning. >> helicopter parents. cannot bear that. >> the school's going to ban you. >> don't you love that? >> just let your kid bring it in late the next day, get points off and then he'll learn. >> good advice. >> you're terrific. >> we are giving it away. this time we've raised the bar. >> get ready to be shaken and stirred when the griswolds
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. earlier today we met elvis duran's artist of the month. time to hear them sing. >> from down under making a name for themselves in the u.s. what your name, the name of your band again? >> we are called the griswolds. >> why did you pick that name? >> big fans of the national lampoon series. >> which tells you a lot about their wasted youth. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> so you ready? the music will get loud. >> oy. griswolds. >> yeah! >> one -- ? ? don't call my phone 'cause nobody's home ? guess what i want you out of my head, my head ?
2:51 am
you've got your reasons wrong ? you can't complain you can't complain you don't have anyone to blame ? ? i got the message i realize, i realize i didn't read between the lines ? ? since we've been throwing sticks and stones ? there was a time, there was a time, you would forgive me but noth you can't deny, you didn't deny i was the reason we survived ? i hope you understand ? ? so get off the phone 'cause nobody's home ? get off the phone i want you out of my head, my head ?
2:52 am
and when i hear your voice, it reminds me, it reminds me of a perfect summer night we danced to elton john ? and i can't pretend, i can't pretend i never wanted this to work ? i hoped you'd want to stay ? did everything i could don't call my phone because nobody's home ? guess what, i want you out of my head ? my head ? my head, my head, my head ?
2:53 am
? i hope you understand, this wasn't everything that i had planned ? and i hope you understand, don't call my phone ? 'cause nobody's home ? ? it's all your fault i want you out of my head ? my head, my head, my head ? ? whoa ? ? i want you out of my head, my head ? my head, my head ? my head ?
2:54 am
yeah! [ applause ] the griswolds! the griswolds. i love that. i love that. >> great shot, guys. >> we're going to do another song. >> do it. straight up, one of our surprises yet. >> find out if you're a winner. first, this is "today" on nbc. ? approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans
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news. couples news. hope it's not true, but tmz is reporting that angelina has filed for divorce.
2:58 am
>> married in august 2014. been together since 2004. nbc news has not been able to verify this report but i'm sure we will be -- >> surprising to hear that. heard that report, shocking. beautiful kids. >> yeah. spread happiness, okay, for our viewers. five more. >> time to give it away. >> yes. >> next week's prize a gold square bar cart, with a -- >> oh, good. >> something good. >> and somewhere from pier 1 imrt >> $497. >> all right. with this amber luster fleur de lis. create your own look for fall and entertaining. >> who the winners are, hoda, woman. >> very pretty. >> you would like all that i like a that.
2:59 am
>> who is it? >> susan garvey from clarksburg, massachusetts. i like to get -- >> don't wait. no time, hoda. >> wade in, to get one. >> no. it's already been tumbled. >> i have sandra libbert, or libert from franklin, wisconsin, and i have diane shernowski. >> i love her. >> hoda, stop it. >> getting way under here. >> this one. wait. marcia schmidt from rosalynn, south dakota. we love you. >> marcia, marcia, marcia, and congratulations to our winners. we shred all of these non-winners. got to enter again for next week's prize. complete rules and regulations go to and hit the connect button. >> assume the position. >> okay. >> tomorrow, performance, by one of music's rising stars -- mickey guyton! >> check out the best monthly subscription services. >> don't try this at home. how to balance your professional life.
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