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tv   Today  NBC  September 22, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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we look like we're ready for christmas. >> we didn't know we were going do this. >> because you were doing the first hour and i had to match you. >> you always match me. >> i love to match you. look pretty. sit up. >> sit still. look pretty. i don't think so. >> no. >> okay. the whole nation -- probably the whole world, because they are international. probably the biggest stars in the -- mourning over the breakup a after more than a decade together. heard it yesterday during the show. you hope these things aren't true, but just to weigh in on the court documents, how do they know they're court documents? >> they're in. ask them about things. when someone times abruptly, puts certain things in the documentation, what does that mean? >> we heard rumors about it happening and going on, but we don't know what's true and what isn't.
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on she asked for sole custody, said he should have visitation. we'll see how that -- >> sends up a flag. seems this was awfully, almost something facilitated it. >> loved parenting those children so much. you would think the natural thing, each have, share -- >> how weird it was. when we learned about it yesterday, i was surprised how, like, personally upset or moved i was from -- i don't know them, but it's -- >> sad, yes. >> funny how people you don't know, there's a breakup and suddenly you feel it. and i was kind of thinking about the only other time i ever felt something when a celebrity was going through something when tiger woods cheated on his wife and it made me so mad. every woman ever cheated on wanted to kill tiger woods.
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>> something about taking it out on the other person. i wondered if this breakup what seemed to be a perfect couple -- >> not perfect. >> well, not perfect. seemed they found their way. >> and the breast cancer scares, reconstruction, everything else, and then you thought, that has so solidified -- >> rock solid. >> now they are rock solid. couldn't go through something like that. from all appearances saying how amazing he was with her through all of that. >> you always wonder what the bl because you never know. so -- >> we have a good idea here in new york. >> right. but you never know exactly the board placement. >> get right to the point. >> this one had no words. a photo on the "new york post." jennifer aniston in hysterical laughter. and it has the birthday and, in angelina's corner. >> like to think she's not going on that way. gone on, found happiness. >> would you you? maybe a little?
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>> she was so defined by their relationship. people kept saying, poor jennifer, poor jennifer aniston and probably happy with her life but imagine you're always being compared, and they're doing all of this work for the world and, anyway -- maybe she is a little -- >> i've lived a lot longer than you, hoda, and probably most people watching, but this just so reminds me of elizabeth taylor and richard burton. they got back together -- twice they were married, right? >> what did it feel like? >> they broke up a lot in between -- just, everybody -- it's not that people were mourning. so invested. my theory on these things is that those two were exactly like angelina and brad in that they were the biggest movie stars in the world. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> everything was heightened. you could just imagine that their sex life was off the charts. their homes were off the charts. >> yes! >> and they had a lot of kids, too, between them, and with brad
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them in the papers, almost every day. they had their brood and were in -- they weren't in different towns. in different countries. sometime as whole world apart. >> yes, yeah. >> so everything was heightened, and we sort of live vicariously. think about it. watched them in the news four days, in six countries, whatever. you're still sitting there in your same housecoat and have barely gone to the market. >> yeah. and look at their lives. >> look at their lives. seems impossibly disproportionate to yours. does that make any sense? >> yes. >> look at that chateau in france. every time i see that picture, it just looks like heaven. >> it does. it's need to see a couple like them, so purposeful. the other thing. they were always -- it's like always doing good. they went to u.n. things. you saw -- >> homes in new orleans. >> you saw them on red carpets but always saw them in other places and whenever they were on
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use that to promote the thing that they were doing that was, you know, doing good, somewhere else in the world. >> yeah. we just saw a scene of them arriving for the oscars and i was there with al. >> with al. >> and very smart. because they show up like right as the doors are closing. >> they do? >> and brad was very sweet. holding on to angelina. please, come say hello, and he goes, closing the doors. sorry. so you didn't feel like -- >> sweet. they weren't dissing. >> i'm sad about it, because i hate when any marriage breaks up and hate to see a family -- so, you know what? i've seen healing in relationships you thought had no chance. if both people want it to heal it can. i know that. >> yeah, yeah. well, adele was performing. happened to be in new york city last night and she dedicated her concert to them. tmz had video from last night, and she said she didn't know them, but the news did make her sad. take a look. >> and private.
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tonight to them. it's really sad. genuinely -- i never met at all. i'm shocked. wrote up a line. [ inaudible ]. >> again, we don't know what to believe is true. >> but i think adele's feelings. >> i didn't hardly understand her. i'm sorry. like the chefs. >> i had my hearing checked and my doctor said i i don't think he's right. because apparently -- weren't those the cutest guys yesterday? >> i loved the chefs yesterday. >> but a lot of people were feeling which is the whole, like, i didn't know them, but why am i so hurt? that kind of thing. >> you're my interpreter. >> would you like some -- ready? a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. by coco chanel. >> coco didn't she wear her hair the exact same way? >> never changed. >> why don't you cut your hair
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>> what did you say? >> every time i cut my hair historically, i've hated it. we're not doing it. >> and my husband hated it when i cut my hair. >> so, there. >> that should be a person's choice. a different hair-style is the same thing. >> a country music mashup. the biggest acts in country 30 singers, carrie underwood, ronnie milsap, darius rucker, trisha yearwood, all of them. took three hits, country hits. >> major, major. >> dolly parton's "i will always love you" john denver's "country roads" and willie nelson's "on the road again." >> here's the mashup. take me home country roads and
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always i just can't wait to get on the road again country roads making music country roads can't believe country roads. ? ? i will always love you ? [ applause ] >> no. i was like, standing ovation! >> oh! >> and that's so fabulous. we were just saying yesterday, dolly's having the best year of her life. >> i have to catch my breath after that. >> that was -- awesome! >> i wondered how many takes, probably one? >> can we lose one of our segments?
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celebration of the 50th -- there for the first one. anniversary of the annual cma awards. i was! [ laughter ] i was doing hee-haw honeys back then. yes, i was. pretty much. it was 1977. how far back is that? >> wait -- you would have been 13 years old. >> okay. but i was close. >> did you not love that song? >> oh i loved the whole thing. fantastic. >> and we love them. >> i know. >> we just want to live here for a minute. >> hoda really does. i'm going later and enjoy it in the privacy of my own home, if you know what i'm saying. what is your happiest ever song, hoda? >> i don't know if ever. i change my week positive week. when a song turns me on it excites me. >> should we do a wine bottle -- >> we can do it. >> it's not time. >> we can do it. >> my, i heard recently, meghan trainor who i cannot get enough of.
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i want to be me i'd want to be me, too i'd want to be me too if i was you i'd wanna be anything meghan trainor sings makes me so happy. kathie lee, that's for me. >> mine is -- ? i'm on the top of the world looking down on creation ? ? and the only explanation i can find ? >> sing it, karen carpenter! ? is the love that i found ever since you've been around ? ? your love put me at the top of the world ? >> all right. after that -- klg. all the old people are going to vote for me, and all the children who are in school are going to vote for hoda. ? if i were you i'd wanna be me, too, i'd wanna be me, too ? >> and mine is -- i'm on the top of the world looking down on creation it's the only >> it's not even a question!
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>> angelina and brad pitt. six kids, philanthropic ideals. >> calling it quits. >> just weeks after their second wedding anniversary angelina jolie filed for divorce from husband brad pitt citing irreconcilable differences. >> do you think we'll have a happy ending. >> speculation began more than a decade ago when the pair met on the action film set of "mr. and mrs. smith" at the time pitt was married to jennifer aniston and angelina a single mother. sparks continue to fly on the set of the film with aniston filing for divorce from pitt in march 2005. that same year jolie adopted
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escape the camera's eye were coined brangelina. in 2006 they welcomed their first biological child, a daughter named shiloh. almost a year later brad and angie brought home song pax from vietnam followed by the birth of their biological twins max and vivien in 2008. during their relationship, the two shared a passion for humanitarian causes and philanthropic causes including work with the u.n. and pitt's effort to rebuild new orleans after hurricane katrina. and in 2012, the one time mr. and mrs. smith announced engagement. a year later pitt at joel ip side through a series of preventative surgeries after discovering she carries the brca gene. then in 2014 in front of just 14 people including their children they made it official married at their estate. just last year tom brokaw sat down with the couple, after they directed a film about a couple's last-ditch effort to save their
2:24 am
a case perhaps of art imitating life. >> we've lived three it all with them. certainly not in the room, and here with us to break down what happened is -- >> yeah, between these two and the rest of us, dan wakeford, "people" magazine deputy eder and managing director and dr. psychiatrist and marriage counselor an m camp. hi. >> good to see you. >> fair to say nobody saw it coming? it certainly shocked us. >> the viewers didn't see it coming. the couple obviously knew it was coming. brad wasn't prepared for the announcement. actually hoping they would do this in a different way, perhaps in the same way as gwen and chris. unconscious coupling, as such and work together on the announcement so --
2:25 am
it says i'm very saddened by this, but what matters most now is how, the well-being of our kids. so what's the latest you have on the breakup? >> brad's sources are saying that he hoped they could have worked on this together and to have prepared the kids. instead angelina went ahead and filed. >> makes it public immediately. >> right. make us think about custody. the other thing everyone's talking about. >> ordinarily a couple gets together, particularly a couple in the spotlight, and issues a joint statement by checking one box, the box that said, i want sole physical custody of my kids angelina jolie turned this into an object of fascination for lawyers. >> why? >> she's asking for primary custody. not saying, brad can never see the kids. no judge would allow that, but but saying i'm not interested in sharing and it suggests, doesn't guarantee that there might be a fight over the kids ahead.
2:26 am
>> not good for anybody. have visitation, right? >> certainly visitation. >> can't live with him? >> live with her. >> they said they'll put in the kids in there and brad's sources saying very likely to be amicable and sort this out behind the scenes and it won't likely go to court. >> one of the papers saying together many years, finally got married, i think a couple years ago we said, how does that play into it? >> you know, normally if you've been together a long time and you've had the cohabitation situation, then there's this no buyer's remorse when you're married. you know what you're getting. if you haven't, oh, a new person and this new role. i'm no longer your boyfriend or man. now your husband. what does that mean? >> solidifies a relationship -- >> not sure about the role. places extra pressure on you. living in a fishbowl like they were, a lot of pressure. >> absolutely. sources say angelina changed since the marriage and seemed more troubled and slightly bored. >> you know what divorce lawyers worry about is that -- a couple
2:27 am
because that's what couples care about. any mother and father especially this mother and father, they're humanitarians. they obviously love children. so -- their divorce lawyers are surely counseling, put that heat down to a simmer. work it out behind the scenes. don't get the kids involved. >> weird she filed on -- like -- >> last week, and then all of a sudden on monday, it just seemed very quick. >> abrupt. >> just getting that process started. >> by the way, their oldest son is 15 and in california law he can tell a judge if it comes to this what he wants to do. imagine that added to the fray. >> yeah, well, right now we know basically very little. right? and i'm sure you will be on that. >> well, you've got more, look at "people" on stands friday. a lot of information. >> thank you. thank you so much. all right. it's going to be the best game of "who knew?" >> and rolling stone billboard and spotify called her an artist to watch. >> you'll see why when country music star mickey guyton sings
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you use it every day. let's perfect your punctuation >> get it started. this popular punctuation mark didn't appear on typewriter keyboards until the 1970s. a period, an exclamation mark or a comma? >> what's a typewriter? coming up, a girl play with some of our fans. >> and no time to shop? let the shops come you. >> our girl got the best in fashion and beauty and more,
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we are back on this wines day wednesday and before the break asked this question. >> ready? this popular punctuation mark did not appear on a typewriter keyboard until '70s. a period, exclamation mark or comma? >> i bet exclamation point? >> i bet you're right! speaking of exclamations, isn't it exciting to come home and
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your doorstep? >> jill martin found affordable monthly subscription services. >> she did? >> yes, she did. makeup, school supplies, we love it. >> great to come home a package, open it, it's not medicine. it's fun and happy! >> not a letter from the irs. >> right. not getting audited. things that you love. now you can curate that and they keep coming ot with amazing subscriptions. we thought we'd introduce you to some. this can either be a subscription, meaning get it every month, or you just go on when you want it. >> all of this group of things, right? >> fill out a style quiz. what your lifestyle is like. what you like to wear. your body type and they curate it, style it, to your needs. and everything from clothing, and accessories. >> something you don't love, jill, you can send it back? >> five pieces.
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back. if you buy off five pieces 25% off. >> you don't know what's coming? >> right. >> i love it! i want it. adorable. >> basically $55, depending what it is. >> per item? >> oh, yeah. >> less and more. sometimes you can mix and match. >> okay. >> now, for the men. this is you can request a box at any time. go on, fill out the style quiz, what you're actually going to and they send whatever you need and you can always send it back ngts weekend in montauk. >> you say, i need this. $60 a month and send the exact outfit you need. >> clever. >> for a lot of guys -- >> that's great. >> okay. glossy box. you get a lot of them, aren't actual sizes, even jumbo, groovy, current beauty items. this is $21 a month. you come home.
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for us, the lipstick. for you a little darker. for your mom. >> for your mom! >> and so they send you everything, great for the month. you have a little spa home. that's $29 per month donating a portion to susan g. komen, really nice. you get things to make you feel beautiful. books, everything that you need that a single woman might like. i've ben bn getting these in the mail. nice. little snacks, tote bags, handwritten cards and this i'll use this weekend. a fortune telling box. put it in the bathtub and a fortune on the inside. >> what? i love that. >> swag, back up. something for tweens. this is i be beautiful, $22 a month. what's great about this either as a gift or if you want to get
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everything that's groovy right to your door. you don't have to shop around and another package you can get super current and just add to your wardrobe. hair bands, erasers -- $22 a month. >> that's great. do you have to do it every single month? >> you don't. three months. six months. >> thank you, jill. >> all right. coming up, she toured with brad paisley, performed for president obama. >> country music newest bright star mickey guyton since her
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this saturday is national punctuation day. you do the test, see if you hit the mark. kathie lee is across the street ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right. those who don't get one of her wonderful -- >> everyone has a sign. >> here with me is the president and co-founder of mental floss dotcom, will pierson. ready to play? >> i'm ready. got chill bumps from national punctuation day coming up. >> from columbus, ohio. some call it a hash tag others know when it was known as the pound sign. what is the official name of this symbol? is it crisscrosser, ticktack or octathorp? >> oh, my. [ laughter ] yes. my lifeline. >> it is just an hour show, so if you could move it along it
2:43 am
how about c.? >> how about c.? octathorp. >> she got it. >> bell labs invented this symbol back in the late 1960s with a fancy new touch tone phone looking for a button people could push after done entering their number that was the one. >> that was it. yeah. >> good to know. >> beautiful young lady from san diego. which does not include an "fast & furious," "julia and julia" or "dumb and dumber 2"? >> or something! no. can't change. she said "fast & furious." [ buzzer ] >> yeah. she gets a book. >> correct answer is "dumb and dumber 2." >> masterpiece.
2:44 am
out of the and, the grammar police are after this one as well. even though they know it was intentionally misspelled, the 2 instead of too it's painful to look at. >> ampersand. >> the and sign. yeah. >> thank you for clearing that up. >> and hoda, guess where this lady's from? >> waxberg, virginia. virginia tech! >> which of the following movies does not -- thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. in the netherlands people have nicknamed the "at" symbol what? a cinnamon bun, clown mouth or monkey tail? >> the little monkey tail. >> that's right. >> the netherlands have a symbol? >> not the only one. call it a monkey tail. hungarians call it a worm. kazakhstan a moon's ear. different names for it across the world. >> what do -- what's the
2:45 am
symbol and need something nor creative. >> from chicago a classic 1980 film comedy starring leslie nielsen featured an! ation mark in its title. 9 to 5, caddie shack or airplane? >> okay. i'm going to guess, [ buzzer ] >> the correct answer is -- air airplane. pretty much a direct parody of a movie in 1957 called "zero hour" that had an exclamation point. scene for scene all the characters names, a ted striker. it is worth going back and looking at it. almost exactly scene for scene, plus all the jokes in the movie "airplane." >> had no idea. over to you, kath. >> youngstown, ohio, hello to my roommate from college from youngstown. true or false, a word for an exclamation point and question mark are used together. what is that word? you don't have to say it.
2:46 am
>> true. [ bell ] >> yes! [ applause ] >> we're all feeling very dumb in the studio. so what is the name? >> it's called an interobang. ask a question in an excited way, like, you're pregnant! something like that. >> an interobang. learned a lot. thanks to you, will. kath is coming right back over. you're going to love this young lady. country music's newest sensation, her name, mickey guyton. she'll be live, right after
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi.
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maybe after this she will. once you hear her sing you'll know why. >> nominated for her first academy of country music award for new female vocalist of the year! >> way to go, honey. get this, before she even released any music made her first-ever live appearance at the white house performing in front of the first family. now mickey is poised to become a breakout star with her new single called "heartbreak song." >> we're excited for you. >> how was it singing for the president? >> one of the most nerve-racking moments of my life. out in d.c. four days and i didn't eat four of those four days. i was a nervous wreck. >> i'm sure it went beautifully. >> incredible and michelle obama
2:52 am
name. >> we're like this! >> she is just so gracious, and i mean it was an honor. i'll never forget. >> glad we'll get to hear you sing. >> "heartbreak." >> rock stars behind her! >> i do. >> whew! ? yeah yeah yeah yeah ? ? i heard you told your friends i went through ? ? a break-up funny thing is ? ? it wasn't even about you ? that will make you king ? ? the world ain't revolving around you ? ? i'm in my car ? ? riding around ? ? it's going down ? ? this ain't a game ? ? you don't see me cryin ? ? i ain't going to hit you with a
2:53 am
? ? give be a single word will be heard ? ? forget all of that ? ? crying to my friends and throw a hate party ? ? it's overplayed and i'm okay i'm best without you ? ? one thing on my mind ? ? baby it can't be you ? ? i'm okay i'm best without you one thing on my mind, baby, it can't be you i'm turning up i got it going on but i ain't going to miss you with a heartbreak you called to tell me ? ? that you made a mistake but that was something i knew now baby ? ? baby bye-bye bye ? ? i'm at the bar martini twist ? ? hook it up ? ? just read my lips don't got no time ? ? not going to see me crying ? ? i ain't going to hit you ? ? with a heart break song ? ? i ain't going to give you what you didn't know tell the truth ?
2:54 am
the single word you know have you heard i forgot all about you i ain't going to hit you by crying or throw a hate party it's overplayed, overplayed and i'm okay i better without you ? ? going out and making my own way ? ? one thing in my mind and baby ? ? it's ain't i got it going on ? ? i ain't going to hit you with a heartbreak song oh, oh, oh, heartbreak, but if you need me i will be swinging from a chandelier, 'cause i ain't going to hit you with a heartbreak song ain't going to give you what you didn't know, didn't know, didn't know, yeah i ain't going to hit you with a heartbreak song i ain't going to give you what you didn't know ? ? not a single word ? ? have you heard ? ? every single word ? ? i ain't gonna hit you or cry
2:55 am
? i am better without you ? ? i'm going out it's going down ? ? i'm turning up ? ? i got it going on ? ? i abe going to hit you with a heart break song ? ? oh-oh you're gonna call ? ? i ain't going to hit with you a hort break song ? >> love it! >> yes! >> oh, my god, that's fun. mickey, awesome, honey. >> all the best to you. >> mickey! that was awesome. >> thank you. >> back with more in a moment, everybody. >> that was something. this is "today" on nbc. i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers
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we are going to check in with the wine results. which song do you like better? mine, "me, too" by meghan trainor. kathie lee's, "top of the world" the carpenters. >> the carpenters. >> a great song. >> tomorrow, broadway show. get on your feet performing for a very special family. >> one won says, think of your life as a pie. she's going to explain, tomorrow. >> and some very good reasons to cover your face.
3:00 am
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