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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  September 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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>> sarah: first at charlotte. violence erupted once again wednesday night. over the officer-involved killing of an african-american man. a state of emergency now declared. one person is in critical condition and on life support. after apparently, being shot during last night's protest. >> nancy: the mayor and police chief held a news conference a short time ago. >> the shooting that took place, there is a lot of information about who did that shooting. we are reviewing video. we are assessing our people
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one of our officers might have been involved. as i said before, guys, we are here to seek the truth. we are investigating that to find the truth. the absolute truth. as best the evidence can show us. >> nancy: authorities also say it was difficult to get help to the victim because of the large crowds of protesters. and five officers, they were also hurt in the demonstrations last night. two had eye injuries. and three other injuries were heat-related. nine protesters injuries. 44 people were arrested in total. the governor has declared a state of emergency and is bringing in both the national guard and the state highway patrol to help. authorities say that an increased police presence will be on the streets tonight. now, today there is quite a bit of damage to buildings and vehicles. in charlotte, several storefronts were looted by demonstrators. officials are adding extra protection to buildings and stores to avoid, again that, further looting tonight.
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says they will not release video of the fatal police shooting of 43-year-old keith scott. he plans to show the video to the victim's family first. the chief also says the video does not show a pointed gun. now to a developing story. tragedy on the north andover-lawrence line. a motorcyclist killed. two others hurt after a devastating crash late last night. >> nancy: now investigators are working to figure out what happened. >> reporter: route 114 right on the line there. we just got an update from the lawrence police chief a short time ago. he said a man on a motorcycle hit two pedestrians in a crosswalk. that is how this whole thing started. that motorcyclist was then lying injured in the road. he was hit by someone driving by the accident scene. the victim here, a 64-year-old man from methuen. he did not survive his injuries. the two pedestrians initially hit by the man on the motorcycle, they were taken to local hospitals.
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to the person driving a mercedes. that is the person who drove by the accident scene and struck the man who was lying injured in the road. police are looking for a four-door dark mercedes around model year 2002. state and local police are investigating in this case. the lawrence police chief telling us a few moments ago, it is possible that the driver of the mercedes did not know that they hit the injured motorcyclist lying in the road. again, police would like to talk to that driver. we are live in lawrence, jennifer eagan, 7 news. >> sarah: more breaking news now. the braintree police chief has announced his retirement. the announcement coming in the wake of an evidence scandal. investigators say nearly $500,000 was found mising from an evidence room along with guns, drugs, and personal property. chef russell... chief russell jenkins was on the force for 33 years. serving as chief for the past four. >> nancy: the terror takedown now: the suspect in the bombings in new york city and new jersey not medically
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ahmad khan rahami is recovering in the hospital after being wounded in a shoot-out with police on monday. officials say doctors could clear him for questioning in the next day or two. the f.b.i. also looking for the two men in this video or in this picture here. the unknown men allegedly took this bag but left behind an explosive device that had been inside. investigators say they are considered witnesses and not suspects. >> sarah: now turning to your forecast. it might be the first day of fall. it is feeling moreik definitely. >> bri: well, i did see your pumpkin spice latte in the dressing room, nancy. you are already celebrating. it is officially fall for us. the equinox this morning at 10:21. we are past. that it doesn't feel like it. sarah mentioned. this feels more like summer. 76 in boston right now. into the low 8's away from the coastline. we have a little bit of a light on-shore wind that will keep coastal temperatures a touch cooler today. a lot of sunshine.
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at the wider picture. we are this front that is to the north of us. this is set to swing through late tomorrow and boy, that ushers in the feel of fall. it certainly does. we are in the mid-80's away from the coastline today. again, tomorrow, low 80's. look where we sit for both saturday and sunday. maybe some apple-picking and cider-drinking in our future. more on the extended forecast in a few minutes. >> nancy: bri, thank you. texans tonight. for one quarterback, it will be his first game day in the driver's seat. it is looking more like jacoby brissett will be taking the field. dan hausle has more at gillette. >> reporter: hey, how you doing? you never know with the bill belichick team really, don't you? it looks more and more like jacoby brissett will get to start for the patriots tonight. there is some rumblings that rob gronkowski might be back and might play his first game
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you never can tell. pats fans very curious to see how jacoby brissett will respond to the first start of his career. many i talked to are keeping their expectations for the rookie low. their hopes for the team high. hopes will go even higher, though, if it turns out gronk can go tonight. a preseason hamstring injury has kept him sidelined. if gronk plays, it is good news for everybody. especially for the guy trying to throw the ball and trying to stay upright, jacoby the first half of last game. he came around with a few good passes the first game. it would be scary. a few days, extra days of practice, maybe he will do a little better. >> he looked all right. he is playing against the three and fours. i think belichick will game-plan a little bit to help him out in the grand scheme of things. >> we want gronk to play. good blocker. good catcher. a lot of yards after the catch.
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rookie quarterback? >> yes. definitely. >> i got something on my phone that he is telling his teammates he is playing. if he does play, he will pull out a win. if he doesn't play, we will pull out the win but it won't be as easy. >> reporter: bill belichick has certainly done better planning than the pro shop. i went in there. they have garoppolo jerseys. brady jerseys. no briss ept jerseys there. they just weren't planning on this. >> nancy: a man rushed to the hospital after being shot in mattapan. this happened on cedar street last night. the victim suffered life-threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. police investigating after a woman is hit by a duck boat in the back bay. newly installed security cameras captured the vehicle hitting the woman as she stepped out on to boylston street wednesday morning. she was not seriously hurt. boston duck tours says the
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no charges have been filed. boston police investigating a case of vandalism at the cathedral of the holy cross in the south end. someone threw a rock through a stained glass window last night. according to the "globe," the damage is estimated at $3,000. the vandalism comes just before the church is set to receive a holy relic of a popular italian saint, an event which will likely draw very large crowds. chilling video in new hampshire. a mother allegedly having an overdose with her daughtey investigate. victoria warren has more from lawrence. a woman passed out on the floor. a little girl crying. trying to wake her up. it is a heartbreaking video posted on-line. the poster saying the woman is the child's mother: and she was in the throes of a heroin overdose. it happened at a family dollar store in lawrence. you can see the toddler stanning over her mother. she eventually picks up her mother's head and gently slaps
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the woman not moving at all. someone calls 911. the on-line post says the mother survived after receiving two doses of narcan. a drug that reverses heroin overdoses. it is tough to watch. but it's something police officers say they see way too often, and there is a true opioid epidemic. in nearby methuen, forecast one police captain weighed in, telling the newspaper the saddest of all is the children we encounter quite often with this. it hits home hard because many it breaks our heart to know what some of these children are witnessing. what's still unclear is what charges, if any, this mother is going to face. i can tell you that in situations like this, police also reach out to the department of children and families to conduct their own investigation. in lawrence, victoria warren, 7 news. >> sarah: 47 days now until election day. the race between hillary clinton and donald trump is becoming a tight one. the newest nbc news "wall
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37%. the libertarian and green party candidates trail far behind in the single digits. meanwhile, clinton and trump continue to fund-raise for their campaigns, including here in massachusetts. soer fa, clinton has raised more than $13.5 million from people in the bay state. that is a vast difference from trump's $1 million. contributions for the democratic party in massachusetts far outweigh contributions for the republicans. 7 news will be in neyo when the two candidates meet for the first presidential debate. we will have live reports monday right here on 7 news. >> nancy: a 48-hour suspension in the wake of a deadly attack on relief troops near aleppo the attack killed a staff member and 20 civilians. the u.n. suspended land deliveries after the attack. >> the security situation in
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different levels of security or insecurity. it is a patchwork of multiple armed groups. we need to take that into account. >> nancy: u.s. officials believe russian aircraft were responsible for the strike but moscow has denied involvement. >> sarah: catholics are lining up to get a glimpse of history. the heart of a celebrated roman catholic saint is on display this is st. leonard's church in the north end last night. this is the first time the relic has been outside of italy. it will be on display in braintree today also. people will then be able to see the heart at the cathedral of the holy cross in boston tonight and tomorrow. >> nancy: alarming allegations surrounding the high-profile split between brad pitt and angelina jolie.
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>> summer-like weather trying to hold only for dear life. it doesn't last into the weekend. some big changes coming. we will get to those details next in the forecast. >> a big tribute for big pappy. what this mural ? ? grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement.
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>> nancy: it is national ice cream cone day. that's the deal. the ice cream cone made its debut on this date in 1904. the inventor then sold his company to nabisco. in 1924.
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cream cone. that is getting me through the day at this point. it's been that kind of day. i need some ice cream. >> bri: it is officially fall now. you can still enjoy the ice cream. what an afternoon. i was thinking this morning, i haven't seen weather this beautiful since, well, yesterday. and that was fall for us. a change of seasons that arrived at 10:21 this morning. the autumnal equinox. the sun o t roughly equal day and nighttime hours. current temperatures in the low 80's. away from the coastline, 76. worcester as well. a light on-shore wind that will keep the coastal locations a touch cooler. into this afternoon. but it's still going to be a very summer-like day. especially when you consider the normal high for boston for this time of year is 70 degrees. i think we will get closer to 80. and into the mid-80's away from the coastline. it's a rinse and repeat of
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you will lover today as well. the better part of tomorrow. we don't see those changes come into play until we hit the later part of friday. we are still making it into the 80's. here is the bigger set-up for us. high pressure in control. keeping the blue bird skies around for us. to the south of that big blue h, you see some cloud cover and also some rainfall. that would be whatever is left of julia: it is not making it in our direction. because of the blocking high. and then we have a boundary north of us. and this is going to usher in some much cooler t you can see it into the 50's. we have upper 6's right now in montreal. that is on the way for us as we set up what is to come for the weekend. running through the timeline here, warm weather sticking around for today. the sunshine through the first part of tomorrow. and then that front sort of droops in our direction. ushering in the cooler air. a real feel of fall . i think some of the coolest temperatures that we have had for quite some time. so maybe some cider doughnuts. some apple-picking in your
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some sweaters here. i think this is going to be a pretty dramatic change. not just the cooler temperatures. but also breezy conditions. the game tonight at gillette feels more like baseball weather than football weather. it will be a fantastic one for us. i guess the only bad news in the forecast is the fact that we do need the rain. drought monitor updated this morning. not a lot of change there. even despite the rain that we got a few days ago. here is a look at the forecast. not a lot of rain in here either. it looks like. if we get any showers tomorrow scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms, not laying down much. it won't be a drought-buster. we get that feel of fall with the breezy weekend ahead of us. a bit of warming into the middle of next week. >> all right, bri. thank you. brad pitt is being investigated for child abuse. people magazine and tmz say pitt allegedly became physically and verbally abusive with one of his children on a private plane. the wife angelina jolie and other children were present at the time and people magazine
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anonymously. the lapd and dcf are now investigating. earlier this week, we reported that jolie filed for divorce. more news today. boston bruins training camp opens today. time lapse video shows crews at the garden working to get the ice ready for the upcoming season. the bruins play their first exhibition game on monday when they host the columbus blue jackets. hey, take a look at this dunkin' donuts. paying tribute to david ortiz. entirely out of doughnuts. the work of art was on the greenway yesterday near the north end. it took just 10,000 doughnuts. that is it. to create this stunning image. i wonder how long it was like that before birds and everything started flocking. >> nancy: good question. a six-year-old boy meeting his favorite disney characters. we were there when his make a wish dream came true.
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could be impacting your health.
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>> nancy: a hidden hazard that could threaten your health and your home. we are talking about a deadly gas that unlike smoke or fire
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>> reporter: with their carbon monoxide detector wailing last february, sarah and paul rushed out of their home. >> it is a terrifying situation. when firefighters arrived, they told the couple they had found a basement filled with a dangerous amount of the colorless odorless and deadly gas. >> we definitely could have been killed. what set off the basement alarm in our investigation found sarah and paul were victims of a potentially lethal boston streets. underground electrical wires that were slowly burning and giving off poison gas. >> carbon monoxide can kill you. you can fall asleep. you don't wake up again. >> firefighters tell us the danger can start when aging underground utility wires are jostled and weakened by trucks passing overhead. or construction work nearby. when those compromised wires begin to burn, they give off carbon monoxide. and that can seep right into
12:23 pm
>> this is dangerous. and this could happen in any home. >> it could. the smoldering wires keep producing the gases. the gases are going to keep building up. and if there is an open place for the gas to travel, then it will travel that way. >> it happened in charlestown this year, too. firefighters rushed to evacuate six homes. an underground electrical cable was burning, the official says. the co was elevated to dangerous level. eversource, the electricity supplier for boston insists this is very rare. but acknowledges three cases last year and three cases so far this year. they say it happens less and less as they update the system. >> warning. carbon monoxide. >> the best way to protect yourself. the co detector that massachusetts law requires you install in your home. without one, sarah and paul know they might have died.
12:24 pm
boston. >> reporter: eversource is working to replace those age underground wires. they are hoping to have it all done by the end of 2019. in the newsroom, i'm hank phillippi ryan. >> nancy: up next, a land rover flipping over in the middle of the street. middle of the street. police say it was stolen. i'm a public school teacher in massachusetts, and i've reviewed question 2. it will make public education even stronger, because question 2 would allow more access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education, and public charter schools don't take funds away from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2 for stronger public schools.
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>> sarah: a six-year-old medford boy vie vianney facing a life-threatening heart condition. this has always been his dream to go to disney world. and today make a wish of massachusetts and rhode island helped make it become a reality. >> nancy: so special. i was there when giovanni met his favorite disney characters for a special themed send-off.
12:27 pm
mrs. incredible greeting an incredible little boy from medford. a special send-off thursday morning at logan airport for six-year-old giovanni. as part of make a wish massachusetts and rhode island. the destination? disney world. >> it's a welcome break for the family. giovanni has been in and out of the hospital since he was born with a life-threatening heart condition. >> he has half a heart, basically. h surgeries. he has had other surgeries to fix his other organs. >> nancy: for one week, the only thing giovanni has to worry about is which attraction to visit first. >> we are ready to go. been a pretty rough ride for him. so we are just looking forward to being a normal family for a
12:28 pm
>> nancy: a trip magical from start to finish. after being greeted by firefighters. giovanni was treated to an incredible themed party at the gate. attended by his favorite characters. all american airlines employees. a star-studded send-off. it is something much more simple that makes giovanni happy. >> being hi family. >> sarah: he is so nice and so cute. they called his name out. everyone gave him a huge round of applause. >> i love that the characters work with american airlines. that is great. that they stepped up and took part. you know? >> absolutely. they volunteered and made that whole set there, too. much more on 7 news: including a good samaritan righting a wrong. cameras rolling as he rides up
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>> sarah: a developing story. tragedy in north andover. on the north andover-lawrence line. a motorcyclist kille devastating clash late last night. >> nancy: jennifer eagan is in lawrence with more. >> reporter: it looks like we will be getting back to jennifer in a little bit. turning now to some breaking news. >> sarah: all right. we have this breaking news here. a second night of unrest gripping the city of charlotte. protesters clashing with
12:32 pm
officer-involved killing of a a black man. you can see a bench being thrown into a window as thieves target storefronts, a state of emergency has now been declared there. >> nancy: right now, a person who was caught in the cross-fire is on life support. >> reporter: a city on edge for a second night. demonstrators in charlotte clash with police armed in riot gear, using flash grenades, rubber tear gas to disperse the crowd. protesters tossing canisters back at officer. >> it is out of control. they can't get in there right now. >> reporter: hundreds protesting the death of 43-year-old keith scott killed tuesday by police. >> there has to be a sense of accountability on all sides. >> reporter: loud booms sent demonstrators running for cover. one person critically wounded. >> there was blood and there was a crowd of people.
12:33 pm
i don't know if he is dead. >> reporter: authorities are investigating who shot that victim. >> an allegation was made that one of the officers might have been involved. report tt violence continued with several people injured, including officers. the city now under a state of emergency. the national guard rolling in this morning to assist in keeping order on the streets. police justifying tuesday's shooting, saying scott ignored officers' commands to drop his weapon. >> the video does not give me absolute definitive visual confirm that a person is pointing a gun. what i can tell you, though,s is when taken in with the totality of the other evidence, it supports what we have heard and the version of the truth that we gave about the circumstances that happened. >> reporter: meantime, businesses in downtown charlotte are assessing the damage and are cleaning up from days of looting and
12:34 pm
>> sarah: back to that developing story: tragedy on the north andover-lawrence line. we have been talking about this motorcyclist that was killed. two others were hurt. after a devastating crash that happened late last night. >> nancy: investigators want to piece this together. jennifer eagan live in lawrence now with more. >> reporter: and nancy, this began when a man on a motorcycle hit two people who were crossing route 114 right on the lawrence-north andover line. the man was thrown from his motorcycle was lying injured in the road there. a driver passing by the scene hit that injured motorcyclist, killing him. the victim was 64 years old and from methuen. those two pedestrians hit in the initial accident were taken to local hospitals. now police are looking for that driver who was passing by the scene and hit the injured motorcyclist. they say it is possible that that person didn't know that they hit anyone.
12:35 pm
they struck someone. we are not sure. unfortunately, they didn't stop. we are on the lookout for that car right now. >> reporter: police are looking for a four-door black mercedes-benz. at this point, they are just intrersed in talking with the driver. state and local police are investigating this case. we are live from lawrence, jennifer oh agan, 7 news. >> nancy: the pats w for one quarterback, it will be his first game day in the driver's seat. >> sarah: the first career start for jacoby brissett. but what about gronk? >> reporter: another patriots game, another new face. it does look like jacoby brissett will start for the pats. hey, another familiar face may be coming back. it is looking more like rob gronkowski might, might get to suit up and play his first game for the patriots this season tonight. keep those programs handy.
12:36 pm
pats fans curious to see how the rookie jacoby brissett will respond to the first start of his career. many i talked to are keeping their expectations of the rookie low. but their hopes high for the team. hopes will go even higher if it does turn out that gronk can go tonight. a preseason hamstring injury has kept gronkowski sidelined. if gronk plays, fans see that as a good sign for everybody. especially for the guy trying to throw him the ball and trying to stay upright. jacoby brissett. >> he looked a little rough, you know, first half of last game. he came around with a few good passes the first game. it would be scary. but a few days extra of practice, maybe he will do a little better. >> i watched a lot ofbury season stuff. he looked all right. he is playing against three and fours. belichick will game-plan a little bit to help him out in the grand scheme of things. >> we want gronk to play. good blocker. good catcher.
12:37 pm
>> reporter: help out the rookie quarterback? >> yes. definitely help out the rookie quarterback. >> i got something on my phone that he is telling teammates he is playing. if he plays, it is a no-brainer. we will win. if he doesn't play, we will still pull out a win but it won't be as easy. >> reporter: the pro shop has not prepared for this as well as belichick has. yeah, there is brady jerseys in there. there is garoppolo jerseys in there. there is edelman jerseys. no jacoby there. if you want to support him for the game, you will have to improvise. >> nancy: a warrant issued-for-a real estate broker who is on the run. he is accused of stealing tens of millions of dollars from investors and running a ponzi scheme. police have confirmed scott wallace is the man who defrauded people in several states. officers say wallace has six aliases. >> he lures people in. he shows them he is going to give them a good return. he does it again a few more
12:38 pm
friends of friends. a lot of friends of friends. it is really horrible. >> nancy: there are 16 alleged victims, including wallace's girlfriend who has not seen him since last week. wallace has outstanding warrants in new york, florida, and alabama. the f.b.i. has joined the investigation. >> sarah: several people recovering after a rollover crash in roxbury. that accident landing one person in handcuffs. and police say one of the cars involved in the wild wreck was stolen. a land rover reported stolen. and involved in a serious crash. finally, back upright. witnesses explain the wild scene they saw around two 2:00 on wednesday afternoon. >> the land rover came down. the officer were behind them with the sirens on. he was kind of picking up speed. >> reporter: police saying the driver of the s.u.v. was stopped by officers but didn't stay put. >> the officers had this car stopped in traffic on mlk boulevard.
12:39 pm
made that sharp right turn on to lawrence street. they did not negotiate the turn properly. >> sarah: three juveniles were in the s.u.v. when it flimd. >> yes, i do feel lucky. anything could have happened. luckily, nothing did happen. >> sarah: officers are investigating what happened in the moments before the stolen vehicle caused the crash. >> nancy: the university of massachusetts set to reach a record enrollment this year. the president said that enrollment will reach more than 74,000 students across the school's five campuses. enrollment has risen almost 27% over the past decade. a section of 128 will be shut down for two weeks in november. the section of the highway will be closed while crews demolish the highland avenue
12:40 pm
to local roads during the construction. watch out for. that it will all start on november 4. soim more news today: disgraced politician anthony weiner involved in another scandal with a teenager. he sent pictures of himself to a 15-year-old girl in north carolina for several months. the report says he also sent the teen text messages asking about a possible sexual encounter. the site says that he was aware gi he is already under investigation for a photo he sent to another woman showing him and his son. in the country of georgia, two candidates fighting each other after exchanging info. the production crew had to step in to separate the men. >> nancy: well, a man in kentucky gives flag-waving a whole new meaning. after the police department
12:41 pm
motorcycle monday night. security camera video shows as this person walks up to the flag pole, pulls out a new flag and begins to raise it. then they walk back to the bike and rode away. the department has since ordered more flags. >> sarah: still ahead, the rain not letting up any time soon in minnesota. >> bri: the drought monitor updated this morning. i'll show you. that we will talk about a big cooldown on the way ahead in
12:42 pm
pam griffin: our daughter courtney got caught in a web of opiate and heroin addiction. doug griffin: our insurance company indicated that courtney's problem wasn't a matter of life and death - so she wasn't eligible for treatment. pam griffin: she told me that she didn't want to live like this anymore... she begged... she begged for help, saying mom - please help me. doug griffin: our family's tragedy could happen to any family... from losing their children. kelly reached out to us. doug griffin: she came to my family to learn more. pam griffin: she listened to what we had to say, who we were - she cared about us... she didn't know us. pam griffin: we talked about the ways to remove the stigma of addiction so parents can get help. doug griffin: kelly co-authored the comprehensive addiction and recovery act - this act will save kids' lives... ...and enable families to get the help they need. doug griffin: we don't want courtney to be remembered for her substance abuse, but rather for her
12:43 pm
s recovery is possible.
12:44 pm
>> nancy: wild weather out of minnesota. a line of storms has left heavy rains across the state. leaving businesses swamped, drivers stranded out there. flash flooding has consumed entire intersections. yoee into that water. never safe in that kind of situation. always better to turn around. you never know when flash flooding will take place. >> sarah: yeah, definitely. >> bri: a cool morning, though. if you made it out to see the beautiful sunrise this morning, then you might have needed a light jacket or a sweater. 45 was the low in norwood. 61 in boston. when you get a dry air mass in place, you start with cool temperatures. then you warm up into the
12:45 pm
responding quite nicely. mid-0's, upper 70's along the coastline. already into the low 80's away from the coastline. and as i mentioned, wall-to-wall sunshine. hard to find a cloud in the sky. an on-shore breeze for us for the coastline. we will keep those coastal temperatures a touch cooler for today. bull i think mid-80's away from the coastline, inland, and even 80 degrees for the city of boston. we still have a couple more degrees to warm as we get into this afternoon. it is officially fall, though. doesn't feel like it out there. the autumnal equinox this morning at 10:21. we are flipping it over to a new season. and eventually, it will start to feel more like fall. once we get this boundary making its way into our backyard. that will usher some much cooler temperatures. you can see those dark greens and bluesst on this temperature map. temps in the 50's. that is what you are seeing. that is what we are going to be experiencing as we get into
12:46 pm
patchy fog sunday, monday morning. big changes ahead of us. in the low to mid-8's the next couple of days. this does include tomorrow. then below average temperatures saturday and sunday, continuing into the beginning of next week. we want to go through the timeline here. we get to keep the sunshine around with us today. and through the first part of tomorrow. then those clouds start to filter in. as we make it into tomorrow afternoon, the front is kind of sagging across central new england. and that is where i think the showers and the chance for thunderstorms will stay perhaps by the evening commute, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow, we are in for some scattered showers and possibly an isolated thunderstorm. it does not look to be a big rain-producer. unfortunately. we know we could use it. but that is our best chance on the next 7-10 days. drought monitor updated this morning. not a lot of change there. we will take every drop we can get. overnight tonight, clear to partly cloudy skies. it is comfortable. it is an open up the windows kind of night. 54-64. then into tomorrow, the
12:47 pm
a touch. but that's one of our days we can say so long, sweet summer. look at the dramatic changes as we flip the calendar over into saturday and sunday. mid-60's. sunday, monday morning. i mentioned the possibility of some patchy frost well inland. that could be the case for us with. those temperatures bottoming out in the upper 30's. >> sarah: a football team in louisiana paying tribute on the field after multiple tragedies hit that community. their honorary captain lost his father in a deadly police ambush in baton rouge. >> reporter: this baton rouge football team has new captain leading them on to the field against their biggest rival. and he wasn't even on the football team until now. when brad garofalo, jr.'s father was killed in the ambush on law enforcement in
12:48 pm
didn't want to lose track of his pain. they wanted to do something big for him. but that is about the time the rains came and kept on coming. some of those same friends ending up losing most of what they owned in a historic flood. >> everybody was affected. for these kids to be as resilient as they are, they have showed up for practice. we started practice two weeks ago. even before school started back. >> reporter: they didn't forget about their friend brad and the first football game back seemed like the perfect time to let him know that. >> it means to me, it means to make everyone better, happier. instead of being down and upset. >> it is just amazing. phenomenal.
12:49 pm
all around. i mean, you can't... i know that i got teary-eyed and a little emotion. you know, behind all that, i got comfort, too. >> very proud. i'm glad to be able to do it. it is a great privilege to be here. we thank them very much. >> definitely proud. >> reporter: adam williams, 7 news. >> nancy: coming up, the pats and texans kicking off the third week. we lineup with our fantasy fixer.
12:50 pm
one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
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>> sarah: the pats and 7 other teams fight to become 3-0 this season. jadiann thompson and trey daerr have this week's fans si
12:52 pm
we are on week three. i'm jadiann thompson here with trey daerr. re's talk about the pats. probably not going to be jimmy g out there. >> jimmy g doubtful. almost no chance he will see the field. they have to turn to brissett. he is going to rely on his security blanket. martellus bennett. going to rely on the running game. julian edelman who can break off the line in the first five yards. those are his guys. somebody is going to get lost in the shuffle. danny amendola this week you think of bill o'brien, former offensive coordinator, you think of the offensive mind. the calling card on this team is the defense. take out some dudes up there. weathers, clowny, joseph. patriots with the third-string quarterback, great match-up for the texans. top five fantasy defense. >> you can find them, start them. >> jadiann: the chargers has a
12:53 pm
>> rough go for the chargers. things stable at quarterback. they lose danny woodhead. they lose keenan allen. some good young players at wide receiver. as i mention, they are stable at quarterback. and melvin gordon, he was a dud a year ago. he is should start this year. great match this year. >> jadiann: all right, everyone. go set your lineup. >> sarah: coming up next, an art project featuring superheroes. the creative mind behind the design. >> bri: the calenda differently. at least for the next couple of days. i will tell you one more time when we will start to feel fall coming up in the forecast. one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings.
12:54 pm
cause ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
12:55 pm
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>> nancy: a new art exhibit tour combines two childhood favorites. superheroes and legos. it was created by a new york city lawyer. it includes more than 120 original works created exclusively from lego bricks and depicts stories and characters from d.c. comics. righ n spain. something you need to be careful around, too. >> that is amazing. take a look at. this this is super cute. an orphaned baby gorilla at a kentucky zoo all smiles after finding a new mom. the baby's mother died back in march. zookeepers paired her up with a mother gorilla. >> she walked over to her, and she scooped her up. she held her and it was just the most natural thing ever. >> i think she was really cute. >> adorable. really adorable.
12:57 pm
sorry. i was looking at how cute the baby was. they hope the pair will be part of a regular exhibit there by the end of the year. >> that is too cute. bri, let's turn it over to you for one final check of the weather. >> bri: a great forecast for the game tonight. this feels more like a red sox game than a football game. it will be very comfortable. open up the windows tonight. let the fresh air in. and tomorrow, we get warm temperatures. for one more day. then big changes arrive for the weekend. look a 60's. lows even in the upper 30's. sunday and monday. >> sarah: all right. thank you, bri. that will do it for 7 news at noon. thank you so much for joining us today, everybody. >> nancy: 7 news continues at 4:00. have sa wonderful afternoon, everyone. ? ? grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs.
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