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tv   7 News  NBC  September 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> now at 7 breaking news. the pats dealt another blow. >> they are working on jacoby brissett's hand. >> it's a quarterback crisis. what do the players have to say? live with team 7 coverage. >> reporter: trouble on the tracks police investigate a ab showers this evening which will lead to cooler air this weekend. >> reporter: sweet sounds filling the air in boston. where you can play. >> anchor: and joining the team the harvard football program stepping up. >> anchor: all to honor a brave boy with a love for the game. >> 7 news at 7 starts now. >> tonight on 7. after a dominant debut.
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>> another pat quarterback getting banged up. >> anchor: yes another week another quarterback goes down. reports say jacoby brissett suffered a sprained thumb. >> anchor: now the back up to the back up is in jeopardy. as this injury plays out we have team 7 coverage of the pats. byron barnett at gillette. >> reporter: this season has been one roller coaster with a lot of ups and downs. the players ar about jacoby brissett's injury. they are talking about how they will persevere. >> they are working on jacoby brissett's hand. >> reporter: say it ain't so. another game another injury for a patriot's qb. other pats players remain unrattled. >> focussed on next week. injuries are a part of the game. >> reporter: things started off great for brissett. with a rookie quarterback
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but brissett's thumb was hurt on this play in the third quarter. and former patriot vince wilfort comes down on him hard. trainers could be seen working on the thumb. >> they'll handle whatever comes like they do. >> you got to be good at all 3 phases in special teams. if you want to win games you got to do matter what. >> reporter: if the pats receivers have to get used to catching balls from another quarterback they say they're ready. >> it's a spiral and a football flying through the air. just got to catch it whoever's throwing it. that's pretty much it. >> reporter: unlikely we'll hear anything official from the patriots on brissett's injury until the middle of next week. that's when the team has to give
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report. i'm byron barnett 7 news. >> anchor: no brady. no garoppolo. now maybe no brissett. the patriots could be facing a problem. trey daerr in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: the patriots entered the game against the texans with brissett as the only active quarterback on the roster. backed up by wide receiver julian edelman. despite the thumb injury brissett stayed in the game. finishing the ga ill effects from the sprained thumb. an encouraging sign given the fact that tom brady is out for one more game. jimmy garoppolo out with a blown ac joint in his shoulder. veterans who are brought in for a work out earlier this week. surgery is an option to stabilize brissett's thumb. the injury is reported not to be too serious.
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resting 9 more days before the next game against buffalo. >> anchor: hopefully 9 days is all it takes. 7 news has you covered all season long for breaking updates on the pats. plus highlights and analysis. >> anchor: we are following breaking news out of jamaica man. police are searching for a man accused of indecently assaulting a woman. who may have seen something out right away. >> anchor: a stab nothing brought daylight in chelsea. 2 high school students were stabbed right along side the commuter rail tracks. >> reporter: ryan, police are looking for at least one suspect involved in the stab of these 2 high school students. this is where the stabbing happened. one victim ended up where this cone is and another by this fence.
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railroad tracks near everett avenue and maple street. >> 2 young male victims suffering from stab wounds. >> reporter: no suspect is in custody yet. both victims received serious stab wounds to the abdomen area and were transported to the hospital in boston. both victims are chelsea high school students. >> i have no update on the second. last he was also in stable condition. our checking area video cameras out. the investigation is moving forward as we speak. we have information we're following up on. >> reporter: police say they don't know the motive for the attack. >> the 2 victims were not together. they weren't assailants. they were both victims in this case. >> reporter: police stopped inbound and outbound trains.
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and police believe this is may not have acted alone. live in chelsea john cocoa 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news now focusing on your forecast. warm end to this work week. but the weekend is here. and i think there may be a little fall cool down around the corner here jr. >> reporter: it is approaching as we speak. in the city of boston the wind shifted into the northeast. that's the sign that the cool air is beginning to show jaffrey 60 degrees. indicating a northerly or north easterly wind developing. the cool front is pressing south. down into southern new england. berlin new hampshire 54. the city at 66. and hartford holding on to the warmth at 77. we also have a band of clouds and a narrow ribbon of rain shower activity through southern vermont southern new hampshire. it will continue top slide south and east.
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a half to 3 hours. these showers are not for everyone. in any event we are talking about a cooler weekend. we will detail that forecast for you in a few minutes. ; new video released showing the moments before a police shooting in charlotte that has sparked days of protests there. it was recorded by keith lamont scott's wife. hear her shouting to police as well as her husband. >> reporter: ryan, the video is disturbing to hear scott's wife husband in the moments before his death. the family decided today that the public needed to see and hear this video. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. >> reporter: keith lamont scott's wife moment's before police shoot and kill her weapon. >> drop the gun. >> reporter: he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he took his medicine.
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the shooting but hear 4 shots. >> keith, keith. >> reporter: what happened before the shooting is being investigated. we know police were at the apartment complex to serve a warrant on another man. scott went to his vehicle. when he came out of the vehicle officers say he was holding a hand gun. scott's wife insisted he did not have a gun. the photo from the scene shows what appears doesn't tell the entire story. >> my job is to make sure i don't do more damage more harm and to be quite frank fracture the trust that we've been trying to build here. >> reporter: the mayor says she is convinced that waiting to release let video is the right thing to do. >> but also to respect the integrity of giving those eyewitness accounts that we want to be accurate. >> did you shoot him.
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announced this morning they made an arrest of a man who was shot by another protester on wednesday night. >> anchor: also on 7 explosive concerns in taunton after a fire enemy a 4 plant. after there was an explosion there. they found that a circuit breaker had blown up. it filled the plant with heavy smoke. there were flames and they quickly put those out. >> it's a scary building to operate in the dangers and what goes on the hazards that that building possesses. they made a nice aggressive attack. >> anchor: 2 power plant workers were taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> anchor: stoaton police on the hunt for a suspect who they say shot a teenager inside a cvs. the search for the gunman does
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>> reporter: a brazen midday shooting at a cvs. police say he went into the store with 2 teenagers yesterday. argued with a customer and then shot him in his shoulder. >> any idea of the motive? >> not at this time. that's under investigation. >> reporter: it was some sort of an argument not a robbery? >> some sort of an argument. the suspects known to the victim. >> reporter: police have arrested 2 boys 15 and 16 who suspect into the cvs and ran off with him after the shooting. a student told me they attend stoaton high school. >> it's sad that they got into an argument like this. it ended up like this. the guys like that are usually aren't like that. >> reporter: the 18-year-old victim from stoaton was treated and released from a local hospital and will recover. >> i don't know it's terrible i think.
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>> reporter: pierre louie will face several charges. >> any information please contact the stoaton police department. again he's considered armed and dangerous and we do not want you to approach him call the police department. >> reporter: the suspect and the victim knew each other. the victim was targeted. this crime captured by surveillance cameras. >> anchor: and we are following more news today. a car goes on a as this woman's car went air born crashed into a home on ash bee road. the woman was unconscious behind the wheel. and the 64-year-old man who lives there said he had just gone out to the grocery store when the crash happened. >> the chair i was sitting in was pushed 2 or 3 feet and floor debris. i would have got hit with something. 40 years of life here. kids brought up here.
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you don't know what you're looking at. >> anchor: the driver is expected to be okay. but the house is a loss. a lexington traffic officer injured on the job. directing traffic in a construction area last night when a car hit him. the man behind the wheel was in court today. officials say he was driving drunk when he hit the traffic ofce commissioner says he wants officers to wear name tags. make the name tag ace requirement. they would make policing more transparent. the president of boston police union says they could possibly put officers at risk. >> anchor: going air born with test flights on the north shore. details on a new drone delivery service. >> reporter: forecast up next. >> reporter: and a field of dreams a brave 9-year-old
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ball. how harvard football is making all happen. >> tonight it's fighting or fun. >> the punches are real. the kicks are real. >> local teens going toe to toe and squord for sword. >> it's a real fight.
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>> signing day for a boy from
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his dreams come true. >> anchor: he's a special kid who's become an inspiration to the whole team. the 9-year-old from newton is battling cancer. he was welcomed with an official press conference top sign his letter of intent. harvard's coach says he's brought a lot to the table. formed a special bond with at least one of his new teammates. >> he's an amazingly ti kid. amazingly positive and inspiration family unit. he rubs off on us. it's empowering. >> his favorite color was red. and his favorite number was 8. i feel like he was coming after the jersey on my back. it was spending time together. and we grew from there. i'd say we were pretty good friends. >> anchor: 8 was taken. daniel got his own jersey.
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home game this season. >> anchor: it's fun. >> anchor: definitely a 2 way street. something to learn. and it's definitely going to feel like football weather this weekend. more like summer. more like baseball. it's all good. this is a big drop tomorrow. >> reporter: where we are right now that's as high as we'll go tomorrow in boston middle 60s. the normal high is 70. we had a high today of 80 de degrees nashua 65. jaffrey at 60. northern new england never made it out of the 50s today. this is a cool air mass going to take over southern new england. getting into that cooler air is going to require work for mother nature. generating a narrow ribbon of rain shower activity. which continues to press southeast. arcing through vermont and new hampshire. this will move southeast across to massachusetts.
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across metro boston and down the south shore. the timeline at 8:00. advancing that timeline shows the showers. even a couple of downpours possible as well. running in the upper 70s and low 80s. 1 or 2 downpours generally a showery threat likely. and then we get rid of that showery activity before sun rise tomorrow. lingering clouds early tomorrow morning. temps overnight tonight not that chilly. 52 to 57. but it will be a slow recovery tomorrow. mostly sunny skies after the early morning clouds peel out of here. temps tomorrow afternoon 62 to 68. city at 67. off the water adding that chill to the air. attleboro 68. merrimac and the sea coast the numbers in the 60s. worcester hills fitchburg 63.
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degrees. so sunday more sunshine and cooler. sunday morning temps will be cooler than tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning about 7 a.m. on sunday morning the temps will head for the 30s and the 40s. including boston 48 on sunday morning. our coolest temp since the middle of may. bedford at 39. by the afternoon hours temps in the lower 60s. these cool mornings and mild afternoons that will kick a little bit of color through southern new gland and northern new england. the drought will speed that up. northern and western new england drought not as bad. if you are planning to go that way in the next few weeks. 7 on 7 forecast after this even's rain next chance of beneficial rain in terms of the drought scattered showers on tuesday. have a good weekend. >> anchor: you too jr.
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delivery. the company partnered with danvers sci-fi works. ups launched a drone yesterday. carrying an inhaler to children's island. the founder of the works say we may see more drone deliveries in the future. >> ups is looking to deliver to inexcessible areas. places like this island. maybe a land slide a mud slide and ck place that's needed very quickly and you can't get through any other way. >> anchor: the fda put out rules in august which made those test deliveries legally. >> anchor: coming up free pianos. not to bring home but to play all around boston. >> tuesday her son came home
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when she called to complain. >> i was very upset. >> hank found out how long it can take for the state to investigate. hank investigates tuesday at 11. capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... ? with a place that feels nothing like a bank.
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>> anchor: pianos returning to boston. >> anchor: mayor marty walsh at
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this is the big poppy one. play me i'm yours. that sounds good. different locations throughout the city. a couple of spots apparently in cambridge. >> this is exciting. in the city of boston making sure that we're constantly promoting arts and culture. >> it's amazing to be back here in boston. celebrity series has done a job with 60 pianos across the ty city. >> anchor: so great. the pianos will be available for anyone to use until october 10th. >> anchor: can you play the piano? >> anchor: i did years ago. you don't know that.
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>> anchor: that will do it for tonight on 7 at 7:00.
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gen aniston confronted about brangelina's divorce. >> we've got the video now on "extra." brangelina's divorce. >> we've got the video now on "extra." jen aniston facing the cameras. >> want to comment on brad and angie's divorce? >> brad as he lawyers up. how the child abuse allegations could hurt his case as we learn what really happened between brad and maddux.


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