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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  September 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news a massive search is underway after four women on shot and killed in a mall near seattle. the dramatic video released by the family of a man shot and killed by police in north carolina. locally police in chelsea looking for 1 person afterwo attacked. and cruz reveals he will be voting for donald trump after all. 6:00 on this saturday morning. nancy chen. those stories and a whole lot more straight ahead. outside this morning. a little bit cooler in the day. system dark outside, brie eggers
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a half an inch reported in gar -- ushered drier air and cooler air. we will start with the dew point and measure up humidity. 50 in boston, so we will get that dry, crisp, fall feeling as we get into this afternoon, current temperatures cooler than this time yesterday morning in the mid-50s right now. this will be very sfi getting into tomorrow as we cool the temperatures off even farther,let talk about for today. breezy this afternoon a touch breezy especially at the coastline, mid-to upper 60s what a change even cooler as when we get into tomorrow. when i say crisp, maybe i'm talking honey crisp. it's a good apple picking weekend. we will even talk about the
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out of washington state, our women killed, and a man critically injured last night at an hour north of seattle. this man was last seen walking toward a highway, police also not sure at this point if there was more than one was the scene at the mall. shortly after the gunshots rang, the mall was evacuated so police could go in and search for anyone who might have been hurt. these victims were found inside of the macy's store. a victim describing the terrifying moments the shots rang out. n i didn't know where the girls had gone. i turned around and i heard a shot. next thing i know, another shot
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heard, i heard like about 7 or 8 shots and at that point i dropped whatever i had in my hand and i started running. this is a look at the scene from above. four women shot and killed one man critically injured at a mall 65 miles north of seattle, washington. police are looking for a man who opened fire. we will follow the story all morning long and bring you update as they many about available. prot streets in charlotte, north carolina overnight after the shooting death of an african-american death by police during the week. that family's man releasing this cell video. as police moved in on the man who was sitting in his car before he was shot. the video raised several questions including the issue of whether or not the man had a gun. more now from nbc sarah rosario.
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night in the city of charlotte. emotions running high, bringing hundreds out for a 4th time, all while police in riot gear joined bit national guard tried to keep peace. for the most part, they kept marchers in incidents off of i-77 in attempts to shutdown the interstates. the release of this dramatic cell phone video is fueling new anger even outsi with a demonstration of students marching and lying on the ground and this ncaa rally. >> he just took his medicine. >> reporter: the wife rushed to the scene, telling the officers that her husband has a traumatic brain injury. seconds later shots ring out.
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difficult to watch with no clearview of the gun. keith scott is on the ground. >> my gut reaction was pure sadness. pure sadness for anyone to have to go through that. >> reporter: now protesters call out again for body and dash cam video. >> release the . >> reporter: cries echoed by charlotte's mayor which she says will come in time? i have asked to have that released. i understand that it's not a complete picture. >> reporter: a into focus of the investigation continues. sarah rosario, nbc news, charlotte. 7 news turning to an a alarming allegation, police in jamaica searching for a man after a woman said he touched her inappropriate. it has residents in that area on edge. >> reporter: people enjoy jamaica pond shocked to hear
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>> that is terrifying. nothing you want to hear as a single female, including walking with a knife, it's scary. >> reporter: boston police say the sexual assault unit is investigating after a woman called 911 around 10:00 tuesday night. the victim telling police that she and another victim were walking on the jamaica way side of the pond when a man indecently assaulted her and then took off. one woman has been coming here for 25 years, saying it's been a >> for many years people didn't tend to use the pond because it wasn't safe but it's become safe and a wonderful place to be. so these are really interruptions the sense of safety that we have built over the years. >> reporter: some people say more lights need to be installed along the entire path to help deter something like this ever happening again. >> there's stretches on the entire path where there's no
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like it's a little like the situation could be improved. >> reporter: 7 news today on new england. also on 7, the tracks in chelsea, and police are looking for one person. 7's john coco has details. >> police on hand for the chelsea high school game. >> after two of their students were attacked on earlier than afternoon on railroad tracks. police believe a fight broke out >> when they responded they observed two male young victims suffering from stab wounds. >> chelsea pleas are looking for one suspect in what they're calling an aggravated assault. >> no weapon was found on scene. >> detectives were on scene checking video cameras out and the investigation is moving forward as we speak. we have information that we're following up on. >> reporter: both victims were stabbed in the abdomen area and were taken to the hospital
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one in surgery in stable condition, i have no update on the second are but last he was also in stable condition. >> reporter: right now police say they don't know what sparked the stabbing. >> the two victims were maybe not together, but they weren't assailants. they were both victims in this case. >> reporter: while police were recovering evidence, they stopped inbound and outbound trains for about an hour. affecting the rock port lines, those trains are now back in service. 7 news today this morning, police are still searching for a man who was involved in a shooting at a cvs in as t stouttop, the victis expected to be okay. and officials say pierre lew i is armed and dangerous.
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dropped a bag of heroin on his way out. the suspect then returned -- and called police. 45 days until the election. and it's donald trump who is getting a big backing. texas senator ted cruz is throwing his support after failing to endorse trump at the republican convention, he now says he will vote for trump in >> i'm not going to lie, i have often had some differences with the republican party. [ laughter ] >> but i can also tell you that i'm absolutely certain, which is that hillary clinton is a train ho is a disaster. >> meanwhile hillary clinton has announced she has postponed a
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originally she was headed to charlotte, but the mayor has urged her not to go, saying that the city's security forces are already stretched thin. two days away, 7 news will be live in new york when the two candidates go head-to-head, we will have live reports here on sunday news starting sunday night. a bill that would have allowed families of 9/11 victims to sue sue the country of saudi air beia. it could open, the bill would have allowed family members to sue the saudi government in u.s. court for any role it may have had in the attacks. the move is expected to set off a con 10tious over right battle in congress. more questions surrounding the quart back solution for the pats. how fans are feeling after the injury to jacobi were set. yesterday was summer-like
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of showers coming up in forecast. and the rain has left some parts of iowa declared disaster areas, we will have much more on
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and right now get our best offer ever, super fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. there's been severe flooding in parts of iowa this week. officials say most areas have
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evacuate their homes. emergency personnel are now sending resources to residents including 120,000 sandbags. 22 water pumps and 400 flood clean up kits. so far no damage nor injuries have been reported. meantime at home we had showers overnight. it look like things are starting to clear out. it looks gorgeous out there right before the sun comes up. brie, what we have got for later this weekend. >> reporter: going to be a fantastic sunrise. get the cameras ready, send them in to us, we would love to see them. warm, drink weekend. pick your drink, hot coffee, warm cider, but it will be breezy and cooler so that warm drink will taste better than the cold brew has as we have been enjoying the warmer temeratures. we turned the page on the seasons. last night it meant some
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ushered in cooler air mass, go lingering light showers across the south coast. that will quickly be gone, and the cloud go with it as well. we go for sunshine as the sun continues to track farther toward the south. high pressure will take over for us and that will help to pump in the cooler air that is to the north of us, we will look at the regional temperatures in the mid-40s as we take it up to northern new england. mid-50s for boston. it will be different as we get into tomorrow morning, we will have to lack at the 24 hour temperature change. we will talk more about that in current detail. 51, right now, 56 in boston, 55 in norwood. cooler than yesterday morning and it will be a cooler and crisp afternoon for us, with highs 64 to maybe 70 degrees, and you think 70 is the normal high temperature for boston for this time of year. we're finally seeing below normal temperatures and itistics around not just today but into tomorrow. maybe a great golf day.
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breeze either the closer you get to the coastline. the forecast says, ahead of the charles, 24 days away, 43 days until we click the clock back an hour for us. overnight tonight, this is where you will start to feel changes, cool, clear, and patchy frost. yes to the northwest. we're talking about mid-to even upper 30s for the board for us. betted ford could bottom out. 38-3de possibility there as well. 48 for the city of boston, along the coastline. we're in the upper 40s, we do have a frost advisory that is in effect berkshire county. hampshire or franklin county for early tomorrow morning and i kind of think maybe even into monday morning as well, but it's really not out of the ordinary to start seeing some frost showing up this time of the year. you see this darker shading of purple in northwestern massachusetts, september 22nd to the 30th we're there. now we talk about our next best
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you look closely at the map, you can see a couple of dots of bink which would indicate a rain in the rockies, it will bring us showers early tuesday, possibly clearing tuesday afternoon, and we keep things cool until we hit next weekend, but at least we get to enjoy sunshine. sound good. the patriots could be running out of options. the number three quarterback, a ligament in his thum against the texans. it has a lot wondering who will play next week against the bills. byron barnett has more. >> reporter: bill belichick at an event for his charity in boss not to, displaying his normal tight-lipped person a when asked about his third string quarterback injury in tuesday's game. >> the group that jacoby is doing. >> i don't think so.
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hand. >> reporter: the trainers tending to jacoby's thumb. his thumb was hurt on this play in the third quart when he was tackled and former patriot vince came down on hemme him hard. >> speculate. >> purrset down, and now it's god knows who. >> we take a deep breath for a minute, and now what? how many times do we havto >> reporter: players say they will handle whatever comes along. >> whether it's injuries or near missing guys, you whatever it is, you have to deal with it, you have to play with the guys that are ready to play, it's the name of the game. >> it's a team effort. you got to be good at all, defense, special teams. if you want to win games you have to do all of those things well. >> patriot receivers say if they
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they are ready. >> you got to catch it, whoever is throwing t that is pretty much it. >> while fans don't who is going to be calling the signals, they are confident that the head coach will find the way to win. >> absolutely! he is the best coach in the nfl, we got this. byron barnetts and be sure to stay with the latest online, on the conditions, and as soon as the team gives an will make sure to, give not app date as well as the cell phone and tablet ads. a rattlesnake rumble caught on camera. why officials say these two were squaring off. also ahead a woman in florida taking matters into her own hands when a thief made off with her purse. pam griffin: our daughter courtney got caught in a web of opiate and heroin addiction. doug griffin: our insurance company indicated that
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pam griffin: she told me that she didn't want to live like this anymore... she begged... she begged for help, saying mom - please help me. doug griffin: our family's tragedy could happen to any family... pam griffin: we knew we had to save other families from losing their children. kelly reached out to us. doug griffin: she came to my family to learn more. pam griffin: she listened to what we had to say, who we were - she cared about us... she didn't know us. pam griffin: we talked about the ways to remove doug griffin: kelly co-authored the comprehensive addiction and recovery act - this act will save kids' lives... ...and enable families to get the help they need. doug griffin: we don't want courtney to be remembered for her substance abuse, but rather for her struggle to achieve recovery. pam griffin: kelly believes recovery is possible.
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a florida woman fighting back a thief tries to take off with her purse, but she just did not want him to get away. so she made the bold decision to stop him at all costs and now she is talking about it. here is 7's kim casey. >> it was in the blink of an eye. what is this guy doing in my car? what is he doing? >> reporter: the surveillance video shows a man stealing
6:23 am
instinct tinks took over. i ran around to his side of the car. i reached into the driver's side. i had my hand on my handbag, and at that point he drove off. so i fell off the vehicle. when i fell on the floor, my legs were out, and his driver's side tire drove over my afoot. the ordeal left her severely sprained ankle. the doctors were amazed her leg wasn't shattered. meantime the up close encounter with a thief in a silver cadillac is something she will never forget. >> he kept cursing and calling me names with an attempt of scaring me and getting me off. and i think i literally scared him to death. >> reporter: afterwards, janelle realized she shouldn't have fought back. >> he could have killed me. what if he had a gun.
6:24 am
vicious. the scenario could have played out so much worse. >> reporter: kim cas casey 7 today in new england. she is on crutches, she will be out of work for a while but is expected to be okay, and the thief has yet to be caught. a former celtic calling it a career, retiring more ahead on 7 sports. first the first the harvard new team
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a team effort for the harvard football team. the newest player the newest inspiration. he is battling cancer. he is a huge fan of the squad. he was walking with an official press conference to sign his letter of intent in harvard head coach says >> to see someone on a daily basis have to deal with all of the incredible challenges that daniel and his family go through and to see them do it with such a positive attitude and with such impressive resiliency is tremendously inspiring for us. daniel dot his own jersey. he -- got his own jersey. will he try to make to every home game this season. a race to the rescue.
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save a man trapped in a flooded storm drain. the weather is out for us, and it finally feels like fall this week. but finally decent weather to enjoy, outdoor activities today and tomorrow. the forecast is coming up. and we have at latest on preak news, four people are killed, another person is quickly injured when a gunman opens fire inside of a mall in washington state. we will have the latest on that. make sure you stay with with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz.
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four people killed, police in washington state looking for a man after he opened fire in a mall. what officials say caught. >> more injury issues for the patriots raising the question, yet again, who will play quarter pack in their next game. welcome back. thanks for staying with us on is i'm nancy chen. we will take a look outside in boston, because it's the first weekend of fall. brie, a lot of people going out there and picking those apples today. >> reporter: it will feel like fall today as opposed to yesterday. we still have fall-like temperature. it's the first forecast we have put together in quite some time where we don't have any 80s across the bore. rain moved through last night, and even a quarter of an inch up to a half an inch reported in some areas.
6:32 am
across south coast. that won't last for very long. all of that weather came along with a front. this front means business. i'd like to say fro auction, it's a short word that stands for frontal passage. a new air mass and boy the changes are in store for us. you see the mid 40s as you get into central northern new england. 51 in worcester. it's coolerpe and it's mostly sunny, cooler, crisp this afternoon, dry air has moved in as well. 64 to 70 for the highs. tonight i think the changes will become parent as we have patchy frost to the northwest. we will have to talk about this in more detail to come in the extended forecast in just a bit inside brie, thank you. we begin breaking news out of washington state. four women killed, one critically injured at a shooting in a mall, it happened before
6:33 am
of burlington washington an hour north of seattle. in morning police releasing this picture of the man they believe opened fire inside of the cascade mall. they believe he was last seen walking toward a highway, police not sure at this point that there was more than one gunman involved. take a look here, this was the scene at the mall shortly after gunshots rang out, the mall was evacuated so emergency crews went inside to search for anyone else who may have been hurt. the macy's store, a witness describe being the terrifying moments that the shots rang out. >> i turn around and i hear a shot, you know, it sounded like a clap, and the next thing you know, another shot, and then after that, bang, bang, bangs! and i heard, like about 7 or 8 shots, at that point i dropped what i had in my hand, and i started running. >> this a look at the scene from
6:34 am
morning long and bring you any updates as soon as they become available inside locally here at home, 7 news turning into an explosive situation in taunton, two people hurt at an explosion at a power plant. and now investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. we stephen cooper march from taunton, the calle call came inn explosion. >> reporter: with reports of an scene and they're also reported heavy smoke. they packed up, they went n they found the source, and they hit it right away. >> firefighters arriving to heavy smoke inside of the building after they said a large circuit breaker exploded. the fire itself quickly extinguished. it was a building to operate in. my guys are aware of the dangers, but they made a nice aggressive attack.
6:35 am
out, everybody else was fine. >> they were sent as a precautionary measures, so we're hopeful that if they see. >> service to the company's 36 customers was never affected. >> how unusual is something like this? >> you know, it's something that i've been with the team for a long time and this is the first time i experienced this. >> the cause of the malfunction still unclear, but everyone including the fire chief just thankful no one was hurt here. for whatever reason. steve cooper, 7 news today in new england. the woman from georgia fighting back after a violent home invasion is caught on camera. surveillance video capturing the moments three thieves broke into the home with her guns drawn. the woman inside was ready to take them on. she took out her own gun and started firing at the suspects king one of them. >> they were not holding
6:36 am
highly anticipated that someone watching the evening newscast will recognize these people. the men were looking for cash, they are still on the run and considered armed and dangerous. also, police releasing the video of a robbery that happened in california back in august. the video shows two men aggressively robbing a woman as she tries to go inside of her own home. the suspects got away with the woman's purse but officials say she was not hurt in this. police are still searching for those robbers. and a rush to the rescue minnesota. two police officers responding to the scene when a man gets trapped in a storm drain and making matters worse, the drain was flooded by heavy rains. the officers couldn't wait for the fire department, but they needed to act. >> reporter: it captures the adrenaline of the moment as she and her partner respond to the call. >> they are in row.
6:37 am
couldn't wait for the fire department. the man was holding on for his life. >> we can look down, and we can see holding down for dear life. he was screaming ask calling for help as much as possible. >> we saw him hanging on. he was screaming for help. we knew we had to do something right away. there's a rope attached to him, and it was attached to something else. >> reporter: before the water was rushing, the man had been exploringns tree, but when the it poured in the force was too much. >> my concern what happens if one of us, loses our footing down and gets pulled into the water. >> i was on the legend and i started walking and it was slippery. i had to get on my hands and knees and i had to crawl to see where the rope was attached. my partner was hanging on to the back of my belt on i wouldn't fall over the edge. >> he is -- his life is on the
6:38 am
i'm just going to pull the rope as hard as possible. >> reporter: and together, they did it. the man lost his clothes along the way but he regained his footing. >> he was noticeably shaken up, and very thankful that he had met us as individuals. >> reporter: ryan, 7 news today in you anyone gland. the man was not sure the just shaken up after the incident. more news, rescuers pulling the young girl from of a building on friday. the 5-year-old was found hours after war planes spawn the syrian town -- bombed the syrian town she lived in. they are reporting that the girl's family did not survive the attack. and rescuers pulled her from the rubble and took her to a nearby hospital. she is expected to survive. the dueling snakes fought for three hours before wildlife
6:39 am
snakes were fighting each other, of course, over a female snake. they say that snakes in the phoenix area are on the prowl and preparing for winter. >> those are two male snakes that were fighting for dominance over the area, and after one of my guys got there, he found a female rattlesnake underneath na barbecue. >> no word if the red sox open the series with the reds,. apple picking weekend? not a bad idea. honey crisp is calling and crisp is also our weather forecast. we will get to all of of the details with more clarity coming up next. update on the breaking news out of washington state. police say 5th person has died after a shooting at a shotting mall. we will continue to bring you any updates throughout the
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i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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? do you love me? ? with hood sour cream, you can love every delicious bite and every spoonful you scoop because it's only 30 calories per tablespoon. with all-natural hood sour cream. always good. always hood. welcome back september 24th, and taking a look right now. you can see the sun starting to come up over the city of boston. a little cooler start to the morning. this has been pretty summer-like. >> just like that it's fall for
6:43 am
last night. we got some rain out of the post frontal area showers worked through. a quarter of an inch to an inch reported in some spots. taking to the south coast, still, light lingering showers, and we still have light cloud cover along the cu south coast, cape and the islands. high pressure taking its place, subsiding air keeps the sunshine around for u but it's going to help drive in for cooler weather. and the coole t you see the normal high for this time of year. 70-degree for boston. we will experience below normal temperatures for a stretch of days. that hasn't happened in a very long time. current temperatures low to mid-50s for us. and that is where the warmer air is relatively speaking. mostly sunny this afternoon, it's much cooler than yesterday, kind of a crisp feel to the air adds well, because it's drier air that has move in for us as well.
6:44 am
humidity at all for the next several days. highs today will be in the mid-to upper 60s for us. again, below average, just by a smidge, but i think perfect apple picking weather if you're planning on heading to the orchard and the farms this weekend. it looks good today and even cooler for tomorrow. it might be a bit of a breeze that makes you think that you might need the extra layer, sweater like jacket. patchy frost to the northwest. we could drop in the mid-to upper 3 spots. patchy frost for u not out of the question for this time of year. but it is more likely for that to happen well northwest of our area, well northwest of 495, frost advisory all the areas that you see here in blue, berkshire county, and also here in our area, worcester county eastward. low-lying areas you might
6:45 am
we're finally changing that forecast over to more fall-like feel. weekend get away taking up north to the lakes and the mountains t will be quite cool tomorrow. highs topping out maybe not even at 60 degrees, and taking to the cape. i think the wind will be quite a bit feistier into tomorrow. not crazy but still wind that you will have to combat, maybe pulling the hair up. we will have to take a look way out west to see any chance of any showers. can you believe that we're getting high elevation snow fall in the rockies. that is the next system that makes its way toward us, but it takes a while to get us. it looks like late monday, clouds increase, showers expected as we get into tuesday. it's a 60% chance of showers, we will have to wait and see how much precipitation we can squeeze out of that. we know we will take every drop we can get. here is the 7 on 7 forecast keeping things on average or just below it through the spire week, we get the sunshine, too. all right, brie, thank you inside while there's a new kind
6:46 am
it's a new fitness movement that comes from medieval times. people here in new england and all over the world are gathering their armor and heading into battle, even 7's nick emmons gets suited up for a medieval matchup. 60 seconds, inside of this old mill. >> fight. an old world, fight club. it's all real, the punches are real. the types are all are real. >>this is the night hall, it might be the only place in the country where you can attack somebody with a sword and not get arrested. jay brooks is the king of this castle. he founded the armored league in
6:47 am
across the u.s., and more armoring up abroad. >> we have teams in arbeginarge, all walks of life are doing this male or female. >> reporter: she is one of the women training for the acl. >> it's not about gender. it's about fighting. >> reporter: she loves fighting. >> there's nothing like being hit full force, and then you go and punch them right back. >> reporter: it's the violent, brutal sport. but it's not d >> the weapons are blunted. they're not losing limbs. >> reporter: before the fierce fighting. >> double time. >> reporter: comes fitness. >> cannon. >> reporter: after all armor is in line head to toe, 50 to 6. >> there's fitness and then there's armor. >> reporter: how hard could it be. i decided to try my hand at hand-to-hand combat. >> this is all that matters for me. >> yeah. keep that face free, that is why we got that. >> reporter: in my first
6:48 am
a few round, the fitness aspect really came into lay. >> i will give you a break. >> perfect. >> reporter: the armor isn't light and it definitely doesn't breathe. my take away it's exhausting but exhilarating. nothing like swinging a sword at someone to get the heart pumping. there's no animosity, instead a bond that keeps people coming back for more. >> you fight and beat even other up, and then at the end, have beers with each other. got to protect the face. closing in on the east title, big pappy led the opening against the race. >> we will have more on injuries
6:49 am
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after dropping jimmy two years ago, bill belichick said it's better to be early than
6:52 am
are not looking at late, we may see neither. the opening drive the third quarter on tuesday night. the team examining him on the side line following the drive. the event fork landing on top of him. berseberset, and the coach avoig the question, only he knows how. >> will you be telling us jacobi's thumb is doing. >> i don't think so. >> you know he will work on the foundation tonight. well put, coach. red sox in tampa, david ortiz getting a standing ovation from the other crowd. the fenway fans in the drove. walking right, 37th on the air, he is up to 137ibr.
6:53 am
curling and solo shot. they got the nap, only mistake on the night, and five inning of work. fast forward to the night, no craig kimble, and he called on to close the show, after a lead on double and an intentional walk, siegler gets, to strike out to end it. sox win it 2-1, the magic number to clench the east. now down to four games and kevin garnett making it official, the big ticket retiring after 21 seasons in the nba. boston will help lead the celtics to a 17 banner. the 15 time all-star, leading the game in the 20th score in nba history. that is it for sports. up next, brie eggers will be back for a one last look at the
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it's about 7:00, it will be a comfortable afternoon especially with the a bund ant sunshine. the light breeze especially near the coastline. and tomorrow, excuse me, tonight, threat the big news, patchy frost to the northwest. we're kicking off the new season of fall. look at the overnight lows. we get into the upper 30s for some spots. tomorrow morning as well as monday morning. norwood bedford looking at you,
6:57 am
showers on tap for. temperatures at or below average throughout this spire week. brie, thank you, and thank you for joining on today in new england. i'm nancy chen, the "today" show is up next. we will is more on the deadly mall shooting in washington state. we will have more with local
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good morning. breaking overnight. mall shooter on the loose. an all-out manhunt for a gunman who walked into a macy's in washington state and started firing. >> i have two victims down bleeding in the makeup i have one rifle left in the area. >> five people killed. and this morning, a community on edge as the warning to stay indoors. we are on the scene. video controversy. protesters take to the streets of charlotte for a fourth night. hours after the family of keith scott releases the video showing the moments before and after the shooting. >> he has no weapon. don't shoot him.


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