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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  September 25, 2016 11:30pm-11:56pm EDT

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flag thrown at the 45 yard line. will and a little pushy/shovey. >> referee: holding, offense, number 79. that penalty is declined. result of the play, fourth down. >> al: a lot of stuff to work on in chicago. started the game by saying bears fans have to be in a funk. what would give them hope? wrigley field? >> cris: the cubs. yeah. think they're going to win it?
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you know? jones. royal collects at the 9. and it's taken out of bounds about the 16 yard line, with 1:39 remaining. >> cris: how good were the rookies for the cowboys this evening? plenty good. shots along the way. but prescott able to get down. a rushing toucow there's his first-ever passing touchdown. probably a little thank you to mom there, the woman that he gives all the credit to. an inspiration. and ezekiel elliott, back to his hurdling form. put on a bit of a show. if you're looking for what should be for the dallas cowboys
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the future. tonight was pretty impressive, on national television, against the embassy. that is caught at the 35 yard line. still a little bit of life here. meredith, making the catch. bears do not have a time-out. first down, up at the 40. 1:20 left in reg. he's on the right sideline. incomplete. when you see that the rookies do well and all that stuff, they are so excited. but i can never get the words of bill parcells out of my mind. let's put away the anointing oil for a while. >> cris: yeah. you can rubble a little oil on that no interception thing. >> al: right. >> cris: that deserves a little oil there. that's pretty good. and elliott, tonight, much
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and the common denominator of the success is going to be the offensive line. you know? even though they were missing a few parts of it, that's always going to be there. >> al: he looks upfield before he looked it into his hands. third and ten. you go back to 1969, last rookie quarterback and running back combo to start a season opener. how did those guys wind up doing? i did a speech one time with roger staubach. it's me and roger staubach. and i'm looking at his resume. the 25th and last thing on there was, i won the heisman trophy. that's a life well-lived. >> al: very. third and ten. and up to the 50 yard line. is it hauled in? it is, by eddie royal. that's enough for a first down.
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and hoyer, come on, let's go. royal on the other side, this time. takes him town. to the rookie, howard. clock continues to run. >> cris: the cowboys are going to go on the pile. while the clock ticks. all of the little tricks of the trade, coming into play. >> al: looks like the last 25 seconds to keep the people interested in this one, huh? >> cris: if you're going to hang around for a game, if you're a cowboys fan, this might be the one. >> al: don't even have to be a
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much work through the years. little doubt in anybody's mind that he will wind up on the steps in canton someday. second and ten. >> cris: got to snap the football. >> referee: infraction, defense number 83. five-yard penalty. second down. >> cris: cody whitehair in there, rookie center. he will learn that trick. aaron rodgers would have been point because they have made a lot of big plays on getting a defender to jump offsides and get a free play and throw it in the end zone. not worry about what happens. >> al: taken to the 16 yard line
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ten seconds. now, seven. >> cris: don't have much of a chance to win the game. but you have to throw a few in the end zone, right? >> al: i know there's some hearts beating fairly furiously right now. >> cris: people love football like that. >> al: seven seconds left. from the 16 yard line. hoyer, to the end zone. and that's thrown away, with two seconds. >> cris: were those hearts cheering for or against?
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now. final play, barring a defensive foul, coming up. elliott with 140 yards on 30 carries. the final play of the game in all likelihood is batted and almost picked off. and the dallas cowboys, took them over a year, to win a home game. but they do it here. >> referee: the game is over. >> al: all right. whatever it was, the game is over. holding on the offense. going to make it official. that's it, 31-17, dallas.
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welcome to the volkswagen passat postgame report. here's mike tirico. >> the dallas cowboys, winning by 14. and hold off chicago in the second half, 31-17. the bears winless. missing so many pieces. hard to get a feel for chicago. if you're dallas, the headline is the kids are more than all
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his career without an interception. finally threw that touchdown. ezekiel elliott, 30 carries, 140 yards. they will be on the side of the sunday night bus. they get game balls and get a chance to speak with michele tafoya. >> mike, the first win at home since the opener last year. dak, teammates say with each passing week, they gain more and more faith in you. how is your confidence changing? >> these guys give me the i'm out with guys like witten and beasley. we have a great offense, this core unit. and glad to be a part of it. >> you were a dallas fan growing up. tonight, you threw your first touchdown pass in a dallas uniform. what did that mean to you? >> it felt great. it took a lot of pass attempts to get it. but it felt good. >> you and zeke became the first cowboys rookie tandem to pass
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what is it like, as rookies, to be having this kind of impact on the team, dak? >> it's exciting. it makes our job easier. to come out here and have fun and be ourselves. >> congratulations. zeke, we mentioned your first 100-yard rushing game. jason garrett said you were running tough. what was different about your approach tonight? >> i kept going to work. every week got better, going to work. making sure i'm disciplined throughout the game. and today, i did a good job. >> we showed footage of you winning state champion as a hurdler. and we saw a big hurdle tonight. how does it feel to have that track move? >> i don't know if that is a track thing. that's a guy that doesn't care. big backs.
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makes me more dangerous. mike? >> michelle, thank you. one from ohio state. one from mississippi state. played in the big ten. the stage does not seem to be too big for them, as the rookies do well here. we bring in tony dungy from our studio. this is three games now. the giants, the redskins and the bears. he continues to impress. >> i saw the three things that could look for in a quarterback. accuracy. number two, decisionmaking and number three, confidence. he is showing all of those. he has thrown the ball very well, in the pocket or outside the pocket. he makes good decisions. he hasn't turned the ball over all year. they have a confidence. the teammates have a confidence in them. that's what it takes to be a
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dak prescott is off to a fantastic start. >> so is carson wentz in philadelphia. we have two young quarterbacks at the top of the division. eli manning and the giants lose to washington. we've seen them play a little bit. give me your read on what's the best you've seen out of the nfc east so far? >> i'll tell you, philadelphia today was impressive. carson wentz, a lot of the same things we're saying about dak what they did to pittsburgh today. this is a great offense. a lot of weapons. they totally shut them down. they are playing with a tremendous amount of confidence. right now, you have to like where philadelphia and dallas are sitting. >> and will be sitting next year at the end of next month. october 30th, on a sunday night. eagles and cowboys. the young guys or tony romo back in. it can be something special.
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out of the northwest. russell wilson, injured that left knee earlier today. what is the latest you're hearing? >> had the right ankle injury that was affecting him the to a certain extent. trainers are speculating it's an mcl sprain. mri still set for tonight. no word yet. russell wilson expressed confidence. if it is an mcl injury, he could play with it. but we're waiting for the final word from that mri, mike. >> boykin, undrafted rookie, came in to finish that game. and a bye week for seattle. let's get updated on the patriots. we saw them thursday with jacoby brissett, getting the win. a couple of weeks since jimmy garoppolo was hurt. they play buffalo. what are you hearing about the quarterback status? is anybody going to be healthy up there? >> they're trying to get jimmy garoppolo or jacoby brissett
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signing another quarterback is regarded as, i'm told, a last resort for the patriots. they don't want to have to cut somebody to create a roster spot. but they would prefer to go with julian edelman, even though he hasn't played quarterback since college, because he knows the offense inside and out. you bring in somebody that hasn't been on the team. that person is going to go have to get up to speed. they are comfortable, if they have to, going with julian edelman. but goal numbeon garoppolo or brissett ready to go. >> mike will start five-straight hours of football talk. nbcsn, 7:00 to 9:00, followed by "the dan patrick show." 31-17, dallas. al and cris back to wrap it up in a moment. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy?
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>> to the corn per he's in, touchdown. >> they keep piling it on. >> alex smith, throws left for kelce at the ten. >> now, peels off left. fumbles it. demetrius harris. touchdown, kansas city. >> good match-up. a pairing we don't see that often. kansas city against pittsburgh. each team, 2-1. kansas city with a victory against the jets but what happened to pittsburgh against philadelphia? >> you know, carson wentz has got it going on. they were excited after the last game against chicago. i can't imagine what they're like after beating pittsburgh here. the pittsburgh steelers, you know them. they're going to try to beat you up. and andy reid will be calling doug peterson and say, what did
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>> pittsburgh gets le'veon bell back. andy reid has his team ready. mike tomlin will have his team ready. >> and le'veon bell is a huge factor. not just running the football, but what he can do in the passing game, as well. >> on to pittsburgh next week. see you from there, as you take a look at dallas. final score, 31-17. so, that will wrap it up from at&t stadium. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. our entire gang. we will pack it up and head to the steel city and see you on "sunday night football" from pittsburgh next week.
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