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tv   Today  NBC  September 27, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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getting hotter? somebody is making a cameo. >> hoda and i just shot it the other day. >> going to be good. >> and it's all about little pint-size grace, newest winning from "america's got talent." look at her. >> and do you know what is interesting? people saw her perform twice. the very first time she performed because she got the pass all the way through. and people are still i think getting to know her and she's amazing. guess who else? >> we also have kristen chenoweth is here. from the american songbook from her brand-new cd. and we have today's buzz. oh, baby, get ready to melt when you see the photo. adam levine shared it of his new baby girl. and including the big wedding of the weekend. kristen chenoweth will be here tomorrow. sorry. >> and you were busy this weekend. >> yeah, it's fun.
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do. >> yeah, it's fun. this is the third time we've been to the greenwich wine and food festival. usually they call them a food and wine festival. not in greenwich, it's wine and food. there i am. that is adam richmond, marcus samuelsson, that's michelle and mark murphy and alex, they are just delightful chefs. great -- i didn't know anybody but marcus. and here's what i did. and it's okay to say it, i hope. we did a panel and all i wanted to do is just introduce everybody and let them talk. but i asked if i did come as a guest to your home, you're all internationally famous chefs, what would you make for me. like your signature expression of the way everything you love about food. and they all said what it would be. and my lips were -- >> what were some of them?
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so i asked every single one of them if they would come on for one week and cook what they would cook for a guest if they came to their home. >> i love that. >> and they can't change it up. i have them on tape. and what did you do? >> i did nothing. i had a girl's weekend with my friend jen miller, and we literally watched bad tv and ate hot dogs an took naps. >> that's what we did the whole time. you didn't watch >> we watched "real housewives" reunion, all three parts. >> keep your iq right up there. >> and then you fell asleep and went for a walk. >> it was too beautiful to be indoors. >> do you know when you need a recharge weekend? that was that. >> that's good. all right. we found out this morning what the baby will be, what gender. savannah and mike. >> we all guessed, by the way. we should point out. a lot of people guessed that it
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>> boy, were they right. yep, it is a boy so we're very excited about them. and we want to clap -- oh, that's laughing. >> yeah, clapping. >> all right, it's a boy. ba-dum-dum. >> 2 years old and she knows she's having a baby brother. so there is little vail and congrats to savannah and mike. mike is so excited talking about a son. >> really kind of perfect. >> and she said the uterus is closed, by the way. shop is closed. >> sad news over the weekend. we're losing so many. all seem to be their 80s these days. we're drinking an arnold palmer in honor of the sweet man to celebrate the legendary golfer who passed away sunday at the age of 87. >> the tweets all shows how many generations he touched and how much universal love
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you knew him well. >> frank knew him quite well and i've known him since i was a young girl. one of the first commercials i ever did was for florida orange juice with him. he was so -- you know, when you're scared at first and starting out your career and all of a sudden you're standing with a legend and you don't know how to be and you don't know how they were going to be. i've always thought that he was the frank gifford of golf. he was the total gentleman and never forget that he met you somewh it was never about himself. >> do you mind if we take a peek at the commercial? i want to see what it was like back then. >> this is 1979. >> nice round, arnold palmer. do you always finish up with a glass of orange juice? >> not always. sometimes i start off with a glass. if isn't just for breakfast anymore. >> in a recording session, kathie lee? >> well, it tastes great and it's so good for you. besides everyone knows it isn't
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nothing added to 100% pure florida orange juice. >> your voice is so crazy. >> moi voice. >> your voice. >> do you know what it is? too many sailors, whiskeys and cigarettes over the years. it was the exact opposite of all that. good clean living. such a good husband and father and friend. >> he said at one point, this is how he'd like to be remembered, i'd like to be remembered for bringing golf to a worldwide audience, players today have no boundaries. and like so many athletes, all kinds of athletes were singing praises for arnold palmer. >> and then later i'd see him quite often because when i was married to frank, we would go to all these events and the great athletes from every different part of the world and every sport would be centered together. it was interesting to see them interact with one another because you think about that, men like that have few peers, you know? they're the greatest at what they do, the greatest that ever
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together, the greatest football players, the greatest golfers, the hockey players, the greatest everybody, it was just fun to -- i wouldn't even talk. just love to watch them respect and enjoy each other. >> what a room to be in. >> very cool. >> so amy schumer was at the mets game yesterday. and you know, she said she always, always wanted to be on the kiss cam. she said that she loves the kiss -- >> most people don't want to be. >> not amy. she happened to be sitting between her dad and her boyfriend. so take a look at what happened. >> oh, my gosh. dad and then -- go. >> i think they knew it was going to happen because he took off his sunglasses right away. >> and look at the dad. the dad has no idea it happened. >> he's like what happened and he doesn't care. >> look, he takes off his sunglasses right away. >> watch it in slow motion.
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boyfriend in front of my dad. even if it was fake. >> you make out on the public street with nobody around. >> no, those are strangers. but i couldn't do it in front of family. >> what would your father say if he caught you doing that? >> oh, god. >> in his egyptian -- >> he would be -- that's forbidden. but we've been dating and i'm 52? forbidden. >> we didn't have a great day for the giants yesterday, but i do want to give you something via our dear friend sheila who took you out last week. >> i love her. >> next week, giants, you'll bring it home. but this was for you today so that you will have the proper attire next time you go to giant stadium. >> what? >> and signed by eli manning to his hoda woman. >> what? okay. i'm putting it on. i'm putting it on. >> you've got a lot of making up do, baby. >> i did wear a saints jersey the last time. but now, okay, there you go. is it really signed?
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eli manning. isn't that sweet of her? >> thank you. >> she was here on saturday, too. >> thank you. >> hey, everything okay? >> everything's good. >> dropped my wallet. >> you dropped your wallet. i wish we could have him on every single day. the funniest, funniest man. every day we say what is your excuse. he's not miked, so let me go over there. >> he's got it. >> what is your excuse? >> i'm going to go home and soak -- >> and then hoda says is that what you call them? anyway, we have fun with it. and then we go -- >> all right. >> oh, gosh. >> by the way, laurie hernandez got a nice little surprise. when if i was in rio with the final five, we brought zac efron by and laurie hernandez said i love tory kelly.
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surprise. well, anyway, then laurie's dream came true. >> i want to see this. >> this is what happened on social media. laurie tweeted literally in tears over the fact that tory kelly followed me on twitter. so this weekend, check out what happened. >> oh, my gosh. >> i can't believe this is happening. >> oh, my word. >> who is the other -- who is that girl? >> that little girl wanted to meet laurie and laurie wanted to meet tory. >> that's the yin and yang of light, baby. >> she kind of looked like she wanted to hug her. >> isn't that awkward? >> you go to hug --
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efron moment for one second just because it was just one of those moments. here he comes to meet the final five. and more screaming. but look who got the first hug? watch. watch. who got the first hug? laurie went in even though it was simone's person. >> i'm so honored that you got me this. and he really signed it. that's really him? she didn't just do it? >> he really did it. he really did it. >> don't go anywhere or you'll miss our favorite things. >> and, ladies, if you have the peach pit, i have something for you. that's what bette midler calls it. we don't want the peach pit. you got to wait for mine. and she's involved in a steamy love triangle, it's not hoda. from the hit series "younger," we love the woman. >> i can't believe that. ? don't let dust and allergens
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she's the two time tony winning actresses we love her and all-around triple threat on the stage, off the screen, everywhere, in life. sutton foster. >> singer, actress, dancer. stars in taffland's series "younger," plays a -- >> a liar. >> a 40-year-old posing as a 26-year-old. getting a job as a book triangle with her boss and a much younger why not tattoo artist. but when her love life is almost exposed at work, she takes drastic measures to keep her dirty little secret. >> yes. >> may i see yours? >> oh, no thank you. >> oh, please, i must insist. >> no. >> yes. >> no. >> i think yes. >> no. >> i think now.
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>> oh, sutton is here. look at you. i was saying to her earlier i think there is nobody having a better time in their life right now than sutton. >> everything is amazing. it's full, incredibly full. it's a big -- >> at least it's not the unemployment line. >> no, it's not. >> and how much fun is it shooting that love triangle? with the tattoo artist and >> sex scenes with different men, how do you do it? >> never in my life has that ever happened, so to be able to -- and those guys are just -- i could not be luckier. i mean, they're amazing, amazing guys. and we have such a great time onset. and it's a fantastic season. i can't wait for people to see it. >> and the show started out kind of slow, right? just sort of under the wire,
2:23 am
that it wouldn't stay that way. >> it was a bit of a blessing. we're like this slow burn. >> the little engine. and now you're in your third season and fourth one has already been picked up. >> we got picked up. >> this is what you never get in show business, job security. >> it's fantastic. >> and you're getting ready to get back on broadway? >> off broadway. >> off broadway. >> rehearsal is tomorrow for a production of "sweet charity." >> which is one of the great, great, great shows. and limited i'm sure. >> it's a limited run. i think right now we're running and it's at a really cool space, about 200 seats. only 12 people in the cast. super intimate. i'll be right in people's laps. >> wow. >> i think literally. >> you've done the huge ones, too. >> so it will be like a really good new take on the show and a role that is always one of my dream roles. i can't wait. >> you know what else, "the gilmore girls."
2:24 am
>> "gilmore girls" is my favorite show of all time. i was obsessed with it. and i worked with the creators on "bun heads" and they created this role for the revival. and it was four days of like -- i couldn't believe it. it was a pinch me moment from the couch to being in like stars hollow. >> you have to be thrilled that you have a couple of guest stars this week. how did you leave that out? >> i know, it was pretty exciting. we have some amazing guest stars this whole season and in our premiep premiere -- >> we're in the premiere! >> we have 30 seconds. we'll play a game called millennial slang. none of us know. so we'll put 30 seconds on the clock and here are the questions. what is trill? t-r-i-l-l. >> like the vocal warm-up? >> no. it's to be genuine. deserving of respect. trill. what is thirsty?
2:25 am
>> it means someone who craves attention. somebody's thirsty. what is gno? >> isn't it like something that shouldn't be in food? >> yes. no, girls night out. all right. one left. what is ratchet? >> that sounds like something like ratchet it up. >> oh, trashy. >> i learned something new. >> goat, goat, g.o.a.t., greatest of all time. >> you got that. oh, i didn't know it. >> well, we wish you happiness and great success on everything. you don't need it because you've got, but we're happy for you. >> thank you. >> thanks, sutton >> and season three of "younger" premieres this wednesday on tv land. and we do make a little cameo. >> things get out of control. get ready for amazing grace, the 12-year-old singing
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we are so excited. she's the pint-size breakout star who we first met earlier this year on "america's got talent" when she sang this song. ? ? i don't play by the rules ? ? to find my way ? >> there she is.
2:30 am
with her incredible voice. and just a couple weeks ago, this is what happened. >> grace vanderwaal! >> so now she's officially with simon cowell's record label and next month she will star in vegas and she's only 12. grace, so cute. >> i don't know if you heard, i said how many times have you seen that. what did you say? >> not enough. it hasn't set in yet. it really hasn't. >> really? >> people ask me like what does it feel like watching it, and it doesn't feel like you. you think you're just watching -- >> somebody else? >> yeah. >> are people stopping you on the street and saying are you grace? because sutton foster just said i know her. i know her. sutton foster won two tony awards. >> are people coming up to you on the street. >> they are. >> what are people saying? tell me everything. spill.
2:31 am
heartwarming every time. especially everyone has different stories but like just keep singing, keep writing, you're amazing. >> then they'll be lining up to see you and your first vegas show. you and your creative team put this together right now? >> yes. >> writing your own songs for this? >> yes. >> oh, wow. >> it's really exciting. and the most exciting part is it's supposed to be three days and it sold ou >> do you know who is the happiest next to you? your mother. she's right there. >> maybe even happier. >> mom, she's amazing. congratulations for everything you did. >> so are ticket as valuable? go see her in vegas. and we want to see your treehouse when it's all finished. you promise? all righty. together again, what debra messing was doing hanging out with eric mccormack. in today's buzz after the local
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we wrap up all the hollywood headlines that you missed over the weekend in today's buzz. and here with more juicy scoop than you could ever want. >> and definitely ever need. our stackable stack. >> i'm back. haven't seen you in so long. >> where have you been? >> do you have a strange -- >> no, i don't have eczema. i don't have scabis. i gave birth. >> talking about adam levine. >> yes, adam levine and behati prinsloo, his wife, gave birth to their first daughter. dusty rose. >> pretty name. >> yeah, it's a pretty name. he has a photo of dusty laying on his chest. very firm tattooed chest. lucky lady. she was born last wednesday. the first child for both of help. obviously he is on "the voice"
2:35 am
she's stunning. she instagrammed a lot of her pregnancy, so i'm sure she will instagram a lot of the child's. >> like chrissy teigen. >> and gwen stefani was on "ellen" said she's already face timed with the child -- with blake shelton. >> i wonder if they will have children together. >> that would be cute. >> because blake has no children. all right. >> we can move on now. let's go on to the "will and grace" reunion. is this real? >> i don't know. we're unsure where this took place or why. but the cast of "will and grace" reunited last week somewhere in like a bunker maybe. in this photo, debra messing is hugging eric and she said you smell the same, which i don't know what take means. >> good usually.
2:36 am
>> so is there any chance of a reboot, any chance? >> i would love that. there is megan and sean. i would love that. i think they all would do it because, you know -- >> why not? >> yeah, why not. they all made so much money and got so many emmys from that show. it was so successful, so who knows. reboots are such a big deal. >> they really are. >> bob greenblatt, let's get it going. >> somebody smart in the room making it appeal to everybody. >> maybe they'll ge for that. >> hardly. what else is going on? >> a hunk named josh brolin is off the market. yes, he got married to katherine boyd. it used to be his assistant actually. got married in northern california. it's the third marriage to josh. he was married to diane lane. >> love her. >> they got married. yeah, but i was cruising through the photos because his mother-in-law is barbra
2:37 am
i could not see babs and i was looking for a woman in a drapy donna karan outfit. >> of course, off the shoulder. >> off the shoulder. >> high neck and off the shoulder. >> loose kind of pilgrim -- >> a hamilton. >> a hamilton. did not see her. >> on instagram by the way you can zoom in now on photos on instagram and the pictures get bigger. >> what are you zooming in >> all right. let's talk about the weekend box office. what won? >> this week it was "the magazinificent seven." made $35 million. >> i thought it would do better than that. what did you think? >> for the director, this is his highest. westerns are tough sometimes. not everyone loves westerns. but it did really well. and second was account storks." >> sandberg.
2:38 am
and then bridget jones, it has lots of fan, but dropping like -- >> can i tell you something, i wanted to see it but it wasn't in four of the theaters that i looked in to go see it. i wonder if it didn't do well -- "sully" is still playing. >> in fairness, everyone we talked to all said we loved it. >> people loved it. it's doing very well overseas, so that's the silver lining. >> i hope it's still good for renee because she's a sweeth. colin firth. >> i like it. >> but here's the problem. you and i love it, all of us people, we haven't gone to it. >> i wanted to go, but it wasn't showing. >> all right. thank you. >> are you teaching me about my decolletage? >> you don't want a peach pit. >> do i have a peach pit? how do i know? >> we'll let you know. >> i might. >> you unbutton and we'll tell you.
2:39 am
>> making a car connection, and he shares his three buying secrets with you coming up right after this. did you say 97? yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. h. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies.
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do you remember this? no soup for you! of course, that's from one of the most famous and funniest episodes from "seinfeld," the soup nazi. and the writer who created that scene is with us today. he may have written for comedians like jerry seinfeld and david letterman but cars are spike's real obsession and he's gone full speed ahead with the third season of his popular esquire network show called "car matchmaker." >> "car matchmaker."
2:43 am
>> is that your real name or a description of your hair? >> you know what, it is the description of my hair. mike schumacher who works at 30 rock gave me that nickname when i was an intern for "saturday night live." >> i did not know that. >> because i had hair licks. yeah. i lean into it now. >> in a second you'll match us up with a car that you think is right for us, but first people who are out car shopping, and you walk on to a lot, give us some practical pointers that you can give to people who are looking to buy. >> should you go for your heart or should you really -- >> should you always go with your heart, but be smart about it. here's the thee things i always tell someone, when you go on to the lot, make sure you know what you're going to buy. a lot of times people walk on to the car lot going i'm not sure yet. the salesman will take advantage of you. >> but what if you don't know? you need to fall in love. don't you? >> you figure it out before then. you talk to me, you talk to your friends, you do your homework before you walk on to the sales lot. second thing, do all your research. there is enough information on
2:44 am
so find a pay zone or a price zone that you're happy with. and the third thing, give it about 30 minutes. if you're not close to that price zone, walk away. >> and then they will come chasing you? >> walk away and by the way, here is the most important thing. no sympathy for that salesman. i don't care if he says he's getting divorced and he needs the commission or he needs a new kidney. he's having a bad day. >> what about the kidney? >> you just walk. but there are plenty of people selling cars at the right place. >> so you are going to match us up with cars. you said you'll start with me. >> yes, we'll play the dating game with cars. this is how it works. back to car number one it's a boy toy for the fabulous, you're guaranteed to get in the mood because he has mood lighting with ten different colors. you can take him anywhere from downtown new york to down a long sandy beach, he's the 2017 red rover convertible. >> cute. >> that is adorable. >> all right. bachelor car number two was born in america. and some are calling him a game chaker and a visionary.
2:45 am
>> okay. >> he's the 2017 chevy volt ev. 230 miles to the charge. we love that car. >> and what does it look like, though? >> that's it. and here is bachelor car number three. >> classic. >> he's older but easy breezy and light. four gears, swoopy lines. will have all the girls screaming. >> am i supposed to pick -- >> you pick first. >> i'm picking bachelor number one. >> i was going to pick that, too, until i saw car number >> i picked car number one. >> for me? >> yes. >> what about for kath? >> perfect car for you. bachelor car number one, four door englishman that knows how --- >> that's a mini. i don't want it. >> he enjoys roaming the globe, i like how opinionated you are. >> i know what i like.
2:46 am
>> and bachelor number two has a wild streak. a classic >> that's a thunderbird? isn't it? >> it's a vintage ford mustang. from the '60s. >> no thank you. >> all right. i know i want the third car. >> you can't have it. >> this will be excellent. bachelor car number three is german but what he likes the most -- >> no. i want the car that i want. >> what do you want? >> the third one on the first set. the blue one that looked like a bentley. >> who did i pick? i picked the s class because i think kathie needs to be driven -- this right here, we didn't even get to it, a plug in hybrid. it has a wine cooler in the back. with glass chillers. >> i have a wine cooler attached at my hip. >> we have to go. >> by the way, the speedster i would have picked for myself. >> check out the show.
2:47 am
>> our girl makes a style match. helping a fuller figure right after this. "it's amazing out there" means to me the wonder and the wow of weather. >> everything is amazing. >> it could be the smallest ice crystal, the biggest storm cloud. >> what does "it's amazing out there" mean to me? it means looking up and being inspired, even if it's just straight up blue skies. i mean how beautiful is that, that little burst of red that happens when the sun comes right over the ocean when it comes up in the morning. >> watching lightning streaking across the sky from one side to another. >> the role of thunder, it's just -- it's just one of the most amazing things. >> that's what "it's amazing out there" is and what it means to you mentally and the memories you take away from that weather and how that absolutely affects
2:48 am
what's in our stores, what are we going to wear, what are we going to eat, what is everything going to cost? to me all those interactions. the weather has real influences on. that's why "it's amazing out there." >> what it means for me is it lets the world know what's happening at the weather channel. >> i think what makes the weather channel's coverage unique is that we are meteorologists. we know what is going on with the weather and that makes a tremendous difference. >> somebody just walks up to you in the field and says, thanks we're so glad that you were here to take us through it. >> we have a charge, we have a responsibility. we have a drive to provide information to people to help them, help their communities, help their families stay safe. it matters so much. >> when you start linking the people side up to the weather and the science of the data, it makes a real connection and starts to drive home the importance of what we do. >> i love weather. >> i do love weather. >> i love the weather.
2:49 am
with people who love the weather and this is what we love to do. >> every single day is going to be something spectacular. it is truly amazing out there. f the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid for pain relief that can last into the morning. ? look up at a new day...? hey guys! now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. you wanna see something intense? pantene expert gives you the most beautiful hair ever, with our strongest pro-v formula ever.
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>> narrator: soundtrack of style is sponsored by jcpenney. get your penny's worth at jcpenney. >> how we dress is one way of expressing who we are and how we feel. >> but for millions of women who are plus size, finding stylish clothes that fit them well and show off personality can be at times challenging. >> so jcpenney designer ashley nell tipton is addressing the needs of plus size shoppers and those who are out of the plus size range and today's style editor bobbie thomas caught up with ashley and two real women who needed help finding fashion. >> you e-mailed us all caps i need help. tell me if you could wave the magic wand, what could i do to help you?
2:52 am
my size. there have been many times when i've been in the dressing room and i'm trying to get something up over, you know he, so i can put it on and i just give up and i sit there and i have my little teary-eyed moment and then i want to leave. >> sometimes i get dressed at home to go out somewhere and then i just give up and say i'm not going to go because i just don't feel comfortable, i can't fit anything. so i get frustrated. represents me, so of course why would there be clothing that would fit me if they're not seeing me. >> we're deserving. >> you are so deserving. oh, my gosh. >> we are. we're very deserving. >> you're so deserving. how did you feel when you heard that ashley nell tipton was designing a line that would be bright, feminine and stylish that was going up to a size 30? >> i was excited. >> yes. she just has no boundaries.
2:53 am
what i love and i'll be fabulous and confident in who i am. and that's it. nothing can stop me. >> she's personally helped us select looks for you. we wanted to put you outside of your comfort zone to try something new. so now it's time to go into the dressing room, but hopefully this will be a much better experience. meet ashley nell tipton. >> hi, how are you. >> i think it's really important that you're infusing a different >> yeah, because i believe that us plus-size women, just because of the size that we're at, it really does not define who we are, our personality. and i want us to be able to share that with our clothing. we should have fun just like everyone else. >> you look so cute. okay. come on. ashley -- >> oh, my gosh. take a look.
2:54 am
amazing. >> thank you. >> this is the first time that she's seen a true customer, a real woman in her clothing. >> besides all the mottles. >> it feels amazing. amazing. i can't lie. when i was in the dressing room, i'm like this is not going to fit, this is not going to fit. and i felt that feeling of dread that i get every single time that i go in a dressing room. slid on and fell on and i'm like -- >> it was made for you. >> ashley, this is awesome. >> how do you feel? >> i feel good. i do. i love the jacket. >> you look so fun. >> this is exciting. >> and how do you feel about the fantastic message shirt that says love you.
2:55 am
i love it because i just think everyone should love themselves. >> exactly. >> just as you are. >> some people want to make beauty seem superficial, but it's so important to us as women. it's how we express who we are. so it's really important that everybody has the chance to feel stylish. this is a group hug. >> love that. >> that is awesome. >> they looked beautiful, didn't they? all right. where is it available, hoda? is available exclusively at jcpenney. and hoda is so excited because our favorite things are next. and something to do with the peach pit. >> right here. right here. our bacteria family's been on this cushion for generations. alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman.
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it's time to share our favorite things. this is cool. this is called sio skin pad. it's an overnight wrinkle smoother. you get two of these reusable skin pads. it's $99.95. sio is, little and what you do, you take the plastic little thing out of it, you put it right here, that part between your bosom and stick to your chest and you sleep and you cannot believe how much it stops them from smooshing together. helps you from the peach pit. >> if you want a nice snack, these are brownies that are vegan, gluten-free, at blondies made with chickpeas and they're delicious, under 200 calories full of fiber and you won't even know that they're not chocolate.
3:00 am
i like to help. tomorrow. [ female announcer ] the following is a paid presentation for the keranique hair regrowth system, brought to you by keranique, the women's hair-growth experts. there's a problem shared by over 46 million women. it's like this taboo subject that we all want to pretend isn't really there. it's -- it's embarrassing. you know, if you don't talk about it, maybe it's not happening. [ female announcer ] women with this problem feel embarrassed, frustrated, and alone. like, even with a close girlfriend, i'm embarrassed to talk about that. [ female announcer ] the condition is female hair loss. my face, it looks good with my hair pulled back. but i can never do it. i'm so ashamed. i wish that it wasn't like this. deep inside, you really don't want


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