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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  September 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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guard station in boston today. but now the new developments we've learned that police in vernon, vermont, executed a search warrant at nathan carman's home there overnight along with police from a kingston, rhode island, police department as well. officials also releasing moments ago a phone call that the coast guard had with carman after he was rescued by a freighter on sunday afternoon. of course he was brought here back to boston but in carman told coast guard officials that he heard a funny sound in the engine room of his 31 foot aluminum boat. he said that at one point the boat dropped out beneath them. all these developments coming after carman arrived in here earlier this morning. back on land after his harrowing ordeal at sea carman arrives at the coast guard station just after 9:00 where officials say he
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the coast guard crew met up with the 22-year-old from vermont had arrived in the harbor earlier aboard a freighter. crew members found carman sunday afternoon floating in a raft in the atlantic ocean 100 miles south of the vineyard. carman spent a week adrift after his fishing boat sank off rhode island a day after he had gone out on a fishing trip with his mother. back on september 18, the coast guard suspended their search for 54-year-old linda carman who is s officials never received an official call from carman. they know his vessel sank quickly and he being looked for his mother and didn't see her. carman told the coast guard he grabbed food and water and jumped into the raft. the coast guard launched a massive search that covered more than 60,000 square miles unable to locate the missing boaters before the freighter found carman in good condition. today joined by his attorney
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members of the search and res queue team. something the coast guard tells us is standard procedure when a boat is lost at see and sinks. so a number of developments right now. again we know that carman actually left the base here with his father who had flown in from california. where they were going in here is unclear. again the investigation was a debriefing here at the coast guard station earlier today. that went on for several hours. but again we've now learned that police executed in vernon, vermont. what they found there is unclear right now. carman's where abouts is unclear. and the investigation is unclear where it's going from here. that is the latest live in boston tonight, steve cooper, news. >> kim: sky 7 h.d.over topsfield where a truck catches fire under power lines, this is happening on bear hill road and residents
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>> ryan: turning to thes forecast. we saw showers this morning. rain stopped but clouds remain out there. we're tracking more wet weather later this week. here is chief meteorologist jeremy reiner with an update on that. >> reporter: here is the batch of rain that moved through very early east of nantucket. a fair amount of clouds. thickest of the clouds on the cape and south shore. thin spots in the overcast boston west and decent amount of sunshine back through the worcester hills. rainfall totals, again this is not going to drought but it chews away at it. north weymouth 1/3 of an inch of rain. so it's tied to a cool front that is slowly moving through southern new england. no real cool air just yet but that will change overnight tonight and more so tomorrow. at the same time, we'll have an area of low pressure which will drift and wobble south into could. and -- ohio and kentucky and grab the moisture and pull it back up into southern new
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cloudy skies tonight. patchy drizzle. temperatures not chilly. we've had colder nights this week. lows 54-59 but during the day tomorrow that is where you will notice it because there won't be much im30. to the temperatures. they'll stay in the upper 50s, cloudy skies all day long, rain gear a good idea but really only for patches of light rain, drizzle and onand offmist through the day with a developing wind along the coastline. more about your wednesday and the rest of the week coming up in a few minutes. >> k presidential debate. >> we had a great, great time last time. >> it was a fascinating period of time. >> kim: last night's debate was the most watched presidential debate in history. more than 80 million people tuned in. today boat candidates are claiming victory. hillary clinton and donald trump back on the campaign trail after this battle on long island, nick emmons has more. >> reporter: the first debate was 9 most watched ever as you said.
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this sets a new record in the 60-year history of televised presidential debates. [applause] hillary clinton went to north carolina. >> did anybody see that debate last night? >> reporter: she liked the way it went. >> about not letting -- >> reporter: combative but clinton put trump on the defensive on not releasing tax returns. >> must be something really important even terrible that he is trying to hide. >> reporter: slamming what trump did reveal a few years ago. >> he didn't pay a income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> reporter: clinton today go if not paying taxes makes his smart what does that make the rests of us? >> reporter: clinton is an infective long time d.c. insider. >> just asked you this, up you've been doing this for 30 years, why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? >> reporter: kudos today from his runningmate. >> that was a status quo versus change. donald trump showed the
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looked energetic but not to trump. >> i don't believe she does have the stamina to be president of this country. >> reporter: she believes trump is a sexist. >> in is a man who has you will dad called women, pig, slobs and dogs. >> reporter: trump complaining the moderate threw threw tougher questions his way and questions questions about a sniffing sound trump blamed the microphone. >> i wonder was it set up this way. my microphone in the room they couldn't hear me. >> reporter: trump warning he might escal women at the end, i was going to hit her with her husband's women. >> reporter: trump and clinton will face off next sunday october the 9th. >> ryan: a former miss universe title holds ser speaking out after her name was brought up during last night's debate.
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house keeping because she was latina. she has a name. her name is alicia mash odda, she has become a u.s. citizen. >> reporter: she won the title in 1996. she gained weight prompting trump to call her miss piggy. the treatment led her to have eating disorders and even depression. >> watching this guy again doing a stupid things stupid comments. >> i never imagined something like this. it is a bad dream for me. >> ryan: in an interview trump doubled down saying she had gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem. stay with 7 news for continuing coverage of the race for the white house. hillary clinton will stop in new hampshire tomorrow. donald trump will be there on thursday. >> kim: a deadly blast in new york claims the life of a fire department captain.
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a two story home in the bronx. we are learning about what they found before the explosion happened. a home explosion rocking a new york neighborhood and turning tragic with a firefighter killed. >> we had tragedy today. tragedy has befallen a family, our fire department, and our entire city. >> reporter: fdny battalion chief michael fahey a father was killed. firefirs call of a gas odor at a home in the bronx where offices say they found a drug lab used for growing marijuana. about an hour later a huge blast. the home exploding and sending debris flying throughout air. fire officials called the nypd after finding the lab but the house exploded before officers could even assess the situation. new york city's police commissioner said there had been an ongoing investigation on the block during the past two weeks. >> a couple of weeks ago we
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stages of an investigation on the block so is that going to be part of the or going investigation as a possible grow house. marijuana. >> reporter: ate least 12 other people were hurt including police officers, utility workers and civilians. new york's mayor says the fallen firefighter was truly devoted to his duty. >> our hearts go out to the fahey family. a family so devoted to this city, michael's fire chief before him. a family that has given so much and today made the ultimate sacrifice to this city. >> kim: offices say none of the other firefighters suffered life-threatening injuring and investigators believe it was gas that caused the explosion but they're still investigating. >> ryan: a wild fire in northern california spread more than 1,000 acres and already destroyed a home there. hundreds of firefighters are working to contain the loma fire. battling triple digit
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officialings say 30 buildings are in danger and hundreds of people have been evacuated. the fire is only 5% contained. >> kim: new details on a houston shooting that injured nine people. authorities have identified the attorney they say randomly shot at drivers in a houston neighborhood. nathan desigh was killed by place in a standoff. he was wearing military style apparel and had two weapons with thousands of rounds of ammunition. who was killed is being charged with making a false statements to the f.b.i. about the bombings. they say she told a federal investigators someone she knew returned to atlanta in 2011 but investigators say she drove the person from new york to atlanta. >> kim: the patriots getting back to work both jimmy garoppolo and brissett at practice today. but will they be game ready? both of them nursing injuries. jimmy g. injured his
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the dolphins. >> ryan: one of the backups will take to take the field. alex corddry is live at gillette this afternoon. >> reporter: it was good news to see brissett and garoppolo out on the practice field. but the patriots weren't going to lay their card on the table and tell us who we will be seeing under center on sunday. >> who will be your quarterback? >> i don't know. ask coach. that will be up to him. >> reporter: the patriots injured quarterbacks sunday. who were both at practice tuesday. jimmy garoppolo wasn't wearing anything visible on his right shoulder and brissett had black tape over his injured right thumb. >> no mat hoar is the quarterback, everybody else we want to do our jobs and make life a little easieron them. >> reporter: blount has ondust that as the pats offense hit the ground running. in thursday's win over the texans the pats running back led the way with 105ed.
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great teammate. great guy to have in the lockerroom. i loved every second playing with him the past three years. so i like blocking for him. it's fun to hear him run by and hit guys. so it's, he is a great team mate. >> he has done an excellent job. he helped leading phones, leading the league in rushing so is that what we need for the first few games. he is, he wept out. he played well. so that's what we need from him. >> reporter: through three games four rushing touchdowns are tied for the most in patriots history with corey dylan and mayorian butts. live in foxboro, alex corddry, 7 news. >> kim: jeb bush headed to harvard this fall. bush will teach as a visiting nello in the program on education policy and governance. the former governor unsuccessfully ran for the republican presidential nomination in this year's election. an olympic runner from topsfield honored in her
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headlines for helping another runner after the two of them fell after a race in rio. today she was' named grand marshall of an annual parade. >> ryan: a speaker moved to tears making a real emotional statement at a city coup meeting. >> kim: iowa dealing with some of the worst flooding in mystery and fears that the levis may not hold. >> ryan: a police officer apologizing for telling a breast feeding mother searching for the person setting fires outside of an elementary school. the video they want people to see as they try to track down the culprits. >> announcer: tonight, her son came home from daycare looking like this. but when she called to complain -- i was very upset. >> reporter: hank found out just how long it can take for the state to investigate. >> 40 day, 50 days. >> reporter: could daycare
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wegmans ez meals. [alright] >> kim: a powerful speech from a little girl during a city council meeting in charlotte, north carolina. look at her face. she echoed the frustrations of dozens of protestors who gathered to demand justice. >> ryan: while she was' barely tall enough her message resonated with so many.
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generation and community with a tearful plea before charlotte city council. >> i feel like we're treated definitely than other people and i don't like how we're treated. just because of our color doesn't mean anything to me. i believe that. >> reporter: emotional at times she was' encouraged by the crowd you. >> are doing great. you are doing a great job. >> her heart to the hearts of racism. >> we've black people and we shouldn't to feel have to protest because y'all are teeth us wrong. we do this because we need to and have a right. [applause] i've been born and raised in charlotte and i never felt this way until now. >> reporter: during a
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number of speakers called on the mayor and police chief to resign over the handling of the keith scott case. scott was shot and killed by police. a number of speakers criticized city leaders but it was this 10-year-old girl who left a lasting impression. >> our father and mothers are killed and we can't even see them any more. it's a shame we have to go to the grave-yard and bury them. we have shouldn't have tears. we need our fathers and mothers. to be by our side. [applause] >> reporter: many of the speakers at the council meeting are demanding police release all video and audio footage of the confrontation that led to scott's deaths. the department released three minutes of footage from two cameras. >> kim: hard to speak after that but we'll talk about what is coming up next on 7. a couple surprised during
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central park. so who pops into their pictures. >> reporter: a lot of clouds around tomorrow. much cooler than today. mid-week forecast up next. >> ryan: the steps to become a saint are changing. the now steps being put in place by pope francis. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh, absolutely.
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>> ryan: a couple in new york dealing with an unexcepted wedding crasher. tom hanks crashed their photo shoot. look at this. he was jogging through central park when he spotted them. he ran over, congratulated them then stuck around to snap a few pictures. ax offered to officialiate the couple's ceremony revealing that he is an ordained minister. that would have been something to have him marry the two. >> kim: world' have pictures -- >> ryan: alreadyman married. >> kim: that would be quite the surprise. >> reporter: it would "boss om buddies." we had the rain moving away from the cape and the islands. we had a little bit of sunshine. orange .4 of an inch of rain. handoff about a quarter and here in boston, .2 of an inch of rain. what happens moving forward is that the weather systems begins to slowly move away. for this and then an area of low pressure forms here. it drops out of the main jet
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jet stream. that is going to grab moisture and pull it back into new england. this 60% chance of rain it's more about drizzle and mist versus any steady significant rain. thursday a lot of clouds, a few peeks of sun, probably no rain. only about a 20% chance of a sprinkle or shot shower then friday and saturday the chance does begin to gun friday afternoon and into saturday. that is the area of low pressure system in ohio. it'll move over new england and in the northeast. the chance of vain going up. here is the weather system this afternoon. a cool front even though there is not a lot of cool air. temperatures running in the upper 60s to around 70. for tonight mostly cloudy skies. patchy drizzle out there. temperatures tonight not that chilly because of the clouds and moisture in the air, 54-59 but the difference is going to be during the day tomorrow. we don't change much from tonight's lows. these are highs for tomorrow.
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stiffening northeast wind, 12-22 miles an hour with pockets of light rain and drizzle and mist. you may have the rain gear on standby and never neat it because that is going to be so inconsistent where this patches of rain tries to form and move. i think coastal locations have a better chance than back in the worcester hill and monadnock region but even with that said along the coastline less than .1 of an inch of rain. here is forecast. there is not much. chatham .2 of an inch. vineyard, nantucket a third of an inch. boston couple of sprinkles, that's about it. cool. with numbers in the upper 50's, the city around 58. drake autoat 59. -- dracut at 59. fitchburg around 60. barrie at 52 and back to the cape edgartown at 60 and
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skies. cool, raw northeast wind will keeps temperatures in the upper 50s to ordinary 60. then as we work to friday the low pressure is way over here but it's closer to us so that is going to grab moisture under a pull it into new england friday evening. friday is the day of early start where we start with some sun but showers likely by friday evening. that will continue into the weekend and perhaps even into early next week. see you at 5:30. >> kim: big papi is expecting from yankees fans during his final series in new york. >> ryan: then at 6:00 a biker with tunnel vision, what police say that was a risky ride and they're having a workever warning for anyone considering dry
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>> ryan: another hour of 7 news straight ahead, i'm ryan schulteis consistent i'm kim khazei, 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> nancy: a major meat recall after possible e. coli contamination at a massachusetts shut irhouse. thousands are leaving their iowa homes as the state prepares for what could be historic flooding. a sheriff's deputy is apologizing today after asking a breast feeding >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> ryan: people, police in vermont sevenned the home of the boater who was rescued after the khowst of martha's vineyard. he survived eight days at sea. >> nancy: the coast guard never found his mother. we've more with the breaking details with kim khazei. >> kim: police in vermont did execute a search warrant at the home of 22-year-old nathan carman today.
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reuniting with his father. now the vermont man went out on a fishing trip with his mother when their boat reportedly sank after a failed seven by crews a freighter ship saw nathan floating on a raft about 100 miles south of martha's vineyard and he had been at sea for eight days. his mother linda carman has not been found and the search for her has been suspended. the coast guard is questioning nathan carman today. investigating exactly what went wrong on the boat. in the newsroom khazei, 7 news. >> ryan: following breaking news, truck fire in topsfield right beneath power lines. the topsfield department of publicworks says the downed wires and fire responsible for a townwide power outage, this is happening on bear hill road. no word on what started the fire. >> nancy: police are investigating a deadly shooting in jamaica plain opinion the shooting happened on center street last night. officers found a man in his early 40s who had been shot. he was rushed to hospital and later died.


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