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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  September 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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com bad battive debate. cool, raw with patchy drizzle tomorrow. more on late october. also tonight from second time in as many days, vandals strike doing damage here in revere. >> back on the field, ready for action jimmy g and joe georgia cobb brissette both on road to recovery. but who will lead team on field this weekend. >> and day care danger. hank investigates why it can takes months for families to get hem with pressing problems. seven news at 11 starts from a shipwreck i looked and saw a lot of water. but his mother still missing tonight a police search and tough questions in this mystery at sea. >> and breaking news at 11, that man rescued a sea is back home and talking to 7 news. says he's grateful for crew who find him and saved him and grieving for his mother who is still missing and believed to be
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i talked to that 22-year-old just as he got home to his house here in vermont. he says physically he's doing okay. lost a little bit of weight out on that life raft. but he mowings elementary still a mess dealing with loss of his mother. all while investigators are trying to figure out exactly what went wrong on that boat. >> after a week alone, floating on life raft in atlantic 22-year-old nathan carman is back home in vermont tonight. i feel healthy. huge amount. and my request is just to be allowed to mourn naturally. carman and 54-year-old mother linda left rhode island on deep see fishing trip back on september 18th. they didn't come home that night as planned. >> there was a funny noise in the engine compartment. i looked and saw a lot of water. >> coast guard released audio phone call nathan made after he was rescued by chinese freighter as he explained what happened
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after i got my bearings and i was whistling and calling and looking around. and i didn't see her. his mother hasn't found even coast guard search ad 60,000 square mile area for a week. i would jts just like to thank the public for their prayers and for their concern for both my mother and for myself. and i would like to thank the crew of the ship that rescued me. both treating me very well. >> on monday night police search nathan carman's home. police took motive with cable a gps sim card and letter written by nathan all possible evidence that could reveal nathan's destination for fishing trip. police also seemed to focus on maintenance and up keep of nathan 31 foot aluminum boat. tonight 22-year-old father dropped his son off at home offering very little about their conversations on long ride home.
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at this point. and between two of us, very rough day. >> so that search warrant says investigation has already revealed that nathan's boat was in need of mccalorie pair. then 22-year-old might have been trying to repair the boat himself and possibly rendering that boat unsafe for operation. that's latest live in vernon, vermont tim caputo. >> the night team now turning your forecast. we will i hear we will cooling off some of us could see a little rain let's check that forecast nuisance rain. really yeah we do need rain. rain we had out there this morning an about third of an inch not bad. we will take what we can get. even lesson way for tomorrow. it will be in forecast. we have partly cloudy skies now. clouds on increase overnight tonight. some patchy drizzle forming. very late tonight temperatures in 50s. your morning commute will feature clouds. and again i have a couple of rain drops here.
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drizzle and mist. i don't think we'll have any steady rain like we saw this morning temperatures tomorrow morning upper 50s. now when we advance the time line for you, you notice the gray, indicating all sorts of clouds. but not much in the way of rain. you see these little green speck especiallies here pockets of light rain drizzle and mist. where most towns pick up less than a tenth of an inch of rain. chance will be there really for entire day. it's cool raw day compared to today. temperatures only upper 50s. we will talk more about forecast for the rest of week and few minutes. debating the debate. almost every single poll had us winning the debate. he made it very clear. he didn't prepare for that debate. two candidates taking two victory laps in the race for the white house. let's be clear here no price both campaign separating and touting big wins after by first debate donald trump and a hillary clinton are face
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satisfied. here's ryan sul shies in. more than 80 million people tuned in make this much talked about first debate the most watched ever. the face off was fierce. the contrast unmistakable. hillary clinton planned attacks. donald i know you live in your own reality. but that is not the facts. against trump quick jabs. she's got experience. that i agree but it's bad, bad experience watch battle a record 84 million vieweree that could keep coming up until election day. trump still being attacked over his hidden tax returns appearing to confirm in some years, he paid no federal taxes. if he paid 0 that means 0 for troops, 0 for vets. 0 for schools or health. also under fire for his treatment of women include alicia former miss universe. my story how miss universe with
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eyes in this election. but clinton couldn't escape lingering questions about her emails. was mistake i take responsibility for that. that was more than a mistake. that is was done purptsly. when you have man that set up illegal server, taking the fifth, i think it's disgraceful. both candidates back on campaign trail today, while trump claimed victory. almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton. he after questions sniffing sound. my microphone was terrible. i think i wonder was it set that i way on purpose my microphone. could hear me anybody that complains about microphone is no the having a good night. trump and clinton will face off next sunday october 9th at town hall in st. louis, missouri. ryan schulteis. they have vandal ohs run in revere a spraying gra nieto feat on number of homes this comes
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with anti trump graffiti. nick emmons live. kim, the home where they happened, not far from the vfw post right now we're trying figure out if this was educated can. i spoke to son elderly couple whose home was vandalized he cannot explain how upset he is about this happening. this section, that section. that section right there. it was like they had a free mural all the way along. john disgusted at what someone the weekend. >> blue paint all over it. his nephew discovered graffiti all over the family's fence. the clean up took hours. >> how could you? >> what else can you say? you know, it's just, it's not right. his parents both in their 90s. and have lived at the home for decades. my father is 94 going on 95. in world war ii vet. and for something like this to happen, you know, and my, you know, to a veteran, it's just
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veterans foreign wars post revere just few blocks away also vandalized over weekend. anti trump graffiti sprayed over an american flag mural. security cameras clearly show who's responsible. police and community now hoping to track them down. >> it's awful. has how he's been a very quiet neighborhood. we don't know what the we don't know what is bringing this. we don't know how to stop it. so of that v f w post trump graffiti on that m at the home, there's no indication as to why somebody would have targeted that home. i spoke with the son of people who live there, they said they had no political signs up on house for that reason. so they could avoid any kind of implicate as this election is op going anyone nun with information who has done this should contact police. live in revere i'm nick emmons. second officer involved in vial violent take down is facing charges tonight. massachusetts state trooper joseph flynn is charged with
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massachusetts into new hampshire in may. and ended with the officer's beating the man. new hampshire trooper plead guilty to similar charges last month. >> we're following more news tonight a convicted killer back behind bars for another five years his parole denied. rod matthew was 14 years old when he killed sean. tonight his mother is relieved matthews won't get out. kimberly bookman spoke to her. kimberly is live in canton tonight. adam gene tells us she down this road before. but never take this long. this more than she went out to do quicker rand when she got phone call she was waiting for. >> was like somebody took a wait off my chest. 100 pounds. more than 6 months after jeanne faced her son's killer at his parole hearing asking he keep him behind bars the decision she's waited for arrives. >> phone rang and i looked on the phone and i said, it's the parole board.
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parole. 1986 when then 14 rod matthews beat her son january also 14 to death with a baseball bat in these canton woods. if anybody can't see what kind of animal he is, selfish, unfeeling animal, matthews was first under age person in massachusetts to be tried at an adult and was convicted of second degree murder. sentenced to life with chance parole quinn fought his release three times now at his most recent parole hearing broke down in tears about what he had done. while quinn says she forgives him she never wans him out to hurt anyone else. now walking by the sign hanging on her front door with words every little thing is going to be all right, she says she feels like it rings true. >> you took my son but not my title. i am mum. i am still here. i live in & i bleeth.
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>> and this decision means that rod matthews will remain behind bars for five years before he could come up for parole again. reporting live in from canton kimberly bookman 7 news night team sky 7hd over topsfield truck caught on fire beneath power topsfield department of public works says the power's now been restored from alternate source of they can all tune in to the news tonight. national dprid is repairing those damaged lines. what good sign for patriot still some quarterback questions tonight even with jimmy g and jacoby brissette back on the practice field. so both are on the mend. and it's still not clear if qb, which one will be ready for sunday. here's our sports director joe amorosino. patriots are down to last game from tom brady returns from deflategate suspension. and they are banking on either jimmy garoppolo or jacoby brissette fully believing one of these two will be ready for the
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jimmy or jacoby, who will start on sunday? >> i don't know. ask coach both quarterback backs on fra field grab without any visible bandaging on sprained right shoulder brissette with right thumb taped up. pats just may have two quarterbacks come sunday. >> espn adam reporting the pats are all but certain to have brissette and garoppolo. >> what does rex ryan think about all of this? look i can sit back and say i don't care how who quarterback i know brady ain't. steve can play quarterback if belichick is playing quarterback we're coming of a hum i promise that rex aalways aggressive going after opposing quarterbacks. but patriots duo has handle everything thrown at them so far. >> garoppolo and brissette a combined 5 touch downs. no picks, and most importantly, three wins and no losses.
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i mean everybody else wouldn't do our jobs make life a little easier on them. we have lot of faith in our coach and system here. and you know all players are 100 percent bought in. >> moral the stover of course don't bet against belichick no matter who he has at quarterback. something the cardinals, dolphins and texans have learned the hard way this year. reporting live in newsroom joe amorosino, 7 news night team. >> thanks, joe. up next, trouble at day care. when there's a problem the state steps in. to take action could put children's safety at risk. so tonight hank investigates these day care delays. and we're tracking clouds and pockets of drizzle tomorrow. forecast coming up in a bit. >> and the sox making a play off push in bropgs. they will need to keep pushing
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day care delays president obamaing dangerous for a massachusetts family parents expect quick solutions if there are pressing problems with their child day care hank phillippi ryan how state officials handle day claire complaints ask what she discovered is disturbing hank investigates. what if your child came home looking like this. what if all of those scratches happened at day care. when i saw his face i cried. i lost it. that t-y called day care and asked what happened to my son. she wasn't happy with the answer. they just three other kids were around and one other kid did it she described it as edward scissor hands. 22 scratcheses how could that happen? >> everyday to look scratches was just, you know devastating to see. so this mom called the state's department of early education and care. it oversees licensed daycares. which she asked them to investigate she says she was
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for one of our workers to tell me i'm sorry we're on a backlog we'll get to it when we can i mean that's just mind boggling. how big a backlog? state's own reports reveal how long it can take for an investigator to actually visit daycares after a complaint. >> this report of unlicensed assistance and drinking alcohol shows it took the state 23 calendar days. a complaint about sanitation and infection control, 25 a child with injuries 56 days. >> we showed a government watch dog our finding ohs day care delays. what do you think about that? unbelievable. state should investigate to find out why those lags exist. and they should correct the system. the state sent us a statement saying it responds to all complaints and investigates allegations. and it prioritizes investigation of the most serious allegations. >> but parents worry when day care complaints aren't instantly
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who is to say day care doesn't mask everything. and make it seem like they did nothing wrong. experts tell us there are about 10,000 day care facilities in massachusetts. and last year, the state investigated about 1,000 complaints. check our website for more information on licensed daycares. in news roomy i'm hank phillippi ryan. >> now, 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> cool weather settles in forest of week with clouds. not much rain i call nuisance rain we're in a do you get and beneficial rain would talking 1 to two inches of rain for everyone. rain we had this more than not too bad i mean if we could get this rain over next five or six days stacked up that would mean something. something. but i think the amount of rainfall on way for tomorrow even lighter amounts of rain that what we saw today. boston picked up two tenths of inch of rain take back to first of year. running rainfall deficits between 9 and 10 inches of rain. so again, two tenths of an inch
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done. but at least we are in pattern that will offer us chance of rain because the slow moving area of low pressure which for next couple of days will be a little too too far away to give us any significant beneficial rain evening though chance of rain relatively high tomorrow about 60 percent chance of drizzle and mist. and then on thursday, only down to about 20 percent chance. then it does start to climb as we approach weekend that area of low pressure will pass across the new england. that will give us much better chance of rain. we had rain this morning from a and that front just off shore. stays off shore overnight tonight. clouds will be on the increase. with patches drizzle very late tonight. temperatures between 54 and 59. but the difference from tonight to tomorrow in terms of temperatures, not much. in fact i don't think they will move at if anything they might drop a couple degrees during day with stiff especiallying northeast wind 12 to 22. cool raw feel. feeling more like end of october then end of september with lot of clouds.
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drizzle again not widespread. certainly not significant. but temperatures in upper 50s to around 60. so your time line indicating clouds all over new england. and these little green blips here the pockets of the light rain and drizzle primarily confined to coastline if you're out and about worcester hills southern new hampshire. it might just end up being a cloudy day with peek or two of sunshine. and worcester hills in outer route two corridor rainfall on way south coast and cape those location about tenth of an eventually as we work toward end of week and weekend, low pressure does get closer to us. when that happens we will talking about at least decent rainfall in here friday night and saturday perhaps we would talking about an inch of rain possible from that rain friday night and saturday. we'll hold on chance of a few isolated showers sunday. and again on monday. have a good night. >> all right, thanks, jeremy. you know that night team is now turning to picture perfect moment. a couple is taking their wedding photos in new york city when a surprise guest stops by to
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and photobombs them. yes tom hanks and there's a lofl couple over weekend. actor says he was jogging through central park when he saw them taking photo and just decided to jump on in. >> i couldn't just walkthrough the back of the video and it might have checked it out later on. but you know i decided to wish the happy couple well. ended up up getting some nice pictures. apparently not his first wedding crash forrest gump he cracked a south carolina wedding shoot. sox on a roll. but a little hiccup we will talking sox next. let's hope it just hiccup right now. right they had 11 game winning streak going in magic number of one down in bronx tonight.
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i'm a public school teacher in massachusetts, and i've reviewed question 2. even stronger, because question 2 would allow more access to public charter schools, so parents have more choices for their kids' education, and public charter schools don't take funds away from public education. in fact, question 2 will result in more funding for education in massachusetts. please vote yes on question 2
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red sox will have to wait at least one mr night to clench al east after their ace david price melted under light yappying key stadium tonight serving up 12 hits and six runs including three homeruns. as red sox 11 game winning streak comes to an end david price won in 27.71era against
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price latest victim of gary sanchez yankees rookie blasting two run shot. his 20ly homerun in just his 50th game this season. two-0 yankees sox down 4-2 when they mount come back aaron hill smacks his tenth homerun see sop bringing red sox within a run and later in the frame, dustin pedroia hit the plate and delivers another big hit. lacing single past first jackie bradley jr. scores from second. and the game was tied at trouble for price. the number 9 hitter tyler auz comes in and lifts two run homerun to right. yankee jump on top 6-4. price goes 6 and a third giving up six runs on actually hits including 3 homeruns. top of the ninth drama, two on for big papi and final series in the bronx. facing tyler on seventh pitch at bat big papi 0s in and strikes
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sox fall. red sox magic number remains at 1. with tonight's loss to the yankee and toronto's win over baltimore they will do it all over again tomorrow night. the patriots are 3 and 0 for six the time under bill belichick in for the first time without tom brady. brady is back next week and patriots are starting out this week with some good news. with both brady's back ups back on the practice field. jimmy garoppolo and jacoby brissette healthy enough removed from spraining his shoulder against miami. and brissette sporting a wrap on his injured right thumb. espn adam reporting patriots are all but certain to have one if not both garoppolo and brissette on sunday. and it would be an upset if they were unavailable. the rest of league might be shocked about patriots 3 and 0 start. but not the guys in pats locker room. we don't really worry about what people say outside the
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but, you know, coaches have been here for a long long time kind a program instilled in this organization. and the guys that come in, believe in that. and i trusted it. so you know we truly take it week to week, day-to-day, and you know this week's no different. >> and john farrell announcing drew has been scratched from thursday's start due to forearm soreness and added lefty will likely come out bullpen if he's able to return this season. that's sports. >>th it's kick off night for best buddies hyannis port south boston earlier this evening tom brady was there. . he's regular volunteer for amazing nonprofit organization best buddies raises money for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. a lot people out there early to sign up part of plan to bonus was to meet tom brady tonight. he was there to talk about best buddies not fool ball i did ask him aif he's ready to get back to he says he sure is. he's ready.
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i can't believe they start so early eight months of work to get best buddies. june 3rd this year. yeah. wait a little while. always a great event.
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that's it that's it. for our news here a lern o'clock. jimmy fallon comes
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