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tv   Today  NBC  September 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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this morning on "today's take" uliza schlessinger killing it in comedy. then the tricks to making box desserts taste like you made them from scratch. is your laundry room a mess? the diy makeover you've all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, september 28th. we are the law firm of roker, bush and hall. >> we're here to represent you. >> and if you've been injured in an accident. >> we've got you covered.
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i did something last night just to bring back the memories with a couple of our producers who are with us on the ground there in rio. i went to a brazilian charasqueria last night. i had salted meats. i'm puffed up like a tick this morning. i can't eat meat for a month. >> where? >> fogo de . with lamb chops and ribs. >> they do chicken too, right? >> nobody eats that. >> you had a better night. >> well, i had an amazing night. no meat sweats for me. this time of the year a lot of charity events take place. they call it the gala season. when i moved to new york, i never heard of the gala season. but last night i spent some time with day one. this is an organization based in new york. what they do is teach teenagers, girls and boys, about domestic violence.
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to hurt and these are a couple of girls. then i had to jet over to another event. >> you were double booked. >> i was double booked. ran, slid in the car, slid out of the car and i ended up with angelique kujo. she is an african musician, three-time grammy winner and she has a foundation. she's one of the most inspirational and influential women in the world. google some of her music. you will dance all day, all night long. i should have played some but sh i was at her foundation. and so one of the things as we get to know each other, in fact we have this segment coming up soon where viewers get to ask us questions and then we get to submit. so we got an e-mail last night saying what do you want to ask billy. i saw yours but i kept mine secret. i was thinking at this event i was at, one of the things i am trying to work on, i have no small talk game. like i go to an event, i stand in the corner. like now i'm starting to sweat.
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sweater. >> not a good small talker. >> i get there and i get one drink and then i'm like mm-hmm. i grab one person and feel awful because i hold that one person hostage all night long and i don't know how to move on. it's awful. >> i've got to get away from this lady. >> i have a recommendation for you. two drinks. have a second drink and you'll start to become a little more verbose. >> this is my rule. i have one drink because then if i do have two, my drink becomes my there and just -- >> what do you think about this? i don't know. >> how do you work the room? >> i ramp up for it. >> no, i don't work a room. i generally don't go. >> that's one way for me to cure it, just stay at home. what's the other option? >> i ramp up for it. it's like going to a game. before i go in the room, i go -- and then i walk in how are you, hand in there, boom, boom, i
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then i'm done. >> here comes the billy bush family. you know, i've got to learn because this is cocktail season, holiday parties, halloween parties. this is when you start going everywhere. if you are like socially awkward like me -- >> this is in-depth talking. >> we talk to the tv and i feel like i can see you at home right now in your pajamas or whatever you've got going. i see you. but it's a camera in the middle of me and though. i love that, selfies, i'm your queen, come on, knock it out. it's talking after the selfie. >> chitchat. >> it's the chitchat. >> we've got some suggestions for you. yesterday you told everybody that you're going to have your knee surgery middle of next month. some suggestions have come in. you wanted to bedazzle your cane. here's some great ones from the viewership. >> that's a seahawks fan. >> yeah, cindy sent that.
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>> it's a walker. >> no, it's a walker. >> i don't think i'm going to be that bad. >> i love that, though. >> this was my favorite. i thought this was wrapped in bacon. but it said you could do yours wrapped in bacon like this. >> make it like that. but it's very christmas-like. it looks like a giant peppermint stick. >> i kind of like that. >> i like that. >> i like that. now, i could do that for you in about a day. i could bling that up. or do you want more? >> more. the more, the merrier. >> you know it gets heavy, though. it will be a muscle workout. >> i'll need that. >> surgery is -- people are rebounding from surgery these days so much -- you get the hip done, people are walking 45 minutes later. >> you'll be back in a week. we got the numbers in. >> a lot of hype. >> did it deliver on the hype? we said like 100 million. >> that was the estimate that said 100 million. that's what they said. >> still broke a record, though.
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>> not quite the super bowl numbers of 110, but still -- >> the previous record was reagan and carter with 81 back in 1980. that said, the population at the time was about 226 or something million people. now we're -- >> 330. so technically more people did watch the reagan/carter debate. proportionate. >> right. >> but you had fewer choices back then and now this doesn't because a lot of people watched it on streaming. >> a couple million. >> it doesn't count on several unrated cable networks. so probably when all was said and done, it was viewed by probably over 100 million. >> but the super bowl still 110 -- that is a staggering number to me. >> spanish language. >> 110 million people watched the super bowl. >> i spoke to my 11-year-old last night. you know, she's in the sixth grade. and her home room teacher made
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and so i was so excited to talk to her. by the way, i have an 18-year-old, turned 18 last month. did you watch the debate, because you're going to actually be voting. she did not catch that one, so hopefully she'll watch it online. but my 11-year-old, i said what do you think? she said, mmm, i didn't like it. i said who do you think won? no one. i need the third-party candidate. she's holding out for the third-party candidate. >> does she know -- or she was just saying that? she knows it? >> well, she doesn't loo gary johnson. she hasn't really looked into and sadly polling at 5% right now. but she didn't like either one of the candidates. so they're going to have to work a little harder to swing over lily bush, who's 11 years old. >> what was her assignment in school, write about what they saw? >> they came in the next day and got ten questions about it. who was the moderator. lester holt. what was donald trump's best position and she thought -- lily said, unless she was quoting an adult here, she said i thought he was strong on trade.
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11-year-old. >> trading what? >> baseball cards. >> unless she watches msnbc. >> do you guys help with homework? >> no. it's interesting because i just went to nick's parent night, teacher night, and they do not want you to help because they want -- >> oh, that's perfect. >> they want to see where they're weakest and where they need help at. so, you know, you can check to make sure they have done it, but do not correct them. >> like >> my wife is great at it. i just don't have the focus, i'm add. >> lily is like let me ask mom. >> it's like it's too much pressure, dad, i can't work with you on this. quickly, we've all seen the stadium proposal before up on the jumbotron, but one at yankees stadium, andrew fox. the guy opens the box, the ring falls out. look what happens. >> well, they have got a story.
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>> oh, look at this poor guy. >> maybe he can come up with a save somehow. do you get it? wait a minute, they're smiling. they found it! >> oh, that's great. >> he's on one knee. that is awesome. >> oh, she better say -- >> the whole crowd in the second an ovation. >> it's great. they found it in the cuff of her bell-bottom jeans. >> her jeans were folded up. >> boom. >> unless she has french cuff bell bottoms, which i want to see. >> so we know somebody in pinstripes ended up with a ring at yankees stadium. >> again. and it was a mariano jersey who was wearing which was the man who comes in with the save. could actress kate hudson
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impromptu version of their song "hold on." take a look. >> what was in vogue's song -- ? when i and you ? >> that one, "hold on." >> i should have taken you to the concert. >> they were like my girls. ? loving you ? ? >> kate hudson in concert on the plaza. >> so that was in commercial break, that was not on the show. >> that wasn't on the show?
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>> abr. >> and by the way, his running man is so effortless. he can just do it down the street. >> he does it all. >> he is truly the variety guy. >> you know, i love that funny people get paid a lot of money. >> you're funny. >> but i don't get paid like this. from "forbes" magazine, the top five highest paid comedians. >> are. >> i could have stuck with this. i had ventriloquist jeff dunn, $13.5 million a year. got a vegas residency, making that cash. >> that's why people go to vegas. the backstreet boys, that's why people go to vegas. >> amy schumer, number four. >> how much? >> 17 mil. >> all in like a couple of years. she's been grinding, but --
10:15 am
this list, i'm going to be blown away. >> terry spader. very funny man. $21 million. >> does he use multiple muppep pets? >> stick your hand up my back and i'll go to work. >> number two, jerry seinfeld, $43.5 mill. >> what? >> is this old money? >> he still in syndication. he makes money off of that. he's got the show, "comedians and cars" renewed for a ninth season. that show "seinfeld" prints money. >> 90% of his cash comes from "seinfeld," right? >> doesn't matter. >> i'm not complaining, i'm just crunching the numbers. >> i went to college with him for the first two years of college. >> do you know his phone number? >> i do, but i'm not telling. number one, ladies and
10:16 am
hart. $87.5 million, gets nearly $1 per gig for those arena shows. >> gosh, talk about the last laugh in life. you know how many times he was picked on in school? you just said, and now he can stand on his money and be as tall as kareem abdul-jabbar. >> he said you're making fun of me. i'm going to make fun of me being this height, take control of it and cash in for instagram. the best -- he is into like body building. >> oh, yeah, he's buff. >> he's ripped. and you would never -- he's always in a suit. it's interesting. >> little man, big muscles, big wallet. >> beautiful wife too, just got married. love him. >> let's show you right now what's going on. we've got clear skies out west, a lot of heat and some fire danger but a lot of the weather action is in the east. great lakes, gulf coast, along the midatlantic states showers
10:17 am
we'll watch this over the next several days. the heat continues out in california and the southwest. cooler in the northeast and the great lakes. 50s and 60s. 70s as you get to the mid-atlantic states. look for possible flooding as you get along the mid-atlantic coast. we're also looking for warm weather continuing out in the plains. the showers work their way all the way down to florida. plenty of sunshine from the great lakes into the gulf coast. >> chris: cool and breezy weather kicking >> cool and breezy weather kicking off morning. temperatures, upper 50s, low 60s, and that's where we stay throughout the day. northeasterly wind, the strongest gusts on the coastlines. not a lot going on on the radar this morning. numbers holding in the 50s to lower 60s. repeated forecast for thursday. friday, better chance of showers, especially in the
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we all love homemade desserts but who has the time to go from scratch. we'll show you how to use box mixes you've been cooking for hours. we're going to take -- make kind of a hybrid. >> yes. >> a brookie. >> that way you don't have to choose. >> okay. brownie and cookie. >> brownie and i cookie all in one bite. we're starting off with our box mix and make it a little fancier with espresso powder. just follow the instructions on the package about the oil, the egg, get that all in there. whisk is up with our mix.
10:23 am
i'll pour. i'm just using a regular brownie mix. i like a dark chocolate. >> so you whisk that up and get it to that point. >> then you have our beautiful perfect little mix over here. so we get this in the pan. i'll hold, you scoop in there. >> i notice you've lined it with foil. >> you get the foil in there so it overhangs on both sides. then you can just pull them right up. you don't have to dig them out of the pan. >> and you smooth that out? >> i'm going to stick this over here. and now the fun part. so you've got cookie dough. get the kind in the package. you can use chocolate chip, peanut butter, whatever you like. just crumble the whole thing. you may not need the whole thing. what i like to do because i like cookie dough icebergs, so push part of it down and then put a little bit more on top. >> so it's multi layered. >> exactly, yes. multi layered.
10:24 am
bake at different times, the trick is you cover it with foil for the first part of the baking and take it off at the end so you can brown up the cookies a little bit. >> so that gets that crunch on the top. >> exactly. so you get these magical crunchy cookies on top and your delicious fudgy brownie on the bottom. >> look at this. look at how you can see it all the way through. >> gorgeous, right? >> it's just swirled all the way through. oh, that's beautiful. that's magic. >> it's magic, i going to keep you around here because you're going to show us how to make tiramisu from a chocolate box. also our good pal, comedian iliza schlessinger is here. she's going to tell us how she's bringing the laughs after your local news. we love you, iliz. a. all that and more. we've got your local news and in a world that needs a hero,
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iliza schlessinger knows how to bring the funny. she dropped her last name. >> sorry, dad. >> but it is easier because sometimes i stress over schlessinger. >> how >> this is called confirmed kills, great title, and she's holding nothing back. >> do you ever feel that because you're not trashy, you can pull off doing something that's trashy? you're like i can wear fishnet stockings, i went sto stanford. like it's okay for some reason. that's how i felt about body glitter.
10:31 am
fun fact. you know what body glitter up close looks like? con junt i'vitis. >> showing off the guns and wearing the outfit -- >> i worked out for a full month. i got a trainer. i wanted my body to reflect the material. >> you do a whole bit on cross fit. do you do cross fit? >> no, i don't do cross fit. america, it's a cult, it's snake oil. 9:00 a.m. flipping a who needs to know the form for that? in what post apocalyptic gorilla playground do you have to know how to flip a monster truck tire. stop. >> it's helpful. >> when? >> in case you've got to change a tire. >> you love your monster trucks. and the rope thing? >> it's so hard. >> it's hard. it's all so hard, that's why i don't want to do it. >> this is a great -- there's real great social commentary here and a lot on the world of
10:32 am
that you said, this is amazing, that physical strength is the root of female oppression. i think that's right. >> it doesn't sound funny when you say it but when i do it with microphones -- >> give us context. >> the word oppression oar it's the idea that because women aren't as physically strong as women, that's why women are scared when you -- hello, they're all drunk. hello, when you leave the house because we can't physically fight off men. society is lik you're a strong woman. no, it's physical strength. and so i think that's what puts us at a disadvantage from the get-go. if women were strong, we wouldn't have waited for the right to vote. >> but we have mental strength. we have mental and it has to take a certain amount of mental strength to do standup, i can't imagine. >> what do i do what a rapist runs at me, math? >> no, i'm thinking more like
10:33 am
some. >> oh, you're bringing it down. it does take strength. >> and stamina. >> a good core workout. this special was about ten months in the making and it was just week in, week out on tour and then just working out. you know, it's frozen in time, this special, so you want to make sure you get it the best you can but it's gotten better since. >> you're a very physical comedian. you are on the floor. you're kind of a contortionist in ways. >> yeah. >> you must be exhausted w >> exhausted. if you watch the last frame of this special, i literally put my hands on my knees like i finished an uneven bar return. i go back to my hotel and melt into a king-size bed and order room service and i'm like bring me the men. bring men to me. >> what hotel is that? what's the deal with you, why do you dislike mermaids? >> yeah, what is that about?
10:34 am
other people. mermaids, all these women are like i want to be a mermaid. let's start adulting and be mermaids. nancy, you've got a job at hr. you've got to pay taxes. we have a war on our hands. to be a mermaid means you want to be a fictional sex toy for a horny sailor. that's what a mermaid is. >> what about the little mermaid? >> the little mermaid was a horder and we let it go because she was hot. if you went back to a girl's apartment and there'sar stacked up and she's in the corner like look at this stuff. you'll be like i'm calling the police, there are catfish everywhere, this is a hazard. >> and that's just a taste. >> that's just an opening joke. >> that's just the beginning. >> it's streaming now on netflix. it's so good to see you. >> thank you so much for having me back. >> you guys are travel buddies. >> uso. >> uso together. >> my hot spot. >> up next, one lucky family
10:35 am
makeover. so they're not the horders that iliza said we all tuberculosis. hgtv. you'll want to steal some of these ideas. i read these notes and i know at least one i want to do.
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they are two country music artists from canada who met in nashville, started a family and then started flipping houses. courtney and dave nelson, the husband and wife team with their own hgtv show called "masters of flip." they give new life to old rundown nashville homes. >> courtney and dave are here with some diy projects that you can do, but first they helped onlu much-needed room makeover. >> we are at the williams family home in nashville, tennessee, today. we are in their mud room/laundry room. there's no focal point to this room. ana williams, the mom, home schools all five of her kids. she probably doesn't have a lot of time to organize her laundry. her focus is probably just to get the laundry done. >> things can be quite chaotic around here, as you can imagine. i do 20 loads of laundry a week.
10:40 am
frustrated all the time. i don't even like necessarily to go back in that space because it's so chaotic. the washer and drier don't even fit in the space that was fibui for it. i need help getting that space organized so i can use my attention for my kids. >> if we can gain some organization with a diy prom, fitting the washer and drier into the space that wasn't large enough and adding some color in here. so i'm hoping that we can make this pretty for her by the end of the day. >> i think we're going to make it stunning day. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> get over on your side. >> okay, anna, come on in. >> oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! >> do you like it?
10:41 am
>> all of this is completely doable. dave built the shelves. >> it's galvanized piping you can get very yip expensive and you spray gold on whatever color you want and boom. >> the rug was a little accent to pull the whole room together. we added some curtains but we built a curtain rod out of the same piping to pull the entire room together. everything else is just organization. baskets for the skateboards, for the soccer cleats and the best part for you being a mom is that you have baskets for everybody's clothes. it's actually a room that you guys can use now. >> it's a great room. >> i really love it. yay. >> oh, my gosh. >> do you like it? >> 1, 2, 3 -- >> home run! >> that is awesome. so next week they come to our
10:42 am
home. >> that's a lot of laundry. a lot of stuff on the floor, but you guys were great. >> well, come on, five kids, 20 loads of laundry. >> home schooling. >> is there somebody helping her out? she needs a lot of help. we start with galvanized piping in the laundry room. >> these projects are all under $50. very doable, very inexpensive. everybody needs a table. whether it's in your laundry room, in your kids play room, in your craft room. all i did here was plywood, cleaned it up and put repositional, very important, very positional wallpaper, just sticky wallpaper. and just stuck it on this baby. >> if i put it on wrong, you can fix it. >> and you can find great patterns everywhere. they have whole websites related to this. >> and you can do an old table as well. >> the galvanized piping, you can spray paint it black in this case over here.
10:43 am
it's perfect. >> don't forget, especially if you're doing this in a laundry room, it defeats the purpose to not clean it because it is greasy, so do that first. >> and you did the table under here? >> you can get all of this at any home improvement store and the big box stores will cut it and threat it for you. >> this is important. they will cut it for you for free and usually thread it. so all you have to do is put it together and then you have a table. >> so a not very handy man, >> it looks like you actually did something. >> absolutely. but then this project also with the galvanized steel, it's really important to know that -- >> oh, wow. >> suspended cabinet reand shelving is huge now because it opens up the space and makes it really clean. if you want a glam look, like the laundry room, we painted it gold but you don't have to do that.
10:44 am
vintage. >> you get more books, you have more laundry, add more shelves. >> and you're skrieping it as something so easy right now. >> this is very easy because it's right here and all we're doing is screwing the thing back on. but this is a great project for two people. only for measurements. and these are flanged, the big rings they go into. ideally you've got screws into a stud. if that doesn't work, you need toggle bolts to it up and secure it. >> let the more creative of the person design it out. honestly if i left this to dave, it may look a little -- well, not like this. >> it wouldn't be level but it would be screwed in somewhere. >> i know you mean well, but seriously -- >> so you have the creativity. >> i love you as a couple. courtney and dave, "masters of
10:45 am
meanwhile, al has a check of the forecast. >> having pipe dreams right now. as you look and see what's going on, we've got a flood threat along the mid-atlantic coast today. more wet weather around the great lakes. the warm weather continues out west with plenty of sunshine, a few scattered showers through the southwest. may see some gully washers tomorrow in that area. the sunshine returns to the pacific northwest. it's going to be a mess from the great lakes into the mid-atlantic and the northeast although we do need the rain in the northeast and new >> cool and breezy weather kicking off this wednesday morning. temperatures, upper 50s, low 60s, and that's where we stay throughout the day. northeasterly wind, the strongest gusts on the coastlines. not a lot going on on the radar early this morning. patchy drizzle, numbers holding in the 50s to lower 60s. repeated forecast for thursday. friday, better chance of
10:46 am
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ramos. we start with tiramisu. >> yes. so we are using just a regular old chocolate box mix. starting out a little bit similar to what the directions say. add an extra egg which makes it really moist, a little bit espresso because it's got that espresso taste. some rum. so we're replacing the wuater with rum. >> i love that. replacing theat >> it's what i do. i'm puerto rican, so. we just mix this all up. >> right. >> get it all delicious. yeah, just nice and smooth. this goes into our prepared bake pans. put a little parchment and spray in there. >> so pour that in, it bakes. boom, boom, boom. >> gorgeous cake layers. a little more rum. >> yes! >> i told you that's what i do. if you put it over the rack and
10:51 am
it's good, it's good. good stuff, right? then once those are cool, rum-soaked, then you slice the layers in half and then we're doing a mascarpone frosting. it sounds fancy. really just a kind of cream cheese. it's italian cream cheese with powdered sugar, butter, vanilla extract. >> could you put a little rum in there if you wanted? >> you could put a little rum in there, yes. >> clearly this is a >> you start layering and keep putting the layers on. >> put more frosting on top, it's delicious. >> shaved chocolate? >> and a little bit of cocoa right on top. >> and drizzle it with more rum and, boom. here you're making a corn bread peach upside down cake. >> we're using just the corn mix. so two boxes of the kind you find in your grocery store. mix that up according to the directions. then over here we have our
10:52 am
just let that bubble a little bit. then put our peach slices right in. it's kind of like in a nice pattern. you don't have to be too, too fancy. then you pour -- >> on top of it? >> right on top it. it goes in the oven and we get this. >> and cast iron. >> it's not too bad. >> flip it out. >> i am glad you handled that one. >> boom. look at that. >> look at that. >> s brown sugar, a little butter. >> billy is dieting, i am not. >> billy, he had all that meat. >> keep going, al. if you could get there, it would be so great. >> thank you so much. we're back in a moment, but first this is "today" on nbc. >> peer pressure to eat.
10:53 am
one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death. planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
10:55 am
debbie mason and hillary duff? >> oh, i saw the movie last night. "girl on a train." >> how was it? >> you'll have to wait until the next hour to get a review. >> we have lauren to help people get out of debt because so many people are. >> we have a lot of things. >> are you going to be on for 90 minutes? that's so much. >> we might need >> is it a super sized klg and
10:56 am
one in eight women will face breast cancer. early detection can mean the difference between life and death.
10:57 am
parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, ayotte puts critical cancer screenings at risk, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
10:58 am
narrator: over and over it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood.
10:59 am
od. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan
11:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in you made it. happy wednesday. winesday wednesday. hoda calls it hump day. september 28. that's act like you don't by brook eden. >> i haven't heard that. i like it already. >> yeah. >> we have a great show. two lovely talented stars are here. hilary duff and debbie mazar from "younger" which we happen to have a cameo in tonight. >> that's what we hear. >> home cooking. >> yeah, baby.


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