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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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god you're with us on this witness. another hour of 7news is straight ahead. i'm adam williams. >> 7news at 5:30 gets started right now. ?rses a priest inrt disturbing allegations he now faces. >> a race to the rescue. a texas woman trapped and passed out inside her car. first responders acting fast to save her life. >> high honor, a young woman making history in the airline industry. >> and what's your sign? a shift in the stars, but don't read too much into it. >> footle breaking news first here at 5:30, a vermont man who spent several days at sea in a life raft says he did not harm
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disappeared after taking off from block island last week. she didn't hasn't been found and his problematic past has recently come to life. back in 2013 the 32-year-old was a suspect in his grandfather's death. he said he had nothing to do with it. we'll have team coverage coming up at 6:00. >> we're following breaking news in the school shooting in south carolina. we're lettering new details about the alleged shooter. >> kimberly backman in the room with more. townville elementary school after first reports came in. just released new information says the gunman shot and killed his father before the rampage at the school. police are still on the scene which is right near the georgia stateline. a teacher is also hurt but will be okay. a teenaged suspect is in custody in connection with the shooting police say all other students were safely evacuated to a nearby church. at this time, police have not released any more information about the suspect in custody but
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father before the shooting at the school. we'll bring you the latest on this breaking story as it comes into the newsroom. kimberly bookman, 7news. also on 7, a former priest goes to court, the charges, rape and assault of a minor. the alleged assault took place in the '80s and '90s. the victim now 38 years old came forward this year. 7's nicole oliverio has the story from boston. >> reporter: 80-year-old michael walsh leans on his cane and listens to charges that he raped a child back in the late '80s, an altar boy coordinator for st. brendon school in dorchester. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the victim now 38 years old just came forward and reported the abuse to law enforcement this summer. prosecutors say the statute of limitations hasn't expired because walsh lived out of state for more than a decade which
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prosecutors say walsh repeatedly raped the victim who was in grade school at the time. >> in this particular case >> walsh had been living in florida and michigan and it was there he became a priest in to you two but was relieved of his duties months later when allegations were brought against him. the archdiocese never revealed what those allegations are. in court today, defense lawyers say walsh will stay here and face these charges, but warned he is in poor health. >> mr. walsh will be 80 years old at the end of the month. he has significant medical hardships, is 100% disabled. >> we reached out to the boston archdiocese to learn more about the 2002 allegations but have not heard back. in boston, nicole oliverio, zen
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case did send 7news a statement saying i hope by coming forward will allow other victims the courage to come forward as well, i do not want him to do this to any other children. >> a new hampshire man is under arrest charged with two robberies in manchester. police arrested 52-year-old randall young after a walgreens clerk recognized him from surveillance photos of two previous robberies at knife point. the first at a convenience store earlier this month, the second at a cvs on the same day. he was arraigned today on 2 counts of armed robbery. >> a man has died a serious crash in east boston. police say he crashed right into a pole on route 18 around logan airport about 1:30 this morning. the man was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries but did not survive. the cause of the crash is now under investigation. another person is killed on route 190. police say there was only one other person involved in the crash. no word on the cause. >> blackstone took the lot in
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than $3,000 in taxes and fees. the remains of three babies were found inside the home in september of 2014. investigators haven't yet charged anyone with their deaths. a bunting ceremony was held this morning to honor fallen battalion chief michael fay me. members of the new york fire department stood at attention as purple and black bunting was draped on the firehouse. a 17-year veteran and father of three was killed by falling debris in a deadly house explosion on tuesday. a man believed to have rented the exploded home is now bei the miami community saying a final farewell to marlins' pitcher jose fernandez today. the funeral procession began at marlins park and traveled to a meme church for the memorial service. hundreds of people showed up to honor the 24-year-old pitcher. a private funeral will be held tomorrow. fernandez passed away early sunday morning when his boat slammed into a jetty off miami. two others were killed in that accident. florida senator marco rubio was calling for the coast guard to investigate the crash. flooding and fires doing
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country. wildfires are spending -- spreading out of control in california while iowa is getting doused. several states racing out to get that situation under control. >> it is a really bad day for a fire. >> reporter: multiple wildfires raging in california this week. >> we are worried that it could come down the hill towards us. >> reporter: the loma fire in the cruz mountains reportedly burning upwards of 2,000 acres so far, destroying one home, threatening hundreds more and forcing hundreds of evacuations. some heeding the >> we've got a mix, folks that have decided to stay and some have decided to leave. >> reporter: others taking their chances. >> we see flames get close, we'll head out, otherwise i'm staying here. >> reporter: crews dropping retardant on the blaze. >> as it works its way around and finds a valley or a gully or drainage that's primed with fuel, that's the route it will go. >> reporter: meanwhile residents in parts of iowa facing the opposite problem, water, low-lying areas inundated after
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authorities warning thousands of evacuated cedar rapids residents to stay away for a couple more gas days, expressing optimism but also emphasizing the historical scope of the flooding >> this is the second largest and most significant flood event in the history of the city of cedar rapids. >> one firefighter did suffer minor injuries battling the loma linda fire which officials say is now just >> 5 minutes, that's all first responders had to save a texas woman's life. she was passed out in a car as rescuers rushed to her. the fran tuck rescue all caught on camera. >> reporter: in downtown houston, a medical emergency that could not wait. >> when he pulled out, she literally had already passed away. these deputies went above and beyond to save the woman's life. >> it's our job. we're supposed to save lives, not take them.
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flagged down for what appeared to be a minor accident but inside was a 27-year-old woman, the doors were locked and she wasn't responding. they had to break a window to get her out. soon a half dozen deputies were there and it did not seem promising. >> she was blue in the face and cold. >> she did not have a pull at all. >> reporter: with united airlines flight attendant leading the way. >> every year we have to get recertified it's not just in coffee tea. >> reporter: and she and officers took turns in cpr. >> she's still there, i kept saying come on. >> i relieved her just kept going until fire and ems got there. >> reporter: a critical five minutes. the woman had a pulse and was breathing again when she was rushed to the hospital. her family is grateful for the response, even though the officers are not required to perform cpr or even know it, they couldn't imagine not jumping in. >> i hope someone would do it for me or my family or my mother. >> reporter: and it made all the difference. >> it was a collective thing because you cannot do these things on your own. >> it's part of our job. so it's a good feeling.
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causing her to crash. researchers in denmark say they found a possible link now between hormonal birth control and depression. the six and a half-year study followed more than 7 million women and found those who use birth control pills were more likely to be prescribed an anti-depressant for the first time during the study compared to those who did not take the pill. doctors say that rate was highest among teens. flying high, kate mcwilliams has become the world's youngest female commercial airline c years old. the young pilot joined ez jet as a copilot five years ago and promoted to to captain after passing the airlines' command course. at 19 she began an aviation training course and two years later started working as a copilot. >> i get asked my age a lot more now than i used to before, on almost a daily basis i get asked how old i am. usually the reaction is quite pouf when i tell them that -- impressed, surprised. >> so ez jet points out only 5%
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industry are female and says it's trying to increase the number of female pilots in its ranks. she looks ready to go. >> she does. good for her. ahead on 7news at 5:30. >> a shift in the stars. why your zodiac sign may be on the move. >> and then new at 6:00, teaming up to trump/trump. hillary clinton, bernie sanders in new york, working together to try to defeat the donald. >> we're staying on top of breaking news. a boater rescued from the waters of martha's vineyard says he did not hurt his mother who is still missing after that trip and also talkin killing back in 2013, saying he had nothing to do with his death. we'll have much more coming up
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what's your sign? t might actually be different than what you think. some are blaming nasa for the supposed cosmic shift. >> and it's sparking a huge debate. >> it's a cosmic level freak-out but did anything really change? as strollers and astronomers both say no. it started with nasa posting a new article for kids highlighting a lesser known 13th constellation. nasa updated the dates for each
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like as strollers use for zodiac signs leading many to believe their signs had suddenly changed. >> you were aally op. >> don't say were. >> girl, you're a cancer. >> reporter: turns out that so called new constellation was discovered 3,000 years ago. the as strollers who write your astrologiers say they've always known about it but never planned to use it. >> it's not changed, not based on the constellations directly but based on the planets. >> reporter: a debate that could disrupt some big businesses. last year americans spent a whopping $2 billion on astrology and psychic business here in the u.s. and web sites like get 5 million visit ears month. >> i think people are attached to their zodiac says because, you know, we all want permission to be our quirky human selves, and was strolling gives you
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gives you permission to be flawed and human and not have it all figured out. >> so in the end your star sign is still the same, western astrology allows zodiac dates to remain the same using western constellations. and the bp on svu. joe biden -- the vp is headed to vru, joe biden headed to prime time for a good cause. forecast for the end of the week up next. >> a new hampshire 2-year-old run over by her 17-year-old sister. why the child was 7-year-old sister. why the child was driving the family car. and three injured in a school shooting. the suspect arrested. the shooter apparently shot his father to death before the rampage. a lot of information yet come out in this story.
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exiertd talking about fall and law tays and all of that, and
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i had to dig deep to filed a scarf and a coat. >> scarf, wow. >> well, you know, i'm like coal anyway all the time. jr, you know the drill. >> well, the body adjusts and coming out of summer, it's like, ooh, this is kind of chilly, and in january, this is a january thaw. northeast winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. gusting 26 miles per hour here in the city of boston. 56 in town. beverly at 57. water temp at 63. warmer than the air and even back into the worcester hills, temps in the 50s. so no real storm because of the clouds. that's why we really didn't have any rain but pockets of drizzle and mist at times. in between storms, just one over here that won't bother us, although, it is helping to generate the clouds. this storm over here is sitting and spinning too far away to bother us. although, it is trying to generate some rain down through metro d.c. and baltimore moving north, but i think it stays west. eventually that storm back through chicago and may try to catch up with us through the end
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drizzle and chilly wind. temps between 54 and 59, not noing all that much from the afternoon. -- not moving all that much from the afternoon. and tomorrow, a lot of clouds and pockets of drizzle and mist but i do think we're gonna see some sunshine tomorrow afternoon. especially the farther north and west you travel from the coast. so you notice here during the morning hours, the timeline still indicating the gray in the city of boston and clouds and even a couple of sprinkles and spot showers possible on the cape. there's no cloudiness from and jaffery and even down into worcester. so that's the drier air. and that will chew away at these clouds as we work in to tomorrow afternoon. in fact, might even get into some disenltd amount of sunshine in the city of boston tomorrow afternoon. so there's potential this could state your name into a nice fall day with fair amount of sunshine north and west of town. south of town a lot of clouds and we'll have the chilly wind, so temps upper 50s to the low 60s. north of town, this is where you get into more sunshine, and you
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southern new hampshire. low to mid 60s. raymond at 64... fitch but at 63. worcester at 61. and out on to the cape and the islands, you hold on to the clouds. mashpee 57 and nantucket at 58. then this storm system, which is a slow-mover slowly begins to approach the eastern seaboard by the end of the weekend. friday we'll start with sun and then clouds will show up in the afternoon. likely to be a couple of s temps on friday in the upper 50s. and then as this area of low pressure breaks down, falls apart, it will wobble across new england and the northeast. so that's likely to be our highest chance of some showers saturday and sunday. but again it won't be all day widespread rain. so outdoor activities, i think they're doable this weekend if you just have the rain gear on standby. right now it's a little too far away to time exactly when the raindrops happen on saturday, sunday but the risk is there. see you at 6:00.
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for your favorite celebrity online, jeremy reiner, adam williams, that kind of stuff? >> you may want to rethink that. intel security has announced its 10th annual list of the most dangerous celebrities searches online, topping the list amy schumer, followed by justin bieber and nbc's own carson daily. it says the famous names are most likely web sites that carry viruses or mal ware. tonight's new episode of law and order features a special guest store, vice-president joe biden will be playing himself. it focuses on a case connected to the backlog of untested rape kits all around the country. an issue biden hopes will get more attention. >> i have no illusions. i'm not a very good actor but this one i didn't have to act
5:53 pm
1994 biden authored the violence against women act which eventually became law. the elements there include tougher penalties for repeat sex offenders. the episode is part of a packed night. a new episode here on 7 nbc... next on 7news at 5:30, the royals on the road. the latest on the duke and dutchess and cambridge as they tour canada. >> i'm adam williams with what we're working on for 7news at 6:00. what he is saying tonight about his mother's disappearance and his grandfather's unsolved murder case. plus, a 7-year-old girl runs over her little sister. and the buffalo bills coach, he's a character, right? the prank he tried to pull on julian edelman. what the heck was it? did it work?
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the duke and dutchess continue their tour of canada. >> and now they're checking out canada's premier wine growing region. >> reporter: william and date getting a night away from the
5:57 pm
white horse canada, a town built during the gold rush located along the yukon river. now said to have the cleanest air in the world. a spectacular setting and last night's stunning performances that almost got william on his feet. >> you must dance. >> that's what he said. >> reporter: there was more to see the world famous northern lights often visible from white horse at this time of year. earlier the royal couple pigged grapes and tried local food during a tour of canada 30 years ago. tomorrow the duke and dutchess head back to their own children with plenty of stories to tell. >> and prince william and princess kate also spent time in yukon, canada visiting a museum and attending a community festival. so -- >> what a great time of year to be checking out that part of canada, the country's amazing over there. i want to check it out. >> beautiful. and i also want to know where kate gets all of her clothes.
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7news straight ahead, everybody. >> 7news at 6:00 starts right now. a deep sea mystery. a once missing boater is back home, but his mother still hasn't been found. what's saying about her disappearance and his grandfather's murder. a school shooting in south carolina, three people are injured and desperate parents are trying to reunite with their children. and then police inew 7-year-old girl gets behind the wheel in a car and runs over her little sister. >> a lot of clouds out there tonight and the risk of showers for the weekend. >> plus... ready to transform america ... >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders teaming up in new hampshire to try to defeet donald trump. first at 6:00, we'll begin with breaking news. a boater saved at sea said he had nothing to do with his mother's disappearance or the
5:59 pm
grandfather. this as we learn some new details about nathan carman's past. carman returned home yesterday after he and his mother vanished a week ago. >> and she and the boat are still missing. 7's kimberly bookman has the breaking details for us. >> tonight nathan carman is taking a stand insisting he had nothing to do with his mother's recent disappearance at sea nor with his grandfather's unsolved murder in 2013. he arrived in boston yesterday after rescued after n the coast guard questioned him for hours. officers also went to his home in vermont and searched the place and confiscated a notebook, a table modem and gps memory card. when carman got to vermont last night, he spoke to 7news. >> i feel healthy, emotionally i've been through a huge amount and my request is just to be allowed to mourn naturally. >> now carmen's father also spoke out saying it's a shame
6:00 pm
grandfather is coming up again since he says his son had nothing to do with it. >> reporting live in the control room, kimberly bookman, certain news. jonathan hall continues our team coverage of this breaking story. court documents are shedding new light on carman's past. john. >> well, adam, homicide detectives looked into this case for months and they concluded this young man nathan carman murdered his grandfather. they concluded tha went ahead with the case because a prosecutor declined to go ahead with it and the then 20-year-old was not arrested. >> 87-year-old john chakolos lived a long humble life and left a $4 million estate in 2013. he been shot three times. linda carman, the woman who is believed to be lost at sea, was


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