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tv   Today  NBC  September 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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>> is this morning, find out why these two talented stars are making front page news and be prepared for the funniest videos and singers that caught the coming up now. [ music playing ] >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, tamron hall and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" billy bush and al roker and tamron has changed her views. >> oh, come on. >> you went out of here seconds ago to change shoes.
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negative way. >> the other looked like it skreels, i thought you would be wearing thigh high boot zbhs i ran out. >> i love it al has an opinion. it screams high thighs. you went out and got some. are you two married and i don't know it. >> we're tv spouses. i have two tv husbands. >> the reason why he knew tha rage. i got these, you have al roker's wife, fashion icon, deborah roberts. i don't encourage googling people. google deborah roberts' fashion. >> coming from you, high praise indeed. >> remember a couple years ago, she war dress for the white house correspondent dinner. it was so beautiful. i was sneaking up behind her to touch it, it was creepy. >> it was. >> i'll move on. >> the amazing thing i notice
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it only takes a half hour in the morning. people might assume you looking like that the way you come out every day, it must take forever it takes no time and do you it yourself. >> we are launching something special, i did take something a few minutes ago in our dressing room, doing my hair and makeup, 20 minutes. hit a record there. we have something really exciting coming up, it vf involves fashion. >> i am wearing my monday suit on a thursday. on mondays. i'm a little bloated. i always go hard on the weekend. truth be told. i have my dark shirts and blues. >> at any moment, is there a voice that might say, i don't know if we want to go there. then another voice comes in and goes, you say it. you just go ahead and say it. >> he doesn't have that. he doesn't have the guy. >> you know the outfit. you feel looser. >> monday eye cream you gave it to me for my birth die, by
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it's not looking good in this area. >> you were working every night. last night you were hosting another event. >> this is beautiful a. look good feel better american cancer society, their dream ball. in fact, our own who do kotb was named -- hoda kotb was named. the other lady you recognize from "america's got talent" both brilliantfo survivors. we showed their story remember people were in tears. i love the makeup, look good feel better program provides makeup and confidence building for women who are going through keep mow therapy. you lost your hair, you are physically on the outside not the same this helps empower and build the confidence of women who are going through a life and death situation. so bravo to them. thank you, american cancer society. congratulations to them.
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charitable events at night. hard working person. >> i am looking at al's instagram, why didn't i get to eat that last night? >> i have been asking that, ten years i have been asking. >> here's the thing. i love the "new york times" cooking hour. >> you do? >> i want to try it out. >> you get an e-mail, the beginning of the week, sunday, ten things we're cooking this week. i usually make at least two things every week from this. this was zimmers chicken wit lovely wife. i did the whole roast can ca califlower. >> our executive producer, oh, blah blah blah blah. she actually did this. like that. and so it's weird to watch her
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deborah comes home from work t. hours the discussions. you are fighting. yes. >> did you cook like that when they were smaller? >> yes. >> the teenagers are out of the way. >> same thing. i'm very blessed. my children eat etching. very adventurous because we didn't. look, they'll knock down chicken nuggets and a corndog with the best of them. >> there is always room for that. by the way, that "new york times," i went to that at a it was thanksgiving, it was always in my house. but my father-in-law, my wife's dad, comes and he always carved the turkey. >> what's up with that? >> i was feeling particularly masculine. i said not this year. not in my house. i will carve that turkey. i got to do it right. she is judgmental, critical. >> you know, this is going-on-out over the air? >> it is handsome and powerful. i get this app.
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so i was ready. i studied, studied, i went there. i did it. i thought i nailed it to perfection. he comes in over my shoulder and says it's too thick. come oranges then it was a little bit of -- it got ugly from there. >> anyway, while we talk about. that yesterday i did something else. i have an employee workout program. >> what does that mean? >> my assistant you want to exercise, exercise with me t. classes are free. i don't know if have you spin classes. >> i can't do spin. it's hard. we should point out your family is not here every day with you. that's why you are dragging julian. >> what was that? >> we'll see. >> where were you looking? >> the beautiful back lighting system, it's unbelievable. >> people say it's like cult, once you do it, you are in it. >> it's therapy on a bike.
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man that burned you? everyone is letting out these feelings. >> we did it on the plaza, we dade huge, we broke a record raising money for charity on the cycle thing. my butt hurt for like i kept telling you. >> you need gel pads. >> speaking of. >> i'd rather be embarrassed. >> speaking of back sides. >> speaking of gel seats, kim kardashian has t his name has been banned. >> by the way, this is the last time we're showing this guy. >> highway has some greatest hits out there. he went to try to kiss will smith on the lips. will myth almost dropped this guy. >> i can't tell you, if someone did that to me, i would still be looking for them. >> this is last week when he picked up gigi haddid. >> you see how scary that is?
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>> to me, that's assault. >> it is. >> this is his latest here. >> he got one more. he ran up, got kim kardashian. he tries to kiss her on her bottom. >> how about the body guard with the boater? >> it never fell off. what is the motivation for this guy? >> i don't know, they should have probably pounded him a couple times. fancy jeans, there he goes. >> he tried to kiss her legendary -- news confirmed kim reached out to french authorities. she will file complaint and probably sue the guy. >> charge him. put this guy away. >> anyway, it's a deplorable line of wompbrk. >> how do you make main off that? >> bizarre. up next, one of life's biggest mysteries solved. the back street boy versus
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bbing bubbles. kill 99.9% of germs and destroy grime. with scrubbing bubbles for 100% problem solved. what are these? what is it? duck lips. quack quack. plastic surgery duck! uh huh! you are a backwards duck. instead of quack, he says- no, kcauq. kcauq. kcauqqq. kcauuuu. ? ? pringles! >> back now more on "today's" take. back street boys. it's one of the things you roll the window up and don't want to be caught singing it.
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when they do their reunion thing. >> it's sweet. >> probably each generation has their boys. jackson five. i love the all white suits t. muscle shirts, everything. >> 9.5 million albums sold t. lead single. they're now admitting t. guys are admitting. they have no idea whathi is about. in fact, it's a pointless song is there they didn't write it, right? >> it's max martin. maybe that explains it. they're swedish. >> you know the theory, if you put 30 monkeys in a room with typewriters, you end up with something. >> no, this the a hit, al! >> it doesn't make sense. it makes no sense. >> they actually agree it
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alternate version that did make sent. they listened back and said the one that makes sense isn't as good as the one that doesn't. >> what does it mean? >> is this a breakup song? and i love you song? you are my fire, the one desire. believe me when i say, i want it that way. but we're two worlds apart, can't reach to your heart when you say that i want it that way. >> i totally understand it. >> tell me why. >> she wants it her way. so he said, you are my fire, my often you, believe me when i say i want it that way. >> nothing but a heartache. ain't nothing but a mistake. i never want to hear you say. >> he never wants to hear i don't love. >> you your one desire. i know it's too late but i want it that way. this is confusing. >> want it that way you do. sense you must make. boys of back street.
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>> okay. so alec baldwin is going to be trump this year on "saturday night live. request itself. >> this is his wheel house. go on, talk about it. >> yes. yes, nothing new to me, just roll the video. epic. epic. >> maybe not a lot tuning in. >> it will be big. >> biggest day but of "snl." i will guess for a new season in ten years. >> i think you are right. i think are you right. baldwin has hosted this show 16 times, more than any other person in 41 years. this is the 42nd season. think about that. 42 years. >> i love how animated he is. >> it's amazing. like a 90-minute program live every week, it has been on this
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>> larry sanders was so skevlg larry david as bernie sanders, i this i the stunt character, bring in the big one. >> this was a pivotal character. >> he barely has to put on makeup. >> i am going to say i called this month ago,io one likes that guy, i did. on the air. he is the guy. >> you are right. >> i like that they have the delays kicking off the new -- d season to coincide with after the deba it to increase the material. >> it's interesting. >> the only thing that can beat this? >> a chicken playing a piano. >> boom! >> bring it home, chicken. roll it. >> his name is patrick, by the way. >> he's playing i want it that way. [ music playing ] >> he's writing the sequel. >> you are my fire. >> it makes as much sense.
10:16 am
>> i wonder if he works for chicken feed. >> excuse me. >> that's kind of corny, i got one, finally. >> that was a fowl joke. >> you're so peasant. oh, darn. >> let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. >> a lot of wet weather out there. we have flash flood watches around warnings for 12 million folks from pennsylvania all the way down into the virginias. we're going to be watching this thing. it's going to be raining northeast, mid-atlantic states in new england into essential next week. fayetteville, wilmington, rainfall apples will end up anywhere from 7-to-8 inches in some spots, already parts of the >> chris: good thurs >> good thursday morning, every. a cool and breezy start. we have breaks of sunshine, especially away from southeastern mass, and that will
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cloudy in plymouth and bristol. and the cape and the islands. temperatures this afternoon, ranging from the upper 50s to near 60 at the coast to mid 60s in worcester county to merrimack valley. the showers lingering into the weekend, especially on saturday. >> that is your latest weather. coming up next, you want to buy a house, your car, credit our interest rate, we credit our interest rate, we will tell credit our interest rate, we will tell i had a wonderful time tonight. me too! call me tomorrow? i'm gonna send a vague text in a couple of days, that leaves you confused about my level of interest. i'll wait a full two days before responding. perfect! we're never gonna see each other again, will we? no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay.
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>> did you know that 84% of americans currently have financial concerns and nearly half struggle to meet household expenses every single month. that's according to a recent study by clear voice research. so we reached out to you, our viewers, to find out your biggest money concerns. here to help us out, money in minute is the host of the sole money process, i love that, financial clint tore to o, the magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is relatable for just about everybody here. you will help us out. we have a timer. we present the question. then will you run with it. >> i am. >> you got it? >> i have a minute. >> the first question, should we pay down debt, student loents, car loans, first or put the extra money towards retirement?
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you save for retirement, think of paying down debt at the same it can be done. first tamron with your debt, look at all of your debt. put the minimum on everything so you are not falling behind the debt with the highest interest rate put a little more so you get out of that quicker. if you need more help the national foundation for credit counseling is a great resource. as for retirement, make sure you are saving as little as possible, just $10 a day can amass hundreds of thousands in we can invest on the mobile app, acorn, hook it up to a bank account or credit card, every account you spend round it up to the next dollar. put it in a diversified retirement portfolio for you on the go, automatically. >> i love that. have you 12 seconds. >> all right w. acorn, it's a diversified portfolio, 7,000 different assets. it caters to your age and risk tolerance. very popular.
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next question is about emergency savings. we are living beyond our means, we need an emergency savings and are thinking about transferring our credit card balance to another credit card to gain breathing room. we're feeling overwhelmed about the best strategy to save for our future. hit the clock. >> first, i want to say, emergency savings is critical. it's ideal to get to a six-to-nine month kuchlgs i like zero percent balance transfer cars. keep in interest rates expire after 12, 15 months. so it's critical you get on a debt payoff plan within that time frame. after that, you see the interest rates skyrocket. are back to where you are, maybe wars off or able to save. keep that in mind. with zero transfer cards, there may be a fee of two to three percent sometimes nothing, it pays to shop around. go to
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accounts, you could lose history, credit littles, that could negatively impact your credit score. >> have you 13 seconds on the clock. >> really, another thing ability mortgages saving, like investing, start small. get in the habit of saving. it's a behavior. >> all right. that question by the way is from felicia in new york. moving on now, suzanne, massachusetts, i'm looking to buy a house but feel i should boost my credit score first. what itself the best way to do this? start the clock. >> so weno are struggling with housing payments. this is a smart question. she wants to boost her credit score to qualify for a mortgage with a low interest rate that will reduce her housing payment. right now, those paying the best interest rates on mortgages have a credit score of 760 or higher. so here's a really cool trick. i've done this. it can boost your score relatively quickly. call your credit card issueer. have you the best history, ask
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ask them for 15 or $20,000. if you have a good relationship. you have been paying your bills an time. they may be able do this over the phone, see your credit score jump. good advice for everybody, pay all your bills on time. it's the biggest variable. boom. >> that's how you the it in under a minute. coming up, kids awards are great. but i'm more than just a trophy. i'm moving forward...
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this is an nbc news special report. here's matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> it's 10:30 here on the east coast, 7:30 out west. this is an nbc news special report. unfolding right now in hoboken, new jersey. a new jersey transit train crashing into the terminal there. at least three people confirmed dead, more than 100 others injured. we're told that a number of them are critically injured. >> this of course happened at the height of rush hour earlier this morning. we're already seeing images of terrible destruction. witnesses are speaking out this morning and sharing stories of chaos and panic. >> everything was typical.
10:31 am
there wasn't enough space for everyone to get into the first car, so fortunately i was stuck in the middle. myself and about six other people were in between the cars. we approached the station, and the train just felt like it never stopped. it didn't slow down. it didn't -- it didn't brake. i mean, i don't know for sure if it didn't brake or what was happening. so as soon as the train just kept going, there was -- the people started yelling. and the people that were standing in between on the other side, on the second -- in the second car, getting ready to come out of that door, were thrown on to our side. a young lady actually that was thrown from that, her legs caught between the doors just as soon as it was about to make that full stop. but we were able to pull her up fortunately, and the gentleman
10:32 am
people, but he had a gash in his forehead. he hadn't known he was bleeding. i didn't fall, fortunately, because there were people in front of me. >> you can hear the fear in her voice. one of the survivors. at least three dead, 100 injured in this train crash this morning. >> and that view from above gives you a really good idea of what this situation is. this isn't a through station. this is a terminal. these tracks come to an end at that specific point in hoboken. if a train comes in and does not track, in this case right into the terminal building. >> while we're already hearing these differing accounts of how much, if any, the train had slowed, let's go to our correspondent rehema ellis, our correspondent. what are you hearing? >> good morning. we're standing in what police are calling a staging area. i can see the waiting room of the terminal where that train crashed into. there are emergency vehicles
10:33 am
responders are all around, trying to secure this area in terms of getting the injured away from the area. as you've pointed out, witnesses, some of them, passengers on this train were able towalk walk away, others w not. i spoke to one woman in the third car of the train. she said it happened really fast. she said everybody in the third car was jolted. some people were standing because they were about to get off the train. and she said it was crazy. and crying. and she said she was able to brace herself because she was still sitting, so she put her hands on the backseat of the seat in front of her, and she was jolted in place. she was able to walk away from this. her concern, she said, is that so many other people may not have been able to walk away. the first thing she did when she got out of the car, she said she called her loved ones to let
10:34 am
grateful for the fact she was able to walk away from this, savannah. as she pointed out, so many others were not. we are still waiting for a press briefing here. we're told a short time from now, officials will give us more information on the extent of this accident. we don't know how fast the train was going, but we do know that it was approaching this terminal because this is the last stop, as matt was saying. this is where people are to get off. some of them were standing, and that made it even worse. that the people who were in the front car -- remember, she was in the third car. she felt that people in the front car may have taken the biggest of the burden in terms of the injuries. savannah? >> and there may have been people on the platform as well right there. ra h rehema, thank you very much. >> tom costello going to look at the investigation side. obviously first they take care of the injured, then figure out what happened.
10:35 am
engineer survived the impact, would be to talk to that person. >> that's absolutely right. what was he or she doing? were they paying attention? what did they see? was the equipment operating normally? i got to tell you, i've ridden this train many times. i used to live in new jersey and took that train into manhattan. to come in that fast into hoboken station i find to be rather strange because normally you crawl into hoboken station. it's a very slow snail's pace. so fast that it literally rammed right into the station and caused such terrible structural damage and of course so many people injured and potentially killed. we do also know that this line on new jersey transit does not have that automatic braking system called positive train control. that's been a big issue, as you know, for the last dozen years or so following major train crashes, really, from california to new york. but on the new jersey transit
10:36 am
so clearly this will probably ramp up the discussion about whether that should have been in place. but you have to wonder, why would the engineer be realizing as he or she was coming into that station and having presumably done this many times before, that you've got to slow down. there are many warning signs and speed signs. >> and by the way, nobody on the platform that we've heard from -- we heard from a witness a second ago -- said there was any horn blaring or warning from that train. priority would be to speak to the engineer, if that is possible. also, these trains have what is referred to as a black box, don't they, tom? >> they absolutely do. on many of these trains -- now, i cannot speak to specifically what equipment was on this particular train. but many trains do have the equivalent of a black box that allow them to immediately know the speed, whether there were any brakes applied, what the speed was coming out or going into a turn, all of that is going to be critically important.
10:37 am
tom costello, as always, thank you very much. the ntsb has officially launched a go team to get to that scene. >> so once again, a chaotic scene in hoboken, new jersey, across the river from new york city. three dead, perhaps as many as a hundred injured. we'll return you to "today." made fish oil. because i trust their quality. they were the first to have a product verified by usp. an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ? well? i love it. this piece is so you. i know, right? i saw it and i was just like "oh, i have to have it..." is it suede? it's suede. i love suede. state farm knows that every one those moments, there's one of these...
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is piece is so you. i know, right? i saw it and i was just like "i have to have it..." is it suede? it's suede. i love suede. that's why we're there, with renters insurance, when things go wrong... but also here, with a rewards credit card, to help life go right. state farm. there's nothing like trying something new. especially when it comes to snacking. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. >> it doesn't get much better than this john goodman, nathan lane the stars are coming towing for the revival of the broadway page, first written nine decades
10:39 am
talk about it. >> this is such a classic broadway play. was it something you thought, i got to do this? >> it was a no brainer for me. jack o'brien our fabulous director called me last february i believe yeah, it was all i could think about. >> they called it vulgar in 1988. one ve view said it was a vulgar play. of course, that was 1988. has it evolved or story? >> it's the same stuff. in terms of the language, it was shocking. tennessee williams said it was the play that uncorsetted broadway. because of the subject matter and the language. >> it's the chicago criminal
10:40 am
story. how does it endure? why does it endure? >> i think it's a massively constructed play, a three-act play, which they don't do anymore. certainly, there was the charles macarthur, i don't know if we said that the writers that came from this world. so it's a very authentic, gritty feel and yet george s. kauffman what is the it's an incredibly funny and satisfying piece of theater. >> this thing a critique of the media, bureaucracy, it still holds up? >> absolutely, like any great piece of art, it reflects shot. >> 1978 when you first worked together? >> that's right. >> same guy, are you sitting
10:41 am
again? >> he's still as nice and kind a person and as great an actor as he was then. >> you return the fire back, john. >> fabulous nathan lane who has great taste. >> an amazing cast here. >> yes. >> they really are. >> it's an amazing ensemble. very lucky to be here. >> 23 people or something with that kind of delivery, it's that in rehearsal? >> it is about team work. >> we have a skillful and brilliant leader. >> looking forward to it. thank you so much, john. nathan. >> love them, nathan lane. front page currently, opens at the broadhurst theater october 20th. >> what is new? >> i will sashe over there is tamron, she is playing.
10:42 am
as our i don't think for the weekend, friday, the northeast into parts of florida, look at the four xaerns area to see pacific northwest, going into saturday, the rain continues around the great lakes, into northeastern new england. where we need it. move ahead to sunday. more wet weather stretching along the eastern seaboard, sunshine from texas all the way up into >> chris: good thursday morning, everyone. a cool and breezy start. we have breaks of sunshine this morning especially away from southeastern mass, that will be the case through the day with the brightest conditions north and west. the cloudiest down across plymouth, bristol county and the cape and the islands. could even have a patch or two of drizzle down that way. temperatures this afternoon ranging from the upper 50s to near 60 at the coast. mid-60s across worcester
10:43 am
showers likely or showers. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up next, beyonce takes them under their wing for the lemonade music video a. new music video for fall. an ? tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. entresto?- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto? was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto?. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto? with an ace inhibitor or or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema
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tries to get passengers who may have been injured, get them help and to assess exactly what happened and the extent of the injuries and the damage. >> and rehema, i want to say, i am being told this where many tracks come to an end. so it is truly a terminal and when you say that train didn't come to a stop, it would have had nowhere else to go but off the end of the track and right into that terminal build something. >> that seems to be exactly the ways here, i'm not on the scene, what i can see is chaotic. people have been forced to not go into the area, including me,
10:48 am
run as fast as i can into the area be you you are right. it's an area where the trains, they converge here, coming into the train station. it's the new jersey transit commuter train. it is above ground and the train just didn't stop and plowed right into that passenger terminal. >> obviously, traveling at a pretty high rate of speed based on the damage we are seeing. i also want to bring in tom costello. he covers transportation for us. to happens is the ntsb, they send teams there quickly? >> reporter: that is right, immediate concern is evacuating all of the injured, treating the injured and trying to determine what happened. this will become a federal railroad investigation as you suggested and then the ntsb in cooperation with the federal railroad association. one big concern is this train and this system have positive
10:49 am
our initial suggestion from a federal authorities is there is no positive train control. you may remember you and i could have had 18 months ago that occurred on a stretch of track and the train derailed in an excessive speed. it's essentially an oumt u all breaking system. it breaks the train if the engineer fales to do so as the train approaches the course, some s zone or slow down zone and in philadelphia, we have 200 plus injured and eight dead. we are hoping that we don't have anywhere near that scenario here. but the immediate concern that federal radio authorities have had for years is the slow rollout of this all breaking system. why have various systems been slow to put it into effect when
10:50 am
and in this early federal authority there is no no positive train control on this track. >> keep in mind, there would have been people on that train and standing near that platform. this could be mechanical error, human error. too soon to rule out anything including a potential deliberating a. again the investigation will come after the rescue operations take place to find out who may be trapped on that platform and our thanks to tom costello and rehema ellis. we will have the latest on msnbc and most of you going back to regular scheduled programing. i'm matt lew lauer in, no this has been an nbc news special report. ? new life attracts sometimes ? ? all at once ?
10:51 am
? know mind ? ? i'm looking at ? ? what's on tonight ? ? so we'll build it right on ? ? so ? i'm grateful ? ? and the sky falls ? ? ain't it all ?
10:52 am
? laid it all for ? ? hit the sky for ? ? ain't it all for let the rain fall ? ? let the sky fall ? let it all ? so what if i let it fall ? ? let's fall ? ? so let the sky fall ?
10:53 am
? [ applause ] >> beautiful. that was joyful. what an angel. >> you see the full video from fallle we have all fallen in love. >> it's a weather song. >> oh, thank you. >> we'll be right back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. remember this moment. remember what i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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pam griffin: our daughter courtney got caught in a web of opiate and heroin addiction. doug griffin: our insurance company indicated that courtney's problem wasn't a matter of life and death - so she wasn't eligible for treatment. pam griffin: she told me that she didn't want to live like this anymore... she begged... she begged for help, saying mom - please help me. doug griffin: our family's tragedy could happen to any family... pam griffin: we knew we had to save other families from losing their children.
10:55 am
pam griffin: she listened to what we had to say, who we were - she cared about us... she didn't know us. pam griffin: we talked about the ways to remove the stigma of addiction so parents can get help. doug griffin: kelly co-authored the comprehensive addiction and recovery act - this act will save kids' lives... ...and enable families to get the help they need. doug griffin: we don't want courtney to be remembered for her substance abuse, but rather for her struggle to achieve recovery. pam griffin: kelly believes recovery is possible. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. >> those singers.
10:56 am
ing new. joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun.ent sn. especially when it comes to chbreadstickso wherevery mothers, sons, friends.
10:57 am
r. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac
10:58 am
narrator: over and over it's been their agenda:
10:59 am
voted 6 different times to defund planned parenthood. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda... and it's time for that to change. i'm maggie hassan
11:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in the thity thursday. >> yes it is. >> september 29th. the very last, next to the last day, tomorrow is the last day of september, unbelievable. that's gavin degrau. >> we're so excited. we have a big star today, huge. >> yes, we do. samuel l. jackson starring in "m


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