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tv   7 News  NBC  September 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> now at 7 a commuter train barrels into a new jersey train station. >> it was just. it was horrific. >> anchor: from the moments after the impact to the latest at the investigation. li tracking showers for tomorrow. >> anchor: a drive by display causing concerns at a newton high school. rescue crews trudging into the mud. >> anchor: and teams into the home stretch of the farewell tour. >> anchor: how the city plans to honor him. >> 7 news at 7:00 starts now. tonight on 7. new jersey rocked by a terminal
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stopped. >> you heard like a bomb. cab automatic. >> it's the aftermath of a commuter crash. >> anchor: breaking news out of new jersey. a deadly train crash is under investigation as we speak. rescue crews emergency responders are on the scene after that terminal crash in hoboken. one person dead and more than 100 injured. >> anchor: the impact coming during the height of the morning commute. team 7 coverage on the angles of tonight. john. >> reporter: jadiann, even now hours after that crash this is a very active scene. you can look behind me here. you see where that investigation is continuing outside of the hoboken station there are many questions yet to be answered. witnesses say things went from
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smoke and everything was dusty and dirty. and people started crying. a few started screaming. rush hour just before 9. at one of the busiest train stations in the new york area. a transit train approaching its final stop never slowed as it
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>> came in at a high rate of speed, through the air, took the ceiling out. it was horrific. it was an explosion of concrete, dust, electrical wire. >> lights went out and we felt. it was more than a jolt. everyone was thrown to the other side. >> reporter: 250 people were on the train. one woman on the platform died when she was hit by debris. police and passengers raced to help as the walking wounded made their way to safety. >> the ceiling came down. a couple people were barried under the rubble. >> somebody picked me up and passed me to somebody else through the window. >> reporter: and whether the crash could have been prevented. >> the train came in at much too high rate of speed. the question is why is that. >> reporter: the ntsb here to answer that question. we know the engineer of this train has been released from the hospital and is cooperating. live in hoboken new jersey tonight john cocoa 7 news. >> anchor: john, this is not the first time something like this happened. how did that crash compare to the one back in 2011. >> reporter: that other crash happened 2011 it happened on mother's day. dozens of people were injured. that train ended up hitting the bumpers at the end of the
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crash. >> anchor: we'll see you back here for 7 news at 11:00. >> anchor: all right. and then in other news today we transit workers were at the scene of the crash. they say it's like nothing they've seen before. one of the employees said it was like a bomb went off. they couldn't believe their eyes. one said they think something happened to the engineer who was operating the train. >> it was right there in front of me. went through the bumper block. through the air. through the depot and into the waiting room.
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out. diabetes or something. that train never should have came in like that, period. nowhere near that. >> anchor: one of those who was killed in that crash as he was helping people off of the train. >> anchor: the commuter train that crashed today was not equipped with a system meant to prevent trains from slamming into stations. positive train control. here's ryan schulteis live in
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on certain areas of track. now the nation's railroads were supposed to have the system in place near the end of 2015. many don't have it yet. president obama signed a bill last year extending that deadline to 2018. the mbta has a plan to get that technology online. and positive train control already up and running on amtrak's northeast corridor near new haven and boston. >> ptc has been one of our priorities. we know that it can prevent accidents. >> it seems me that new jersey transit needs to make greater advances on positive train control. i and senator booker fought for $600 million to new jersey for the next 5 years. >> reporter: the lack of that positive train control has been blamed in high profile crashes: in the newsroom ryan schulteis 7 news. ; we'll have continuing coverage of that crash in hoboken. reporting live from new jersey for us tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. a child rushed to the hospital. police responding to aco complex there. kimberly shares the latest tonight. kimberly. >> reporter: you see over my shoulder there is police crime tape up. this is part of the lincoln village. residents tell me is public housing here in worcester. police are confirming they are investigating after a child was hurt here. that child neighbors say is about 3 years old. police have a man at headquarters that they are
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investigators covering feet to search the town home. they seem focussed on a pillow inside. they are taking pictures and slowly removing evidence. a man painting at the complex said he heard some commotion earlier and is now troubled to see a crime scene. >> sounded like he was screaming. but i mean you know pretty much crying and sometimes screaming. i don't know -- i don't know if he was in . i don't know i have no idea. >> reporter: now this is the front of the town home that we are standing at. in the back police officers are investigating. obviously a very active scene. trying to figure out what happened here. kimberly bookman 7 news. >> anchor: a deadly industrial accident in george town. amaka ubaka live to tell us more. amaka. >> reporter: adam, george town
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i can say within the last 20 minutes the medical examiner arrived. the essex da is calling this an accidental death. we have sky 7 hd video over the scene a while ago. what we know so far a male employee was killed backing out an excavator out of a garage. and what i was told from was the equipment manager and the head mechanic. he had been with the company for more than 25 years. the essex da's office is on scene investigating as well as osha. at this point they say this is a tragic but also an accidental death. live in george town amaka ubaka 7 news. ; also tonight at 72 suspects in custody after a massive police
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today. the search prompted 3 schools to go into shelter in place mode. there was no direct threat to the schools they wanted to be extra safe. >> anchor: a young woman who claims she was assaulted last night is telling them she made the story up. she was found in a ravine with hands and feet duct taped. she's telling police she was not a victim of assault. and day care dangers at a local child care chain. state officials down all 4 of terry's pumpkin day care centers. not enough food for the kids. dead mice behind a refrigerator. one mother said she thought the day care was closing because the building had been sold. >> my understanding is somebody bought the building. otherwise i don't know. >> anchor: court papers alleged
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baby's diaper. >> the american people have had it with years and decades of clinton corruption and scandal. >> anchor: you saw there 40 days until the polls open. and donald trump is taking shots at hillary clinton at a rally that happened in new hampshire. hillary clinton is in crunch time. >> anchor: she is making a crucial stop in iowa where early voting is byron barnett with the latest for us in the white house. >> going to build that wall and stop that heroin from pouring in. >> reporter: donald trump giving his standard speech in bedford new hampshire to a big crowd of enthusiastic supporters. the republican nominee promised to repeal obama care and reinvigorate the u.s. economy. >> my economic agenda can be
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we're going to pass the biggest tax cuts since ronald reagan. >> reporter: trump spent a portion of his time attacking hillary clinton on emails, benghazi, and what he called financial corruption. >> we're going to end the clinton corruption and restore -- >> we are starting to iowa today. >> reporter: clinton trying to fire up supporters in iowa where early voting has begun and acknowledged the victims in the new jersey train crash. >> i want to send our thoughts and prayers to them. it's a horrible accident. ran into the depot and caused all kinds of damage. i want to lift up the people of new jersey and new york.
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battling hard for new hampshire's 4 electoral votes. in bedford, new hampshire byron barnett 7 news. ; 7 news is your political headquarters in the race for the white house for updates on the campaign trail go to our website or follow us on social media platforms. >> anchor: up next on the news station. raising flags. a display high school. >> reporter: dry overnight tonight. tracking beneficial rain for the start of the weekend. >> anchor: and playing tribute to big papi. how the city of boston is honoring the sox legend. >> tonight a car wash turned into a car crash. then he got soaked for a loaner.
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>> anchor: students bushing out and making administrators burning mad. a car of kids drove by waiving a confederate flag. >> anchor: police are stepping in. jonathan hall has the story. >> reporter: outrage at newton north over a confederate flag displayed by 4 students in a small red car. >> i hear a lot of students are
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we're going to do a black out thing. everyone is going to wear black to the football game tomorrow. >> we're an upstanding community when incidents like this disprove it. i'm ashamed. >> reporter: parents got a letter from newton north's principal assuring them the incident is being taken seriously. you think these guys wanted attention? >> definitely yeah. >> reporter: the students have a right to freedom of speech. school violated newton north's code of student conduct. >> students have a right to go to school free of harassment and bias and discrimination. and having a confederate flag outside a car does not lead to that environment. >> reporter: the students will face school discipline. he hopes this racially intolerant car ride will provide a teaching moment. >> one of our goals as a system
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welcoming inclusive for all. having a confederate flag does not do that. >> reporter: we are in touch with the 17-year-old student who shot that video. in newton jonathan hall 7 news. >> you look down at the time and temperature. a chilly 56 degrees. it was raw out there today. >> anchor: it was. >> anchor: mist and some wind gusts. ; that's what i was going to say. misty air. and not sure t chief meteorologist jeremy reiner with us to break it down. >> reporter: more of that misty air on the way tomorrow. a lot of clouds now. boston north and west middle part of the day and early afternoon. the clouds hung tough. the city at 56. jaffrey at 54. worcester 52. a northeast wind thanks to high pressure. you think high pressure sunshine with the northeast wind out of
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tied to this area of low pressure through western ohio. we have several bands of rain none of which are going to hit us this evening. work toward tomorrow and tomorrow night that's when we get into beneficial rain. others mostly cloudy. i'll say partly cloudy. there will be pockets of completely clear sky. where that is happening southern new hampshire worcester hills we have the northeast wind. and again tomorrow. maybe a glimpse or 2 of sun. otherwise plan on a lot of clouds. grab the rain gear. for the late afternoon and evening hours we will be tracking showers. the timeline tomorrow. the gray indicating clouds at noon tomorrow. we're dry in boston. the showers working north during tomorrow afternoon. they're fighting dryer air across new hampshire and
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advancing north of the mass pike tomorrow afternoon. saturday does look like a rainy day. we can shut down the steady rain to a drizzle saturday afternoon. sunday is a drizzly day. temperatures both weekend days upper 50s. how much rain is on the way. a lot of us an inch to an inch and a half maybe 2 inches of rain. this is a healthy batch of widespread rain that works through early saturday morning. we have a lot of outdoor activities this weekend. including sox. saturday night's game might be drizzle. and then sunday the mid-afternoon game will feature pockets of drizzle. patriots hosting the bills sunday afternoon. no steady rain. lot of clouds. pockets and drizzle and mists for tail gate.
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hurricane. this was updated from a tropical storm this afternoon. category 1 hurricane moving west. spend time in the carribean where the water is warm. that will allow matthew to become a category 2 storm. usually a storm that's in the bahamas puts the east coast on alert. way too soon to be talking about anything in new england. right now there are no strong new england. something we will watch next week. until then plan on clouds and showers. see you at 11:00. >> anchor: all right, jeremy. the red sox honoring big papi. the outfield getting a fresh cut. david ortiz with signature home run celebration mowed into the grass. we've got playoffs to go.
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>> anchor: that's right. and the honors for papi didn't stop at the grass tribute. today and tomorrow people can take photos with that number and sign a giant thank you card. >> anchor: lawmakers honoring ortiz too. always see fans shuffling over top fenway park. could be named david ortiz big papi bridge. that will be state house and senate pretty soon. racing to are the rescue. fire fighters tr kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads-
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equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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>> some money mayhem for foxborough fire fighters rescuing a dog. >> anchor: the dog got stuck in the muck. rescue crews were able to pull it out to safety. recovered this dog neck deep from a the video tweeted out by foxborough police. fire fighters wrapped that dog up in a blanket and get him to
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>> anchor: that's our time for 7 news at 7:00. thank you for joining us. i'm jadiann thompson. >> anchor: i'm adam williams.
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narrator: over and over it's been their agenda: anything to defund planned parenthood. kelly ayotte and washington republicans voted 6 different times to defund planned parenthood. they're on a crusade to block services new hampshire women and families depend on: cancer screenings, birth control, basic women's healthcare. kelly ayotte and washington republicans have put defunding planned parenthood at the top of their agenda...
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another rumor on brad's phone. >> every rumor, every head line, we're breaking them all down now on "extra." >> brad and angelina in top secret meetings to hammer out a divorce detile. ke details on angelina's half million break up. and kate hudson's crush on brad revealed. >> trump's trouble with women. >> if you want to increase your numbers with women, just stop


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