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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  September 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and crucial technology that could have prevented the crash. >> jeremy: and tracking rain. i will let you know when it arrives. >> jadiann: a child taken into custody and one person answering the police. >> ryan: and search locks down three schools. >> jadiann: a a driver foots the bill until he calls several it and honoring a red sox legend, big plans to salute the slugger. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning.. tonight, on 7: >> the taken blew in and never stopped. like nails on a chalkboard. metal on medal. a couple of buried under the rubble. >> reporter: slamming into a station without warning. people started crying and screaming. blood everywhere.
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after a commuter crash. a live look from hoboken station in new jersey where investigators are collecting evidence from the crash. tonight investigators are still piecing together the moments before impact. >> jadiann: trying to figure out why that crash was speeding into the station. we have information on people on the train and technology that could have prevented the crash. we start with john hoboken, new jersey. >> reporter: it is quieted dan here in hoboken but this investigation is far from over after that crash here at this station where high speeds are eyed as an early culprit. the rush hour commute in hoboken, turning chaotic after a train came screaming off the tracks, plowing into the platform. i have every structural damage and trapped on the train, and
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on board, most headed to manhattan, instead of slowing down, jumped off the tracks and sent debris flying. >> came in at high high right of speed and went through the bumper block through the air and took the ceiling out. an explosion of cincinnati yet, electrical wires. >> the train felt like it would never stop. >> reporter: a 34-year-old, a local mother, wag killed more than a hundred other the were injured and some made it to the hospital on their own, some severely injured and in need of rescue. >> people buried under the rubble. >> he picked me up and passed me to someone else. >> reporter: survivors say it was serifying. we heard people screaming in the first part. they were trapped and con get out. >> i heard horrifying terrible
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>> reporter: investigators searching for answers as to what exactly happened. the engineer of the train, tommy gallagher appears to have no red flags from his employer or in his medical history. the train was in the equipped with positive train control, a safety feature designed to prevent crashes like this. the ntsb will look at similarities between in and-- this crash and the one in 2011. >> the train came in at too high a right of speed. and the question is why is that. thinks investigation is in the early stages and in initial signs of terrorism or that this was deliberate. john cocoa, 7 news nightteam. >> jadiann: some passengers with were tossed from their seats and some felt the train come off the
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we continue our coverage with more from the panicked passengers. >> reporter: the train never slowed down and they describe an explosion, the life going out and debris going everywhere, moments of terror that passengers say felt like an he turnity. a vo loud crash and explosion and i wasn't sure what it was. passengers on the nij transits train describe a moment of impact. a loud bang, and it didn't stop and the lights went out and the roof came down. chaos and confusion, that followed after their typical morning commute was turned upside-down. there was this impact and its sounded like an slogs and we were stunned. and our car was diagonal, and when we were out the car behind us was straight on the tracks. >> reporter: witnesses describe helping bloodied passengers, and
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coffee april heard the impact and says he rushed to help. >> it sounded like a bomb went off. the train flew in and never stopped. me and another guy, we pulled a couple of people off and the cops got there. >> reporter: a woman on the platform was hit by debris and killed. more than a hundred patients were taken to area hospitals, the most arriving at new jersey city medical center at passengers with forced to climb out of the train using emergency heavily impacted and we could see the whole platform was destroyed. thankfully officials say none of the injuries they receive word lie threatening. live in the newsroom, 7 news nightteam. >> ryan: we are learning about the technology that could have been in place, positive train control, and crews this boston are working to install it. experts say positive train control could have helped
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to stop the train before certain accidents caused by speeding and head-on collisions. here in massachusetts, the mbta has a $four 59 million plan to get it on-line and south station has as many that prevents trains from entering more than ten miles an hour and positive train control is already up and running on amtrak's northeast corridor between new haven and boston and tracks for the the entire nation was supposed to have it by the end of 2015 but the dead line was delayed to 2018. >> they have been recommending positive train control for 40 years. and we will look at weather there was positive train control installed before we come to any conclusions. >> reporter: president obama signed a bill extending the deadline to the'nt of 2018.
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the commute crash and check out the investigation on on the phone and tablet apps. the nightteam attacking hurricane matthew in the caribbean. you can see it here, too early to tell what impact it could have here but it appears to be slowly heading northbound. a check with our chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: updated from a tropical storm earlier, and a healthy looking storm moving west this evening. and winds are picked the latest from the hurricane center at 80 moving west at 04, pressure dropping. and wind speeds go up and hurricane center thinks that will continue to be the case over the next 2-to-three days. jet stream wind may slow it down but it does turn to the north and at that time, intense tying up to a category 2 storm. jamaica and cuba, expected across cuba and into the bahamas
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forecast, but you know more often than not when you from a tropical system it puts the entire sea board on watch and what we'll have next week, matthew will be somewhere in the bahamas, and at the same time a jet stream approaching from the center part of the nation may actually shove matthew out to sea. and spare the entire eastern sea board. we won't know that until late in the weekend and early next week. we will talk about the weekend forecast in a you minutes. attacking his three-year-old nephew leaving him with face injuries. >> reporter: we can tell you that child is in stale condition but when police arrived they found that child badly hurt on a couch. a confession called into the worcester police departments. officer says a w 0-year-old man dialed 911 and said he killed his nephew.
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hour. we had a bad feeling. >> reporter: police descended on 157 country club drive, and found the three-year-old boy with trauma to his face and neck but he was conscious. police say the uncle was watching him while his father was at work. police were told he assaulted the boy several times. a worker said he heard commotion earlier. >> i heard a little kid cryage screaming. but i didn't think nothing of it. i thought the ways just like a little kid crying. his uncle was cuffed and taken into cuss ted and crime scene detectives looked for clues in the houn home. -- in the town home. you wonder what would make someone do that. if you can't trust your family, who do you trust? and that uncle is scheduled to
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he is facing several charges including attempted murder. and the department of children and family services is alerted and they are investigating. reporting live from worcester, kimberly bookman. >> jadiann: police are serving for this person in connection with a breaking and entering case. toe people arrested in connection earlier today and now they are searching for a third. and that search prompted three schools to go into a shulter in place mode today. police say there was in direct threat to the school were doing it out of an abundance of caution. >> ryan: toe men stabbed in a movie theater parking lot after 7:00 this evening in braintree. both men rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
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no word if there will be charges. police on the hunt for a sexual assault suspect they say he was walking and wait fog are his victim. and police say that woman was attacked near gayhelped and minden streets. she was walking dan gayhead road when a man carrying a gun approached her and forced her into the yard where he sexual assaulted her. months and no witness his saw the attack. a counting woman whether said she was assaulted last night is telling police she made the sorry up. she was found with her hands and feet duct taped, saying a man dropped her off in a ravine. she is now telling police she was in the a victim of assault. >> ryan: today drum trm made another trip to new hampshire, and he is calling out bill
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donations from. >> everything you need to know about chill bill clinton, sometimes refered to as crooked hillary can be understood what simple but very important phrase. follow the money. >> ryan: trump told the crowd he would renegotiate follow trade deals and reinvigorate the economy. and client hillary clinton in iowa, where early voting has started. >> he can however he choses. i'm the not going to comments on how he runs his campaign. you will be able to see we have two more debates. what he says and what i say. she did take shots back though saying trump puts his own business interests ahead of the laws, and calling out his lack of qualifyfications to be president. >> jadiann: here some tunnel trouble. a too-tall truck tries to make
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soaked until you called solve it 7. a messy rescue in the woods as a pup is stuck in the mud. >> jeremy: tracking rain for poem. i will show you how much is on the way. >> jadiann: and the quarterbacks take to the practice field today. but who will take to the field on sunday? a big honor for big p
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>> ryan: a truck proving too tall for the callahan tunnel. the driver ignored a warning and drove through and damaged an important protective ceiling cover. the driver got a ticket and all the lanes are now back open. >> jadiann: some trouble with a
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>> ryan: the car wash was willing to make it right but when his e-hails were not answered we contacted solve it 7. >> reporter: life can get busy when you are trying to keep up with twin three-year-old boys. between his job as worcester firefighter and his daddy duties dan finds time to be a hero husband. so when his wife's dirty suv was in desperate need of tlc, he took it over to the local car wash. >> i did it a hundred times before. >> reporter: he drove inside and the auto native system started to push him through. >> i pushed me there through the door. i saw scratches on the door, up over the roof, on the back. deep scratches. >> reporter: the car wash's managering a trod pay for the damage and dan got an estimate and took the suv to a bed shop. they said about a week to get it
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>> reporter: he reached out to the morninger about covering the cost of the rental. >> he said no problem send me the bill. >> reporter: and once the repairs were made dan dropped off the bill for the rental and the hanger confirmed he received it. >> the repairs were great. the company paid for the repairs but dan was waiting for his $281 rental reimbursement. he e mailed the hanger again who assured him he would tak of it. dan never got the check and the manager stopped responding. >> i had a chain of e-mails saying he would do it. i thought you could get me my money. >> reporter: we went on our legal expert. if a company promises to pay in an e mail exchange, that is legally binding? >> a sauming she sent that e mail they agreed to pay it. the company's chief operating officer said he was unaware of
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a few days later... >> they got in touch with me, they got me my check. $281.37. thank you solve it 7. >> we helped dan wash his worries away, and if there is a situation web help clean up for you, give us a call. or send us an e-mail. in the newsroom, kris jade breaking news from connecticut. >> tim: police in middletown connecticut executing a search warrant at the home of nathan carmen's mother, he was found alive off the coast of martha's vineyard this week, after a week lost at sea. his mother is still missing and considered, presumed dead. tonight investigators searched his mother's home, you can see
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out of that house, they were searching inside that home for about an hour. that 22-year-old left for a fishing trip with his mother last week. carmen and his mother left rhode island harbor to september 17 but a day later at the didn't return as planned. he was stranded at sea for over a week, and he told police the boat started to take on water but when he tried to look for his mother he couldn't find her. people up in vermont searched s they found a comfortable modem and hands written noted. he was considered a person of interest in the murder of a grandfather, in a crime that happened in his connecticut home in 2013. he was not charged and still denies any involvement in that crime. certainly a breaking story with news still coming from connecticut this evening. latest live in the newsroom.
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situation. firefighters and animal control officers responded to the scene. the dog was in a muddy pond and could not get out. the crews wrapped him up and brought tom safety. and new 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> jeremy: mans a best friend. rain arriving tomorrow afternoon through saturday morning and tapering off. and even sunday we will hold on to clouds. cool temperas a chance of rain, more so tomorrow afternoon and you need the rain gear. certainly the case tomorrow night through saturday. and sunday, just about a 20% chance of patchy light rain and drizzle. rain not that far away, and beginning to move north, toward new england. we have had high pressure the past couple of days that has produced clouds but not much in the way of any significant rain. but that will change as low pressure, which has been loading up on moisture, and again slowly heading our way through the day
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and cool where you have the dry air, middle and upper 50s. tomorrow maybe a sliver of sun, otherwise plan on a cloudy day and grab the rain gear. you won't need it for the commute and showers are going to be advancing in from the ocean. not from narragansett bay and cape and connecticut and rhode island. here we are at noon, scattered showers and the showers become more number vows during the evening commute and tomorrow evening. high school football games tomorrow night look saturday, rain should taper in the afternoon and on sunday that's all with do have pockets of drizzle. and temperatures in the 50s. we do need rain and beneficial rain is on the way, we know it's a weekend, and we need to wipe out this drought. a lot of towns, widespread beneficial rain to as much as two inches of rain. red sox back home, through the weekend featuring showers tomorrow evening.
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be pockets of drizzle and mist. and on sunday afternoon patchy drizzle, in the 50s. and patriots hosting the bills in gillette, that will feature cloudy skies with pockets of drizzle and mist, in the 50s. receive on 7 forecast to early next week, hold onto the clouds and slowly start to clear out by the middle and end of next week. big papi, on the finance way field. the grounds crew carving up this final regular season series in boston. but lead versa more permanent proposal. brookline avenue bridge, you see fans shuffling over the green common ser will be renamed david
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and now time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. >> joe: the red sox swept by the yankees in david ortiz's final series in the bronx. they may in the feel a whole lot of pressure, but they are still jockeying for playoff position. two behind the rangers in a half-game up on the indians. yankees rolling out the red
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messages from yankees past and than present. delivering another gift a giant oil painting of the sox slugger at home plate and tipping his hat one more time to acknowledge the favoriteful at yankee stadium. most regulars got the night off be xander bogaerts scored. and big papi looking for a pinch runner and with that his midge cal career at yankee stadium comes to an end. robbie scott auditioning for a spot in the play offbullpen, he wakes tyler austin weather bases loaded and that forces in a run and he uncorks a wild pitch that willbly in hedly from third and sox lose, swept by the yankees. casual thursday for the patriots
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walk-through in sweats and shorts and like yesterday both quarterbacks, jimmy garoppolo and jacoby brissett listed as limited on the team's official injury report. both hitting pratt field and picking up hardware, the afc offensive player of the month, big running back leads the nfl in rushing and says his secret to success so far this season is a simple one. >> listen to bill. is nature simple? that's as simple as it gets. i love bill to death. he has had my back from the first time in. so i feel like he will probably have it forever. >> he called you lg, what does that mean? >> can't complain, because that standses for life's good, right? zdeno chara gets a scoring start for team europe with the second
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1-0 score until late in the third when pa electricity bergeron brings canada level on the power play. and and canada skating shorthanded and marchand with 43 seconds to play. canada claims the world cup of whk a 2-1 win over europe. and red sox are urging fans to arrive early at fenway park for the next three days, they will honor david ortiz their regular season final games
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>> ryan: we are it on of time, the tonight show is next. i'm ryan schulteis. jade swraid i'm jadiann thompson. remember today in new england begins at 5 am. hope you can join us.
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- margot robbie, vice president joe biden,
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and featuring the legendary ots crew. >> questlove: 544! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, hey! enjoy yourself. welcome. welcome. please, have a seat. enjoy yourself. welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, everyone to "the tonight show." this is it. [ cheers and applause ] this is the show. this is the one to be at tonight. hot show tonight. hot show! [ cheers and applause ]


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