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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  September 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: yeah, guys, just two days after celebrating their first division title in the last three years the red sox are set for a full weekend of celebrations here at fenway in honor of david ortiz as the greatest clutch hitter in franchise history is set to play his final regular season series here in front of a packed house at fenway park. the red sox will honor ortiz in each of the three games this weekend celebrating the countless clutch moments he delivered over the course of his 14 years in a red sox uniform. patch on their jerries and caps in honor of ortiz during all three games, a fitting and proper send off for one of baseball's all-time greats. it will be fun. we're not done yet. i think we have that mind celt but we're going to take the time to honor everything he has done in his career. he deserves it all. it felt like everyone graph stated toward him and whenever i finally got to know him i found out why that is and he is one of
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ever had and everyone loves him. >> reporter: we're still waiting for david ortiz hoping to bring that to you live as he is scheduled to speak at 5:00 so could be any minute. as for that farewell tour perhaps the best part about it, it will not end here this weekend. if the season ended today the red sox will be on the field thursday for game one of the alds here inside fenway park. reporting live at fenway park, trey daerr, 7 news. send it back to you guys. >>ho papi's big farewell to fenway. our coverage continues now with byron barnett at the ballpark with more for the man of the hour. thank you papi special time tonight all for a dollar. >> reporter: big papi memorabilia and number 34 jerseys everywhere. red sox fans at fenway park for the last regular season home series with david ortiz one the biggest heros ever of red sox
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a red sox fan 2004 world series and coming back in the alcs against the yankees so he is the reason i am a sox fan. during big papi's 14 years here, sox fans watched ortiz become one of the greatest home run hitters of all-time and helped break the curse and lead the team to three world series championships. if you could talk to david ortiz what would you say to him? thank you for being a class act. >> reporter: and whipping all of those games? amen to that. >> anchor: the big papi fan his fans are here to see him from around the country. we're actually from out of town the forth worth texas so we're here on our honeymoon and we came to see his farewell game. i flew all the way from palm springs, california to be here for these last three games. so i actually came here just for this. just to see his last homestand. many sox fans say they are holding on to their favorite big papi memories. 2013 just entire post season run.
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toward me and my mom got on i want to i have ball he personally gave me. >> anchor: as you know the governor and legislature are nail a bridge not far from fenway park after david ortiz. fans here say no one deserves it more. that's the latest live outside fenway park, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: thanks so much. take another live luck at fenway park in the media room we're expecting big papi to walk in the door at this press conference that will happen here. we'll stay on-line of course and have everything ready to go when he walks in the room. >> anchor: 7 news is now tracking matthew. it's now a category four hurricane clearly beginning strength over the waters of the caribbean. bri eggers here now with the impact that it could have. bri, those a big storm. >> reporter: an impressive storm to say the least. it was just upgraded to that category four hurricane as you
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battering that area. it continues to track sort of west southwest at this point with winds 140 miles per hour but as we run through the track here eventually it encounters some winds that coming out of the west and headed east and it pushes this storm and forces it to make sort of a right hand curve heading to the north and, yes, jamaica, cuba in that cone of uncertainty underneath the track and underneath the potential impacts of this very strong storm as it tracks to the north through the middle of next week all over the place with what happens after that but it is something that we need to watch typically hurricanes in the bahamas would head up the east coast. so again something we're icing very closely here closer to home for the weekend, wet weather on the way so break out the old umbrella we haven't used in a while. we'll talk about this in more detail in a few minutes. >> anchor: the family of a boy demanding answers. the boy was attending a city
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>> anchor: his family make a plea for information about the investigation. 7's sheryl fiandacca is live in south boston with the latest on the breaking story. sheryl? >> reporter: well, familiar low said they still don't know how the 7-year-old died because they don't have an autopsy report and today they are demanding the city give them some answers. he was an angel and still is an angel. >> reporter: his grandmother choked up talking about the 7-year-old who tragically drown this summer. today the child's family dema the incident. it's devastating. it's heart wrenching. he was a beautiful 7-year-old child who still is with us in our hearts, but his presence physically is still missing. there are pieces that are still missing. >> reporter: it happened on july 26. kaizer was attending a city run drop in day camp at the curley community center. that day counselors took children out to the beach where
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police searched the water and the area for nearly five hours before finding his lifeless body in the water near the l street bathhouse. both police and city investigated the incident and now two months later kaiser's family lawyer said the city has not shared findings with them. within days of the drowning the city placed the program director on left and instituted new policies and protocols for counselors and also repaired the surveillance cameras in the area. kai to talk business his grandfather said that's not enough. i am not supposed to lose grand babies. >> anchor: the familiar low says that they have requested that the city turn over all of the documents under the freedom of information act them say if they don't get what they want they could file a lawsuit. reporting live from south boston sheryl fiandacca, 7 news. >> anchor: let's take you out to fenway park. big papi speaking right now.
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how you guys been, the reasonship we have built through the years. looking forward to the regular season to be over with. i know i'm going to have -- it is what it is, just trying to get prepared for be part of what he we tried to do during the regular season. i really appreciate the fact that the organization takes their time to honor me and make me feel good about what my career has been and i think it was super nice what the yankees
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weekend we just going to get prepared for the playoff.
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>> reporter: the front office told me i will have a better
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like i was telling junior in spanish now that he has me, you how feel about it and it's been happening and i tell him that everything happens to fast and i am lick eating it so i haven't knowledge and things but i never like expect everything to be this way, do you know what i'm saying in we played in the season. we get involved in everything that we had to do. i don't expect anything ever, but everything is so beautiful the way it's going that i can't wait to have time to sit with my family to start talking about things, but meanwhile we just getting prepared for the playoff
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has it hit you yet that even with the post season the end is near or that your career is coming to a close? you know what? reality is that i accident really feel like it hit home yet. do you know what i'm saying? i'm so busy doing so many th down to think about things. it's probably good because the sentimental part of it is just not there yet but it happened to all of us at some point, you know, you are going see the big man, you know, tearing up and it's part of the emotion, all of
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through it but like i said it has been an honor, being honored by this ball club and last night was a little nervous and i'm not going to lie to you because i have my family, i don't know what their reaction is going to be and i'm very concerned about my family, you know, but man when i saw mariano and the way everything went down in new york you know, that was like a big release fo really appreciate how everything went down last night and think thanking the yankees for taking their time and doing what they
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>> reporter: we all know you a fierce competitor and these games mean something. coming out of a series with new york are you entering this series with anger and want to get back on right track offensively? definitely. you want to make sure that you finish the regular season fired up, you know? you want to be in the right mood. you want we play to win. do you know what i'm saying? in new york i guess they are just winning the division and stuff like that. there were a lot of things going on. i guess john decided to give some of the guys a day off and stuff like that i guess that was part of besides new york played really well these past three
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a distraction but i want everybody to be on the right track. i don't know how john will play it out the lineup these next three days but we all know that you want to walk into the playoff with a fire, you know? the energy that the playoff what we asked you for so we are going to play the game the way it's supposed to be the next days and try to work with it into the playoff. you know we have the good straight. we have 11 games. that as pretty much like the key of us winning the division so we did a lot of special things in the one space so we want to go
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that.. new york have you 3comming up in the next three days, is it getting harder to flip that switch at game time, you know, like you are on the field last night and you have your family there and five minutes later you were supposed to be in the box against cc. is it getting harder to separate the stuff that's going on from what you have to do in the game? yes. i'm not going to lie to you. it has. the good already in the playoff so for the next three days i don't have to really worry about it, but the best thing about it is that once we walk into the playoff it's not going to be all of this distraction, do you know what i'm saying? because i like to be focused. when i play especially when i'm playing with a reason. we work extremely hard during the regular season to the get to
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blow that up. it's not easy. you know, going through all of these things and play baseball at the same time. you know? testimony can cause distractions and we are at the end of it so i will try to enjoy these three days and be ready to play in the playoffs.
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>> anchor: big papi talking before his final regular three final regular season games at fenway park this weekend saying it really hasn't sunk in yet that he is retire. it helps a little bit that we are in the playoffs and he has that to look forward to. he said it's a little bit of a distraction all the farewell tour he has been on lately with all of the teams honoring him so he wants to get focused on playoffs but he is appreciative of all the teams have done for him. >> anchor: he said he is very grateful a couple of reporterers even asked him about all of the
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including his face mode into the lawn each said it's pretty cool. >> anchor: a bridge nailed after him, so much going on and he is such a big pat of the city he will be missed but let's enjoy this moment and in the playoffs. still much more to come.
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it's ready to cook. just pop it in the oven put it on your plate. no prep. no cleanup. delicious, fresh, easy. wegmans ez meals. [alright] >> anchor: we are following breaking news out of in a. the investigation into former state representative kyle tasker has now concluded.
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back in march. investigators say a search of his home found many drugs including pot, mushrooms and pain killers. the state attorney general says tasker used marijuana at the statehouse and even sold pot to other lawmakers. the state is not filing charges against any of those other lawmakers. >> anchor: more news a. we are learning more information about a mother at a center of a mystery at sea. at one point she was suspected in her father's killing. last into the a search warrant was served on linda carmen's home. connecticut with what we've learned. >> reporter: after years of family turmoil a woman lost at sea, her son alive after a week floating in a raft. holy cow was my reaction. >> reporter: lynna carmen's former attorney said she loved her son nathan and spoke often about his struggles with asperinger's, a mild form of ative. he was named a suspect in his grandfather's 2013 murder but no charges were ever filed against
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this was a non-violent individual, her son and could not have harmed his grandfather. >> reporter: gerald klein reveals he represented carmen in a 2011 assault case. it happened in sinai rehabilitation hospital in hartford. an argument broke out, it was some physical. >> reporter: as of then 17 yearly nathan carmen was being evaluated in a psych ward linda carmen and her wealthy father argued about money. violent scene. a family drama. police describe linda carmen attacking her own dad, punching him, kicking him, scratching him in the face. >> reporter: klein said he threatened to stop supporting linda and nathan after offering a job to nathan's dad who did not immediately accept. he didn't want to prosecutor linda. klein says two years later police questioned linda carmen three times about the murder of her father at his home in windsor.
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she passed it according to lynn. >> reporter: this is linda carmen's house in middletown, connecticut. police came armed with a search warrant. they took boxes of stuff out of the residence, we checked with the courts so far police have not filed documents which would tell us what they got. in middletown, connecticut, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: a welt weekend ahead of us, saturday versus sunday i do think tomorrow looks wetter but sunday will still need to keep the umbrella handy and regardless of both of those things it will stay cool and breezy. that on shore flow has been so persistent you can see right now winds out of the northeast at about 10 to 20 miles per hour in most spots it sort of scooping up the dampness from the ocean and bringing it in our direction and not allowing for those temperatures to really budge a whole lot from this morning into the afternoon and so we just kind of bounce around from the
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occasionally sitting at 58 in boston right now, 57 in norwood. 51 in worcester. it's a cool, raw day with scattered showers already working their way in. you can see wet weather sort of intermittent throughout worcester county but there are some areas that are already seeing some more moderate, steadier, heavier rain norwood stretching up to natick and metrowest getting this part of the action as we head through the next 30 minutes or so and still south shore getting hit with some of those yellow colors which would indicate some provincetown and truro at this point and take it down to southern bristol county, berklee summer set getting a good pocket of rain moving through. we're going to continue to see these spokes of rain throughout the weekend. it's scattered showers, widespread. you can count on it overnight tonight through the first half of tomorrow and then i think that there is a shot not to really dry up but these showers will kind of calm down and break apart into late tomorrow afternoon and by the time we make it into sunday it looks
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and more of a drizzle that's sticking around with us. fenway forecast for tonight maybe this is baseball heaven's way of shedding some tears for the departure of big papi. there could be a delay but hopefully we'll still get a game in. topsfield fair this weekend as well just kicking off so we've got a long stretch to enjoy hopefully some pet better weather as we make it through the topsfield fair event in the next week making strides on sunday another big event hope to see you at the esplanade. i will be there but prepare for dusty umbrella. hurricane matthew just upgraded to a category four. the storm is a best and right now still headed west southwest but it is expected to make a sharp turn to the north and head through jamaica and cuba as we get through the weekend and into the beginning of next week. still a strong storm and when you get these hurricanes that show up in the bahamas you just have to keep an eye on them because they can head up the east coast. not saying that it will, so will our forecast be affected?
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we have to continue to watch it. in through tomorrow morning rain tapering to afternoon drizzle and still cool for us. here is a look at my 7 on 7 forecast, hopefully getting sunshine back in the picture for us as we hit the middle of next week and then we get clouds by the end of next week. it stays fairly cool. fall it here. 7 news will return right after
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interviewer: what would you do with five minutes to kill and a smartphone? man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to register to vote m-a dot com. it's that easy. woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by october 19th. >> anchor: a worcester man facing charges, police say he admitted to attacking his three-year-old nephew. the boy is still in the hospital. that uncle appearing in court today. >> anchor: that's right. steve cooper is live for us in worcester with the full story. >> anchor: right, we should mention off the top tonight that three-year-old is listed in stable condition at the hospital. as for his uncle, he was facing a judge here in worcester at the


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