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tv   7 News  NBC  October 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> now at 7:00 a deadly hurricane bearing down. >> protecting life is our number one priority. >> reporter: timing out matthew's track plus if new england can feel it's effects. we have team 7 coverage. >> anchor: fight night for the vp candidates. ; also tonight a body >> anchor: giving back. a patriot doing his part to fight hunger. >> anchor: and post season practice at fenway. the sox are in the playoffs. >> anchor: getting you ready for the alds. >> 7 news at 7 o'clock starts now. >> anchor: first at 7 we have breaking news police are in rosaline dale now reports of shots fired during a state police operation on newark street. police have told us they have
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>> anchor: they are searching for one other suspect right now. john cocoa live on the scene with the latest. >> right now we're at the intersection ofble grade and walworth. there is a large police presence here both boston police and massachusetts state police. if you look over my shoulder this way you see how far downble grade street this police presence reaches. we were told shots were fired in thissy area. they were at police. it looks at this point no one was hit. in the area ofble grade avenue and new berg street. the need ham heights train was delayed because of the police activity in this area. the need ham line was also cancelled. 7 news sources say that one state trooper has a head injury. he's expected to be okay.
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this is a massive search effort. a search effort in the air with helicopters flying around this area. we're still trying to gather details. one person is in custody. police searching for one other person. a large police presence here. live in rosaline dale john cocoa 7 news. >> tonight on 11 a monster hurricane. >> destruction could be catastrophic. everyone needs to >> with millions of people in its path bracing for impact. >> tonight we're tracking matthew. >> anchor: hurricane matthew is churning. a powerful storm turning deadly in the carribean. >> anchor: the governor there telling people to get prepared. torential rains and winds have triggered mud slides in haiti. >> anchor: in florida it's a mad dash for supplies.
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groceries. where is the storm now. where is it headed next? get over to meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: right over the eastern tip of cuba as we speak. category 4 storm. you see right here the bahamas are next through the day tomorrow. where we have the hurricane warning for the bahamas. from there expected to pass east of the florida peninsula. close enough where they anticipate and tropical storm conditions. the hurricane watch north of miami. from miami proper down to marathon florida. that's where they have the tropical storm watch in effect. meaning tropical storm and hurricane conditions likely within the next 2 days. so the latest thinking from the hurricane center moves matthew through the ba hamas during the day tomorrow. very close to daytona beach.
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east and west side of the storm where you can have the effects. likely to curve northeast and parallel the south carolina coastline near wilmington north carolina saturday afternoon. after this point the forecast becomes very definitely. like with hermine around labor day anticipating blocking high pressure to set up across northern new england. this is likely going to shove matthew southeast of new england. there is a possibility as a front moves through new england saturday night and sunday morning it may grab matthew's moisture and pull it into new england with rain. matthew going out to sea. not concerned about wind. at this time we do not have coastal concerns either. more about matthew's potential with us in a few minutes. ; island nations like cuba and haiti are pounded by the storm's intense bands. >> reporter: this is the
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since 1964 battling the beaches with torential downpours dangerous flooding and high winds. hurricane matthew made land fall tuesday morning with winds reaching 145 miles an hour. the strongest atlantic hurricane in nearly a decade. now the fear is up to 40 inches of rain could fall in some part of the country and could trigger deadly mud slides. the government warning people in mountain areas and head to emergency shelters. other carribean nations are preparing for signs of the worst. >> make sure we got water. we got nonperishable foods. got a generator. make sure your vehicle are fueled up. leave the rest to the good master. >> getting the last minute supplies, getting the fuel. just to be prepared for the
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headed to the u.s. >> we cannot take this storm lightly. >> reporter: forecasters don't expect this to hit florida until thursday night a hurricane watch is in effect for the state. the i-95 corridor from the keys to jacksonville to start prepping now. >> if you think you're going to evacuate do it today. >> reporter: president obama has cancelled planned events there. and fema is preparing >> we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. we're not going to take any chances. >> reporter: that hurricane is over cuba heading for the bahamas. >> anchor: you can use our interactive radar to track matthew any time you want. >> anchor: also tonight the vice-presidential debate. the vp candidates squaring off in the spot light tonight. governor mike pence and senator
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this will be the only time the 2 will go head-to-head. >> anchor: jonathan hall in virginia tonight with much more. >> reporter: the venue is set. the candidates prepped. democrat time kaine the u.s. senator from virginia hillary clinton's choice as vp versus mike pence the republican governor of indiana. he's donald trump's man. >> mike pence is a guy who believes quote cause a societal collapse. >> reporter: this will be a 90 minute debate at long wood university. the form at much the same as the first presidential debate. >> it will be close to a draw. it will be more about the one liners. >> reporter: more about trump clinton than pence kaine. >> i think so. >> reporter: kaine's pesh.
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he is from richmond and for him this is a home game. >> this is someone who is a policy wonk. he knows the issues. he's been around. he knows what voters care about. >> reporter: mike pence is a fastball and takes christianity seriously. now serves as governor of indiana. he's an establishment republican that trump picked to help unify his fractured party. >> i think he's going to do great. i'd rather have hillary. >> reporter: than donald trump? >> yeah. >> reporter: he did a walk through of the debate venue in that building behind me. he was working out. trying to stay relaxed. in farmville virginia jonathan hall 7 news. >> anchor: tonight's debate will look different than last week between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> reporter: ryan, i hope tonight answers the question who are these guys.
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names many voters can't name time kaine and mike pence. in addition to introducing themselves this evening to america both have debate dos and don'ts. indiana governor mike pence has the tougher job. he's the guy cleaning up after donald trump. he needs to put the suspense back into the race by being precise and prepared and improving the image of the ticket. he should storm the hill. taking every opportunity to attack hillary clinton's record and avoid talking about trump's. conversely virginia senator can't let that happen. he should dump on trump challenging his fitness to serve in the oval office while deflecting questions about hillary's record. he has to raise cane about the republican party telling young
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there are traps to avoid which are connected. for kaine the biggest don't is don't be her. we've seen hillary. you're supposed to be the warm and fuzzy one. please show it. we could use it. above all don't mess it up. if the election were today polls say you'd win. don't change that tomorrow. for pence a big don't is don't be him. in fact be the opposite of donald trump. be gracious and you get the point. your top don't is don't make it worse. don't try to turn this around by yourself. you can't. i confess this is not the debate of the century. and i can't tell you if it will even change a single vote. i'll be watching because you never know. live in the newsroom andy hiller. that's my instinct. >> anchor: for news anytime go
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>> anchor: dive teams pull a body of a young man in wellsly. what went wrong there, tim? >> reporter: 35-year-old landscaper took a canoe on the water while he was on break from work. he tipped that canoe over and drowned in the pond far off in the distance behind me. this went down around 1:15 this afternoon. there were witnesses to this as well. including coworkers of his working on that same ho saw him take that family's canoe on the water and saw the canoe stip over. they called police. the first 2 officers arrived on scene went into the water. one dove in and swam out. the other took another canoe on the water to find him. after several hours of searching they recovered that 35-year-old's body in the water. we did see coworkers out here
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camera about the incident. they had witnessed the entire thing. the family who lives at that house were not home at the time it happened. wellsly police have not released the name of the 35-year-old who died this afternoon. tim caputo 7 news. >> anchor: police investigating a deadly hit and run in wear ham. a driver was hit by a driver who sped off. the driver of a white ford pickup truck hit him. that man died an interim chief of police is taking charge. paul shaftny as interim police chief. russell jenkins retired amid scandal 2 weeks ago. hundreds of thousands of dollars missing. prosecutors have dropped dozens of cases and more are still in jeopardy. >> anchor: let's talk the red sox in plate offs once again playing fall ball in october.
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>> anchor: getting ready for the match up with the cleveland indians. alex corddry has more from the ball park. >> there's a beauty in any post season that you take there's no tomorrow. >> reporter: thursday night the red sox begin post season run against terry frankona and the indians. >> i love tito. i played for him for 7 years. there's guys you're tight with. once the games start you go out and compete. >> reporter: start game one of the alds. he went 8 and 1 over final 11 starts giving up 3 or fewer runs in each of those outings. >> he's very prepared. he knows what he wants to do to attack the opposing line up. he tries to execute the best he can. he's done that.
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we've got to position ourselves the right way to make plays behind him. >> he's in the zone with everything. we have to continue to play defense behind him and score a couple of runs. >> reporter: the sox has the highest scoring offense in the majors. the sox averaged 5.2 runs per game. at fenway park alex corddry 7 news. ; all right, alex. next for the news station making a give back off the field. >> reporter: looking good there. and tomorrow's forecast also looking good. that's up next. >> tonight they bought the tickets and were ready for a girls night out. but the show didn't go on. other people got their money back. why couldn't they.
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>> anc member of the pats. mccorti had a mission to fight hunger. >> anchor: he congratulated those students for winning the d mac gives back challenge. the plymouth community intermediate school raising the most money to donate milk to local families in need. mccorti spoke at the school assembly this morning and thanked the students for giving back to the community.
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they're doing a great job giving back. me being here is a bit of a reward. they don't care. they want to give back. they want to be a part of the community. >> anchor: i'm sure him being there was inspiration. mccorti helped the students kicked off their november food drive. >> anchor: jr busy tracking hurricane matthew in the weather center for sure. >> anchor: this is a powerful storm jr. wee neighbors to the south but also up here. >> reporter: a pleasant stretch of weather in new england. and then up along the eastern seaboard as far north as north carolina. beyond that i think it's a tough call. it's certainly not a guarantee that it's going to move north of north carolina. here is the latest from the hurricane center. moving north at 9 miles an hour. moving through the bahamas tomorrow. a category 4 hurricane.
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hurricane. that number doesn't drop below 3 as it's moving east of florida. never making land fall in florida georgia or south carolina. perhaps wilmington north carolina. from that point north this portion of the forecast is very difficult. the hurricane center may have to shift this farther south. right now the thinking is that they have the hurricane passing south of new england sunday is that a cool front comes out of the great lake states saturday night into sunday morning. in doing so it's likely to grab the moisture from matthew. we may end up with beneficial rain tropical rain. perhaps as much as an inch or so of rain by 9 a.m. sunday. little wind and no coastal concerns.
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than 20 miles per hour. the american model is the yellow line here. if it were to happen that cool front might grab some of matthew's moisture. a new wrinkle developed this afternoon. the european models the blue line gets completely blocked. loops back around and weakens significantly heading to the east coast of florida. if the blue line comes to fruition we don't have anything ats it's a similar set up to labor day and hurricane hermine. high pressure may block the advancement north of north carolina. a better idea through the day tomorrow. right now partly cloudy skies a quiet evening and a quiet stretch for a few days with high pressure nearby. the city at 55. it doesn't move that much. we hold on to the dry air tonight.
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to around 50. 7 on 7 forecast low 70s tomorrow through the end of the week. again there's a possibility of rain on sunday morning that's more from a cold front from anything else. update on the track tonight at 11:00. >> anchor: thank you jr. coming up a message for big
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take a return -- or make his return. talk about tom brady making a return. i have a headache. tom brady is taking time to wish big papi well. >> anchor: wishing the red sox slugger the best of luck in play off series. reads in part i've loved watching you play over the years. no one is better than you when the pressure is on. it's not too late to change your mind. a lot of sox fans feel that at my house. he's playing so well. >> anchor: hopefully they win the world series and he goes out
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>> anchor: all right we're out of time for tonight. 7 news at 7 . >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. enjoy your evening. there's the voice and the vice-presidential debate here on
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