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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. millions of americans are bracing for potential devastation at this very moment. >> as hurricane matthew barrels into the bahamas and slams into the united states. >> good in along the atlanta kroeft scrambling to evacuate among a massive storm with catastrophic damage a. state of warning is in effect. hurricane matthew may strike florida as a category 4. president obama received a briefing from fema. >> i want to emphasize to the public, this is a serious storm. it has already hit haiti with
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moving through the bahamas. balls it's not going to be hitting enough land, it is going to be building strength on its way to florida. >> the death toll has reached at least 25 sand expected to climb. right now, rescue teams continue to assess a strail trail of destruction in cuba and haiti. we tons power went out a few hours ago. you are o now? >> actually the power was nopgd out last night. they seem to have restored the power for parts of downtown t. rain just in the last hour has kicked up the wind. the northern edge of the hurricane is hitting the island right now. this is only going to increase. we are expected to get hit with the full force of this hurricane around 8:00 a.m. t. eye could pass over this island or west of
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devastating effects. meanwhile, residents have boarded up their home. others decided to huchger down and wait this storm t. airport is closed yesterday. anybody on this island, they are here for the duration of this storm, 1500 tourists were evacuated. about 3,000 are here waiting it out. one upstale hotel, they evacuated the residents out of thr ballroom. homes are taking every precaution right now. i can tell you, we went out on the streets a short while ago. there is not a soul out there, just a few cop cars. >> thank you very much for that. now, we turn to meteorologist bill karins on where matthew is headed and, bill, we are talking about this historic damage when it comes to matthew, right in.
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pass. it lab historic hit. if it gets to a category 4 label, it can be a costly storm in our history. andrew is on that list. here's the storm. that's what was located in nassau t. agreement in the models is excellent. 115. we think it will increase 15, maybe little more than that miles per hour by the time it get to the coast. this was the 11:00 advisory. i think the new advisory will take to us west palm beach. i think the forecast remains the same, pretty much along the south carolina coast. it's a little less, 18 to 24 hours from now. excellent agreement t. western eye, west watch, raking the area. that's why we have hurricane warnings now extended all the way down to miami. so looking at that time space coast, vero beach, port st.
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coast. excellent agreement for a landfall along the central florida coastline. we take it to the georgia coast as we go throughout our night, friday and saturday morning. i can't emphasize, time is running out for preparations for people to get out of the way for this. this will be historically bad. in the wake of hurricane matthew, haiti is yet again facing a humanitarian crisis. u.n. officials say worst crisis since 2010. right now, 350,000 people need immediate assistance. at this moment, rescue teams are reaching to reach the island's most devastating communities. >> stranded, but determined, one by one, they fight a raging whichever. this woman almost swept away. rescued just in time this bridge two hours east of port-au-prince
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the end of the road is right here. this is where the bridge rushed away. they will get back the help it so desperately needs. >> homes flooded. the mayor says he's counted alone at least 14 people were killed, haiti's official death toll expected to rise dramatically. the man says it was worse than the 2010 earthquake, now his for him and so many others, the path to recovery is just beginning. >> powerful images there. gabe, thank you. we are now learning new details ability an alleged nsa insider breechl. harold thomas martin, iii, a contractor for the nsa remains until custody, accused of stealing top secret information.
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august after a cache of hacking tools were offered for sale online t. group offering secret, shared some of the same materials found in martin's possessions. according to officials, the fbi is investigateing whether there is a living between the two. the breach is a massive blow to the intelligence agency t. company that contracted beth martin and nsa whistleblower edward snowden. martin faces up to ten years in prison for theft of governmen the removal of classified materials. his attorney says there is no evidence he intended to betray his country. 33 days before americans choose their next president. the approach of hurricane math sthu reportedly having an impact on the presidential clain campaign. it will begin airing if several cities in florida, hoping to take advantage of viewership due to the storm. field offices for both campaigns
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any of the states hit be i the hurricane. >> this morning the trump company made a last minute change to its schedule, donald trump will be going to new hampshire for a newly arranged town hall meeting t. same format used in sunday's debate. it is viewed as a dry run for trump. hillary clinton has far more experience with the town hall format during the primary. "wall street journal" reports allies want himo the style mike pence deployed in tuesday night's debate. there was speculation pence might prep trump for the debate t. campaign wants to keep pence on the trail in swing states. a new national poll gives clinton a ten-point lead over trump. she holds a 4-point edge in the national average. trump is facing more comments on his derisive comments on women.
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understands how hurtful his remarks can be. >> sure. i do. a lot is done in the interstain i tainment business. i am interviewed long before i was running for office. a lot was done for personal entertainment. when people hear ut, there is nobody i can tell you this, nobody that has more respect for women than i do. >> are you trying to tone it down now? >> it's not a question of trying. it's very easy, you know, are yo business, you are doing "the apprentice" you say things differently for a reason. now it's a much different world. >> because of some of those comments trump has made in the past about women the atlantic magazine is endorsing hillary clinton. this is only the third time testify atlantic magazine has made a presidential endorsement. they are calling traump demagogue, a sexist, a know nothing and a liar. just ahead, breaking news out of syria, including a cure
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aleppo region from the syrian armyle. >> bill karins is back with us again for some more on this historic potential landfall of hurricane matthew. >> here's what's concerning overnight. our concern is greater for ft. lauderdale, our short-term models. this is 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 p.m., 350678. that western eye wall would be along south florida with a just to the north of there. that would move up the time line significantly. that's a great concern. we will have to see if that trend continues. here's a look at your local forecast. we're continuing, obviously, you have this morning to make preps to areas of florida. you should have all days from daytona beach northward. we won't forget our friends in oklahoma city and also in southern portions of kansas.
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>> breaking overnight, a message from the syrian army, get out now. supply lines have been cut off. anyone that remains in the city of aleppo is being offered anp opportunity to leave now or face their quote inevitable face t. syrian army are offing people to lay down their arms to take back parts of the city. the government is being by shiite militias. the army issued a statement saying they know all their specific positions and location of arms stores. >> meanwhile, here at home, a few state department data shows the u.s. welcomed a record number of refugees in 2016. according to puig research center, of the nearly 85,000 refugees who entered the united states 46% were muslim, 44% were
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smaller number of refugees were christian rather than muslim. a young super hero fan in south carolina a. family of a six-year-old boy that died asked mourners to don superhero costumes for his funeral. >> so over a thousand people came far and wide from gotham city to met trop liss to say good-bye. nbc's rehema ellis has the story. >> reporter: the six-year-old casket dressed like the super heroes, jacob loved. one batman what he would say. >> i want to coordinate the biggest hope filled super hero bash this country has scene. >> reporter: his mother says she asked people to celebrate him in costume. >> i knew they were going to be jacob's class pates, friends from all over the place.
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>> jacob was happy child as he headed off to his 1st day of school two months ago. >> i'm jacob hall, i will be in 1st grade. >> good job. your teacher's name. >> miss hollinsworth. >> reporter: a 14-year-old was charged with his murder. he has also been charged with the murder of his own father jeffrey osbourne. >> i know what jacob would say to me him he'd say, forgive that boy, love him cause jesus loves him. >> reporter: proof that jacob was super hero at heart. >> that's just an absolutely heart touching story there. >> it rips your heart and your guts to see that. >> on so many levels. just ahead, we are continuing to follow the progress of hurricane matthew. plus new details on the samsung phone that caused the evacuation of an airliner.
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fast forwarding today, prince's compound near minneapolis opposite to the public. fans will be able to tour the late artist's home and touring studio. >> aisle university will name a classroom after the first plaque
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classes there at the time, though. he wasn't allowed to speak or ask questions in class or earn a degree. >> coming up on the "today" show the latest on clown citings nationwide on edge. >> the owner claims he reportedly caught fire. the passenger says he put the phone into his pocket when he heard a billowing through his phones him there were no injuries from the incident sam sung is moving markets. we have all the details. good morning, chancy. >> good morning to you.
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customers have that phone we saw a record high. that was because of a development coming from uj hedge funds elliot management. it could include a lifting on the nasdaq him this is being welcomed by investors who criticized before, that is why you saw the stock moving higher. yet we confirmation when it comes to that specific incident on board. the faa we know is looking into that incident as well. >> keep an eye on retailers. because it is nearly that time of year with turkey, stuffing, much kin piaa and shopping has become a big part of the tradition. now the country's biggest mall, mall of america says it is closing on thanksgiving day. they want to give it back to thousands of employees and their
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guy, if you are into shopping. they will be opened at 5:00 a.m. >> we know some at midnight even. fancy, thank you. >> some may be a little disappointed to see a paul like that will be closed on thanksgiving day. just ahead, why is a hospital charging some parents $40 bucks just to hold their newborn baby. >> plus the eerie image of hurricane matthew that's
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>> as hurricane matthew picks up speed the outlook seems ominous t. weather meteorologist conveyed it by tweeting this image, it looks pretty sinister. as you look, literally the eye and it has a kind of sell on they look to it. >> it looks like a skull. obviously, a serious tu he is trying to convey that speed. one man is finding that maybe hospitals can put a price on love, when he asked the hospital for an itemized bill, he found his wife was charged $40 to hold the baby. the hospital says they charge for skin-to-skin contact only after c-sex in order to bring an extra nurse into the operating room t. new dad had a sense of humor and added he had a
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skin-to-skin after a c-section. >> $39.95. i think itd worth it. >> are they charging for kisses or hugs? i may have a problem with that. stephen colbert took part on the late show. >> oun one of the focus is on donald trump's other running mate, vladimir putin governor pence broke with putin's >> what we're dealing with is the, you know, there is an old proverb that says the russian bear never dies, he just hibernates. >> it has come to light mike pence may have made up that ancient proverb about russia. made it up. this could be the biggest trump campaign scandal since melania quoted the ancient proverbs of michelle obama.
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>> this is 7news now. >> christa: good morning, everybody, on this thursday. we're good to go for 7news "today in new england." ism here are some stories we're working on for you. hurricane matthew's track is shifting west, bringing great concerns along the u.s. east coast. the category three storm now responsible for at least 25de morning with the latest. >> christa: and a terrifying wake-up call in revere when a little boy has a car crash through his home. he's tellingties -- telling his story. it crashed right into his bedroom. >> sarah: plus brady is back. we've been saying it for days. now we've seen it with our own eyes. number 12 on the practice field gearing up for a sunday showdown in cleveland. >> christa: such a nice sight the see. and doctors at brigham and
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medical miracle for a former marine severely injured while serving overseas. he served a double arm transplant in august, and now he's sharing his story. >> sarah: incredible. let's get a check of the forecast now with chris lambert. >> chris: good morning. cool start in many of the suburbs. down into the 30s. low to mid-30s from bedford to norwood. 50 in boston. it's the time of year we get clear skies and dry air masses in place. you have a big breakdown from boston to theur 20 degrees. we see that this morning. clear skies, calm winds, mostly clear skies, at least above the ground level here. closer to some areas of fog once in a while. new bedford reduced visibility. norwood a little bit there. jaffrey new hampshire some fog. mostly sunny skies prevail throughout the day as we burn off any fog and low cloudiness and sunshine here to stay over the next couple days. gorgeous-looking afternoon. if you like the last couple
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afternoon, and tomorrow afternoon. we'll, in fact, warm it up closer to 70 this afternoon. tomorrow we run in the mid-70s and near 70 at the coastline. so kids need the light jacket this morning, but it's a quick bounce back in temperatures close to 70 degrees if not better than 70 this afternoon. at least away from the coastline. we get into the weekend. thinking right now much of the holiday weekend turns out fine. we'll track a few showers as a possibility in here later saturday, saturda saturday night, even these may be more scattered versus a solid line of rain for all of us, an otherwise it's breezy and cooler sunday into monday. the effects from matthew limited across southern new england. of course, we'll have the update coming up in a minute. "today in new england" starts right now. >> christa: now at 5:00 a.m., it is game day for the red sox. all eyes on cleveland for the start of the alds. >> sarah: massive clean-up under way at one westford
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spreading. >> christa: and see the dramatic ending to a police chase on the back roads of a new hampshire community. >> this is 7news "today in new england." ism we begin with hurricane matthew. more than one million people in florida are being urged to leave their homes this morning as matthew makes his way toward the state. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning, everybody. i'm sarah french. >> christa: and i'm christa delcamp. florida is one of four states under state of emergency as we speak. searching for higher ground. gas stations are packed as people scramble to fuel up. a new advisory just came out in the past few minutes. chris, tell us more? >> chris: winds 125mph. it has picked up strength. it looks better on the satellite picture. in the last few frames you can see the eye-popping back out as it traverses some of the islands in the bahamas. it may go just to the east of nassau here in the bahamas in


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