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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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federal state of emergency for the state of florida and matthew's wrath has been deadly. the death toll climbing to more than 100 in haiti alone. the towns just leveled by the powerful storm. >> the pictures sent to us by a local family. it's giving us a little closer look at the conditions there. >> at this point matthew is a category 4 storm with wind spees of 45 miles per hour. new 5:00 p.m. advisory. it holds the category 4 strength and it likely will do up overnight tonight. i don't think it's going to get to a 5, but even with up said, f it does make landfall in florida overnight as a 4, it will be our strongerest since hurricane charley back in 2004. the up major hurricane since wilma in 2005. you see the red line. it looks like it will go right over cape canaveral, the space
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even if the eye itself doesn't make landfall it's close enough to the coast up it's going to lead to some devastating wind late tonight and through tomorrw morning and then from there it continues north parallelling north florida, georgia, south carolina coastline, jacksonvill, and then up through savannah and charleston. weakening because it's along the coastline, so interacting with land will tear it apart a little bit. but still talking about a category 1 storm from charlesto, north col it is definitely going to loop away and not bother even north carolina. now we're thinking primarily jut south carolina, and then out to sea. unfortunately it does look like it tries to loop back toward the bahamas and south florida toward early next week, but at that time, tuesday of next week, it's a weak tropical storm. so here it is right here. again, closing in on freeport in the bahamas. there is the eye wall continuing to move northwest at about 13 miles per hour.
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7:00 p.m. outer feeder bands scraping through fort lauderdale as well as miami and the computer models advertising that the wall of the storm heads toward fort pierce t midnight tonight. and from there, daytona beach early in the day tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon toward jacksonville with incredible winds. winds may be close to 100 miles per hour, west palm beach, mern 6 to 8 inches of rain likely and a storm surge of eight to 11 feet. it does not set up a good situation for the coastal concerns, especially daytona beach north up toward charlesto. we will talk more about the hurricane and your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> hurricane matthew is already churning up heavy surf in florida. the rain has started to fall. disney closing for the fourth
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worse. check out the whipping winds in the bahamas here. trees you can see being tossed around. power lines no match for the strong gusts. >> hurricane matthew has left a trail of death in its wake. it is now heading towards florida. the governor there says those wo are not heeding warnings risk losing their lives. >> hurricane matthew lashing, te by the strong winds. more than 100 deaths across the caribbean. eight workers struggled to get o the hardest hit areas. hundreds of thousands now withot homes. >> in south florida, the storm just starting. up and down the east coast, last second preparations. and prayers. >> if this is rough now, god hep us. >> hurricane matthew a category4 storm is gaining intensity and
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140 miles per hour, gusts even stronger, flooding rains and a potential storm surge of 6 to 9 feet. this is life and death. >> evacuation orders are in effect from florida through the carolinas and hundreds of thousands have moved to higher ground. >> category 4, we haven't seen one in about 10 years, i want to say a major hurricane, so it's pretty scary. >> for those who plan to ride it out, supplies and fuel are >> continues will arrive in just a few hours. this is game day. this is when we're -- this is when it's going to hit. >> the current track shows matthew just off the shoreline this evening and continuing its violent run up the eastern sea board throughout the weekend. it is going to hug the coastlin, but it is also going to go further in. >> the reach of this massive storm and potential scope of devastation like the concern here, growing as matthew moves in.
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world shut down at 5:00. they will remain closed tomorrow and plan to reopen on saturday. live in the newsroom, i'm alex diprato, 7news. >> alex, thank you. and people in florida obviously boarding up homes and businesse, but others are actually going to the beach to watch the storm. even though they're advised against up because it will get pretty dangerous out there. let's head out to robin simmons who is near fort lauderdale and you actually might get lucky and sort of miss t still feel some effects. what is it like right now, robi. >> we're dealing feeling like we dodged a bullet. but as you can see, people are taking advantage of these massie waves, even though authorities don't want people in the water. people are saying, you know wha? thanks matthew, this is the perfect opportunity for us to head out and catch a few waves. we have seen people boarding up their homes and businesses over the last several days. schools have been canceled in to counties here in south florida
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tomorrow because of the storm, but again it is looking like we're going to dodge a bullet ad the most severe weather is going to be to the north of us, but, again, everyone has been saying better to be safe than sorry. better to be prepared and have the storm move away than to be not prepared and be sitting ducs of the reporting live near fort lauderdale, robin simmons, 7new. >> thank you, robin. just a reminder that you can continue to get the latest updates on matthew from our 7nes mobile and >> we're following breaking news out of orange. police are searching for a suspect after an elderly man was killed during a home invasion last night. the medical examiner working to figure out the cause of death. we will keep you updated as we learn more about the story. >> also breaking, gloucester's police chief is retiring after t was announced he was going to be fired. >> he will be on paid retirement
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investigation into allegations about his relationship with two women. during up investigation the mayr says he was caught lying and tampering with evidence on his cellphone. the former chief now reacting on this news. >> not only is any retirement in the best interest of myself and my family, but it will ensure that the city of gloucester may move forward in a manner up the administration believes it is best for the community. this has been an extraordinarily difficult time for myself and my family, and i'm pleased up city of gloucester and the mayor have agreed to an applicable solution to this matter. >> the deputy police chief will serve as the interim chief for p department. >> we have some breaking news on the commuter crash up happened n new jersey. investigators now taking the train up crashed into hoboken's terminal was going twice the speed limit at the moment of impact. they also say the train's engineer hit the emergency brake less than one second before the crash happened. the speed limit there is 10 mils
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an hour and actually sped up for about 30 seconds before hitting at 21 miles an hour. a final report on what caused last week's crash which killed one person and injured more than 100, could take a year or more o complete. >> we are following other news here today. protest problems leading to the arrest of 7 union members in charles town this morning. they're fighting against privatize >> they're charged with failing to disburse for disorderly conduct after police say they chained and padlocked this gate. despite the protest the mbta still approved the privatizatio. >> 7 members of the union walkig in court together in charlestown thursday afternoon. the same way they were arrested up morning. they were put in cuffs while
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facility, also known as the mony room. >> the union believes the mbta s out sourcing their work. >> we're here today standing up for our members, protecting our jobs, but we're also here for te riders. >> transit police are accusing the union members of chaining ad padlocking the gate, jeopardizig safety. >> these individuals were protesting, but in doing so they were preventing access to the entrance and exit. >> hours later they did approve up a private firm t handling at the mbta despite the union supporters. >> the tip of the iceberg. they want to -- they want to destroy hard working men and women's lives. >> according to the mbta they're trying to reduce an operating deficit of more than
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back on the street. >> everybody a drew brees it has financial issues, millions and millions of dollars. >> we can also move many skilled and experienced drivers who are in the money room back into the transit system which is where we believe they should be. >> and the mbta says everyone up works in the money room will be offered a job with the t if they want it. as far as the 7 union members, they're expected back in court n november. live in charlestown, john 7news. >> to the election countdown. 33 days until voters vote for their candidate. hillary clinton using today to prepare for sunday's debate whie donald trump is hosting an event in new hampshire that could be a preview of what's ahead. 7's brandon gunnoe is live on te campaign trail in new hampshire now. >> donald trump has decided to prepare for the second debate after his performance in the up
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town hall style debate here in new hampshire. >> we'll take questions just lie we will sunday night. >> three days from the second presidential debate donald trump praised his running mate's performance in the vp debate. sources close to trump disputing reports up privately he was upst about being upstaged by pence. in dc, hillary clinton accused pence of being unable to defend trump. >> i think up tells you everything you who's qualified temperamentally fit to be president. even mike pence doesn't think donald trump is. >> tim kaine was criticized for frequently interrupting. >> fallen government -- >> you are donald trump -- >> mike pence this morning on te today show. >> i honestly do believe up donald trump did win the debate. >> trump may target obamacare. after earlier this week, bill clinton criticized the president's legislation.
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world. >> oh, did bill clinton blow it. on extra, clinton joked about hr for trail on saturday night liv. >> she was amazing. now, i wish i could do the jump, the splits, the summersalts. >> hillary joked that she might do cart wheels in sunday night's debate. a new poll has trump ahead seven points. >> thank you. just a reminder for our viewers when trump and clinton face offo hausle will be right there and you can look for dan's live reports from st. louis on sunday night here on 7news. >> the sox begin their playoff push today and they will get started by facing the pats. the fans hoping the sox can get off to a winning start. we're in cleveland and we'll hed out there to find out what's going on. trey? >> yeah, baseball playoffs for the boston red sox, now only about three hours away.
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themselves as the most complete team in the american league here in the second half. now as the calendar rolls into october they take the show on te road. the cleveland indians behind me, just wrapping up a session for batting practice. the indians have been outstandig at home this year. these up two games will be a challenge for the sox pitchers o control cleveland's production inside this park. the red sox more of a team through adversity even with the manager, none of p seems to have phased the group. >> we all get along. we have comradery. everybody roots for each other and has each other's backs and that's no different now. >> i think our guys have done a great job of not only being prepared, but as i talked about
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they care for one another, and those traits are what have allowed us to get to this point, in addition to being a very talented team. >> interesting pitching matchup for game one. >> tomorrow it's going to be a pair of the top pitchers in the game, at least traditionally wih david price for boston and clubrek for the indians. >> you can count on trey for lie coverage of the playoffs push. it will continue this week right here on 7news. >> still to come this evening, good to be back. talking about why the opponents should be scared of the quarterback's return. >> at 5:30, a man accused of using a front end loader as a weapon now facing a judge. >> also ahead a wild ride. a police chase comes to a violet end. why police say the driver wouldn't pull over.
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look for hurricane matthew. look at that. that's west palm beach. this area is going to get hammered up around the eastern part of florida starting late tonight, it's going to go to georgia and the carolinas into the weekend. j.r. will have much more as will we. stay joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. did you know your business doesn't have to suffer from slow internet?
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ment, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups, and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. i'm kelly ayotte - and i approve this message, because whether i'm working with republicans, democrats, or independents,
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>> trey daerr ready to be on the offensive and the patriots hopig to give the team a big boost. >> 7's dan hausle is live at gillette, so i'm sure it's all good, dan. >> not all good actually. a little bit of a surprise. julian edelman is on the injury report for the up time with a foot injury. that was a bit of a surprise. gronk listed as a limited participant in today's practice, but that's not a big surprise fr the patriots. we're seeing a more complete tem than ever, though. there are words up some teams ae worried not just who will be out there, but what motivation they may have. >> trey daerr -- tom brady is back at practice. and with rob gronkowski apparently edging closer to 100% than ever, the patriots will be
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>> we have a lot of different pieces back we haven't had in te past. >> you know what, i guess we'll be able to answer up question on sunday. >> there are reports up opponens are worried roger goodell has created an angry tom brady that will be tougher to beat. all of the pats have been playig with chips on their shoulders already this season and that's not going to change now. >> the player has to have a chi. different. it's like lays, i guess, you may be a barbecue guy or sour cream and onion guy, but as long as yu have your chip that's what gets you through the game. >> and not surprise he has a unique take on what the league's commissioner adds to the mix. >> do you think he may have givn some players an extra chip. >> no, goodell looks like a pringle guy. i don't consider those chips. >> so you think the commissioner
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snack food? we'll have to see about up one. live in foxborough, dan hausle, 7news. >> sunshine down in foxborough all over new england. your holiday weekend forecast coming up and the latest on hurricane interviewer: what would you do with five minutes to kill and a smartphone? man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes go to register to vote m-a dot com. it's that easy. woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by
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oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. >> now, 7weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> some of the outer bands for
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coast of florida, west palm beach, fort lauderdale in particular dropping south toward miami and then you focus your attention farther east and here is the eye of the hurricane. the eye of matthew, and this is closing in on freeport in the bahamas, this is going to be a direct hit right over freeport within the next 30 to 60 minute. again, it's right at the center. the eye wall, this is where you find the strongest winds which rated right now category 4, 140 miles per hour. so we may be 130, perhaps 140 miles per hour right over freeport in the bahamas in the next 45 minutes o an hour. now, further northwest as we watch the timeline here of the hurricane wind forecast from the hurricane center, the deep shading of red indicating winds at least 74 miles per hour, nearing melbourne, florida, west palm beach, it's between 58 and 74 miles per hour. you notice the wind speeds in miami overnight tonight
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all. there's hardly any wind out thee tonight. farther east, cape canaveral, melbourne, daytona beach, we're talking winds over 80, perhaps over 100 miles per hour, and thn up core of the strongest wind during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night works north, norh of palm coast, jacksonville and then from there, savannah and up near charleston, although weakening will begin at that time, but still anticipatin tonight and through the day tomorrow, east coast of florida. for us here in new england, just about the up opposite what a perfect fall day. lots of sunshine, temps in the coast with a gentle onshore win. fitchburg, 74. tone mainly clear, cool. 38 to 55. a wide range in temps. tomorrow, fantastic. mostly sunny skies, mild. 71 to 76.
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fitchburg, 76. >> saturday starts with sun and clouds in the afternoon. a couple showers possible saturday evening but nothing significant and then the front shoves the clouds and showers offshore on sunday, so your holiday weekend stacks up like this, saturday and sunday -- saturday will be the warmest of the three. low 70s and behind the cold front, and monday, columbus day, there could be a spotty shower r and ready your cameras. the fall foliage here in massachusetts, a lot of colors n the trees. have fun. looks quiet into next week. see you at 5:30. >> look forward to that. thank you, j.r. >> we continue to track hurricae matthew. these are pictures we'll show yu from juno beach. the winds are picking up. dark skies. we have seen the ocean turn up. much more tracking matthew when
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you're right, honey. help protect your heating system with a repair plan and save 50% your first year. homeserve. service for the unexpected. joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from
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and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. matthew, there's another hour straight ahead. i'm ryan schulteis. >> i'm kim khazei. stay tuned for 7news at 5:30. >> hurricane matthew making its way toward the united states. we have t >> in court a man faces charges of using some heavy equipment to threaten police. >> a driver going nowhere fast after a high speed chase in new hampshire comes to a wild end. >> certifying moments caught on camera, a man walks into a store and starts attacking employees with a knife. >> 7news at 5:30 starts now. >> up here at 5:30 we are continuing to track hurricane matthew. here's a look at the damage done in the caribbean. the category 4 storm headed toward the southeastern united
5:30 pm
>> up governor there declaring a state of emergency. the latest advisory came down just about a half hour ago. matthew is a category 4 storm with winds at 140 miles per hou. let's head over to jeremy reiner for the latest on the storm's track. >> you can see there is the eye wall, the center of the hurricane. hurricane matthew, in fact a bit of a double eye structure. it's got two of them, which is the signal of a very powerful hurricane. and the outer bands of the east coast here of florida. fort lauderdale as well as miami with winds at times gusting around 35, 40 miles per hour. but look at the eye call coming into freeport. when we talk about maximum sustained winds at 140 miles an hour you found it right there in the eye wall. so it's possible we may be talking winds 120, 140 miles per hour about to rip over freeport


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