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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer these speeds at this price. only fios can. this morning on "today's take," it is "freebie friday." we're giving away a big-ticket item. don't miss your chance to win. sandra bullock, rihanna and anne hathaway on the big screen. and a special flashback friday pfo ""ghostbusters."" who you gonna call? >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this friday morning, october 7th. billy, along with sam ron and al. it is "freebie friday," folks. so stick around. we're giving away something very special, very big, and you can
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>> we tacked a lot on to friday here. freeb"freebie friday," flashbac friday. and ray parker jr. a lot of things on friday. any word with "f" in it. >> almost. >> no. no. >> almost all of them. but it is feel good friday. what makes you feel good today? what's got you feeling good? >> you know, i'm -- >> if you don't feel good, that's fine, too. >> i'm going apple picking. every year for the last years, lela and some of her school mates come up and we go apple picking. this will be the last year because they're going away to college. >> oh, my gosh! >> so this is their last year that they'll all be going out there to the hilltop orchard where they have some of the best app apple cider doughnuts. they're like the pastry version
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not true. we learned this in the kitchen. if you dip them in cold water with lemon juice, the apples stay a little longer. >> the apples do. but the doughnuts -- >> also the people don't stay that long. >> what part of doughnuts don't you get? >> i'm working on zblr. >> it's only if you cut the apple. >> are you feeling good this friday? >> are you feeling good? >> i feel great. i'm going out to >> why? >> just to hang out. i used to live in chicago for ten years. this is the first time i've gone back in years where i didn't have to work. i get to hang out in chicago. >> nice. >> restaurants and the whole thing there. >> bunch of new restaurants opened up. >> listen. we live in new york and new york is a phenomenal restaurant in town but i'm going to start a war. a war. chicago has the best restaurants.
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because i'm an eating machine and i love food. you know this. and i have lived here now ten years. chicago ten years. i know i'm going to probably get jumped on my way to laguardia, but chicago is the best food! >> here is the deal. here's what i would say. i would say that the level of food at restaurants across this country -- >> yeah. >> -- have risen immeasurably. >> that's true. republican national convention. i went out to this restaurant, your old neck of the woods. >> shaker heights. >> shaker heights. i can't remember the restaurant, amazing. pittsburgh -- >> nashville, tennessee, i'm going to throw in there. >> minneapolis. >> throw it in there! >> oh, my gosh. >> people are going farm to table. you were just with the first lady of the united states. that was your top-secret mission. you were with flotus.
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it is her last harvest of the white house kitchen garden. >> what's in this harvest? >>onions, okra. potus showed up. alonso morning there. >> i did not drive the orange truck. >> i did not. >> 1952 dodge pick-up truck. man! anyone that comes ahead of you on the list to get the truck. you might have to -- >> mrs. obama wanted the truck. >> it's her, then you. what are you feeling good about this friday? >> i had -- i went out to have a martini with a friend last night and i went for the second martini and i feel pretty good actually today. >> i thought you were going to say you didn't have it so you felt good. >> normally i wouldn't, but the second martini -- >> what time? about what time of the night? >> like 8:00. >> oh, that was risky.
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>> dirty martini? >> no. just a -- just a straight -- >> olives? onions? >> olive on the top. i don't play around. >> how did james bond? >> shaken, not stirred. >> always feel free to tweet us, go on our facebook page which we rarely talk about anymore. we were like soliciting every day for would-be followers. let us know what you're feeling good about. we've got halloween coming up feel pretty good. lot of bob ross costumes this year. marilyn monroe -- mom's the red carpet. >> that's interesting. >> daughter is marilyn, right? >> i've been on tv 25 years. i've never seen that. that's solid. i was going to guess honey boo-boo.
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go! >> carolyn and her son, foster, ray from "ghostbusters." and what a good day to be ray from "ghostbusters." >> because we've got ray parker jr. here for flashback friday. >> courtney, the last one, a real life cabbage patch doll. oh, my gosh. >> that is sweet. >> it's stunning! >> holy mackerel. >> which is the doll? which is the child? i can't look at her -- her eyes are as round >> another remake is coming. mark your calendar. june 8, 2018, the release of the rebooted "oceans 8" with an all-female cast. sandra bullock, cate blanchett, rihanna, anne hathaway. sara paulson. >> just leave that up for a second and soak that in.
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>> wow! would you like to get ripped off by that group? >> absolutely. clooney ripped off sinatra. >> yeah. that's the reboot. this is the reboot of the reboot. >> who was the orange fliginal "oceans"? >> when you say "rip off" -- like the rat pack. >> when do the men get to remake the big female films? "steel magnolias" with an all-male -- >> why do you have to steal our female film. what can we do zbh. >> i don't -- i don't want to. stay in your lane. >> "eat, pray, love," is now "eat, drink, sleep"? >> no. hallie barry is speaking out about her children.
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back now, more of "today's take" on this friday. halle berry notoriously protective of her children in the public eye. she posted this photo on instagram, cropping out her children's faces. you see a chin on one, and the other. a commenter calder had out for not showing the full photo and halle handled it with class. "i try to find creative ways to incorporate them into my feed because they are the biggest part of my life, but i also work very hard to keep their identities as private as i can considering they are only children. it is my belief and i'm not criticizing others who have different beliefs. it is my job as their mom to protect their privacy as best i
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of age and they want to share their images on the internet, that will be for them to decide, not me. feel me? have a beautiful day. >> we were at global citizen festival a couple of weeks ago. one of our colleagues was there. her daughter is just adorable. she's about 7 years old. she says, i don't put her face on any of my social media -- like that's her role. she said she's not old enough to get a credit it was interesting the line that different parents. neither is right or wrong. it is your choice. >> mine are older. 11 is my youngest, about to be 12. so 12, 15, 18. they are on there. i have rules about them being on there. lot of their friends have these like bikini shots. i'm like you're 15! what are you doing with that sexy photo? we have a rule on that. don't have people look at you
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first. >> do you look at their friends' social media like -- >> oh, all the time. i look at their friends' social media. i take a picture of it. i send it to my wife and i say, what is going on over there at the joneses? what is happening over here? and they're super like edited, pouty, like you can see that they'll doctor the waist and things. sad. >> yikes. >> one more question. do you then bring it up to that kid's parent? do you say, hey -- >> like how do you do that >> like they're hanging out. don't know if you noticed sara's instagram is a little -- >> i've had that with some of my siblings and their kids and my siblings with my kids. we've each kind of said, hey, you might want to look at this. because -- and i appreciate it. >> i just realized how i'm going to do it. >> what? >> so if i'm talking to a guy whose daughter is putting up a cheeky picture, i would say -- talk about someone else. say can you believe this girl? and her father never checks the
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her instagram? then later on i've planted the seed, he's got a fertile mind. he says, i don't think i do either. >> i'm more direct. i like direct. i would say, hey, listen. i don't know if you saw it, i've been looking at my kid's thing and i noticed that sara had a picture up. did you see it? >> i don't think so. comes off judgy. i don't want to be judgy. people get very sensitive about that. >> you know what? i think it is individual. if you know person, you've hey -- >> good point. >> but if somebody -- >> these are the things you guys have to think of as parents. in like 1950 -- >> then you go to parent night at school, and you say, can you believe their daughter? >> you don't do that. can you believe the cubs are going to win the world series? >> i believe -- >> we've got to break the curse. >> i don't believe there is a curse. >> there is a curse. >> you speak about the 1945 world series whether the owner
10:15 am
to the game and in the fourth inning he was thrown out because his billy goat stunk, named murphy. and he said, these cubs, they ain't gonna win no more. and he walked out. he said it exactly like that. >> just like that. >> he walked out, he laid the curse. they haven't been in the world series since. >> when i lived there people did all of these rituals. there were these two nuns who never missed a game. i was remember the fan leaped over and grabbed the ball and like ran out of town after that? i think it's over. >> it would be great -- i think cleveland has a good shot. >> cleveland had the nba. give chicago -- >> this is the year -- >> of cleveland? >> this is cleveland's year. browns, indians -- >> a successful rnc. >> are you saying cleveland-chicago? that would be a great midwest
10:16 am
cleveland-chicago. >> i think chicago is going to go all the way. i think they got that magic team, the boy wonder who won it for the red sox, theo epstein. when he was 28 years old as the general manager of the red sox. and the big pitcher, john lester. he was 3-0 in the world series for the red sox. >> i'm going to chicago tonight. what's the that name? theo. i need to know who i'm screaming for. >> our thoughts and prayers are wi southeastern atlantic coast with matthew which is just pummelling that area. southern florida, not so badly. but as it is moving north now, geography starts to work its way in and now we're going to start to see more worries about storm surge. 45 miles north-northeast of cape canaveral. still category 3. 120-mile-per-hour winds. the path is around daytona,
10:17 am
savannah. by early tomorrow morning, a category 2 storm. then comes back as a tropical storm by wednesday threatening the bahamas. it could threaten florida. so the impacts we are looking for 7 to 11-foot storm surge, 15 inches of rain from florida to the carolinas today. tonight, carolinas, hurricane-force winds, more storm surge, again, about 7 to 11 feet. that's where we're going to be watching, especially from melbourne to savannah. that's a big danger. that's what's going on around . good friday morning, everyone, mainly clear skies across new england. we keep that throughout the day and we do enjoy quite a bit of sunshine as we get into the afternoon as well. expect temperatures to warm up into the 70s this afternoon. warmest temperatures away from the coastline where highs will reach the mid- to upper 70s and high pressure holding on at least over the next 36 hours. cool front off to the west of us that will likely bring in a few showers over the weekend. mostly saturday night into sunday morning, and otherwise dry and more seasonable early
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us from country superstar and all-around amazing guy. >> this is "freebie friday" meets feel-good friday. blake gave us two pairs of tickets to his show tonight at the barclay center in brooklyn. >> you said "tonight" why? >> he says tonight. >> ever since i met gwen, i've never been so happy in my life. >> love them as a couple. let me tell you. that is one cute couple. >> there's a wild crowd out here. ey going first. i would always say ladies first. but there is a reason, i think. >> here we go, here we go, here we go. >> woo!
10:23 am
husbands at home? that was legit. don't take no -- don't say it! your tickets to blake shelton! >> when you get here? >> we came in wednesday. >> wednesday. >> yeah. we had a trip we were supposed to come today but we got here on wednesday. >> well, congratulations. i know you're tnk people in florida. you got out. enjoy yourself because there is a lot to do when you get back home. >> and we're going to al roker. he's in the studio. al, what do you have? >> that's right. tamron, we've got something for all of our friends at home. blake gave us four autographed copies of his cd. for a chance to win one, we want you to visit our facebook page
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don't forget to like us. okay? so you're in for blake's cd.'s take. check it out. all right, just ahead, we're getting your kids to eat veggies. two delicious side dishes everyone will love. and look who's in our studio, ladies and gentlemen. mr. ray parker, jr. oh, yeah, baby, he's going to be singi iing "ghostbusters" for flashback friday after your
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kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination, to expand access to birth control, strengthen and preserve medicare, and i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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welcome back to "today's take." autumn has arrived. it means it is time for some of the best veggies of the season. if you're looking for some new side dishes, we have some ideas your kids will vegetable and by doing what you do, bring out its natural nuttiness and sweetness. i think people are going to be really surprised. >> yeah. we're doing some really interesting vegetable side dishes today. chefs around the world are taking vegetables to a new level. we'll show you how to do that in the home super easy. start with brussels. >> i love them. my kids love them. >> brussels can have a bad rap. >> because they boil them and
10:31 am
depending on the size, you can cut them in half. that way the flat side gets nice and crispy when it caramelizes. i'm just going to toss these with a little bit of olive oil. add some salt and pepper. i like to be really generous. we'll stick these in the oven at 400 degrees on high heat to bring out all of the natural sugars. while those are roasting, we're going to make the topping which is a pomegranate it sounds fancy but it is actually really easy. we are taking pure pomegranate juice, put a little bit of maple in it and we'll cook it down until it is nice and syrupy. thank you so much. it will boil down and get really thick and sweet. then we have this. >> drizzle on top. >> it is kind of like a glaze. i like to do a nice little drizzle. these are great for kids. they almost taste like candy because they're really sweet.
10:32 am
i like to do a little almond on top. use any nut. gives it a nice crunch. moving over here, we're doing a -- >> what? what? >> you should see my plate. >> little butter nut squash? >> oh, my gosh, so good. >> we're doing butternut bruschetta. when thesee caramelized onion to add some nice flavor. our onions have been caramelizing for 10, 15 minutes. then you can go ahead, we're going to add a little kick of maple and some red pepper to take it up a notch. we'll have some nice spice. those get really nice and syrupy. these are like vegetables that are much more fun than like a steamed vegetable. >> they're sweet. >> this is really good. the caramelized makes it. >> good. >> i mean it is proof that you
10:33 am
everyone will enjoy. >> you'll basically put that in the food processor and puree it. >> we give it a couple pulses. i like to keep it a little bit chunky so it has some texture. we can each make one. >> this is the best thing i've ever had. >> on the side, we have roasted cauliflower. it is spectacular, whole roasted cauliflow cauliflower. >> it has lemon and maple. i' mint. this is great for like game day, for a dinner party. super easy. no dairy. all vegan. >> this sunday, on "sunday night football," when you watch the giants taking on the packers. we also want to give a shout out to one of our food club members. shannon emery from battleground, washington, made this dish of
10:34 am
for these recipes, go to coming up next -- this is what makes me happy on a friday! flashback friday. the man behind one of the most iconic movie theme songs of all-time. who you gonna call? ray parker, jr.
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10:38 am
house lawn with more on that. peter, good morning, what did the president have to say? >> reporter: good morning to you. the public comments from the president coming just as he wrapped up his daily briefing alongside the administrator of fema. they can't afford to be complacent, even though last night the storm didn't hit the florida coastline, suggesting people north of jacksonville and the georgia area now have to be having called the governors of all the states in that region overnight declaring states of emergency in georgia after already having done so in florida. cueing up the tape, the president finishing these remarks a matter of moments ago, what he said, storm surge is one of the biggest concerns. if we can right now, we want to
10:39 am
moments ago in the oval office. >> obviously, everybody has been tracking the course of hurricane matthew, and i just received an update from our fema director, craig fugate, as well as the rest of our national security team, and i just wanted to make a couple of key points. first, what we're seeing now is florida and some of the largest population centers, working its way north, and the big concern that people are having right now is the effect it could have in areas like jacksonville, on through georgia. and we've seen some significant damage in portions of south florida, i think the bigger
10:40 am
storm surge. many of you will remember hurricane sandy, where initially people thought this doesn't look as bad as we thought and then suddenly you get massive storm surge and a lot of people were severely affected. and so i just want to emphasize to everybody that this is still that the potential for storm surge, flooding, loss of life, and severe property damage continues to exist, and people continue to need to follow the instructions of their local officials over the course of the next 24, 48, 72 hours. those of you who live in georgia, i think, should be
10:41 am
there's been a lot of emphasis on florida, but this is going to keep moving north through florida and south carolina, there are large population centers there that could be vulnerable, so pay attention to what your local officials are telling you. if they tell you to evacuate, you need to get out of there and move to higher ground, because storm surge can move very quickly and people can think that they are out of the woods and then suddenly get hit and not be in a position in which they and their families are safe so, pay attention to local officials. in the meantime, i've been in contact with the governors of all four of the potentially affected states. i want to thank them all for their leadership. there's been strong cooperation between federal and state and local officials. fema has worked diligently to preposition resources, assets,
10:42 am
the hurricane moves north, what craig and his team will be doing is moving those resources and assets further north so that any place that happens to get hit badly will be in a position to immediately come in and help. but i really want to emphasize the governors have been on top of this, state and local officials have been on top of this. they are the ones who are tracking most closely what is happening in your particular community, your particular area. you need to pay attention to them, do what they say, do not be a hold out here, because we can always replace property, but we can't replace lives. i want to thank craig and his whole team, as well as department of homeland security, my own national security team, for really staying on top of this. we're going to monitor this throughout the weekend. our thoughts and prayers are
10:43 am
affected. you know, it's -- even if the damage in south florida wasn't as bad as it could be, there are people who have been affected and for them, they are going to need help. last point i'd like to make is we're still tracking what happened in areas like haiti that were hit more directly. haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. it has consistently been hit and battered by a lot of natural disasters to compound what is already great poverty there. we know that hundreds of people have lost their lives and that there's been severe property damage and they are going to need help rebuilding, so i would ask all americans to go to the american red cross and other philanthropic agencies to make
10:44 am
need to do to help people that need it, and we'll continue to provide information if you're interested in how you can help the people of haiti and others. you can go to and we'll provide you some direction in terms of where even the smallest contribution can really make a big difference. all right? thank you very much, everybody. fema is in a good position right now. you know, we had some concerns last year when we were in the midst of budget negotiations. i think that we did a good job of making sure that fema was properly funded and not to make them blush, but we happen to have one of the best public servants in america craig fugate and his team, and they know how to manage their money and use it effectively, so that's not going to be an issue. of course, we always want to be
10:45 am
assessments with respect to damage. we're still on the front end of this hurricane. we're not on the back end, so we don't know bad damage up. we know severe storm could up and we're not going for three,four, days what the ultimate effects of this are. w significant problems togovernme that's always to be have, as st
10:46 am
natural disasters the country during lame session figure how so issue so much fema's emergencyresponse, in this casehurricane, in cases or wildfires or other disasters, they've we in posits properly help peoplerebuild, o
10:47 am
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best actor, starring now as a mexican immigrant crossing the border to be with his son once again in america only to be hunted by a vigilante along the way. good morning. >> good morning. >> nice to see you. i got to tell you, i watched the movie. deeply moving. it is very suspenseful. it is heart-wrenching. violent at times. and also very timely. you're an executive producer on this film. what are your hopes for this movie? >> well, we've been -- i mean in different ways we've been dealing with this subject, this phenomenon of migration. each in our way we've been doing stuff about it. i did short film, documentaries, we did a documentary all
10:50 am
the border between central america and mexico and mexico and the united states. and when they came up with this project to me, it felt like, okay, man, we have to do this but we have to do it now. we're running late. you know? >> could it change hearts in america, especially along that border? a vigilante is played by jeffrey d. morgan who is pure evil. are there evil people like this that can happen, of course. especially the timely reason is because there is such an elevation throughout world, not only in if the united states but throughout the world, of hate speech. you know? and of demonization and hate towards the immigrants in general. >> but joel schumacher did with collin farrell in a phone booth you did in the desert.
10:51 am
you are teaming up also for "zo "zoro." >> it is going to be fun to do it. right now when i think about it, anything can happen. >> thank you. this is "today" on nbc. (climbing sounds) needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ? (duracell slamtones) i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message. nothing matters more than our security. that's why i hired more state troopers... and strengthened plans for school safety. support aggressive action to destroy isis... and put our security before my party-- opposing president obama's plan
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ess and dangerous donald trump. and ayotte skipped nearly half her homeland security committee hearings on border security and drug trafficking. national security isn't a part-time job. in new hampshire, maggie hassan cut taxes for small businesses, protected education... created jobs. in washington, what's kelly ayotte done? voted to cut college grants, cut medicare. but kelly ayotte voted to protect tax breaks
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and big corporate interests wanted. they're spending millions supporting ayotte. kelly ayotte's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's hard to believe it's been 37 years since we saw mindy cohn on the hit sitcom, "facts of life." >> from there, mindy's had an impressive voice career playing the character thelma in the loved "scooby-doo" series.
10:54 am
gushing over you. everything about you we love. your career -- >> bring it! >> i hear we won't love your cooking. is that true? >> it's so not true. can we just talk about how great i am? >> in the end you wind up good. >> i learned some good skills. it is called making television and entertaining america. i'm a giver. >> lucille ball ran into her in a restaurant years what did she say? >> i love that you know that story. it touches me. >> what did she say? >> you and mindy, tooty, you are the funniest people on television. you make me laugh. i bounced back. >> as velma. >> i always thought velma was the hot one, myself. >> we take it. we take it. can i do a "today" show
10:55 am
happy birthday, mickey boardman! >> velma. where do you -- what's your inspiration for the voice? >> a little like midwestern and like, oh, my gosh, gang. like -- you know. you kind of put that -- i know. right there. >> that's scooby. >> >> no. >> i'm too intimidated -- i can sing the "facts of life." >> celebrating edition on the food network. >> you got hoda coming up next.
10:56 am
joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped.
10:57 am
narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. align, press and unz chris sununu's family gave him a famous name and the top job at the family resort. but then things went, well, downhill. over the years, chris cut jobs. chris cut workers' hours to deny them health insurance. and now he opposes the minimum wage.
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kelly ayotte: let's be honest - both donald trump and hillary clinton are far from perfect... and i'm not perfect either. but when partisan politicians shut down the government, i led the fight to reopen it. i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups, and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. republicans, democrats, or independents,
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from stio hey, everybody. welcome to friday, october 7, 2016. billsy in nor kathie lee. we want to let everybody in the path of the storm know that our thoughts and prayer, with you as you go through this difficult time. >> absolutely. >> billy, that song we're listening to right there. >> train. >> do we love train? >> we really do. >> me, too. >> a voice, very powerful. can get through anything. big show today. a lot of action.


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