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tv   Today  NBC  October 7, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from stio hey, everybody. welcome to friday, october 7, 2016. billsy in nor kathie lee. we want to let everybody in the path of the storm know that our thoughts and prayer, with you as you go through this difficult time. >> absolutely. >> billy, that song we're listening to right there. >> train. >> do we love train? >> we really do. >> me, too. >> a voice, very powerful. can get through anything. big show today. a lot of action.
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this weekend. newly engaged. lots to talk about. >> and ashton kutcher sits down with us, starring in another netflix series called "the ranch." he's an executive producer, in charge of the whole thing and we're going to talk to him about that and his new baby on the way, et cetera. >> then lilliana, hottest trends in handbags for the fall. who doesn't need -- there she is. a new raise your hand. >> me, me! >> i need one. absolutely. >> do you wear a man bag ever? >> a man bag? a mursp. never. >> where do you put your stuff? >> a backpack. >> do i look different to you? a little early to leave the chair, do i look at all different to you? >> i like you don't wear the blazer on this hour.
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hour. >> do my lines look smoother in any way? >> you look good. you always look good. >> okay. last week we discussed -- men -- showed video. >> oh, yeah. >> of men getting into spanx. >> are they on? >> what? just -- we showed you. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> from the daily male. fellas volunteered to put on me >> no, you did not! >> a short while ago on facebook live -- >> did you it? oh, no. >> lovely -- >> oh! >> put it back. put it back! whew! >> is that -- >> ready? >> i would like to say, sorry to jeanine dellchoppo, wardrobe head in there with me. duking it out. >> okay. >> oh. >> how does that feel around the
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>> ah! [ bleep ]. >> i do feel the smoothness. [ laughter ] >> is it really on? >> yeah. >> no, it's not. oh, yeah. if son is on. >> i feel like a ukrainian wrestler. what should be the back is actually the front, and i'm -- if you look at this -- that should be the back. sorry about the rug, but -- rice? spanx alert. so the back comes up high and you know why? >> breasts? no. >> yes. >> well, you have to -- >> keep them in. >> breasts here and also, back. you want your back to be smooth. sometimes there were be a couple of areas that need -- >> buff-at it's called. men get buffat as well. we all get that. >> back fat. all right. anyway -- >> ah. >> folks in spanx video. >> it's very tight. >> is it hot?
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new song that were dance worthy -- >> wait. ky say the people at spanx watched you. this is their comment. this is the best thing we've seen all year. >> really? >> we've got you covered, billy bush. model in our next catalog. >> what? spanx catalog? spanx or lynx, boys section or the girls? honor. thanks for asking me. >> a big deal. >> with your spanx new body, waiting for bruno to come out with a new song. last night it happened. >> okay. >> there is a video and a song. "uptown funk" my jam, my go-to. >> in the family? >> it's in the family called "24k magic" watch the individual joe. take a look. ? ? i'm a dangerous man with some money in my pocket ?
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? why you mad fix your face and keep up ? >> come on, bruno! ? move on ? get down ? >> i love his moves. they're the boys. ? 24 karat magic ? >> come on, come on! >> you want to feel a little? >> come on. come on, come on! i might have to get up with you on this one. ? everywhere i yeah ? ? everywhere i go, baby, like, yeah ? everywhere i go ? they be like, playa ? now, now, now, watch us break it down ? >> oh! that is a song. >> might not have been able to do that if my spanx weren't on. got to say that. feel going in the spanx. >> wait a minute. bruno mars is scheduled to be the musical guest on "snl" on
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building and could get tickets to that. >> that's going to be a hard one. we should go. >> plus one if there's a chance. what is this doing here? i've got my spanx on. so -- >> you can eat this. >> probably hide it a little better. >> tomorrow is national fluffer nutter day. if you don't know what fluffer nutter is, it's a sandwich made with peanut butter and marshmallow. marshmallow fluff. >> we know farm to table world now. >> yes. >> but some things you can't cancel out. and fluff is one of them. l stuff really? >> hmm. >> like a candy bar. >> can we get cases sent to us now? seems to be the "today" show on learning. >> like eating a candy bar. invented -- in 1913 during world war i. did you know that? >> probably because you can't talk. >> which explains why joann put it here.
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>> are you telling me invented by emma and amory curters of melrose, massachusetts, published a recipe for a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich and the name fluffer butter became popular in the '60s? what you're telling me? you owe me for that. >> if you like rapping, who doesn't? sarah paulsen was on fallon last night. >> nice. >> and she -- you guys know her pap dramatic actress, on "the people versus j. horror story." jimmy dared her to a rapoff. listen to this. ? you packed in your stacks especially in the back brother want to thank your mother for a butt like that ? going to get some fries with a shake, shake and if looks could kill you would be an uzi ? ? you're a shotgun bang what's up with that thing i want to know how does it hang, hold up, straight up, like prince said you're a sexy mother ? well i like them -- ?
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>> do i have fluffer nutter on me? that was awesome. hoda's rap pick? >> i would dough, it's stuck. never coming off. >> do the thing, the lick and then do you that. what moms do. >> okay. mine is -- rapper's delight by the sugar hill gang. >> are you going there? >> i'm going there. ? what you gonna do today ? >> say what? hold on. not ready. ? o.j. ? >> everybody go. ? hotel, motel, holiday then you take her friend ? >> uh-huh! ? mellow it's on you so what you gonna do ? say all men and on and on and on on. >> on and on on i got that part. >> billy, what's yours? >> tone loc back in school with the boys. you know? rolling early college days. pop some tones on the radio. what do we got here? ? no satisfaction ? the girls are all around, but
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me ? i'm looking ? >> what's up with l.o.c.? >> a little foggy back there. ? good things happen ? >> i love that. ? i'm a star ? >> that's it. all i remember. but the other tone one i really know i can't really -- the one i really know. >> which one? can't do it because it's full of bleeps. >> it's off ar [ bleep ]. >> we couldn't. >> about a certain topic, that is not good for the kids. >> okay. >> okay? >> speaking of kids, okay. this is a really a little girl named elia. who was from florida. woke up grumpy. right? only one thing that calms her down. her little sister tessa. let's watch this little viral individual crow they shared. [ crying ] >> come here. what's the matter? did you just wake up? your sister.
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>> hi. oh. i love her. so much. hmm. i love her so much. >> oh, my god! oh -- ooh -- so happy. what is so -- >> i am. i mean -- >> that's so beautifu to see and beautiful, and -- oh, my god. and i love the way -- inchs love her so much. >> can we show the baby with the blow dry? the big hair? do we have time? oh! okay. >> spanx getting a little tight right now. how much is interest in this segment? >> you're going to get the scissors out. all right. you wanted to look for fall, the right cut, coming up right after this. >> plus, a mini '70s show reunion. two stars. ashton kutcher.
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laura prepon was just a teenager when she landed her breakout role playing a smart, saucy teen named donna six season the on "that '70s show." >> and more recently a prison inmate and drug dealer in "orange is the new black." just to prove she can do it all, year, which hits the "new york times" best-sellers list. >> a drat book. clearly not one to sit around too long. laura is now starring in the highly anticipated new movie out today "the girl on the train" playing the ultimate friend. take a look. >> who brought this on? >> he posted another picture. the baby. a cute picture. >> yep. facebook and drunk ex-wives do not make good friends.
11:15 am
>> all right. let's get you to your room. rachel, you have to stop calling them. >> you do. >> you do, rachel. >> yes. >> what is she doing? >> she is -- very obsessive about this particular situation. those who have mot read the book, shue, awesome. or seen the movie. i don't want to ruin thinkianyt. >> the most go broad first. "orange is the new black," huge hit. renewed three years. starring in "girl on the train." recently engaged. >> yes. >> climbed a mountain. >> i did. >> you really are having, like, a gang buster year. are you feeling if fire on all cylinders? >> for sure. also one of the reasons why i wanted to crimlimb -- just clim kilimanjaro. >> can you start with, punter mountain outside the city. you went big? >> yes.
11:16 am
of these, i'm fortunate enough to work on all of these amazing projects and the book and everything has been so wonderful, rile waeally wanted something completely opposite from all that and you're climbing for seven days. it's wonderful. the people of kilimanjaro were so wonderful. such a great time. it was hard. i'm not going it lto lie. >> sleeping in caves? >> no. in the morning wash your face with water in bucket and you hike every day, you know, sometimes there's scrambling. you know, the hardest day was the summit day, for me. because that was really, really tough and i got prit bad altitude sickness, because i was on my book tour for the "stash plan" last time i saw you. >> yeah. >> and you as well. and then i left for africa about two weeks later. >> i can't believe your pace. by the way -- "girl on the train" you picked a win perp didn't you?
11:17 am
great, great movie. you read the book, obviously. >> yeah. so i read the book and was actually filming "orange" season four when the scripts came around. i love the role of -- number one, working with emily blunt is a dream. to go from being -- >> stop it. >> working with my wonderful co-stars in "orange is the new black" to go right to working with emily. i literally was like, is this real? because i did the movie about four days after wrapping season four of "orange." it's ec character i play, it's an interesting character, because it's like when is someone who's your friend you care about when is too much? what is it enabling? when a point you're literally like i can't do this anymore and can't see you like this anymore. an interesting dynamic they have. it's a fantastic movie. i feel like we did a very wonderful job. >> the whole cast is -- it's deep. >> cast is awesome. >> deep. >> and kate directed a killer
11:18 am
funny. you did "orange" took a couple days, shot the movie. you seem like the kind of person who's always chasing, like, always something else? >> yeah. i always like a challenge. i mean, i'm actually -- i start directing my episode of "orange" in about a week and a half. >> directing? oh! that's no small thing. >> a challenge. i'm like, yeah. i'm real excited about it. that's me. i've been wanting to do ta long time and getting my shot at this show. >> didn't work for me. can you do another scene. girl, weeb been with you four years. do not get old. >> seriously. no. going to be great. everyone is supportive. i've directed myself before. that will be fine. it's going to be great. i'm really excited and everyone's really, really supportive. i can't wait. >> how great it is to be laura, that kilimanjaro thing. any mountain that starts with kill-a-man is not a mountain i'm
11:19 am
university, hits theaters today. >> today. not punkin' you. ashton kutcher telling us about baby number two with mila. >> and lilliana wants to get you carried away with the hottest [ distorted voice ] progressive claims to show people their competitors' rates alongside their direct rate to save you money. but what's really going on? when played backwards at 1/8th speed you can clearly hear... what could that mean? woman: tom? tom! they're just commercials. or are they? you're waking the neighbors. well, mom, maybe the neighbors need to be woke. i think it's actually "awoken." no, that doesn't even seem right. no, it's "awoken."
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were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures. introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. i need a new handbag. >> i wish we had new purses. oh, lilliana is here. >> did you plan that for me? >> we did. wa >> my best girlfriend a need a new handbag. >> oh, billy. >> what's happened? >> handbags one of my favorite to buy. they always fit. >> yes, they do. >> talking about the hot et trends for both women and the gentlemen. >> okay. >> exactly. let's start first. this is the cross-body bag. smaller and great for hands-free. if you have kids, running errands, sight seeing, drape it straight across.
11:23 am
very in right now. very parisian chic from boo and a tiny bag for evening. >> for the boys? >> all about the leather backpack. >> this is cool. i like this. >> super cool. very city. cool industrial vibe to it. look for one with a built-in tech cushion, laptop staying protected in the bag. billy bag is here. >> metallics back and better than ever. look for them infe like a fun blend of silver and gold. this one's available at kohl's. available at marshall's, all under $50 for bag this size is a good value. >> love the tote. >> favorite trends. double strap bag. hold it like a satchel in your hand, say commuting to work and getting heavy. throw it over your shoulder. >> great.
11:24 am
>> jack: jcpenney. >> zhuszh to your bag. >> adorable. 3u9 putting these things on embellishing everything. >> saw it on jean jackets. now on bag. from aldo. actually on my instagram today under $50 for bag that looks like a million bucks. on trend for everyone. >> i'm good at matching things. for what you have on. >> give it. give me a bag. >> uh-huh. >> this one with the little gold on your belt. look at the gold on meets the gold here. >> model it. >> is this not a perfect handbag for hoda's look today or what? >> a cross-body bag. >> did i nail it? >> nailed it. >> stuck the landing. >> up top, right here. >> bomb. >> all right, from his new show to his new baby, catching up with ashton kutcher. >> killing it. >> and proing have taken out tools to show you the best haircut and color for your face. >> and the befores, afters, after your local news.
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joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
11:28 am
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11:30 am
it is try day friday. if you've been thinking about changing your hair up for the fall, this segment's definitely for you. >> before you let your stylist start snipping, you need to consider the shape of your face. and here to help you choose the right cut and color to your flatter all the features stylist to >> la la la la. >> i love it. >> and hair stylist extraordinaire rodney cutler both from new york's la cari cutler. >> thank you for coming. >> she's a hybrid, oval with heart shape on the bottom. means she can wear anything. >> little square. >> little heart on the bottom. >> yeah. >> just gorgeous. >> so the -- so the idea is to know the shape of your face,
11:31 am
we're going to start off with someone who's on oval. this is alexandra's before picture. let's take a look at her. >> okay. now look at that hair. she just grew it and grew it and naturally she cut it and donated it. >> she did? we ready for the spin? big reveal alexandra with the new cut. >> oh, it's a home run. >> that is a home run. >> can wear anything we could have went for bright, lots of texture and great shape. >> i love that. >> color wise she had that natural gray streak, i said that's her trademark, leave it. to add depth if you notice look i actually painted darker color around the face shows off her blue, sorry, blue eyes. and of course the highlights are very random.
11:32 am
>> a little bit. >> i love it. >> she loves it. >> you're holding it in. you were holding yourself together, but you love your hair. >> it's fantastic. >> let's move down, shall we? thanks, hon. let's move down to round. we have natalie. let's look at natalie's before picture. tell us about that. >> the problem here is that the center part and it's actually accentuating the roundness in her face, not bringing out eyes or cheekbones. that's the key thing we want to do. >> all right. are we ready to see natalie? let's spin this oh, yeah. love, love. tell us. >> this i think is the newest trend. women of color are throwing away the chemicals. more and more people are starting to wear their own hair texture. she did this twisting and what i did is her hair just so straight with a hot iron got duller and duller, i gave it this rich black color to enhance the whole look. and if you look, i mean, look how much prettier. >> yeah. and the key is everyone can do this at home.
11:33 am
natural curls be what they are. >> and a lot of product? >> the right product. >> natalie, what are we thinking? >> love it. i love it. >> is it going to be easier to do? >> it is, actually. i don't have to do this every night. >> are you rocking that for the foreseeable future? >> i am. >> helped us out today. >> all right. we are now hitting oblong. and we've got jeanine. let's look at her before picture. tell us about that. >> you can see the shape actually drags even looks even longer. we want to balance it, bring up the length and just create a nice balance. >> let's take a look. >> you ready? >> come on. >> that's pretty. >> oh, my gosh, so much brighter. >> like a bulb. >> a great bob, lots of movement, full trend classic bob with lots of movement, pushes off the face. >> yeah, looks fun. power hair. >> it's power hair. that's amazing. >> right? >> i mean, she is so beautifully
11:34 am
her face tones very warm obviously. and if you notice it's brighter around the face. it's slightly deeper in the back. >> i love it. >> so what that does is it adds width to her face so the oblong -- >> what do you think? >> i love it. >> she loves it. we have three winners. >> flooking good is feeling goo. we feel good also. >> i feel good. >> you know who always has a good head of hair? say me. >> you too. >> he's going to sit down with us and talk about his hot new netflix series and his growing family coming up after this. ? dance, dance ? ? and off you go, ? ? ? and off you go, ? ?
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the president finishing these remarks a matter of moments ago. in effect he said that storm surge is one of the for such a young guy, ashton kutcher has pretty much done it all everything from modeling to acting to producing and investing. >> not to mention he's married to one of hollywood's hottest
11:39 am
they already have a baby and one on the way. >> sat down with ashton as colt bennett returns home to colorado. >> here's the thing, colt tries to hold on to the glory days which includes going after his old high school girlfriend who recently broke off her engagement to someone else. >> what would you like to listen to? old dominion breakup with him or sam hunt breaking up in a small town? could you break up with kenny yet? >> it's only been a day. >> oh, sorry. no pressure. so you want to makeout? >> no. i don't like taylor swift. >> okay, good. because everybody likes t-swivel. >> hey! lots going on in your life right now. is it a little overwhelming? you're also executive producing this series, right? starring in it. >> yeah. >> second season starting.
11:40 am
>> seems to be a theme here. >> a lot of seconds. yeah. no, we're busy. it's great. you know, you get lucky and you get to do a show and people actually respond to it, like it, we have second season going. i keep stumbling into fortune in my life and i don't know how it happens. >> how did this project, like how did you and this project come together? >> you know, i was finishing up "two a h masterson, who i worked with on "the '70s show" just finished a show men at work. and we've been talking since "that '70s show" we wanted to work together and timing never worked out. and you're like, wait a second, we're both not working. let's take a beat and figure out what we want to do. and we sort of look at everything that was on tv and realized that nobody was really
11:41 am
iowa. you know, and through my high school years i was on a farm. and it was like football and farming and beer and country music. >> yes. >> and we're like can we make a tv show that's like -- what would a country song look like if it was a television show? >> but respectfully. >> yeah. respectfully and also wanted to sort of push the limit of like what a sitcom can be and can we do drama in it. then we got sam elliott to come in. >> hees so awesome. we lov debra winger, we have like unbelievable actors. >> and wilemer may be joining you soon. >> when you're the boss you get to pick who you work with. that's the idea. have fun. having a blast. >> fantastic. >> it's probably easier to talk about what's not going well in your life right now, ashton? what can i pray for you about? >> you know what you can pray for me about? >> what?
11:42 am
when barack obama was going into office, i made a pledge i was going to start fighting human trafficking. >> yes. >> and i started a foundation called thorn with my ex-wife. and we're building digital tools to fight human trafficking. so basically the purchase, the commerce for human trafficking is happening online just like everything else now. >> sure. >> so we're building digital tools to fight back against it. and we've built a tool to law enforcement prioritize their case load and recover victims and find traffickers. and we've found and we've identified and recovered over 6,000 trafficking victims this year. >> your goal was five and you got six, right? >> and we've got -- we found -- identified and recovered 2,000 traffickers. and our next battle -- my next commitment and i figure when hillary's in office i'm going to make a pledge that i'm going to
11:43 am
the internet. >> wow. >> so you can help me get that message out there. >> so you just did it beautifully. there are a lot of great organizations i would like to talk to you about when we go to break. >> ashton, thanks so much. well, the new season of "the ranch" is on netflix starting today. madeleine's here. you know what that means? >> what? >> i we're going to play a game. >> i like it. we'll help you pack a healthy
11:44 am
11:45 am
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11:48 am
all right. does this sound familiar? you're in the grocery store trying to find snacks for the kids with fiber and protein and that healthy stuff but also want it to taste good. >> so madeleine fehrnstrom wants to help you make better choices. >> first things first, none of these foods are bad for kids, right? >> right. all are going to be fun in moderation and right serving size. what we're doing today going shopping want to get some things
11:49 am
about certain nutrients, protein, calorie, sugar, you're going to say pick or pass. if you want to pick it, put it in your shopping cart. >> okay. >> you're sharing a cart. this is a game and competition. we'll see who knows the most at the end. >> okay. >> kids need about 12 grams of fiber every day. so if you want more fiber for your child, which would you pick, the veggie chips or popcorn? >> i'm going to pick the popcorn. >> i'm going with the veggie chips. >> and hoda would be right. >> really? all right. >> all right. what's next? >> can't see the -- just can't be. >> every child likes a sweet treat. which would you pick and which would you pass up if you're watching your child's calorie intake? >> calorie, oreos -- >> six chocolate sandwich cookies or frosted toaster pastry, which would you pick?
11:50 am
>> i'm going with the toaster pastry. >> i'm going with the six cookies. >> and hoda is 2 for 2. >> what? >> toaster pastry is about 200 calories. >> if you just have one. >> right. those cookies are many more and six of them are 260 calories. >> all right. it's a blowout. >> you can still come back. you have time. >> so now american heart association recommends that children really should not exceed 25 grams of sugar a day. sugar. so what treat would you pick that has less sugar? which one of these is lower in sugar? pick the one lower in sugar. is it a chocolate brownie whole grain snack bar or an ounce of vanilla yogurt covered raisins? >> i'm going with the raisins. >> give you the raisins, and billy would be right. >> oh, what? >> 11 grams of sugar and the yogurt raisins have about 19
11:51 am
like this. >> yeah. >> look. >> little mini ones. >> nobody told me. >> more sugar just downsize your serving. let's switch to calcium. kids need about 1,000 milligrams of calcium every day to build strong bones and teeth, so which of these two choices either yogurt tube or a mozzarella stick would give you more calcium? >> i'm going to go with the -- >> i'm going with the cheese. you're going with the yogurt? >> yogurt. >> i'm going with cheese is going to be 200 milligrams, that's about 20% of what you need. >> okay. >> a little bit in yogurt. >> short lived comeback. >> double or nothing. >> this is for -- >> all the apples right here. >> you're so nice. >> kids need protein, about 20 to 30 grams every day to keep their bellies full and minds focused. which one would you pick and which would you pass that would have more protein? which do you pick for more protein? >> what are the choices? >> it's going to be peanut
11:52 am
hazelnut spread. >> got to be peanut butter. has to be. >> has to be. >> has to be and you both would be right. >> yes, we won. >> there you go. >> double the protein. >> you can have anything on the table as well as your own personal jar. >> oh, is that the present? >> that's the present. >> oh, okay. >> you're a winner. >> even -- >> thank you so much, madeleine. we'll be back in a moment with more. >> well-done, hoda. nice victory. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> uh-huh. victory. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> uh-huh. joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk.
11:53 am
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i'm maggie hassan
11:55 am
billy, thank you so much for being here. what happened to the spanx you had on at the start of the show? >> i had to get rid of them. i cut myself out of them. >> because -- >> i couldn't take off all my clothes but i cut in different places and now the spanx are gone. but, i don't know if you heard, spanx is interested in me as a
11:56 am
these wonderful people are friends of mine from park city, utah. [ cheers and applause ] >> you have a good looking bunch of friends. >> i spend a lot of time up there. they're mountain sexy. they're on a fitness retreat, right? >> yes. >> they're trying soul cycle spin in the fitting room and different things in order to do their work to bring it back to the mountain people. >> thank you guys if you're watching kristen stewart, lauren, guy fieri. >> no ra jones -- bruno? look at the video behind you. ? >> looks like he ripped up. ? >> oh, i scuffed the floor. >> is this the video? >> he's such a sexy little man. he really is. you know what i'm saying?
11:57 am
>> i know.
11:58 am
>> kris: hurricane matthew spiraling along the coast of florida. ferocious winds send debris flying. >> christa: thousands forced to evacuate. others hunkered down. there are massive power outages. >> chrihe matthew and our weekend forecast ahead. >> christa: a tragic murder in orange. police want to know who killed an elderly man inside his own
11:59 am
joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks, she voted no, backing the washington gun lobby instead. getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
12:00 pm
>> christa: and at noon, breaking news. hurricane mapt you charging along the coast of florida. this category three storm is it has those winds. destructive winds heading northwest. at 12 miles per hour. right now, the sunshine state is feeling the wrath of the storm. huge winds sending sheets of metal flying and pushing big heavy dumpsters into the streets here. fast roof even blowing off a building. >> kris: one of those big dangers, the flying debris, torrential rain, and powerful winds forcing people out of their homes. this is a look at daytona beach. the streets have been emptied.


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