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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a political bombshell, the comments that donald trump said about women, and the apologies that he just released. charleston is getting pummeled by fierce wind. that storm is causing widespread power outages. we will tell you the about matthew and where the storm is next. who was the behind the wheel when it happened. matthew in full force with dangerous winds still threatening hurricane matthew battering the southeast coast
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and people with so many power lines are down. >> miles per hour the storm is headed northeast at 12 miles per hour, a very busy morning there, but good morning to you, tutor joining us. i'm nancy chen. good morning, matthew has yet to make landfall, but certainly taking a toll on the south. rob eicher is taking a look at the storm. and looking at the tomorrow it could be making landfall. >> it's r it has been moving due north during the overnight hours, and it's further north than they thought. they were expecting it to hug the coastline of south carolina but right it's only a few miles south of hilton head island, and on that track starting to turn right, but if doesn't turn more right more quickly, it will make landfall, somewhere between savannah and charleston in next kind of hours, but after that, it should hug the coat line. the outer bands, the outer
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wraparound in a perfect circle. that's not the case, there's nothing going on in the south side of the eye, which is an indication, that it's starting to weaken.?charleston is gettine heaviest wind and rain right now. it's a category 2 moving northeast at two miles per hour. off of that track it's close to the coast of south carolina, and then north carolina tonight, and then kind of wra it will be almost nothing left of it. it won't be a repeat of what they already have. a little thing for us, a band of a moisture, a front that will be headed our way. it gives us a decent chance of rain tonight into tomorrow. meantime, patchy fog out there. sunshine in the morning hours, 52 currently, afternoon high temperatures will top out in the upper 60s, the low 70s with fading sunshine today, rain
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some breaking news from the campaign trail. donald trump saying he is sorry. the republican apologizing in a video statement overnight. this comes after graphic comments that he had made about women just surfaced. now he is facing backlash from inside his own party. and he is trying to turn the tables on hillary clinton, and nbc's brian moore has the latest. >> an old recording creating new problems at a bad time for donald trump. >> i moved on i will admit it. she was married. >> trump's graphic 2005 comments on an access hollywood buzz were captured by an open mic. months after marrying malania, he said on going and other women. i apologize if anyone was offended. >> i have said foolish things but there's a big difference between the words and actions of
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women, and hillary has bullied, attacked, and shamed and intimidated his victims. several other top republicans, house speaker paul ryan said he was sickened by what he referred, and trump would no longer be attend being a wisconsin event on saturday as scheduled. and hillary tweeted women have the power to stop trump. and donald trump strug little tougher. trump said his running mate mike pence will represent him in wisconsin while the nominee remains in new york preparing for the debate with his top advisers. brian moore, nbc news, washington. among many who are speaking against trump. senator elva beth warren -- elizabeth warren, asked if sexual assault is part of trump's everyday questions. he should answer.
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the campaign trail right here on 7 news. matthew where people in south carolina are still feeling its wrath. heavy wind moving onshore. heavy winds in charleston, matthew does remain a catagory two hurricane. streets are flooded in savannah as heavy rain continues to just come pouring down. officials say about 75% of the people not be able to return home for days. matthew's smashing windows in some buildings in satisfy an a can you see people hunkering down just trying to ride the storm out, but streets are mostly empty. they are also flooded but the worst part of the storm in georgia has mostly passed. >> people in florida will start cleaning up this morning, homes and other buildings sustained severe damage when matthew moved through that area. wind blown out.
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littering main roads there. it's a tough video to look at. more than 11 million people along the southeast coast are still under a hurricane warning and nbc's jay gray is in daytona beach this morning, an area that saw some of the worst conditions. matthew continues its assault on the southeast coast. we. >> we have seen hurricane-force winds along the coast of 100 miles per hour. >> the fist hit was florida. sheets of rain, sideways, and a massive storm surge moving the ocean inland, and in the homes. >> the conditions have been brutal. floodwaters swallowing cars, and breeze pulled from the ground are swept by the wind. businesses battered and torn apart. more than a million homes don't have power right now. that number is got climb as matthew turns its attention to georgia and the carolinas. >> we still have hurricane warnings and storm surge
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>> charleston could see some of the worst of it. >> fire department. >> firefighters going door to door earlier today urging folliefamilies to join the hundf thousands that have moved inland. the best thing is to hunker down. stay in a stave place, don't try to move around. >> reporter: as matthew moves in. jay gray, nbc news, beach. meanwhile the horror continues in haiti as the death toll from matthew sores to more than 800. that country is just starting to pick up the pieces after the storm ravished the island. the wind ripping off walls, and roofs toppling trees, there's a massive clean up across the island has started as people begin to assess all of that damage. 7's alex de par tow has a closer look. from the air damage from
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devastating, buildings are wiped away as the category 4 storm slams the caribbean station. on the ground mud from the storm surge as inundated neighborhoods. 3 if i thousan350,000 are in nee aid. death toll is rising, it climbed above 300. >> many more are injured, medical supplies are running low, the risk of cholera is yes, an orphanage which houses 100 hernhas been destroyed. >> heme lost everybody. everything, their clothes, they have no sheller t that is why i have come back to sea what can be done. at u.s.-mexico border, haitians who have lined up are more desperate to cross into the united states. but the authorities have ended the parole after the earthquake,
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haiti. the bahamas the clean up but there's significant damage approximate. some homes have been destroyed. >> we are trusting the lord to make a way, and i know he will make a way. >> reporter: there are lines for gasoline. matthew's intensity felt in both nations left reeling from the powerful storm. i'm alex de prado, 7 news. and make sure to stay with 7 news as we follow hurricane anytime at or use our mobile and tablet apps. we are talking baseball this morning, red sox trying to make that playoff push, and boy their backs are against the walls. instead they got crushed in cleveland, the indians taking fist two games of the alds. now the sox are face to face of elimination of a very familiar position. now we have more on last night's
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about it. >> game two as bad as it gets by the red sox. shut outs after leading the league, in run score in the regular season. >> i think we kind of lost who we are. we lost red sox, we need to go out there and play the game, you know, we should dictate how the games, the tempo of the game, everything should be played in the last couple of days, they did that, and we didn't. >> david price brought in to pitch on the playoff struggles continue after getting run off in the third. >> most guys are playing a little right now. our confidence isn't altered, this is a very confident group even though we're down 0-2 right now. this team has been there before. >> after falling flat in cleveland, the red sox has zero margin for error. >> it's clear what lies ahead of us.
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clay buck hold on the mound on sunday with an attitude of no tomorrow. david price struggling on the mound. pitching on 10 days rest, he did not skip a beat. 7 score less innings, the red sox now down intr 0-2. tough to watch, wasn't it. >> it's win any depose home. clay buck hold on the sox not final yet. a massachusetts grandmother calling it a marijuana mistake after police pull a pot plant from her garden. why is she calling it an invasion of privacy. carolina is getting soaked by matthew and at least a little bit of that rain is getting. a wild chase comes to a dramatic end, how police finally track down a suspected thief.
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jacksonville, florida resident capturing video, the tree falling when you were matthew. the tree smashes on top of the utility van. it's 1 of the destructive scene captured on camera as hurricane matthew toured through florida on friday.
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carolina. we were talking about it about to approach hilton head out there. so far it has managed not to make land foul just yet. >> all of that damage in florida was caused he by the center off the coastline. right now it's off the coast of the hilton head of south carolina. it was moving north in the last hours, it started to turn more to the right. turn more toward the northeast. on track, it may actually cross ov first time in south carolina for the first making landfall for the fist time in the united states, but it's just kind of trivial because they're get being the worst the weather the outer eyewall lashing. hilton head to charleston, should kind of hug the coastline of south carolina for the rest of the day today. north carolina overnight
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by that point, there should be nothing left of it, it should start to dissipate and fall apart by the end of the weekend. there's a question of what would happen the remnants of matthew, and there's nicole off the coast that could margin, the two could interact. there's a frontal boundary on the map. even though the wind are starting to die down. it's a 105 miles per hour, category 2 storm. still expecting impressiv even areas as far inland as charlotte could get a couple of inches of rain. there's the front, there's the center of matthew way down here. notice how the front is starting to siphon of some moisture from matthew and draw it north. that gives us a decent chance of rain overnight tonight and into tomorrow. if you got weekend plans, today the better of the weekend days. clouds take over later on today.
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by this evening. the rest of us will stay dry until the middle of the night. getting into the overnight hours, the chance of rain continues for eastern massachusetts only as we head into tomorrow, and continues, especially for the south coast, the south shore of the cape and the islands through most of the day tomorrow. even though we are expecting rain south and east boston, getting to worcester might start to see peaks of sunshine later in the day. it will be much cooler tomorrow than what we are expecting couple of cool spots. and patchy rain out there. warming up to the upper 50s, and more above average for the early part of october. cloud will take over later today, and mostly cloudy, with showers mainly in eastern massachusetts will be much cooler with highs only in the upper 50s to low 60. breezy and kind of cool for columbus day the middle the part of the seven-day forecast looks pretty nice with seasonal temperatures and plenty of
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have a coffee whisk a cup. why officers are inviting you to sit down and have a cup with them. why she is upset that police pulled a marijuana plant from
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an amherst grandmother says an operation was a violation of privacy after officers pulled a marijuana plant out of her garden. she has been growing and smoking the drug for a decade to help relief a medical issue. >> last month, state police took her marine plant as part of a pot operation. we have a closer look. >> an 81-year-old amherst grandma says her pot plant was a pipe dream when police took the plant. she had growing in her backyard. >> the marijuana was growing it for ten years. >> she says the plant was in this pintrel list, and police fd the plant with a helicopter circling the house. >> it was a military style helicopter. it was olive green. that drab green and it had a bay door that was wide open. >> reporter: then they came to the door. >> they said we're undercover, this is a drug operation, i'm
6:22 am
dea and did you know that there's a marijuana plant. >> reporter: high has a tendency toward gam compan glaut that is not why she is upset. >> someone has to speak out. i'm lucky that i'm in my older years and i don't have a whole lot to lose by speak out. >> reporter: as for her son, she says ty about the government encroaching on their privacy. >> i admit it's noncompliant with the law, you know, but it's very discrete, and it's doing, you know, it's one of those judgment calls. >> reporter: 7 news today in new england. margaret says she hopes that the laws surrounding marijuana will change. voters in massachusetts will get to decide --
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right in the path of danger. >> hair cut with serious style. >> take a look at this, we will meet the barber who are paying tribute to big
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interviewer: what would you do with five minutes to kill and a smartphone? man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. woman 2: text a friend. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes
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woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by october 19th. a national cup of coffee made its way to massachusetts. civilians were able to show their appreciation for the work
6:26 am
does. many departments across the state shared a cup of joe with the people. coffee with a cup day started in california in 2011, and less than five years, it has now spread to all 50 states. with everything going on in the country, we have a great community here, and a great complete department. anwe thought we would take advantage and come in and take advantage of it and have morning coffee with the people n it helps wake you up,. important for them to strength entheir bonds with the civilians that they serve. >> it's important to see them out on the streets, and see them. and i support anything with coffee. >> nothing than sitting down together with someone you enjoy. >> probably not you. just kidding, i would take off with you anytime. >> one parme barber in worceste.
6:27 am
friday of his barbershop. he paid homage to big papi. with the help of his designated clippers, he created a masterpiece. it's an appreciation for all that ortiz has done during all of his career. >> he is one of my favorite football players. i wanted to pay homage to him and give him the respect he deserves for all the years he has put on for competitions where barbers have to race against the clock to create images on people's hair. >> that is impressive. i think it's time for to you get for a cut n and patriots on the other side. i think it looks good. next on today in new england. she has been a chicago club fan for if i years. talk about a 102-year-old is saying about her favorite baseball team. got plans this holiday weekend. there's one day that definitely looks better than the others.
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e the ma sides of broside. smth dark ocolate tside.exic fr. hurricane matthew slamming the southeast coast and it's far from over. dramatic campaign shakeup. donald trump is some trouble this morning after lewd comments he made about women come to life. new video shows the moment
6:31 am
we continue tracking the path of matthew this morning. right now the category ii hurricane is churning along the coast off of south carolina. and it's forcing thousands of people to evacuate to get to safety. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm kris anderson. i'm nancy chen. for the latest on hurricane matthew, we're sending it to rob eicher. and hurricane and charleston is getting the wor it's the northern eyewall. it's from hilton head to charleston. the center is offshore, and it's moving due north overnight. in the last hour it started to jog to the right, to the east. it's going to be close, we will see if the center closes and makes landfall in the coast of south carolina. either way, they're already getting the worst of the weather there. hilton head reported a wind gust of 40 miles per hour.
6:32 am
myrtle beach. wind are 105 miles an hour. expected to slam the coast of south carolina, and north carolina -- south carolina today and north carolina tonight, and recurve back out in the atlantic and back out to the bahamas. by the time it gets there, there will be nothing left of it just an area of low pressure. got a cold front headed our way, and notice how the front is helping to siphon some of the moisture from matthew all the way north, and that brings us a tomorrow. in the meantime, it's not rain, patchy fog out there, just above the fog, the skies are clear. the fog will be with us for about an hour. 52 in boston, but some areas cooler than that. the rest of the day, not bad. today the pick of the holiday weekend. highs in the low 70s, sunshine early. clouds later on. rainy and cool especially for parts of massachusetts tomorrow. we will talk more about who has the best chance of rain coming up in a few minutes. thanks for that update.
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today after an old recording surfaced of him making lewd comments of women. it took place in an access hollywood, and it was captured by ann open mic. months after marrying his wife, he started talking about the kissing and going othe groping . he has since these comments. matthew reaching winds at 100 miles per hour, and that storm has killed four people in florida so far. more than a million people are without power, and now the category two storm is making itself known in south carolina with wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour. on 7 on a crash course, barreled through a wall, ended up inside a library. this morning people are breathing a sigh of relief,
6:34 am
7 tim caputo has the story. >> reporter: as a place we're talking about a whisper will get you shushed. this loud got evan's attention. >> we heard a loud crashing noise and we thought a stack of books had fallen somewhere. >> reporter: an 87-year-old woman drove her seed an through the wall and clear across the community room. >> i was in the back room and ca an explosion of some type. >> reporter: the car hit a stop when it hit a second wall of the library. the elderly driver, and her husband were library regs -- regulars. the two people in the car were?. >> thankful it wasn't worse. >> reporter: it would have been worse if the children's librarian didn't take the day off. the room that the car ended up in, is normally packed with
6:35 am
above 50 kids in here. >> reporter: today the room was empty which meant nobody was hurt. and the library opened later. >> it was fateful good news. a van going on a course in arlington ended in somebody's front steps. the driver of that chimney sweeping van stopped at a hill and got out without putting it in the van slammed into the steps on that house. >> when he tried to get back in. when he realized it was still in drive he got knocked down by the door apparently. he may have been run over. the driver is okay, a passenger of that van suffered a serious back injury. in town of orange on the hunt or suspects in a murder. police say an elderly couple of attacked in a violent home invasion on wednesday night. 95-year-old thomas hardy died
6:36 am
77-year-old wife who was in a wheelchair survived the attack. she was taken to a hospital and doing okay, but the victim's brother is now talking about it. there's always the hard worker, and he is good to everybody, and everybody loved him. he was a mountain climber. he climbed every mountain in new england. police have released the photo of a car similar to the one stolen following the home invasion. they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. unarmed plan in vermont, that decision setting off plenty of protests. the shooting it part of a pattern of behavior by officer inside that city. >> reporter: a sheriff's deputy body camera shows what happened on september 15 as he was getting off of a shift and
6:37 am
>> is wanted on the warrant and wanted for a bunch of burglaries, and has always been armed with a gun. >> reporter: he spotted police holding a perimeter around this building. they told him they were waiting for jesse wood shaw who was waiting outside. on scene the deputy was warned multiple times that he was known for multiple robberies and is carrying a gun. shortly after bishaw tried escape. following him to the back of a community center. >> i will shoot you. i will shoot you. i will shoot you. [ inaudible ] >> what's up. >> do it? do it. >> step back. >> reporter: the next video shows bishaw getting shot 7 times. >> cat . >> reporter: after the shooting officers learned that bishaw was not armed.
6:38 am
mr. bishaw at all. >> reporter: at a state conference, the deputy was right in fearing for his life. and estated he had a gun, and hiding his left-hand and moving toward the officer. >> the fact that we had three officer shot in the community. >> reporter: while he isn't second-guessing the deputy's decision, it's time to look at have been handled differently. >> what we look at the tactical decision making. >> reporter: that is something that those, after the shooting want to see happen. there's still questions of what happened, and why, went fully answered. >> it seemed like it was framed in a way. an act of public safety. i don't feel safe, i know neighbors don't feel safe. >> reporter: today news in
6:39 am
a car dangling above the ravine with a driver trapped. a woman slashed to a fence, and the crews rushing to the scene. they used chainsaws as wel to g. she was taken to the hospital. and is expected to be okay. a student drags -- a teacher drags a student from the hair. she tries to stand up when the teacher grabbed her hair and pulls her gym floor. city and school officials are now investigating the incident. a suspected thief leading police on a wild chase that happened in texas, dallas police spotted the driver on tuesday after reports that he had stolen the vehicle. a suspect eventually lost control of that car, crossed over a median and slammed into a fence. police surrounded that vehicle
6:40 am
6:40, hurricane matthew stirring up plenty of problems in south carolina, the latest on its track when we come back with rob. and the combination of matthew and a cold front brings us a decent chance of rain this weekend. i will show you how much we are expecting coming get between you and life's dust an beaul moments. flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. allergy than one.onas? wegmans ez meals. dinner's not just delicious, it's done. [mmmm]
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number one fan to a wheel new level. her main thrill in life, the chicago cubs. she has been watching, keeping score for more than half a century. at 102 years old, i think we can say she is the oldest and most loyal fan. she was invited to throw first pitch at a cubs game a few years ago, and she believes that they will win this season. >> you know, when they get up to bat, they haven't look, they smile. i mean they get up to. they going to do their job and i think that's what -- >> she is just so charming and the cubs won game one of the division series against the san francisco giants. >> i'm rooting are for the sox, but i'm rooting for her. she seems so charming.
6:44 am
because they went for a whole long time. we pick can on track. on saturday a lot of eyes are going on fenway. i know we're jumping ahead to tomorrow. >> at best due tie cold front and moisture from matthew. we got a good chance of rain headed our way tonight and tomorrow. if you are thinking of getting out and enjoying the holiday weekend, today is a good day to do it. plymouth are reporting less than a third of a mile of visibility. fog will only be around for the day will be sunny. the cloud will take over as we head into the late afternoon and evening hours. off to a cool part is start, and 34 degrees, 41 in bedford, 52 in the city, and eventually we will get in the upper 60s. the story is matthew. matthew a few miles east of hilton head, south carolina. it's a category ii storm moving northeast of 12 miles an hour.
6:45 am
make landfall in south carolina before that hugging the coast of south carolina. today it's hugging the coast of north carolina overnight tonight, and it should continue to weaken to a category one hurricane later on this evening and overnight tonight tonight. it curves out to the atlantic and may do a complete loop back toward at bam has. by then there will be almost nothing left of it. there's a question as to what eventually happen with the remnants of matthew. the big story will be rain. charleston, and the worst of it is going to move north of charleston. the cove alplains of north carolina, to get a foot of rain in parts of north and south carolina. there's the center right now, worst the weather from hilton head to charleston. notice as i zoom on out, some of that moisture extending all the way up into new york ahead of a cold front. that cold front is headed this way. with the cold front some of that rain, and some that moisture from matthew will be headed in
6:46 am
we got tropical moisture to work with, it's possible the two could combine. for us the important thing is there's rain headed our way, nothing today, don't worry about today. get in the overnight hours and into tomorrow, maybe half an inch for boston, more as you get further south and east, hardly any rain, though as you get west of worcester. a good chance of rain tonight into the first half of the day tomorrow. you will notice a bit of a breeze tomorrow night into the early part of the day on monday. clearing on monday, but much ol all right. rob, thank you so much. still ahead on 7 news today in new england. another crushing loss to cleveland. we when we come back we will take a look at what went wrong for the sox last night. we are headed to cleveland
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? ?
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finally, i thought he'd never leave... tv character: why are you texting my man at 2 a.m.? no... if you want someone to leave you alone, you pretend like you're sleeping. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. tv character: taking selfies in the kitchen does not make you a model. good morning, the red sox is paying brice $30 million to be their ace. they got 5 home runs, and a third in the inning. and price is 0-8 in 9 career starts. and post season and the red sox
6:50 am
the best of five series. lebron james and the cavs coming up to pump up the crowd. and after price got through the first inning on just eight pitches, looking good. the tribe roughed him up on the second. he bloops one to the center. and carlos santana. cleveland was up 1-0. and they were getting warmed up. and the next batter, and chism hall a i 3 run shot, the the whole season. it lasted a 3 in a third inning. corey showing no ill effect, and you know, jason kipp nineties ie intermittent or perennial, and he tosses the 7 shut out innings, indians shut out the
6:51 am
series lead. >> i take a tremendous amount of pride in what i do in the way that i do, in the way that i prepare myself, and i haven't had good results yet, but i -- they're coming, i promise you that. >> patriots taking off for cleveland today, july an edleman limited in practice by the surgically repaired foot. he is one of nine patriots listed as questionable. a group that includes ron gronkowski who continues to his way back from a hamstring issue. also absent from practice, jacobi bersette, the rookie landing on injury reserve. the move opening up a roster spot for a certain veteran quarterback fresh off of suspension. boston college loses 56-10 to third ranked clemson. that is sports, i'm joe
6:52 am
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pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state.
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you ever feel like getting away from it all, maybe but you don want to travel? apparently there's one hot spot that make you feel like you're
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>> the best part of it, it's right in cleveland circle. and sarah french takes us there. it's in this week's what is cooking. >> reporter: if you're craving fresh and seasonal asian inspired cuisine, look no further than jade monkey. and chef, runs the kitchen and at 21 years old he is constantly coming up with unique and creative dishes for you to try. >> we're making my house salad. so you marinade the stake d steak. so you take -- whisk together. >> time to marinade. >> i use top sirloin steak. and you cover it and let it sit for four hours. >> now grill that steak. >> two minutes, and you turn it clockwise, two minutes, flip it over and dot same thing. >> grill the pineapple. >> this bad boy is done.
6:56 am
the resting rack. >> that looks good. >> we will pull this off. >> hampton starts with fresh, squeezed lime juice. >> you want to do equal amounts of fish sauce and sugar. this is one garlic clove, three thai chili with the seeds removed. >> and finish it off with chopped cilantro. >> i love cilantro? me, too. >> time to mixed up the salad. >> don't leave the thai base i'll. >> you put mint in it. >> yes, i love mint. you do twice around the bowl with the fish sauce dressing. >> this is this, right? >> and then you get a little bit of what it gives you the texture of the salad. >> crunch. >> it adds a little crunch. >> and then you add the steak and pineapple. garnish with black and white sesame seed. that is what is cooking. >> that is amazing! >> thank you.
6:57 am
i'm sarah french be 7 news. >> minus all the sugar, it looks healthy. >> it's fantastic. rob,let get a final check of weather now. >>mourning morning sunshine giving way -- morning sunshine giving way to morning clouds. scattered showers tonighting into tomorrow. especially in eastern massachusetts turning breezy tomorrow into early monday. that will do it for us for now. m >> i'm kris anderson. we will be back with more weather and news at 9:00.
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good morning. breaking overnight. trump's apology. >> i said it. i was wrong and i apologize. >> the republican presidential candidate forced to say sorry for making crude comments about women more than when he did not realize he was being recorded. >> i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. >> this morning, the trump campaign is reeling. some republicans blasting the nominee and saying they will no longer support the candidate. others calling on him to drop out of the race. with a month to go until election day, how will this bombshell effect the race? and matthew's fury.


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