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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 10, 2016 4:30am-4:59am EDT

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? it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> secretary clinton - and that was just the hard tone of the second presidential debate. >> but it was donald trump who went on the offensive for his grossly made comments having accused bill clinton and sexual misconduct. breaking overnight. defensive efforts taken against two missiles in the gulf. plus, aftermath of hurricane
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rescues. welcome to "early today." i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm ayman mohyeldin. heated moments. >> another country waking up after a dark, contentious and thoroughly bitter face-off between the nation's leading presidential candidates as donald trump and hillary clinton sparred in the most heated debate we may have never seen. >> honest abe never lied. it's the big difference between abraham lincoln and you. >> it's different for someone who never paid taxes like you. >> sadly obama never listened. i don't think he'll be listening to you very much anymore. >> donald says he knows more about ice its than the generals.
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>> the presidential campaign came 48 hours after a newly uncovered tape of 2005 of a hollywood segment. at one point even boasting of his ability to grab women by the genitals. and it parked a massive outcry. access hollywood is owned by nbcuniversal. trump defended that crude language. >> just for the record, though, are you saying what you said on that bus 11 years ago that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent. >> i have great repeat for women. nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> so, for the record, you never said these things? >> frankly, you hear these things, i said it.
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women. >> you ever grabbed women -- >> no i have not. i'm going to make our country safe. >> it was just series of tense moments. clinton claimed a victory saying this to reporters on her plane shortly after the debate. >> i pretty much saw what i expected to see. and that's why, you know, the first thing i said was this was something that i've been saying since june, president and commander in chief. and there are a lot of people who said it before and increasingly more adding that to. >> in trump's 2005 comments the elephant in the room all night have now cost him dearly with gop voices now demanding trump drop out or saying they won't vote for him.
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pence called his comments inexcusable cancelling his appearance at one area. >> mr. trump, let me repeat the question, if you were president, what would you do about syria and the humanitarian crisis in aleppo? and i want to remind you what your running mate said. he said provocations by rushial need to be meant by american strength i to be involved in the air strikes along with the syrian forces of assad the united states of america should be prepared to use military force to strike the military targets of the assad regime. >> okay. he and i haven't spoken and i disagree. >> you disagree with your running mate? >> i disagree. >> congrats to my running mate
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but this morning, there are new reports that pence is cancelling a stop at a fund-raiser later today. trump did his base to his base at one key moment of the night where he flatly said if he wins he will pursue clinton's charges of a private e-mail server and jail her. >> it's just thaton states of america. >> because you'd be in jail. >> that exchange took number three on twitter's top moments of the night. with trump calling himself a gentleman at number two. the previous one saying he disagrees with pence was the top tweet of the night. but then the federal taxes. take a listen.
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loss to pay income tax? >> of course i did. of course i did. so do a number of her donors. i absolutely use it so did warren buffett, so did george soros and so did a number of other people that hillary was getting money from. >> if that wasn't enough, prior to the debate trump invited reporters to a room with bill clinton accusers with trump seated the against the former president, allegations have which not been prove true. trump even had the same accusers sit in the family's box however the commission on the debate squashed that plan. >> if you look at bill clinton, far worse, mine are words, his are action. his what he did to women there's
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nation that's been so abusive to women, so you can say it any way you want to say it, but bill clinton was abusive to women. hillary clinton attacked those same women, and attacked them viciously, four of them here tonight. >> and clinton with the attacks against her and her husband. >> so much of what he just said is not right. but he gets to run his campaign any way he chooses. he gets to decide what he wants to talk about, instead of answering people's laying out the plans that we have, that we think can make a better life. and a better country. that's his choice. when i hear something like that, i am reminded of what my friend michelle obama advised us all. when they go low, you go high. [ applause ]
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had clinton winning with 47% and 42% for trump. and a orc poll had trump on top. a missile was fired upon in the gulf. but first, floodwaters are still r of matthew. it now stands at 19. in north carolina there were nearly 1,000 rescues in a single 24-hour period after more than a foot of rain fell in some cities. river sworn dams are flowing. and the death toll in haiti has ridge to 900. 6500 people there remain in shelter. bill karins is following
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bill. >> good morning. yeah, floodwaters have been so small in the smaller rivers and flowing into the big rivers. lumberton river a foot and a half above record. the record was set during floyd, one of the most horrendous floods ever. the noose rivemuse river, it's out there. we're also watching nicole in the this will threaten bermuda about three days from now. here's a closer look at your day ahead. beautiful weather in texas continues. no problems there. we will see straight thunderstorms in kansas. those without power, still in areas of florida, georgia, south carolina. i think the weather remains nice and warm. "early today" is back in two. no. her advice?
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florida police and fire crews responded after a driver said the bird flew in and got stuck. after maneuvering the eagle was freed and sent to a sanctuary in jacksonville. a charges are going to be files against a man suspect of shooting two police officers. police say they responded to a domestic disturbance wounding a third. he surrendered after a 24-hour standoff. yesterday, a vigil wag held outside of police department to honor the two police officers killed. 63-year-old jose vega was a father of eight two musts away from retirement. and leslie zagrebny recently
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ago. five teens are now dead after a deadly crash. it happened after police say the 36-year-old ultimately colliding with another car. that car bursting into flames killing the five high school juniors inside. a police officer arrived at the scene as he attempted to put out the flames, state police say he got away. d crashed the cruiser into several other cruisers. he was also removed in that cruiser shortly before it burst into flames. two missiles were fired at a u.s. navy destroyer off the coast of yemen. both missiles missed landing in the water. the pentagon believes the
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controlled territory in yemen. two missiles were killed at as whocy -- funeral. just ahead, a potential bombshell from samsung over it's troubled galaxy note 7 phone. and fast forward to the trump atlantic city's casino is closing its doors over benefits. their jobs. >> limited rail service is expected to resume at hoboken train station, this scums two weeks after a transit train barreled into the terminal killing a woman and injuring 108 other people. later today, an nbc news investigation into what some are calli
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the top slot at the box office this weekend bringing in almost $25 million but also making headlines was "the birth of the nation" with just $7 million. and a record 17.5 million for the sundance film festival favorite. to be focused on the rape accusation against the film's star. gas prices on the move at
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but first how are cussing viewing the latest presidential debate. julia chatterley has all the details from london. good morning. >> good morning. you're quite right, equitieses calling this a draw even in the pollsters aren't. we got u.s. stock features you trading in positive territory. i will mention the mexican so than less of a trump win. the company confirming that adjusting the production of the galaxy note 7 remember the number of devices that caught fire. and at&t and of it-mobile u.s. over the weekend saying they're going to replace faulty hand sets. that's going to put more pressure on samsung over bad recall territory. as you mentioned continued focus on the energy markets.
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the last weeks. gasoline prices 4 cents higher at $2.29 a gallon. exactly where they were one year ago. guys, back to you. >> cnbc's julia chatterley there in london. the stamp on the second presidential debate. >> somebody is going to weigh in. john oliver always weighs in when it's a busy political weekend. we'll have that story next. you're watching "early today." isn't it beautiful? wow. c'mon sport, let's take a splash. oh, no thanks. besides, i didn't bring my suit. oh, that's ok, you can borrow the spare. the spare? i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we... ...hardly know. besides, you're family now. no, i wouldn't want to impose.
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outraged republican. they all disavowed a statement each with a different theme. >> i have five daughters and what mr. trump said was offensive to me and my family. >> my wife and i we have a 15-year-old daughter. >> i have a wife, i have a daughter, i have a mother, and i have five sisters. >> look as a son of a mother and a husband of a wife, what the [ bleep ] does that have to [ cheers and applause ] we're going through such an elaborate six degrees of separation exercise. someone with a white collar that you can feel sorry. >> that wasn't funny until john oliver put it like that. yesterday officially marked an election milestone. it was the most tweeted day of
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million tweets center with over 17 million debate-related tweets. as the most popular, trump's assertion that clinton you'd be in jail. his statement "it's just words" regarding the widely criticized comments about women took the number two spot. i know you contributed to that line. >> i was going to say some of those 30 million tweets a few extraordinary night. lin-manuel miranda had an incredible night on "saturday night live." that was incredible. check this out. ? you gotta take a shot yes who knew that hamilton would be so relevant ? the way the grandstand candidates would be talking to rehawking ?
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mckinnon and baldwin ? ? tonight i'm finally earning my spot i'm getting a piece of it like miley, and this piece -- ? >> he's so talented. i don't know if you've actually seen the play itself. i haven't had a chance to see it. check it out. >> there's a reason why there's the hottest ticket because of that. maybe one of these >> we got a glimpse at it. coming up a closer look at last night's second presidential debate. >> but first we are celebrating birthdays this monday. actor and extra host mario lopez is 43. former van halen rocker david ross and victor lee turns 72. this is "early today." fashion . but it's no secret that they hurt. the foot care experts at amope
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>> this is news now. >> christa: all right. a busy monday morning. we're good to go for 7news "today in new england." >> kris: here are some stories we're working on for you today. the gloves are off. donald trump and hillary clinton meeting for round two. things started with both candidates refusing to shake hand, and it didn't get much more cordial throughout the this morning we had the poll of who viewers think won. >> christa: and samsung teenage the heat. the tech giant has the latest on reported problems with replacement phones. >> kris: then, he's back. tom brady waste nothing time getting the pats on the board as the patriots dominated the browns. we'll tell you how he's celebrating the big winin' line. >> christa: do or die for the red sox. a pivotal game three set for
4:58 am
no stranger to having their backs against the wall. this is what they do. >> kris: mother nature making yesterday's game strike out. >> christa: happy monday to you, chris. >> chris: happy monday to you, as well. rockport 51-mile-per-hour gusts down on the vineyard over nantucket pushing upper 50s to near 60s. not only do we have that rain that washed out the sox game, we had the wind develop along the coastline, as well. rain coming down in buckets. inches of rain. taunton at 2. wellesley at2,s be just under 2 inches of rain. much needed. timing not great for sunday during the holiday weekend, but doesn't use all the rain we got and we did get above one to three inches across the area. now it's off to the north and east of us in its wake. clearer skies. still a bit of a breeze, but we don't have to battle any return to sunshine. today as we- 45 in boston right now. 41 in worcester.
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20mph in the city. still running 25 to 35 down across the cape and the islands. that is the sustained winds. occasionally they're gusting past 40mph, because of that there's a wind advisory in place into this afternoon from the cape and over through the islands. 59 this afternoon in boston, low to mid-50s to the north and west. close to 60 across southeastern mass. so the rain is done. breezy, dry weather today. look throughout much of this week, we're talking about the steady rainfall, it was one and done. nexten in the way of any wet weather. we'll talk more on that first coming up as "today in new england" starts right now. >> christa: the fierce face-off. donald trump and hillary clinton in the second presidential debate, we'll tell you what people had to say. >> kris: tom brady wowing the fans, leading his team the a big win over the browns on the road. this morning his online message to his fans.
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a murder mystery in orange. two suspects behind bars. >> kris: breaking news from overnight. dozens of people left homeless this morning. intense flames tearing through apartments in borne. >> this is 7news "today in new england." >> christa: all right. it's 5:00 a.m. take a look at this giant tree crashing down on this home in wear hamp officials say high winds and heavy rains likely the cause. and it is cold out there to start off on this monday. good morning to you. i'm >> kris: and i'm kris anderson. wet weather washing out the weekend. will it last enter columbus day? chris lambert here with a look at the forecast that caused the sox game to be pushed to today. >> chris: no issues at fenway park. we're drying out already, and a lot of us seeing stars outside this morning. 45 in boston. a bit on the cool side. winds 40mph, adding to the breeze and the chill that we've had in place. look at the gusts still across the cape and the islands.


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