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tv   Today  NBC  October 12, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in ? we were ? hello, everyby. it is wines day wednesday, october 12th. also yom kippur. holiest day in the jewish calendar and we want to wish all our jewish family and friends a holy, holy holiday today. and that's kenny chesney and pink's "setting the world on fire." >> i love collaborations. kenny chesney and pink. a good one. >> a pretty good show. >> who's here?
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young actress from all the "twilight" movies, kristen stewart. gorgeous. >> and went blonde, too. >> starring alongside laura dern. they play a -- an interesting movie. it's very interesting. they play small-town lawyers in a new film called "certain women," and they're going to tell us all about it. >> yes. a very -- unfolds slowly and gradually. that kind of a -- >> quirky. >> and the band behind songs lie now onerepublic is out with new music and will perform a little later. such fun. >> you'll hear me say something, hoda i never say as any modern music. i adore these guys. i think they're brilliant. >> i went to school with ryan's dad, gary teter. >> ryan is the lead singer. >> and his dad used to write great songs. i've recorded some of his songs with my sister years ago. >> isn't that crazy?
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everybody. in some crazy kay, kath always says, oh, my gosh, i know that person. >> i think if you live long enough and keep your nose clean, know what i mean and then you marry frank gifford, you do meet, peek. >> everybody. okay? >> also talking about girls behaving badly. yelling at soccer coaches and how it can effect the kids and you don't realize >> ready? since you like to read a quote for you. i divide all readers into two classes. those who read to remember, and those who read to forget. >> hmm. >> like it? >> who is that? >> william lyon phelps. >> i don't know him, but i wish i did, because he sounds wise. >> breaking news. >> breaking news. >> i've started a movement. can we talk -- >> this is huge. >> breaking news. this is big. notes, very important. madame tussaud, we revealed
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had a wax figure. >> why would i? >> because tv icons get a wax figure. okay? >> they did. regis got it. >> so i made a plea yesterday, because i was -- shocked and appalled -- >> shocked and horrified! >> you're not going to believe it. there is a huge outpouring on social media. >> three people. >> and -- no more than three. we heard back from madame tussaud herself. >> if there is such a person. >> all right. this -- never say never. okay? >> which is not exactly the -- we booked you for friday. make sure you lose a few pounds before you one in to get measured. right? no. hoda, stop! >> i think we've changed -- i think it's happening, and i cannot wait until we get to see the kathie lee wax figure. >> let's get our energy behind something else. let me figure out something on my bucket list, something i want -- >> we have to do this now.
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>> so does madame tussaud. >> the beginning of a movement. you know how much i love musical theater. went to the holy lands what is your stone based on david and goliath. ended up writing a children's musical about it called "the little giant" and started recording it yesterday. you'll be a sheep in it. >> i can't wait. >> it's an all-male story, in the old testament. so i right? girls' roles? we don't have -- a greek chorus we needed. we
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after 11:00 on this wednesday morning. we are taking alive look hearing from investigators after a fatal plane crash on tuesday afternoon. a lot of questions have to be answered in this case. a student pilot and instructor were trying to land a plane at the airport near hartford when it hit a utility pole and crash into the road. >> this just happened yesterday.hey are expected to address the the latest on this investigation. >> the fbi is involved with the investigation as many as you know. a lot of cooperation and assistance from the ntsb , faa and connecticut have been many media outlets reporting information that was not provided by those of us investigating on the scene. details we have not released. i cannot confirm that information at this time. all i can tell you, although you can see the investigation
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it is in its infancy. i cannotconfirm details surrounding those involved. names of those involved or circumstances surrounding the crash. at this time, when we are able to we certainly will . we will keep people posted as much as possible. in the interest of protecting the integrity of the investigation i'm sure you understand that as well. operations have gone very well to this point as far as the investigation is concerned and impacts to the community. transportati area has been kept to a minimum as far as impact is concerned. thanks to the support of our partners. connecticut dot, public works department, dep in our other community partners. this area will remain closed until further notice. there are plenty of detour routes for anyone that needs to be in the area, plan accordingly. area businesses are open for business. the american eagle financial credit union, the building right behind the crash scene. the lobby is not open but it is
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closed until further notice. we will provide updates as we are able to. please do respect the integrity of the investigation. understand i cannot confirm the reports that have been out there until this point. at this point, i will take questions. i did an interview the survivor personally. they have met with the survivor who is able to provide details about thecircumstances of the crash. i do not have those details at this bircher of the infrastructure surrounding the area. they are a partner of ours from a law enforcement perspective. this is not unusual. now that they have arrived on scene, they are investigating. no situation is being rolled out. therefore, they are participating. they are leadingthe investigation at this time . we are located right next door topratt and whitney , some
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the area. we want to get everyone involved right from the get-go. we don't rule anything out initially. [indiscernable] being a twin engine aircraft, there are two sets of controllers. either one of the two occupants at any time have the ability to control that planes to who was specifically at the control at the timeof impact , i don't >> . [indiscernable] >> i cannot commenton that at this time . >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> i can't comment on that at this time. >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> there has been some confusion about that. he did not exit the plane until after impacthe plane impacted the ground and he was able to educate himself from
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completed burning . >reporter: [indiscernable] >> as i said, i don't have that information now. being the type of aircraft that it is, there are twosets of controllers. who was flying at the time of impact, i don't know . >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> i don't think this type of airplane has a black box in it. traditionally, no. the survivor is being treated for his burns and injuries related to the crash but is otherwise expected >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> i don't have specifics of the relationship or what his role was in the flight, crash. i can release thosedetails at this time. i can't comment on that at this time . >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> i've been told he is expected to survive and he's being treated. as far as the medical details and specifics regarding his
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that. >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> sure. most of it was captured by multiple witnesses about 3:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon. it went down at - - airport. a lot of witnesses around by virtue of the time of day. a very active area. sidewalks were full, businesses werefull in a heavy amount of traffic. the fact that there were more casualty is pretty amazing quite frankly . >>reporter: you know how long >> i do not. >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> i haven't heard that . >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> that's all part of the investigation. with an impact like that, you on board, an explosion is pretty typical. beyond that, that's part of the investigation and we will have that determine shortly. i'm not aware of any distress call but i don't know that
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that was one of thequestions asked earlier. nothing has been ruled out at this point . >>reporter: youhave investigators on scene to investigate terrorism . >> there's a lot of criminal investigators on scene. nothing has been ruled out including an accident. we are reviewing any and all possibilities. the investigation is in its infancy. >>repo: >> being that the airport is right behind us, this is a normal approach pattern. it's monitored carefully and closely. as far as protected airspace, the air force is right behind us. >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> i don't have that information now. the evidence is - - after it's
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they are in the process of examining that on the scene. >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> i've been told that the operations continue as usual. there's always security there. i've been told there has been no other impact to their normal operations as a result of this incident. >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> there may be video in the area. there are witnesses and thro phone a video. that's all part of the standard investigation with any type of incident regardless of the circumstances. that's all part of the investigation. >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> i cannot release that information at this time. as soon as possible. as soon as the investigation allows. to protect the integrity of the
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we will release information as we get it. as far as i know, i haven't been told otherwise. >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> can't really say at this time. i can't release that either >>reporter: is there a reason they didn't land in the river ? >> i have nothing on that. with the investigation being in its infancy, a day in the investigation. the circumstances beyond the crash i can provide as to why or how at this point. i don't have their identities. the agency does but i don't personally have them. they weren't directly impacted by the crash other than witnessing it. naturally, they are very shook andvery disturbed .
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vehicle. the body in the aircraft is part of the evidence on scene. that's entire scene is being processed as we speak. >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> ntsb is on scene and they would be taking custody of that when the circumstances ofthe investigation allow. if i can give you a time specifically on another press conference, i'll let you know. >> an update on - - from east hartford police. early days of the investigation. they will have to go through a lot of evidence and talk to witnesses. you heard a lot of reporters talking about, what were the
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intentional.fficials saying nothing has been ruled out including it possibly being an accident. we've been covering the story all morning, according to the new york times , the fbi investigating was intentional. the pilots told investigators this wasn't an accident.his happened very close to the corporate headquarters of pratt and whitney. are jet engine makers. the police chief calling it critical infrastructure of a defense contractor.omething investigation.> it's in the infancy of this investigation. the hartford police department didn't provide a lot of new information other than to say the person or the survivor of the crash is expected to recover, being treated for burns and injuries being suffered in that crash. but is expected to survive.
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gather information, whatever they can to piece together what happened. nothing being rolled out at this time. >> she will have a live report for us coming up at 7news at noon. hollywood. kristen stewart and laura dern. >> a movie called "certain women." kristen stewart teaches night school that unexpectedly bonds with a student. >> mom works cafeteria. my sister in a hospital laundry, so -- the nicest girl from my family is supposed to get. >> laura plays a lawyer whose client has become more of a thorn than her side. that's for sure. >> now, you're going to have to get out. >> all right. i -- >> out. you can't say those things to me. you can't talk like that!
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>> okay. >> well, they both stopped by our studio to talk about the film which opened friday. we started by asking them what drew them to this project. >> it's three different women's stories. somehow linked. i don't want to give everything away. what was the -- the thing about the script that made you all want to be a part of this? because it's also michelle what appealed to you? >> i mean, i think we were all in love with kelly reicharreich work as a filmmaker. great to work with someone who creates their vision and make as film she wants to protect and protects it fiercely. to be a part of that journey was interesting. >> you liked the writer? >> yeah, i do. i wasn't familiar with those
11:18 am
like, the spirit, but kelly made them very much her own. yeah. i mean, you know, it's about three women that you wouldn't necessarily draw an immediate connection between all three necessarily, but there is a sort of -- i don't know. like a spiritual through line. it's easy to say, oh, it's a movie about strong women. you know? but i think it's really more about -- the unresolved and the sort of, like receding that can happen in order yourself. i don't know. that's kind of what i see with all three of them. you see very, very, very clee versions of these women that are kind of just beneath the surface and you're like, come on out. come on out! >> your character, seems you are living in your own kind of pain, and playing opposite another woman who is living in her world, and it's so fun toy watch you two interact and not connect at all. it's like you sit there together, and you're each living in your own worlds. >> they're having conversations, but entirely different
11:19 am
>> and you see them in different ways, too. >> an interesting subliminal theme we're starting to talk about just getting to do press and having now seen the finished film. >> sometimes you learn a lot in these -- >> yeah! [ laughter ] >> that's what you were thinking. >> it's a bit in the air with our current political climate, and this concept of female first. this idea of three women who perhaps have receded also because they've lived so completely in what's considered a man's world. >> yes. k >> they've self-protected. >> yes. >> in order to get through some of the sexism they've dealt with, in very subtle and not overt ways but interesting to consider. >> you like these kinds of films, talking about your oscar nominations and big films. what is it about these kinds of movies that appeal to you? >> you know, i was very lucky to be raised by two actors who when they were first taking me to
11:20 am
>> yeah. >> they were complicated. they were fierce. they were messy. >> uh-huh. >> and there was zero judgment about it. suddenly now, like, wow! women in movies who are complicated? this is so cutting edge. >> authenticity. >> just getting back to bake stuff. >> circle back to something. >> imagine that? uh-huh. >> that should be the norm. that people are complicated and people have flaws, and we can honor that. >> and a reason for it. >> there really is. takes a lot o bleakness, this director and a foot fetish, all i'll gawk m go see. >> see lots of feet. lots of feet. >> interesting. >> thank you so much. >> how much seats did i just sell for you? [ laughter ] >> you know, it's bleak and a lot of feet. like -- >> guys paying attention. all of a sudden, the guys are going to watch! >> three women connect through
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oh. it's that time. heading to the orange room, nutritionist joy bauer about to answer the "question of the week." >> where does today's question come from, joy? >> hey, ladies. we have a great question. a question asked all the time. i'm excited to answer it. it comes from kristy in long island and she writes, i have a huge appetite. sometimes i feel l are there any tricks to suppress my appetite? and the good news is, i actually have two effective tricks i'm going to share a little late other than in the show. so kristy -- >> we have to wait? >> gotta wait. kristy, stay tuned. >> i want to know! >> they're good ones. >> all right. >> okay. a lot of people have that problem. >> coming up later, grammy winner ryan tedder, from onerepublic singing one of their biggest hits. >> and celebrating all the great bosses out there with one of tv's most memorable one.
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we're back on this wines day wednesday, ready for our weekly trivia game "who knew?" and today's national bosses day, we're going to test you and hoda is across the stre ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right and for those who don't, they get something better. one of our wonderful signed books. here with me is john o'hurley, who played the boss jay peterman on zfld zf"seinfeld." take a look. >> will return to her original position at her original salary and i, of course, will rush to mine.
11:31 am
>> memorable, and still holds up. these days john can be found on stage here in new york at 54 below, feinstein's 53 below starring in a one-man show calmed "a man with standards" and you are. >> there saturday and sunday night. the great american songbook. stories of my life, along with the music that affected me at the time. i also call it, because i grew up in a time when men had standards. >> yes. yes. we all miss those gentlemen. indistinguishable at the time. >> great. hoda with our first question. >> hi, sweetie. your name. >> cali. >> where are you from? >> kentucky. >> here we go. how did bruce springsteen get his name? a., b. or c.? >> c. >> own the a guitar shop.
11:32 am
>> nobody wants the money. all want hoda's book. >> that's right. the boss was actually the guy that ran around, did a lot of small gigs. a working band. run around, collect all the money. pay all the gang in the east street. how he got the name the boss and hated the name boss because he hated bosses. something more interesting about him, talk about what a good boss he was. when the e street band broke up, he gave each one of them a severance of $2 million. how about that? days of, you know, this rock bands that disband and they're angry and never get back together. >> he shared it. good for him. >> whoa. back to hoda. >> how terrific. your name? >> janel. >> where you from? >> albany. >> janel what famous tv boss character started out on a sitcom that ran for seven seasons and transitioned into a drama series that lasted five? a., sam malone, b., murphy brown or c. lou grant? >> c. >> lou grant!
11:33 am
? $100 ? $100 ? >> oh, i want to be hoda in my next life. >> i had to go back and think about lou grant. one of those series, everybody remembers "the mary tyler moore show" and lou grant followed it. interesting to go from a comedy to a drama. >> and choose that character over so many that would have seemed a more obvious >> cast perfectly. >> a perfectly cast sitcom. the drama afterwards. nancy marshawn there. >> all in the writing and casting. hoda woman? >> your name? >> alexis. >> from. >> lake placid and salt lake, utah. >> doesn't know where she's from. all right. >> i go back and forth. >> teasing. finish the lyrics to this famous work anthem. all right. ? if you ever get annoyed who
11:34 am
day ? and i'll be taking care of business ? ? every day ? >> she got it! ? taking care of business it's all right ? >> oh -- [ laughter ] ? and work wering overtime ? >> all right, ladies. give somebody else a chance to play. >> it's a lovefest over there. >> who is that? >> bachman and turner overdrive. >> oh, my gosh. hoda knows every winnipeg, canada. interesting about them, you don't think about them. there's a group that disbanded and i don't think e they shared $2 million, but they sold 30 million albums. i never think about that. >> you are a wealth of information. much of it that really doesn't matter, but it does. >> it does. listen, i'm great for talk. invite me to any cocktail party. you know i know it. >> one more. >> denise from new york now live
11:35 am
play, denise. which company had the highest paid ceo in 2015? was it apple, expedia or starbucks? >> expedia? >> expedia -- oh. >> i'm stunned. stunned. >> i can't believe that. congratulations. >> that's unbelievable. that would have been my third choice. >> i am stunned she would know that. maybe because it's an unusual choice and he had a salary of $95 million. based on got to perform pretty well. >> yeah. darn well. >> i'm sure he -- >> great to see you. be at feinstein's -- 54 below. >> there, and we're going to announce later today but doing a special six-week run of the fantastics from thanksgiving until new year's on broadway at the -- ? i remember the ? >> all righty. catch john in "a man with standards" put that in your show.
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crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. they say a child's good behavior is learned from their parents. guess what, folks? so is the bad behavior. >> gossiping about other moms, bragging about your kids' grades, talking about the coach because he sidelined your little athlete. many of you witnessed not so >> face it, may have done it yourself. tips to make parents become better role models. author of "unselfie" suckeceedi in our all about me world. >> narcissism gone up 58%. maybe not blame it all on the kids. maybe some come from the parents. >> we do say good kids because
11:41 am
meet the parent. oh, that might be why. >> that explains it. >> exactly. kids come with video cameras and playing out of most unopportune moments. >> yeah, and the kids are all going to write books later, and you know, you think you're doing something good for your kid by fighting for them, but you're really damaging them. aren't you? >> you are. there's certain behaviors that we are very concerned about. >> let's go through them. bragging? >> bragging, number one. every moment, of course we love our children to death, but we're talking abo that is more -- >> like what? an example? >> always about my kid is so special, but, because he's doing this and he's potty trained at 2 months. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> -- makes the other mom feel inadequate and often the kid begins to think all mom is talking about my accomplishments. not that i'm a caring, human being. yes, give him, mom, a big hug if
11:42 am
flip it around. good job, but here's what my child is doing, if the parents continue. feel free to stand up and say, you know what? i'm really concerned you're always talking about your child. makes me feel you're not concerned about my family. >> you haven't even mentioned them. >> or move on and get a new friend. >> new friend. >> what about talking about this. the bad sports. ed dad or mom who yells at the coach or referee from the stands? >> talking 60% of parents who are saying that they are seeing other parents engaging. or verbal abuse of officials and refs. >> unbelievable. >> sitting next to somebody who is demonstrating that behavior, better off to move to another seat. >> yeah. i would. >> and confront the person when they're a little more cooled down. but 163 counties are so concerned they're now forcing parents to sign pledges of civility. >> unbelievable. >> that you are allowed to attend your kids' game which means, if you see that kind of behavior, feel free to report
11:43 am
then call up the parent and say, you're going to be banished from the game unless you get your act together. >> embarrassing your kid, too. >> horrible! >> 75% of our kids are quitting sports at age 13. when we asked why? embarrassed by the parent or it's no longer fun. >> wow. >> all supposed to be about fun. >> it's about the kids. >> 10 seconds on gossip. teasing it. >> mean girls up to now mean moms. >> mean moms. >> don't get into it. the gossip mill becomes extremely contagious. sticking up to other moms. she's not here to defend herself. >> yeah. >> don't tolerate. >> you send a message to your child. what we really need to do is model good character so our kids pick it up. >> don't you love her? >> just speaks truth to power. >> does. >> for more of michelle's advice on how parents bat behavior affectses think kids go to our website. spent the last two years traveling the world and it's led them right to our stage. >> don't miss rocker's
11:44 am
biggest hits coming up right ? ?you don't own me? ?don't try to change me in any way? ?oh? ?don't tell me what to do? ?just let me be myself? ?that's all i ask of you? the new 2017 corolla with toyota safety sense standard. ?you don't own me? toyota. let's go places. anyone with type 2 diabetes knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? what if you could love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. >> listen in to tom brady.
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[indiscernable] >> they've been, martel has been so productive being here for such a short period of time. we did last week getting back to where he wants to be is such a big part of our offense. those guys are so dynamic. tough match ups. sixfoot six inches plus . hard matchups for they're just very unique players. i think it's great because on those touchdowns from martel, they focus their cupboards on a bronc and he gets the ball. again, that's what makes a good offense. if they're going to double cover someone, other guys have single coverage. that's great, you're not the one getting double coverage.
11:46 am
you've got to take advantage of the opportunity when you get them. >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> yeah, they've been playing really well. over the course of the first five weeks, both players have done a great job. when they got the opportunity. again, it's distributing the ball. whether we are running it, throwing it, which part of the field we are throwing it. utside, inside, deep, short. you play that role, - - i would say he was the last guy that i would expect to get the ball on that play down the sideline. he's in the position and he gets open and he gets opportunity. you never know whenyour number is going to get called. when it does, you have to take advantage of it . >>reporter: [indiscernable] >> i've worked pretty hard my
11:47 am
doing things the right way mechanically. i think that's been - - i think that translates into a lot of furloughs. hopefully i can hitthose down the field. those are change the field position. they change, if youthrow a 50 yarder, it's first down. the production is great when you are able to hit those homerun balls . >>reporter: how do you respond to donald trump's version of locker room talk ? >> have a good day >> all right. that was tom brady. an abrupt ending to that press conference . where's the pastor chris hogan he was talking about. that 60 yard ?
11:48 am
cincinnati. the very first time we have heard from him at home since deflate gate in that suspension.more on the very latest of this on 7news at noon.
11:49 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. you're killing me. >> the grammy nominated band with some of your favorite songs like this one, 2007 smash "apologize." >> now the number one song, out with a brand new album "oh my my." >> today saying one of their biggest hits more than 1.5 billion hits on youtube, here is onerepublic singing "counting stars." ? lately i've been, i've been losing sleep ? dreaming about the things that we could be ? and, baby, i've been, i've been
11:50 am
sitting an instead of counting dollaring we'll be counting star ? yeah, we'll be counting stars ? ? ? ? like a swinging dial, sing my heart in my face flashing check it out and ye shall find oh, better not that ? and i don't think the world is so just doing well we're told ? and i feel something so right ? ? doing the wrong thing ? yeah i-i, i feel something so wrong ? doing the right thing ?
11:51 am
everything that kills me makes me want to fly ? i've been, i've been losing sleep ? dreaming about the things that we could be ? baby, i've been, i've been praying hard instead of counting dollars we'll be counting stars ? baby, i've been, i've been losing sleep ? dreaming about the things that we could be lately i've been, i've been praying hard ? no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars ? oh-oh, yeah ? ooh -- i feel your love and i feel it bound down this every time ? and hope goes out for a better world make that money watchburn ? oh, not that, say, yo, better not that ? and i don't think the world is
11:52 am
i, i-i feel something so wrong ? doing the right thing ? ? yeah ? could have lied, couldn't lie ? everything that kills me makes me feel alive ? baby, i've been, i've been losing sleep ? dreaming about the things that we could be ? baby, i've been, i've been praying hard ? ? said no more counting dollars, we'll be counting listen, baby, i've been losing, i've been losing sleep dreaming about what we could be ? lately i've been, i've been praying hard, instead of counting dollars we'll be counting stars ? ? watch it burn, take that money watch it burn ?
11:53 am
burn ? ? the lessons i've learned ? >> we're just going to be -- yeah! >> yes. love those guys. onerepublic new album a e oh my my" out now. >> a question. big appetite and feel you're never ever getting full? >> maybe. >> what happened? >> kristy from long island sent joy an s.o.s. ready to help. first, this is "today" on nbc. special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars"
11:54 am
the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message. nothing matters more than our security. that's why i hired more state troopers... and strengthened plans for school safety. support aggressive action to destroy isis... and put our security before my party--
11:55 am
all while kelly ayotte skipped nearly half her homeland security committee hearings on border security and drug trafficking. even attending a fundraiser right after she missed a hearing.
11:56 am
oh, my god. it's happening. >> answer to our s.o.s. question of the week. >> crist fri long island, tricks to suppressing hunger. has a big appetite and is hungry. >> kristy, two amazing, effective tricks. the first trick is you're going to drink 16 ounces of water, 30 minutes prior to eating. stow you're going to drink this
11:57 am
run. the reason, water, we know this through research, helps to promote feeling of fullness. if you guzzle this down beforehand, flat or carbonated, it's going to help take the edge off your hunger and likely you'll eat less at the main meal. the second trick, eat before you eat. sound crazy, but this works. have one to two cups of these, one of these four vegetables. cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes or celery. because they are packed with water and those things help to fill you up. >> now you'll be bloated. >> no. eat less. sustains your hunger. it work works. drink water, east veggies, it will work. >> and tomorrow ally sheedy stops by. >> plus a performance from the great.
11:58 am
>> >> sarah: the f.b.i. looking into a deadly plane crash in connecticut. there are reports it may have been intentional. the latest from investigators. >> kris: an alarming attack in boston's south end. where police were able to track down the suspect. donald trump declaring war on members of his own party. the f.b.i. investigates russia's role in a democratic e-mail dump. >> another pleasant fall day today. temperatures outside in the 60's.
11:59 am
bob hillery: i spent 21 years in the navy, defending america. if i only showed up half of the time, i'd have been court-martialed. but that's what senator kelly ayotte did. she missed nearly half of her homeland security hearings. vo: on critical homeland security hearings, ayotte was mia... the same day she went to a washington fundraiser. for ayotte, collecting campaign cash comes first. bob hillery: when it comes to fighting terrorism, fifty percent doesn't cut it. vo: votevets is responsible for
12:00 pm
>> sarah: we begin at noon with breaking news. the f.b.i. investigating a deadly plane crash in east hartford, connecticut. >> there are rts so far, investigators are not confirming that information. one person was killed in the crash. >> kris: according to a "new york times" report, the pilot told investigators this was not an accident. victoria warren is live at the scene with the very latest. we heard from some officials there. >> reporter: that's right, kris. we heard from the east hartford police department. they are very clear they were not going to be confirming what the "new york times" is reporting.


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