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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  October 13, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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now at 4:32, police officer shot in east boston. police swarming a neighborhood as shots ring out in an apartment building overnight. we have the names of the two officers shot and pictures, too. officer church hard cintolo is a 27 year veterans' day, and matt morris, twestled-year vet both in critical condition and expected to pull through. the man shot the officers is identified as kirk figueroa. they were called to the scene because the suspect was arguing with his roommate. they found him with a knife and shotgun. and things quickly escalated. let's start with steve cooper. that argument was over heat in the apartment building. if you look behind us here.
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no traffic on gladstone street. the reason why is because this remains a crime scene right now. and so the road in front of where all this happened is still sealed off right now. the expwrird officers have been identified this afternoon by the boston police commissioner as richard cintolo and matt morris, longtime mebz of the boston police officer who were rushed to mas general hospital overnight with multiple gunshots. er they were in surgery overnight and listed but stable but critical condion figueroa was wearing a bulletproof vest according the police commissioner and armed with a tactical rifle inside that gladstone house when police arrived on the scene. he was eventually shot and killed by police officers in the gun battle. investigators have been trying to piece everything together all day long and trying to figure out why and what led to figueroa opening fire on those police officers. boston police commissioner
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other officers who dragged the injured officers' to safety, saving their lives. both officers at this time still stable but in critical condition. mayor walsh and myself visited the family this morning and the officers. and they're recovering which is really good news. thoughts and prayers go, continue to go out individuals. but i've got the commend the officers for rushing into there, a into that building with no fear whatsoever to arrest skew two fellow officers. >> reporter: right now officers standing watch outside the crime scene on gladstone street and will remain there until detectives obtain a search warrant and begin processing that. it is unclear when all that will happen. we do know the suffolk county
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office and state troopers assigned to his office. they will be the ones who ultimately determine, because this was an officer-involved shooting, if what happened here was justified. no sense of how long that investigation will take. we're live in east boston, steve cooper, 7 news. >> as we reported boston police officers were responding to a dispute between two roommates. and when they got there the situation quickly became a matter of life and death. and we're hearing those frantic calls for backup chris anderson has the story. >> we got shots fired. i need every officer available to make their way 136ed glastone street please. >> an urgent call for help from a boston police dispatcher after shots were fired in east boston. >> be advised use caution. shots fired. officers quickly arrive and assess the situation. >> we have the building surrounded. we have two or three officers inside the building, there have been shots fired. still unclear at this . who
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of their own had been shot. >> we have an officer down. send ambulance us please. can we get an ambulance. . they're pushing, they're pushing, sir. >> two officers shot and rushed to mass general in extremely critical condition. the suspect, 33-year-old kirk figueroa killed in the shoot-out. several other officers wounded or traumatized and taken to tufts >> we need some ambulances. we can get a unit out there. we have a gold unit headed out there we need multiple ems. boston police commissioner is crediting several officers who put their own lives in danger to help the wounded of officers. the officers treated at tufts medical center were treated and released. >> after those two police officers were shot, other officers jumped into harm wiese way to save them. police commissioner says
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were wounded to safety as they exchanged fire. several assisting officers applied first aid to help stop the bleeding. that was their number one priority. nine officers were taken to tufts medical center ofor stress. we spoke to a sigh ki try officers, when -- that is because their body goes into emergency mode as they fight for their lives and the safety of roars -- others. the doctor says it is sometimes hard to come down off that l it is difficult to understand what first responders go through. on a daily its baif it is variable, and i think that we all need to support them as much as we can. before you leave or get involved in a situation, automatically, fis yolly, your adrenaline is going the be up a little bit, i
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>> doctor there says it is not just immediate aftermath this he and his team have to worry about, but also the follow-up. in the newsroom, i'm adam williams, seven news. stay with 7 news for the latest on the officer shows. when we're not on air you can get updates from our mobile and news app. a driver who crashed into a radio station manage rhode island was driving drunk. this accident happened early wednesday morning. so that was yesterday when the suv slammed into the oe 1380 am. the crash did not affect programming. the officers are still looking for two people spotted running from that area. a keen high school teacher facing charges after police say she did drugs in school. officers arresting diane delyle on wednesday. they say coworkers called police august saying she had been using drugs. police say delyle had a cut-off
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north carolina continues to deal with the aftermath of hurricane matthew. the number of people who remain pout power has fallen slightly. more than 1,000 national guard troops remain deployed across the state providing support and security. 43 shelters remain open across the state, housing some thousands of people. our next focus for those people in the shelters is to move the occupants into hotels or into rental properties. we want to get these people out of shelters so they have more dignity, so they have better care, so they can be with their families and reunited also with their pets if possible. >> the federal government has already handed out more than $2.5 million in aid and set aside another $5 million for road repair. a crash involving a freighted train caught on camera in california after the train's trailer got hung up on the tracks. you can see the officer there quickly get out of the way of
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barrels through the truck. no one was injured in that accident. and some heart-stopping moments caught on camera in florida. and elderly man falls. look left on the ground in the middle of a busy road. cars driving around him as he struggles to get up. he's a good guy. he stops to help and gets out of his car. drivers pass by this man every day and don't think twice about it. when he tuesday, one person was there in his time of need. >> just to the . of falling down on the ground. just went over. i'm like, oh, my goodness. >> a dash camera recorded the whole thing. i got out of the car, put it on. he was approaching an intersection when he saw the man on his back right there in the middle of the road. and to make matters worse, cars were swerving around him. my first reaction was like
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because there is an old man lying in the road. >> you can see he gets out to help and flags down a couple of drivers to lift up the man and make it to the other side safely. shaw says he's thankful it wasn't worse. >> he could have easily got run over, very easily. i ask forgot for help every day. opportunity to help someone else, you have to take it. >> amazingly the elderly man you saw wasn't injured in that incident. ahead terrorists, take on terrorists has changed since 9/11. explaining how their tragedy has changed. >> more trouble for trump when accusing the candidate of inappropriately touching them and what he is saying about those allegations. >> we're following the latest on the officers shot in east boston. both officers had surgery, but they're still in critical condition. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest as we get it. kelly ayotte: let's be honest -
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>> a new type of threat the man who oversaw the boston bombs case says a lot has changed sinceb 9/11. it has forced the u.s. to change strategy. more on the new face of terror. the boston marathon attacking was the first wake-up call to the news u yiewnszb about the new face of terror. as head of the justice department national security division, john the division of marathon bomber suspect atsarnaev and describes that as the newest terror threat. smaller in scale than what happened in on 9. more devastating with a newige thal component. groups like isis are sending the call to jihad out electronically on the internet. the face we face now is crowd-sourcing terrorism and involves individuals who are
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inspire bids terrorism causes overseas. at 43 years old the youngest and longest serving head of the national security division. used to be the realm of science fiction. folk e spoke at a security forum and granted 7 news a rare interview to discuss most eminent terror threats including cyberterror. hacks are the rnc, dnc and some people are saying, could these cyberterrorists, these hackers influence o >> take very seriously the idea that a foreign power might try to be influencing even if they can'ts but even if they just wanted to try to influence our election, take that very seriously. and it would demand a response. is it fair to say the fight against terrorism is the new normal? i hate the phrase "the new normal" to me it is never going the be normal and never going the be acceptable for a single
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these horrendous groups. >> whatever the threat, wherever the danger he feels it was confidence, assurance thanks in large part to what he saw in boston. boston set an example for the country how the community can get back on its feet. we need the be vigilant, but we can and we will defeat this threat. >> he announced his retirement from the justice department this fall but will be working in the private fighting the ongoing war on terror. in our newsroom, adam williams, 7 news. coming up a cupcake controversy what an oregon bakery is saying about a controversy cupcake. back to the sunshine, but much cooler forecast, next. >> we're following the latest on the beston officers shot in
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vo: votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. coming through social security new englanding with a narrow line of showers and sprinkles. now we had cool front come through new england on sunday. and that delivered the goods. more than three inches of rain. that front tapped into tropical moisture from hurricane this front unable to do that. so that is why i think bark is worse than bite. the radar looks like it is lit up with downpours and showers. not the case, moving fast. if you get a .10 of an inch, consider yourself lucky. we've done pretty good in the precipitation department, especially along the coastline especially southeastern massachusetts including the cape and island. worcester an inch of rain, boston inch and a half.
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the dew odrop monitor hainlt changed much. last week for several weeks in the extreme category. and now we've pealed that way back to the severe category. nod rat category, again, slowly but surely we'll come out of this thing right now close to 70, the city at 70 degrees and then you hop on the other side of the cooler air rushes in after a few evening sprinkles and showers. clearing skies and wind will begin to pick up late tonight and tomorrow morning, temps tonight 46 to 41u51 northwest winds gusting 15 to at times 25 miles per hour. tomorrow we are back in full sun was goal -- cool, especially in the morning hours, temps through the day between 55 and 60. a little below normal, normal
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boston tomorrow afternoon 59. lakeville 51. mid and upper 50s worcester hills low to mid-50s. after friday at 55. sun and clouds tomorrow afternoon. out onto the cape and island, lots of sunshine. chatham 58. nantucket 59. high pressure as it gets closer to us tomorrow afternoon, that will shut downwind and set us up for an awesome weekend. lots of sunshine saturday and sunday. saturday morning is going to be freeze conditions with temps in the 30s early inner the day. upper 50sto 60. sunday partly to mostly sunny skies, temps on sunday for the upper 60s. picking apples this weekend? sure, why not. take pictures of those leaves as well. temperature saturday in the orchards in upper 50sand then sunday in the orchards upper 60s also in the upper 60s for the pats. check of the ride home.
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ziam bridge out of the tunnel up to 128 and southbound side moves well. jammed in both directions route 1 north is not looking good this afternoon as you make your way in from saw gus. jammed after the tobin bridge up to lynnfield. route 1 you're moving well. the pike west is not moving well. you'll be jammed from the austin tolls to newton corner and again from route 16 to the state barracks. moving well along the pike but a new crash inside the tunnel. we'll check the drive on the mass pike from downtown boston to the westin tolls a 25-minute ride. once you get passed passed the o 125, another 23 minutes. a cupcake controversy in oregon, a bakery that makes cupcakes decided to make something new. the owner named the cupcake after president obama be many took it the rock way. she said she never intended for the name of her newest
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just something that would be elite. the owner of fat cupcake said she knew her cupcakes with an oreo cooking inside would be a hit. what job position would you wear formal suit to and then i thought the presidential office. so she named it mr. president. she later found out president barack obama's favorite cookie is the oreo. criticizing hayes of being racist. i never thought or intended or could have ever imagined that it would have been taken as an insult, because really, in my mind i was thinking it would be an honor. she says she understands customer concerns adding racism something she would never support and has already changed the name to "the professional" we always always welcome reviews and comments and every single one i always especially if there
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saying thank you so much for letting us know. because we literally can't improve without hearing feedback. so about gellicca says despite all the controversy, the oreo cupcake is still most popular. a memorable moment in kentucky, a community coming together to make a little boy's
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imagine if your child were trapped in a failing school. imagine if your child couldn't read or write at grade level. imagine if your child were stuck on a waiting list. 32,000 kids want to go to a public charter school. but they can't. if you like your public school,
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but for kids stuck in failing school districts, question 2 will let parents choose something better and give all our kids hope.
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a kentucky boy battling a brain disorder getting the chance of a lifetime. even though he's in a wheelchair, he scored a thank you very much touchdown in a high school football game. the whole community coming together to give him a day he'll never forget. it is the inspiring moment that touched so many lives in cincinnati. 7-year-old bryce in his wheelchair scoring the touchdown of a lifetime. a mom from two kentucky football teams. >> our goal was to give the family and price a memory they're going to be able to to cherish forever. that plan was hatched early this season. john benset the football director for four years. he continues to watch bryce battle a rare brain disorder showing up to practices and games to be with his brother. they got to experience it the
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we were all for. an incredible moment was made that more special having push his brother over the goal line. he was so proud to be the one to push him over the goal line and for him to be able to be the one to help him get to this . while bryce may not be able to talk no one could deny how much he enjoyed his moment on the field with the team. it melts your heart to see the way the kids act around them. just another kid, n or whatever, he's just a kid. amazing story and amazing community that came together. i don't think i've ever seen that one. i've seen some great football story, that was great. thank you for being here, we're still here for the next hour and a half. 7 news at 5 starts right now. now on 7 ...
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gunfire. shots fired, officer down. and a man police say was armed and ready. it was like a war zone. with lives on the line a show of deadly force. n 7 news with coverage of officers shot. police say the man who opened fire on officers was wearing body armor and was armed with a tactical shotgun. he was shot and killed by police there at the scene. the gunman has been identified as police responding to a call that he was threatening his roommate with a knife. the officers were rushed into surgery and have been identified as richard cintolo and matt morris. we have a team of reporters covering this story. the officers' condition to what we know about that shooter and more on what brought police to the neighborhood. let's get started with the investigation. 7's steve kooper is in east boston right now. the district attorney today
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ferocious firefight. take a look behind us tonight. you can see the area, the crime scene remains sealed off right now with police officers, standing watch. neighbors tonight still rattled by what they heard and what they saw. gunfire filling the street. cell phone video captures the frantic scene where neighbors say it was like a scene out of a movie here on gladstone street in east boston late last night. we have shots fired. i need every officer available. boston police responding to by a man saying his roommate was threatening him with a knifed. officers entering the house are shot by 33-year-old kirk figueroa who is armed with an assault rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest. insane. you only see this on "cops," shows like that. you don't think this is going to happen in your gliebd richard 16u cintolo and matt morris dragged to safe bry by officers


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