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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a sinking suv plunging into a pond in arlington. the effort to get that driver to rescue. detectives dig deeper into the man's past. donald trump on the defense, denying sexual harassment surface. he is prepping against the bengals. good morning, 6:00, thank you for making us a part of your day, i'm kris anderson. i'm nancy chen. but walking in this morning, pretty chilly. i wanted gloves and a hat. >> i think it's the chilly morning since the cold weather started moving in. >> first morning i had to scrape
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suburbs, not at the freezing mark, 27 in orange, and 34 in fitchburg, so on off to a frosty start in some spots, but not a cloud in the sky, so with the help of sunshine should get up almost as warm as it was yesterday, and not merely as breezy so it might feel more comfortable and ar warm out the. the next weather maker is off the edge of your screen so we have a busy weekend on tap. temperatures will be at or slightly below you would expect them to be for october standards. today not as colds down to the lower 30s and 40s in most areas, no freeze warnings and no frost advisories and tomorrow even warning upper 50s and lower 60s some spots. best chance of rain holding off through the end of the weekend. we will talk more about that and the seven-day forecast coming up. a dramatic rescue in
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strangers after a flightenning pond plunge, the second quickly ticking by as the man swims to the sinking suv. for a short time no one was sure if the woman inside had made it out alive. and 7's de prado had a chance to speak with those men when they had jumped out. >> you got it. >> reporter: screams filled the air at spy pond in in arlington as the ford suv dips below the water. i lost her. >> reporter: the man who swam to the driver's aid feared hope was lost until miraculously her head appeared above the surface. another man got into the pond. the 68-year-old woman do not know how to swim. >> she was very, very scared, and had taken in water as and se figured this is. >> reporter: dan frasier and his friend visiting from
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twice. >> she let me, and she was floating on her back, her legs were up on top of the water, and it was just like, as hard as it was to pull her in, it was wonderful to see her floating. >> she was sinking a little bit. and i just -- i took over from dan and pulled her interest shore. >> i got her. >> reporter: the harrowing rescue happened after the woman mixed up the gas and brake peddles on lynwood road. throw through a fence, the pond. police credit the good samaritans with saving the woman's life. >> their efforts absolutely opened up that car and got that woman out of the car and got her so shore. absolutely credit them for saving at woman's life. or the woman was taken to the hospital would hypothermia. the good samaritan would have done it again. >> every life is precious. i think should a the time that
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and worth of every life. >> reporter: that woman will be okay, and her sufficient remains at the bottom of spy pond. it's 40 feet deep, and it may be brought to the surface later today. at newton, i'm alex de prado, in new engrand. right now a convicted child rapist is off the streets. he was convicted after after he found at his parents home. >> reporter: richard garners once again mind bars. the convicted child rapist arrested here on a fugitive from justice warrant. >> it's an on going nightmare. >> reporter: shares ellsworth had a strong reaction after learning from 7 news, that gar garner was who convicted of kidnapping and molesting his 11-year-old son in 1998. >> he would come in the window
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knifepoint, he is a danger to any child out there. >> reporter: the u.s. marshals issued a warrant for gardener, after he violated the terms of his parole. how he violated is still unknown. he went to stay with his parents in weymouth. that caused an uproar. he was sennenc sentenced 190 y he received a shorter sentence on appeal. >> he is no longer on the street, a danger to children. >> reporter: this week when he moved out of the weymouth, officials he is he was in suffolk county, but it wasn't clear where until now. >> the way the justice system has been going, i'm not sure how long he is going to be off the streets. i would keep a very, very close eye on your children. >> reporter: 7 news today in new england.
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support for two boston police officers, neighbors and police walking side by side to honor officers matt morris and richardson toll. at the same time, investigators are gathering new clues from the scene of the shootout. more from tim caputo from boston. >> reporter: with the towering madonna statue looking on, the community came together for a candlelight vigil to pray for the two officers shot to the steps behind the shrine at a >> it's important for the community to come together to show support and respect. >> reporter: other top brass attended the vigil. >> it's great to see the community rally around us on this one. >> reporter: dozens of neighbors came, some with more personal ties than others. >> it hits home for me. my brother was a police officer that was killed in the line of duty in 2005. they were there for my family
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there until this day for us. >> reporter: officers rick san toll owe and matt remain hospitalized. they both had surgery, they both remain in critical condition. but commissioner he vans says he has spoken with boths is this they are thankful to their fellow officers because they give them the credit for terrorize. >> reporter: the officers were shot by 33-year-old kirk figueroa who was armed with an armed rifle, and saved b >> as they continue to investigate, i'm assuming family and extended family, they will get a clearer picture. >> reporter: investigators removed bags from the home including what looked like a one gun case. the what fired on the officers. the police may be closer to finding that answer. >> we too evidence out of there that hopefully will try to put the puzzle together, because i would hope that is not a
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7 news today in new england. as this story develops, make sure to stay on air or online, and you will get information on the 7 let's talk politic, the election just 24 days away, and donald trump under attack again. more women coming forward saying that more women groped him. but he accusations. >> trump train. >> as the trump train rolls through north carolina, the republican nominee says he is the victim. >> these allegations are 100% false as everybody, i think you know. i think you get it. >> we know. >> i think you get it. they made up, they never
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handful of people willing to make full smears, for personal gain, who knows maybe for financial reasons. >> this after more women came forward. >> he grabbed my shoulder and began to, and place his hand on ply breast. >> reporter: in 2007, she was looking for a job after being on season 5 of the apprentice. she first met with trump in new york. >> as i was about to leave, he this made me feel nervous and embarrassed. >> reporter: later she agreed to meet trump in california. >> he put me in an embration. embrace, iput space between us,i said, come on, get real. get real as he began stroking his genital. >> reporter: i never met her
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inappropriate a decade ago. actually she continued to contact me, and e-mailing me. kristen claimed that he she was groped by trump in the '90s at a nightclub. >> the person next to me. who unbeknownst to me was donald trump, put his hand up my skirt. >> reporter: they proof that the jessi true. a man who was the same flight, and says that that assault never happened. his proof, he has photographic memory. and they called out a trump supporter who crashed his rally. >> if you are confident about the other guy, just go to his rally. by the way speaking of trump rally there was a bizarre moment at his rally at north carolina. trump had just finished saying
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over to his teleprompters and started tearing it apart, and said it wasn't working. he walks back to the podium, looks to the glass and sets it back down. later today he will be for a rally and tickets are required to attend. on 7, a boss type high bostl student dying on a crash. it happened at the great american legion highway. 5 others were injured in the car crash, but they should recover. still under investigation. arlington firefighters have a warning for drivers. take a look at this near miss. did you see what happened here. a fire truck tries to pass another car. the car starts to pull out barely avoiding a truck. emergency trucks always travel in packs, make sure you have checked all of them have passed by buffer pull out on the road. a story first at 7, a
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hospital has a kidney is removed from the wrong patient. the mistake happened with two patients who share the same name and birthday. now the company that owns saint vincent issued a statement, we are work to hains save wards, including additional verification steps with physicians. this was a deeply unfortunate steps necessary to prevent it from happening again. a man was saying he was paying respects to his family member when a ground gave way. a terrifying tornado spotted in oregon, a look at the damage it left in its wake. we will show you when we
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a little boy seriously injured in this tornado that rips through a town in oregon on friday. officials say that the 4-year-old and his father were hurt by a falling tree branch and see how big that funnel cloud was in that home video. authorities say the tornado's path was ten streets long, and tore right through the center of town. you can he so the damage left behind. downpour lines as well as
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weather service says a second tornado also touched nearby, there were wide tornado and a state of emergency was declared up. here cold weather, did you bundled up? >> i wish i had, if only i had paid more attention to the forecast. someone wasn't listening, one the frostier morning out there. but the fact that we're talking record heat in a couple of days little bit of a heatwave is going to prevent boston from getting that warm. i do think we will see a few towns in between hit that 80-degree mark on tuesday, and probably again on wednesday. so in the ballpark of record-breaking high temperatures both tuesday and wednesday. in the meantime a perfect fall weekend, the color by all reports is really starting to peak across most of northern new england and western massachusetts as well.
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some lead peeping if you are thinking about heading up to the lakes region. 50s today, and low 60s tomorrow. and warmer tomorrow. off to a frosty start, got 33 in way land, and 35 in lowell, and 32 in lexington. the same number and shrewsbury, and 29 in norwood. some areas dropping below the 20s influence of the wat wide-range of numbers but away from the water and away from the city, most areas at or below the treeing narcotic. big area -- freezing mark. high pressure brings beautiful weather, so that pretty much sums up the weekend. that will be our next weather maker that cold front that will get just close enough to bring us a few showers on sunday night before it retreats. with the high pressure, the wind always go clockwise around it,
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southwesterly wind. on the backside of it you get southwesterly wind, very warm southwesterly wind, that will be us tomorrow. today we're kind in the middle. middle to no wind but plenty of sunshine. you will notice a little bit of a breeze tomorrow afternoon. a good bit of sunshine through the morning. later in the day a few more clouds will start to mix in ahead of that front. the front is close enough then the front retreats, and brings back even warmer weather, look at the numbers here, 60 today, upper 60s tomorrow, low 70s on monday, near 80 both tuesday and wednesday, a little bit cool and unsettled to finish out the workweek, but the middle part looks almost spring-like. welcome back. always take a return of spring, right. and then comes winter after that, not to be the bearer of bad news. coming up on 7 news today in
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denny's knows the holidays should be shared with friends and family. except denny's all-new holiday pancakes. you won't want to share those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier, better pancakes now in holiday flavors. a popular smart phone has been banned on board all flights in the u.s.
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exploding. that has prompted samsung to stop production the of the phone. >> and they have stopped the dangerous devices to go up on air. >> the galaxy note 7 not carrying on board. airlines must deny boarding to any passengers who have one. and passengers who try to smuggle a note 7 on board, could face a fine. until friday, been told to keep the note 7 turned off. >> the problem with lithium ion batteries is it that there's a lot of energy stored in a tiny little device. >> they demonstrated the risks posed by exploding batteries, so far more than 100 fires involving the note 7, including a fire on this southwest plane last week. >> if you have a substantial fire, you can actually cause a very catastrophic situation for
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>> reporter: hot burning battery fires have gutted a ups plane in philadelphia and caused another one to crash in dubai, now with some airbags adding fire bags and both ups and if he had exrefusing to -- fedex refusing to ship the phone by air. patriots hoping there's no place like home the matchup against the bengals. and sharp cage protecting little protection against a great white. and guess what, there's a diver
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the patriots are back at gillette stadium this weekend and it's going to be one happy homecoming for tom brady. this is the first home game te suspension. his team knows the fans will be extra energized. >> reporter: homecoming weekend, at gillette stadium. >> i look forward to playing every week and certainly this will be a fun game. >> reporter: tom brady making a season debut on sunday, and the same goes for nick, both returning from a four week suspension. >> excited to be back playing in front of the home crowd here. so, last week was really
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had in cleveland, so i'm sure this game is going to be pretty well. >> reporter: the patriots putting the finishing touches on their game plan. rom gronkowski not on the game field for practice one day after saying this. >> i'm getting in the groove. discussed the routine, stay in the groove. >> 15 to the 10 england rights. >> reporter: after five catches for cleveland. gronk is listed as questionable for sunday. if he is out there, gronk will have to show, how to spike. >> the ball just slipped out of my hand. i'm not a celebration guy, but that moment, i was spike this thing. >> reporter: 7 news today in new england. probably because he spends too much time with government.
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kitchen with sarah lee. she will make us how to make a
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frightening fall in lowell, a man plunges in a veteran's deprave. now he is topping the scare. he is guilty to kidnapping
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through a steel shark cage, terrifying moments for a diver who was in that cage below the surface. that will keep you out of the water for a long time. >> it's pretty scary video. i watched it yesterday. >> we will have much more on that coming up on new england. >> it's a chilly start to the day. let's get over to the bob eicher for a peek of theor my way in. it's one of the coolest suburbs. 32 in town, well above freezing in nashua, and the same number in jaffrey. if you live outside of 128, then you're probably scraping your windshield if you're heading out this morning only for another hour or two. the temperatures will quickly climb up because there's nothing on the radar, not a cloud in the skies a you saw from the live camera there. plenty of sunshine. as the sun ising come up here,
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next weather maker is up on the screen. we got nothing but sunshine in store all weekend long. sunny and seasonal today. at or slightly below normal for this time of year. similar numbers to what we had yesterday but without the reeze. it should feel comfortable out there. clear tonight, no frost advisories, no freeze warnings, we are well above freezing everywhere. tomorrow upper 60s, low 70s, a few clouds mix late in the day. otherwise anoth if you like the cooler weather. the rest of the seven-day forecast a few minutes away. 6:32, now here is your top stories for this saturday. a heroic rescue, two americans rushing to pull a woman out of the pond in arlington. the woman said she got mixed with her gas and brake pedestrian paddle, the police
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saved the woman's life. a vigil was held for the officers matt santoro, and the officers were shot by 33-year-old kirk figueroa. figueroa was killed by other responding officers. seven news turning to a frightening and one man in lowell visiting a loved one says the ground gave way. >> talking about scary moments happening without warning. itel his knees. brandon gun kno gunnoe a look at happened here. >> reporter: by the means. i fell on the ground and had to pick myself up. i had to think about what was going on. >> it happened on tuesday. tommy foster was visiting his brother-in-law when the ground gave way. >> the ground was bigger than one gallon pale, and the top of the coffin was nonexistent at this point.
6:34 am
vault. >> reporter: the veteran resting here passed away in 1970. foster says the top of the vault that houses the cassette is less than a foot under the ground. >> they say it happens more often than you think. that these older vaults and stuff like that aren't made for ever and ever evidently. >> reporter: what is unacceptable to foster is the cemetery just threw dirt over the hole with the cassette rotted away, there's no protection for the remains of a >> the man is a veteran, a marine, and they deserve our respect and the honor that comes with this dedication and service, and you know, i would like to see us do a better job for the vets livenedded. they deserve the utmost respect from awful us. brandon gun know. two suspects, and 23 joshua hart pleading not guilty to charges yesterday.
6:35 am
of deadly home invasion in orange. prosecution says the two suspects killed thomas hardy and stabbed the 77-year-old wife joe an a fisher while they were in their home. the white woman a us couped of encouraging the boy -- accused of killing her boyfriend was returned to court on friday. the text were discovered that they were collected before police rights. carter insists she tried to help him not hurt him. in court prosecutors played her 2014 interview with police. >> i had issues -- [ inaudible ] and i think -- and yet -- carter will be back in court for another hearing on december
6:36 am
killing a toddler pled guilty on all charges. she admitted she broke into a home and kidnapped a 2-year-old girl. 7 kim casey has the details. 22-year-old, broke in court, and pled guilty to breaking and entering and kidnapping a 2-year-old girl. >> [ inaudible ] at one point, and cannot begin to imagine the devastation and >> police say last november hanna kidnapped the toddler from her home in the middle of the night, shaved her head, burn her with cigarettes and left her naked on the side of the road. she was spotted by a couple ho who saw her in a pilot leave eight miles from the little girl's home a few hours after her parents first reported her missing. this is weighs heavily on my
6:37 am
would -- >> hanna was sentenced to 5-7 years in prison, and 10 years probation after her release. >> [ inaudible ] will never be enough. i hope that it means something that it was never my intention to hurt anyone. the child's family has asked for privacy in the past do want to thank first responders who found their daughter. they are saying she is recovering. a judge dropped the lawsuit against the gun manufacturer against the sandy hook maker. they sued the maker of the rifle recommendington, bremington. and the families will appeal this decision. delta airlines facing
6:38 am
mick a frost, said she tried to help a passenger who was having a medical emergency during a flight but a flight attendant refused to believe she was a doctor asking for her credentials. >> she immediately supplied, and said, oh, no, sweety, put your hand down, we're looking for physicians. cross says an older caucasian male doctor came over to help. the attendant did not question him. saying that her experience is not reflective of the airlines' culture or values. they are questioning the incident. parts of the state are still under water after hurricane matthew tore through that area. the floodwaters are finally starting to crest, but it's too late for several communities and as tim casey explains, for one town it's going to take years to recover.
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princeville's rich history was bobbing in the water. princeville was settle by free slaves, and historic are drown income the deluge. what makes the damage so unique in this community, is how high the water has risen, up to 12 feet in some areas. it's no sign it's receding, it's as if time was standing still. >> some of the suffering is the people that can least afford to suffer because they have nothing. >> the mayor, this poor community rich in culture still reveal that still worried that the historic town will become -- i'm tim casey, 7 news today in new england. coming up, an armed robber targeting a clerk. weekend looks great, no matter what your plans are. when we could see record warmth
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driver in mexico gets a little too close for comfort when a great white shark smashes right into the steel case that he was in. you see the shark it gets out of the water eventually and will get inside the cage. leaps out of the cage. you see the blood splashing on the water.
6:43 am
diver. the diver inside did escape through the bottom of the cage when the shark went in through the sides. so you see him emerge at the top after the shark freed its self. the instructor remained calm throughout the whole ordeal and wasn't hurt. i video keeps on going. and people were like a very polite. you just survived a shark and you don't get more than a golf club for that. i can imagine what was going through his mind. >> he should get a trophy for that. attack. unreal, it feels more like the whole opener. brady's return home should feel more like early september than mid-october. we're in a little bit of a breeze late in the day. the weekend looks fantastic for whatever we want to do. whatever you want to do this weekend looks awesome. temperature wise this morning, near the water, it's not too bad. 47 in hall, and they got 49 right now in rock port, but you
6:44 am
west of 128, you start to see 30s on the nap and 20s in spots, got 27 in swansea, 33 in sterling, got 30 in taunton or 29 in taunton, and in nantucket kind of depends on where you measure if you're closer to the water, 54 a little closer inland. you get temperatures in the 40s but either way you get the dea. chilly in spots this morning. the sun is coming up. big area of high pressure in control. that will prevent any clouds whatsoever. so wall-to-wall sunshine, it sh fact, tomorrow almost as sunny. next weather maker will be this front and it's going to hold off until barely the end of the weekend. next chance of rain not coming until sunday night. we will get through the whole weekend, totally dry and beautiful. with high pressure the wind is always spinning around in a big circle, big clockwise winds, and out ahead of the high pressure, you get gusty, brisk, northwesterly wind, that was us yesterday o the backside of the high pressure, you get gusty
6:45 am
today we're in the middle. light winds and plenty of sunshine. temperature wise will be similar to yesterday but without the wind. you might notice a little bit of fog, but clouds in some spots. otherwise a good bit of sunshine for most the day, a bit breezy, gusty as times with winds of to 20-25 but out of the southwest. that will make it upper 60s low 60s tomorrow afternoon. a few clouds will start to mix in advance of the front but it looks like any rain will hold off until the night. even then we're talking about a few isolated showers as best. a lot of us won't see anything. a few isolated showers, middle of the night, into monday morning. this front retreats back north, and brings the warm weather back to us. a look at the numbers here, we got 60 today, 69 tomorrow, low 70s on monday, near 80 on tuesday and wednesday, record high temperature in boston is 82, take a little bit of a sea breeze will prevent us from
6:46 am
record-breaking territory, both tuesday and wednesday. cooler and cloudy and a bit unsettled to end the workweek. a rob are stops in her tracks after trying to hold a hotel. a heroic, clerk grabbing the robber's gun and wrestling to the ground. but what the robber left behind gave police enough to track her town. this by far might be one the most interesting surveillance videos you will ever see. early thurs woman dressed all in black pulls a gun and demand money 8 michigan hotel. a hotel guest was near the lobby at the time. >> i got a phone call from my mom and dad, they told me someone was shooting in the hallway. >> reporter: the police have this video which paints a clear picture of what happened. >> he is angry so he throws the money on the counter. he is extremely angry at her. but he keeps throwing the money. this is a case where a robber,
6:47 am
her good judgment. >> reporter: the robber puts away, giving the clerk enough time to grab the gun, then a fight ensues. >> it's like a light wrestling match and they're rolling on the floor. eventually the wrestling ends and the would be robber left but left the gun behind. the gun was registered. authorities tracked it and the suspect has ties to that address. the suspect is also on accused of holding up other hotels last week and getting away with $1,100. the last friday she was involved in a who knows how many others. >> reporter: adam william 7 news today in new england. on today in new england. the pats are gearing up for a game tomorrow.
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the outside corporate interests bankrolling question two are trying to deceive you. here's the truth: every time a new charter school opens, it drains money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million just last year - which means real cuts to our kids - in arts, technology, ap classes, pre-school, bus service and more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state.
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es nancy. good morning, there's no question that rob gronkowski is a game changer much like lawrence changed the way we look to their position. cronk keeps doing the same. on keep doing it, he has to stay on the field which he was: he was absence not from a ham
6:51 am
back. no targets, houston the fist game back. -- the first game back. and five catches for 109. lining up to 65 of the patriot 80 offensive snap. on the diamond, alcs game one, toronto visiting cleveland no score in the 6th. francisco lin dower is going to change that through one swing of the bat. that holdup as a different. game 2 set for 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. the bruins back on tonight, visiting toronto looking to look at the season. that is it for sports have a great day. still ahead, we are trying out the flavors of fall this week, and what is cooking. celebrity chef sandra lee has all the tricks to perfecting the delicious desserts. that looks good. a live look outside, cool start out there.
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flavor, one hero was on a mi tv personality in sandra lee showing off priceless like shopping and baking. i love it, and 7 brie eggers stepped in the kitchen to give her a helping hand.
6:55 am
chef sandra lee was in town. i had to pop in, and pipe in something sweet. >> if i get approval from you, you know that my week is made. >> sandra recently toured ameica, visiting boston's priceless city. >> boston is a priceless city, and it's the last city on my tour. you always finish last and the strongest in boston >> sandra and i whipped up a i pumpkin cake. >>everybody knows that i take something in package and turning into something fabulous. >> i will put water in there, and i will put apple cider in there. >> then add three eggs and oil. >> and then just let it start going slowly, otherwise you're going to have -- >> everywhere.
6:56 am
as it combines speed it up. >> once combined, pour into a bunt cake. >> a trick, is once you grease your pan to use a little bit of the baking powder mix to go arn the edges instead of flour. then this bakes in and i don't get the white crust. >> i have never thought of that, that is genius. >> we will get every last drop out. >> and you can let mold. >> she left a lot in there for me. >> bake it at 325 degrees, and this bunt is bound to please. >> everything is better with pumpkin spice in it and chocolate. your halloween party will be the talk of the town with any of sandra lee's cooking. that is perfect. >> especially when it warm? with coffee on the side. >> i agree that everything is better with pumpkin spice,. after a frosty start, barely
6:57 am
seasonably cool this an. in other words temperatures, slightly below normal this afternoon and quite a bit warmer than normal tomorrow afternoon. near record-breaking heat tuesday and wednesday, and then kind of cool and cloudy to finish out the workweek. that is going to do it for now. thank you for making us a part of your morning. chris anderson. i'm nancy chen. have a wonderful morning. we will see you then. ? ? on social security and medicare, these are the facts.
6:58 am
y. here are the votes. she voted against protecting social security from the threat of privatization. and said she's open to raising the retirement age for social security. look it up yourself. the fact is kelly ayotte's supporting big, corporate special interests. she's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content
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? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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good morning. lashing out. donald trump on the attack against the women who an accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> believe me, she would not be my first choice. >> the number of alleged victims now eight. fame. who knows? >> this as hillary clinton comes under fire again after a new round of e-mails released by wikilea wikileaks. why her campaign squashed a speech by bill clinton. and 12 million people in the pacific northwest preparing for a second round of a storm with


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