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tv   Revista Hispana  NBC  October 16, 2016 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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? good morning everyone and welcome to another addition of "revista hispana". on the show this morning we'll talk about international farmers and how health care is adding to the changing demographics. and we'll get the lowdown only all of the buzz of the latino 30 under 30. all of this and more right here on "revista hispana." ? ?
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so you've been to peru before multiple times but this time was a little more special. >> correct. >> tell me about the trip, first of all, what was your intention? i know you did a lot of fund-raising. now got a lot of help, which must have been satisfying, with some of you bu classmates. >> so in march my grandfather passed away and so we decided to do this in his honor, he is from this village. >> that's okay. only his second time on t second time. it looked like you knew i was reading. >> so you've got to get your students together, your friends and you convinced them to say hey we've got to do something special here and change some lives right. >> right. so i asked my friend shawn simmons, who is a web designer, he'll create our website, co-relief and helped create go fund me page, which helped me with donations. >> i'm going to go through some photos because they say a photo is worth a thousand
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exactly happened, i mean, as mentioned this is your brand, some of the stuff you guys brought down. tell me some of the stuff you've brought down. >> clothes, toys, food, medicine. >> medicine attention. >> control. we had multiple doctors come in different specializing fields. psychiatry, cardiology, general medicine, internal medicine. >> for those of you didn't hear it inpa back what's the altitude of this, this is pretty much very high above sea level. you can see right there, right. >> it is 13,000 feet above sea level. >> 13,000 feet above sea level, wow, unbelievable. and about how many folks live in this town? >> around 3200. >> 3200, that's it. much smaller than your class at bu. >> much smaller. >> unbelieve. this is really incredb.
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nothing had ever happened like this before. [spanish] [spanish] all right. so any further-- is this something you're going to continue to do? what kind of pact does vin your life? >> in my last interview we
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after five years, but after talking to my friends and family we're going to go back in two years. >> wait a minute, this isn't your first time on television. that's okay, we'll let you guys in on your last interviewing like he does millions. thank you for coming in, i admire both of your efforts and great job. i'll have you on the next time. >> thank you. >> [spanish] >> coming up next, thousand rapidly changing demographics of boston they engage a completely different population. we'll have all of the information right here on
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now our next againsts really esthod a very successful health care summit, which took a closer look at bert understanding, preventing, and treating health care concerns of diverse community. to tell us more about this event and upcoming student symposium we welcome to "revista hispana" and i'm going to get this right, natalie, glenda >> tell me about this event. why did you guys pical has been more identified with finance and so forth? >> sure. alpha as you be is a national organization. it started primarily with a lot of financial and business sector kind of things. health care is a huge history for the latino population and it made sense being in boston, being at the hub of a lot of forthcoming research to focus in more on health care. there is a lot of people in alpha that want to learn more and also do more in health care. so that's definitely a little
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health care. >> i heard it was an awesome event. yes, it was a great event. and i want to thank all of the alpha members who volunteer and also the host of partners health care for a great eglenn i hear it was great, we're very well attended and a lot of networking went on. a lot of connections between the different sectors, i'm trying to figure this out and i'm looking at you but i know you really want to talk about that health care was great t happened but you want to give us a preview coming up. >> it is, saturday the 22nd from 8:00 to 5:00. it is a regional citizen symposium, so a little different this year. when it's local it is just local students with when it's regional it is broader from the d.c. area all of the way up here to massachusetts. we have students coming from new york and from middle east.
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latino 30 under 30h kind of speaks to this. i would imagine that student symposium, the amount of talent boston is going to have is amazing. let's talk a little bit about boston and that talent, thatilatorral segue. because a lot of folks don't think about it, wait a minute bu, it, mit, i can go on and on and on. >> actually expert on the symposium. >> definitely the capitol of education right now and we definitely have a lot of kids demonstrating their initiative and leadership skills. so it is going to be a great opportunity for our sponsors to engage in any with the future and also you're building on your career right now, even all of us, right. so it is going to be fantastic opportunity.
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networking developing leaders and we're very passionate about our young so we're going to have eight workshops geared towards wage gap, minimizing the wage gap, so educating the ladies. we're going to have entrepreneur workshops, workshops about bringing yourself to your job and understanding that as a latino we have a lot to offer. so # it is going to be a great event. it is going to be held again on the 22nd. up because for those who want to still sign up i could imagine there is still time. registration. >> we'llwe'll have a few more l. it is a great opportunity, right across the street from the red line station at 1776 heritage drive # # in north quincy at the state street john adams building. >> now i'm looking at you guys and you don't know this
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on this show urban update we've done segments over the years and i'm looking at three new faces, completely new faces. i think this is the beauty of alpha that you guys keep producing these new leaders and i love it when it is latinos, when it is women. speak a little bit about that, because it seems like you're getting the job done. >> sure. i'm actually probably one of the newest members to alpha and the board and and so much more, exactly what natalie was talking about. education has been big to me, personally in terms of growing and professionally and when i saw alpha and the group together they are extremely professional but they are extremely inclusive as well. so i see i think the board is predominantly women by a land slide so it's wonderful to have an opportunity to grow around successful women but also just to expand and to have a vision to do things
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were huge tonight. bring something like personias to the table and speak about it kedgeicate our next generation and be apart of that is pretty fantastic. >> i'll be remissed if i don't do it, alpha boston is always one or two of the top two chapters in the country. so when you hear that what does that say about boston? >> you know what i think it's as amazing and at flees me i was raised in boston, here in jamaican plain. i went through boston public school system, took advantage of the programs and i've been able to work in corporate america successfully and when i heard about alpha i was very happy to be part of it and now to be a board member and part of me giving back is to try provide as much as i can through volunteering and to be engaged in these type of
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wonderful job this morning. definitely look forward to the symposium on october 22nd. keep up the g job, maybe you'll be back next time or a new generation. good luck and congratulations on the to. when we come back, the boston latino 30 under 30. all of the details here on
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the city of boston is home to some of the brightest young minds, some home grown and others all over the world that have come here to study. many argue and i'm certainly one of those that boston has per square mile the brightest minds on earth. for at least four years we super the futures coming to age. and with the incredible influx roaming into area colleges and universities odds are the next latino or latino president is
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unfortunately many do go unnoticed in their time in boston. in an effort to make sure young latino talent does not go unrecognized partnered to present boston's first latino 30 under 30. after a brief campaign and a nomination process special event will be held to honor young individuals making an impact on massachusetts latino community in a variety of fields including business, sports, community service and fine arts among others. it will take place on boston with a red carpet vip party and more. to tell us more about the elmundo boston 30 under 30 we've invited the creator and editor and chief of the 30 under 30 on my left and key account manager on my life, henry pollanc quarterbacks in the middle team hennessey ambassador, welcome to "revista hispana." gentlemen, good job. i just said this has been a campaign that's been going on.
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right now. we did a piece of urban updates so i want to pick up on this. where are we now. today is october 16th, so a little less than a month away right? >> yes. so at this point we have closed our nominations and we know latino 30 under 30 are. we have not yet announced that to the public. folks will just kind of have to wait and see and check out latino 30 under starting the week of november 7th but we have a tremendous list of folks that we're very excit world. >> let me ask you a quick question, why a latino 30 under 30? >> well one of the ing thes being in boston it is a city that loves lists, techs, higher education, you'll see other lists 40 under 40. one of the thins very unique about our 30 under 30 is our youth. the immediate age is 28 years old verse 41 for the general population. sole we really wanted to shine
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vibrant our community is. >> and there are a lot of times missing on those lists. >> absolutely. >> all right guys. so i'm looking to you guys for this amazing event. now guys meaning hennessey are going to really # make it an experience. so i'm talking too, why is this particular event important for latinos to tell their story? >> well it is very important because the 30 under 30 provides latinos with a platform to be seen and heard. it is unfortunately, t unfortunate for a lot of latinos in the culture we go unrecognized, so 30 under 30 provides them with an avenue to be able to showcase and celebrate their achievements innow, you know this is boston, right? >> yes, sir. >> where are you from originally? >> new york city. >> oh, wait you're from new york, hey elvis. >> he's new here. [laughs] i'm just kidding. we don't have to talk about the yankees, don't worry. so tell me what can we expect this night? you guys are working with
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amazing eglenn why this event is so important to susbecause hennessey is a firm believer in recognizing and acknowledging latino achievers within their respective industries whether it be the arts l it be fashion, sports, or even just young professionals, something that really resonates and ties into this is a program we're running nationally, so that program we identify these inflia professionals within their respective industries, of course, and give them a voice and allow them to be heard and seen, which is really essentially what we're doing here with boston's 30 under 30. >> i was at one of your events last year with mary, with the latino program with baseball. so this does tie in, you know the market well and a perfect combination. that's what i'm going to do now, i'm a little boredf of you guys, i'm going to go to a
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official # el-mundo boston video. we'll talk a little bit about it on the other side. ? ? >> welcome to boston, home of the american revolution, home of palmer beer, sam adams and john f. kennedy. it is ted williams, larry burt. it is the town, pocket con, that's the boston we all go. what if i told y different boston, one undergoing a new revolution, one that moves and sounds to the cha-cha, spanning and english all of the same. it is jamaica plain in east boston. it is one that extends to chelsey, lawrence and beyond. a city where immigrant communities are experience ag re-birth and where latino parents are seeing the
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as college freshman and graduate as strong, confident leaders poised to take the world by storm. [spanish]. all across the city and state young latinos are itch chaing the way businesses are done, our communities are served and telling our own stories. it is time for the 24 meet the new boston and the young latino faces behind it. those who will one day be the future leaders of america, this fall for the first time ever we will recognize and honor american cities with newfound ideas, talent, [spanish]. this is the el-mundo boston latino 30 under 30. ? ? >> all right. so that is a the view. i have a question, did you get my nomination? >> yeah, yeah. >> did anybody nominate me? >> you were among my first nominations, weal just have too much talent and you didn't make the cut.
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30-plus. you know what i want to put the information because of the event. the event is coming up november 12th, less than a month. so i know it is going to be held over at royal. there is your logo, there is the el-mundo one, am i on the list to go, do i get at vip? >> we've got a real vip private but we can do something for you. >> can you say pocket canand have a beer. >> i want to hear you say it. >> pocket con and have a beer. it is supposed to be hennessey, not a beer. >> all right guys, thank you so much. see you november 12 athroyal. latino 30 under 30. fear trade boston is in the house coming up next. we'll find out hour this growing movement took themselves out of poverty. all of the details right here in espanol in just a few.
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all right. good luck. >> thank you. >> all right. that is it for this addition of "revista hispana" for everyone here especially marcie have a great sunday everyone.
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