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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back before a judge a convicteded child rapist is headed for court. we have more on the charges police picked him up on. whose topping the polls in the race for the white house as donald trump goes on the defensive with just weeks to election day. tb 12 looking sharp in return against the the patriots securing their win. >> good monday morning. it's 9:00 a.m. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. if it's a monday. make it like this. because the weather looks mighty nice. >> it's almost surprising. you think about saturday morning. the coldest temperature we've had this season. i think a lot of furnaces went on. we may need ac. 66 boston.
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really light, light wind that's coming out of the west. not enough to hold sea breeze off. we do break out mostly sunny skies. we can't rule out the chance for spot showers later on this evening. i think in time forren thing commute. how about this warming trend mid 70s on the way for most of us today. and near 80 for the next couple of day. more on that warming trend to come in just a few minutes. time now for fast track traffic. re good morning, everyone. happy monday to you. still slow going out there. let's go to the maps. we're watching a few accidents on the roads still if you get ready to head tout door. one of them north of town on the maps. that's not the only incident we're watching. route 2 eastbound that's an accident there. then we have another one northbound on route 93 that's at 128. 93 southbound still stop and go into boston. braintree to boston north pound on the expressway over half an
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1 another crash. so the pike also stop and go. let's look at the drive times if you get ready to head tout door. 26 minutes to half an hour on the expressway. 26 minutes from 198. just under half an hour the t and commuter rail running on schedule. back to you guys? >> let's get to breaking news this morning. the battle to take back the last major stronghold. mozul the second largest city in that announcing that troops is started the attack. iraqi officials say a suicide bomber believed to be from isis killed at least nine people so far this morning. we do know more than 1 million civilians are trapped there. the u.s. providing airstrikes and artillery. happening today he was set free after spending 30 years behind bar now a convicted child rapist
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his release has caused a lot of controversy. he was arrested at homeless shelter in boston friday after the u.s. marshal service in rhode island said he violated his parole. right now investigators are not releasing specific details. but resident in weymouth were outraged when he moved into his parents home after serving 27 years behind bars for rapist young boys. he was originally sentenced to 190 years in priso in rhode island and received a shorter sentence on appeal. right now police in lawrence are looking for suspect. one person was shot last night. there's no word yet on the victim's condition. >> a man will face a judge today in connection with a stabbing that happened in plymouth, new hampshire. a 19-year-old stabbed three people on winter street saturday night. one of the victims is still in the hospital. in the mean time williams has
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assault. a big fire on newbury street under investigation. this cell phone video shows the scene from sunday. officials say the fire appears to have started in the basement of the newbury street building. investigator say the fire caused an estimated 900,000 worth of damage to basement restaurant. first floor art gallery and apartment. thankfully no one was hurt. sunday win for the patriots. tom brady returning home to gillette. you can say the bengals. pats started out quiet. they came back strong and took down cincinnati in the end. let'shead out live to gillette. there's john cocoa. this is wild game at some moments. john? >> wild game but fans were pumped up. would you expect anything less with tom brady back on the field here doing what he does best? tom brady back in foxboro and
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>> it was a great crowd. we always get great crowds. appearing in home game brady's had trouble getting in a groove but started firing on all cylinders. brady tossing three touchdown passes. >> took us a little bit of time to figure out how to get our guys open. once we did that. it was it was food. we got the ball to bun tb's favorite target rob grownkowski with finished 162 yards. most important to me getting that win and great time win overall. during the brady completed 500th pass of nfl career. he doesn't intend to slowdown anytime soon. >> i love being here. fans hope for the same thing and
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seeing brady lead the team to more wins this season. we miss him the first three home games having him back mean a lot to us. we feel like he was wronged. to have him back feels right. >> go pat's. tom brady is back! >> next up for the patriots the steelers in pittsburgh. here's the thing. no big ben roethlisberger for the steelers. he will have surgery today. he won't be in the game on sunday. live in 7news today. there's new details on the two officers shot. both are still in the hospital. they were seriously injured when they were shot while responding to domestic disturbance late wednesday night. the officers remain in critical but stable condition at mass general. >> honoring the officers and the police department and tonight
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>> the election now 22 days and hillary clinton still has a sizable lead over donald trump. this new nbc poll. it has hillary clinton increasing lead to 11 points. standing at 48%. and trump at 37. so both candidates are also focusing on their strategies moving forward to the debate coming up this week. and for more here's kris anderson. good morning. the debate just a kouchl days away. donald trump low in the polls and continuing toig forward with allegations that the republican inappropriately touched them in the mast. donald trump saying he's the victim at rally in north carolina. >> it's not hard to find a small hangdful of people willing to make full smears for personal fame or maybe financial reasons. >> more women come forward accusing him of assault.
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apprentice. he first met with trump in new york. as i was about to leave. he kissed me on the lips. it made me feel nervous and embarrassed. later she agreed to meet him in california. he put me embrace and i tried to push him away. i pushed him and i said get real. he reported this word him. >> she said she felt she had to come forward. trump denies the allegation add i think she continued to ask him for help. as recently as april of this year. anderson said he groped her in the early 90s. >> the person on my right who unbeknownst to me was donald trump but their hands up my skirt. >> the campaign strongly denies this allegation too.
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appearing on "meet the press" speaking out about the alleged incident. when a man says that textbook definition of sexual assault. meanwhile president obama calling out a trump supporter who crashed his rally for hillary clinton. >> if you are confident about the other guy just go to his rallies. late last week trump said he has proof that the airplane 30 years ago are false. british man on the same flight said it never happened. his proof he said he has a photographic memory. live in the control room. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." thank you. in the mean time a republican party office in north carolinaths firebombed. someone flew a bottle through the offices window. nearby building was spray painted with the word nazi republicans leave town or else.
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they haven't made arrest. both candidates have spoken out against that attack. don't forget you can keep it here on 7 on air and online as well for coverage of the race for the white house. dan hausle will be out this wednesday with live reports on the final debate. still ahead on "today in new england." racing to rescue a child steps in after several women allegedly overdose on heroin in springfield. and a boat capsizes with a family onboard. surfers jump inhe saw some surfers yesterday kite surfers we may hit the beach as we're in for a warming trend for the beginning of the week. bri is taking on a new challenge. in who did it better. see if the star can race to a
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9:12. gorgeous weekend. looks like the weather will stick around for a while. doesn't seem like halloween is two weeks away. it should be july 4th of something like this. i think the 4th of julys last week. we lose daylight. and that's your cue that it is still fallen though it doesn't feel like it this morning. stepping tout door. 66 degrees in boston. norwood as well. a light wind that's coming out of the west. and it's not enough to hold off the sea along the coastline. 70 to 76 with mostly sunny skies. we get the cloud creeping back in. and this evening. but how about this. you want to hit the links in the next couple of day. maybe the beach forecast. we may have to break out. we're in for that warming trend. i mentioned mostly sunny skies at this point. bigger picture showing what's going. you see the cold front it never makes it in our direction to let
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to the north overnight tonight and really boosts those temperatures up. we see need record highs as we get into tuesday and wednesday and today still about ten to 15 above seasonal averages. running through the time line here already by noon 70 degrees. maybe you want to brown bag lunch picnic. not out of the question. as we get into the evening hour we can't completely rule out a spot shower or sprinkle. beneficial rainfall on the way for us. it's one of those scenarios where you could bring the umbrella along by the fine it's out and ready the shower has passed and moved on. tonight mostly cloudy. mild again 55 to 60. and while our highs are in this range today from 70 to mid 70s. we will be nearing 80 degrees. and nearing records with numbers this high.
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thanks. bri. for this time of year those numbers show would in the low 60s and instead close to 80s. that is near record territory. the record for tomorrow in boston 79 degrees. and 82 the record 82 and we're forecasting 79. we could get really close to that. in worcester a little bit further away. 78 the high temperature the record there 85 back from 1908. nonetheless it's going to be a warm day. we started off the month with cooler thanra around now. and as we near the end of the month, though those high temperatures on average dropping down into the upper 50s. it's certainly going to be warm. if it's warm feeling like summer look outside. it looks like fall a lot of those fall colors peeking across new england. we want to take advantage of this nice weather. as far as the rainfall department goes. we did start the month off with beneficial rain.
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should be for annual average. this month for the first time we've been above average since february. bri was mentioning a spot shower. probably won't amount to much. we'll have to wait for beneficial rainfall. still watching the tropics. you can see this is nicole right here what's left of it. and we are watching a way down near the bahamas. it has 20% chance of there's a possibility and forecast models hint to dropping in moisture. that could bring us beneficial rainfall but doesn't arrive until the end of the week. it does look like a dry weekend though if the forecast doesn't change within the next few days. we don't get that beneficial chance for rainfall until thursday and friday and again still some time to nail down the details of when and exactly how much rain is on the way because
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stay tuned. daniel mentioned it looked like fall. our sunrise this morning at 7:00 a.m. sunset tonight before 6:00 p.m. and we're only three weeks away from the end of daylight saving time in which case the sun will be setting at 4:31 in the afternoon. take to take a deep breath on that. we'll enjoy this flash back to summer-like temperature as we make it through us the dye and wednesday near 80 degrees. it will be breezy and warm and hold off on wet weather until the end of the week. happening later today the third annual forbes under 30 summit begins in boston. several big names will be in the city to serve as featured speaker. the summit brings together thousands of entrepreneurs. it wraps up tomorrow. a 2-year-old injured in a shooting in roxbury. now the child grandmother is speaking out about what happened. and one man a close
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what happened in his run-in with
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the dramatic rescue that helped in ventura beach. >> the dad and one kid kind of came up. kind of quick. and then the second kid didn't. so i pushed the boat down. and then i put him on my board. so nobody luckily was seriously hurt and officials say both kids were wearing life jackets. a man with close encounter with great white shark telling survival story. this video of the encounter going viral. the sharp is leaping out of the water for bait. it gets caught in the cage and tries to escape and get out. the experience diver inside that cage said he managed to escape through the bottom of the cage. >> he broke the cage. his nose has been locked in the small window. i tell myself that. i say come on. you don't want to go into my
9:22 am
he broke the cage. the diefer was not injured. and said he remained calm throughout the whole or deal. but he's an experienced diver. inexplicably. that would be terrifying. a driver trapped his car on fire. see how this daring rescue played out in florida. >> get ready to decide who did it better. challenge. can bri get past one imagine if your child were trapped in a failing school. imagine if your child couldn't read or write at grade level.
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>> every week bri taking on a new challenge. to get things rolling. my challenger and i are seeing if we have what it takes to be a petty cab driver. there's a lot of laughs and screaming involved. we have to decide who did it better. >> he's the last line of defense as the goalkeeper for the revolution. but this week brad is on the ofns did it better title. the challenge navigate through an obstacle course. how familiar with you are petty cab. this is my problem as well. >> before we were given driving privileges petty cab driver showed us the ropes. it's as much about speed as precision. not only do we have to make our way through cones but through a
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not spill a cup of water. 3, 2, 1. hit it. can you kick this into gear, please. i mean, really rev up the engine. >> that's a good punt. really close. crushed it. >> it's not how you start but how you finish. there's a little bit of water that spilled here. i don't think you moved golf balls here. i got my work cut out for me. the water is barely that was really good. that's god to be some kind of record. how do you turn the lights on this in bad boy. 3, 2, 1. let's go. you guys we're going so fast now. >> i got the gun. it's not as easy as it looks. >> how do i change gears. find the golf ball. this the hard part.
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that's pretty good. very impressed. >> in the end brad finished with the time of 1:23. the casualties two cones with his water dipping just below the line. i came in a few seconds slower at 1:34 taking down a cone or two and losing water along the way. it was a lot of fun. maybe not a petty cab feature as far as driving one. but riding in one for sure. you did such a great i'm glad they trusted me with this entire segment. because competitive is not really something that's in may nature. >> you are so cute when you are doing it. >> those legs. i feel like you need to be in the circus. clown unicycless. it's up to you to decide who did it better. head to our web site. make sure you vote.
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i've worked to find solutions to new hampshire's heroin epidemic. and i've crossed the aisle to protect new hampshire's clean air and clean water. i've been called a problem solver by independent groups, and ranked as one of the most bipartisan senators. i'm kelly ayotte - and i approve this message, because whether i'm working with republicans, democrats, or independents, i'm standing up for new hampshire. >> breaking news. taking on isis. the fight to take back iraqi city under way. >> four women overdose on drugs with a young child coming to their rescue. what police say happened in springfield. daring rescue caught on camera. people rushing in to help after an suv goes off the road and slams into a river. >> welcome back on this monday
9:31 am
i'm sarah french. >> it doesn't feel like the end of october. bri. it doesn't. with temperatures already above where we should be for our afternoon highs for this time of year. we're sitting at 66 in boston. 64 in bedford. 61 in worcester. may not need the jacket even if you head out now. a light breeze out of the west. it's not enough to keep sea breeze degrees cooler than inland temps. away from the coastline mid 70s in store for us today into tomorrow it's breezy but it's warm. near record highs. >> not just for tuesday but also wednesday as well. how long does the warming trend last. more in the extended forecast to come in a bit. >> and we're tracking breaks new out of lawrence. where investigators tell us the victim who was shot late last night has now died. according to the essex county d.a.'s office 34-year-old was
9:32 am
on haveril street. police haven't made arrests in the case. the battle to take back the last major stronghold for isis in iraq is under way as we speak. mozul the second largest city in iraq. the prime minister announced the troops started with attack and heavy airstrikes. iraqi officials say a suicide bomber believed to be from isis has killed at least nine people so far this morng. are still there. and the u.s. is providing airstrikes and artillery. >> new this morning police in springfield describe a lifesaving phone call after four women overdosed on heroin. a young girl found them. and then called for help. let's go to 7 kris anderson with more. >> police are saying the group of women had gone out before returning to the house and that's when they apparently overdosed leeing a group of preteens home by themselves.
9:33 am
thought they had bought cocaine. turned out it was heroin. >> a 12-year-old girl calls 911 from this home in springfield after finding her mother and three other women unresponsive. >> it's happening more and more every day. when emergency crews aarrived they found two women had pulses the other two didn't. they had overdosed on heroin. >> i saw the police and the ambulance. all four were given the referral. the women become alert but were taken to local hospitals. drug paraphernalia found inside the home will be tested to see if the heroin was mixed. concerned neighbor say it's alarming to see the opioid epidemic hit so close to home. you would think people would not do that. how many cases has there been where the parents are passed out and the kids are sitting there behind them.
9:34 am
it really is bad epidemic. it's bad for everybody. it's killing people like crazy. sometimes parents no nothing about it. >> police have notified the department of children and families as of right now no charges have been filed against the women. live in the newsroom. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." also this morning. scary situation in revere neighborhood after police receive reports of six people wound up being taken into custody. no one has been charged. this happen on francis street. we got woken up and then someone one of the policemen came up and he came into our home. and upstairs and put a rifle through the window upstairs. he didn't tell us anything.
9:35 am
>> new details now the grandmother of toddler who was shot in roxbury speaking out. 2-year-old was in car seat when bullet meant for her father hit her on saturday. she's going to be okay. girl's grand mother said she want people in the neighborhood to speak out if they know something. but says they are afraid of retrobution. i wish the young people the youth would take live more and forth back and forth. she's going to be three in january. she doesn't have any sense of all this violence going done. and right now police are investigating a deadly drive. it happened in lakeville. investigator say a 77-year-old man was killed in crash involving two motorcycles. three others were seriously injured as well. people who live nearby say the way this road is constructed has
9:36 am
and i knew something had happenened. -- happened. we get a lot of crashes. >> so far police have not said what has led up to that crash. and three people are recovering after danger drive in halifax. two cars collided head on yeterday on franklin street. one of the victims was trapped inside. all three of the victims eventually were rushed to the hoal continue to investigate a deadly amtrak train accident in grinich rhode island. that person was killed. train service was delayed for several hours while authorities were investigating. >> i heard the train horn. and i woke up and it said to myself. i think something happen on the track. no one on the train was hurt.
9:37 am
forgiving fines against the company that runs the commuter rail. >> a report said the mbta has agreed to wave more than half of the 1.7 million fine that was issued against keolis for the commuter rail problems during winter of 2015. the forgiven funds were related to winter service and the department of transportation will hold a public meeting this evening at boston high school. east boston. officials will talk about the proposed design only the elimination of tollbooths as well. as all electronic tolling will begin a week from friday. caught on camera. terrified moment when a driver goes off the road and into a river. that car catching on fire. about a dozen people jumped in to hope. forming a human chain to rescue a man trapped inside. >> cell phone video shows witnesses scrambling to help after an suv careens into a
9:38 am
bay florida sunday. several people climbed down to the car. >> hit the button and he fell on top of me. and slammed to the passenger's side. and then i grabbed him and started pulling. he wrap both arms around the seat belt. and he said leave me alone. he started yelling. leave me alone. driver didn't want help and combative. they cuffed him in him up the hill. at least six people formed a human chain to get the driver to safety. he's glad he was able to be a part of the act of kindness. stranger come together for common goal to save a man's life. it's beautiful. >> investigator say the driver lost control after he hit another car. they are not sure if he experienced a medical emergency prior to that accident. >> new cell phone video showing the chaos after a man drove off a bridge and into a crowd.
9:39 am
saturday in san diego. four people were killed and dozen others were injured as well. you can see the bystanders helping those injured people as emergency crews were arriving. officials say the outcome of crash like this is never good one. >> we've responded to a number in past. not here. any vehicle coming off elevation like that. outcome just not going to be good. the draier active member of the he's now facing dui and manslaughter charges and remains in the hospital for injury he received. wild weather across country. typhoon beginning to fizzle out. emergency crews in oregon and washington working to remove downed power lines and trees. in north carolina officials are estimating that hurricane matthew has caused 1.5 billion in damage.
9:40 am
state. management you destroying over 100,000 home and killing 24 people. it's coming up on 9:40. you don't hear about this often. there's a sunday traffic jam coming up. what caused delays in summerville. >> an unexpected delivery. the roadside miracle putted off when one baby couldn't wait to greet the world. cute story there. we've got a great forecast for the couple of days. some near record highs on the
9:42 am
i heard a strange sound coming from my basement, and my hot water heater was leaking. luckily it's protected by a repair plan from homeserve, which covers things from drain valves to burners. a technician came right over. he handles all kinds of unexpected problems with my heating system. hey, homeserve guy! sorry...
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>> turkey here causing traffic problems. this is in summerville. drivers on 93 report seeing the turkey trying to cross the road. police say the little guy backed up traffic for about an hour. eventually the animal rescue league helped remove the animal. >> a baby boy worn on the mass pike. this family photo in the couple pulled over on the pike when the mother went into labor. both state trooper and ems responded. but the baby couldn't wait. he was born in the ambulance. what a cute i. and cute family photo. >> i love when they swaddle the baby. it's like the baby burrito. that's how you keep them quiet. you know that's one of bri's
9:44 am
we do baby boot camp. it's fantastic. that's next week. current temperature mid-60s. right now all across the board. 66 in boston. 61 in worcester. 64 in bedford. very mild temperatures just to start the day to put in perspective for you our normal high for this time of year is 61. look where our temperature is for the next few days. we're in the mid 70s today and close to 80. near record highs on the way. we had some clouds to sta t morning. and i think for the bulk of the day we get more sunshine than cloud cover. a light breeze out of the west. not enough to keep the sea breeze away. the coastline will be a couple few degrees cooler than our temperatures inland. this is at least ten degrees above normal. want to run you through the time line. as we make into lunch time into the low 70s perhaps a picnic lunch in the forecast for you.
9:45 am
about evening commute we can't rule out a chance for a pop spot shower to make its way through the area now where they end up really tricky to pinpoint that. by too you get umbrella out it will be out of here. only 20% chance for isolated showers. 55 to 60 for overnht that's mind especially for the middle of october then we warm things up more getting into tomorrow. 75 to 81 under mostly sunny skies. highs today. low-to-mid 70s and then we tick forward into tomorrow away from the coastline 80 degrees even into the low 80s for some not out of the question for boston to hit 80. which is near the record for more on that, danielle gersh. thanks. as you were saying we should be in the low 60ses for this time of year. upper 70s close to yaelt.
9:46 am
the record for tomorrow in boston 82. we will be close in worcester it's 85. upper 70s probably not going to cut it there. but in boston it will certainly be something to watch. we did start the month off cool. but now we take a turn towards the womanth. average high temperature by the end of the month upper 50s. it may not quite feel like fall out there. it's really looking like it. a lot of those fall colors peeking across new england. it's these nice temperature might as well get out and enjoy it. as far as rainfall go for the month. we started off the month with quite a bit of rain. because of that we're actually above average for the first time this month since february. we picked up over 2 inch of rain. we're close to ten inch where we should be for the year. for the rest of the forecast, bri, back to you. we hold off on any chance for
9:47 am
friday showers are likely. but there's time to pinpoint when they fall and how much rain we get models still kind of all over the place. fall is certainly with us. even though it feel like it for the next day. then 20 days away from when we have to fall back an hour with the clock as daylight saving time ends. here's the result of that happening. 6:24 will be our sunrise on but we also see the sun go down 4:31 in the afternoon. tis the season. here's a look at the 7 on 7 forecast. while it's warm. it's also aed that breezy and again holding off on any beneficial rainfall until thursday or friday. holding out for that really good rain that we certainly need and drying out for next weekend. >> also on 7. jumping off a bridge may sound crazy; right? but thousands traveled from near
9:48 am
just that. this was part of base jumping event. they took a plunge nearly 900 feet toward the ground. take a look. for the tens of thousand attending bridge day 2016 at the new river gorge bridge it's about seeing the staple symbol from a different perspective. to walk across the bridge is exciting. to go below and look back up at the jumpers. each october thrill seeker spectator from all overcome experience the bridge. >> it's been awesome. the weather is perfect. watching the jumpers is great thing. some of them were shaking a little bit. some of them were nervous. some are excited. then to see them plunge and to float through the air and then wait until the last minute to pull the chord. it's exciting. >> however many are pell i will happy walking from the sideline. >> i would never do that.
9:49 am
for the one with this courage is best view the one from the edge. >> it's nerve racking. even if you've done it. some of these are good and don't get nervous. i get pretty nervous. base jumper traveled nine hour from new york for the chance to leap off the bridge. >> it's illegal any other time. >> hoyt said if you can block out the nerves jumping itself is pretty simple. >> step off >> just as simple as that. estimated the 80,000 people came out. it's been celebrated in west virginia since 1980. i dent think i could do it. you're not an adrenaline junky. >> near am i. >> tom brady back in the drivers seat. what he had to say after a vegas take down. special meeting with country music star. who rocked out last night in the house of blues.
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9:51 am
9:52 am
>> good morning. by no means the walk in the park cleveland. tom brady was right on. 376 yards passing. 3 pushdowns and no interceptions. that to go a win. brady now 98 and 1515 at career in home. dominating performance following the 400 yards he threw last week. right before the half brady hits james white from the back field for 15 yards. they head to half up 10-7 first of two touchdowns on the day for white. we go to third quarter. brady fires into rob grownkowski for four yards out. groncs first dutchtown of t
9:53 am
touchdowns. becoming the fourth player in nfl history to reach 5,000 completions. i think i know how to get place you need to be. you only have so much energy. at some point you have to cut it loose when the moment is right. it's certainly an emotional environment for football. there's a lot of people we ran out. they missed saturday's night game due to soreness during the season opener. the red sox general manager are now former general manager heading to the arizona diamondbacks as their new executive vice president. and general manager he joined the sox back in 2006 he was promoted to gm in september of 2015. that's sports.
9:54 am
day. tom brady posting another fake newspaper on his face book page after the win. and for the first time brady himself is included the image headline reads pats bite bengals with qb biting a tiger paw. posting this picture on instagram showing vivian at the end of the first quarter stairing at the crowd as fan held up pink cancer awareness month. one of a kind meeting for several diabetes patient. who they got to meet before a country show at the house of blues. flash back to 80s. i don't mean like neon colors. but we talk about warming temperatures tore the next few
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? ? on social security and medicare, these are the facts. kelly ayotte voted for deep cuts in medicare and social security. here are the votes. she voted against protecting social security from the threat of privatization. and said she's open to raising the retirement age for social security. look it up yourself. the fact is kelly ayotte's supporting she's not working for us. dscc is responsible for the content
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>> country music singer visiting special fans at the house of blues. eric ins invited patient from joslin diabetes center to meet him before hand. he is diabetic. hen compared glucose numbers with one patient and told how he keeps his sugar in check when performing. what a nice connection they made there too. bri tell us morebo >> can you see this. 70 degrees in norwood. we're flirting with 70 in boston. right now you can see where the temperatures are going heading into the afternoon. mid 70s away from the coastline. we could see a spot shower later on this evening. it won't be beneficial rainfall. we stay mostly dry until the end of the work week. with that you have to enjoy your morning. thanks for being with us today. i'm christa delcamp. i'm sarah french. have a great morning. hopefully we will see you back
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this morning on "today's take," harry connick jr. is leer. grammy winning musician is our special co-host. then trunk or treat. a twist on a halloween tradition. plus "the biggest loser's" bob harper. staying in shape during the holidays. coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome, everybody. this is monday morning, wake up, wake up, wake up, if you're not already up. october 17th, 2016. i'm tamron, along with beautiful dylan. >> thank you. >> al is recovering from knee surgery. i sent him a bitmoji every morning, even on the weekends to


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