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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  October 17, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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stable condition. so what an i prompt. their officers have been recovering over at mass general since they were shot last week. they were listed in critical condition until today. the boston police department tweeting out this quote from commissioner evans this afternoon saying just left the hospital, both guys doing better. it appears somebody upstairs is listening to all of our prayers. the officers were shot last wednesday night on glad stone street in east boston. they showed up after receiving a call about roommate with a knife. that's when investigators say the suspect kirk figueroa armed with a gun and wearing body armor opened fire. the investigation into the shooting is still ongoing. for now in our newsroom, adand williams, 7 news. >> anchor: we have more breaking news. a merrimack high school teacher under arrest for allegedly exchanging neighborhood photographs with one of his students. police arrested robert todd wily today. they say the millford man september and received naked pictures and videos to and from
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he now faces felony charges. >> anchor: also today, sky 7 hd over the scene of a dangerous drive in hopkinton. a mother and two children taken to the hospital after being hit by a car. they are expected to be okay. >> anchor: and now the father of one of those children is speaking out with a message for the driver. kelly o'hara live this hopkinton with more on what happened and the message. he wants that driver to slow done and pay attention in total two mothers and five one of those mothers pregnant but miraculously everyone is doing okay this afternoon. i'm sickened. i'm absolutely sickened. two moms and kids hurt while crossing this busy street monday morning. sky 7 hd over the scene minutes later, you can see a baby carriage stuck behind one of the cars involved in this crash. the police chief says a driver slammed into a stopped car while the women and their children were walking across the street.
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hes hey scrape on his head and scrapes throughout his body. he is very scared. >> reporter: dad christmas terse said he was at work when he got the call his family was involved in this wreck. the father returning to the hospital to be by their side. when i got the call it was horrible. >> reporter: master said all things considering his family is okay and has a message for that driver. it's like any road. it's a dangerous road if you are the police chief says he is going to make sure this never happens again. he will step up patrols in the area and enforcement to make sure people slow down and again everyone involved expected to be okay this afternoon. reporting live in hopkinton, kelly o'hara, 7 news. >> anchor: sky 7 hd over a restaurant ceiling collapse in new hampshire. part of the interior ceiling at the bother touchy's restaurant in amherst street in nashua caved in today. three people had to go to the hospital. the investigation is under way
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collapse. >> anchor: a big fire fight today in the battle against isis. the war on the terrorist group is ongoing in iraq. today iraqi special forces launched a full scale offensive on the remaining isis strong holds in the city of michelle obama you will. this is the big every military operation there since american troops left back in 2011. this development comes shortly after the iraqi primaries's announcement the fight to retake mosul has officially gun. iraq's military along with the down throw's kurdish forces are on the move to the south and east of the isis held led coalition forces, air strikes sent flumes of smoke into the air and heavy artillery rounds could be heard. a crew for cnn caught in the exchange of gunfire with isis while traveling the road there. the fight against isis is iraq's second largest city is expected to be the most complex yet for the country's military.
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city would be a significant strategic gain. that's why the united states and iraqi partners have been working so closely over the last several months to prepare for the operation. >> anchor: now while important the operation doesn't come without, will impact civilians. the united nations predicts between 200,000 and a million people will be displaced. >> anchor: now to the election count down in just 22 days to go before voteea trail today claiming the election is rigged. alleging a conspiracy between the news media and his opponent. and hillary clinton maintains a double-digit lead in the polls despite a new wave of controversy about her e-mails. brian mooar with the latest on the race for the white house. on a busy first day of the early voting in georgia, donald trump supporters are concerned about the kind of large scale voter fraud he is alleging in his latest tweet storm.
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years. >> anchor: extensive poll of real live voters show trump has been hurt by his taped comments about women and accusations of bad behavior. hilary clinton isn't being helped by a steady flow of news about her private e-mails. the latest headline, an f.b.i. document shows the state department and f.b.i. discussed keeping a clinton e-mail unclassified in return for placing more agents in iraq. a dole both agencies ultimately didn't happen. no quid pro quo presidential tickets are fighting over the fairness of this election. i have no doubt the national media is trying to rig this election with their biased coverage. >> reporter: the criticism is completely unjustified and it's a guy who is whining because he is a big bully who is getting beaten now he is starting to whine. he is feeling more pressure as clinton takes her fight to reliably red states like georgia and arizona hoping prove at the polls that this was a fair fight. as pat that effort to turn sent
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surrogate, first lady michelle obama, to get out the vote on thursday. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. >> anchor: stay with 7 news on air and on-line for coverage of the race of the white house. dan hausle is on his way to las vegas. this for wednesday's final debate so he will have live reports. >> anchor: 7 news turning to the forecast. an absolutely gorgeous day in the stay city. not feeling like fall at all out there and temperatures only expected to rise this chief meteorologist jeremy reiner here with the forecast. >> reporter: even warmer tomorrow, near record warmth tomorrow 60's and 70's right now boston at 69. the normal high about 626789 way above that. norwood 76, fitchburg at 74 even out on to the cape and islands temperatures in the lower 70's. fair amount of clouds out there especially across western new england and into new york and pennsylvania. that's actually a warm front. t the leading edge of even warmer air and that warm front is on the move and so we will
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overnight tonight and then peel out of here tomorrow morning and behind the warm front look at the temperatures. detroit, chicago, in thy, lower 80's. that will get metro boston for tomorrow. we will talk more about that and let you know just how long this warm air will stick around. >> anchor: and we're following more news today. a convicted child rapist covering his face in court today. he was recently released from prison but he is facing new charges. his initial release causing concern for residents on he violated his probation. 7's victoria warren with the latest. richard gardner hiding his face in court. the recently released child rapist already accused of violating his parole. his attorney says gardner feels unfairly targeted. he was basically routed out of his house. he was invited back to his home. there was no reason that he couldn't go back to his home. >> reporter: in courtly waved extradition back to rhode island
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after being convicted of kidnapping business and sexually assaulting them. his parole prohibits him from going places frequented by children but last week quincy police say he was in a public library. whether in fact there is a children's entrance and he didn't go in that entrance, it's alleged he went into a common area, probably within view of the main library facility, main circulation desk and that's what is alleged and that i think may well of his probation. >> reporter: gardner's release prompted outrage. his attorney says the anger forced him from their home to various homeless shelter. he was at a boston shelter when he was picked up as a fugitive from justice this weekend. at some point we all have to decide what we are doing to people that are the untoughibles. he served his sentence. a long sentence of he may well serve more time. >> reporter: his attorney said
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is out to get him. he is expected to go back to rhode island some time this week. in roxbury, victoria warren, 7 news. >> anchor: police in springfield describing a live saving phone call after four women apparently overdosed on heroin. a young girl found them and then call for help. kris anderson has more on this story. a 12-year-old girl calls 911 from this home in springfield sunday after finding her mother and three other women unresponsive. >> t it's happening more and more every day. >> reporter: when emergency crews arrived they found two women had pulls, the other two did not. police say they had apparently overdosed on heroin. i saw the police and the ambulance go away. >> reporter: all four were given the opiate reversal drug narcan. the women quickly became alert but were taken to local hospitals. drug paraphernalia found inside the home will be tested to see if heroin was mixed. concerned neighbors say it's alarming to see the opioid
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it's a quiet neighborhood. you think people would not do that. how many cases has there been where the parents are passed out and kids are sitting there behind them just the whole thing is awful. it really is bad epidemic. it's got to stop. it's bad for everybody. it's killing people like crazy. sometimes parents know nothing >> reporter: kris anderson, 7 news police notified the department of children and families and as of right now no charge have been filed against those women. >> anchor: also on 7, rail services nearly fully restored at the hoboken transit station damaged in last month's commuter crash. 6 tracks opened early this morning and the discussion's ticket office also resumed operation. two tracks do remain closed for repairs and trains entering that station must now reduce their approaching speed from ten miles
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that station was badly damaged when a train traveling more than twice the speed limit crashed on to a platform killing a woman and injuring more than 100 people. >> anchor: new at four:00 a manatee making the trip back home. the pregnant manatee will be take friend mystic aquarium in connecticut to seaworld in orlando, florida. the man fee named washburn was rescued a few weeks ago near falmouthment once she gets to orlando we five will look after her until she will be released back into the ocean. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news the patriots beating back those bengals as tom brady team to victory once again at home in foxboro. >> anchor: a building filled with businesses the department goes up in flames along a busy street here in boston. it's newbury street. >> anchor: on 7 news at 5:00, scary situation in revere. a swat team swarms a home and residents are now saying the response was excessive. that's all coming up on the news
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p patriots an crowd there. it was brady's first start at home this season and high helped the team page the bengals. pats started off slow but turned things really up in the second half. >> anchor: the win improving their record on the season to five and one. john cuoco with more now from gillette stadium.. >> anchor: tom brady back in fox mr. and just like old times he had fans ready to go. it was a great crowd. we always get great crowds in. there they were into it. >> reporter: appearing in his
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his first four game suspension brady's bunch had trouble getting into groove but eventually starting firing on all cylinders against the bengals. brady tossing three touchdown passes. it took us a little bit of time to figure out how to kind of get our guys open and once we did that, it was a -- it was good. we got the ball it a bunch of different guys. >> reporter: his favorite target on sunday, rob gronkowski who finished with 162 receiving yards, setting a career career high and everything but most important to me is getting that win and it was a great team win overall. >> anchor: during the game brady also completed the 5,000th pass of his career. the 39-year-old qb doesn't intend on slowing down any time soon. i love being here and i love being quarterback of this team and hopefully i can do it for a long time. >> anchor: fans are hoping for the same thing and they are looking forward to seeing brady lead the team to more wins this season. we miss the first three home games and having hill back
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have him back just feels right. we'll go to the super bowl, baby. go pats. tom brady is back. >> reporter: next up for the patriots the steelers in pittsburgh. but here is the thing. the steelers will be without big ben roth list burger who tore his minute us cuss having surgery tid and won't play in the game on sunday. in foxboro, john cuoco, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news a tough job but someone that's got to do it. bri eggers take on a soccer star to see who did it i have to. she is on my team. forecast for tomorrow near record warmth. the forecast is up next. >> anchor: ahead at 4:30 a boat crash caught on camera off the coast of california. some surfers help a family after their boat flips near shore. >> anchor: some terrifying moments in florida when a driver goes off the road and right in a river. the dramatic race to rescue the man trapped inside that car. kelly ayotte: let's be honest - both donald trump and hillary clinton are far from perfect...
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>> anchor: breaking news right now out of braintree of this is a bus fire. this was a view or video september to us of that fire i'ming the back that bus that you can see this happened a little while ago. the smoke coming out there. flames coming from the back of that bus. the fire has since been put out. but the exit 6 southbound ramp as well as granite street are still shut down. this is a live look at the situation going on here in braintree. you can see here fires are out, tow truck brought in there but the back half of through there. we're still working to confirm if there is any word on injuries and it appears at this point there are not injuries and we continue to gather more information and we'll pass it along as soon as we know it. >> anchor: nice and warm right now and overall a warm week ahead, especially tomorrow and even on wednesday. temperatures in the upper 70's to the low 80's. eventually we'll see a couple of showers by the end of the week
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jet stream this week is going to look like this which is what will promote the above to much above normal temperatures and again some of you have said when is it going become to fall? your time is coming but not in the next couple days. tuesday, 81. wednesday 78. thursday 63. friday at 69. the afternoon high is 61 so the entire week terms are going to be above normal and that also means your morning commutes will feature mild temperatures so summer war , spring wardrobe, early fall but not anything 60's and 70's, the city at 69 right now. bedford at 75. fitchburg at 74. there are clouds to be had. there are moving in from western new england, eastern new york state and that is a warm front just when you think you can't get any warmer sure you can. it's the leading edge of warmer air and this warm front will bust into new england overnight tonight with clouds and maybe a few sprinkles but i think that would be about it. it's mild with warm front coming through. these are the overnight lows and remember that noral high of 62.
4:22 pm
63. summer returns tomorrow. near record warmth with a mix of clouds and sunshine again there could be lingering clouds from tonight early in the day tomorrow but then increasing amounts of sunshine. temperatures 78 to 83. a southwesterly breeze keeps that air moving at 19 miles per hour. boston tomorrow afternoon around 81. brockton 82. merrimac valley again a pattern like in the merrimac valley is always your warm spot, billerica lawrence, lowell, nashua, low 80's. the record in the city is worcester your record not that close. the record 85 back in 1908 and worcester i think again even without a record is still a warm day. close to 80 degrees. so there is tuesday for you much of the same, high temperature on wednesday into the upper 70's and then as woe work toward the end of the week this front will try to come back at us on thursday. this warm front which coming through tonight but it gets stuck on thursday so i think that's why we have a lot of
4:23 pm
will see that chance of showers go up thursday night and friday. we do need the rain, you know that. so we will welcome that rain and even on thursday our cool day again that's still before the normal high of 61. see you at 4:3013 see you then, jr. let's go outside, matt fitzgerald checking the roads and you have your eye on the about fire in braintree. what you can tell. >> reporter: the bus just got towed away so the road set to reopen in few still closed dunn and also the ramp to route 37 exit 6 on 128 is still shut down though that should be reopened within the next few minutes so that's good news if you are head there this afternoon. backing up quickly on the pike west leaving the city this afternoon, you will hit the bricks soon after the allston brighton tolls further up you will be stop and go passing newton corner then again out after the weston tolls. seeing usual delays on the expressway southbound you will crawl out of o'neill tunnel down past south bay then down to the braintree split over on the northbound side you are moving
4:24 pm
we'll check the ride on the expressway from the o'neill tunnel to the braintree split a 29 minute drive. once you get past that from the braintree split to route 24, 16 minutes. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7 news. >> anchor: we are bringing back who did it better. every week bri eggers is taking on a celebrity or athlete in a new challenge. >> anchor: we she will have fun with this and to get things roll bri and her challenger will see if they have what it takes to be a coaster, petty cab driver so pay attention because you decide who did it better. defense as the goalkeeper for the new england revolution. but this week, brad is on the offense looking to score a who did it better title. the challenge, navigate through an obstacle course used to train petty cab drivers. how familiar are you with a petty cab? i have ridden in a couple, i have never driven one. before we were given driving prescription we were showed the
4:25 pm
it is going to be about precision. not only did we have to make our way through cones but also a maze of golf balls. the idea is not to hit anything. >> reporter: and over wood planks all while trying to not spill a cup of water. three, two, one, hit it. you can kick this into gear, please? i mean, really rev up the engin. there's i good punt. really close. us there is a little bit of water that spilled here. i don't you i you moved any golf balls yet. i have my work cut out for me. the water is barely moving. that was really good. that has to be some kind of record. >> reporter: how do you turn the lights on in this bad boy. i think it will help me. let's go. come on. you guys, we're going so fast right now.
4:26 pm
how do i change gears? find a golf ball. >> reporter: don't hit the ball. this is the hard part. here we come. that's pretty good. very impressed. >> reporter: in the end, brad finished what time of one minute 23 seconds. the casualties? two cones with wart digging just below the line. i came in a few seconds slower at 1:34 taking down a cone or two and also losing some water it was a lot of fun of maybe not a pretty cab future as for as driving bun but riding in one for sure. >> anchor: head to our web site and vote and we'll have the results tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. >> anchor: next on 7 news, a chaotic crash in california. people race to the rescue after a car careens right off the highway overpass. >> anchor: and we're following breaking news. a new hampshire teacher facing troubling charges after he is
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>> anchor: we start with breaking news fought of boston. a bus fire, fire crews have putt out the fire but this is video sent into us from a viewer from earlier. you can see smoke billowing even flames in this video sent to us in front of the south shore plaza right here. iowa isn't to take to you video now to show you what the fire is now out here in the bus. this is we can tell you at this point that the area is still trying to get back to normal from this. we saw from our traffic a little while ago that they have moved that bus. they towed it out of there so no word if there or what the traffic situation is like right down there right now. >> anchor: fire officials investigating after a fire on newbury street in boston damages a building. in fact, investigators are citying there is about a million dollars in damage there. >> anchor: that four story brownstone building went up in flames last night. kris anderson has the latest from boston. >> reporter: a scary scene on one of boston's beth known streets. flames tearing through this newbury street brownstone sunday evening around 6:30 p.m.


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