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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. >> just hours from the third and final presidential debate. the candidates prepare as president obama tells donald trump to stop whining. a gruesome daylight assassination with a judge swrofd el chapo's terrorist attacks digs calls. a parent's worst nightmare. a stranger tries to steal your child while your not looking. america talks to the leader about the exclusive for removing isil. >> they say chow at their final steak dinner "early today" starts right now. >> good morning, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin.
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third and final debate is hours away and both candidates layout their closing arguments, with hillary clinton utilizing third and bernie sander's firing up supporters in neighboring arizona, mike pence and donald trump stoke fears of a ricked election. >> they want to even try to rig the election at the polling booths where so many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is all too common. then they say, there is no voter fraud in our countr pockets around this country and voter fraud disenfranchises every american, republican, democrat, independent and it cannot be allowed. >> and the "new york times" this morning reports trump has called on supporters to turn out in droves on election day to monitori polling place, intimidation and fears of minorities. president obama is now taking
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saying trump is waging a campaign to delegitimize an election. >> i have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the elections process before votes have even taken place. there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even, you could even rig america's elections. i'd advise mr. trump to stop whining and go make his case to get votes. >> if the last debate was any indication, tonight will certainly have it's own level of drama. the trump team now announcing the nominee will be bringing president obama's half brother, malik, a trump supporter to
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patricia smith, a mother of a benghazi victim. while clinton will bring meg whitman the h ceo and mark cuban the owner of the mavericks. six witnesses are coming forward to corroborate published allegations that donald trump attacked her back in 2005. stone stoyanov said he pushed her up against a wall and forced she was on assignm. melania trump denied the allegations in an interview and has so far says her billionaire husband did not do that. nbc news has not incidentally verified any sexual assaults against donald trump. when it comes to his 2005 "actress hollywood" comments caught in a hot mic moment. his daughter is speaking out, saying, quote, my father's comments were clearly
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this fact with an immediate apology to my family and the american people. she's not the only one, howard stern now distancings himself, saying during his show, even he has never we heard or used the vulgar word he uttered during that 2005 video. >> trump's rival hillary clinton is facing a series of embarrassms as controversies dog her campaign. with 20 days to go until election day, clinton's team is onslaught of the pesky e-mails that continue to be released by wikileaks. nbc's andrea mitchell has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton arrive physical las vegas, the site of tomorrow's final debate showdown as the clinton team prepares for the home strep t. strategy, in the debate, stick to issue, try to ray peer presidential, no matter what donald trump does, also dealing with fallout from the stolen
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john modesta called bernie sanders a dufus for international climate change deals. another, three months before clinton had the nomination, he called food groups, dividing them by race and gender. on the list, apple's tim cook, bill and melinda gates. sanders at the bottom of the e-mail in a category all by himself. despite those e-mails. he send bernie sanders to arizona, g states. michelle obama going there thursday. an fbi agent said he felt pressured not to label one of clinton's e-mails classified a. charge denied by the fbi and state department. president obama weighing in. >> i think you've we heard directly from both the fbi and the state department that the accounts that have been put out there are just not true. >> that was nbc's andrea mitchell reporting. make sure to tune in tonight for
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9 9:00 p.m. eastern. the president and first lady michelle obama invited matteo renzi to the white house. mrs. obama receiving spectacular reviews for her rose gold versace gown she selected. and gwen stefani performed. and jerry seinfeld, chef mario batali doing double duty. using fresh ingredients from the final harvest of the white house kitchen garden. if you are keeping store, they hosted more state dinners than george w. bush but fewer than the clintons. here's what president obama had to say about his final dinner in the white house.
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but, in the immortal words of a great italian american, yogi berra, it ain't over until it's operate. authorities in mexico are investigating a brutal and shocking execution caught on camera. a federal judge that played a role in joachim guzman's extradition process was shot in the back of the head while it's sending shock waves through that country. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> the shocking under surveillance video shows a man joggings, a gunman walks up from behind, pulls a handgun, then pulls the trigger. the shot blank execution. the 37-year-old mexican judge was reportedly involved in the extradition process of drug king pin el chapo guzman and other
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addressing the nation, mexico's president promised a full investigation. el chapo is behind boors in federal prison, but experts say he still has connections to order brutal hits. last month, mexico's army says, el chamo's sons were behind an ambush that left five soldiers dead. el chapo's lawyer says the widely feared drug lord who escaped prison twice using tunnels like this one was not involved in the murder. the judge also preside over other cartel cases and has not requested personal security. with el capo facing extradition to the u.s. next year, the investigation no this brutal hit is just beginning. miguel almaguer nbc news. miami is waking up to new mosquito fears a. few batch of zika-carrying mosquitos was
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area of miami beach already known as a transition zone for the virus. most of the infections in florida were caught traveling abroad. however, 163 cases were transmitted here within the united states, well, it happened again, in broad daylight filling up at the pump, we got details for you. >> right now, bill cairns is looking at this october heat wave sweeping through the northeast. >> not only in the northeast, through the ohio valley and the southeast and not only was it hot. it added humidity in the air, today. hartford, philadelphia could shatter your record. baltimore, same for you. further to the south, record highs, nashville, montgomery, charlotte, savannah, the northeast cools off for thursday. the south and southeast record highs from atlanta to tallahassee to sa van nevada here's a closer look at the day ahead.
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oklahoma city and amarillo. we will be watching the rain developing in the days ahead, especially late this afternoon, areas of kentucky, tonight and tomorrow in western new york. today is the last day of the heat wave for everyone in the northeast. >> the last day tracking those acs, bill, thank you. just ahead, every parent's worst nightmare a. complete stranger tries to steal a child as the mother looks the other way. we will bring you those details next. more "stay" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent. so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. and try bounty napkins. after brushing, listerine? total care strengthens teeth,
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> robbed in broad daylight. 65-year-old el by mccormick parks near a gas pump. look at the other driver, he crouches down, opens her door, grabs the purse, jumps back in his car, drives off, look, she is still pumping away, doesn't even notice a bit of what happened. she said the thief stole about
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be a rash. >> i can't think of how many times i have been at the gas station, i left the door opened, sometimes the window down. isis on the commander of chief of american ground forces in iraq is speaking out for the first time. major general gary valeski says she confident iraqi forces will ultimately prevail. >> the iraqis have the momentum. they know it. they want to get there as quickly as they k. isis said and this idea of this caliphate, you know, if 2014, when they came, they said, come here, this is the caliphate on earth. well, there's not going to be a caliphate if there ever really was one. so for isil, this is going took key wash for them. it will be a loss. >> he adds he is concerned that retaliation for losing mosul, isis could launch more terrorist attacks in the west.
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at home is when mobile falls, how are they going to try to deflect the attention? >> meanwhile, iraqi and peshmurga forces outside of mosul take practicing toward the city center and the first 100 families to escape mosul since the operation have been rescued safely. ecuador temporarily julian assange's site. wikileaks tweeted tuesday secretary of state john kerry asked ecuador to stop peace negotiations last month t. state department and ecuador categorically don't. asanege has been residing if an ecuadorian embassy, he avoids extradition to sweden over sex
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of espionage. new details this morning for a houston mom who wants one man to pay dearly for trying to steal her daughter. under surveillance video capturing the incident at a grocery store. here he is shopping with her 14-month-old child. as she turns away from her baby a. complete stranger comes up and picks up her daughter without her permission t. mom says it prompted her to turn the arms of a stranger, and posted it with over 2 million views. police are pursuing this as an attempted abduction. >> wow, there is an exchange of words there. dying to see what he had to say. >> it's a wonder she didn't ask for help in the supermarket. >> she appears to be in shock. a big announcement from one
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>> all right. fast forwarding today, this is something close to vice president biden's heart. he will discuss his moon shine initiative in boston. early this year, president obama appointed the v to oversee white house efforts to try to end cancer. donald trump's childhood
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auction. bidding on the bathroom tudor tile home is taking a hit because the property was previously listed at $1.6 million. later today, details on the smithsonian's effort to restore dorothy's ruber slippers from the "wizard of oz." i know that will make a lot of people happy. elon musk may have a potential announcement later today a. potential $15 billion settlement. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: a good morning to you. it looks like we may be inching closer to a final settlement. charles fryer the district circuit judge saying he is minded to approve this $15 billion settlement. >> that will include $10 billion to buy back almost half a billion vehicles t. rest would be used to give cash to owners
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value in those vehicles or to compensate them for any city tis they had as a result of the emissions scandal. so we will find out on october 25th if, indeed, that is the final resolution. just on to tesla, elon musk tweeting we will get a big announcement from the company today. we will lock out for that. meanwhile, encouraging news on the three sales. it looks as though they have at least sold or have for at least 12 months worth of tesla 3 production. back to you, guys. >> cnbc'soff cutmore. thank you. we will tell you who is the odds on favorite to winning tonight's third presidential debate. >> first a protest outside the military, a protest, a police van is running over the protestors. dozens are injured and many more have been arrested. the activist there is are demanding the presence of u.s.
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controversial phillipine's president's call for an independent foreign policy. we'll be right back.
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now you may recall melania trump sat down for an interview recently to defend her husband for the leaked ""access hollywood"" tape. it just gave stephen colbert more to work with. check this out. >> have you forgiven your husband? >> oh, yes.
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husband's chances among women? >> no, it's bug voice, bug voice, what you going to do? >> okay. but i just want to know, your husband isn't a boy, he's a 70-year-old man. >> boy, men, it's the same. >> all men are like this? >> yes. they're all animals. if only a woman could be president. ha, ha, ha ha ha. hysterical. you know, colbert will have a lot more after the 3rd presidential debate. it's tonight in las vegas. the o advantage. according to then seen of america's hillary clinton is a favorite to win. odds 1-5 donald trump's are 9-2 and whether or not hillary clinton takes drug test if donald trump will walk out if he gets a tough question or whether he will show up at all. we'll see what happens tonight. this is "early today." anything d needs a stable foundation.
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>> this is 7news now. >> christa: good morn, everybody. it's a wednesday. we're good to go for 7news "today in new england." >> kris: here are some stories we're working on for you this morning. a swimmer safe today after being rescued off the chest of ipswich. a man ran into trouble while out swimming with his son-in-law. the coast guard was c >> christa: curt schilling throwing a political curveball. the former red sox ace announcing he wants to try his luck in politics saying he plans to run against elizabeth warren if his family is on board. >> sarah: the vice president heading to boston today. joe biden set to make an appearance at the edward m. kennedy institute for the united states senate to talk about a national effort to end cancer. >> christa: and bill belichick speaking out about why he is done... with the microsoft
4:58 am
people for a moment. >> christa: can you imagine? that would have been the lead story. >> kris: would have been. >> christa: foggy yesterday. bri, how about today? is it going to be 80 degrees or what? >> bri: yesterday it depended on where you were located. i got a sun burn down near foxborough. in the city you drove enter a wall of fog. our temperatures were able to boost up into the mid-60s after the sun went down last night. we're finally in for those mild teat appearance today. that forecast yesterday, i'll tell you what, we have a bit of a breeds with us. it's coming out of the south and the southwest. that's helping to pump in some milder air. and today is certainly mild. i do think some of us making it into the low 80s. 79 degrees. that's kind of your average number for today. and tomorrow closer to normal for this time of year. we bounce around heading into the weekend. fall will definitely be back in play as we get into saturday and sunday. windy conditions, as well.
4:59 am
some clouds and even some showers that are to the northwest of us. this is a weak cool front that will pass through the area as we head threw the morning hours mid-day today. that brings us some clouds, maybe a sprinkle. rally slight chance of seeing any raindrops out of this because we break out the sunshine for this afternoon and warp things up. 74 to 81 once again near record highs in store for us as we head enter this afternoon. 78 for a high in boston. no fog today. we'll cross that. cool down on the way for tomorrow and some beneficial rainfall on the way for the weekend. we'll get to those details coming up. 7news "today in new england" starts right now. >> christa: now at 5:00 a.m., andover police searching for man they say exposed himself to students outside of an elementary school. >> kris: a teenager killed while rising his bike after being hit by a car in brockton. what we're learning about the person behind the wheel. >> christa: and a coast guard rescuing a man off the chest of
5:00 am
at sea. >> kris: hillary clinton and donald trump just hours away from their final face-to-face showdown as a new scandal emerges. >> this is 6 news snooze. >> kris: good wednesday morning. i'm kris anderson in for sarah today. >> christa: i'm christa delcamp. looks like another warm day on tap. >> kris: yesterday was the tale of two forecasts depending on where you were in the city. we were in london i think. >> christa: bri, i was thinking, it's never gng finally at the end of the day. >> bri: not until the sun went down unfortunately. right now 66 degrees in boston, warmer than the entire day yesterday. what an unfortunate day. couldn't kick out the fog. it will be gone today. we will boost those temperatures. right now mostly clear skies we have in store for us heading out the door this early. but you can see the clouds and even the showers to the northwest of us. some of those may work in for the early morning hours, but for the bulk of the day, we're going


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