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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  October 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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manhunt in new hampshire. police tell us they're suspected of breaking into a 21-year-old's home, robbing him and assaulting him. it happened just after 1:00 this afternoon. police tell us that an epping police officer was on patrol and just happened to be driving by when he saw two men running out of the house and that's when they were arrested. the alleged victim tells us he then saw a third man run away and that suspect got away with his .9 millimeter gun. that's when the manhunt began, local and state police locking hours, including several schools that were also put on lock-down. but late this afternoon, police found their third suspect, that alleged victim tells us what he says happened. >> we receive at tip from a citizen on pleasant street of a suspicious male matching the description of raul, a suspect on his property in the backyard. he was headed for the neighboring vacant property, and last seen headed in the direction of an empty shed behind the house.
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emergency response team, contact team to go out and search that property. they did a search and found the suspect hiding in a shed behind the property. he was taken into custody without incident, brought back to the police department here and being charged with four different offenses. >> they came in, pointed the gun at me and then like i reached for my firearm and then they strong held me and took it. they were two big gentlemen and hit me in the head with the gun because i then they like had me in a choke-hold and then i broke free right outside and that's what happened. >> now, we are live outside of the police station where we are waiting for the men to be loaded into a police cruiser to be brought to the county jail. so, again, three men under arrest right now after a massive manhunt here in new hampshire where the men are suspected of robbing and assaulting that homeowner. we're bringing the very latest of course as it develops.
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new hampshire, keli o'hara , a 7news. also breaking at 5:00, firefighters rushing to put out flames at a home in spencer. police tweeting out this photo of the house asking people to stay out of the area. we don't have word yet whether anyone was hurt. and more breaking news. police in salem charge two men in connection with an explosion of a newspaper box. both are from new hampshire, and authorities say they destroyed a box from the rainbow times, an lgbt publication, it happened back surveillance video show several people standing around the box as it exploded. >> announcer: one final face-off and all bets are off. ahead of the last presidential debate. >> the big show in vegas tonight not on the strip. the grand finale of debate season being held at the university of nevada. >> both candidates counting on a big win to 28 voters.
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getting ready for this showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump, let's head out live to 7's dan hausle is there in las vegas. dan. >> well, kim, we're just hours away now from that final debate. you got a glimpse of the inside, take a look at outside of the macarena here where the debate will take place. it's a big arena with a lot of seats but they're trimming it down to just over 1,000 for the debate. the campaigns are talking about what we might expect to hear from the >> reporter: past the glitz of the vegas strip, a strip downstage for the final fight night of 2016. the candidates already in position, their dualing planes seen squaring off on the tarmac tuesday. donald trump prepping on that plane. the candidate surrogates keeping up the campaign arguments hillary clinton running mate tim kaine in ohio. >> there's no bottom to this guy. just when you think he can't go any lower, you're gonna see him go even lower.
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>> trump's campaign manager says hillary's off the trail time is more than just debate prep. >> hillary clinton's scarcity is strategy. i get that, why they hide her for days before a debate. people don't want to be reminded how much they don't like her or don't trust her. >> you think she's intentionally -- >> we have 23 days to go and she's gone for 5 of them. >> reporter: both campaigns insist their candidates are ready to make the most of the night. >> my prediction, hillary's gonna be very strong, very strong on the facts and the knowledge. i think she'll be what she was in the first two debates, steady and calm, whatever donald trump tries to throw at her and there's like a new thing every day. >> reporter: expect trump to continue his call for term limits for congress, something the clinton campaign says the supreme court has already struck down but trump is promising to drain the swap that is washington. >> the number one trending term on twitter yesterday. i think that's the basis and
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benefit from the inside big system and hillary clinton certainly does. >> reporter: expect another round of the debate guest panel. hillary's guest meg whitman and outspoken trump critic mark cuban. the trump campaign inviting the mother of one of the mothers killed in the benghazi attack who blamed clinton for her is son's death and president obama's half-brother who reportedly is backing the g.o.p. nominee. >> after the town hall at the last debate we're goi one moderator, two podiums and two candidates. hillary clinton is going to get the first shot at the first question so looks like she won another coin toss. 7news. >> the clinton campaign has been complaining being trump's rigged election comments and wondering whether clinton has a campaign strategy to try to shut down those claims. >> well, tim kaine has been out there saying to his supporters, hey, you gotta get out here and
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margin then that complaint just won't hold water, so that's the idea, run up the score and then they can't have any complaints. >> dan hausle, we'll check in with you again coming up on 7news at 6:00. anyone who plans to vote in massachusetts, the deadline to register to vote today. you can register online. by mail or in person at your local city or town election offices. be sure to stay with 7news on air and online for continuing coverage of the race for the white house. da all night from las vegas. now to a developing story we're watching out of oregon where a building has exploded. there are reports that several people are injured on a busy part of portland, the state's largest city. let's get to ryan schulteis in our newsroom with more. >> fire officials are saying eight people were hurt in the blast in portland, oregon. three of the people are firefighters and two are police officers. the powerful natural gas explosion happened at a popular shopping district of portland. the fire department says none of the injuries are life-threatening but two firefighters did break their
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surgery. >> talk about a situation where time was of the essence, had those actions happened, you know, minutes later, this could be a much different situation, so that probably truly is the real success story in this that's those guys got in there, recognized that they had a potential threat of explosion and got the people out of the building. >> utility officials say the explosion happened after a construction crew hit a gas line there and now investigators are trying to figure out exactly how that happened. ryan >> a beautiful day. plot of sunshine. temperatures climbing into the 70s. but it's going to change. jeremy reiner is standing by with more details. >> this afternoon 70s and 80s, boston, a high temperature of 81. norwood made it to 82.
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>> clouds yes, rain, i don't think so. so we'll have mostly clear skies for tonightpp mid-50s and much cooler tomorrow with sunshine giving way to clouds temps seasonal, low to mid-60s. >> demanding answers, the family of the danvers teacher brutally murdered by one of her students filing a lawsuit today. the family suspect looking for money. they say they want to help enhance school safety programs. 7's byron barnett is live in danvers with more on who's named
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>> that's right. this is the lawsuit that was filed in lawrence superior court this morning. in it colleen ritzer's parents are asking why couldn't the state of the art security system here at danvers high school keep their daughter safe? >> reporter: it was a newly renovated high school with a brand-new security system, but that didn't prevent 24-year-old math teacher colleen ritzer from being raped and murdered in 2013. now ritzer's family is suing the department, the cleaning company for the school, and the nesco design partnership, the firm that designed the security system. ritzer's killer, one of her students 14-year-old phillip chism, followed her into the ladies bathroom after classes had ended and attacked her with a box cutter. he's now serving 40 years in life in prison. the lawsuit says the ritzer family is seeking answers to several questions including with a state of the art security
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how could chism roam in and out of the school visibly showing blood without being noticed. why was ritzer in the academic wing all by herself? what's being done to improve security at the school. no comment from the nesco design partnership and no word when we reached out to the cleaning company, but the danvers town manager released a statement saying colleen's death was a tragedy for the whole community and our hearts go out to the ritzer family. we respect the legal process that the and the school superintendent's statement said, we cannot comment on the pending litigation. we are, however, committed to continuing colleen ritzer's legacy of kindness and dedication to teaching. >> and in the lawsuit, colleen ritzer's relatives say they aren't seeking money for themselves, just money for improved school safety programs. that's the story live here in danvers, i'm byron barnett, 7 nuts. no charges have been filed
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accident that happened in brockton. a teenager was hit and killed while riding his bike last night. his family, friends and the community now coping with heart break. 7's jonathan hall is live in brockton. we understand earlier that, john, you spoke to his family. >> we did. and it wasn't easy, i'll tell you that, adam this accident happened right here on route 28, almost 24 hours ago. you can see up the road there the flowers. that is the spot where this young man ended up. the boy's family is from west africa. english language. the pain of losing a child is clear no matter what language they speak. >> reporter: struck and killed in brockton last night. >> reporter: the father of that brockton high freshman, an immigrant from guinea speaking
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>> reporter: the 14-year-old was riding his bike on route 28 near the brockton food mart, that vehicle was heading in the opposite direction. >> would he help you around the house? yes. they help, i think friday, i see help me clean the house. >> she's a good. >> it's unclear why the 18-year-old at the wheel of the escape struck the boy. that driver did stop and is cooperating with police. >> one of the as aspects the investigators continue to look at is there may have been some other vehicle that have influenced what happened without actually making contact. >> accident reconstruction teams spent hours at the scene last night. today flowers appear near the roadway. the brockton community very upset with the boy's death as are his classmates at brockton high school. officers say the driver who is very shaken has not been charged. >> this morning investigators
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the black box from the vehicle that struck the young man. >> and the mayor says that black box could help democrat the speed of the ford. the principal of brockton high school released this statement, it says, quote, the loss of a student is always difficult and affects our entire vhs family. counselors at the school today and two other city where some of his seven brothers and sisters attend classes. jonathan hall, 7news. the restaurant has re-opened its downtown crossing location. the restaurant voluntarily closed its doors yesterday when a woman reported getting sick after eating there. inspectional services checked it out and found several violations that included problems with food temperatures, cleanliness and even insects. it continually works to improve safety standards and practices. >> let's talk about the patriots
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the pittsburgh steelers will be without their quarterback on sunday, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy for the patriots. 7's trey daerr live in foxboro looking ahead. >> kim, with peyton manning now retired, no quarterback in the nfl is as close to being tom brady's equal as ben roethlisberger. the two meeting seven times over the last 10 years with roethlisberger on the shelf following a knee operation monday, match-up will just have to wait. >> is for any player. and he's obviously dealing with a significant one. but i'm sure they'll still be ready to go. they've got a lot of good players. >> reporter: ben roethlisberger leaving landry jones to call the shots in his absence. >> landry jones is a good player. roethlisberger is a good player. and again they have great players. that's what a good quarterback does, he gets the ball to his skilled players and they do the damage, really. >> reporter: the steelers top
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team within the last three years. >> one thing you watch and for a guy that's not that big he really catches everything. >> for as good as the steelers have been offensively in recent years, their defense is the third worst in the league against the pats 2016. status aside, it's still a group getting the attention of tom >> so far 2016 only oakland and new orleans are worse against the pats, all in the nfl. jay coming off a guam where he rushed for over 200 yards last weekend against pittsburgh. reporting live at gillette
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continue this evening. a stranger attempts to walk off with a woman's child. what prevented an attempted abduction. >> then at 5:30, a convicted sex offender accused of exposing himself to a group of schoolgirls and how police tracked him down. and a little boy comes face to face with a burglar at his home in new jersey. police crediting him for making
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can. supermarket scare in texas, a man tries to grab a child who was sitting in a shopping cart but thanks to a safety feature, the man didn't get she far with the toddler. >> now we're hearing from the child's mother about this frightening moments all caught on camera. >> reporter: shocking surveillance video from a texas supermarket, a mother says she was shopping and turned her head away for seconds, then a stranger walked up and grabbed her4- he wasn't able to get her fully out of the cart because she was strapped in. >> she was attached to the shopping cart cover, and i think that if it weren't for that cover, he probably would have just taken off with her all together. >> reporter: social service workers who saw the video say while child abductions by srangers are rare, abductors seem to be more brazen than before. >> we're getting so good as preventing these kinds of things that people who truly want to go to those measures have to be
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>> reporter: the mother says the man never spoke to her directly but said something disturbing. >> i was trying to take you while your mother wasn't looking, and it was just such a strange thing to say. >> reporter: the man has not been identified and isn't charged with a crime. but houston police are investigating it as a possible attempted abduction. >> and the fact that this happens on the one time that i was turned away, it just speaks volunteers. >> and the fbi has created an app called child id. photos and information there. so hopefully it never does, but if something happens to your child, you can send that information from your phone right to law enforcement immediately. coming up next on 7, don't try this at home. a daredevil's heart-stopping jump in california captures the attention of police. and then some. >> don't worry, i won't try that at home. we are talking about cooler temps tomorrow. forecast up next. >> and at 5:30, a surprise
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>> 80 degrees only happened once in the month of november in boston's history. never in december. windy weekend shaping up. a chilly wind, as well and that pattern will require a little bit of precipitation current temps in the upper 70s... a nice warm afternoon. cool front pressing through southern new england this afternoon will prevent us from
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for the rest of the week. as we follow the cool front, it does become a warm front. these are great producers of clouds and sometimes showers and storms. that's what the warm front is doing. it is generating the big bag of cloudiness and a couple of storms. >> sun in the morning, clouds in the afternoon, and let's get a few late day sprinkles especially worcester hills and the monadnock region. temps in the 60s, the city around 62 tomorrow afternoon. dracut at 65. these are the numbers closer to where we should be for this time of year. chatham, clouds, a few peeks of sun, upper 50s to low 60s. on friday a lot of clouds and i think a higher chance of scattered showers friday afternoon. but most of the raindrops
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a good shot of rain in southern new england late friday evening, overnight friday night where i think most of us have a shot at half an inch to an inch of benefit really rain from this right here. big ole' storm as it goes up into northern new england and southern canada. we'll really start to crank, generate a lot of wind on the backside of the storm system for the weekend. the storm peels out of here early in the day on saturday but we'll have wind both saturday and sunday. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour each day. we've got ahead of the charlestown this weekend so on a blustery chilly saturday and again on sunday with leaves blowing all over the place. see you at 5:30. still ahead on 7, flighting for a flight fee refund. a new proposal by the transportation department that would put money back in your pocket if your luggage is delayed in getting to you. then at 6:00, paying the price at the pump, why filling up could be costing you more
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and download your dvr shows anywhere. andrew crossley: new hampshire has a senator who works just as hard as we do. gerardine ferlins: kelly ayotte believes in the potential of new hampshire, and wants to unleash that potential. ron goguen: she's out there fighting for good-paying jobs. andrew crossley: kelly introduced bipartisan training initiatives to make sure we have the skills for the 21st century. sue winter: she's fought against workplace discrimination - and for equal pay. claude poisson: she's working for the little guy - i'm the little guy. barb fredette: we need kelly fighting for good new hampshire jobs so our kids can raise their families here.
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m kelly ayotte and i approved this message. a lot to talk about here on this wednesday. another hour of 7news is straight ahead. i'm adam williams. >> i'm kim khazei, 7news at 5:30 starts right now. a convicted secretary offender back in court. >> changes taking place for airlines and it might mean refunds for you. crawls out of a car, the owner keeping his cool despite the 6 foot surprise. >> welcome to 5:30, everyone. we're following breaking news. boston police say santollo has been released from the hospital. bpd tweeting he's happy to be home and grateful for the outpouring of prayers and support. now this officer and officer matthew morris were shot last week while responding to a domestic call in east boston.


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