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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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heavy rain bringing dangerous flooding to some parts of our area, some saying they have never seen anything like it. a serious accident in saugus, a bow dragged to the hospital after he was hit and dragged by an suv. a leaves two people dead questions. investigating after a white powder was found at clinton's headquarters. good morning, welcome to 7 news today in new england. i'm nicole oliverio in for nance see chen. >> good morning, i'm kris anderson. and take a look at here.
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and new hampshire last night. fier flooding, heavy wind, and even thunder and lightning is what we were dealing. worcester cars barely able to get through the rising streets literally turned into rivers. there were also power outages reported. right now for the time being most of the floodwaters are receding, but we could be in for more rain this evening. for that we will get to rob eicher. they inches of rain just yesterday in a few hours in the evening. officially at the airport just over four inches and that will go on the record books easily. beating the record that goes back to 1995, 3.8 inches, haverhill almost 3 itches, officially at logan over an inch. and we could tack on another half an inch in spots as we head through the rest of the day today. with all of that rain, this evening, and overnight hours, no
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dense fog visibility. down below, a mile in many areas not much better at the rest of the area. do look for fog, mist, and that will be with us for most of the morning hours. other than that, no actual measurable rain to show you on the radar at the moment. if i zoom out, do see a batch of should rain, stretches from new york to the delaware the southwest. that is moving in this general direction. expecting another round midday afternoon hours. that could tack on another half an inch. the other concern is it's going to get windy, gust 40 to if i 50 miles per hour, won't be out of question. the temperatures in the mid-50s, and that is it. temperatures will fall in the 50s later this an. we will talk about when it dries out and how cool it's going to get coming up in a few minutes. rob, thank you. so he with want to continue with
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heavy winds, lightning and downpours providing a soggy start to the weekend. many cars stranded when they got stuck in the flooded doors. one of our photographers climbing on top of his car as the water levels began to rise. and a 7 news viewer was caught, and you can see half of that car is under water and it made fire long night in many parts of our area. >> especially in worcester where we are showing you the video. residents aray have never seen anything like this before. >> reporter: a chaotic scene here in worcester after a flash-flood left most of the streets in the city completely full of water. there are several reports of people being trapped in their cars, getting stuck in four or five feet of water, like isaac who was just trying to make it home. >> i see it's too much. i try to reverse, my car shut off and that is it.
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out, so i could get out, i was thinking maybe tomorrow. >> reporter: he stood on stop of his car, to get out, stripping down to his under year after being drenched, not far away, a bridge was full of water six feet high. my husband has the scanner on, and it's all over the city, it's like this they said. >> reporter: the roads all over the city impassable because of flash bloods. people are warning people to stayff the flooding is lifting manhole covers. people living here looking at the high waters they have never seen before. >> how long have you been living here? >> 30-something years. >> reporter: that 7 newed today in new england. also on 7 a young boy is hit by a car in saugus and dragged 40 feet across the street. this all happening last night, the boy and the mother were in the crosswalk when the boy was
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parking lot. that little boy was dragged to mass general hospital, right now his condition is unknown. 7 news today turning to a trench tragedy at the south end, two construction workers killed when they were trapped in a trench after a water main break. the hole they were in started filling up with water in a matter of moments. other workers tried desperately to help these men out, but there was nothing they could do. we have 7 team coverage. we wan to gi gun know. >> in this cell phone video, you can see a man trying to reach into the hole but it's completely filled with rushing water. when firefighters arrived on the scene in just minute, darmouth street was already flooded. >> it was coming out of the ground and we can see the work is running around in a panic. >> reporter: two construction workers were running around, after the water main broke flooding the men in 15 feet
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broke, and they were not able to get themselves out of the hole. >>'s saturday. >> reporter: a construction crew was working in the trench when the water tried to come in. the other workers tried to rescue the two men, but it was too late. >> the guy likedly was trying to get those workers out. >> we were running around with a panic like with their arms over their heads and stuff. >> reporter: the mayor sent out ate thoughts and prayers are with the families. >> it's a dangerous field. >> it's terrible that you have to work so hard and these accidents have to happen, i mean it shouldn't happen to nobody. >> reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 news today in new england. we are learning more about the company involved. it has been cited by federal investigators a number of time leading up to yesterday's collapse. our team 7 coverage ones continues now with alex de
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bouquet of flowers hangs on the floor of the atlantic drain service. 1 of those lost a long time employee who was a grand father. >> it's a tragic thing that just happened. evan that he works with -- everyone that he works with and friend me included are devastated about the hole thing. >> reporter: the other employee who had been with the company a short i am. >> i'm shocked, i'm at a loss for words. >> reporter: a record shows violations from the oppositionnal safety since in 2006. more recent in 2015, the company was cited for two repeat violations involving under ground construction safety. one of them for not having a required rescue team. the other citation for improper safety instruction, and including under ground evacuation plans. for the violations since 2007,
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i'm alex de prado, today in new england. this morning, a 13-year-old boy hit by a stray bullet in his chelsea pa bedroom is recovering at home. and police chief brian visited the family in the family home. that is where one bullet ripped through delgado's bedroom, hitting in the shoulder. he describes t less violence in the park next to his home . >> it's horrible. it felt like fire burning you. people can't be safe in their own homes. it's crazy, what are you going to shoot at a park for. that's the kids playground. >> it's so scary. 19-year-old christian garcia is charged in that shooting. he is being held without bail. now to the countdown to the election, just 17 days left in the campaign, and the
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things into high gear, focusing on the key battleground. also trading more jabs on the campaign trail as they try to win undecided voters. >> we have a bunch of babies running our country, folks. we have a bunch of losers, they're losers, they're babies. >> a sharp elbow, donald trump is shrugging aside his sagging poll numbers, and vowing to hustle through the final the points show that donald trump struggling in places that were solidly republican. 45% to 33%. and in atlantic constitutional show shows trump with a narrow 2 point lead 44 to 42%. and bill clinton was the last democrat to win georgia in 1982. hillary clinton as her campaign
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featuring, the gold star father, ca sir kahn. >> and vice president joe biden had a strong opinion about the republican nominee for president. >> the press always asked me, don't i wish i were debating him. i no. i wish i was in high school ask take him behind the gym. there were a lot of early voters, 3.5 mill already cast their ballots in the election. a white powdery substance was mailed to hillary clinton. the campaign workers open the contents, and found that they were not harmful. those exposed were allowed to return home after a medical examination. both the officers and the u.s. secret service are involved in this investigation. still ahead on 7 news today new england. flooding that has ripped through our area after a night of heavy
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and then a lost wind as we head into the overnight hours, and then the story becomes the cool weather headed our way. i will show you how low we are going to go coming ahead. two men in their 20s charged with a cruel crime in salem. stay with us. ? ? ? ? interviewer: what would stop you from voting this november? woman 1: working late. man 1: lines -- i hate long lines. woman 2: no babysitter. william f. galvin: for the first time ever we have early voting. if you're registered, you can vote any day between october 24th and november 4th. avoid election day lines -- vote on your schedule. man 1: wow, that helps! william f galvin: early voting is easy voting. interviewer: so what do you think? woman 2: it' a timesaver. i love it. william f. galvin: it's easier than ever for you to vote.
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here is another look at some of the flooding that hit our area last night. this picture was taken by 7 news viewer in nashua, new hampshire. you can see how high the water is in the home depot parking lot. almost u up to the cars wheels n those spots. the summer no water, and when we get the rain it becomes flooding. >> we would rath coming down hard at one point last night n it's not unusual that epic drouths end with epic flooding. it put a significant amount on the drought yesterday. concord, new hampshire over three hinges there. and there's flooding in gnash you on and we're expecting more rain today on the order a quarter of an inch to half an inch in spots. unfortunately this looks like the heavier rainfall today could be in worcester county.
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5 inches yesterday. we got a couple of storesy to talk about. one more rain, and temperatures in the low to mid-60s. this by the way is above our normal high temperature for this time of year, but today is going to be one of those unusual days where it's warmer now than it will be in the afternoon hours. in fact, it's warmer now than it will be at any point day or night in the coming week to give you an idea of what is headed our way. 61 in bang or, and 63 inos new york. that is the incoming air that will be arriving here later this afternoon and into the evening hours. right now wind are light if not dead calm. that combined with the heavy rain and the saturated ground overnight leading to dense fog. that fog will be with us during the morning hours, drive carefully, other than fog, mist and drizzle, not a whole lot to show you on the radar, at least not locally. but just off the screen if i
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york and delaware. if i go off the map that is pushing off to the northeast. i do think we will see another round of showers probably not as intense as yesterday. probably won't see any lightning like we did yesterday, but still a best chance of rain late morning into the early part of the afternoon hours. pretty good chance of rain across the area, that starts to taper off as we head into the evening hours. it's not going to be a wash out all day the kind of things that you want to do on your saturday. there wi that you want to get out and enjoy it. middle part of the day it will taper off. not out of question we could see snow showers in the green mountains, and know mountains. not expecting anything in the immediate area, we could see snow showers but the bigger story will be the strong wind gusting up to 40, 50 miles per hour. skies clear out for tomorrow but the wind remain for most the
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warmer now than it will be at any point for the rest of the week. mid-to upper 50s tomorrow, same idea for monday. high temperature struggling to hit the 50-degree mark at best, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday with overnight temperatures well down in the 30s, next chance of rain coming late on friday. all right, rob, thanks so much. coming up next on 7 news today in new england. a day of heavy clashes in iraq now over. we will have the latest on the fight to retake the city of mosul. investigating after several websites go down in a massive
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the fbi and homeland security now getting involved after a powerful, twitter, amazon, t so far there's no suspects mind the latest hack. >> the powerful and sophisticated cyber attack came waive after waive on friday. internet users amazon, paypal and a long list of others. this attack was aimed at dime a tech company at new hampshire. it allows people to connect to
6:21 am
domained main serving the address server for the internet essentially overloading it. >> when we know is that a cyber group criminal or group of people created the opportunity where they had web traffic and they funneled all of that traffic at a particular company dyn. >> the hack will cause major corporations dearly. it's too early to tell who is on the methods and, it may be russian in origin. it tells the news that this is a like lying case of state vandalism. >> we got to make sure that we have a resilient network na is able to withstand these types of probes. >> reporter: with the largest outage in the north west, a second waive spread west.
6:22 am
their banking accounts or log on to their builts, with paypal and twitter down, nobody could work. it's another thing when the company involved can't fix it. >> it's fighting multiple very well planned attacks, the case of cyber warfare comes just before the election. experts say we're in uncharted territory. jonathan hall, 7 news today new no critical, personal or financial information was lost but it shows how vulnerable servers can be, and every time security forms make a fix, the thieves find another way in. >> coming up at 6:30 on today in new england. crews in southern california dealing with the massive fire at a cardboard recycling plant. the patriots back to full strength on offense, still dealing with a major blow on defense. the latest injury group is
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fist, it's the first class act of school year. meet a group of students going the extra mile to help others in
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well, school is back in session, so that means we have our first class act of the year. >> so many wonderful students we get to feature. this morning it's a group of
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people get into new homes. krista del camp has today's class act. ? ? ?. >> reporter: what does building a house in roslindale, and walking the length of cape cod have to do with one another. answer, it's all parts of the efforts of the seniors of west peabody and their class act. >> it's more chaen thought it would be. i was like -. >> reporter: habitat for humanity which builds houses for the poor. they challenge themselves, they raise fund by walking 7 miles from cape cod to the saginaw bridge. averaging 12 miles a day they were sore. >> yeah, it was very tough, we were very, very tired. >> reporter: yet inspired.
6:27 am
>> you can't walk 70 miles unless you are like the 12 people you're walking with. >> reporter: after six days, providence town. >> finally. it was really cool, because we felt like we could make a big difference. >>with what a difference they made. the pledges for the walk came in at $3,000, and the that is the amount they donated for habitat for human. the day they donated the money they put in sweat equity, helping to construct avondale. >> they wanted their money to go to a place that could make a difference, and now they're here building the house. >> all the people are so nice and welcoming, and understanding that we were not construction workers. >> we are behind what they're doing, and we care about these people that need affordable homes. >> not only was a culmination of all the money we raised and it was a culmination of the memories we made, too. >> reporter: this was the
6:28 am
the bar very high for other classes to follow. in the newsroom, i'm krista del camp 7 news. if you know a student between 6th and 12th grade doing something outstanding, whether in school, sports or the community. nominate them online. go to, because we would like to hear about them. so nice to see kid doing so many wonderful things. >> it's so hard to pick, because we get so many ground by a school administrator. now that students' mother want some answers. >>more wind, and cooler weather all in the weekend forecast all lined upcoming up. a suspect in court a us couped of a chilling crime.
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are those with anybody. denny's new fluffier, tastier, better pancakes now in holiday flavors. part of our area still dealing with major flooding this morning, but several other states encountering severe weather as well. we will tell you all about it. a mass assault in iraq is over for now after heavy clashes in one of the cities inside we are headed to hotspots for take over, classic series what's cooking. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning.
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>>i'm kris anderson. many parts of the area still dealing with flooded streets. heavy pounding rain, you could hear it on the rooftops. we will head over to rob eicher to see anymore rain during the day. >> yeah, middle of day was it was a record breaker officially in worcester. unofficially in worcester there were reports of over five inches. a lot of areas are reporting between 2 and 3-inch of rain, just in a few he hour's time yesterday evening. with allf overnight hours, and currently light winds that is allowing light fog to buildup out there. and the visibility is less than a mile in many areas. fog and mist this morning and that will be with us throughout most of the morning hours until 10:00 or 11:00. radar right now otherwise all quiet at least in our immediate area. not too far away, there's another batch of rain, and if you stand back and watch and tell these are drifting, showers drifting in this direction, mainly green stuff. the lighter rain not so much in
6:33 am
rains, the heavier rain that we had last night. still expecting another round of rain today. middle part of it. not going to rain all day today. there's periods that we can get out and not worry about getting wet. late in the day expect wind gusts, wind advisory at almost the entire area. wind gusts 40 to 50 miles will be widespread across the area tonight into tomorrow. low to mid-50s, starting off warm, this will be one of the days where the hours, talling temperatures, becoming windy late today. we will talk about when we clear out and how cool it will get coming up in a few minutes. rob, thank you. now to more on the wild weather. there were other parts of the northeast dealing with heavy rain giving areas that were under drought some hope. so the issue is that for many areas, it's just too much rain, too fast. ground can't soak it up and absorb it fast enough. it's proven to be a big problem
6:34 am
>> reporter: in the northeast a much-needed soaking has turned fatal. flash-flooding in central pennsylvania left at least one dead and fearly two dozen needing rescue. in new york a steady pounding from mother nature, but all of this rain won't be enough to reverse a drought that has been building for months. below normal precipitation has created the worst drought across the northeast in more than a decade. conditions that could last throughout the winter is just the latest part of the country to be hit with w existing residential wells are dry, leaving some homeowners desperate. >> without the dug wells they have to water source, so their only option is for us to come in and drill them a well. >> reporter: in connecticut where 89% of the state is under severe drought conditions and emergency pipeline is being built to pump in water. in new jersey, reservoirs and streams are extremely low. in massachusetts the situation is so serious, farmers are being
6:35 am
>> they have been down four feet. >> reporter: 7 news today in new england. more than half of the northeast is under some sort of drought. the good news is that the most severe areas will see the heaviest rain going into the weekend. while that water may put a smaller dent into the problem. it won't be enough to quench this historic drought inside also this morning, a man in laurens facing some -- lawrence facing i serious charges after a violent sexual assault involving a student. the it take action. we have more in the warnling. >> reporter: doing best to duck out of cite, angel mateo, charged with raping and kidnapping a 13-year-old girl. according to the prosecutors the 21-year-old suspect carried the middle girl student into his apartment, and sexually assaulted her.
6:36 am
thought he was 18. he was wearing a gps tracking device as a trial condition. that was connected to an arrest on charges of extortion. >> i'm worried by my 13-year-old, she is 13-year-old. she has apse burger. >> reporter: a 27-year-old woman has come forward identifying mateo as the man who lawrence. >> a young man who is obviously, enticing women. >> you have anything to say at all. >> reporter: mateo's family left of the courthouse without comment while extra police is outside of the school. >> a guy has to be out of his mind to do something like that. >> reporter: steve cooper 7 news today in new england. two men are caught in court after committing a cruel crime
6:37 am
20-year-old, lawrence gilman allegedly used fireworks to blowup a rainbow times newspaper box. this is video of them in court. the rainbow times, is the largest lbgt newspaper in the new england area. this explosion happened in august, it was caught in surveillance video. it helped police identify the man and event actually led to the arrest. they were investigating the explosion as a hate crime but there was no evidence of that. the people that run >> we understand that the hate crimes in any case are difficult to prove. we agreed with the police, and the charges that are being brought because it's important to us that they are held accountable. >> that same box was vandalized several times before it was moved to the town square. isis try and troops try to take back mosul.
6:38 am
they launched attack on police, outside of mosul, killing more than 20 people. and isis executed 300 civilians. soldiers worked to clear bombs, one sailor was killed when an iud exploded near his vehicle. a school administrator teaching one student a tough lesson when he lambs her to the ground and it was caught on video. now the mother is outraged and is demanding somens happened before classes that started for the day. oh, wait. >> surveillance video from the north las vegas high school shows administrators breaking up a heated fight between a freshman and a senior. the 13 years old mom is not saying thank you. she believes school officials were too aggressive causing more
6:39 am
cps would have come and picked me up if that would have been me throwing my daughter like that. >>it's difficult to tell what happened in the second before the body slam. they are taking a close look at it. mom says the school police are forwarding it to the prosecutors. >> her opponent was no longer there. what was this fist for. it was an angry administrator. >> reporter: this woman says police believe the man in the video is chris isle not the school strict won't say for sure but added that i'm has been moved to a position. while the investigation is pending. you better be a leadership for the community. >> reporter: that mother said that the doctors treated her teen foreking cushion, a strained shoulder. >> it's scary because she doesn't know what will be happening later in life. we don't want to see a child at
6:40 am
i'm glad that is the guy because we didn't have to do that. >> reporter: jonathan hall 7 news today in new england. several student that claim that they were trying to break that fight up say they were suspended after this incident. we are following more news, crews in california continue to fight a massive fire at a cardboard recycling inner. take a look at the flames right there. the fire is contained, but it's expected to burn for a while, because the having trouble extinguishing the large bundles of cardboard. >> it's hard to look at the amount of area it was covering. coming up, the injury bug may be biting the bruins already, and it's so early in the season. we will tell you why tukaras is listed as tentative. we will show you the gusts that we are expecting coming up. it's the perfect recipe are fot cold autumn night, what is
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ing? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. it's 6:43, a live look outside, one of my favorite things when i'm driving on 93 southbound. when you see beautiful skylight in the horizon and it was
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rob. >> reporter: it will be that way until 10:00, or 11:00. tough to make out the top of the buildings, and you will need a good view for the head of the charles regatta. because visibility not so great this morning. weather wise, showers likely the middle part of the day, but i don't think they will be as heavy as yesterday, not expecting the lightning, and it looks like the strongest wind gusts will hold off until the event are concluded for today. the tro 40 to 45 and even 50 miles an hour. and the youth races could be tomorrow morning. that would be the biggest issue with the head of the charles. 65 in plymouth, it feels more warm, muggy, almost like an august morning out there right now but the catch is, it's warmer now than it will be at any point for the rest of the day, and warmer now than it will be at any point day or night for the rest of the week. much cooler weather coming in here as northwesterly wind will
6:45 am
this afternoon. currently wind are light if not calm. that is part the reason we have the fog out there, that and the saturated ground. as we head into evening hours, the sustained wind will start to pick up at 25 miles per hour. later this evening we could see gusts in the order of 30 to 40 miles per hur. that start picking up even more so, overnight tonight and into tomorrow. pi tomorrow morning we're looking at gusts around 40, with 50 not out of the question, and that continues into the afternoon hours. tomorrow afternoon some of the where we see the bigger wind and sometime higher gusts will be the higher elevations, wind will start to calm down tomorrow evening. on the radar at the moment, nothing in massachusetts but not too far away. nothing in new york and nothing off to the south and west. that is another round of rain, and that will roll in here the middle part of the day. it's not going to roll, early morning and late afternoon, do expect another round of showers.
6:46 am
not out of question. we could see snow showers and higher elevations on the green mountains and white mountains, not expecting anything in our immediate area. clearing out late in the day, we got another round of rain in the middle part of the day, and we start to dry out and cool off. upper 60s tomorrow, the same idea on monday, near if 50 thet best. overnight temperatures well in the 30s, next chance of rain coming on friday. reading a good book. >> while enjoying a cup of chowder. it's the warren tavern and it's in today what is cooking. >> reporter: named after patriot dr. joseph warren who died in the battle of bunchinger hill.
6:47 am
built after the british burned down the town of halls town. >> reporter: paul revere, and sam adams, visit the hot spot and it still draws a crowd n many high-level politicians, movie stars have been in here. >> reporter: today chef stephen is sharing their all time taster recipes for clam chowder. >> it's been the same for many, many years. >> reporter: first saute salt pork in a big pot. >> you put that in a heat. >> reporter: then add chopped onions and butter. >> it's one pound of butter. all right. you need the butter to make it thick. >> reporter: melt the butter down. >> then add the flour. >> reporter: you keep stirring it. >> yes, you don't want to brown. that is going to cook for 5 minutes. >> reporter: then add the clam stock. >> we don't add it all at the same time, we don't want it to clump up. >> reporter: then add the rest of the stock. >> potatoes.
6:48 am
>> locally sourced. >> looks delicious. >> season with black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and dry thyme. bring to a boil, and add heavy cream. >> use heavy came cream becauses been that way. >> reporter: add with us ter tabasco. >> chowder so rich and thick it's a meal in its own. that looks so yummy. >> that is what you need to do after the show. >> you're from rai braintree, um this area, and you don't like seafood. >> i can't imagine something being in the sea n we will go to a seafood restaurant, and eat all of your food because you
6:49 am
still ahead on today in new england. the offense has everyone back, but the patriots has angry concerns on defense. we have more in 7 sports.
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i'll take up more if you want to, i know i had a couple of long answers there. it's usually a problem with me. it's going on and on. >> bill belichick getting straight to the point wrapping up friday's press conference. own the mic for more than -- so don't get it twisted her down an offensive lied by landry jones, and not ben roethlisberger. nine players listed as questionable, including jamie collin. duante hightower 13 tackles without a sidekick, says thinks life is a whole lot easier, and collins is on the field, too. >> it's a lot more, having jamie out there, a lot of times, you
6:53 am
take care of the front and you take care of the secondary, and we have our own way of doing things, and sometimes jamie is just like, go ahead and you make the cause and i'll playoff of it. so it helps having an amount out there. he does everything, so he make it a lot easier for me. so you can tell i have,. >> as they're holding down the pipes in the second straight win. tuesday night, they took practice not yesterday, as what they termed general soreness, during the season opener last thursday, and he is questionable for tonight's game against the canadian. the eagles hosting syracuse at the high. that is it for sports. we will see you live from pittsburgh at 6:00, 10:00, and 11:00, have a great day. today new in england, they can't fly but they sure can run. the curious creature found
6:54 am
i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money from the existing public schools. that's 400 million dollars, just last year. we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
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it may be native to australia, but yesterday one was seen walking down in phoenix. officials are unsure how the emu got there, but it's not the first time that it happened. >> weird things you see when you're driving down the roadway sometimes. >> i guess somebody recognized
6:57 am
it's not native to the area. >> what is that, it's a big bird. >> driving through the area was very tough. rain start coming down. >> we are likely to get another round of it in the middle part of the day. not as heavy as it it was yesterday but you add that to the saturated ground. not hard to see the ponding on the way. 60s this morning, falling in the 50s and continuing to fall only the upper 50s tomorrow, highs near 50 by tuesday. getting c night. >> he said snow earlier. >> oh, no. i just pretended i didn't hear that. >> that will did to for us for
6:58 am
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. mething about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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good morning. swinging through the swing states. donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the key battlegrounds over the weekend as the race hits the home stretch with the polls looking ominous for the republican candidate. today,al closing argument to remember. >> we are going to do something very special. >> clinton set to bring out serious star power today after 24 hours of a suspicious stance in the headquarters. and popular web sites trying to recover after a massive series of attacks shut them down coast


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