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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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. . . . . . . . on this sunday night, a deadly bus crash, the horrific collision with a track for trailer on the highway of southern california, killing more than a dozen passenger and injuring many more. late surge, hillary clinton's widen lead over d the candidates making their closing arguments. now, just 16 days before the election. dangerous encounters when shopping through online classified leads to face to face apparent help, more and more sign of cook ups for folks going through
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"nightly news" begins now. from nbc news, world headquarter in new york, this is nbc "nightly news" with kate snow. good evening, their bus slams into the semi. the bus was wedged 15 feet into a trailer. more than a dozen of people died in the accident on interstate in los angeles. it happens around 5:00 a.m. the national transportation safety board is launching a team and investigators are talking with the driver of that tractor trailer who survived with only minor injuries. morgan bradford at the hospital of palm springs. >> reporter: bodies covered in plastic. investigators scouring the twisted wreckage
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the big rig. firefighters pulling victims from the wrecka wreckage. >> are the victims expected to recover? >> everybody in the intensive care unit is stable at this time. >> reporter: it happens just after 5:00 a.m. when the tour bus headed west towards los angeles and rear-ended a semi truck at interstate 10 and palm springs. >> you can see they're actually cutting out ec smashed and shredded. >> reporter: tonight, the cause is still unknown. >> almost 35 years i have never been into a crash where there is been 13 confirmed fatal incidents. it is tough for all of us. >> reporter: kate, 31 patients are still being treated in areal hospital. a trauma surgeon who i spoke to here says almost all of the pea
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patients he treated are suffering injuries consistent of not wearing a zeseat belt. >> thank you, morgan. we turn to politics now. a new national poll showing hillary clinton expanding her lead over donald trump. clinton is now leading trump of 50% to 38% in our abc news polls. trump is campaigning hard in the home gutierrez jobegins our coverage tonight where trump's rally is just wrapping up. >> reporter: today, donald trump brought along surrogate ruby guliani. 55% of republican voters do not approve of trump and claiming that he won't accept the election result fs s if he loses.
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trump is rallying supporters in the sunshine state. >> in 16 days we are going to win the great state of florida. we are going win back the white house. >> with him down 12 points nationally and even republican strategists conceded it is difficult to see a win. >> i don't see it happening in just two weeks and conducting the kind of campaign he's conducting. >> t press" his campaign adviser admitted that trump is behind. >> she has tremendous add advantages and her former president and the vice president is much more popular than she hopes to be. >> trump continues to stay on message and insisting that the system is rigged against him. >> trump denying the claim of 11 women
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that he will sue them and precinct dicting the allegations won't hurt him. his response parody on "saturday night live." >> i am completely innocent and i have said this before and i will say it again, nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> while not everyone is laughing. many voters are weighing in. more than 4 million votes have been casted around. in five others, more republicans. they have voted for trump by mail. >> all of my women friends, they are 110% for trump. >> the question for gop, will enough female voters agree with them come election day? gabe gutierrez, maple, florida. i am kristen welker in north carolina where hillary clinton is increasing helping democrats in
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everything i can. i hope you will do everything you can to help elect, roy coop cooper, as your next governor. >> our latest nbc analysis shows more republica republican voters have turned out here. taking donald trump after 11 women accused him of unwanted advances. >> my opponent thinks be littling women makes him bigger. >> trump charging the clinton campaign with being behind the women one of clinton's top aid insisting that's not true. >> these accusations are not coming from our campaign. >> today, new signs some supporters thought clinton may have put the e-mail controversies to rest after the first fiery news conference on the matter of last march. >> i saw it as a matter of convenience. >> according to a hacked e-mail released by wikileaks today, clinton's supporter,
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podesta seem to go we well. i don't know how the story advances. nbc news has not authenticated the e-mails and u.s. intelligence points to russian hackers as the source. and clinton continues to face the drip, drip, drip of wikileaks, she made it clear that she started to look past of donald trump. >> i don't think about responding to him anymore. >> reporter: under scoring the importance of north carolina, here on thursday to campaign with michelle obama for the first time. one of her top aids. >> kristen welker, thank you very much. with hillary clinton leading and democrats have been shifting money that maight have gone to her campaign. retaking control of the senate. kelly o'donell looks
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equation. >> to avoid pain. >> top of the tick victo ticket vis not the only prop. >> confident about clinton's chances. democrats are pouring cash into air wars to win back in senate. >> i am going to support donald trump. >> hitting gop incumbent once considered safe. >> for tv ads, democrats are set to out stunt by almost $18 million on senate races in the next two weeks. >> this is a one opportunity to go out and win that we never have a chance. republicans are depressed. >> their strategy was suspended on tv ads earlier. >> there is a sense of alarming and over the next week or so, i think hopefully you will see that gap
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control is down to six dates with republicans defending five. donald trump is a factor. >> lets be honest. >> both donald trump and hillary clinton are far from perfect, i am note perfect i either. >> donald trump can use trump effectively because he's a republican. republicans don't have the resources to fight back. >> republicans tie their opponents to hillary clinton. >> leading a hole that the republican senate campaign finds hard to fill. kelly o'donell, nbc news, washington. police in philadelphia are searching for a suspect in a shooting of a man who thought he was about to buy a new phone but instead was robbed and shot in the leg. it was supposed to be the end of a transaction that began with an online classified ad. with a growing number
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meet up ending up in crime. we'll get more from terry sanders. >> reporter: buying and selling on the internet is so easy until it comes time for that in-person exchange with a stranger. >> worst case snare joe in longmont, california. >> a female stated to her co-workerdm touched by another female. >> she offered free baby clothes, the stranger on the ad pulled the knife and attacked michelle and killed her unborn child. >> u.s. marine colonel left lane died. the gunman did not get away. >> you're charge of count one of felony
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death. >> it is incidents like this having police setting up e-commerce and exchange those. >> it is a simple idea. a seller meets a buyer in a designated spot in front of the police department. all transactions are on camera. so if a criminal were so braizen to try something, it will unfold under the watchful and blinking eye of law enforcement. to think twice of coming up here and trying to do a transaction. >> in a safe exchange zone in new jersey. >> i am so sorry. >> a sale transaction of cup cakes. >> she buys it two or three times a week on line, a police department parking lot just makes sense. >> i think it is safer for everybody educational. >> e-commerce is what begins online is now
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exchange in a safe zone. >> nbc news, saint augustine, florida. they finally did it. the chicago cubs making it to the world series for the first time in 71 years. they are going to play one of the world series against the indians in cleveland and history will be made again of the most expensive event in baseball. ticks already selling thousand >>. >> reporter: it was a spectacular ending leading to a new beginning. [ cheers ] one for the agent, striking out past misfortune. turns out there is crying in baseball from up joyful well. >> i am excited to see the city have something to cheer about and all the excitement.
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we could not believe it. >> in beating the la dodgers, the chicago cub and their fans have stopped that watch ticking ever louder for 71 years. >> it is been an emotional ride for everybody. watching them year after year and not winning and still being in all the games. the celebration spontaneous and spirited and turning night into day. >> go cubs! selfies taken at the speed of light. now, it is onto cleveland. there is always next year. it is been 68 yeefrs since the indians of headliners. >> the cubs, you have to go back to 1908 when this local paper
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posse prostate cancer, it is not easy. we get details from doctor john torres. >> hi, i am clark howard. >> when he was diagnosed wither stage prostate cancer nine years ago, he decided against aggressive treatment. >> i don't want to deal with radiation and surgeries because they all have terrible side e if he caffects. h the cancer meaning check ups and occasional biopsies. >> dividing them into three groups, some had surgeries and some radiations and active lim ly monitored. researchers found almost no difference in death rate and cancer spread often and men having active
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ly ly fatal. >> prostate cancer takes a long time to evolve. so an older man who does not have a long life expectancy will have the problem. >> clark's cancer has not spread. >> if i reach the point where it comes important that my results start to look treatments, whatever the best treatment is at the moment that's what i will do. >> it is a wait and see approach. >> reassuring for men putting aggressive tee treatments on hold before it is absolutely necessary. up next, our
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we are back with an unusual alliance in this decisive presidential campaign. >> members of two groups, each singled out in campaign rhetoric have teamed up. guy shorts of our election series of red, white and you. >> i am coming to your door to as you if you have registered to vote. >> two democrats, latino for mayor and a muslim woman along for the support. >> the sight of a
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often draw stares. >> after watching his political reason giving rise. >> donald trump is calling for a complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. we are going to build a wall. it is going to be a big, fat beautiful wall. >> as painful as it is to be told that you know, that i may be, a threat or terrorist or that he may perceive as -- >> it is my responsibility to redefine that. >> latinos are one of the fastest growing segments of eligible voters with 27 million able to cast ballots in november. in orange county, some are fighting open arm frs s from a growing muslim community on a saturday.
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a day of sharing each other's cultures, starting conversations about food, customs and their faiths. cultures now rediscovering a history that dates back to a thousand year. >> they took the name callous woman's name. >> campaigning on a platform of tolerance and peace. >> nbc news, california. when we come back, using a high-tech tool to do something kind of old fashion, neighbors and friends helping out with a home cooked meal in a time of need. red white and yield is sponsored by amazon. gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man.
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finally tonight of a good home cooked meal is the simple pleasure of life. a growing volunteer is pitching in with a little help of technology to ease the burden with folks times. how signing up for home cooking goes a long way. >> for a few moment, it is quiet. ca then the day is dividdivi divided by four. their seven years old madison and newborn triplets and alex and jackson. >> does it ever stop?
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eat? >> no, not really. which when the meals come into place is so unbelievable helpful. >> tonight, chicken and salads are prepared and delivered by her neighbor. it is arranged by her best friend, meal train. >> meal website brings everyone together to support people in need. >> it is one of several online service that is allows you to create a profile and invite others to sign up for a pitch-in of homemade dish. >> to be able to create something that helps so many people is such a joy.
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in 40 different countries using this benefit each month. >> we have people that don't even know signing up for our meals. >> steve patterson, nbc news, connecticut. >> that's a great idea. >> that's nbc nightly news on sunday night. up next, football america, the seahawks taking on the cardinals. lester holt will be i am kate snow, i will see you at 3:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc, from
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nbc sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the chase for the nascar sprint cup and primetime's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. tonight, in arizona, the resurgent cardinals are aiming for a third-straight win. ready to face russell wilson and the division-leading seahawks. nfc contenders collide, on "sunday night football." last season, the balance of power shifted in the nfc west.


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