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tv   Today  NBC  November 2, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. that's "i got you babe." >> yeah. >> by bebe brecka. anyway, it's wines day wednesday. it's november 2nd, and we've got a nun show. good show today. don't we always, hoda. >> always do. you know who's here? ? lou manfredini ? you have to wait find out. getting odd jobs done around
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tamela mann is here. plays madea's sister cora in all the funny tyler perry mother, and singing off her top album single "one way." >> didn't introduce her, saying she would be on and butchered her name. i asked. it's tamela with a t. easy when you know that. >> and radio hitsds of the '70s and '80s, play along when we play "who knew?" and find out. >> words of wisdom, kathie? >> i'm ready. >> one day you will need the same grace that you will not give someone else. >> amen. >> isn't that a good one? >> amen. >> matt wade. >> isn't that a good one? can't expect mercy if you're not willing to give it and can't ask
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i like it. something from shecky's to show you. shecky went for halloween the other day and he went -- as this guy. elvis! [ laughter ] >> wait a minute. are you kidding? >> is that guy got rhythm or what? >> oh, my gosh! >> he's going to be 2 at the end of this month. i love this kid. oh, my gosh! >> he's going to be 2? >> look at the body? >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. >> the sleek elvis. >> oh, my gosh. something else that makes our day. our own dawn adorable. he dream came true today. doesn't happen every day. every now and then we become dreammakers. it happened. she got to meet the one, the only gigi hadid. >> yeah. >> it was big. donna was literally sweating. i saw her sweating out. i'm so excited to be near gigi
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hadid than gigi hadid does. >> donna was like, i can't -- la, la -- la-la-la. a great moment. >> so sweet. everybody's talking about this. >> this is big. >> world series. >> weight of the world, and it's really caught everybody's attention. in a wonderful way, when there's so much bad. >> bad going on. >> tonight game seven. game six went to the cubbies 9-3. tonight, last by the way, if you want a ticket on stubhub, the resale ticket, some seats reached $30,000. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. this is interesting. the "new york times" spoke to a fan who put this in perspective. people are going, like, what's the big deal? what's the big deal? this is what they said. that this was the best possible outcome you could hope for in a world series, because history's going to be written tonight one way or the other. indians haven't won a series since 1948 and the cubs haven't
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tonight. >> and that is went to game seven is just amazing. okay. so we want you to do wine bot with us today. tweet, #klghoda, indians, if that's hue want to win, and tweet klgcubs if it's the cubbies. >> the cubs are on central time. speaking. a cubs fan on the east coast i advise you to start clickity clacking. >> right now, baby. >> you nover know what's going to happen. >> we'll keep ar eour eye on it. indians only ones winning. cubs fans around the country rooting for them. we'll keep our eye on that. >> i think the cubless win, just because it's older and goes back -- sometimes people are very kind to old people. [ laughter ] >> i haven't experienced that
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a little kindness from you today, hoda. okay? >> also -- >> this is kind of us to give to you's hug day hump day. >> you're welcome. >> liam hemsley family loves to go surfing, photographed with the fop of his wet site write we like it. down. uh-huh. uh-huh. >> wow. here's the question -- which hemsworth do you prefer? liam or chris? >> i'm team chris. >> yeah. chris is >> unless liam's in the wet suit. >> i feel sorry for the older brother. >> the little one. >> the little one. nobody wants to be called the little one. >> he's so cute. also a soap opera star. shouldn't write him off. just not as tall as the others. >> uh-oh. cubs are winning. >> nope. >> anyway, it's going to be fun. >> jamie lee curtis, knows she has a fantastic body, for years and years and years.
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"perfect"? starring john travolta and jamie lee? >> look at john travolta back then. >> anyway, jamie lee returned to that outfit and look at her. >> she's unbelievable, by the way. >> uh-huh. >> she is unbelievable. >> captioned it, let's do the lycra time warp again. she's 57 and looks darn good. >> wow. >> that's for -- a scene from her tv show "scream queens." so -- >> you did that? had that workout. >> kathie lee gifford workout and go, and go. >> and you're hair was up, one and two and three. >> the reason i'm very sad about that, that's my sister on the right on the left my friend -- my other godmother of cassidy, lori, we can't get enough of the old kathie lee. >> oh, my god. look at your boobs. >> perky then. i just had cassidy. that was -- >> what? >> seven months after cassidy
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>> yes it was. >> we have a question a lot of neighbors have. what do you feel about it? a dear abby question. ever had someone stop by your house uninvited or at the last minute? [ doorbell rings ] the question, do you let them in? came up in a dear abby call. a woman wrote about a former co-worker pushing to hang around at her home and her home's modest and would rather not have people from work or other people in her home. >> right. uh-h uh-huh. >> worried one day she'd drop by unannounced. what's the right thing to say if someone wants to drop by unannounced? >> i always think the truth is the best way -- >> wait. look what's happening? >> the cubs are winning. overflowing! >> look at this. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, wow. >> yeah. i think it's going to be a landslide. yep, yep. >> so -- i think it's always best to speak -- just let people know. i mean, do you ever take calls that are unwanted? >> you answer the phone. >> well, you don't know who's at the other end?
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you. >> yeah. i know. >> sometimes it's bethenny frankel, she's also unlisted. >> i don't know. it's hard to get to my house. so, you know, i don't think anybody -- i just think it's rude. i mean, your home is your refuge and you're home because you want to be home. not -- if you wanted to be with that person, you'd be out with that person. >> one time i was living in illinois, and i'll never forget. sitting on the couch eating a pizza. with just, like, a t-shirt on, nothing else. in your gross state, but you don't care? rang. oh, nobody's answering that. and i was eating, and eating and -- i heard a key go in the door. it was the landlord. i was like, you know when you are totally -- pizza box. t-shirt, eating it with the cheese -- >> in other words, the real you. >> the real me. i was like, oh, my god -- oh, my god, full-on panicked. ran to the back, got a robe. the whole thing looked weird.
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>> he knocked. anybody home? i was mouthing like, ha, ha, nobody's home. and then somebody came in! >> what did he say? >> he was horrified, obviously. i blacked out. i get like that when something gets too embarrassing. but here's excuses abby gave. what you should say if somebody asks if they can drop by. >> or if they show up. i thought this was about showing up. >> what happens? you're already at the door. ding-dong. what do you do? open the door? what do you say? >> what the hell a here, is what you should say. you could say i'm not feeling up for company right now. that's good. >> these are not my suggestions. this is dear abby. or can you say you're in the middle of a home project you need to finish. which means you're lying. don't lie. you'll get caught in your lie. >> right. what's the project? ever finish it? you'll say, what? they'll say, the home project! you don't remember you said that. >> exactly. or you could say, she says, leaving shortly and don't have time right now. if it's 10:00 at night, where the heck are you going? >> yeah.
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>> what would you say? you're better at this than anybody. if someone came to your door. >> knowing my friends, they wouldn't do it, were but if it was somebody i knew well, i would think they're in trouble and an issue and i would let them in. didn't, and got in, went straight for the wine cellar i would not be happy. so -- >> another question. walking down the street and you see a guy or girl having a coffee, and they throw the cup and it misses the trash can on the street and walking. >> right. >> do you say something? >> yes. >> or do you -- >> yes. >> not? >> yes, yes. these days you got to be very careful who you say anything to. because people can get very violent quickly. >> i would be worried about -- >> ah, ah-the cubbies! >> we're out of white wine. >> can we get jaewater? see how many cups it fills upcan we? nobody -- >> nobody cares. >> nobody cares. >> all right. i don't know, hoda. i can't stand it when people litter. >> would you pick it up?
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i usually let the person know and, oh, excuse me, did you mean to drop this? >> oh, that's -- that's good. >> you know? >> yeah. >> that's good. >> they say most people, by the way -- >> do you ever throw -- i am guilty of doing it sometimes, if it's an'sal core, but it's biodegradable. that's like com post. >> still looks bad, if you throw it out on the street. doesn't look good. >> i don't do it to draw attention, just to get rid of the apple core. >> they say most people don't say anything. i sorf did you drop it? what about it? in new york, a little afraid. i definitely wouldn't say anything. >> we'd love to know what you -- actually, we don't care. no. i'm kidding. i'm just watching -- >> now we got water. so we have a little piece of video we'd like to show you. >> can't be better than shecky. >> nothing is. ever had problem with static electricity in your dress and hair, check out this 2-year-old in amarillo, texas, and playing on the slide. >> oh!
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>> she's got a little bit -- >> that is adorable. >> hoda, you have that look! [ laughter ] you know, and that famous picture that we have of you. >> no. that picture doesn't exist anymore. >> yes, it does. >> no. enough of you dealing with static electricity. >> hello to the dan black family, beautiful wife jan and sons johnny and alex over there. dan is my entertainmett family just celebrated his birthday the other day and we're all going to neri's for lamb chops. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> look how cute they all are. ah! it's not a bird. it's your smoke detector. how to stop the noise from happening at the most inconvenient times. >> why does somebody think that's a bird? anyway, lou manfredini is here with a solution to that problem and other fixes you have around your house. >> right after this.
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it's time now for lou's life changer learning about innovative products making are life easier solving pesky problems around your house. >> from the smoke alarm chirping all night to knowing exactly what's behind your walls before you put a drill into them. host of "house smarts"
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that rhymes with -- beanie ? >> very nice. thank you very much. >> oh. >> i always like do you that. >> she get into it. >> come on. i make a thing out of it. so talk about the chirping smoke alarms. they can be annoying. >> happens around your place when cooking? >> always goes off, regardless. >> they're more sensitive and it's a problem. also understanding which one is chirping, chirping right now. >> yes. >> this is a brand new 9 volt bat fri a company called rust. it is a that you put into your existing smoke detector. that you can doectconnect to a smartphone telling you it's the one in the basement chirping or one went off if you have an elderly parent living by themselves. put in existing technology you and have it's a smart battery. a smoke and seal detector that just came out around $79, can you do as well.
11:18 am
going off. so you can be on vacation and if your smoke alarm or co detector goes off, it tells you. >> pretty cool. i like it's on the phone. >> what about that? >> no. trying to think -- i would never understand it. >> all right. this is a product called seek thermal. i have a couple items that hook up to your cell phone. a thermal imaging camera. this little thing right here, you plug into your iphone. and it will tell you if you have air leaks or if any kind of -- of heat, or cooling through the home. you take it. plug it in. open up the app and hold it to areas around a window and a door, and when you see that it's warm, you know it's coming. i don't know if the camara can see. if i shoot -- there's kathie lee. look at how hot she is. >> hot. >> i think that's hoda. >> that's definitely you. >> means i'm hot? you have no idea. >> a nice thing to understand what's going on.
11:19 am
>> a product called wallabot dyi. not sure what's behind the wall if it has to come out a thermal images camera. >> incredible. >> what? >> i know. it plugs into your smartphone. you put this on the wall and slowly go up and these wires that are there it will -- >> oh, yeah. >> you can see it. >> it finds the wires as it goes. this is just a demo board. as i move up. >> about to find a copper -- he >> listen to this. it's so sensitive, if you calibrate it correctly it will find termites in your wall. >> stop it, lou manfredini! >> i know. and it currently is only available for, and rodents. if you like, hear, you have a rodent in the wall, not sure. it will make the outline of a little mouse. >> are you kidding? >> it has to be calibrated but can be done. great application for anyone
11:20 am
their house or professionals. put it in your pocket. this is it. the whole thing. >> so smart. unbelievable. >> how much is that? >> about $249. >> okay. >> right. now, this is look at these beautiful babies. this is a picture hanger. >> drives me crazy. >> wait. go ahead. reposition it. >> uh-huh. >> did you see what you just did? >> i repositioned it. >> this is called gallery magic. what's the biggest problem hanging pictures? i want these all to be the same level. with this product, these magnets there's plate back here. >> yeah. >> now i just have to get close to where this has to go and now i can align this perfectly. >> ah -- uh-huh. >> if i want to readjust the picture, measuring out, oh, my gosh, i put a nail, too high, too low. >> a lot of leeway. >> this product can hold up to 15 pounds. that's a huge amount of weight. >> oh, no. >> what? >> my painting that i gave hoda. >> i knew were you going to
11:21 am
>> listen, moishes, a whole lot more than 15 pounds. >> you can do several of these. i have extra! >> i knew that was coming up again. thank you, lou manfredini! if you've got a question for lou go to and hit the connect button. how well do you know stories behind the iconic hit songs of the '60s, '70s and '80s? >> and do you have photos and other mem pra beorabilia hey .. pssst... baby! hey, baby! yeah? did you hear? the great big toys"r"us book of awesome is here! really? yeah! have you made your wish list yet? um, no not yet. still developing fine motor skills. sure, but did you know that when you get your coupon and spend $100, you get a $25 gift card to use in december? you should've led with that. this is an awesome book! how'd you...?!
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11:25 am
the answer coming up when we go across the street to play with some the fans. if you have the fair share of memories, we're about to change your life. >> old memories and new life with jen all after this. ? ? there's get the credit you deserve and low monthly payments. save 20% on outerwear, boots, and cold weather accessories. brands at no. the things you want, the credit you deserve. now you can! ? ?
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joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. kathy: it goes by so fast. kate: one day you're a kid - and the next... kelly:'re raising your own little girl. kelly: growing up, i watched my mom work so hard. through challenges and struggles, she made our lives better. she's my inspiration in the senate - whether strengthening social security or medicare, protecting our environment, or helping make college more affordable...
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kathy: anything. kate: my mom taught me that too. kelly: i'm kelly ayotte, and i approved that message. here we are, wines day, wednesday, ready to play a trivia game we call "who knew?." this week we're looking at hidden stories behind some of your favorite songs. kathie lee is over at 30 ro behind studios. ready to hand out prizes, those who don't get it right get her wonderful cds. here with me inside with all of the info is mark meyers. mark is a wall street journal music and arts contributor, as well as the author of the book "anatomy of a song "and "a friend of mine." hello, mark. >> ta-da. >> before the break we asked this question. "row, row, row your boat" inspired this song in 1974, come
11:31 am
rock the boat what's the answer? >> "rock the boat." >> really? >> yep. wally holmes wrote the song and wanted a song to stick around. in the hughes corporation. want add song to last for ages as he told me and chose "row, row, row your boat as an inspiration" because it's been around forever. >> smart. did the trick. kath, over to you. >> look at this beautiful lady in hawaii. the original name of the gladys knight and the pips midnig >> ah -- i'm going with a. >> oh, no. she wanted the cd! >> all right. the correct answer here is, "midnight plane to houston"? >> the songwriter called lee majors a friend of his. lee majors wasn't home. farrah fawcett answered the phone and said lee's out. i've got to catch a midnight plain to houston. i've got to go.
11:32 am
song. cissy houston records it but changes the title to midnight train to georgia. >> isn't that interesting? >> and gladys covers it. >> beautiful. kath, over to you. >> this beautiful lady is from south carolina. all right. cindy lauplaup -- cyndi lauper, pianist, tv guide or betty boop cartoon? >> a. >> no. you wanted this! >> all right. okay. so "time it come from? >> cyndi lauper needed one more song for "she's so unusual" first album. went into the studio, keyboardist came up with titles weren't happy. she picked up a tv guide, ran her thumb through it, found "time after time" a 1979 science fiction movie and basically said, this will never be the title of the song. i just want something that will get us started. >> and it ended up sticking. >> wound up the song title. >> wow. this is fascinating. kath, over to you.
11:33 am
aerosmith's title for the 1975 hit song "walk this way" way from young frankenstein, psycho or i walk the line? >> a. [ cheers and applause ] >> she looks surprised. it did. came from "young frankenstein." >> went down to times square to see "young frankenstein." had writer's block, loving that line. gene wilder shows up, told to >> it stuck. >> it stuck. loved it. >> wonder where the titles come from. kathie lee, time for more. >> all right. motown first number one hit. please, mr. postman, my girl or where did our love go? >> c. >> hey, some great music on this cd. she's just won. >> so, "please, mr. postman." >> gladys horton singing.
11:34 am
hoarse, made her sing it 30 times, her voice is completely shredded by the time they use the master for this record. >> the one they wanted? >> wanted her voice really shot. >> time for one more? all right. the last one? >> this gentleman from fresno, debbie harry channelled this artist when she recorded the band's 1979 hit "heart of glass." patti labelle, mary traverse or donna >> kathie lee, almost perfect day today. >> correct answer, donna summer. >> yep. when the producer asked her who are your favorite singer, she said, donna summer. singing the song, you could hear it. channeling donna summer on "i feel love" going, ooh, ooh-ah, ah, that's donna summer, i feel love. >> again, the name of your book? >> "anatomy of a song." >> thank for coming over to see
11:35 am
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11:40 am
mine. take your album, scan a whole page at a time. five minutes, entire album. digitize it, make awe cloud album to show from anywhere you want. be somewhere, show your pictures or they'll print a book for you. entire album, five minutes. no excuse not to. >> genius. >> do you have to take the plastic off? >> no. >> stop it, jenn. >> you can sense what needs to be cropped. takes all the work out of it. >> incredible. >> artwork, get it for m nieces, don't know what to do with it. >> one more thing to show you before i -- don't want to miss this. behind us. >> what? >> videos. collect so many videos on your phone. they stress you out. an app that will take videos and compile them into a quick reel. the best thing, emotion sense technology. it has, like, this program and it knows what the most compelling moments are in your videos and puts them together. >> does it without you pointing
11:41 am
your life media. make a holiday quality movie. it's amazing. >> we could be stars! genius. >> called. >> your life media a splurge. the hollywood quality media. an example. someone's family vacation. a voice-over. the whole deal. effects, and magisto is a free app. download it. >> they do it? >> they do it. former hollywood marketing execs created by the company and know what to do. so smart. >> genius. oh, and it does that. >> amazing. love that. >> now let's talk about the glutter. >> artwork. >> guilt clutter. save the work it piles up. kidsolidate. send them the artwork. instead of scanning and go out to the dumpster and throw away the art so the kids don't catch you, send it in.
11:42 am
some would be afraid to let it go out of there -- >> the good part. want it back, they will. heirs, they'll store it for you. nervous you want it at some point, store it or recycle it. >> store it? what? >> hoda doesn't have in her shortage. >> they'll store it for you. >> there's a painting in there. >> every time there's an energy from you, they send you another one. >> very smart. what about old clothes and things? >> old t-shirts will not throw away his old t-shirts. makes me crazy. go to project repat, make it into a super soft quilt, hang it up, use it on a bed, as throw. like baby clothes. can't bear to even give away to someone else. remind you of your kid. make a stroller blanket. >> very, very sweet. >> so cute. >> send it in to them, they consult it the right way. >> all awesome. what about the end for concert tickets want to save? >> concert tickets. people save them.
11:43 am
them. so cool. send in your ticket, scan it. they make it into a durable high quality doormat. >> so smart. >> how cool is that? >> every single one of these is so smart. right? >> way to go, jenn. >> jenn falik, her voice, truly inspiration's. >> actress and singer tamela >> actress and singer tamela mann o ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena? rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena?.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. she set a record for the most consecutive number one singles from a gospel album. >> and fans also recognize tamela mann in her tv and film roles including the role of cora. much calmer offspring of ma
11:49 am
>> and starting today, hear tamela's brilliant voice on "one way." welcome. >> thank you. thank you for having us. >> we love, tamela, you travel with your family. your fan/husband/star david nearby. >> yes. >> you've got portia, your daughter. other beautiful daughter sings and another son hiding in the back. >> yes, and few in the van out back! [ laughter ] >> what are you going to sing for us, hon? >> singing "one y" new album. the new cd. >> all right. here she is, tamela mann! ? hey, yeah ? >> come on! ? hey, yeah, yeah ? >> whew! ? whoa-oh-ooh-ooh ? listen you might be a millionaire or discover a cure
11:50 am
president or have around a box but none of it matters if you don't know the lord because you can't pay your way in ? and i don't want to be the one that said i told you so i'll be screaming loud and clear ? ? there's only one one, one way ? only one ? ? one way ? only one ? ? one way if you want to get there have to hear you say one way ? one ? >> whew! ? one, one way ? >> come on! ? oh-oh, na, na, na-na-na, na-na, na-na ? you might be most likely to
11:51 am
putting your foot on the best automobile but it's all that you need and none of it matters ? if you don't know the lord 'cause you can't get voted in ? i don't want to be the one to say i told you so i'm going to say it to you again ? one, one only one ? one, one, only one way one way, ooh-ooh ? yeah, one, one, one way ? if you want to get there let me hear you now ? >> come on! ? ? ? hey, hey, there's only one way ?
11:52 am
yeah, yeah, only one way ? one way, hey, hey ? if you want to get down let me hear you say ? one, one, one way ? oh, yeah ? one, one, one way ? yeah, yeah, only one way ? one, one only one way ? one way ? ? wear yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ? one way ? come on, now ? only one, one, one, one way ? if you want sow see, if you want to get there let me hear you say ooh -- ? >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> hallelujah! >> "one way"! that was awesome. >> amazing. god bless all of you.
11:53 am
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>> sarah: coming up, breaking news. two police officers ambushed and killed in iowa. a suspect now under arrest. >> christa: also we are hearing the 911 call from a woman tied up during a home invasion in sterling. and police still searching for the suspect. >> sarah: off the tracks: the its cargo, hazardous materials. >> christa: red sox fans, prepare to reach a little deeper into your wallet. we are ticket prices on the rise. >> danielle: pleasant out there today. temperatures in the 6's.
11:59 am
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'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public education, vote no on question two. >> christa: first at noon, breaking news out of iowa. police have now captuth officers in what they are describing as an ambush-style attack. police say this man shot one officer who was just sitting in his patrol car. >> sarah: a second officer that came to assist was also shot and killed. nancy chen joins us now with the breaking details. >> nancy: sarah, that suspect has been taken into custody in dallas county, right next to des moines county in iowa. he was captured along... while


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