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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 2, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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police gathered in the woods outside of des moines this morning where alleged cop-killer scott michael green surrendered to officers after more than 9 hours on the run. >> he was targeting a police officer, what we believe. but it's a sense of relief for the community. >> reporter: a community grieving after two police officers were ambushed, shot and killed overnight. >> we were heart broken. >> reporter: irvin dale officers were sitting in when investigators say green walked up and started shooting. firing more than a dozen rounds. >> there definitely was an opportunity for the officers to respond to the attack. >> investigators say they don't have any evidence that points to a motive in the murders but law forcement sources tell us green has a quote history of mental problems. this evening the investigation
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continues. jay gray, nbc news. >> our countydown now continues. we're in the homestretch just six days from election day. a new national poll showing the race is almost a dead heat between hillary clinton and donald trump. both candidates campaigning in key battleground states today. steve handlesman reports. >> reporter: hillary clinton today, she needs a big turn-out in the swing states. then in tampa, joe biden said we beat donald >> you guys win florida. it's just done over. there's no path. >> reporter: this was broward county flo today. enthusiasm for clinton among african-americans. but the turn-out of black voters is down. in florida more than 4 million people have early voted and it's even more in swing state north carolina compared to the record set when president obama ran. to be expected, says radio host roleland martin.
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african-american. >> reporter: a huge young diverse crowd lined up in chapel hill, north carolina to see president obama try to motivate better turn-out. back in florida, young african-americans showed up to back trump. >> i love that sign, blacks for trump. >> reporter: trump is demonizing clinton and washington to drive his turn-out up and clinton's down. >> you can beat the system, the rigged system, and deliver justice. >> reporter: a new g.o.p. ad targets african-americans. >> we are asking for your vote, vote republican. >> in a conthat's could hinge... >> voting for donald trump. >> reporter: on whose voters show up. >> the cnn polls today find trump leading in arizona and nevada, clinton ahead in pennsylvania and florida while the average of florida polling now shows a near tie in this close race. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, washington. and stay with 7news for
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race, on air and online and of course on our 7news mobil and tablet apps as well as 7news turning to your forecast. a beautiful day in the city. very warm for this time of year. temperatures in the 60s in some spots. logical near 70. jeremy riner is here with more on this midweek warm-up and please tell me it's gonna stick around. >> next question. compared to yesterday at this time, temps 10 to 15 degrees warmer than where we were. we were at 70 last hour. now out at logan, 62. bedford at 68. norwood 71. 60s and 70s across southern new england, a nice mild afternoon. in the eastern half of the united states, experiencing some early to mid fall warmth. now, there's also cool air on the maps, as well. head out through southern canada. temperatures in those locations 50s and 60s. not bitterly cold but returning us back to where we should be this time of year. and ma moving process, that's
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delightful afternoon and evening. clouds overnight tonight, mild for you morning commute, low 60s. a few scattered showers tomorrow afternoon with temps tomorrow near 60 and then the showers will taper off tomorrow evening. that's the cool front moving through. friday is a blustery and chilly day. we'll talk more about that and your weekend forecast in a few minutes. sky 7 hd over the scene of a train that went off the rails in westford. officials say hazardous materials was on board. the good news, none of it has spillednd figure out how to safely move it. victoria warren has all the details. >> reporter: a freight train jumping the tracks and inside one of the cars, fairis. neighbors were originally told they might have to evacuate but then good news. >> we had no environmental impact at all. so the tank that was in question is safe right now, except for the fact that it's off the tracks. >> reporter: fire officials watching things closely, pan am
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clean-up. >> i just live a few doors down. >> reporter: westford selectman says it's scary especially because this is the second derailment in the last two years. >> over the recent years, gone over this section of track to make sure this very thing didn't happen again. >> i know my my, neighbors, constituents would like answers, i would too. >> based on the two tracks, some have spent quite a bit of time on the two >> reporter: no one was hurt, and the investigation into how this happened continues. meanwhile, crews will work to make sure dangerous chemical don't spill as they right the train back on to the tracks. >> that's why we still have personnel on scene. we're here to protect pan am as well as our residents as the tank gets upright. >> it's going to take hours for them to clear these railcars out of here. they still need to investigate what exactly caused this derailment and there's going to be quite a bit of work done to
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trains that go through here. no commuter trains are affected. in westford, victoria warren, 7news. police have identified the 62-year-old woman found dead on the doorstep of an apartment complex. officials saying her death is not suspicious. byron barnett is live for us in lawrence and has the latest on the investigation. byron. >> the discovery of this woman's body really shook people up around here. police had originally called her thath suspicious but now now, scoot-year-old lawrence woman was found dead yesterday morning, her body discovered lying in a courtyard in front of the rita hilliard in lawrence. they were on the scene every hours today talking to witnesses. but now after investigating the essex district attorney says he has ruled out foul play and no longer considers the death suspicious. authorities say they believe the woman took her own life.
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in lawrence, i'm byron barnett, 7news. and new here at 4:00, a gloucester man charged in a lynn murder called to court. 29-year-old shaun chandler was arraigned today on murder charges. 38-year-old donald yancey was shot and killed friday night in breed square. the district attorney's office says the shooting was the result of a fight between the men. >> also on 7, opening statements began today in the retrial of gary ley sampson, originally convicted of killing three people and sentenced to death but the death sentence was thrown out five years ago because of juror misconduct. jonathan hall live outside of federal court in south boston with more on what happened today. >> people might wonder why this is in federal court, carjacking resulting in death is a federal crime. as you say, gary sampson pled guilty to this case and was convicted in a trial to determine his sentence. however it was determined that a jury had lied during jury
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death sentence. a retree was ordered and that trial got underway today. >> reporter: 57-year-old gary sampson, heavier, balder than the muscular killer people remember at the time of his arrest, on trial yet again. he's fighting for his life after taking three other lives. >> it's been 13 years now since he's been convicted and we gotta through all of this again. it's tough. th tough for every single one of under the circumstances. >> reporter: the son of 69-year-old his body was found in marshfield after he picked up sampson while hitchhiking. sampson admitted he murdered mccluskey and two other men during a violent crime spree in 2001. rizzo, a college student, was found tied a tree in avington. the prosecutor said gary sampson had the power of life and he took it. he had the power of mefersy and he none. in his opening statement, sampson's defense attorney said
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around head injuries, sampson suffered beginning when he was 4. he says sampson fell down the stairs and added, quote, nobody choose to live a life that gary sampson has lived and the source of that is childhood injury. >> i don't know any of us who have not fallen down the stairs or fallen off our bikes. we didn't have helmets when we were growing up. it happened to all of us. personally i don't place a lot of stock in it. >> first of all, i could have sworn they said he fell off the ladder. now he fell downhe so i don't know where they get their information. >> the trial is expected to take at least a month. 18 jurors are hearing the case including six alternates, live at the federal courthouse. jonathan hall, 7 news. the defamation case is now in the hands of the jury. the university of the jury administrator. the woman says the 2014 article portrays her as a villain.
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student's claims and the story was retracted. in the final moments of crash malaysia airlines flight 370 suggest no one was controlling the plane when it plunged right into the ocean. the plane ghtsz have still not been found but parts of it have washed up on the islands in the indian ocean. the reports show that the plane ran out of fuel and crashed with no one at the controls because the way one of the wing flaps was extended when it crashed. pope francis weighing in on priests and says women cannot be it comes after he met with members of the lou ran church in sweden which is led by a woman. the pope also said he doesn't foresee this role changing. ahead here on 7news, it all comes down to this, the cubs and indian preparing for an epic game 7 of the world series tonight. >> plus, a price hike at fenway. we'll tell you just how much more you'll have to shell out next year if you want to watch the sox at home, which i'm sure everyone does. then at 4:30, is there cause for concern in medford?
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headquarters. and on 7news at 5:00, calls for help. we're now hearing the 911 call from a woman who was tied up and from a woman who was tied up and in trouble in's kel? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that's costing you.
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>> it all comes down to this. it's now or never. i just totally messed that up. cleveland indians or the chicago course. the cubs hammered the indians last night to force tonight's decisive game 7. >> for one team the drought is about to be over and for another, another year will end in heartbreak. >> reporter: no tomorrow, only tonight. >> reporter: and a by night for the heart of the chicago line-up. >> reporter: game 7 of the world series, victors destined to spoil participate of loser's winter, a harsh cold reminder
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the chicago cubs backed against the wall headed to game 6 in cleveland stunned the home crowd right off the bat. >> reporter: scoring three runs in the first and four more with the grabbed slam in the third. >> reporter: delaying gratification for the indians new orleans another year. >> i wanted to win. that's what i wanted. but we'll get them again. >> reporter: despite a plea from cleveland's super fan nana, the hometown favs never recover from the cubs' quick start and now find themselves in a winner take all jam. not own the lone survivor of the indians last championship team
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>> the two longest world series droughts, one of these will come to an end. now with everything up for grabs, the indians' hopes ride on the arm of ace pitcher cory cluber who has been brilliant, the cubts calling him kyle. and as any good cubs fan will tell you, they'll take plenty of the latter. ticket prices averaging $2700. nearly seven times the average super bowl. >> another warm night in cleveland for game 7. we have a mild evening in new england. forecast up next. and hank investigates a new type of identity theft targeting businesses here in massachusetts. why it's costing big time. and ahead at 5:00, the patriots taking a bit of a break after their big win over buffalo. what tom brady is saying during this bye week. a familiar face in boston heading south.
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them." vo: just one. taking a live look outside of boston right now, what a special day in the beginning part november. we could have a cold day,th actually a bull day out there. a lot of wind and the sun shining and nice >> it is spectacular. everywhere i went today before coming into work, people were talking about how beautiful it was. >> probably smiling, right? >> they were. however, sort like the world series game tonight, one and done, is that right, jr? >> i think so. for all the marbles this afternoon, folks, with showers on the way for tomorrow afternoon, for some of you, especially south of the pike tomorrow, it's mild once again but cool air will see in from northern new england early tomorrow morning an i think it gets into the merrimack tomorrow afternoon. you're right back into the 50s tomorrow afternoon and we are
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friday. highs today, 60s and 70s. again, boston did reach 70 degrees. norwood reached 71. sea breeze developed in the city of boston, down to 62. nashua 62. fitchburg at 67. anytime you're talking sea breeze in november, must have had a mild day. that was the case as well as a mix of clouds and sunshine. clouds do extend all the way out to western new york that is our next weather system. here is the weather right now. this area of low pressure, the warm front and cool front, it's the dividing line between the milder air here and the northeast and cooler air back to the upper midwest this is about where we should be.
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clouds and scattered showers. i think the timing of the showers tomorrow probably midday through the early evening hours. the morning hours will be dry, fine for outdoor activities, nice and mild for tomorrow morning, and a wide range of temps right here. again, with the cold front coming in from northern new england you're gonna have that where locations across southern new hampshire are in the 50s and down through portions of the numbers in the mid-60s. 7:00 tomorrow morning. maybe a few sprinkles up towards the seacoast. essentially a dry morning commute. here comes the band of rain. even downpours possible, still in western new england at noon tomorrow. so even lunchtime they can get out and about. then the showers sweep across southern new england to the 95 corridor mid to late afternoon tomorrow. worcester hills between 2:00 and flee and working down the
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all peel out of here by early tomorrow evening. so we're just talking to a quarter to and in some locations a .10 of an inch of rain. boston 58. lakeville and dartmouth at 68. across southern new hampshire and the merrimack the temps tomorrow afternoon only in the low to mid 50s and that continues to move south into metro boston tomorrow evening. friday lots of temps on friday near 50. see you at 4:30. >> jr, thank you so much. time now for fast track traffic, let's get out to matt fits expwrairld see what's going on. matt. >> not a fun ride if you're heading on route 1a approaching the ted williams tunnel west. it's jammed. you can see as you make your way from logan airport into the tunnel. once you get into the tunnel you'll be jammed all the way through. this is the result of an earlier bus breakdown inside the tunnel. it cleared a while ago but
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delays. the connector is moving slow in both directions. zakim moving well on both north and southbound side. further up on the northbound side, you'll be heavy and slow from assembly square off past river road. the southbound side is all clear from assembly square into the southbound tunnel. tough going on the expressway south seeing the usual delays out the o'neill county. then again from before granite ave to the braintree split, the northbound side of the expressway jams up as you head into theun once you get past the braintree split to route twowrk 15 minutes. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7news. red sox fans will have to dig a little deeper into their wallets next season. an average price increase will be of 2.9%. it will primarily impact seats closest to the field. the red sox will continue to offer reduced pricing for
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duty military personnel. what police are saying about the conditions inside the medford police department. and caught on camera, a robber holding a store clerk at gunpoint in hyannis. what the clerk is now saying about the fair terrifying ordeal. police investigating after a child is killed and what happened that also had the child's father sent to the hospital. i joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and
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if you like your school, question 2 won't affect you. but question 2 will change the future for thousands of kids who need your help. please join me and vote yes on question 2. at 4:30, the discrimination complaint filed against the city of medford. 7news learned it related actually to the conditions inside the police department. >> officers have been posting
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kelli o'hara live for us in medford with the latest on the story. >> yeah, officers aren't happy what's happening inside or outside the police department if a broinld right there, an exposed rebar and one officer is filed a complaint with the state >> the state investigating a discrimination complaint. they're looking into what they call, quote, an employment-related officer who's upset about the conditions inside horses. you can see on the facebook page of the patrolman's association officers have been posting photos and videos of rustic cars, broken windows, dirty showers and even a ceiling that leaks. >> reporter: in in one post officers show a twhiemed needs to be held up by a can of raved.
4:30 pm
>> these conditions have not just happened over the last few months. the conditions the police department have it steadily deteriorating over the last decade or longer. the first medfield police officer was hired in the early 1980s and today they still do not have a locker room for female officers. >> you see why they're upset? >> absolutely. and we're addressingt. be -- rome wasn't concurred overnight. we definitely need to spend some time to make sure we do it right. >> reporter: burk says she's trying to get as much done as possible. >> this is a priority of ours, and we do not plan on shuffling -- it's not going to go under the rug. >> and we just got a statement from the mayor, she says she is aware of the discrimination complaint but cannot comment because it's under review by the state. in medford this afternoon, kelli o'hara, 7news. a man trapped in his car


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