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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> officers say the third grader thought the weapon was an airsot gun, but it turned out to be a 5 caliber pistol. >> the boy's father turned the gun over to police along with to live rounds in the magazine. police say the child's father will be facing charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and improper storage of a firearm. >> i'm worried. i hope they address it and fix t and go from there. >> it's >> we're told this gun may have belonged to a relative and was n a box of their property. we're live in lowell, john coco, 7news. >> a car going up in flames aftr a wild wreck on the road. the driver says he was trying to swerve around a deer before slamming right into a tree. nicole oliverio has that story from lester. >> reporter: an suv bursts into flames after the driver swerves to avoid hitting a deer and ends
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was already second guessing himself. he made a spur of the moment decision and he's alive. >> it happened on baldwin street in lester yesterday afternoon. police say a deer ran into the road and caused the driver to lose role. the driver behind the wheel managed to escape. a witness driving by called 911. >> very calm. very composed. told us immediately that the car was on fire and that the gentleman had already gotten ou. the chief said a truck can be replaced. >> that driver fortunately walkd way with a couple of bruises and only a broken bone. in lester, nicole oliverio, 7news. >> well, reebok is moving to boston. i think that is the wrong video for reebok. >> is it? >> according to the globe the athletic apparel company is expected to move its headquartes to boston by september of next year. 700 employees will be moved from
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canton. reebok officials haven't decided where to put the offices yesterday. >> in derry, new hampshire, bullets were shot in two different homes. people were inside both homes at the time but no one was hurt. a man facing charges after crashing his car during a police chase in cohasset. police say the 21-year-old was trying to get away from police when he lost control of the car. he suffered minor injuries and was taken to t call for gymnastic after a deady police involved shooting in the south end. boston police officers shot and killed terrence coleman on sundy after they say he attacked officers and emts with a knife. his mother says he did not havea knife and she originally called police to take her mentally ill son to the hospital. >> people wanted to show support for his family and speak out against the police shootings happening around the country.
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unnecessarily. and that's at the heart of it, and that's what we've been fighting for in the city and around the country. it's horrible that we have to be out here, but we want to make sure the family knows that they have support. >> now, the officers involved in that shooting were not wearing body cameras. >> and we're following more news today. a south carolina woman found alive after police say she disappeared with her boyfriend back in august. the woman was found chained up n a locked container building in a rural area of south carolin captive on the property since hr disappearance. officers who were searching the property heard knocking on the metal building and found her inside. the boyfriend has not been foun. the man who was on the property is a registered sex offender and has been taken into custody and charged with kidnapping. >> i'm telling you it's only by god's grace we found that little girl alive. i'm sad that the lady was found like that is correct but i'm still, again, thanking god that she was found alive. >> the sheriff says the woman
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property. >> the violence erupting outside the u.s. senate today in new orleans. police forced to pepper spray te protesters at an all black college. >> they were there to speak out against david david duke. they say they deliberately lit a church on fire and sprayed por trump graffiti. investigators say they have a person of interest now in custody. weiner is reportedly in retab fr sexting addiction. according to the new york post here, weiner's treatment reportedly prohibits cell phones and separates patients by gende. experts say he will likely face one-on-one therapy to talk about how sexting has impacted his life. weiner has several sexting controversy. at least one involving a minor. >> a new arc man is dead after police used a stun gun on him. officers were responding to a
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a knife. a sergeant took out a stun gun and used it on the man who fell to the ground. while in custody the 49-year-old man went into cardiac arrest. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. a young mother is accused of killing her toddler son and sending video of his lifeless video to his father. >> 21-year-old christian clark was involved in a text message argument over an alleged affair. the video showing the young boy face down on an air mattress wih his face in the comfort other. clark is also to suffocate her 2-year-old daughter. >> the controversial dakota access pipeline project now facing a new problem after a cultural site was found along te route. the public service commission says the company building the pipeline saw the site but waited 10 days to say anything about i. the company's contract says they must notify the state preservation office and reroute the pipeline to preserve these
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disappointed that the company failed to notify us about this when it happened. this trust demands an exchange and full and prompt disclosure f key information. >> the public service commission has instructed staff there to file a complaint penalties could lead up to fines of $10,000 per day of construction. well, police in indiana investigating a fiery crash involving an electric consider that killed two people. witnesses say the car was speeding, lost control when it fire. the car was a tesla and firefighters believe the batteries may have led to the unexpected explosion. it put other drivers at risk and made the fire more difficult to put out. >> a crazy crash caught on camea in texas. a bus goes right into a house after it was t-boned by a pickup truck. but as bad as the crash looks te dryer did manage to get out alive. >> the bus stop moved just a little too close to this house.
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driver hangs on for dear life after colliding with a pickup truck. then as he slams into the house, gingerly he sits up, looking around the inside. someone else's home. >> i can see that he -- yeah, it stirred him up a little bit. he's going, what in the world ws that? >> he says he's a school bus driver and a former city bus driver in san antonio, tackles. >> i had an accident while i was driving the bus it was just like that. came out of nowhere. >> carter is on the receiving ed of this crash too, but as a homeowner. the video shows the pickup smashing into the fence. and two people get out of the passenger side of the truck. the first runs offer then doubls back to the truck before walking out of frame. by the end of the video there only appears to be one person waiting with the truck. >> that's really weird that you would leave a scene like that. >> police weren't aware of anyoe
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only the driver who can't leave the scene of a crash. despite the unexpected detour, the bus driver was able to make his way out the back. >> and the 18-year-old driver of the pickup truck was charged wih driving without a license and nt having insurance. the bus driver went to the hospital to get his shoulder checked out, but otherwise he's okay and has returned to work. >> caught on camera, deputies were training and clearing the track for landing and captured video of the plane sliding right into a fence skidding to a stop. no one was hurt there. >> a scary e-cigarette explosion is caught on camera in france. sparks were flying out of a mans pocket after his device apparently touched some coins ad one of his friends helped put te fire out. the man suffered second degree burns on his hands and his hips. police in tampa are searching fr a burglar with some unique fashion sense. the surveillance video shows the
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he breaks in a glass door to actually get in the store. once inside the men eat fruit, had some soda and then took off, one still wearing his tutu. >> maybe there's something else going on there. >> i think so. ahead on 7news at 5:30, when the cubs made it to the world serie, one son made good on a decades old promise. >> then at 6:00, speaking of the cubs they are the 2016 world series champs. we'll show you how fans party te night away. >> and a groundbreaking stu of boston university. how the patriots players can ply an instrumental role in the research. research. all coming up hereat's kelly ay? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives.
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joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. vo: senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. interviewer: what would stop you from voting this november? woman 1: working late. man 1: lines -- i hate long lines. woman 2: no babysitter. william f. galvin: for the first time ever we have early voting. if you're registered, you can vote any day between october 24th and november 4th. avoid election day lines -- vote on your schedule. man 1: wow, that helps! william f galvin: early voting is easy voting. woman 2: it' a timesaver. i love it. william f. galvin: it's easier than ever for you to vote.
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>> a promise kept. a man comes back home to chicago to watch the world series beside his father. it might be the least likely place for viewing the historic game, >> he was just keeping a promise he made so many years ago. >> wayne williams is driving to the cubs game. he's not at the ballpark. he's watching it with his dad. >> when williams' dad, also namd wayne william. >> i talk with my boys. i let them know that i told my
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if the cubs -- when the cubs got into the world series we would make sure we would listen to the games together. >> and he held up his end of the bargain. setting up camp in this military section of the cemetery after an all day long drive from north carolina. >> his dad, a navy veteran died at age 53 in 1980. >> world war ii. >> it had may have been the navy that made his dad a cubs fan. >> i think it was because when e was in boot camp in the great lakes he probably went to some games and it was the closest thing to big time baseball that he had ever seen. >> his dad was a loyal cubs fan. >> '69 presidential motorcade hs heart because they came so close
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and by 83:00 -- i'll never forget, one day he said at the start of a new season, he went, this is going to be our year. this is going to be our year. we're going to be 500! >> does wayne think big wayne is up there following the game with him? >> knowing him, no. >> william have been surprised about the bg cubs win and would have said, i told you so. >> and the pats may not be playing this sunday, but fantasy football still in swing. we'll get you set up with the fantasy fixer. >> sunshine back tomorrow. cool breeze as well. finished work for the weekend up next. >> up at 6:00, chilling confessions from convicted killr gary sampson.
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another trump is in new hampshire.
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to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? at longhorn, tonight's special: great steak pairings. a center cut sirloin with a choice of bacon-wrapped shrimp,
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you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. receive a special honor at the golden globe awards in january. meryl streep will receive the cecil bdeville award. she's being recognizedor world of entertainment. >> so many great roles. she's so fun, so that's good. >> okay. so the weather today not so goo. but at least it wasn't cold. >> but that's changing, j.r., correct? >> yes. we are getting cool air back ino new england. the city has dropped down of the 60s. did you feel the humidity out there. dewpoint temperatures will running in the 50s today, so there's still some humidity to e had, but nw wind will start to dry out the air. it will be a slow process
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we'll have more sunshine tomorrw and we'll get rid of the humidity. >> so we had a cool front move through here a few hours ago. it's now reaching and working down the south shore, but out ahead of the front is where we saw a band of rain, a narrow ribbon of rain. nothing significant. most towns unfortunately less than a tenth of an inch of rain. temps in the middle and upper 50s. we still have the 60s and then heading the other direction behind the front, the numbers ae down into the lower right there. approximate teams out -- it pees out overnight tonight. and then we get back into the sunshine. tonight cooler compared to where we were this morning. a lot of clouds out there. temps between 44 and 47. not as cold as we have certainly seen here in the fall and certainly earlier this week, but temps tomorrow morning will be n the middle 40s with a lot of clouds, and then i think as we work toward 9:00 a.m., partly
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mostly sunny skies. a cool breeze. temps 51 to 56. maybe a smidge below normal. i think we'll be at 76 tomorrow. mid and upper 50s. and everyone it's a northwest wind about 10 to 20 miles per hour. again if you're not in the diret sun you're kind of in a shadow r shaded area that wind will havea bit of chill in the air. upper 40s to around 50 in the partly sunny skies, low 50s and out on the cape and islands, sun with a few clouds. temps in the upper 50s. there's your weather map. on the weekend, i think it will fade away. even cooler on saturday with temps in the upper 40s to around 50. a few more clouds around as wel. it will be low pressure that drops right out of canada and then east of the cape which takn that path right there is too far away to bother us, metro boston and certainly further west, but
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shower on sunday afternoon. here's where the temps will be. again, saturday morning, the numbers have dipped down into te 30s and saturday afternoon, temps near 50. and on sunday, a mix of sun and clouds. by the way, the folks that put together the breathe deep boston walk to end lung cancer wanted e to pass this along. they'll have their walk this saturday at 11:00 a.m. at baxter park. a brisk breeze, but great for a see you at 6:00. >> hey there, welcome to fantasy fix. we're on week nine. i'm jadiann thompson with our in-house expert. >> i've got to talk about something. because we can't talk about the patriots. who are else are we going to tak about? >> seattle seahawks. check them out on monday night. another matchup, the chiefs and the jaguars.
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tough team to beat at home. they have some problems with running backs. both are probably not going to play. so west will be a huge pickup. jacksonville, 27 against the rush. >> we have the falcons. a little bit of a surprise in te league right now. just coming off a big win now on the road. i'm feeling the energy there. you've got to like the energy from the falcons. i want to hitch your wagon to matt line an unbelievable year. overturned 40 yards in every gae he's played this 19-4 touchdown ratio. >> tampa is a great matchup. >> we've also got a matchup, first place in the afc west, broncos and raiders. talk about hitch your wagon. what do you want to do? >> hard to say that the oakland raiders may be in first place, but the denver defense just too good. that seasonal two seasons until the league.
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defensive backs. not a good matchup this week. >> go fix your line up. >> next here on 7news at 5:30, some big names taking home drivs at the country music awards last night and one of the winners isa local. >> good evening to you, i'm kim khazei. i'm adam williams. >> on the campaign trail donald trump calls on his daughter to help dru hillary clinton enlisting the help of president obama as we inch closer to electric day. >> then a word of warning for drivers as crews prepare to shut down sections of busy route 128. >> we'll get deeper into that forecast, j.r., looking all the way to the week. it is around the corner. >> we invite you to join us around the commercial corner for
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you?
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believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. >> well, a very big night for country music at the 50th cma awards. >> stars from the past and present were there and some special guests. >> ? . >> beyonce performing her song, daddy lessons with the dixie chicks who covered the song on tour. brad paisley and carrie underwod hosted for the ninth year in a row.
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entertainer of the year. this is his fifth time winning the high honor. it's been 18 years since the lat time he won. taylor swift went back to her roots to give that award to him. >> roadway mckenna won for song of the year, humble and time. she writes songs for big time stars. congratulations to her. that's awesome. >> that's really cool. we get to say she's one of our own. >> close enough. 7news straight ahead. i'm jadiann thompson. >> i'm ryan schulteis. >> confessions of an accused serial killer. >> gary lee sampson in his own words. detailing gruesome crimes. ivanka trump stirring up support for her dad in new hampshire. white house hitting the trail fr hillary clinton with election dy five days away. >> holiday on to the clouds overnight tonight.
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>> and a bu breakthrough. the family of a former patriot joining researchers to race concussion concerns. >> 7news at 6:00 starts now. >> i sprayed we are -- him with off to make him think i wasn't going to kill him. >> first at 6:00, chilling confessions. prosecutors playing detailed descriptions of brutal murders during his sentencingra sampson taking investigators through the final moments of the lives of three men before he sas he killed them. 7's jonathan hall live in south boston with what happened in court today. >> hey, kim, as you well know. anybody who was living around here 15 years ago knows just how bad it was. gary sampson on the lose, killig innocent people. a jury sentenced sampson to deal
5:59 pm
here we are again reliving the sampson case. he did interview with the state police 15 years ago. >> on the sampson confession tapes, the native admits to thre murders but said he was close to a fourth. his sights set on the top cop in his hometown. >> i couldn't fine the chief of police. he's lucky because i was going o take his life. >> 18 jurors heard gary sampson described murder. >> he picked him up while hitch hiking and tied him up. >> i slit his throat. why? i do not know. >> 19-year-old jonathan rizzo made the same mistake. he gave gary a ride. he tied the teen to the tree and pretended to protect him from mosquitoes. >> i sprayed him with off to mae him think that i went going to kill him. it was premeditated. i planned on killing him.
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hampshire, sampson said he broke into a luxury home in meredith o spend the night and murdered the handyman, robert whitney whether he came by to cut the lawn. >> i grabbed the yellow rope, hooked it over his throat and tight tightened. >> he revealed he called the fbi shortly before his killing spree began but agents didn't show up to meet him at a park in >> the government will argue to the jury that sampson flew intoa violent rage in 2001 because the fbi did not take him seriously when he tried to turn himself in for bank robberies in north carolina. >> this trial expected to take 0 weeks. sentencing only, because sampson


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