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tv   Revista Hispana  NBC  November 6, 2016 6:00am-6:30am EST

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? good morning everyone and welcome to another addition of "revista hispana." i'm alberto vasallo. the largest gala. and also the growing venezuela of boston and a new tradition. and we're going to introduce you to not business men who are both have nothing credible herer years. all of this and more right here on "revista hispana." ? ? all right. to say that my first guest is having a good year would probably be an understatement. he was recently named as one of boston business journal power 50a list that features the area's game changers ands
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boston-based home health care agency with the largest staff in the region with 2016 inner city award winners recognized as one of the fastest growing urban businesses. and the leading professor of the association in the region with their annual excellence and service to the community award. we now welcome to aye hus "revista hispana" ce than my ole' red sox. >> i am having a great year. >> the smile says it all. >> i can't complain. >> before we get anywhere take me through. i can't help but not know about how garden health care because i'm right in jp and i see it every morning. but for those who see your blue and white vehicles all across boston and lawrence and springfield tell me what it is in your elevator pitch,
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agency, so what we do is we we're some sort of a bridge between the hospitals and the patients when they go home, when they leave a hospital. and our nurses what they do, they come in and follow up with the doctors actually order and so we take care of them on, you know, physical therapy or nursing assistance or humble home base providing services at home. >> but you're different. there is a big diffee and i think one of them is the culture and the language, right. >> well that is really what set us apart from everybody else. so what we do, our staff is not only cultural competent they really understand not only the language but they understand what our patients do when they go home, what they eat, where they go to church and stuff like that is really what makes us what we are today. >> now you have the largest
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staffing in the region. you're obviously located in boston, i've seen you up in lawrence, but you're also in the westernert paof the state as well. >> yes, we opened up in springfield in 2011 and springfield has been a really good place for us. it is such a diverse community and so we have puerto ricans, we have dominicans, we have a good source of people from every part of the state and being in springfield actually us. >> i've known you in your previous lives, so tell me what inspired you and what year you started because this is a fairly new company. >> my background is finance, as you know. i was in the bank and business for 12 years. and it was really the financial meltdown that we experienced in 2008. back in 2008 i was the helm of the mortgage business and
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to an end as we all know it. and then i'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do next. homecare was really not in my radar. i never thought that i was going to be preparing people, helpling people, elderly and disabled people to get you know good lives better; however, i got interested after a conversation with my wife and she mentioned, she is a nurse by theway a visiting nurse. and she mentioned that services as they should. >> and that's not your wife on camera. and neither is ena, so i know we have photos on that was at the alpha. but i did want to give these photos the context we have up there. i'll let you continue with the story because i know we have a photo in the wife and it is the one in the blue, not the purple. >> so she is a visiting nurse working with for this company
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of services to the latino community. she told me about it, but again i do not have the clinical background, mine is finance. but i wanted to distribute in chicago and i learned more about the business. when i actually went to that room that's when i realized we had an opportunity. most of the people in the room they didn't understand what cultural competency was. being latino, growing up in the dominican republic i dounderstand. >> that was your niche. tha was your opportunity. >> that was exactly the opportunity and we jumped right on in and it was a blessing since. >> for those who don't have more information, i'm going to put up the information on screen. i'll see you around my friend. now had a good year and hopefully even better. it's going to be tough to stop 2017. coming up next, another member of our community who has had a
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we'll talk to him right har on
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year after? # #.
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when we come back, information on the largest latino holiday gala in in theler. we'll have all of the information and maybe even some tickets right here on
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? all right everybody the largest latino holiday galla in new england at the weston boston waterfront in boston seaport district again saturday thetonying. support of educational and programs that elevate the community so this year's proceeds for this year goes to programs like boston's tag, which i know this tag right, it means talented and gifted and also his pannening writer's week and tag scholarship fun. to tell us about the details we've invited the board member
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her father used to work for 7. her dad loved it but we digress. >> saturday, december 10th at the weston boston waterfront, amazing show. huge, best celebration and most anticipated gala. >> i know you're dying to get this out, the information one more time because you're very excited about this year's headliner, i'll let you do the news. who is headliner. >> the legendary latin jazz artist, a contemporary and american icon in latin-jazz world, 10-time grammy award winner coming to celebrate his eighth birthday with us and we're so honorred to have him. >> that's awesome.
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>> the food. >> you and i. >> so we're going to have typical latino foodism it is a great opportunity party with your friends, but you are rejoicing with something in mind. the benefit of it is a fund-raiser, it is a great party i also a fund-raiser. so the benefit is for our youth. we're extremely passionate about the youth in boston and in the specifically is for this area. they say a photo is worth a thousand words. let's put up cool photos from last year i was able to dig out. who is this? >> she is bethe commissioner for the services in worcester and doctor.
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president of the tiger association. and myself there. >> next photo, if we can. what's this all about in. >> lorais maggo, the three kings. >> i think i took his hat off last year and put it on. actually that's me in the middle ladies and gentlemen. [laughs] >> let's see the next photo because i know this was a lot of fun. i remember when they put the mic and all of the these ladies came out. now don't remember this p and they were just like open mic and making some shoutouts and stuff. and then this next photo is again the ladies really kept the party going. >> that's right. >> i think they did this after they ate. they were burning off the calories and then of course the dancing for everybody. i know we have a picture of the party coming up, because after all we are latino and
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>> absolutely, it is probably the best part of the night. >> dancing andselfie. >> and it is a party with a purpose, so no better party. >> and everyone comes dressed up. i want to give folk as little preview if you've never been. how many folks are you exsect ping? >> over 700. it is a big party. it is a huge party. >> it is a big, big party. and let's do a little history here >> twenty-seventh anniversary. >> so how did it start? >> it started back with a group of puerto rican leaders that desiredded they wanted to continue the puerto rican traditions and rentedute hotel room, 40-50 people showed and year after year it grew to now embrace a more of a latino-type community that's more diverse like you and i, who are half-breeds and it is a beautiful latino community celebration now. still celebrating our port
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>> everybody goes and everybody goes dressed up. what are you egoing to be wearing? have you thought about it yet? is. >> the question of theith no. we had that discussion earlier. >> oh, i was listening,. >> erko you wering. >> that's why i ask. >> it is going to be a beautiful dress. beautiful. >> so for those, tickets still available? >> tickets still available on our web it soo. >> so let's put up the information, if my board larry can put up the information, she is he is puerto rican so [spanish] >> >> there is a reception aft 7:00. depending on how much i want to spend that night you can get the vip experience. >> all really affordable because we try to keep this very accessible to the community. >> the food is good, dancing
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10th, i'll be there. i'm going to watch out and see what you wear. i'm going to facebook live. can we facebook live when we get there. >> yes, that's fine. >> i'm just going to do if you're watching this show or clip, the internet, i will be checking out her outfit, let's see what natalia hilton is on, you're on. you've got high bar. >> i have a very high bar. >> you next year, you get a pass, i'll see you say hello to lateeni. growing massachusetts. all of the information right here on "revista hispana."
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if larry could but information.
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>> all right.
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for all of us here at channel 7 have a great sunday and remember, don't forget to vote on tuesday. have great weekend. ? >> uh-oh! can't find the right saw for the job? you need a hand saw for this, a circular saw for that, a band saw, a miter saw, and a jig saw? and with all the different blades, that job's turned into an expensive jigsaw puzzle! not anymore! hi, everybody! i'm joe fowler, and this is the rotorazer. over 3,000 screaming rpms of workshop muscle to make any do-it-yourself project so fast and easy, you'll actually enjoy doing it yourself. can your saw do that? imagine using the same saw to cut hardwood, plywood, laminated flooring, drywall, sheet metal, ceramic tile, grout, masonry, marble, travertine, headboard, pvc, and plastic, even metal,


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