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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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one united people. he's a winner. that's what he does. he's a winner. political pain for hillary clinton and the democrats. this is painful and it will be for a long time. we're now owl routing for his success. divided nation seeks a path of unity after trump wins. we begin tonight with breaking news at huge protests against the president-elect trump are held across the sky seven hd flew over boston common where protester gathered before marching through the streets. and good evening from 1700 pennsylvania avenue. we're at 1700 because 1600 pennsylvania avenue where white house is closed off because of some protests, kim that got out of control earlier tonight here. adam i'm here in boston. here tonight police say nearly 5,000 people marched in protest. and brandon gunnoe live in
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protest here tonight in boston. but it was a large turn out. it was passionate. with thousands chanting he's not our president. >> anti trump protester held a rally outside of statehouse tonight. then started to march. just want to stand up for the hate going on right now. we're out to let people know he's not our president. >> simple as that. he's not going to be my president. i will never distress him as started as facebook event boston against trump rally. and grew into thousands. marching to the band stand on boston common. he was created by boston socialist students. a self described movement for 99 percent. trump has said some really hideous things about women about immigrants, about people of color all of these sorts of things. we want to build a unit movement to press back was we think will be his repressive agenda. >> i personally do not agree with the outcome of the
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whatever happens our country stays united. roads were closed as proest that continue to grow marched on beacon street back to statehouse police say as long an it was peaceful we have adequate resources very large crowd we had a march earlier with different group. that went fine they were very cooperative. and it's an important to note that the protesters that were here tonight say they do not actually support hillary clinton. they support bernie sanders. there were no arrests. li gunnoe, 7 news night team. back in washington d.c. now. and the protests back home in boston just one of several that happened across the country. they are still happening across the country tonight. thousands of people gathered in fact in manhattan outside trump tower as well a trump's hotel in downtown chicago and in philadelphia a huge crowd marching through the streets and even blocking intersections. dan hausle live near trump tower
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dan. >> yeah still heavy police presence and number of protests lingering here after thousands turned out. walked 40 blocks here to trump tower. evidence deep divide that remains after the trump presidency. thousands pour into streets outside trump towers to protest the election of donald trump. the demonstrators bringing several blocks of mid town manhattan to brianed grinding hat for hours. acceptance speech appealed to those who opposed him those who have chosen not to support me in the past of which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. trump appeal for reconciliation came after one most bitter races in recent memory. and political opponents say they were glad to hear trump pledge
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democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division after you get together trump shook hands with supporter i was able to ask about his improbable journey from reality tv star to the highest office in the land. about this election? i don't know. we want to take care of people. we're going to take care of people really well, thank you. trump chipper beaming and happy to explain what others missed. how did your father do? speaking to the people. speaking to the people. he's incredible. and absolutely incredible. so proud of him. what did so many people miss? >> he's a winner. that's what he does. he's winner he understood the country he understood the needs of this country.
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people want their country back. that's what they are going to get late today trump transition team post on its own twitter account working together we will begin urgent task rebuilding our nation and renewing american dream adding twi tagues join us great sources ta trump was too superstition before he won to talk about cabinet choices, leaving his aides to ponder the possibility like rudy giuliani for attorney general. newt gingrich secretary of and ryans priebus chief of staff. positions could change after trump has his say. with many still protesting the man at the top of the ticket, trump's campaign manager is asking critics to give trump the same chance they gave previous presidents. i really hope that some people will just tamp it down. you know lay down their verbal firearms tamp it down and give this guy a chance.
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out of sight he did have conversation with congressional leaders republican and democrats and senate and the house. democrats particularly hoping that he makes good on his pledge to reach across the aisle to try to get things done dan hausle, 7 news. dan, we know that you were there last the night or i guess early this morning around 2:30 when president-elect trump made his victory speech. since then we understand that security around trump tower has changed from the norm. can you talk about that for tonight? >> yeah they quickly moved in some donald trump trucks filled with sand lining street in front of trump tower. security reaches up into the sky. f.a.a. has restricted flights from flying below 3,000 feet here in lower manhattan. also in the bronx. and nearby queens. these restrictions to stay in place january 21st when trump of course expected to move into the white house.
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again live in new york city. and tonight hillary clinton is out of the spotlight for the first time in more than a year and a half after delivering her concession speech and congratulating president-elect trump. let's go back to new york city time square where byron barnet is covering clinton campaign. byron. well gracious but somber. that's how many are describing hillary clinton this morning in a very emotional concession speech. she supporters for losing but said she hopes that donald trump becomes a successful president for all americans. this is painful. and it will be for a long time. her voice cracking with emotion. hillary clinton formally conceding to donald trump ending her decade long quest for the presidency. i >> i new how disappointed you feel because i feel it too. and so do tens of millions of
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clinton gave a gracious nod to her now former bitter rival. we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. clinton urge supporter to keep fighting for issues raised in the campaign. >> please, never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it she to women. to all the women and especially the young women, who put their faith in this campaign and in me, i want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. the two time presidential candidate says she's confident another woman will eventually accomplish what she could not. i know we have still shattered highest and hardest glass
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hopefully sooner than we might think right now. hillary clinton says congratulate him last night told she would offer to work with imhum on behalf the country. live in new york city all right byron so tomorrow, our current president and president-elect trump will meet here nation's capital. today president obama spoke about transition of power and about uniting our country. >> we are now all rooting for his success and uniting and leading the country. president obama and president-elect trump spoke overnight. i had chance to talk to president-elect trump last night about three:30 in morning i think it was to congratulate him on winning election. and i had a chance to invite him
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and. he's transition peaceful transition of power. is one the hallmarks of our democracy. and over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. >> a for hillary clinton's loss, i'm proud of her. lot of americans look up to her. her candidacy and nomination was historic and sends a message to our daughters all across the country that they can achieve at the highest levels of politics. and he reminded americaha this is an intermural scrimmage. we're not democrats first we're not republicans first. we are americans first. we're patriots first. reaction was an extreme in both direction knee jerk drop of more than 800 points overnight because of uncertainty about a trump presidency. this morning dow opened flat and
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points to end the day at 18 five 89 and nasdaq was up 57 to close at 5251. and as you know, there is intense interest in this presidential election internationally. all over the world. let's talk about russia today, today russian president putin offered congratulations to president-elect trump by telegram he talked about mr. trump during a television address putin says russia is ready to repair relations with the united states. we understand this will be difficult but we're ready to play our part in and do emergency to be able to return russian american relations to a stable and sustainable development track. this would serve the well being of both russia and america's peoples. >> you might recall trump's relationship with putin was subject of continued scrutiny during the campaign season.
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hampshire extremely tight. not decided until today. but tonight we know governor maggie hassan has won that seat. governor hassan beating incumbent kelly ayotte by less than 1,000 votes after declaring victory hassan preached progress. elected officials follow the example of the people of new hampshire we could make good progress. that is regardless of political party. people of new hampshire solve problems in their daily lives and businesses and their communities every statement conceding race it reads in part this is critical time for new hampshire and our country. and now more than ever we need to work together to address our challenges. voters have spoken and now it's time for all of us to come together to get things done for the people of the greatest state in this nation and for the greatest country on earth. >> and there's much more ahead tonight. >> coming up at 11 as we
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home in boston for a local tattoo artist offering up free donald trump tattoos. plus, bill belichick and tom brady discuss the stunning victory of their friend and future president donald trump. and there's more news tonight. including a local police officer who finds himself on the other side of the law and facing troubling charges. also progress to report as toll booths come down language mass pike cloudy skies sunshine pike cloudy skies sunshine afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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amaka. well adams the owner of this shop says he was just trying to capitalize on election and drum up some business here. but of those threats he actually had to turn people away including paying customers. a spur of the moment idea backfiring. it's amazing how ferocious people became. here boston barber tattoo company in north end. shop offered free tattoos in ma and president-elect trump made popular during his campaign. >> we thought it would a fun thing to do. and just turned into a really ugly thing. owner robert says 13 people showed up to get the free tattoo. but backlash on social media along with threatening emails became too much to handle. it was saying you guys suck. is this a joke.
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just like, wow. really michael was the first and only person this is here forever. i want so proud of him to get tattoo putting his own twist on it with the #maga in donald trumping name written below it. i just wanted to put something that was close to my heart. something i could look at everything and be proud of he isn't worried about what people think of his new ink, but the owner says it's a lesson learned. i apologize if i offendered neighborhood maybe just a little too soon to do something like this. now the owner says that if hillary clinton would have won the election he would have offered free tattoos to her supporter as well. we're live in north end tonight amaka you bah ba can seven news night team. >> and coming up tonight we continue our coverage live from washington d.c. much more on trump's victory and transition
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but for now send back to my co-anchor in boston. we're following more news tonight. disturbing details revealed at the courtroom about a salem police officer. prosecutors say brian butler sexually assaulted a man in custody inside the salem police station. cameras there captured both audio and video. >> we have a legal process for in this country for a particular reason. and it's to here. >> and court documents revealed butler told investigators what happened between him and man in custody was consensual. we have some good news for your mass pike commute. the state is making good progress on the switch to electronic willing to. the department of transportation says phase one of construction is complete at 20 of the 23 willing to locations. massachusetts is demolishing all
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so the work zones on the pike here's the latest. expected to be gone by the end of this week. now seven weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. sunshine back tomorrow. temperatures low 50s. overall though a mild stretch of weather. there's only one chilly day. that's on saturday. even not that bad. mid 40s. and we're dry for the next several days. likely into middle next week. a little bit of rain right now. flaring up along a cool front. you can see rain in but nothing significant and certainly not long lasting that would peel out hfkt quickally it formed here that is cool front leading of cooler air. it going to be temporary temperatures in new england 40s and still low 50s down through south shore and cape. you move into western new york upper 30s granted a little bit cooler. then you mover out of new york and back into the great lakes states upper midwest. already the air starting to warm back up.
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shots of air overall no significant long lasting cold. looking to establish itself. for tomorrow, cooler, but close to normal with a mix of clouds and sunshine. a bit of chilly breeze early. but that will melt away by lunch time. normal high boston is 54. up close to that tomorrow, city around 53. attleboro at 53. north of town merry back back into worst hills low 50s. monadnock region upper 40s with partly sunny skies out on cape sunshine chatham at 50. and mashpee at 51. now on friday. veterans day lots of sunshine. windy on friday. but it's a warm wind. temperatures on friday will head for the mid and upper 50s. winds will gust anywhere between 20 and 25 miles per hour. and then as we advance into weekend again there's mild day on friday. windy as well. here comes another cool front. but it will be brief. saturday is going to be chilly day with temperatures on saturday in the 40s.
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front. and that milder air will come right into the new england as we work toward sunday. so your seven on seven forecast sunny skies tomorrow. low 50s. veterans day should be okay for parades a little bit windy brockton as well boston. mid and upper 50s. both weekend days will feature sunshine, sunday is the milder of the two weekend days. temperatures on sunday afternoon upper 50s. patriots hosting seahawks sunday evening down gillette. cool, but again not cold. temperatures kick off will be in the middle upper 50s to around 60. seven news now turning to a great escape in grafton. take look at these pictures. that fox caught in a storm drain right in the grate. poor thing officers could only see its head when they showed up they removed grate and used dish soap to free the fox. police say fox wasn't hurt before it ran into the woods it turned to acknowledge the
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foxboro. that's right kim coming up tonight, we hear from a couple of boston icons. what they are saying about their friends' election night stutter. what bill belichick and tom brady had to say tonight about
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return now to our coverage of donald trump's historic win. two boston sports icons are weighing in. on monday just before the election donald trump told a crowd of supporters in new hampshire that he had the support of his good friends tom brady and bill belichick. and today, we heard from both of them. let's go back to boston now. our s amorosino with the story. >> adam with donald trump telling the world that tom brady voted for him and that bill belichick wrote him a letter wishing him good luck, there was no avoiding trump questions in foxboro today. >> i've received a number of inquiries relative to a note that i wrote to donald on monday. he rarely stray x and o's after donald trump read a letter from bill belichick on the eve the
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>> our friendship goes back many years. and i think anybody that's spent more than 5 minutes with me knows i'm not a political person. my comments are not politically motivated. friendship and loyalty of donald. that's as far conversation went. given the nature of this presidential race, did you find it >> seattle. >> seattle. did you find it helpful >> seattle. >> you about this >> seattle. belichick wasn't only patriot singled out by president-elect trump. so tom you voted for am i lewd to say it tonight. fact checking tonight you did support trump, correct? >> yeah, yeah i talked to my wife she said i can't talk about politics any more. so i think that's a good decision made for our family. tom brady also facing a line of questioning about his
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political preference at that rally in front of a national audience >> why did i give him permission? so you're assuming i gave people permission. did you not give him permission to talk about your political preferences. we're going to talk about football this week. >> seattle, the only thing belichick and brady are interested in now leading up to show down. but let's just say they will have friend in the white house as of january 20th. reporting live newsroom joe amorosino, seven news n team. >> all right. joe. thank you. and there's still more live coverage ahead. live from the white house tonight. yes. and more laughs again tonight
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all right so a donald trump win sends shock waves through
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president-elect trump will be meeting with president tomorrow and with certain members of congress at the capital building. we will be here in washington for that meeting. meeting by the way with president will happen behind me here at the white house. we'll have coverage for you all throughout the day. for now i'm adam williams reporting live in washington d.c. >> and i'm kim khazei. weep look forward to see you tomorrow adam and of course everyone at home, seven news continues at 5:00 a.m. with today new england. have a terrific tomorrow. good night. "realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company." fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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