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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it was a harsh campaign with lots of things said about one another, but today it was a different tone. both men say they're committed to moving forward to together. president barack obama. >> we now, are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> welcome being president-elect donald trump. >> i have great respect after a meeting that lasted for almost an hour and a half. it could longer. >> the closed door one on one white house meeting is a key step to start the smooth transition between administrations. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. >> it is important for all of us, regardless of party and regardless of political preferences to now come together, work together to deal with the many challenges we face. >> while the two sometimes
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until today spent years bashing one another. >> he finally gave the birth certificate. he should have done it a long time ago. >> we can now focus on the issues that matter like did we fake the moon landing? >> these moments mark a public effort to put up a united front as trump transitioning from running for office to running the office. he met with his party's leaders that control the house and senate. house speaker paul ryan showing melania and mike pence the view from the speaker's office. it overlooks where trump will be inaugurated in january. the group met with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. both hesitated to support trump and now both hope to work hand in hand with the president-elect. >> we had a fantastic productive meeting about getting to work, pulling up the sleeves and going to work for the american people. donald trump had one of the most impressive victories we've ever seen, and we will turn that into
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people. we're now talking about how we're going to hit the ground running to make sure that we can get this country turned around and make america great again. >> reporter: after the meetings, trump says he's ready to dive right now. >> we look forward to starting. in fact, we can't get started fast enough. whether it's health care or immigrati immigration, so many different things, we'll be working on them very rapidly. i think we'll be putting things up pretty >> reporter: this just in. first lady michelle obama and melania trump also met today. this is the first picture of them together. the white house saying the women toured the first family's residence and talked about raising kids at the white house. the obamas have raised two daughters at the white house as you know, and the trumps have a 10-year-old son. donald trump's victory sparking protests across this country that have gone into tonight including right here behind me
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better part of an hour. it's been peaceful up, no violence, but that's not the case everywhere. for more on that back to boston. we have that story tonight. you're exactly right. we have heard political leaders talking about unity today, but it's clear many people are not happy with the trump presidency. we've seen many protests happening. in california protests are shuts down portions of a highway there. officers in full riot gear arrested 13 people in los angeles. hundreds marched in the streets into the early morning as kro the state carrying guns in one group even burning a donald trump pinata. in new york city groups of protesters gather in different locations to march to trump tower where the president-elect lives. thousands of people carried signs and banners chanting anti-trump slogans like not my president. they blocked streets and traffic. here in boston thousands came together to protest. they gathered on the common before marching to the
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marches through the city towards copley square. the protest was peaceful here and organizers say the long-term goal for them is to build a grassroots movement against donald trump. in the newsroom, 7 news. today's meeting, the first step for donald trump as he prepares to take over the presidency. you know that during his campaign he laid out a lot of plans, including fixing immigration, overturning obamacare. we should also p jersey governor chris christie is in charge of the transition team and earlier today on nbc, christie spoke about how this country can move forward after such a volatile election season. >> everything is in the context of politics, matt. it doesn't mean he didn't believe those things or wasn't concerned about them, but you see the difference between two people are in combat in politics versus when the people have spoken. tuesday night the people spoke. they elected donald trump
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so now it's time for both donald and the president to move and turn a new chapter. >> investors on wall street appear right now to be embracing a trump presidency. the dow jones soaring for a second straight day reaching a midday report high before ending up more than 200 points. however, the nasdaq was down about 42 points. trump's win hits close to home. a pretty uned the boston public school district. word from superintendent that the -- they'll be bringing in counselors for students who are upset about trump's victory. for more on that, back to boston. >> it's no surprise this election upset people in massachusetts. hillary clinton won the vote here, the state is largely democratic. this week the superintendent of schools sent home a letter offering support for kids that have trouble dealing with the result of the election. 80% of the city dent vote for
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based on things trump said during his campaign. >> we live in a city that is a gateway for immigrants, and as our mayor said yesterday, our job is to make sure that they feel supported, especially yesterday. that's what we did yesterday for our students. >> the district has not released any numbers on how many kids asked for the support. >> reporter: all right, ryan. thank you. trump with a very busy day. morning and part of the early afternoon here in washington, d.c. part of that time, obviously, at the white house behind me. he's back in new york tonight putting plans together on how he will shape and form his presidential cabinet. with that, we'll send it back to kim in boston. >> thank you. right now we are following some breaking news out of marlboro. an infant is dead after being found unresponsive at a home on harrison place. police raced to that home around
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911 call. we're live on the phone with what we know at this hour. >> reporter: kim, what we know so far, we just got to the scene and got some details from the middlesex district attorney's office. they are now investigating. they say police got that 911 call just before noon from someone reporting an unresponsive infant and two unresponsive adults inside a home here on harrison place. when police arrived, we know that the ininfants was taken to a local hospital where the baby was declared woman and 23-year-old man, were also taken to a local hospital. at this point it's not clear the extent of their judge injuries. i just spoke to a neighbor that says it was a 2-month-old baby boy that died. we're still waiting to get that officially confirmed, but at this point the d.a.'s office says there is no threat to the public at this time. they say they're in the early stages of their investigation,
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details that could come out soon. for now that's the latest in marlbo marlboro. we follow more news today including an alarming assault in born. police say a teenaged girl was attacked near a school bus stop this morning. officers say a man grabbed the 14-year-old by the neck and threw her to the ground. now they're searching for that man. steve cooper is live in born with this. >> reporter: kim, is police wasted no time at headquarters they increased patrols tonight. as you can imagine, residents are concerned and anxious for an arrest. >> very scary considering they're teenage kids. >> extra police on patrol near the intersection of cranberry and puritan roads here in born. that's where investigators say a 14-year-old girl heading to the school bus just before 7:00 this morning was grabbed around the neck and thrown to the ground by an unidentified man in his late
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>> we're treating it as an assault and battery on a juvenile. there's no indication there was an attempted abduction or anything like that. it is concerning. >> reporter: police credit a witness for jumping into action and screaming. that's whether the suspect jumped into a dark-colored blue or gray sedan and sped away. the victim wasn't hurt in the attack, but it has everyone here on edge. >> it's not some random act. they knew the bus would be here that time. they new. bus stop. >> erring on the side of caution the schools alerted parents to the incident. everyone is anxious for police to track down the subject. >> i'm surprised it's here in buzzard's bay, yes. a lot of people are, i hate to say, it mentally deranged. >> reporter: police say the suspect's car had a partial
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investigators right now say it's the -- the motive here is unclear, but they're still talking to several piem trying to get a hand on exactly what happened this morning. we're live in bourne tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. a man charged with impersonating an fbi agent is court in today. yesterday he tried to enter a home in arlington. police say the residents called police right away. they also say leblanc was carrying these items at the time. gun. they also found post-it notes with names and addresses belonging to m.i.t. employees. there's much more ahead on the news station tonight at 6:00. >> reporter: in front of the white house as we report live, another look and listen of some of the protests going on here in the nation's capital. we have more on president obama's meeting today with president-elect donald trump as we continue. also ahead, a young boy in
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he deserves from a group of strangers. and the patriots gearing up for a super bowl rematch and a seahawks quarterback who could
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a grand gesture offered up
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little boy a ride on a bike and treating him to frozen yogurt. vandals went after that boy's home with racial slurs and more. thanks to this club he has new biker buds. the end much this school day held a bit more excitement for 7-year-old simpson. he got a new leather jacket and new helmet and 17 new friends courtesy of manchester motorcycle club. the sound of the school bell gave way to the as they rolled to the local yogurt shop. the smiles and sweeptness replacing tough memories from the past few weeks. >> it's incredibly emotional. a week ago we were afraid to go to bed. >> afraid because in the milthd nieft last month someone keyed the family car with a racial slur. jackie lives her with her biracial son. they were stunned. a few nights later there was a up sign with a racial message and a few nights after that
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one of the neighbors heard about it on the news and got an idea. >> my mother-in-law said if that's happening on your street? no, it's not going to. i found the house and went to the house and knocked on the door and said i want to do something. >> that put the wheels in motion for the big event. they want the second grader ton their community cares. his mom says she hopes he get the message people are good. >> there's a lot of good in the world, and you know, i hope that one day he can pay it forward. >> he says he some pretty cool neighbors. >> it makes me feel grateful. >> and makes his neighborhood feel a lot more like home again. >> now, are you going to want to picked up like that every day? >> yeah. >> of course he does. great. great for him and great for the club. up next, j.r. has a look at your forecast. >> more sunshine tomorrow and a windy day tomorrow. weekend forecast is up next. >> reporter: a passionate protest still happening in front of the white house.
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washington, d.c. continues on the news station.
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>> reporter: a beautiful, crisp fall night here in the nation's capital where we're covering reaction to the election of president-elect donald trump. speaking of weather, kim, i hear
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>> well, it's fall in new england, adam, so you're right. very nice, and we're going to j.r. to talk more about it. do we have any rain in the forecast? >> i think tuesday of next week. >> that far off? >> correct. we're dry tomorrow. more sunshine both weekend days are dry. saturday is the chillyier of th two days. right now upper 40s to around 50. the city at 50. even out on the cape and islands, 40s. northern new england and new england. as quickly as they came into town, they go out of town tonight. mostly clear skies. this is our next weather system, and it's a front. sometimes the warm and cold fronts generate clouds and showers and storms. this one kind of sneaks through here during the day tomorrow. you'll know when it comes through, because that wind cranks up tomorrow afternoon. out ahead of the cool front and it is mild and the temps this time in southern canada in the
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overnight it's mostly clear and breezy from the southwest and not chilly overnight tonight. through the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine, but it is a windy day. northwest winds is 15 to occasionally near 30 miles per hour. temps are tricky because the front part of the day the numbers reach the middle and upper 50s, and then as the northwest wind gets going tomorrow afternoon, then the temps take a back seat and work down through the lower 50s. veterans day tomorrow in brockton and boston, lots of sunshine with temperatures in the mdl will be windy for the parades. boston tomorrow afternoon low to middle 50s. as you work through the south shore and south coast, close to 60 degrees tomorrow afternoon in dartmouth. the numbers tomorrow are in the upper 40s to around 50 tomorrow afternoon. that's the chillier air out of hmz working beau the worcester hills. out on the cape and island, chatham 54. that's tomorrow's weather map. onto the weekend, lots of
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that is a cool day. temps on saturday i don't think will make it out of the 40s, and just like that, the chill is gone. so that by sunday lots of sunshine and mild on sunday. temperatures on sunday afternoon upper 50s. patriots sunday night down at gillette hosting the seahawks. the numbers are in the 40s at kicko kickoff. time for 7 sports. >> if you size up the rest of the patriots schedule there aren't a lot of games the rest the way. sunday night against the seahawks is one of them. a healthy russell wilson is a big reason why. finally over ankle and knee injures from earlier in year frment he cut it loose against the bills going 20 for 26 adding another one on the ground. wilson has his legs back, which means the pats d need says to use their heads to keep him in check. >> it's difficult anytime you have a guy that's mobile.
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he's very accurate, very good quarterback in the pocket. yet, things aren't looking so good, you can pull the ball down and try to put it in there. >> he's fast. he has a great arm. he's creative. he's smart. you know, he's a tough player. he's everything. >> after hauling in just one catch through the patriots first four games, rob gronkowski he can plowing upon the the return of tom brady finding theed zone gronk has his hands full on sunday night. >> they're not scared to be physical, so they're super talented. i got to bring my a game. you have to bring your a game in order to get open or else they cover you and be right on you. you have to be prepared for it. i would say, if not the top linebackers coverage-wise, they're up there. >> the seahawks linebackers can really fly, and they may be
6:23 pm
the dynamic running back has been on the pup list all year long following multiple procedures on his left knee. lewis is on track to make his season debut against seattle. the kickoff is sunday night on 7 nbc. we have our 7 on the sidelines
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welcome back with some live pictures of the beautiful executive mansion, the white house, where today history was made. president barack obama meeting with president-elect donald trump to discuss a smooth and peaceful transition of power. president-elect trump then made his way to capitol hill to meet k idea in mind, to bring this fractured nation together and move forward as one. a historic day. we have out here covering it, and behind us right now here at the white house the fashion nature protest continues. part of pennsylvania avenue blocked off as they already begin to build scaffolding for the inauguration. thank you for watching tonight. i'm adam williams live in washington, d.c.
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r adam will join us at 7:00 and 7 news at
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tonight, face to face inside the oval office. obama and trump, bitter political foes, meet for the first time. the president who accused trump of being unfit to serve and trump, who accused obama of being an illegitimate presiden anti-trump protests erupt around the country. also, where hillary clinton was spotted today smiling after that devastating defeat. plus, "nbc nightly news" exclusive, we have the names of the people president-elect trump wants to have access to america's top secrets. some surprises and some controversial. officers ambushed while responding to an emergency. a gunman opens fire. and the app trap. just in time for the holiday shopping rush, crooks and thieves are


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