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tv   7 News  NBC  November 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> now on on 7 a marijuana meeting in our nation's capital. president obama and president elect donald trump have a private sit down. >> anchor: there's more news today. a man accused of impersonating the fbi. police arsenal. >> reporter: a windy day for tomorrow. >> anchor: a dangerous drive a high speed chase leads police from connecticut to worcester. our pats are rested and ready for a super bowl rematch with the sea hawks. and gronk bon jovi. the star tight end giving a new twist to a karaoke classic.
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>> then the country succeeds. >> president obama and donald trump laying it all on the table. >> we discussed situations some wonderful some difficult. >> my number one priority in the next 2 months is try to facilitate a transition. >> anchor: looking live at the white house in washington d.c. where president obama and president elect donald trump held a meeting today. i'm kim khazei. >> anchor: and good evening i'm adam williams live in washington d.c. tonight in front of the white house. as you mentioned, kim, the world was watching today as president obama and president elect donald trump sat down meeting face to face. and president obama put the focus on a smooth transition and
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and excellent. president barack obama. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> welcoming president elect donald trump. >> i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. as far as i'm concerned it could have gone on a lot longer. >> the white house meeting is a key step in starting transition to administrations. >> i look forward to dealing with the president in the future including council. >> it is important for all of us regardless of party and regardless of political preferences to come together work together to deal with [inaudible]. >> anchor: so while the 2 sometimes bitter enemies who had never meant until today had spent years bashing one another.
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certificate. >> we can get back to focusing on the issues that matter like did we fake the moon landing. >> anchor: mark a public effort to put a united front. trump transitions from running for office to running the office. house speaker paul ryan showing president elect trump and mike pence the view from the speakers office. where trump will bin met with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. both men say they hope to work hand in hand with the president elect. >> we had a fantastic productive meeting getting to work pulling up our sleeves and going to work for the american people. and we're going top turn that victory into progress for the american people. and we are now talking about how we're going to hit the ground running to make sure we get this
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america great again. >> anchor: trump says he's ready to dive right in. >> truthfully we can't get started fast enough. and whether it's health care or immigration. so many different things we'll be working on them rapidly and i think we'll be putting things up pretty quickly. >> anchor: we've also learned that first lady michelle obama and melania trump met today. them together. the women toured the first family's residence and talked about raising kids at the white house. the obamas have 2 daughters that were raised here. the trumps have a 10-year-old son name is baron. there was a protest that lasted 2 hours wrapping up as we speak. covering protests across the country a few in boston. they've been peaceful. not a lot of violence.
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more on that here's 7's jadian thompson. >> donald trump has got to go. >> reporter: voices echo across the country today. a wave of emotions fear anger and frustration. pushing a flood of protests overnight. thousands spilling into the streets from los angeles through new york. >> protest to set up a sign to let people know and wake up and >> reporter: feelings exposed by a close and contentious election. boiling over in oakland where crowds burned flags and damaged cars. in houston protesters battered a donald trump piniata. others are gathering to support the president elect. >> this is a brexit country and
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>> reporter: jadian thompson 7 news. >> anchor: the impact of donald trump's win is hitting close to home for families. boston public schools doing something unprecedented. offering counseling to students upset by trump's victory. back to boston and colleague ryan shutize. >> reporter: hillary clinton won the vote here. the state largely democratic. this week the superintendent of schools sent a letter home offering support for kid whose may have trouble dealing with this election. 80% of the city did not vote for donald trump. students expressed fears based on the things that donald trump was saying. >> we live in a city that is a gate way for immigrants. our job is to make sure that they feel supported especially yesterday. that's what we did yesterday for our students. >> reporter: the district have not released numbers in how many kids asked for support.
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it's been a roller coaster ride on wall street. the night of the election dow futures plunged drastically. but then yesterday stocks rebounded. let's talk about today. looking at a new all time record high. the dow closing 218 points to close at 18,805. the nasdaq ended the day down. hillary clinton snapping a photo with a supporter hiking today. the decr the page and enjoying a walk in the woods with her husband president bill clinton. bill snapped this photo so she can keep the memory for when her kids and daughter grows up. trump's schedule a busy one today. here in washington with the white house meeting and meeting with leaders on capitol hill. back in new york tonight back to start putting together his
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of today's top stories kim and ryan. >> anchor: following breaking news right now out of marlboro. police are investigating after an infant is found unresponsive inside a home on harrison place. macabacka there with the latest details. >> reporter: kim, within the last 30 minutes investigators at the d.a.'s office arrived on scene. what we know so far is th infant has died and 2 adults were found unresponsive. marlboro police got a call a 911 call before noon when police arrived an infant inside the home was taken to a local hospital where they say the baby died. at this hour the 2 adults a 19-year-old woman and 23-year-old man are hospitalized. we do not know the extent of their injuries. we spoke to a neighbor who said
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>> i came home from work. normally a really quiet street. really shocking to see police cruisers on the street let alone find out that a young baby had died. >> reporter: i can't hear.. >> anchor: that's macabacka reporting from marlboro. and also on 7 a dangerous discovery in arlington. police find a trove of when they arrest a man accused of posing as an fbi agent. alarming allegations landing that man in a courtroom. live in arlington to tell us more. >> reporter: prosecutors say 23-year-old dannon leblank an m.i.t. employee was heavily armed while trying to get inside
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>> black suit, black pants, black shoes. wearing an fbi ball cap. >> reporter: a married couple living this 2 family home dialed 911. he allegedly showed the couple the fbi poster for jason derrick brown an accused killer on the fbi's 10 most wanted list. >> the male asked the couple he could enter their home and use the bathroom. that's the point at which they called 911. >> they were like okay. he said can i use your bathroom. that doesn't sound right. >> reporter: a long list of items found in leblank's backpack. a 38 special hand gun, rope, zip ties and a military style knife. in the backpack police say they
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and personal information. 3 of the 4 names and addresses were people who work at m.i.t.'s lincoln laboratory a lexington defense contractor. leblank's lawyer says he has no criminal record. >> he asked to use the bathroom. they said no. they didn't feel comfortable with that. and he left. >> anchor: a car in hingham at a ship yard burst into flames today. no one investigators haven't said yet what might have started a fire. a hot pursuit stretches from connecticut to massachusetts today. surveillance video from a worcester store shows the driver racing down the street with 2 troopers behind. police arrested 2 men from connecticut. they say the pair stole a car this morning and crash today. then went to a neighboring town
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women inside. those 2 will be in a worcester court tomorrow. a teenager is attacked on her way to catch her school bus. 7's steve cooper takes it from there. >> very scary. considering they were teenage kids. >> reporter: extra police on patrol in bourn. that's where investigators say a 14-year-old gi w around the neck and thrown to the ground by an unidentified man in his late 20s and early 30s. >> there's no indication there was an attempted abduction or anything like that. it is concerning. >> reporter: police credit a witness for jumping into action and creaming. the victim wasn't hurt in the attack but it has everyone here on edge. >> not some random act.
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be here at that time. they knew. my kids i'm afraid something's going to happen to them. >> reporter: they have no reason to think other kids are at risk. ering on the side of caution the school's alerted parents of the incident. anxious for police to track down the suspect. >> i'm surprised it's here in buzzards bay yes. there are a lot of people out there i deranged. >> reporter: steve cooper 7 news. >> anchor: next on the news station. bring on the sea hawks. gronk and team preparing for a super bowl rematch. gronk jamming out to one of bon jovi's greatest hits. >> reporter: now that i have to see.
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>> anchor: the patriots are gearing up for a sunday show down. a super sized rematch with the seattle sea hawks. i think we remember that finish. this time tom brady and the patriots are on home turf. tray dare with more from fox borrow. >> if you love football sunday night at 8:30 at this stadium is
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>> reporter: for the first time since stunning seattle in super bowl 49. the patriots square off against the sea hawks sunday night. the pats are bracing for another battle that could come down to the game's final play. >> there's no question that this week will be the same. we're going to have to play good football for the whole game. >> they like to compete. great quarterback. great defense. good this is one of the best teams in the nfl. compete for 60 minutes. >> reporter: tom brady says it is beneficial revisiting one of the franchises more improbable wins. >> i watched it a couple times. i watched over the course of the week so i can play with anticipation and get to know their players and scheme. >> reporter: one of the best match ups sunday night tom brady
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brady got the better of him in the of bowl. it was 2012 that put sherman on the map. >> anchor: 7 is your home for the pats super bowl rematch on sunday. and kick off 8:30. and it actually sounds like we have decent weather for a football game. jr joining us with your forecast. >> reporter: sunday evening a nice mild afternoon. temps sunday afternoon in hardly any wind out there. that's huge this time of year. temperatures for most of the game in the 40s. right now 40s to around 50 in boston. plymouth at 46. down through buzzards bay and the cape upper 40s as well as the worcester hills. javry at 45. we had a batch of clouds move through here hours ago. they will peel out of here over
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upstream in the adirondacks skies are mostly clear. this is a cold front blasting into southern new england tomorrow afternoon. sometimes when these fronts come through with clouds and showers and sometimes thunderstorms. this one doesn't have that going for it. it will come through the day tomorrow and lead to cooler air. as we look up into southern canada this evening chilly numbers here. goose bay 21. but for those folk locations that's not all that cold. temperatures across south central canada running at or above normal. cold air into new england tomorrow night and saturday it will be brief and not that cold. for tonight mostly clear not as chilly. breezy 39 to 44. the front comes through with sunshine and a few clouds. and there will be increasing wind. that is with the front winds
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miles per hour. temps tricky. warmest around lunch time. as the wind gets going that will send temperatures through the lower 50s tomorrow afternoon. in brockton lots of sunshine a few clouds. city of boston tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny skies windy afternoon in the city. it will gust around 25 to 30 miles an hour. still mild through the south coast and the cape. upper 50s to around 60 slightly cooler to the merrimac and the sea coast. upper 40s to around 50. on the cape and the islands masha pee 58 and chat ham at 54. lots of sunshine both weekend days. saturday the cooler of the day mid 40s. sunday the upper 50s. ; you wanted to see gronk bon jovi don't go anywhere.
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anywhere else. cheryl fan news station 7 news. >> anchor: rob gronkowski rocking out in a new commercial showing off his singing voice for his best bon jovi impersonation. . >> anchor: wasn't that worth waiting for.
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for madden nfl 17.
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>> anchor: and we are back live at the white house this thursday. the president and the new president elect donald trump held a meeting here today. according to both trump and president obama that meeting went very well.
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and have continuing coverage tonight on the news station. live in washington d.c. at the white house. i'm adam williams. >> anchor: hope to see you back here for 7 news at 11 or at 10:00 on cw 56.
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brad pitt's first words since splitting from angelina. >> how he's doing in the middle of the ferocious custody now on "extra." ? ? ? ? brad pitt breaking his silence about life without angelina. >> the premier of his knew movie that sparked rumors of an on-set romance. >> and billy bob making a stunning confession about their break up. melania's transformation from billionaire wife to america's next first lady. >> she's more like a reluctant jackie kennedy.


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