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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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another night of donald trump anti donald trump protest taking a vie length turn in the state of oregon. police using pepper spray to clear the streets. a baby is dead and two adults in the hospital this morning after police in marlboro say they found them unresponsive inside a home. racing to the res the pair of bald eagles end up getting stuck in a storm drain. good morning, everybody. welcome back to 7news "today in new england." thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. >> we'll have all of your top stories coming your way in a moment. first it's veterans day. so salute to all of our veterans and also friday. that means the weekend is here. let's send it over for your forecast. >>meteorologist: mother nature
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honoring veterans day with our forecast. showers to northwest. closer look in massachusetts we will stay primarily dry. slight chance for sprinkle working its way into the 494 loop here and that is just about it. otherwise our main concern will be the winds. we have a wind advisory in effect this afternoon into late tonight for the cape. everybody see breezy conditions wind gust up to 34 miles per hour. currently temperatures in the mid 50s. the about the h we may grab another degree or two then temperature fall into the afternoon. more on that coming up after the break. time now for fast track traffic. let's send it over to danielle gersh. >> good morning, everyone. happy friday to you. it's been really light trafficwise. the roads quiet today. a lot of you have the day off work. we are watching a couple of accidents let's go to the maps. we have one on 128 northbound that's at route 9. that will slow things down a little bit for you.
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on the pike just after the tunnel. route 2 and 3 fine. back to 495 this morning. problem free heading into boston on route 1. braintree to boston northbound on the expressway 10 minutes. south of town not seeing any issues on the roads. ten minutes braintree to boston. 12 minutes into the pike from 128. 93 southbound. just 11 minutes in t and compluter rail running on schedule. back to across the country. turning violent in state of oregon. thousands of people smashing car window and causing chaos in portland. police turned to using pepper spray to clear the streets there in the protest continuing into the night and the early morning hours there at least 26 people are now facing charges police say as many as 4,000 protestors took to the streets marching against donald trump's election to the white house.
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at police. lit fire trackers and started a dumpster fire. one man caught in the middle of the violence and couldn't believe what he was seeing. >> we turned the car off and just sat. they were beating my window. slashed my tires. we kind of followed them over here. we saw them elsewhere protest remained relatively peaceful. in oakland, california protestor blocked off portion of the highway in the los angeles protestor gathered in front of city hall and in salt lake city protestor marched to the statehouse chanting and carrying signs. the president elect took to twitter to fire back at the protestors. just had a very open and
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is back in new york he's expected to talk with his transition team today. trump meeting with president obama at the white house on thursday. both men pledging to work together starting the whirlwind transition that will unfold over the next ten weeks. nancy chin joining us more with the historic meeting. it's a smooth transition. the president-elect wants to start moving forward policy agendas. >> i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. i could have gone on for longer >> the white house meeting a key step in starting the smooth transition between administrations. it's important for all of us regardless of party and regardless political preferences
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together to deal with the many challenges that we face. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including council. after the oval office visit trump walked the halls of congress with mitch mcconnell. his relationship with republican leader strained from the start. but now they say they are ready to work and in hand in with the president el as for trump he said he's ready to get to work. >> we can't get started fast enough. >> the current and future first ladies meeting for tea. they took a tour and discussed raising children in the white house. we're told most of the media oval office focused on the staffing and getting his administration organized.
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7news "today in new england." a developing story out of marlboro. the two adults are in the hospital. jennifer eagan is following this story for us. jen, what's the latest info you have learned. >> this baby a 2-month-old boy. the district attorney general released limited information on this case leaving neighbors wondering what happened. >> state police spent hours ta in marlboro and this blue car. investigators confirm a baby and two adult were found unresponsive inside the two story home. >> this should never happen. a little child like this. police got the 911 call before noon yesterday. when they arrived the baby was rushed to the hospital. >> it was shocking to see the police cruiser on the street and find a young baby died. the adult 19-year-old and
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>> kind of a little bit freaked out. usually this street northing happens. >> the women is peruvian and lived her with her boyfriend and mother. >> they were all set. seemed like happy family. >> you don't like to hear that. little kids being hurt and things like that. the middlesex district attorney's office are investigating. department department of children and families are also involved in the bar after taking police on a wild ride. started in connecticut and crossed over into worcester, massachusetts. officers say the couple stole two cars and attacked two women during their get away attempt. here's nicole oliverio. >> a car chase comes to crashing end in worcester cul de sac. i heard a car come through
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like crashed to my car like this. the window upstairings. the state police caught up to and arrested the two suspect a man and women from connecticut. after investigators there sent a be-on-the-lookout alert. trooper spotted the stolen suv and began the chase. part of it caught on jewelry store surveillance camera. i saw cop car after cop car flying down the street. it's very unusual because it's a dead end. that got my attention. investigators say the pair both 21 years old car jacked a video and crashed. then they reportedly stole this suv stabbing and seriously injuring the two women inside. when they noticed the suv the driver rammed into cruiser trying to get away before barrelling into a family's driveway. i was afraid she would get in the house.
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done. threatening the police with me and my daughter. homeowner tell us there's minor damage to the car. they are glad that nobody else was hurt during this chase. as for the suspect they will appear in court on monday. in worcester. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." mit employee facing troubling charges. prosecutors say 23-year-old gannon leblanc heavily armed and passing himself off as fbi agent when he tried to get into an emplee they found a loaded handgun and stun gun in his possession. the victim said he immediately knew something wasn't right. >> he said can i use your bathroom. they are like, that doesn't sound right. >> we will work with our federal partners to conduct an investigation to determine what his motives were. police also found the names in personal information of four
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backpack. president obama will honor our nation's veterans for the last time while in office. he will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national s national cemetery. this morning the singer songwriter known for hit song alleluia which has been covered hundreds of time. he was inducted rock 'n' roll hall of fame in 2008. reaction has been pouring in midler said another magical voice gone. rest in piece leonard cohan. thanks for your dedication to music and writing one of my favorite songs to sing alleluia. the montreal native was 82 years old. >> an mbta bus driver uninvestigation. police say he crashed his bus into cash and kept going a teenager attacked wild she was walking to her bus stop.
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new england. it could bring more active weather for your veterans day afternoon. those details coming up. the city of prove against reallying out -- rolling out
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>> it's 9:13 look over boston. >> what you can't see there the trees blowing. there were wind gust that were pretty fierce this morning. those are just getting started. we will get breezier. windy day but the good news we look at plenty of sunshine like you saw outside the window here. beautiful conditions here today. we'll keep dry conditions through the weekend. it's going to be pretty chilly and breezy into tomorrow. but today looking to be the
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mid 50s here in boston. 56 bedford. highs shorter lived for us. a cold front pushing further to the southeast. this is even getting a couple of sprinkles into western massachusetts. we're actually looking a little cell moving further southward. this is light rain. we could see sprinkles push into the 494 loop here. that's really about it. so pretty dry conditions. our main concern will be the winds. wind gust up per hour possible across the cape. a wind advisory in effect there this afternoon through late tonight. everybody is looking at breezy conditions. wind gust up to 30 miles per hour. pushing 34 miles per hour here in this afternoon. at least it's not as bad as what we saw november 10th through 12th in 1987. 29 year we saw 10 to 17 inch of snow from washington, d.c. all the way to boston. snow rates of 3-4 inches per hour. not talking about snow today.
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a vast majority of us staying dry. mostly sunny sky. the front pushes through. as we head into the afternoon we'll actually see more sunshine. if you head out to veterans day parade add on a couple of layers we will have finicky weather. boston parade looking to be predominantly sunny but breezy and low-to-mid 50s. we will see the temperatures drop into the afternoon. highs are right around the late morning hours to early afternoon i don't think we will push past 57. by 2:00 you can see cooler air from the northwest. temperatures will first drop in north western massachusetts. they will be last to drop in southeastern massachusetts across the cape. you can see even by the time you are headed home from work. temperatures in the mid 40s some in the upper 40s cool especially when you add in the winds. wind gust up to 30 to 34 miles per hour. we're breezy into night.
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tomorrow still a bit breezy not as windy today. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s for highs. dropping as we head into the afternoon. lows tonight will be a little bit chilly but a little bit below average but still pretty comfortable in the low 30s for us still breezy as well. take a look at tomorrow's highs. that's where we will struggle. highs tomorrow mid-to-upper 40s but the good news is your weekend looks dry and beautiful and we quickly rebound in the temperature department back to and we stay there into the start of the work week. it isn't until tuesday afternoon and evening that area of low pressure moves up the coast. that we see our next shot at some rainy weather. that continues into wednesday. a pair of bald eagles are free after getting stuck in a storm drain in florida. roads were shutdown during rush hour on thursday as crews worked to rescue the birds. one eagle was eventually able to fly away. worker had to pull the other
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some thought one bird was protecting the other. it's likely the eagles were fighting over territory. they tend to fight. they get into territory fight they lock and they fall. and they hang on for dear life. the eagle that needed to be rescue is still being checked out to make sure it's okay. i like the love story version better. >> rhode island seeing stars for inspiring red carpet premier who loses it all only to fight his way back up to the top. nancy chin is live with more on the this movie. it takes place in the ocean state. it was only fitting that providence hosted the big premier. "bleed for this" hitting the big screen is the true story of world champion boxer benny paziansa following the car accident the boxers told he
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one year later and once again become a champion. thursday night pats walked the red carpet in providence. >> my girlfriend was wiping tears from my eyes. >> vinny meant so much to the state of rhode island and these fans. for him to have this moment while he's still kind ofot together. very few people get a movie made about their life. he had screws in his skull. against all advice, and he did it. and he's an inspiration to us all. >> the film tells it like it. >> greatest thing about it. the movie is really good. that's the greatest thing about it. >> it opens next friday.
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7news "today in new england." environmental police dealing with an unusual problem in springfield called on to corral a moose that wandered into someone's backyard. grade a student has some concerns of her own about president-elect donald trump. we'll share those concerns with you after the break. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday!
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>> 9:21 right now. she's a top flight student at the university of texas. but now she's worried it could all come to an end. that's because she's also undocumented. this young lady now worried that donald trump being elected to president she could ultimately be deported. 4.5 gpa full tuition. 13 chords medals nice legs oh that tweet from 18-year-old went viral in june. i don't regret tweeting it. i think it brought attention to something that needs attention. >> illegal immigration a hot topics. my first thought like okay what will i do. what's actually going to happen. >> fears echoed by some like laura when they woke up to news of president-elect donald trump. >> i grew up thinking i was
9:23 am
i knew i was mexico. the u.s. home for laura. she came to the united states when she was three. now the anxiety builds in president trump takes his oath. my whole life i lived with the conversation of like okay what will happen if your dad or i get deported. what's the plan. we've always lived with that constant fear. even though lawyer eye permit to stay in the united states expires ne prove us wrong. all the people that didn't want you to president. now is your opportunity to prove us wrong and do something and unite us. >> laura received so much back lash after her tweet she's no longer on twitter. >> a dog is recovering after being grabbed by a gator while out walking in florida. new ruling in the case of women
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>> works of art by the late david bowie have new owner. dozens of british museum sold for million of dollars. one of the highlights john michael's all air power. went for $8 million. the proceeds much more than what the auction houses expecting. low estimate of 8 million pound, made over 30 million. i think the market responded to david bowie in this wonderful collection he put together. >> auction the first of three to
9:27 am
an emotional tribute to lost friend. why he waited 14 years to make it happen. we have cooler weather headed our way shortly. those details after the break. >> and breaking news we'll have more on the anti trump protests
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>> another night of anti trump protests taking a violent turn in oregon. close to 30 people arrested after rye yolts in the streets of portland. a baby is dead. two other people in the hospital this morning. after police say in marlboro found all of them unresponsive inside of this home. and an mbta bus driver under investigation after police say he crashed his bus into a car.
9:30 am
thanks for sticking with us this morning on 7news "today in new england." it's friday. i'm kris anderson. >> lots of news to get to on this veterans day. first let's check in with meteorologist with a look another your forecast. >>meteorologist: we woke up in the mid-to-upper 40s well above the average. some showers to northwest. and as it does so we are see a little bit more cloud cover work intoma through the mid-to-late morning hours. then we will see gradual clearing to get into the afternoon. a couple spotty showers working into western mass as well as potentially into the 494 loop. you can see that right here just potentially a sprinkle or two. but, again, the vast majority of us staying dry. our main concern for today will be the winds. wind advisory in effect throughout the cape. that starts this afternoon. everybody will see pretty windy conditions today. winds ending up out of the
9:31 am
things feel chilly for veterans day parade. temperature mid 50s now. our highs will be around here. plus or minus a couple of degrees. then temperatures will drop into the afternoon as the cold front pushes through. 7 to 7 forecast shows temperature around low 50s by 2:00 p.m. >> thanks so much. we're following breaking news this morning. police in portland, oregon say close to 30 people have been arrested after another night of anti donald trump protest turned violent. the protest sed but lingered into the early morning of this hour. before officer used pepper spray and less lethal weapons to clear the street. protest continued into the mornings. as many as 4,000 took to the street. they threw objects and police and lit fire crackers and started a dumpster fire. one police officer described how this situation took a turn for the worse.
9:32 am
arrest over the course of the evening. things started out at 5:00 p.m. and it was large and largely peaceful. >> one the protest got in the downtown portland it shifted from a protest march to a riot. it just was free for all of damage to businesses. and the protest not limited to just the united states. hundreds marching through the streets of vancouver, canada. pro traffic in the street. some held sign that said build kindness not walls. the president elect took to twitter where he fired back. tweeting out just had a successful and open now professional protestor incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. now to developing story a baby has died after being found unresponsive with two adults
9:33 am
this morning. jennifer eagan has the very latest. >> they spent hours taking picture inside this home in marlboro and of this blue car while bagging potential evidence at the scene. investigators confirm a baby and two adult were found unresponsive inside the two story home. >> it should never happen. a little child like that. police got the 911 call before noon yesterday. and when they arrived the baby was rushed to the hospital. >> i w police cruiser on the street and never mind find out the young baby had died. 19 and 23-year-old man are still in the hospital. >> kind of a little bit freaked out. usually this street nothing happens. the women lived her with her boyfriend and mother. >> i thought they were all set. a happy family. >> you don't like to hear that. kids being hurt.
9:34 am
was 2-month-old boy. the department of children and families tell us they are also involved in the case. in marlboro. 7news "today in new england." right now two people waking up behind bars after taking police on a wild ride that started in connecticut crossed into massachusetts. officers say the couple stole two car and attacked two women during their get away attempt. here's nicole oliverio. a car chase comes to an end i >> i heard the car coming through. and then there was like 15 police cars. and then because like crashed to my car like this. i saw from the window upstairs. state police finally caught up to and arrested the two suspect a man and women from connecticut. after investigator sent out a be-on-the-lookout alert. trooper in massachusetts spotted the stolen suv and began chase.
9:35 am
i just saw cop car after cop car flying down the street like it's very unusual. it's a dead end. no one goes that fast. >> investigator say the pair both 21 years old car jacked a vehicle in connecticut in morning and crashed. they then reportedly stole this suv stabbing and seriously injuring the two women inside. when mass state police noticed the suv the driver rammed into cruiser trying to get family's driveway. >> i was afraid she would get in the house. that's something she could have done or she could have threatening the police with me or my daughter. the homeowner told us there's minor damage to the car. they are just glad that nobody els hurt during this chase. as for the suspects they will appear in court on monday. in worcester, nicole oliverio, 7news "today in new england." happening now patrols being
9:36 am
that girls walking to the school bus when she's thrown to the ground. >> this call came in before 7:00 thursday morning. according to officers this girl walking when she's grabbed from behind around the neck and thrown to the ground by an unknown man. a witness saw this and started screaming and that man ran off. >> there's no indication she's there was an attempted abduction or anything like it's concerning. police say the man took off in light callord sedan. right now police don't think other children are in danger. >> in the control room. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." also this morning an mbta bus driver under investigation. police say he was involved in an accident with passengers onboard the bus and then he took off. victoria warren with more on this investigation. >> passengers on this mbta bus calling 911 after police say the
9:37 am
and just kept going. that crash happened in melrose in this surveillance video you can see when the police caught up to the bus. they are investigating to see if the driver was under the influence of prescription drugs. sky 7 over the scene. the 12 people on the bus safely got off. none of them were hurt. then they got another waiting bus while transit police continued to investigate. mbta said the driver worked for them for 12 years. he's now accused of leaving the scene of a melrose described as minor. the mbta said while this investigation is going on this man will not be driving a bus. he will be summoned to court. in mel rose. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." new details now a judge ruling that statements a women made to the police can be used in her manslaughter trial. 20-year-old michelle carter allegedly sent conrad roy text messages encouraging him to commit suicide.
9:38 am
the police were illegally obtained because she's not told she had the right to lawyer. the couple who filed the wrongest death lawsuit being award $4 # million. their irish nanny is responsible for the child's death in 2013. a murder charges drop last year after medical examiner ruled the baby's death as undetermined. the couple's lawyer said the nanny but they don't want her to profit from a book or movie deal. environmental police tracked down a moose on the loose. they shot the moose with tranquilizer darted and -- dart and released the moose into the woods. look at this poor alligator. the owners were out on a walk with the dog when the alligator
9:39 am
the water. one of her owner managed to run in and pull her out. >> her backs wide open. >> there's no signs there saying there's alligators in this area. nobody cares. >> the dog expected to be okay. wildlife officials are working to try to remove that gator. police in florida rescuing a suspect on the run. it was all caught on camera. he eventually ran into canal and nearly drowned as a result. police had to dye dive -- dive in and pull this guy out. take a look that right next to residential neighborhood. initials say no homes are threatened at this point. firefighter are trying to stop the flames from spreading to nearby power lines. still ahead on 7news. channelling his inner rock star. rob grownkowski rocking out to
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commercial. we seen plenty of sunshine. will it track to the state. that answer in a bit. better late than never. a world war ii veteran with special tribute to his fallen
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world. there maybe be controversy between the two in the future. the twins were born on sunday at cape cod hospital. however, because of daylight saving time the two brother will have to fight over who is older. samuel born at 1:39 and his was born half an hour later. however since the clocks jumped back an hour roman's birth certificate reads 1:10 a.m. i just want to know how your boys would situation. >> you think twins they don't care. doesn't matter. oh, they care. dominique the 14 minutes older than lucas. he points it out. i'm older. you have to listen to me. it's crazy. >> it's the never ending fight >> they will be arguing about that for quite sometime. a quick look what we see today. bree breezy veterans day. we look at pretty chilly temperature coolest high we've seen in a while here back into
9:44 am
things stay dry through the weekend and we keep a bit of breeze. not much to complain about considering we're really in the middle of november. temperature in the mid 50s. some of us looking at 57. that's about where we will peek here today. then actually temperature will drop off as we head into the afternoon. right now we're still predominantly dry. we had the cold front track further southward. that will push through the state of massachusetts. that will increase clouds for. cloud pass through. we will clear again into the afternoon behind that front. cooler air works in as well. right now we have just the slight chance for sprinkle or two pushing into the 495 loop here. you can see this right by lemonster. most of us staying dry. that's the scenario through the weekend. we're actually at about 10 inch rain deficit. we have more of dry stretch headed our way. more on that in a bit. today our main concern will be just the winds.
9:45 am
that's at 1:00 this afternoon. wraps up late tonight. we keep things breezy into the overnight hours into tomorrow as well. today i would just recommend wearing a couple of layer as you head to veterans day parade. brockton low 50s. still mrent yf of sunshine and windy and for boston temperature in the mid to low 50s by 1:00 then we see the temperature drop off further. breezy condition wind gust up to around 30, 34 miles per hour. closer look at temperature profile. yon probably about our peek for the day. temperature upper 50s. you can see cooler air working from the northwest. those of us to the northwest will see temperatures drop first. those across the cape you will see cooler air move later. everybody is looking at the cold air hitting them. by about 1:00, 47 degrees in worcester. 52 in boston. take a look at the late afternoon. we really do take a nose dive with temperature.
9:46 am
degrees in fitchburg. cooler air headed our way. we could be in low 40s by the time we head home from work. you add in the wind gust and it will feel down right chilly out there. 34-mile-an-hour winds in boston. and you can see across the cape they are looking at wind gust up to around 40 miles per hour and stronger than that. wind gust do die down into the weekend. we look at breezy conditions saturday and sunday. highs for the day in the late morning very early afternoon. then temperature drop off and breezy conditions today. even into tonight we're looking at wind gust up to around 20, 25 miles per hour. clear skies tonight. temperatures for some in up thor 20 boston looking at temperature in the low 30s. still pretty come forlt a hair below average. 7 on 7 forecast showing temperature do drop further than what we've seen recently. ryes right around 47. but by sunday in fact almost 60
9:47 am
sunday. area of low pressure tracks up the coast by tuesday. that's we weather tuesday afternoon into wednesday. it took them a while. a world war ii veteran has finally kept a promise he made to pallen comrade when his good friend died he promised he would visit his grave and play taps. nancy chin is here with more on this incredible story. nancy? >> it took quite a few year. this man was finally able to fill that promise. with a n honor his friend. [taps] tom sitter said it's been more than 70 years since he's played the bugle. as the years went on following his friend's death the promise he made eddie kept eating away at him. >> i felt guilty about not doing. i knew eddie would understand. the more i thought about it i've
9:48 am
>> he bought this world war ii era bugle off the internet and has spent the last five months practicing. eddie right now he's laughing at me for hitting a couple of frogs. tom and eddie when they were in the arm during world war ii. >> we ended up going over in france. i had my bugle with me. never got a chance. never asked to use it. didn'tan i didn't want to draw attention to myself under fire. >> they came back to the united states before the ward ended. >> we were preparing for the invasion of japan at that time. we would have been part of that invasion. thank god the war ended. tom remained close with eddie's son, eddie junior. he would be happy. he would be really, really happy. >> he doesn't know exactly why his friend wanted him to play taps but that its important that he kept his promise.
9:49 am
7news "today in new england." such a sweet story. incredible and inspirational story. definitely. up next on 7news "today in new england." the bruins unleashing their offense against the blue jackets over the garden. we have the highlights in 7 sports. michelle obama getting in on a mannequin challenge with nba
9:50 am
ready to head out when others head home.
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managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter. ever new england. eversource. good morning. it's awfully rare in sports performance hinges on just one guy. that's the case the bruins. 0-and-5 without him. that's the good sign.
9:52 am
period. bees falling mind 1-zip. score the next five goals of the game. four of them in the first period. coming courtesy ballet scoring the key. to 5-2 win over columbus. >> we need it. we will need it down the stretch to win games. you can't rely on the same few player every night to produce. eventually they don't want it to. eventually it will bit. it's nice to see that. according to "boston herald" deion lewis on track to make debut. he needs to be activated first with the patriots releasing gafny yesterday. david ortiz, mookie betts picking up award given to top award at each position. that's it for sports. have a great day.
9:53 am
now he stars in the new commercial for the game. ? ? ? >> at least he's a talented football player. >> he's so funny. he had so much fun dressing up and doing this. can't have that long hair on the football >> he could put it in a doing best bon jovi presentation. don't forget 7news is your home for the patriots super bowl rematch against the seahawks sunday. we have 7 on the sidelines beginning at 6:30. that's followed by kick off at 8:30 right here on 7 nbc. should be a great game. we'll all be watching
9:54 am
house yesterday. they manage to get the first lady involved. michelle obama participating in the mannequin challenge. the cavs posted the video online and they were honored by president obama. maybe a 7news one coming soon. >> may need to watch twitter or facebook feeds for something coming up. coming up far from a galaxy, far, far away. the trailer installment of the "star wars" installment has been released. we'll take a look after the break. after the break i will break down the veterans day parade
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> prince harry and his girlfriend who took a picture with you recently.
9:57 am
super nice. she just posted recently. seen living a grocery store before heading to her boyfriend's palaced. prince harry also made his first public appearance yesterday since confirming the relationship. according to record markel expected to meet family this weekend. the latest international trailer for rogue one shows battles the death star in darth vader. a "star wars" story due to hit theaters next month >> can't wait. >> are you big "star wars"? >> i know they are all in. we are tracking couple of showers headed further to the southeast. a cold front pushing through
9:58 am
skies for veterans day parade
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this morning on "today's take" freebie friday in full effect and you can win at home. ryan phillippe stars in a new thriller. plus jordyn s us as co-host coming up right now. >> annouer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a friday morning, november 11th, 2016. i'm al along with tamron and so thrilled to be joined by the lovely, the talented jordyn sparks. >> i'm excited to be back. i love it here.


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