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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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i think he is an infox kayed driver. >> anchor: a t rider relives a dangerous drive. what he noticed on board the bus before he called 911. >> anchor: patriots preparing to play host to a tough seattle sea hawks defense. >> anchor: and bragging rights that will a lifetime. me the time traveling twins on the cape. >> anchor: first at 11:00 breaking news. a teenager shot near a play ground in popular trail in mattapan. police say this teen was >> anchor: tonight the search is still on for the shooter. tim caputo is live near the trail with the very latest. >> reporter: the shooting happened on the bike path behind me. this is a fairly busy path for a lot of people who are exercising. some people ing their horns this time of night but when it's this dark out not a lot of peel on the trail. no motive just yet but question do know at this point state police still searching for the shooter. a 16-year-old which was shot not
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mattapan. massachusetts state police say the teen was shot once while he was on a bike path near river street. several state police officers rushed to the scene around 5:30 this evening because it happened on a bicycle path which is pat of a department of conservation and recreation state park. it's covered by state police and not boston police. it's unclear at this point if there were any witnesses to this crime, no arrests have been made. police spent several hours at the scene searching for evidence. investigators towed away a sedan parked at a nearby gas station but have not relate to the shooting. the teenage are shot was rush to the hospital. police say he is expected to recover. we know that 16-year-old doesn't have life-threatening injuries but we don't know if investigators have been able to speak with him to figure out the possible motive in this case and whether or not that victim even knows the shooter. that's the latest live from mattapan. tim calm out oh, 7 news night team. >> anchor: we're seeing the sudden smash the a danvers restaurant. alex derato is live tonight with
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ryan, this driver's mat got stuck under the brake pedal. the driver was showed a little bit about these concrete barriers but she still went right into the restaurant. the lunch hour at jimmy's restaurant in danvers turning chaotic as a car barrels through the front window. the impact threw a customer eating lunch right out of his seat all of a sudden we hear a loud noise. >> reporter: jimmy, the owner, in the kitchen ran to help the customer and driver who has been coming to the restaurant for lunch since the 1960's. she was very calm and everything. >> reporter: thank goodness. >> reporter: debbie who works the front counter called 911 and told all customers to get away from the glass windows. we ran out here and told everybody get up this way because we didn't know if glass would collapse or anything. >> reporter: a mat got stuck under a break pedal with.
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she sat down and ordered which was on the house. what did she have to eat for lunch? blt sandwiches every time. >> reporter: so no hard feelings here and in fact jimmy says the driver is invited back next week. live at danvers tonight, alex deprato, 7 news night team. >> reporter: change at the to. they will tell the president what he needs to know, not necessarily what he wants to . shuffling the deck and considering compromise. very much something we'll try and keep. >> reporter: during the transition to trump. >> anchor: changes for president-elect donald trump in more ways than one. he is making changes to his transition team and also changing his tough stance when it comes to one big campaign promise. amaka ubaka joins us with details. kim, president elect trump shaking up his transition team today and in his first television interview saying he
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previously promised to completely get rid of. after months on the campaign trail promising to repail president obama's signature health care law. p reasonable changes begins with repealing and replacing obamacare. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump now open to compromise telling the wall street journal and 60 minutes he is open to preserving portions of obamacare. when you replace it, preconditions are still covered. yes because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. also with children living with their parents living for an extended period we'll try to keep that. in it adds cost but it's very much something we'll try and keep. in an interview to be broadcast sunday trump backtracks after sitting down with president obama thursday. it will be great health care for much less money. >> reporter: along with potential health care shocker
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shake up inside president-elect trump's transition team. i'm mostly grateful to our president-elect. mike now in charge of the transition team buffing new jersey governor chris ity campaign sources say the change comes after pence proved himself on the campaign trail defending trump at every turn. trump's children don junior, eric and ivanka along with her husband, jared kushner, are also on the transition team. it to me necessary separation between business enterprise and the governmental functioning. >> reporter: as for chief of staff seen as most important job in the white house, several names have been tossed around. it could go to rnc chairman or to steve banon, former head of breitbart who made a career of attacking the g.o.p. establishment. they have to tell the president what he needs to know, not lewhat he wants to know. >> reporter: the would be wash
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senator kelly ayotte for secretary of defense. she lost re-election on tuesday. she had an uneasy relationship with trump during the election, but the post said considering ayotte would be a way for trump to connect with some republicans who he was at odds with over the last year. in the newsroom, amaka ubaka, 7 news night team. >> anchor: since the election we've seen a number of large protests across our country. here in boston a large crowd gathered on the common for a peace rally. people at this demonstration say they are and peace across our country. i want him to know and to understand i think he does, but i want him to say that this is a very diverse country we live in and he needs to address the concerns of the people who are frightened. >> anchor: a different seen in miami tonight. hundreds of protestors marched on to a highway shutting it down. demonstrators later moved off marching through the city. in portland a second night of
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violent. police were forced to use flash grenades to get crowds to disperse. and in atlanta large crowds sidewalking through traffic, people in those cars honging in support and high fiving the protestors. protestors here heard chanting the people united will never be divided. after criticizing the protestors in twitter last night today's president-elect trump said they have a passion for this country and said he can hope we can all come together. >> anchor: also tonight a big brush fire in lynn. sky 7 hd over flames behind ridge street. the winds making it difficult for fire fighters to get it under control. tonight those winds are creating chilly conditions across new england. will that be the theme of the weekend? well let's get that forecast from bri eggers. kim, our winds were much stronger as we made it through the day today and i'm sure that's very apparent to you if you were outside at all today. gusts recorded between 40 and even lows to 50 miles per hour as you can see a gust recorded in cambridge of 49 miles per
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some areas not coming in with a number and that means guts are less than 20 miles per hour but a significant breeze stays with us all day long and the wind is ushering in much cooler temperatures. our high in boston today was 60 degrees, we're sitting a the 40 in the city right now. 36 in worcester. 39 bedford. many of these numbers dropping back into the would be tease through the overnight hours with that breeze sticking around making it feel like it's in the upper teens from t now it doesn't last with us all weekend long. the chilly temperatures, we do get a boost in temperatures on sunday, more in the extended forecast in just a bit. packed p passengers and losing control. i don't want to be on this bus any more. >> anchor: a trip on the bus becomes a risky ride. >> anchor: bus passengers frozen in fear as it became clear there may be something wrong with the driver.
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enough and called 911. the night team's brandon gunnoe live with the story you will see on just one station. ryan, the passengers said the bus driver actually swerved during the entire commute and at times he was so far over in the right hand lane he thought he would hit several cars. its police say an mbta hit a parked vehicle and with passengers on board hopped on the bus and kept going. he hit the curb a few times. up on the curb a >> anchor: it happened at quarter of 6:00. he was on west wyoming avenue in melrose when the mbta bus hit an x finity van after accepting a tent to his fiance say doug called 911. i said i'm very concerned. i think there is an intoxicated driver. i decided i can't, i don't want to sit here and if something happens i will feel horrible if i didn't do anything. i just made the decision to make the phone call.
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>> reporter: this is video after police pulled the bus over. you can see people being loaded on to another bus. i don't want to be on this bus any more so i got off. >> reporter: during the wild ride he said the bus was packed, some passengers standing. it was very tense in the bus. the whole time he is driving when he hit the man as he is driving away everyone was just, you could tell there was a look in the bus that no one really knew what to do transit police are investigating at the mbta bus operate was under the influence of prescription drugs. fog. like there was something just quite not quite right. that driver is charged with leaving the scene of a crash and is off the job until the investigation is complete. live in melrose, brandon gunnoe, 7 news tight team. >> anchor: disturbing detail in the investigation into the death of an infant in marlborough. the two-month-old was found unresponsive at a home with a 19-year-old mother and 23-year-old father who were also rush to the hospital. now sources tell 7 news first
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those a drug used to treat people who have overded. those parents could be facing charges in their baby's death. >> anchor: the city of boston honoring heros for veterans day. the veteran's day parade hitting streets this afternoon started on boylston and charles street marched on tremont and ended at city hall plaza. another veteran's day ceremony taking place in the seaport distribute at the massachusetts fallen heros member memorial. people left wreaths and roses at the memorial site. veterans and gold star fa at the statehouse city officials hosted a ceremony honoring massachusetts veterans and their families. city leaders and veterans spoke at the event which also featured a 21 gun salute and the governor became emotional talking about parents sending their children off to defend our country. the kids and men and women who serve these days are among the very best we have and they are putting themselves in
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>> anchor: president obama also honoring men and women in the armed force today each began the day with a breakfast for veterans and families and he already a wreath at the true of the unknown. >> anchor: patriots preparing for a tough test this weekend the seattle sea hawks roll into foxboro for a sunday night show down. >> anchor: tom brady still undefeated since his suspension but nose he will have to be perfect to come away with a win. trey daerr is here with more. kim, the patriots coming off a buy week unbeaten with tom brady back and really untested in that this week will be a bit different. the sea hawks arguably the top team in the nfc and a group that will not be intimidated by the atmosphere sunday night in foxboro. hopefully everyone is recharged and ready to about. >> reporter: patriots kicking off the second half with one of their toughest tests of the season. seattle, a flashback to one of the greatest moments in franchise history.. what happened in super bowl 49 will not impact the 2016 rematc.
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win this game. it's bigger than me. it's about the team and that play will not help sunday night so we have to be ready to play 25 players on the current roster laid in the super bowl against seattle. they know slowing down russel willson is a challenge. bill belichick identifies wilson as an elite qb, something that shows up every time he sees the sea hawks on tape. he makes great decisions. he is a tremendous competitor. i have all of the respect in the world for russel willson on and good decision after good decision after good decision. that's really what you want. he is fat each has a great arm. he is creative. he is smart. he is a tough player. he is everything. >> anchor: bill belichick with some hi praise for russel wilson this time around no marchand lance joining wilson in the become field. no revis for the pats on the other side but wilson already moore than acquainted with
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7 news. >> anchor: good times ahead. our coverage of the super bowl rematch begins at 6:30 sunday night with 7 on the sidelines kick off is set for 8:30 and then tune into 7 news after the game for highlights and post game reaction. >> anchor: up next, twins on the cape with a math problem for life. >> anchor: born during the switch to daylight savings time to standard time. the big now is, who is older? >> anchor: the two weekend days one cooler than the other. plus, a chance for rain next week. we'll get to details next in the fo veteran marks a major milestone on this veteran's day. ? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone can't offer that. only fios can. >> anchor: well, you can call them the time traveling twins been on cape. i story is unique and at first a little puzzling. so the a brain twister. the boy born first is actually younger than the by born second. >> anchor: time is of the essence when trying to figure all of this out.
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explain. . two-year-old aubrey looks over at her baby brother smiling at the new addition to her family. but left to wonder, which one is older? it's a question that even confuses mom and dad. you see, the cape cod twins were born early sunday morning as the clocktic back during the time zone change. samuel was the first bobby born, was born at 1:39 a.m. ronan wasn't bo minutes later at 2:10 but because of daylight savings time it became 1:10. so baby b is technically older than baby a. >> anchor: even though rona, that's him on the right, was born second he is technically older than samuel who was born first. for mom, emily, she said she still can't wrap her head around it. i remember the clock spinning while they were saying what time is it, what time is it. i thought it was like in the twilight zone. >> anchor: while parents are
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siblings rivalry when boys get older they are just glad these twins are healthy and happy even though there is now a bit of a sprang twist to their birth. in west barnstable, kelly o'hara 7 news night team. >> anchor: we are following more news tonight. a deer takes a drastic measure here to escape an oklahoma store. take a look at this again in slow mo it. runs around the clothing racks then jumps through the glass leaving quite a mess inside and outside of the store. ther did ran off so no one knows if it was hurt and no one knows how it got inside also caught on camera danger at the dentist in florida saw a car there crash into a patient's room. there you go. just moments before there is a man sleeping up the room then leaving so the crash happened like 15 seconds after. the driver was not seriously hurt. >> anchor: windy and chilly nature out there tonight for sure. >> anchor: bri eggers has our weekend forecast. 40 degrees in boston right now but it feels closer to 31 degrees because of that northwesterly president.
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sustained winds at this point. not as windy as it was earlier today. we aren't getting those gusts up in 40 to 350 mile-per-hour range. but still, fairly gusty from time to time in some spots. beverly 37 mile-per-hour gusts throughout the last three hours, you see some of these numbers not showing up here that moons wind gusts have dropped below 20 miles per hour. so at least the wind is relaxing a touch but we keep a breeze around with us all fight long and even into tomorrow. current temperatures in the upper 30's away in worcester and 39 in beverly. we'll continue to see these temperatures falling back tonight and when you add the cold to the wind, you know you get the wind chill or real feel temperatures could feel like it's in the teens from time to time. 27 degrees in the coolest spots away from the coastline. here are those numbers we'll bic watching up to very early tomorrow morning if you are one of those early risers on a saturday morning and then we don't warm up a whole lot into
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but we get bright sunshine. how about that tomorrow? 45 to 51 about the best we can do with those highs tomorrow and still a bit of a light breeze with us as well. so it's a chilly day to start off tomorrow. some of the coolest temperatures that we've seen so far this season in fact boston early tomorrow morning, boston logan could drop down to 32 degrees and that would be the first time this season that has happened at the airport. temperature trend though it is kind of one and done with the chilly dand to the upper 50's and even close to 60 degrees by monday. here is your roller coaster. it continues for us above normal temperatures we're not done with them just yet. we stay dry throughout the next couple few days, have to wait until tuesday into wednesday for our next chance for any rainfall. he is what's happening with that time line into tuesday. early monday we see this storm system start to gather together all of the ingreed rents that it needs near the southeastern u.s. and then travels up the east
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wednesday is what forecast models look like. it's just the big question, how much rain do we get with this? could be beneficial rain if the euro model wins out. so we'll continue to route for that and we root for the pats out of gillette on sunday :30 kick off, 47 degrees, diminishing breeze as the game guess on. it's a cool one, but it's dry and it's fairly calm. plus, it's bright, we're in for that super moon sunday night and into monday. monday night another great night to view that bright then tuesday clouds thicken in, watching out for that rain late tuesday into early wednesday before we get back to more seasonable temperatures. have a great night. >> anchor: you too, bri. a local veteran celebrating an amazing milestone today. earnest landry return turned 100 years old today. it's fitting his birthday is vet an days day. before moving to the north shore with his wife, margaret in 1945.
11:22 pm
he said i good shape. are you ready to go another? another 100. he enjoys life and travels to canada every summer and so as you can see he is one in a million. >> anchor: staff at the mgh chelsea health center surprised him with a celebration. look at that beautiful cake. of course they sang to him as well. thank to you mr. landry to his i fair families out there. >> anchor: big game coming up sunday night. >> anchor: huge weekend for the patriots. we have a super bowl rematch in what coulden end up being a super bowl preview for super bowl 51. celtics not quite the same team we saw one year ago this. will take a big step forward this year. hasn't been the case. maybe isaiah thomas gets thing
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what's in your wallet? >> reporter: sunday night a major needle mover in foxboro. super bowl 49 rematch two of the last three world champions, the greatest quarterback of all-time
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script can be left with a few holes now and again. chris hogan and chris long did in the participate in practice. hogan sitting out with a back injury. he is questionable while long's absence is not injury related. on the field dion lewising closer to his season debut so what might that mean when it comes to see time for james white? i think james white is good is a good player. what he does is good. could somebody do it better? i don't know. it would take quite a bit i consistent he has been and what he has done. it would take somebody putty good to be better than him. >> anchor: celtics were expected to take a big step forward this year. al horford had star power, leadership and defensive upgrade. this doesn't all fall on him. boston is off to a throw and four start. if they take a step forward it in dancer of being followed by two steps back. he is out can concussion. celtics giving up 112 points combined in the first quarter
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stride. jailen brown getting out and wiping away justin holiday as shot. the rookie getting after it on defense so far. third block if four games for brown. carmelo anthony giving the celts the business. 12 points in the first 11 minutes. hard to score from the showers though. he was tossed after picking up two technical fouls for arguing with an official. no stopping isaiah thomas drilling the three in transition. he scores 23 of his 29 in the first last they open up a ten point lead at the break. second half more of the after dealing with an injured shoulder hits the three with two nicks in his face. he goes for 19. fourth quarter, back to jailen brown the strong prove on the baseline for two of his ten. celtics with a feel good 115 to 87 win them head to indy on saturday. little bit of momentum. friday night lights college style college 18th ranked florida state. they were better staying in boston tonight. they were up 14-0 if the second
11:28 pm
outside cutting it back. florida state putting it on bc. 45 to 7. your final in tallahassee. so good it could be the play of the week. crimson down two in the fourth leading two point converse. he is the harvard quarterback catching the half back pass here. deep into the play book, picking up our play of the day. he ends you winning at 27 to 14.
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>> anchor: we're out of time. the tonight show is next. i'm ryan schulteis in for adam williams. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. 7 news continues with today in new england of we hope you have a terrific weekend and that we see you back here on monday.
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