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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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anger spilling on to the streets, another night of protests following donald trump's election. police are trying to track down a suspect. frantic moments in danvers as a restaurant. how the birth of a twin has turned into quite the riddle. good morning, i'm nicole oliverio. >> i'm nancy chen. we have those stories and much more coming up in on today in new england. but first it's chilly. >> i know, definitely getting the fall to the winter transition. >> it's always difficult when you have it bring out the hats
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>> it is, and this morning is going to be one of those mornings, we are welcoming the weekend, but it feels like we're well coming the cold weather. the wind advisory has expired for u but we are still breezy here. the 12-mile per hour winds, in boston wind mile spills. it's a chilly start like nancy was saying. we are 10 to 20 degrees it's feeling like. it does feel more like winter, and the our highs in the mid-to up 30s, and you factor in the winds, and 21 degrees in worcester, and 21 degrees in norwood, and 27 degrees in boston, temperatures are going to trend cooler for us. the good news is we keep the sunshine all weekend long and it's a brief period of cool weather for u because by tomorrow we are back in the low
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demonstration inside portland, oregon protesters protesting against the election of the donald trump, chanting in the streets, not my president. >> so did the violence. >> move to the sidewalk. failure to comply will result in arrest and prosecution. >> police using tear gas to disperse the crowds there. and at thi investigating a shooting on a bridge where protesters were heading. anti-trump protests happening in los angeles, that determination started with 700 people but grew to 3,000 who marched to city hall many at least two people arrested there. in atlanta large crowds walking through traffic, people in those cars honking in support,
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they chanted the people united will never be divided. people in the demonstration say they are not just protesting the election bu but calling for unity. >> i want him to know, and understand, that this is a very diverse country we live in and he needs to address the concerns of people who are frightened. at the park street a peace project people coming last night to spread sticky notes. the project aims to spread positivity. it was inspired by the new york subway therapy movement. this comes as the president-elect starts to make changes. donald trump is considering compromise when it comes to obamacare. >> reporter: after months on the campaign trail promising to repeal president obama's signature healthcare law.
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replacing obamacare. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump now open to compromise telling the "wall street journal" and 60 minutes he is open to preserving portions of obamacare. >> when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered. >> yes, because it happens to be one the strongest assets. >> you're going to keep that. >> and also for the children living with their parents for an extended period. we're doing to try to keep something that we're going to try to keep. >> reporter: trump back tracks after sitting down with president obama on thursday. >> it will be great healthcare for much less money. >> reporter: along with the potential healthcare shocker just days after the election, a shakeup inside president-elect trump's transition team. >> i'm mostly grateful to on our president-elect. >> reporter: mike pence in charge of the transition team.
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trail defending trump at every turn. trump's children don junior, eric and evan ca, are also on the transition team. it suggestions to me that there may not be the necessary separation between the business enterprise, and the governmental functioning. >> reporter: as for chief of staff seen as the most important job in the white house bannon the former head of, who has been a career of attack the gop establishment. >> they are going to tell the president what he needs to know not necessarily what he wants to know. >> reporter: 7 news today in new england. washington post reporting that donald trump is considering, kelly aot for secretary of defense. she had an uneasy relationship with trump during the relationship. but considering her would be a way for trump to connect with
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over the last year. in mattapan police searching for a shooter. comes after a team was shot near a playground, detective piecing together clues and trying to figure out who opened fire and why. 7's tim caputo is with the latest. massachusetts state police say the teen was shot once while he was on a bike path near river street. several police officers rushed to the scene at:3 evening, because it happened on a bike path which part of the department of conservation. it's covered by state police and not boston police. it's unclear if there's any witnesses to the crime, no arrests have been made. police spent several hours at the scene, and they towed away at a sedan, but it's did not say how it was related to the shooting. police say he is expected to recover. tim caputo, 7 news today in new
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where we are seeing a sudden smash at a table goes flying as a car comes barrenning in the frightening moments as several customers were eating inside. they spoke with the owner of that restaurant and has the story. the lunch hour at jimmy's restaurant turning chaotic as a car barrels through a window. >> all of a sudden we hear noise, it's like a walk. >> reporter: jimmy the moaner r was who in the kitchen ran to help the customers, and who has been coming since the 1950s. they called 911 and told all customers to get away from the glass window. >> we told everybody to get up
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anything. >> reporter: with everyone okay, the driver did not want to miss lunch. she sat down and ordered which was on the house. >> what did she have to eat. >> blt sandwich, every time. >> reporter: alex de prado, 7 news in today in new england. investigation into the death of an infant. the 2-year-old was found dead. the child's mother, and father were rushed to t first responders administered narcotic can to at least one of the parents. that is a drug to assist those who overdose. the parents could be facing charges in the death of the child's death. it all happened inside of lynwood reservation. lynn fire the department. immediately they sent out crews, because the sunset, and firefighters, crews were sent to
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injuries were reported. passengers losing control and those on board frozen in fear as it becomes clear there may be something wrong with the driver. this horning we're hearing from one the riders who called 911. brandon gunnoe has the story you will see on one station. >> reporter: transit police say an mbta bus driver hit a vehicle, and with passengers on board hopped back on the bus and kept on going. >> he was on the curve a couple of times. he hit he hit a van. >> reporter: it happened at quarter of 6, the route 32 bus was on west wyoming avenue, when the mbta bus hit an exfinty van. after sending a text to his boyfriend, he called 911. >> i'm very concerned, that i think there's a intoxicated driver driving our bus. i don't want to sit here, and if something happens, i'm going to feel horrible, if i don't do anything. i decided to make the phone
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surveillance video, as police pulled the bus over. >> i do not want to be on the bus anymore. >> reporter: during the wild ride the bus was packed. some passengers standing. >> it was very tense in the bus. and the whole time as he hit the van as he is driving away, you could there was a look on the bus that no one really knew what to do. >> reporter: no one was hurt thankfully, but police are investigating if the driver was under the influence of prescription drugs. he seemed to be movinge something quite not -- not quite right. >> reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 news today in new england. it's moving day for the fbi boston headquarters relocating to chelsea. the new building is eight stories high and located on more than five acres of land. the division spent 23 years at the appreciation location here in down boston at one center
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6:10 still ahead. 7 people hurt after a man starts attack people inside of a mental health facility. after the break, i will take a closer look at the weekend forecast which is off to a chilly start. will that cold weather stick around through the weekend? that answer coming up. students speaking out, dozens in omaha staging an
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good saturday morning, take ago i look over boston. the time change is still getting to me now. the thing as the people on the morning shift, i do enjoy it afternoon and everyone quiets down, all right, great. 5:00 bed time. it's time for nancy to go to sleep. >> you don't need the eye mask this time of year. which i'm using most time of the year. but still people not ter plea excited to see sunset times at 4:15. as we head into the weekend forecast. we are going to keep things dry, and breezy and not as windy as yesterday but still breezy this
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looking at warmer conditions as well which continue into the workweek. temperatures trend ago would have average throughout the work week. we are in the mid-30s, 30 degrees in worcester, 31 degrees in orange, and while that might not seem terribly chilly as it's 5 degrees below the average, our average lows with these wind, it actually is pretty chilly so feeling more like we're in the mid-20s. wind out of the northwest, so they're going to end up more westerly fors, be looking at warmer air moving in as well. high pressure in command of the weekend forecast, and here is what it looks like here this morning in term of what it's feeling like outside. feeling like we're in the mid-20s in bedford, upper 20s in boston, some of us feeling like we're in the low 20s this morning. as we still have wind gusts to up around 20, 25 miles per hour. that is going to be the scenario throughout the day today, especially across the cape, but
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saw yesterday, when we saw the wind gusts at which, to 25 miles per hour in boston. it's not going to feel much warmer than the mid-40s, breeze, and chill, tomorrow morning it's feeling like we're in the low 40s, which is a above the average of the lowstion in the upper 30s, temperature wise, we will head into the upper 40s, trending a little bit cool, but into tonight, things are mild, by tomorrow we are talking almost 60-degree temperatures by tomorrow afternoon, 50s, a very comfortable weather for your sunday forecast. looking ahead into the start of next week. low pressure moves up the coast and as it does so, we do have the chance for rain as we head into tuesday, that is looking pretty likely even by the time of morning commutes and showers throughout the day on thursday. slight chance for showers on wednesday, but our best chance at rainy weather is going to be the tuesday forecast. take a look at this, dry skies today, dry skies tomorrow, and
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the upper 40s with lows tonight a little bit more mild than today. partly cloudy skies, ask we're almost to the super moon. you do have a shot to see that if we head tonight. we're looking at clear skies, we're at the super moon. the difference tonight, tomorrow night, and monday night which is when it is full, it's minor. and on monday night we are going to be cloudy. it's not quite full until monday, temperatures starting up the workweek are mild and we keep that mild trend throuou all right, thank you very much. and coming up a heart stopping close call inside of a dentist office. a car barreling right through the wall. also, ahead, it's a birth that could only happen once a year, twins from the cape born
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good morning, welcome back, calling these time traveling twins born on the cape. the story is unique, and puzzling, the boy is born first but he is younger than the sibling. >> it's a riddle, time is of the essence, and kelly o'hare is there to explain. >> reporter: 2-year-old
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brothers smiling at the new additions to her family but left to wonder which one is older. it's a question that even confuses mom and dad. the cape cod twins were born early sunday morning as the clocks pic kickback. >> ronan wasn't born until 31 minutes later. than baby a recovers even thorough nan he is on the right was born second is technically older than samuel who was born first. she still can't wrap her hand around it. >> they're saying what time is it? i thought it was like in the twilight zone. >> reporter: while the parent are prepared for a little sibling rivalry with the boys get older, they are happy that
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even there's a twist to their birth. i'm thinking, eight or nine years from now when they're having argument, and he is no, you have to listen to me because i'm older. >> reporter: they're so small and snugly at that point. >> they're adorable. congratulations to them. >> and celebration of service for a world war ii vet, the space he received from his family. the first lady teaming up with the cle their special message for
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>> i just want to say thank you for you guys all work and dedication, and what you do to keep our land safe. >> thank you. [applause] first lady michelle obama and cavaliers surprising a group of v their service, they got tickets to the cavs games against the wizards today. and closer to home, a world war ii veteran getting a century salute from his family. yesterday he celebrated a major milestone turning 100 years old. he was able to celebrate his service and his birthday in a very special way. happy birthday to you. [applause]
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birthday given a surprise party by his family and staff at the hg center. >> i don't know why god picked me. >> this veteran picked the perfect day to be born, novembee it a very special veterans day. >> i hope to keep going. >> on veterans day. it doesn't get better than that. it really doesn't. >> he helped fill an air force base in northern canada. afte t north shore with his wife margaret. >> i met him in 1950, and we got married in 1951, and we have been married for 61 years. >> the best move i ever made. [ laughter ] >> he and margaret have five children, 15 grandchildren, and four great grandchildren. >> this is our dad. he has been our rock. he has been strong, he has been our strength and to see him to
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living to be a healthy 100. >> he always told us to have a spoon full of honey every single day. >> a quarter of a couple of honey in his cup of coffee everyday, everyday. [applause] >> today in new england. >> and his family is so sweet. >> i love to see the energy he has at 100-year-old. >> happy birthday to you. >>d england. dental drama. a driver losing control plowing right into his dentist office. there's no drama here.
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now at 6:30, new details surrounding the death of what we're learning about the child's parents. and tro tests turning violent. you could see major refunds from amazon. why the company is coughing up millions of dollars to parent. well, thanks for joining us this saturday morning. i'm nicole oliverio. >> i'm nancy chen. let's take aing live look outside, because it's been a chilly start to the day. it seems like every single day,
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>> you have to dress for winter in the morning and fall in the afternoon. >> that is why we have claire so we can follow the forecast. >> some mornings we start out extremely mild and unseasonably warm. and some mornings we are welcoming the week, and it seems like we're welcoming winter. plenty of sunshine. we will keep it that way throughout the forecast. still a good weekend. winds out of the northwest as they are going to shift out of the west. the weather pattern today into tomorrow. we're looking at dry skies, very pleasant weather, a little bit cool this morning and cool today. the wind are going to continue to die down, but we could see a couple gusts along the cape like we're seeing this morning. our main headline are the winds as well as the temperatures. so much cooler this morning compared to yesterday at this time, almost 10 to even 20 degrees cooler and temperatures in the mid-30s for most of us. it's feeling like we're in the
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jacket before you head out the door this morning. you might want to keep it with you throughout the day. more detail on the weekend forecast after the break. ren, thank you. here is a look at the top story. a teenager shot near a play ground and popular trail near mattapan. officers searched for hours trying to find a suspect. so far no arrestses. that victim is expected to be okay. sky 7 over the scene yesterday of a car accident in danvers, take a lookt that car slammed into the famous, restaurant, and the driver got the floor matt stuck under the brake peddle. no one was hurt, but everybody was shaken up after that crash. damage to the building only minor. also this morning -- >> the for 4th straight night anti-trump protesters
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but after hours there was 4,000 people, and tear gas was used to disperse the crude. several people were arrested and police are investigating the shooting near bridge. police investigating on morrison bridge, one person down, everyone needs to leave the area immediately. and high school protesters walking out in omaha. it started when someone pulled 8 fire alarmest why. the students lining the f the school, holding signs, and chanting, and the teachers, made sure that the students were safe. they are using this as a teaching moment. >> we talked about ways to protest and coming together, and the importance of understanding that this veterans day, and their role should not be to diminish anything that veteran have done. veterans made it possible for us
6:34 am
everyone went peaceably to class. more demonstration right side expected across the country over the weekend. on 7, we're learning disturbing details from marlboro where an infant died where the baby's parents passed out nearby. at least one of those parents had to be treated for an overdose. >> my reaction, i'm shocked like everybody else, i guess. >> grieving family arrived at this marlboro home, baby infant was found dead. first responders used nar can a life saving drug on at least one if not both parents. family members are not sure what happened. >> nobody knows yet, we are still waiting. >> how is the mom doing? >> she is doing better. >> reporter: the infant was only 2 months old and those living on the street say the family hosted a baby hour not too long ago. >> the whole family was excited to have the baby. the grandmother was excited first grandchild.
6:35 am
what happened, which is odd. >> reporter: police were called before noon on thursday, and the baby was rushed to the hospital. the 19-year-old mother lives here, and her 23-year-old boyfriend the father the baby. both parents survived but to be facing charges. >> until, i guess we hear otherwise. >> reporter: 7 news today in new england. 7 news turning to florida where police in orlando have post night shootingment 49 people were killed when a terrorist went on a rampage. and this video is giving us a look at the response on that friday night. >> reporter: horror and chaos. body cameras show officers rushing in with gurney after gurney, as they tried to pull out the massive amount of victims that came pouring out of
6:36 am
directions with weapons drawn. >> they're coming. >> reporter: and panic inside the club during the terrifying moments when shooter omar mateen went on a rampage. >> open the door with their hands up. >> reporter: you can see the brave, first responders and officers take quick action, as they escort the victims to safety and those tense moments near the bathroom where mateen held hostages during this intense active shooter situation. >> you guys get that? 42 victims. >> reporter: know that number rose to 49 victims who were killed by mateen, and 53 others wounded. kim casey, 7 news today in new england. several people are hurt in a stabbing spree in pennsylvania. the 38-year-old suspect was armed with a knife and a gun. he barricaded himself inside of a mental health facility and attacked the people inside. at least four people were taken inside with stab wounds. the suspect complained that the
6:37 am
>> i tried to get cj on the phone but she texted me and said i'm being held hostage. she said she is hiding under a table. the man pulled a gun on the elevator and told her it was over, she got away. >> the police shot the suspect and he was taken to the hospital. in the case of cosby, when the case is over, he plans to business. he is facing a lawsuit filed here in massachusetts where 7 women accuse him of sexual impropriety. cosby asked a judge to seal documents about his compensation for performances. a janitor cleaning out he just seconds before this car you see comes crashing through the ball. thankfully that janitor was able to make it out in time.
6:38 am
dental exam chair. a car comes barrelings in the exam room after a member of the cleaning crew leaves the room. that man avoiding injury >> we could have had somebody in that room. somebody we cared about. it could have been a much worse situation. >> reporter: this is what the exam room look like following the crash. the owner the dental office absolutely relieved all she >> this can be repaired. i'm glad that nothing happened. >> reporter: you can see the hole on the front the building buildings a driver veered off the road, and slammed into the dental office. that driver suffering only minor injuries despite how hard the car hit the building. now to florida where a firefighter took a frightening fall. take a look at video, you can see the firefighter climbing the
6:39 am
turned on the hose, the water pressure knocked him to the ground. officials say he fell 20 feet. he was treated for injuries and expected to be okay. a biker who led piece on a chase in -- police on a chase in northern virginia, they tried to pull the motorcyclist over. the rider came to a stop 40 minutes later and was arrested. still ahead, new marching order for amazon. why the company is paying nt refund. we do have wet weather headed our way in just a couple of days. i will break that down after the break. and the celtics, highlights
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6:43 am
conditions this morning. wind gusts starting to die down, but we still do have wind gusts up to 20, 25 miles per possible especially across the cape. windchill values in the mid-to low 20s so feeling like winter, temperatures -- this morning, but aren't really looking at a terribly warm day. temperatures warming up in the mid-to upper 40s, windchills making things feel like 2:00 this afternoon. temperatures are going to be mild for us. we have a few clouds moving through. warmer air pushing through, and wind ending out of the west. temperatures tomorrow ending up in the mid-50s by noon. as we head into the workweek, our best chance for rain is going to be by tuesday as this area of low pressure pushes up the coast. i do think we could be dealing with some rain even by the morning commute tuesday, showers continuing throughout the day tuesday with just the slight chance for some showers as we
6:44 am
most of this looks to be pulling in by tuesday, ask that looks pretty likely. chances for rain really low, actually dry skies through the weekend and even into the start of next week. no complaint there, we got a really nice weekend ahead. mostly sunny size today. breezy, winds ending up out of the west. a couple of gusts, 20, 25 miles per hour with most of us seeing highs today in the upper 40s, i don't think too many of us will break by degrees. tomorrow clouds, and we're almost to the looked phenomenal this morning. we caw clear skies last night, tonight we will have a few clouds moving through, and on sunday it's going to be the our best bet to view the super moon. the difference between sunday night and monday night is going to be slight. i recommend getting out on sunday night, by monday night we will have additional clouds, a chance for showers late monday night. this moon is 14% brighter and
6:45 am
moon. hoge temperatures mild tomorrow with plenty of sunshine this has amazon shelling out serious cash to parents. a federal judge ordering the company to refund customers tens of millions of dollars. it comes after parents argued that it was too easy for kids to down load apps without their permission. >> both google and apple have previously settled similar lawsuits. >> reporter: the courts ruling in seattle could cost amazon tens of millions of dollars. a massive refundor whose children downed loaded games and medical purchases without their permission n a lawsuit filed against ther commerce giant in 2014, the federal trade commission says, many of these games invite children to obtain virtual items. and what cost virtual currency and real money.
6:46 am
>> my reaction and i saw the bill was panic, utter panic. >> reporter: she let her son nico play video games downloaded from the app store. he clicked on virtual money that cost his mom real cash, $3,000. >> he knew that he shouldn't be doing t but he had no concept that he was spending real money out of my bank. >> reporter: so what is a parent to do. companies have implemented safeguards. you can protect clicking parental controls. >> i think that children need to have an understanding that digital currency is really currency. >> reporter: morgan was lucky. she complained. apple gave her her money back. and now amazon has been ordered to reach out to eligible parents and offer them a refund that could cost the company tens of millions of dollars. nbc news, los angeles. and this happens to you with your little boy, right?
6:47 am
went to recently viewed. so thank god he only ordered like a canvas, and he didn't get anything good out of that. >> one of my recently viewed was like a trip to see the northern lights. it would go straight to the debit card. >> i wouldn't mind that, it would be like a nice surprise, but then you would have to pay for it. >> no, no, he wouldn't be coming. still ahead. the patriots preparing against a tough match against the seattle seahawks this two key players missing from the lineup. we will have more ahead in sports. ahead, a hearty dish, at a cambridge restaurant take on a new england classic when we come
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t have the ratings a down across the board at the nfl, but on sunday night, a major needle move. the last of the three quarter champions, going up against the game top corner, even a few script can be left with a few holes now and then. chris hogan and chris long did not participate in practice, hogan sitting out with a back
6:51 am
while long's absence is not injury related. on the field. deon lewis inching closer to make his season debut. what does that mean for running back james white. >> james white is good. he is a good player. what he does is good. could somebody do it better? i don't know. if would take quite a bit based on how he is, and how consistent he is with what he has done. it would take somebody to be pretty good to be better than him. n. about a celtic, celtic giving up a 100 point. brown getting up and wiping away hoss daholiday shot. carmelo anthony given the business, 12 points the 15 first 11 minutes, he gets the shots after picking up two tactical fouls for arguing with an
6:52 am
celtics open up a 10 point lead at the break. the second half more of the same. the second game back, after dealing with an injured soldier. he goes for 19, in the feel good 115-87 wind. the celtics in the pacers in indiana tonight. while the braers are out in independent -- bruiser are on out in indiana. still ahead, we're trying a piece of history in this morning's what is cooking. >> ask it's cooked upright in
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ready to head out when others head home.
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okay, so if you are a lover of seafood and you need something to warm you up. look no further than puritan and company. >> they have a dish that is likely to keep the chills at bay. it's a new england classic. sarah french with what is cooking. >> reporter: if you're in in the mood with modern american cuisine, puritan and company in cambridge is where you need to
6:56 am
make you feel like you're dining at someone's house. >> reporter: the restaurant got its name from its predecessor. >> when they told me i was coming to puritan inc., i dressed appropriate. >> you the you put a hat on it. >> tell me what we're making. >> you go with the stove, and i like to use cow neck clams. we start with the chopped lamb meat right here. and i'm going to add the chorizo. it adds more flavor, the paprika is stronger. >> now add an egg and some butter. >> we're going to mix to get the wet ingredients incorporated. it's important that the butter is room temperature while you do this. >> reporter: the chef adds green onions, chopped parsley,
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good morning. breaking overnight. violence at the trump protest. gunfire rings out at a demonstration in portland, oregon. one person shot. demonstrators take to the streets from coast to coast. new york, miami, l.a. even iowa and missouri. about face? after vowing to get rid of obamacare during the campaign, the president-elect may keep some parts of the plan. is it a final victory for president obama and what does it mean for you? and shakeup. chris christie out as the head


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