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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 13, 2016 11:30pm-11:55pm EST

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from the 49. through the middle. white. to the 48, he goes. big, big play, coming right now. third and close to five. >> cris: here comes the train right here. ckam chancellor comes flying in there. you think there's a hole and there's no hole. >> al: they quickly come to the line. got a whistle here. malcolm mitchell. oh, man. >> cris: you play young guys, there he goes. >> referee: offense number 19. five-yard penalty. third down. >> cris: as soon as that happened, he just walked towards the bench. >> al: mm-hmm.
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he did the fake motion. oh -- like having your dad mad at you. >> al: third and ten. he is there and makes the catch. and spins down to the 24 yard line. a big, huge third >> cris: take on the outside, as you saw james white come down and just hit. is that sherman in there? no chance. no call on that play. >> al: they had a third and 25 and convert it. third and ten. two minutes, set up for another fantastic finish on "sunday night football."
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i'm only going to show you half it. what do you think? i think it looks very sleek. the lights remind me of audi lights. and it starts at $22,190. nice. but, there's another side to this car. oh, wow. i love it. this is the first-ever chevy cruze hatch. well, that's pretty impressive. wow. so check it out. yeah, that's awesome. i do like it a lot. now that you know it's a hatchback, what does it make you think of? young professional slash weekend warrior. the whole business in the front, party in the back sort of thing. >> al: a menu for the volkswagen postgame report. michele on the field with the
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mike, tony, mike, breaking it down. a look around the league, as well. and look ahead to saints/panthers thursday. two minutes, first and ten. from the 24. blount, is out in front. and this time, busting through. and taking him down for a loss, for four, would be mcdaniels. we go back to the edelman catch on third and ten. >> cris: biggest noncall of the game. james white is going to come down and pitch richard sherman. it is not a foul. a pick right there. i think sherman had his feet within that one-yard limitation. no foul. >> al: second and four, they got it right. now, brady going deep. and somehow, some way, makes the catch. next to impossible. covered by deshawn shead.
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watch this play. and this is on a corner. oh, what a great throw. he works inside. and then, uses that big body to squeeze shead back out, to give himself some room to make this catch. my goodness. what a play. in the biggest moments, bill belichick is going to get the football to his best player. >> al: first and goal. taking as much time off the clock as theca brady will try to burrow his way in. new england has all of its time-outs. he's shy right there. hand fighting going on with avril and a couple of the patriots. second down and goal. and the patriots will take -- we assume -- a time-out here. the clock stopping. a little conference going on. >> cris: are these two teams
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game? what a game. >> referee: third charged time-out, seattle. will be a 30-second time-out. please reset the game clock, to 37 seconds. 37 on the game clock, please. >> al: pete took his last time-out here because he, with 37 seconds, now, figures if new england scores, he wants to leave at least a little time for them to get the ball back. >> cris: here we go. one more time. gronkowski, against shead. works inside. and squeezes over the top. perfectly thrown. you knew where brady was going. wasn't a linebacker. wasn't a safety. put your top cover guys and go after him. i just wonder, this sounds ridiculous because you're down a touchdown. did he do that quarterback sneak
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and milk a little clock and make it easier, if they do score, to play defensively, against russell wilson the other way? >> al: it's possible. second down and goal. here's blount. and he is -- nothing yet from the officials. he'll come in. see where the ball is. they mark it outside of the goal line. >> cris: you have to decide on your time-out at this point. and belichick takes it here. >> referee: first charged time-out, new england. >> al: he's milked enough time. so, seattle will have next to nothing left, if new england gets into the end zone. >> cris: if he didn't get in, kam chancellor making this play, coming around the edge. and just grabbing the leg to not letting him cross. i think it's a good call. watch kam chancellor coming
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and it looked like you're going to get blount just flying over the top. certainly, there was a big enough hole. but it was chancellor who saved the day. >> al: got it right. >> cris: in the game against arizona. seattle, just because you get to the goal line doesn't mean you're going to get it in. >> al: they missed chancellor when he was gone. you can see the difference he makes. it's third down and goal. you got gronkowski, who lines up as the fullback. now, they split him. gronk is the running back. does brady sneak it? he tries to. he loses the ball. he loses the ball. he doesn't get in, number one. and did seattle recover? the game is, in effect, over. but looks like brady winds up with the ball. now, they'll take a time-out. and now, it comes down to a fourth down and goal. >> referee: set the game clock
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>> al: one more second back on the clock. >> cris: watch how soon brady moves here. actually on the move and i think it threw off the timing of the snap. you got your center down there, trying to survive and snap the ball and get low. and brady, you can see him move even before the snap started. and i just think it threw all of the timing off of that snap. >> al: brady is almost automatic or has been in his career, in that situation, sneaking it in. here we go, with the fourth and goal, for new england. >> cris: this is your two-point play. whatever your best two-point play is for this game, you're going to see it right now. >> al: and now, a flag. >> cris: 12 men? >> al: yep. that was the initial indication.
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penalty half the distance to the goal. no further doirst down. >> al: to the 1 yard line. >> cris: we'll see if the play call changes. legarrette blount, looked like he was going to fly over that pile. chancellor got him. here they come. they're going to make the shift to the bigs here. bring in the fullback, james develin. bring in an extra offensive lineman, cameron fleming. probably will put everything on legarrette blount here. watch out for kam chancellor off of the edge. >> al: gronkowski, lines up as the fullback. here comes develin. and gronk splits out. >> cris: will go to gronkowski here. >> al: and all kinds of action in the end zone. they look for a flag. they see none.
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and seattle's going to win it. what a finish. >> cris: there was a lot of contact and no call. and you're not going to change any minds at this point. let's take a look. chancellor knows it's coming. gronk knows it's coming. i think they got it right. who nicinitiated? who is pushing? who is grabbing? they both were. >> cris: could you differentiate that one? >> al: the officials have taken so much grief, especially recently, they got the pick play right. they got the no touchdown right. didn't get in. and i think they got that one right, too. >> cris: this game, down to the 1 yard line, goes to seattle. assuming --
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>> cris: you can make a case, al, just throwing the ball up in the air twice out of bounds. not even dealing with this because this is tight to the goal line, hard-count for sure now. >> al: new england has the time-out. taking a safety. and new england can use the final time-out. more play. >> referee: 30-second time-out. >> cris: the only problem with the safety is you have to turn around and kick it to those guys. >> al: you are down to almost no time on the clock. >> cris: the thought is, one more time with that. that's a pretty good call. the thought is, what the heck? we do a quarterback sneak and they get a safety on us, all right. that strategy is okay, too.
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official. they play a monday night game. they have the ball 20 minutes. the defense was out there for 40. so, it's a short week, come across the country. and seattle, and boston, about as far as you can go in the national football league. will be a fun ride home, to get back around 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. and the embrace between belichick and carroll. they go back a long way. >> cris: how much do you think super bowl is one thing. he was fired by the new england patriots. he will never admit it. he will never say it. but i guarantee you, this one feels really good. >> al: first time he's been back in foxboro, since 1999.
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no touchdown, seahawks win it. coming up, the volkswagen postgame report.
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welcome to "the volkswagen golf alltrack postgame report." mike tirico.
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hangs on to beat new england, 31-24. what a day of football. wild finishes early in the afternoon. the seven lead change game with pittsburgh and dallas. and this game, to wrap up a terrific sunday of nfl action. and seattle on the short week, coming on the road. getting the job done. and getting key performances. especially from a player we haven't seen much of. it's c.j. prosise. will get a game ball for this effort and this road win in new england. russell wilson, 348 yards, 3 touchdowns, no picks. prosise, who led the team in rushing and receiving, and nice to get kam chancellor back in the lineup in this one. three game balls. here's michele. >> i don't know what it is about these two teams. but you end up on the 1 goal line. what did that require? >> mental toughness. physical toughness. never giving up.
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60 minutes, as long as we go. we go the distance. we can't play until we can play no more. >> you had big plays, including forcing a fumble on julian edelman. how were you able to perform this way? >> it's all god. i get my strength from the lord. and he just makes me come out and be capable to play like i played. it's a lot of film study. and my guys, they rally to give me energy to keep going. keep fighting and doing it for them. it's the brotherly love. >> thanks a lot. >> all right. let's turn to offense. russell's over here. >> yes. >> you know, your coach said coming into this game, in so many ways, these teams matched up so well. but you know, what did this one require? >> the challenge. obviously coming to foxboro, a tough, tough place to play. not easy to win here. not many losses here for opponents for them. but you know, it was a battle. we played one play at a time. the defense stepped up when we needed to right there.
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when we needed to. and we were flush on third downs when we needed to. so many guys made plays from the tight ends to the receivers. doug baldwin, the last touchdown catch was special, too. >> three touchdown catches by doug baldwin. why do you connect the way you do? >> he's an extremely talented player. and he works hard. he gets it. keeps god first. and he loves the game. great things will happen for him always. >> you mentioned c.j. prosise. let's bring him into this conversation. congratulations, russell. c.j., your first start. and you had to carry quite a load tonight. how were you able to step into that role and produce the way you did? >> it comes with the position. it's the expectations they have for me. they have big expectations for me. i want to get an opportunity to make big plays for them. >> the offensive line at times seemed to take over this game. what did they do for you?
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hitting the holes. it made it easy for me. >> pete carroll, who used to coach here, said this is a great place to play. and it's a fun place to win. what does this mean for you guys? >> big hyped up game. and sunday night, get back to the next week and play the eagles. >> congratulations, c.j. mike? >> michele, thank you. let's bring in coach tony dungy. very different conversation from when we saw seattle. just three weeks ago. what does this mean for pete carroll's team on the short week, cross-country and beating the patriots in foxboro. >> this says a lot about their team and how they compete. it sends a message to the nfc. seattle is back. they were struggling. russell wilson looked a lot better today. a lot healthier.
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struggled opened holes in the run game, they played outstanding today. kam chancellor coming back. you take those three elements and seattle is a different team, going into new england and winning this ball game. i think they sent a message. >> we could have a long conversation about the play calling 21 months ago at the end of super bowl xlix. the conversation after this one won't last as long. but can be called into question. what did you think of new england's play calling at the end of this game? >> well, they may ve outsmarted themselves just like seattle outsmarted themselves on the 1 yard line at the super bowl. but this is what new england does. tom brady has been great at the sneak game. here, losing the ball, legarrette blount. they should have continued to pound with blount. and then, on the fourth down lie, you can't question this. gronk is their guy. they went to him. it didn't work out. you have to give seattle credit for the way that defense
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>> impressive stuff. tony, thanks. oakland, kansas city, new england, all with the best record, 7-2. dallas has the best record at 8-1. we bring in mike florio from after the game today, the great dallas win over pittsburgh. jerry jones said dak prescott is the starter is there more to the story? >> there is, mike. i stoke to steven jones, the executive v.p. of the cowboys earlier in the week. romo is healthy and part of the active roster, jason garrett and scott linehan will have the ability to switch to tony romo in a game, if they believe that in those circumstances, they need the boost that could come from using romo. right now, prescott looks great. but once romo is on the active roster, prescott could be the starter and romo the finisher. it will be up to jason garrett to make that call. >> every time there's a
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