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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> fire crews rushing to mcclain hospital, a property there overnight a building torn apart by flames. plus the president-elect detailing his plans donald trump opens up on immigration and what he's looking for on the supreme court. and threatening letters left in natick referencing the presidti why police are investigating this as a possible hate crime. >> good monday morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. . >> i'm christa delcamp. it certainly looks nice. it's sunny to start. >> oil was colder last week. we had a bunch of chilly start. this morning it's actually pretty mild for us here in boston snell we start in the low 40s. that's above average.
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that's norwood. orange, down right chilly but we're starting to warm up nicely. temperatures varied now. mostly sunny skies throughout the day. still warm air from the southwest. highs in the mid 60s "today in new england." a nice continuation of that comfortable weather we saw through your weekend. as we head into tomorrow our situation does change. temperatures will fall. we are looking at the chance for some wet weather and high tides. it break that down for you right after the break. all right. time now for fast track traffic. he thanks. >> good morning, everyone. happy monday to you. we're watching a couple of incidents on the road. the leaverit connector really backed up. this is because of accident on stereo drive at the long fellow bridge. braintree to boston, northbound on the expressway 34 minutes. route 24 northbound backed up to brockton. the pike stop and go pretty much back to framingham. on 128 on the overpass highland
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vehicles on scene there. because of a medical emergency. north of town on 93 northbound at mont bail avenue we have a crash we're keeping an eye on for you. let's look at the drive times for you as you head out the door. half an hour braintree to boston. northbound on the expressway. 24 minutes into town from 128 also half an more on 93 southbound. 128 to zakim bridge. not seeing any issue on the commuter rail now. on the t we have moderate delays on the orange line. back to you guys. let's start with breaking news in lawrence. an apparent fire at the bruises school. it's 135 butler street and it covered grades 3 to 8. right now there are reports of smoke on the second floor of the school. but no injuries reported. we have a crew on the way. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get the latest. also breaking overnight flames tearing through abandoned building in belmonte overnight. crews rushing to the scene early this morning.
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right now crews they've been worried about parts of the building collapsing. let's head out live to scene. john cocoa is there to bring us up-to-date. >> the fire department said they have had minor collapsing. what they try to do is get equipment to tear down parts of this building. that way they get inside finish put thing fire out. maybe determine how the fire started. >> reporter: firefighters in belmonte dousing massive flames. torching a building on the >> our police department on adjacent street was smelling smoke. it started to investigate it about 2:41 this morning. and found the building well involved on floors 2 and 3. the hospital said this the known as calkman building because it's in the remote area patient care wasn't disrupted. they used to house patient. it's all the utilities shut
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and the building basically had been walled off. until its ungulfed on monday. multiple area departments were called in to contain the fire. from from say accessing the buildings difficult because of overgrowth. its heavy fire on both the second and third floor and through the roof when the companies arrived. it was at that point defensesy operation where we set up multiple master str o stream lots of water to used to put tout fire. one the flame was under control the smoke. the concern become the safety of the structure. we're worried about collapse at this point. with the exterior brick walls. right now you are taking look at some of the damaged caused by the fire. you can see they are still pouring water on this building. at this point it's too early to tell how this fire started. live in belmonte. john cocoa.
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after his election win. >> we're getting them out of our country if they are here illegal l. plan to deport 3 million illegal immigrant once he takes off. the president elect giving a glimpse who what a trump white house will look like come january. opening up about his plan border wall and appointing justices to the supreme court. jennifer eagan joining us from the control room now with more >> trump was a i the rhetoric. he said it dependings on the situation. times you have to be rougher. tru trump touched on what his priorities be once he's ins of. >> donald trump talking to "60 minutes." >> just took your breath away. >> a little bit. a little bit. and i think i realized that this is whole different life for me
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results. >> there are protest in cities across the country including in boston some have turned violent. there are also reports of threats and violence aimed at minorities since the election. i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it hopes. i will say this. i will say right to the camera. stop it. >> the billionaire businessman saying he will not accept the president's salary of 400,000 a year. >> the answer is $1. i will take $1 a year. trump opening up about upcoming supreme court nomination. i'm pro-life. the judges will be pro-life. and his campaign promise about appointing a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton. >> i will think about it. i feel that want to focus on jobs. i want to focus healthcare. i want to focus on the border and immigration. and doing a really great
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about his immigration plans. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and criminal records gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people probably 2 million could be 3 million. we're getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate. >> trump said there may be changes to border wall he promised to build. would you accept a >> as for often controversial twitter account his social media presence is not going anywhere. but he will use it in a quote very restrained manner. >> in the control room. jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." thank you. this morning the trump white house is beginning to take shape. the president-elect naming the former rnc chair areince priebus as his white house chief of staff. priebus should be reassuring to establishment republicans still
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and steve bannon former ceo will be chief strategy and senior counselor to the president. that's president prompting outrage. he was head of the conservative bright bart web site where he promoted what many consider to be racist sexist and anti semitic conspiracy theories. kelly ayot has been including michael flynn and alabama senator jeff sessions if. >> police are investigating letter. referencing the presidential election in contents forcing police to look into the possibility this is hate crime. here's victoria warren are the late. a hate crime investigation in dadic. filted with racial slurs and
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stoop. step. a typed letter names trump. the letters tell the man that natick is a white obviously town and then go on to target his black and latino roommates. one of the letters even threatens to kill them saying these letters are warning and the home opener doesn't want to get a third one. natick police say the letters were dropped off late last week the man called 911. and police they are taking this seriously and investigating it as a hate crime. this the something other two groups that track hate crime, the southern abover i will law center and the council on american islamic relation. they saw a spike in hate crimes and hate speech. in natick, victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." happening today a florida man arrested in connection with deadly shooting in eastin will be in court. police arresting michael in south carolina sunday he's charged with being an accessory after the fact.
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victim shot in the woods and he later dired at the hospital. two suspect in multistate carjacking case set to appear in case. they stabbed to women in connecticut. the chase ended in a worcester cul de sac. the victims were not seriously injured. a 19-year-old women facing charges in connection with a deadly hit-and-run that happened in taunton. according to investigation the teen driving an suv that hit bicyclist at an intersection thursday and then she took off. a 36-year-old man was killed. a second suspect also being charged with being an accessory after the fact. the patriots racking up their second loss of the season last night. the pats falling to seattle at gillette and rematch of last year's super bowl. this time tom brady and company coming up short. in the end seattle was too much to handle.
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end zone. they look for a flag. they see none. chancellor with a coverage. and seattle will win it. rematch of super bowl 49 the game once again decided on the one-yard line. but this time new england was the team that failed to score in the closing seconds. it's about as competitive as you get. unfortunately we couldn't make enough plays >> tom brady couldn't connect with rob grownkowski on and goal. there was contact between gronk and chancellor. no flags thrown. i'm not here to make excuses to say it's pi. i want -- we just lost a game. chancellor dead get penalized for hit he delivered to brady in the third quarter. he hit tv 12 right leg. the qb hobbled but didn't leave the game.
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of guys were sore. pats lost 31-24. their firsts will since brady returned from his suspension. >> they got very good players. makes it tough. we have plenty of chances. we just orexconstitution was it was as good as it needed to be. with that loss the pats are 7-2. the pats will look to get back in the win column sunday when they take on the 49ers in san francisco. they so rarely lose at >> it's so tough. still ahead on "today in new england." the search for some robbers is on after thieves storm into a brockton gas station. you will hear from a women who was inside. it's a sign in the sky you can't many it. we'll take a look at the super moon as it made its way across the sky. it could cause some issue with high tide tomorrow. we'll take a look at that after the break. >> could the bruins go for three
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match-up with the avalanche,
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>> did you look up last night or early this morning. it was incredible to see this. this year it looks bigger than at any point in the past 68 years. >> eric got this up close shot with a telescope. >> take a look at the moon looks yellow there. really neat. >> emily captured the shot behind some trees. you can catch the moonshining as bright. >> sounds some cloud cover may be moving in. >> we have our next frontal system approaching. we'll see cloud cover thicken up ahead of that system. honestly the last couple of nights the full moon. we got a great glimpse. i don't think you could have
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it lit up the sky. we're back to september like weather as we head into today. we're talking about temperatures in the 60s. get out and enjoy it. we're seeing plenty of sunshine and continuation of nice weekend weather. showers do return tomorrow as our next system approaches from the south and that's currently tracking up the eastern seaboard. lit bring us a good bit of rain which we need. when you add that front l system with the super moon we talk about high tides into tomorrow. another super moon photo for you. i love t awesome this moons. it's another 18 years until we see a supermen. one of the issue this is causing for us very high astronomical tides especially as we head into tomorrow. that low pressure system approaches. we're looking at onshore winds. the combination there means very high tide especially by 11:07 tomorrow. that could be half a foot to a foot bo what we see. minor coastal flooding a
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well. we'll monitor that by wednesday. high tide good for us. not as big of a concern as what we look at tomorrow. temperature wise mid 50s. boston 49. worcester 50 degrees. prove against right now 51 degrees in bedford. still a mixed bag here. we will warm up nicely. temperature reaching into the mid to low 60s. as we head into tonight. we'll see the cloud cover thicken up. and low tonight stay more mild because we will be looking at more cloud will be more consistent in terms of morning lows. we have the chance for showers tomorrow. slight chance by the time you head to work. better chance by the midmorning hours and very likely chance around lunch time. and you can see some pockets of mod moderate to heavy rainfall. we continue to see showers through the evening commute and likely past dinner time as well. this the fast-moving system. we will dry out late tomorrow night. we have slight chance for couple
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of us grabbing around half an inch of rain. up to around an inch. that's where we will top off with the rainfall totals. but today a gorgeous day temperatures in the mid to low 60. low 40s. >> your 7 on 7 forecast showing temperature will be cooler but we're right back up to above average temperature for the rest of your work week. >> the bruins looking to make it three in a row against the avalanche. boston and colorado the second game on the three-game road trip no score midway through first period. david crashy get the bruins on the board. goalie had third shutout of the season. >> just ahead this morning comedian under fire in boston. her jokes about the president elect. drawing boos from one crowd. the man suspected of killing a california deputy is caught.
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quilted northern works so well people can forget their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing. except this one, who has an outlet for a face. donald trump's victory causing problems for one comedian. wanda was there good morning. wanda went on anti trump wram p cottics come home charity event. here's part of what she had to
9:22 am
how can you say he's not homophobic. this event over td gardens. sikes started the anti trump rant a few minutes into her set. blasting the president-elect and saying she was shocked that he won. she answered those boo by swearing at them. in the newsroom jennifer eagan, # news "today in new england." still ahead at 9:30 a race to rescue in boston harbor. the coast guard rushing in. why crews had a hard time saving they are hitting the cranberry box. you get to decide was it bri or a patriots that came on top with
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>> welcome back. it's monday. it's time for who did it better. bri is getting holiday spirit. pay attention because you have to decide who did it better. he may be fast on the field but this week we're seeing how quick patriots running back james sweet pete white is in cranberry. >> how do you feel about this challenge? >> i'm excited. i've never done anything like this before. it willa me. hopefully i can win. >> our job for the day so how many cranberries we can harvest from ocean spray bog in two minutes. apparently there's snakes and spiders. >> 3, 2, 1. hit it. getture cranberry. one leg at a time. he does put his pants on one leg at time. this was boobie trapped. i had nothing to do with it.
9:26 am
he's in the water. he didn't get picks yet. oh, he is quick. you have one minute. one minute left. >> how deep is it. how does this feel. prepare plea for what i'm in for. swee-pea you're slowing down a little bit. 3, 2, 1. that was nice. post game wrap up. how do you feel about your >> 3, 2, 1. go. jeans may slow you down. that's so true. >> you got that pretty smooth. >> there we go. there you go. heavier than i thought. >> oh, my goodness. can i get another scooper. >> i thought you said you were athletic. i know. i got to make it count.
9:27 am
i think it is. i haven't seen any snakes yet. i think i scared them away. >> you may have me beat already. two minutes is a long time. see if you can get another scoop in there. 3. 2, 1. it was close. >> that was tough. oh, my gosh. after our two-minutes were up it was time to compare. i don't know i think you got points for being the most challenger we've ever had for >> i think you may have won the battle. now it's up to you to decide. you get to vote. who did it better? >> it's now up to you to decide who did it better. head to our web site and vote. we'll have your results tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. i love bri but he seems like the nicest guy ever. >> this is one of my favorite. a medical marvel that helps
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>> an abandoning building hit by fierce flame. a women shaken up and speaking out after armed robbery. police search for the suspect in brockton. >> a suspect captured after police say he shot an officer at point blank range. the crime spree officials say led out to his arrest. >> welcome back on this monday morning everybody. i'm sarah french. the other member of our team is
9:31 am
looking forecast for today. >> high pressure in command of weather pattern today. one more day of high pressure and then our next frontal system approaches up the east coast. right now mostly sunny sky. wonderful start to day. temperature warming up nicely as well. 54 in boston right now. and 49 degrees in norwood. a cooler start for some of us. some of us start in the low 20s. that's where norwood started off the day. we start off above the average low in the low 40s re your day. mostly sunny sky back to low-to-mid 60s. by tomorrow it will be different scenario. it greets us bringing us cool weather rainy weather and high tides more on that after the break. there's a fire at the bruce store. fire crews have been called to the score.
9:32 am
there's report of smoke on the second floor. no reports of injury. we'll update you as we learn more. >> the fiery scene on the mcclain build. troops and building. crews are still on the scene dealing with some of those hot spots there's been fears that part of the building could collapse here's john cocoa with more. firefighter in belmonte dousing massive flame torchin property. they were smelling smoke and started to investigate about 2:41 this morning and found the building well involved on floors 2 and 3. the hospital said this is known as the cogman building. no evacuations were needed and patient care wasn't disrupted. the large u-shaped building had been abandoned for about ten years. used to house patients.
9:33 am
and the building basically mothballed. multiple departments were called in to contain the fire. it was difficult to access because of overgrowth. water supply was an issue with thousands of feet of hose being used to reach the building >> there was heavy fire on the second and third floor. it was at that point defensive operation where multiple heavy streams. lots of water. once the flame were under control and mostly smoke began to fill the sky. the concern become the safety of the structure. we're worried about collapse with the exterior brick walls. >> now to other top stories. donald trump opening up on "60 minutes" about some controversial topics brought up
9:34 am
immigration not saying he will deport all undocumented immigrant and wall may not be necessarilien all part of the u.s./mexico border. confirming he's planning to nominate a pro-life supreme court justice. police in in natick investigating hateful letters. the letters r presidential election as justification. the patriots hope to bounce back after losing to the seahawks. new england has a chance late in game but brady couldn't complete fourth down pass to grob grownkowski in the end zone. >> police in brockton are on the hunt for armed thieves. they say those two robbers had masks on when they stormed into a gas station in brockton. and now we're hearing from a women who was inside at the time.
9:35 am
>> believe it or not the women said this second time the gas station has been robbed in less than a week. police are searching for two suspects right now. >> a terrifying robbery at gun point. i thought i'm going to die. christy still shaken up after two robber stormed into this gas station friday night. she said the men were wearing masks one carrying a gun the other a knife. >> i kept asking. where are the money. give us the money. she was and opened the register while they pointed the gun and knife at her. >> i couldn't believe it at the beginning. then i started thinking i will end up being hurt or being in the hospital or dead. i thought they would shoot me. after taking a couple of hundreds dollars. i got on the ground like that. they forced her to the floor before stealing cash out of her purse and some cigarettes.
9:36 am
closing the front door early and doing business at the window. >> i'm still scared the thing. i get this feeling that it might be thief or the might come in to hurt me. police say the suspect cut the wires to the gas station security camera during the first robbery which is why the second one wasn't caught on camera. in the newsroom jennifer eagan 7 news "today in new england." police are investigating after a green line train collided with a car. it happe avenue and warren street last night. caused a brief disruption in surface and no one was hurt. police are investigating a serious crash that anned in lowell. you can see the car ended up flipped over on to barricade. at this point it's unclear whether anyone was injured in this crash. >> new this morning the man five week old son died after found inresponsive in marlboro last week is speaking out. he said he and his girlfriend ingested an unknown substance on
9:37 am
albert told the globe i didn't thinkist going to black out. i don't think any logical person would think let's do this and black out and almost die. i made a mistake. but i don't want to be painted like i'm a baby murderer. >> police say they found the couple and their son unresponsive. the infant later died. sources say first responder used narcan a drudge that reduces heroin overdoses. so far charges have not been into a chelsea home striking a child will be called to court. christian garcia has his bail revoked at last arraignment. the child who was hit with bullet not thankfully seriously hurt. and police in connecticut continue searching for suspect this morning after five people were shot at a sweet 16 party. investigators say at least two people walked into a club and then opened fire. this was on saturday night. four teens and one adult were sent to the hospital.
9:38 am
camera. the coast guard rushing in to save two sailors. their sailboat ran into a sandbar near island on friday. crews weren't able to reach them because of the low tide. so they had to call in a helicopter to get those men to safety. they were on the radio for a good bit trying to contact boston. you could hear they were pretty strained in their voice. it wasn't a good position to be in. they were we would we see cases like this a bit. it's complicated by the deteriorating weather we have in the fall and winter here. >> the sailor were not seriously injured. also on 7 the man accused of opening fire and killing a california deputy has now been captured. police say the man shot the officer before carrying out several other crimes leading to his arrest. a massive manhunt for suspected
9:39 am
suspect idenned five as david machado. accused of executing a sheriff's deputy early sunday morning. s.w.a.t. team searched several locations near the city of tulock where they believe he may have been hiding. not realizing he was in custody. some 150 miles away. >> the suspect david machado arrested just after 12:00 today. right after he committed an armed robbery at a convenient store and nhe >> he was already wanted and had felony warrant for stealing a car and burglary prior to his arrest. the suspect tried to steal a purse from a female victim who fought back and called the police as the police responded to this incident, the suspect fled the scene on food and was captured. at first officers didn't know about machado alleged crime spree that started earlier.
9:40 am
recognized or identified until after he was taken into custody. law enforcement officer because we broadcast this information, california wide that this individual was wanted for murder of peace officer. they recognized him and contacted us. >> right now police are still searching for motive behind the officer's death. and there's more news today. people in france coming together to remember the one-year anniversary of the deadly terrorist attacks. several plaques were unveiled over the people who were killed. the french president led a number of memorial services there. and rock star sting held a sold out show at the concert hall. the cleanup continues this morning in new zealand after a couple of deaf stating earthquakes. at least two people are dead. there was shaking for three minute followed by series of after shocks. it damaged a number of building and caused sland slides. the tremor stranding three
9:41 am
landslides. right now officials are telling residents along the coast to seek higher ground to avoid tsunami waves >> unexpected visitor found wandering through one local neighborhood. why this wild animal turned up coming up. . >> this singer hopes for another big night on the voice. can she move on as the field narrows >> while the super man has been a fantastic sight. could be contributing factor to very high tides tomorrow. i'll take a
9:42 am
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>> well be updemonstrate breaking news we been mentioning on this broadcast an apparent fire at the bruce school. now we hear from the superintendent. he's tweeted out that all students and staff are safe. they've been moved to another school. fire crews were called to school alternate no report of any injury again the good news everybody is safe. let's get a quick check of the forecast now with ren claire. how is it looking out there? >> it's a beautiful start to bork week. it's not feeling like we're in the middle of november. feeling like early september. today will be the nicest day of the work week. hopefully you can enjoy lunch outside today. tomorrow again in addition to showers we're also looking at high tides.
9:45 am
tide around 11:07 tomorrow. when you add in onshore wind we will have as low prosecutor tracks up the eastern seaboard we could have high tides. our main concern will be tomorrow by wednesday or wind shift to more out of the northwest. while we'll be monitoring the high tides we are not as concerned about that as tomorrow. high tide around half a foot to a foot above what we typically do see. and the main concern are really just minor coastal flooding. could have pocket of more moderate coastal looks to be predominantly minor. definitely something to watch out for. temperature wise cure still some kind of warming up. makesed bag. frub in nashua. 32 in orange. 53 in fitchburg. much more comfortable than the low 20 we woke up. in boston we woke up to low 40s. tomorrow a likely chance for showers. which could be heavy at times. we could see pockets of more moderate to heavy rainfall. the slight chance for couple of showers by wednesday morning.
9:46 am
move through pretty quickly. so we'll see to see if we manage to see the moisture. if we see moisture wednesday most of that will be probably before your morning commute. pretty early in the day. future kass cast showing tonight. low to hid 40. some upper 30s. >> more mild than what we woke up to this morning. especially with cloud cover. tomorrow morning a slight chance for showers. but the best chance for showers will be later in the morning hours through the day. by launch time i plan i wouldn't plan to go outside. we continue to see rain throughout the day into the evening xhooult and into tomorrow night as well. in terms of rainfall totals most will grab a quarter of an inch up to three quarters of an inch. some could walk away with inch of rain. temperatures mid to low 60s. i really think some of us will break into the mid-60s category. winds are not terribly strong. it will feel nice. gorgeous start to work week.
9:47 am
then your 7 on 7 forecast temperature low 50. that's the coolest day of work week. we're back to bo average temperature all week long. >> it's mild week. and our morning lows throughout this week are bit more comfortable than last week as well. really no complaints especially as we're in the middle of november. a neighborhood in chumsford get unexpected visitor. this giant black roaming around the town. he spent sometime at the backyard playground. before heading back into the woods. >> the boys down at the final 12. tonight they will all be performing live and local singer courtney herel has continued to impress the judges. last week her coach blake shelton picked her to move on to the next round after america's vote came up short. courtney has been a fan favorite since the start of the season. and is ready to take the stage for another live performance.
9:48 am
background and teacher it's different position to be in the main event in my own life right now to work with such brilliant contestants and coaches. it's just amazing. >> courtney is original i will from dorchester, but moved out to california to work as a professional songwriter. you can catch all the excitement right here on 7 nbc starting at 8:00 p.m. then stick around for a new episode of the hit nra "timeless" at 10:00 p.m. and catch all the day's news on 7news at 11:00. and next here on "today in new england" a new device helping people with sinus trouble. this medical marvel that's helping people heal after surgery. >> and find out who struck a post over the weekend. this latest installment of the
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9:51 am
>> research is calming fear for those who take the most popular pain reliever. the study compared celebret to ibm and nepoxin. the good news celebre xe doesn't put them heart disease. they don't have to straight off increased risk of heart attack for slightly better safety of the drugs. >> there was some concerns about ibm compared to celebrex. patient had 64% higher risk for kidney complications. and a 54% increase for stomach bleeding >> million of people suffer from sinus trouble.
9:52 am
there's a device making a huge impact. doctors say this the an issue that one in 7 adult deal with in many people first mistake for it allergies. it's a condition that causes uncomfortable nasal congestion and cold system. a lot of pressure. lots of headaches. and difficulty breathing. maya has been suffering from sinus infection as long as could remember. there's a new device that's already seeing major improvements in helping people with inflamed and clogged sinuses. the propel implant to spring-like device placed in the sinus cavity after surgery. the stint expands opens the sinus and gradually delivers an advance steroid to the sinus
9:53 am
the opening to the sinuses. the problem those tend to scar shut during the healing process. what this propel stint it keeps them open while someone recovering from surgery. >> mayta had the procedure done in august. >> i felt an immediate difference. i feel great still. not guaranteed to be a permanent solution the effects can be long lasting. . >> the potential for scar formation has been reduced tren would stay open. >> i feel great. i can breathe. >> what does that feel like? >> amazing. it's amazing. if you have similar problems there's several physicians across new england that offer the propel implant. in the newsroom. jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." thank you. up next one astro astronaut posting one of a kind selfly.
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>> here's a look what's trending today. the second to actually walk on the moon. now he's the first person to take a space selfie. sharing the photo he took back in 19 he would walk on the moon again like i said after that. what a piece of history. if you love mcdonald mcrib but can't find it. there's an app for it. there's an app for everyone. they have mcribb app to find out where it is available. right now only i phone and ipad
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the team taking part in mannequin challenge. the online video went viral thousands of views over the weekend. and you see some familiar faces. that looks pretty difficult to hold. i'm sorry. >> all of these are just getting better than -- you have this one. underwater one. what's next? >> they've been phenomenal. the underwater favorite sunshine. nice continuation of beautiful weekend weather. temperatures warming up finally here. we're already in the mid 50s. four degrees above the average hires. headed to mid to low 60s. your 7 on 7 forecast showing likely chance for rain tomorrow and high tides by around 11:07 with king tides after seeing the super moon. more today show straight up.
9:58 am
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forward together? fallon health. moving forward. together. golden globe winner donald sutherland on his new role. and two scrumptious sides for your feast coming up right now. >> announc: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today," monday morning, november 14th, 2016. i'm al, along with tamron and dylan. and everybody is about the supermoon. >> is it tonight? >> it is tonight. it is at its full moon peak tonight. though last night was really


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