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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 16, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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the west wind is drawing us out but it is still active. and soaking rain at times yesterday overnight. even early this money. still a little drizzle left
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to the north and to the east and we have dry weather that will continue this evening through the overnight hours tonight. a little bit of passing clouds at times tonight and through tomorrow. at least in the morning hours. by the afternoon we start brightening up the sky with sunshine returning. temperatures in the next couple of days going up. the talking upper 50s to near this evening and a little bit cool to start off the day. but er looks good. we can is 50-50 sunday is the better of the two days. we'll have more on that coming up. an update on ?after hard-hit on sunday they are fears he could beside lined it this weekend. we have much more. >> the waiting game is on right now with the patriots injury report you at any time. the report will tell us if and how much ground cask he
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but it will not tell us exactly tell you that number 87 was not on the field during the portion of practice the media was allowed to attend today. tom brady was on the field though after taking that shot to the knee or thigh area from ?on front and a peer about gronkowski nowhere to be found. they are still not providing information on it if it is a punctured lung righteous injury. but because of what it is teammates a handling bumps and bruises comes with the territory in the nfl. you know game and guys are doing their best to just do whatever it takes to help the team. >> you know we have to do the best with what we have. you know and hope and pray that we are at full strength anytime we take the field. we never want to see anyone get hurt especially a teammate so we will do the best we can and see what happens moving forward. >> and since moving forward and involves a plane trip to france infants ?san francisco,
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against advised against flying will be have nothing to feel a lot better by friday when the team takes off for san francisco. reporting live in the newsroom. 64 days until the inauguration and it day by day the trump administration is announcing appointments and plans. nbc has the latest on the trump transition. >> sneaking away with his family, donald trump told diners at a pricey new york restaurant he will lower the taxes. >> will get your taxes done. >> as candidates for top jobs visit towers today tax cuts are its priority. >> in the first hundred days we want to execute these requests but is the trump transition disorganized? chris christie is out. donald trump's son-in-law jared kushner gaining power with steve bannon. >> there has been a cool of sorts. kristi had the transition, a lot of the christie people are being purged. >> a very organized process between donald trump. he says i am the only one who knows the finalists.
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>> i am confident on day one everything will be in good hands peer. >> it would be really dumb to accelerate and stop making mistakes in order to make the press happy. >> there is coverage of rudy giuliani's possible conflict as he angles for secretary of pushing the keystone pipeline. that requires state department approval. giuliani says he did no work for the pipeline. senate democrats issued a warning. >> on issues where we disagree you can expect a strong and tough fight. >> but democrats say they will not automatically opposed to abdominal trump nominees peer. >> a test will come quickly. trump plans as soon as possible to send a conservative antiabortion rights supreme court nominee appear to the senate. for the latest on the . transition to the white house, stay with 7 news. we are on air and you can
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you can also get us on your mobile andapps . reed opted to retire rather than run for reelection peer to he talks about the challenges ahead. >> we are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with republicans. working with soon to be president trump on issues where we agree. but we will go toe to toe against the president-elect whenever our values or the progress we have made is under assault. >> both positions in closed doors meetings today peer. >> president obama continues his last foreign trip while in office. this afternoon our time, he landed in berlin peered he is set to meet with german chancellor tomorrow morning. the president has described him as his closest ally over the eight years in office. the two well take up relations
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refugee crisis. and the president was increased earlier today peered he spoke in athens about democracy. he said that he and president-elect trump are completely different but that it takes more than one man to make a democracy work. >> that's why we have a tradition of the outgoing president welcoming the new one in. as i did last week. and why in the coming weeks my administration will do everything we can to support the smooth because that's how democracy has to work. >> the president also told the crowd that the us is has commitment to nato in europe will continue in trump's presidency saying that the treaty ? john kerry at a un climate conference today. his speech or urge countries to treat the earth changing client as an urgent threat. he made remarks regarding president-elect donald trump as well. >> obviously an election took place in my country. and i know it has left some
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uncertain about the future. i obviously understand the uncertainty. and while i can't stand here and in speculating about what product policies the president-elect will pursue, i will tell you this. in a time that i have spent in public life, one of the things i have learned is that some issues look a little bit different when you are actually in office. compared to when you are on the conference will continue through friday. >> a woman lawrence for our austin. she is suspected of setting a fire back in august to the far end of damaging seven buildings and left 52 people without a home peered the damages are estimated to be more than $1 million and three firefighters were injured. organized ?she has been charged with five counts of burning a dwelling. police are searching for a person that they say broke into and robbed a mosque twice in recent weeks.
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riding burglar stole a lock box filled with cash late last month and still a sound system this past sunday. there asking anyone with information to contact the police right away. a train and a tractor-trailer on a collision course in georgia. we have cell phone video now that shows the freight train colliding with the tractor-trailer that was stuck on the tracks. the man and his wife driving the truck say they followed the gp truck sign until it was too late. there it just had seconds to spare. >> i am blessed that i'm here. as soon as i jumped it made maybe 40 seconds later, the impact with the trailer ?with the train with the trailer. >> and the family's belongings inside the tractor-trailer were scattered everywhere after the collision. the driver says he got emotional as he realized how close they came to losing their lives. >> ahead here and 7 news for step four, tom brady getting his kicks in a commercial
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building a home for a hero. >> and we are back ?a retrial for the convicted killer today. >> and a woman in the struggle for her life. while police searched for her attacker. the latest on the violent incident that happened. >> we are following breaking
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>> why can't somethings just be great? >> is questions. >> instructor questions and then they turn into assumptions and they turn into vacations. >> why would you punish the week of greatness for something that never even happened? [laughter] >> cornerback tom brady takes a moment to have fun as the deflate gate drama and a new season a punishment handed down by the commissioner. >> he was happy to get this out. the company wrote the ad for the quarterback who said he was >> for those of you wondering what he was doing during suspension, one day he was down here at this restaurant shooting a commercial. now they have seen famous faces here before. and tom brady had never been
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neighborhood. but the script gave him some something is great doesn't mean anything is going on. why can't somethings just be greek? >> tom brady seething with anger at unfounded allegation in a new ad from footlocker. spoken but ? >> instructor questions. the questions turn into assumptions and assumptions turn into vacations. so why would you punish the week of greatness for so >> matthew slater at the podium today was happy to let me give him a first look. >>. [indiscernable] >> i would be curious to hear his take on the peer. >> and they praised tom skills at acting upset. >> tom is a good actor. i think that is his new thing right there. >> getting in touch with emotions like that? >> i mean he was acting really good right there. like it's almost like it was natural for him.
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thought it brady need some help. gracie needs a little more pacino. i will have to tell him that. >> that's an unfortunate mindset you have there. >> the owner of the restaurant where the commercial was shot, in the final week of brady suspension. she is a tom brady fan but admits she doesn't know much about football. >> when i stop to move in the united states i always i can. but i don't understand it about the game. au deflate gate? >> no peer. >> so you don't get the joke what you like that he is in the commercial and it is here? >> yes. christ i lost my appetite. >> the players want to hear what tom has to say about the commercial and so do we. he was supposed to talk today. now he will speak tomorrow. we'll see if you get some inside scoop on the commercial. we are live. 7 news. >> all right. fun times there.
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heading to work helping to and clouds and rain part ways here in new england. we have your forecast ahead. >> at 430 new details about a deadly shooting at the oklahoma city airport. what we are now learning about the man who was killed in this connection to an nfl player
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>> now, seven whether with >> rain over the last couple of days. 2 and a half inches in newburgh just over two. at least an inch and and a half in many towns many coming in at 1 to 2 inches. about an inch in boston. an agent hast and sterling and wurster county. the rain over and done with. not a bad afternoon and early evening ahead of us.
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mid-50s right now across the board. 54 in boston, 40 and wurster. the wind is out of the west and at 15 miles an hour in boston. you get the west wind and redo dry out on that. we have seen some improving conditions paid not a whole lot of sunshine today i will give sunshine across portions of the area as well as rhode island and connecticut. we will see some partial breaks overnight toni some snow, some cold. initially across the rocky mountains and then back down to the sierra over the next couple of days. a sign that the seasons are changing here. winter storm watch up and portions of minnesota. there is a blizzard watching western minnesota and anti-south dakota. it will be an active pattern developing in terms of a couple of storms each week moving across the country.
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on the warmer side of things over the next couple of days. 62 in dc, 50 in detroit, that is the mild air that will work in. upper 50s to near 60 for the next couple of days. that is a quiet pattern that will continue through saturday. as the front sides through it really develops a little storm over new england on sunday. we do have a chance of some showers and gusty winds. there comes a cold shot a couple of days after that. monday ended to tuesday. expect some chilly weather ahead of us. gusty wind developing. well with highs only in the upper 30s and lower 40s on monday. otherwise fairly seasonable and above seasonable levels in the next few days. now for your traffic. lucy was going on the road this afternoon. it is a little drier of a commute than yesterday. >> yeah, not as bad as yesterday. we do have a crash paired this question 128 north just before washington street moving ?it was a two car crash paired the tow truck pulled away moms it
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you will be jampacked trying to get past this from route to up to the scene. heavy from the o'neill tunnel best the south bay shopping center then back on the brakes from granite avenue to the split. on northbound split and heading into the tunnel. we checked the right times and especially from the o'neill tunnel to the trip split a 26 minute drive. i am matt fitzgerald, 7 news. patriots off the field yesterday and giving back. for a iraq war veteran. put down the footballs and picked up some tools helping to build a beautiful home for one of our nation's finest peer. >> and now the menacing thank you for all the teams help. chris anderson has much more. >> the sound of saw and all source of power tools filling the air this week. dozens of workers including a few familiar faces dedicating their time to help a wounded warriors live life a little bit easier. >> it is incredible.
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recover. i can push myself a little more and move without fear my life. >> the work war veteran chris lost his leg while serving in the army in 2008. on tuesday, several patriots players traded in their playbooks for a set of instructions. and put aside the weights to lug around dirt and building materials also help construct a new more convenient home for know he will enjoy he most nice home and we are going to patriots out a lot. cornerback malcolm butner one of the stars spending a rare day off by this construction site. but he did not think twice about pitching in. >> there's a lot of veterans out there than he places to stay in. i say it's a good job. we are supporting our troops you know, protecting us and as we can do this. >> you can see in his eyes, and you can see it in his family
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move in. >> what a great story. the family by the way will be able to move into their brand-new home just in time for the holidays. in the newsroom, chris anderson, 7 news. next next on 7 news, new victory of ?new video of this convicted man attacking a security guard. police are searching for a man that they say stormed into a house in injury to women. will have the latest on rob on cross keys injury. they will release the weekly injury report.
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>> first hit for 30 breaking news. a search underway in westborough. westborough fires at 30s are searching for a possible missing person in the wate there. this is video from sky seven. divers in the water there continuing search. much more through the afternoon as we learn more about this. all right a letter breaking news to get to this hour. also breaking a development in the search for a murder of the prison jogger. put police are they looking for a dock dark-colored suv and is in connection with the disappearance and death of nessa ? >> at 30 say the suv was seen
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released a further description of the suv. let's we will keep you posted on that. a convicted killer gary sampson back in court today. after being found guilty of murder. he was sentenced to death in 2004. >> but his legal team is seeking life without the possibility of parole. we have more on the proceedings. we have been told there may have been some new developments we are seeing some brand-new video of gary sampson. to decide whether gary sampson should be put to death. carjacking resulting in murder is a punishable, federally punishable by death crime. an earlier jury decide more than 10 years ago as you say, that sampson should be put to death but a judge threw that out when it was found that a juror lied on the form. while the jury is hearing sampson has been violent in prison. >> a federal jury in boston hearing gary sampson 15 years ago dialing 9-1-1 to turn


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